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I'll be ready to hear me talk a lot over the next couple of hours because we are giving you basically par one and part two all at the same time Wednesday Friday hybrid out on a Thursday we had a lot of scheduling stuff on Wednesday. And here's the plan the Russillo podcast. Today we'll have rob mullins the ad of Oregon but more importantly the U. The College Football Playoff Committee chairman. Another year with him. He joins US a couple times last year. So He's great to talk to him known awhile also some NFL. With Kevin Clark which teams that that were supposed to be great still have a chance to be good or maybe still great. What's going on with the pats offense more Lamar stuff which is really good and get some good? Just coach story stuff tales from the couch locked into out three different. NBA Games last night including Lucas. First quarter the CELTS and clippers in a little Denver Houston and this myles Garrett News that came out later under this afternoon back on the east coast. The appeal has been basically ignored In his suspension remains indefinite but now news. That part of his defense for his actions was that a racial slur was used in that set. Everybody a million different directions so we had a lot plan. Probably two plus hours say happy birthday to Kyle Kyle. We can follow you on twitter where Tom Shady three hundred. Tom Shady three hundred. Who wouldn't want their daughter to meet a guy who's Tom Shady three hundred for those accusing him of the podcast scheduling problems this week? They weren't huge bribes. You're basically getting to one right now. So we've made your life more efficient but it had nothing nothing to do with Kyle. He was very responsible. 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They have tools equipment and supplies for everything you need needed even thinking about starting some hobbies just to have a little more Zoro in the garage whether you need stuff for industries like electrical plumbing manufacturing a more who want to pick a plumbing as a hobby. Zoro's got it from brands. You know and trust in Zoro DOT COM offers amazing customer service from real people based in the US. Visit Zoro Z.. O. R. O.. Dot Com slash dual in all lower case letters to sign up for the Z.. Mail to get fifty percent off your first order. Let's start with rob mullins again. The Athletic Director at Oregon. And somebody who's been on the podcasts before and currently the College Football Playoff Committee chairman. Say let's start at the top here rob We got LSU jumping over house a couple of weeks ago they stay up there now. It feels like you know. That's that's really going to debate and how this all finishes out. How much separation is the room between those teams? Obviously we've we've looked at them very closely each of the last three weeks and as you mentioned you know made a change between the first ranking in the second ranking Two great teams right Lsu those those three wins over CFP top twenty five teams Florida Auburn Alabama So when you watch that offense it's it's something special and then when do you see Ohio state. You see a complete team both offensively and defensively and they have been incredibly consistent in each of their games and they've got some some quality wins as well so Two great teams all right. You've gotten so much better at this. I must say that you're not earlier in the year after the first the first Rankings in that you know look at the you know the move is as I try to tell everybody all the time the less they give us the the less we can sit there and try to decipher what all this stuff means. But as you sale house debate a complete team that leads me to believe some people in the room don't think. LSU is a complete team. Is that fair. No I think what what we're saying there is You know obviously. LSU's offense Is Very good but you know Ohio state when you look at it. Statistically and you watch the Games You know they've done it on both sides to the ball for sure so two really great teams and when you get to this level. You know there there. Isn't that much separation from from what you see. The difference for the committee has been and yes. There's lots of debate so I would you know there's plenty of disagreement around this The differences the. LSU's three wins over CFP top twenty any five team. Does anyone ever say like yes. I know what the LSU defensive stats are but maybe it's this at play in the nets to shot down because has the numbers have gotten consistently worse the last three weeks like. How does that debate? I know you can't put names on. I'm not asking for that but like I'd love to know more details. The intimacy of what that debate truly truly is like the different opinions on what team or may not be yes. It's exactly what you would think. It's exactly probably what you debate with. Fans all. The time is you know we're looking at everything we're watching the games We're looking at all three phases of the game offense defense special teams and then each week. We're looking at what happened happens that week. So you know it's exactly what you think it would be 'cause you know. You're trying to compare schedules You know there when there's not common opponents you're trying to look doc You know what you see. You're also looking at the data when you look at Ohio state's data From an offensive and defensive standpoint. They got a lot of ones twos and threes in their rankings. Do you think the resumes are similar. Then well I mean clearly that the committee feels that they're they're fairly similar the fact that they got one. We're talking about one in two. So yes I think that you know people feel those are closing we reversed it after the first ranking. Yeah okay all right that's That's very. How often does this happen? Because I I'd like to believe that and I think it does happen so I think I know the answer here but I have to ask it anyway. Is that you talk all the different numbers resume strength the record strength the schedule start getting. You could go real deep on this stuff you know I can find different strengths schedule. That can maybe give me exactly. What would I want or something? I don't want to see if I were arguing team against another because that stuff can can move around a little bit. How often does someone to say? Hey I think this team would beat that team. And that's how I put put him in the rankings. I don't WanNa make this more complicated again. The beauty of this crossed us right as you got thirteen pros basically Football experts parts and they can set up their own system however they wish and then you come into the room and and and you look at everything and that's why you watch the Games but Yeah I mean in a invariably somebody will say well. I just think this team is better than this team this week. Remember we we start with a clean sheet but that does happen yes And then you'll get into a debate over the Y and not disagree with that Here's what I think. And then in the end after all the debate you put to a vote. So is that what's happening with Alabama Alabama. Then what specific. I mean I think what you see them without the committee sees in Alabama is again a team. Who's had you know some convincing wins But they haven't played the schedule strength that some others have and but still the team that they have played they've been dominant against benched and they've played their only losses to a team that we have number one right right but I think that from the outside and it a and it kind of becomes this thing where it's like well if it weren't Bama and that's what I think is impossible like we can talk about clean slate. We can talk about conferences not mattering and I think you guys say those for very specific reasons. I think it's smart fiance at that way. But I think it's absolutely impossible. I'm not criticizing the committee for this. I think human nature. It's impossible to not buy into certain programs more than others and give them that kind of carry over Bennett for the doubt when the teams have been successful. I just think it's impossible to try to remove. That is hard as you may try. Yeah I don't I mean I don't know how you can measure unconscious bias. I think that's what you're talking about but I can tell you that every member values integrity the process You know as as best we can. We're looking at these from from a blonde resume standpoint. We're trying to look at the resume. Obviously we see who's resume. We're looking at but it's really about evaluating them on performance this year and that's it so how would you. I know how much you love the hypotheticals Because because Obama would have worked at the right. I mean the the big ten's feels as of right. Now it's going to kind of take care of itself LSU If they meet up with Georgia then that's another conversation that feels it's like an elimination game is Jesse C. Title Game. How would the committee factor in no Tula? If it's only a one loss Bam on some other weird stuff happens to them. Do you look look at the team differently. We absolutely look at injuries. I mean we know exactly when to it was hurting that game And you know although although we evaluate all sixty minutes and in Alabama still had a convincing win You know we do watch the entire game and we also know. that CD lamb wasn't available for for Oklahoma and a number of these other teams You know we know when there are key injuries and players either league games Or Miss Games and that is certainly a part of the conversation. The big twelve has to be worried And it made me think that Oklahoma win at Baylor with them moving up only one spot and your rankings means that you never really bought into Baylor in the room. Is that fair no no. I don't think that's fair. I don't think that's fair at all. I think every you know what's difficult when you're responding to the fan bases or media questions is it people kind of focus on one thing you have to look. WHO's above them? You know having a great year You know with the close loss to Oklahoma. And they've got some quality wins but you you also have to take into account then. Then they're three non conference games those three teams only have seven wint. And so that's a factor and you're looking at them compared to you know a Ah Penn state who jumped up or you know some others that I mean it's difficult to measure right. This is not A model where you know the NFC East East plays the AFC west. I mean we have to try to look at all these things and make a determination on who we feel. The best team is and sometimes it. It is an art. It's not an exact. What kinds I knew you're gonNA say that was fair Because you weren't going to do that to yourself committee but I do love the point you brought up and bailer because I think it's very similar to Minnesota where when Minnesota beat Penn State. It's a terrific win. I think Penn State's a good football team that impressed me. I actually wasn't surprised at Minnesota lost to Iowa because I think I will is a tough team. Aim at home but what. It was clear to me that I thought the committee was doing that. So many people in the outside. We're not doing where it felt like. Hey Minnesota's undefeated they just beat Penn State. How can the the committee doesn't have have them higher and it's like no other committee actually paid attention to their first four or five weeks when they were barely beating marginal football teams and hadn't played anybody really that challenging in the big ten yet? Great signature is your win but you put all of it together. which is I think what you did with Baylor here and you know the the cop to that would be well Bam? I hadn't really played anybody looking all their schedule. Yes yes they are still destroying other football teams. And that's the part of it where I think people make it more complicated and not realizing that a lot of times I think you guys just do make it simple in the room which actually I think should be applauded at times instead of trying to make it more hard and putting these teams in order. Yeah and You know you you gotta remember Th- th- th- The CFP rankings are only six years old so still fairly early in its evolution and for years decades decades and the poll mentality with the media poll and the coaches poll. Was You know win. Move Up lose moved down and it started you know the initial ranking started before anybody ever even play the game You know when you when you're doesn't make a whole lot of sense you don't you don't even know what you're ranking on The beauty of this system. Is You know it's thirteen people With a different set of experiences and you know committed to getting it right but you also you don't you can watch. It's a lot of performance before you have to go in and make the initial ranking and the beauty is charged with starting with a clean sheet. So you know based on a week's results you can you can look at it differently. How much of the criticism makes his way into the room? There have to be moments where you guys like. There's just certain names that are national media media members that complain about certain things where you guys just. I don't know if it's frustrating. I rolling but I imagine some of that makes us into the room not now oh no you know no I mean listen we all we all read it and look at it but you know we understand the task at hand So there's you go there really isn't We're focused on the task at hand. We've got a short amount of time So intense work but No we don't really we don't really mix it up over. What what you know? What's happening we we we block out the external noise? How's that for coachspeak house that was good on to Cincinnati is what that sounds like rob If if you were though you point this out like I think I think there's GonNa be some disaster scenarios of its days of four teams But that doesn't mean that eight is better than four. I think more people want eight How do you think it would be if it were a I? Stay away from that question Because I'm the chair of the CFP selection committee who has no role in that whatsoever. Whoever that'll be determined by the managers and the Board of Directors And there's a lot of confusion about that because often when I'm out and people recognize the Arolla. CFP Selection Chair. I they want want my opinion or want to share their opinion on four eight nasty. Well the reality is. The selection committee has no role in that so I stay away from that one. Okay all right good job. Good job on that one too But there is something that actually like again i. I've I've always tried to express this in. That's well you know two years ago. They didn't care about how state winning conference championships. Conference Championships. Don't matter so they shouldn't listen. It's like no they they do you this in a very short amount of time. You're right there's not a ton of data but I think it is easy to figure out like one year this is gonna mean something and then comparison of team three four and five. This is going to have out more weight and you know the Ohio State Conference Championship being left out that year when they had two losses. I'm like wait a minute that that's a very specific thing so if there's a big ten and conference champ that has one loss in his left out versus another team like Obama doesn't win its division in some version of this and I'm just using kind of like a loose interpretation of what happened a few years ago. That would be a different set of scenarios. Why do you think people have such a hard time understanding that like the criteria can be a moving target every single year because the the teams that you're comparing are most likely going to be very different circumstances every single year? I appreciate you saying that because it can. Every week is different. Every year is different different. I think you know the beauty of sport is there so much passion around it and I think fans tend to get locked in on the piece that fits their argument It's just not that simple. It is a bit of an art each week. Each year is different. And when you're trying to compare however many teams you're comparing. Everybody gets focused on that number four slot. You know just like we went through last year and we explained that the end There's a lot of debate and the protocols really clear unless somebody's unequivocally better and if they're unequivocally typically better than you want to put the best team but if they're not then you go to this series of four pieces of data that are part of the protocol And so you you know you have that debate and again people can differ right. What's unequivocal? I clearly see a team here. That's a lot better than this. I think they're in equivocal but somebody else may not when when we look at the PAC twelve you have them positioned behind Bama but you have them ahead of the big twelve teams. I know that the media uses his lot lot. And you'll even reference it. Hey they have this many top twenty five wins you know this kind of stuff but like USC jumping into the top twenty five this year when I watch USA this year. I go you know. That's a good football team like they. It gets a good team some weeks. They're not going to have a great record this year. But you can't sit there and say like Oh hey this is a walkover team and I feel that about. I think it's actually harder to find those teams that are in the middle. Aw maybe the second and third tiers it may not have this great record like they could probably beat some good teams but when you have a USC jumping your own playoff rankings into the top twenty five does that all of a sudden make you guys look at Utah differently because it technically adds to the resume or did we overstate that. When you know team twenty eight and twenty nine could still be thought of in that same group as a team that breaks the top twenty five you nailed it? I mean we're looking at a pool of of more than twenty five teams. And yes you know we do. You know wins over top. Twenty five is not but you know the committee new long before. USC went into twenty three. What kind of team? It was And we know that there's good teams that are not in the in the top twenty five and so we see that and that's that's the part that is hard to convey to the public when we're comparing teams. We're seeing full resume so we're comparing you know we can compare up the four teams at a time. We're looking at four teams on board all together and we see the results from first game through the tenth or eleventh game and we see their data and we see it all lined up and we're comparing it all there on the screen and that's part of the conversation. We're looking at the same thing and saying well we'll look at that win that they've got no wins over teams above five hundred Well look at them. They got these two wins. So I mean you are really getting into a granular level. So we know who the good teams are Teams with winning records and some of those may not be in the top twenty five. So what's the separation between Oregon Utah then and I. I know I look. Maybe you're going to have to tell me because I obviously have the follow of Oregon question here. Maybe I I should start with that. One can use your the ad there what happens. I know kind of what happens. But can you explain in greater detail on on how that works and you have to leave the room. Sure and this is not the first. I hear this has happened. This has happened every year. So he'll when they put together the protocol you know if you have an association Me since I work at Oregon. When Oregon's the board being discussed I I'm recused from the room so I'm not in the room and win? They're in a in a pool for voting. We vote these in in pools of three so with their vote for one one two three four through six. If they're in the pool to be considered I can't even vote on them on my computer screen. Oregon is blacked out. I can't even click on it for anything to put them in the pool. Who To vote for him so when Oregon on the board being discussed I'm recused from the room and when I come back into the room they share with me What was discussed? What the decision? We're just like when Dan cove which was on the committee from from Clemson Gene Smith was on from Ohio State. Joe Castiglione from Oklahoma's had to do it This is not new. I think it's people are just now beginning to pay attention to it because I'm the chair in the spokesperson. Yeah right I mean that's it really is i. I mean other people have had to leave the room. See You can't come back into the room after the fact and see Oregon somewhere and then argue against what their decision was. I cannot when I so for example specifically this week when I walked back into the room I saw that Georgia was four Alabama. Five was Oregon was six. And so that's that's done and we're moving on to seven seven through nine but could you argue against Utah in theory So when Oregon is in there yes I mean I do not have to recuse myself When Utah being discussed unless they're in the pool that Oregon so you know I wouldn't Utah would have been in the pool for four or five the ranking of four or five and six so I would not have heard some of that but when I come back into the room and we're discussing ranking seven through nine out part of the conversation that's a really important distinction there as that? You're you're you're arguing for against eighteen. That's already separated essentially from your tears right. That's that how you pull pull them together. Yeah so you know you have pools of six. So they're six teams in the original pool to vote for one through three. So you you debate sixteen teams you rank one through three then you put three more teams in the pool. So you have six teams that you debate and your rank fourth through six so forth and so on. Okay all right. Yeah 'cause I just think it's the fascination I've always had with this and I'm just looking at that I've got to talk to you guys and a little bit is just. I just don't think it's as devious behind Hind door is so many people want to believe it is and it happened. It's happened every year. I believe year. Every member has a recusals easel Because all of us are you know either you know professors or you know we get you know some coaches still get tickets. And so they're recused used for those places So everybody has recusals. I still wonder if anybody will ever write the book. It'd be like Oh so and so broke the deal with every week sky. Well I don't I don't I don't think there's any material there for a book. I don't think I'm on somebody over the last few years had to everybody you know really cares about about the game You know understands the process really is committed to integrity because if it's important not only to the sport but all of college athletics So I don't think there's anything to be written there. Do you think are two more things here Is it fun though is because I mean there's a lot the pressure on you and then you in Vail on. ESPN it's big national thing and you're gonna see all this stuff and then you go out there and you're very concise very efficient. I'm so proud of you as somebody. Who has this? The responsibility and yet you're just unwavering. The longer you talk the more we can try to pick stuff apart as I said at the top and like when I watched you this year my gosh. He's he's so good at this now not after you were bad before but you just seasons your vet. Is it fun or do you guys get nervous. It's fun I mean I think every absolutely every member would say how much fun it is. How much they enjoy the work? It's intense Particularly over six week period of time But I everybody anybody in our industry would raise their hand. You can talk to any former members Who speak you know about it? After they're done about how how much they enjoyed it. How much you know? They liked contributing to the game. People love the opportunity. And and who would And you know Yes yes I get a little nervous about the TV piece. What questions reese is GonNa ask me But by and large You know that's just a small piece of it. I really do enjoy it. Yeah Reece's really really good at it too. I mean reese will make me think every now and then I'll be like oh you know what that was. I would hope I would have thought of that in the moment And I think he's terrific at all right final one would you if you had to rank Jeff Long Kirby Hocutt and yourself seed wise would you. Could you do one through three seating as far as WHO's been the best committee chair or would you have to recuse yourself from that as well. I would have to recuse myself from from that question. I do appreciate the fact To go right Geoff Kirby I it wasn't I and I I. I got to serve for two years under Kirby with Jeff on the committee so I have a huge advantage Of having you know those those two guys go first and they both were really really good at it and both have been great resources so I would recuse myself from that question But I I again and I had a distinct advantage of watching them do it the look man. I really do think you're one of the best in the country so your success is not a surprise and I appreciate the time so blue ketchup. Sooner right well I appreciate you have me a love what you do and I appreciate. The friendship is awesome man. We'll talk at the end if you can come onto the final rankings. When it really matters everybody nobody is all right? I'm ready to go I just need you to defend me an alice. Time for the state farm safe bed of the week the Seattle seahawks at Philadelphia L.. Fia You can count on but hold on Philadelphia Bonus Safe Bet. I think after hawks win this game I would not rule out the eagles making a run at this. We'll break this all down now. We all know that Seattle is Arguing with the best teams in the NFC and their two losses this year. They had that weird loss where we didn't realize how good Teddy Bridgewater and the saints are going to be in the Ravens. Put It on mm-hmm especially in that second half but the sea hawks have Russell Wilson who I would put second the MVP race. Behind Lamar Jackson others would have him I The locket Wilson Connection has been incredible. The defense is not the same now for Seattle that we're always been used over those years and I know what you're saying Ryan. What about the West East travel? Don't do it. Don't I'm GONNA do it. I think they Philadelphia this week. Now here's the thing with Philadelphia. We understand that loss against a win-win now looked at as this awful loss when it's still like look it. It is New England patriots. The offense was a mass but they were without two of their top receivers and they still had went on a deep throat. Almost tie game out. They were also without their lead running back. They lost lost one of their tackles. and Larry Johnson. I don't know that any of those guys are even going to be back or at one hundred percent if they get them back against Seattle but what you have with Philadelphia even with all the on struggles. It's a much better team. I think than the five Fi- record indicates and when they get some of these guys back and they're playing at Miami home to the giants at Washington home to Dallas and at New York to close out after the Seattle game I think Philadelphia is going to go on a run here the corners better. This team has actually been a little bit better than the way that they're talking about. So I'm still picking Seattle to get it done against Philadelphia on the road but it is not one of those. Oh right off Philadelphia Type of outcomes and who knows maybe they even surprises this week. If you're fumbling with insurance state farm agents are here to help because nineteen thousand agents or local the UN available to help whether you connect act in person by phone or through the state farm mobile APP agents are here to help so go with the one that has coverage and agents you can count on kind of like how you can count Seattle Philadelphia or Philadelphia to be competitive through the rest of the season. State farm talk to an agent today. I just want to follow up on a few things here and I. It didn't WanNa do this mullins because I know him and accused this lake. Hey look like Lsu and if you WANNA stay unbiased about LSU that's fine. I think a lot of you know me long enough that if I thought LSU sucked at other times work art deserving. I would say so Ohio state is again. I've said this all season long. If you're telling me you think Ohio State is better than Lsu and you you WanNa vote them one. You know what I can't tell you wrong and I think I'd even lean picking Ohio state against Lsu right now because my defensive stance for Lsu has been you know what the numbers actually aren't as bad as the surrounding discussion. And I just don't WanNA use the word narrative because narrative and Straw man and okay boomer becoming my three least favorite things but two weeks ago. LSU's defense going into that. Bama game. And I remember I was on the sideline I was talking with guys I think they were like. CBS Guys. Everybody on the sideline which actually had a great time talking with a bunch of different people and we were talking about different matchups like his LSU's offensive line good and they've actually look better now for a couple of weeks and then the guy's like other defense is terrible. I said you know what their sixteenth in the in the country and yards allowed per play. And he's like you gotta be kidding me and I looked at opposite. Yeah no it's it's sixteenth. And then they have the Bama game it drops down to twenty fifth which still wasn't nearly as bad as everybody's making out to be they got gashed by old miss gashed and now they're fifty first. So if you're telling telling me like I used to have this thing could go and you've heard it before while the Texas game got weird at the end. Yeah they're up a million on bandy yet they were thirty one. Seven on Ole miss of. We're just a straight great up shootout where it's thirty five thirty four men and back and forth the whole time. I think that looks worse. But statistically like these are what the numbers are and Lsu's defense so if you want to tell me. The Ohio states the more complete team which. I think the committee's kind of wanting to tell us even though you just can't put I don't know how you put anyone ahead of Lsu based on beating Texas who. Yes I know is losing in Games now but I don't think it's a terrible It's not like oh whatever. That's not an impressive win to go in and Austin and beat them especially at the beginning of the year. The Auburn Florida wins and then go into Tuscaloosa. Going into Tuscaloosa exclusive is a really good win okay You know if how state fans went into Tuscaloosa. I have a hard time believing that Ohio state fans but like yeah you know we went down to Bam and being the first time they lost their in like five years but whatever not in a huge deal like Bama's defense is really as good by the way Bama's defensive yards allowed per game right now not being one or two is eighteen. So it's not like it's atrocious atrocious. So that kind of leads the damn thing because Two of America's excuse me to of SEC's most wanted any ellen. Joel Klatt who every week put out their playoff rankings and look Danny's a friend and I watched every week and I think he's great but those guys don't like the SEC. It's painfully obvious. And into it. He would say that they don't I mean I don't they're more than welcome to come on and and say they they are put. I mean look I listened and I'd see all the content because before when Ohio state was ahead of Lsu for Klatt it was what it was their air strength of record it was her strength the resume well right now. Strength of record. LSU's won after the Bama Win and their strength of schedule is higher than Ohio states when before LSU strength of schedule was dragged down because of a ridiculous non conference That northwest Louisiana game that it was just absolutely dragging it down and now that they've kind of put together this stretch rats with their beating power five teams and again Bama at their place. Dave jumped ahead of Ohio state but Klatt when he came out with his rankings had Ohio state and Clemson ahead of Lsu after he was arguing. Doing strength of schedule Canal is even more out of his mind because he's been arguing against Obama because they haven't played anybody they haven't played anybody look Clemson as an absolute scoring differential tear right now. It's like a plus three hundred. I think in their last five games. It's nuts that that conference stinks. They're terrible terrible there. Say they're setting precedent like to have. I think it's back to back weeks. Only one team ranked as a power. Five conference like usually just becomes kind of cyclical from like sixteen seventeen Oughta twenty-five so can l.. WHO's arguing against Bama's schedule the whole time now mysteriously has Ohio state and Clemson head of Lsu? So you know. I I mean this is not hating. I like both guys. But this is your content. I'm only reacting to it so as I've stated every single a week if you think Ohio state's better that's okay but if you're telling me one week this is your argument and then you don't really follow it And you know I can't argue hugh. LSU's defense anymore. It's just not the same but the other thing that that canal had after Bam loss because I cannot imagine he was like. I don't need to watch cinemax tonight. Bama lost and I get to tweet about it. He was like hey. I hope. The committee holds Bama to the same standard that they held Oklahoma too because Bama gave up forty six six points in their lost to LSU again this tweet that night and tells Qaluza on fire and he was like years ago when Oklahoma had lost to Texas giving up forty eight points over questions about their defense well. There were questions about their defense because Oklahoma was ninety fifth in the country in yards allowed per play and two thousand seventeen when Oklahoma lost to eight and five Iowa state team again. Good record certainly not losing to the number one team in the number one offense in the country and Lsu Oklahoma was seventy six in yards allowed the per play so Obama at eighteen given up a bunch of points of the number one team in the country and still sort of sneaky making it a one score game which it didn't feel like Obama had one offense of score in the first forty minutes possession wise on top of the punt return. But I'm just telling you there. There are holes everywhere you could probably find holes in my stuff. I try not to do it very very often but I just think. The Committee talked with Rob. Sometimes it's not that complicated so for everybody. That's knocking Bama having any chance of getting back in this thing and look some weird stuff would have to happen. Okay okay. I don't know if they I don't think they're gonNA leave out of twelve and one pack twelve champ. They just don't think they are when Bam sitting at home the the problem with Bam getting in as we metro rob was that it was compared to a two loss. Ohio state team that cannot be repeated. Enough the circumstances were different or likely will be different that year than they could be in other years but for anybody. That's just like Hey Bama's any good I'd ask you this. Do you WanNa play in the semi final and that would be with two. And now you don't have to worry about it because to is out and it's Mac Jones but let's just say hypothetically weekly of tour as you knock Bama if to healthy would you wanNA play him. You know what I mean like Minnesota people were mad. They were behind Alabama Emma in a million years. Would you ever pick Minnesota Against Bama on a neutral field. If I'm being honest with myself a man exactly we're GonNa talk to Kevin Clark co host of the Ringer. NFL Show Robert Mays in just a second. He's out at Foxboro. But I I want to tell you about my friends over at draftkings these guys get it. They've launched an online sportsbook created by sports fans for sports fans. Here's real good news if you live in Pennsylvania it's now available elbow for you in your state and trust me. Dr King's his heart at work bringing their sportsbook APP. which happens to be America's top rated sportsbook APP everywhere? The drafting sportsbook APP. 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You're in in New England outside. Gillette makes my heart warm. The pats offense. We knew there were defensive team. We know they have a hard time getting guys in the outside separation. Another design but the Philadelphia game just looked like it. Was this thing where you're like okay. I'M GONNA finish this race race but it's GonNa hurt as I could be fun. I'm not going to look great on camera. What do you make of where this patriots offense is headed? Well I think that Josh Daniels. Tom Brady Bill Belichick. They've earned the benefit of the doubt I I assume they will figure something out. I just don't know where their edge is right now because one of the things that Bill Belch. Josh mcdaniels are so good at they find just where they're good at and they hammered over and over again maybe. Maybe it's no huddle offense. I talked to a couple of people here in New England. I think. Maybe there's an edge there just you know they're better condition than most teams. They have run the no huddle before Tom Brady. Is that kind of quarterback I think at twenty twelve. Almost I broke the record for most plays ever run because they were doing the no huddle so much so I think maybe there's an advantage there. I think weirdly. We don't talk enough about the James Devlin injury changing the identity of this team because I think there was a case to be made they could have done a lot. More power football and throwing out of it they've lost set elemental. Bit Andrew. Cowan had a pretty good piece today about just how you know modern. NFL Right now is run out of the spread formations and you pass out of the heavy formations and the Patriots. It's aren't doing that. They're running three receiver sets and running what I would consider a pretty standard offense and I think that you can. You can do a lot more than the piglets. It's doing right now. I just think with this receiver core. It's a work in progress. I still think member. They lost Antonio Brown and they're still paying him five million dollars That was going to from a football standpoint point. That was supposed to solve a lot of problems. It didn't work and so I think that there's they have a month to figure it out and I just think people have. PTSD from counting ballot check and Brady out in the past especially offensively and so. I think no one wants to do it and I'm not going to be doing. Are you excited. Guided to ask Brady more about his social media habits on liking post from Antonio Brown. Yeah so he was. That was that was the thing yesterday. We'll check was also asked about it. I did not ask about that. No I did not ask about that but bill belichick was asked about it Brady was asked about it. I there were a lot of patriots who liked that post and I think that there it's I I think people just reflexively like instagram posts. I think that so one of the differences between twitter and Instagram instagram. His that When I am going through twitter and much like something I think about it in twenty ways? How could this be perceived as problematic an instagram? I'm just smashing the like button on everything it's like. Oh this guy. This guy's at a weezer concert. I'm smashing that like button. So I think it's a little. INSTAGRAM is just conducive to to mindless likes. Okay all right I guess I guess. That's that's past. What's the dumbest? Do you have a dumb bell. Check question moment or where he I could see him. Lamb you more because I know how much time you put into it. But it doesn't no one's ever shoot one hundred percent with that guy. Yeah so the first time I ever met Bill Belichick I had was doing a story but the offensive boom and one of the. Nfl Guys told me that that the numbers in the passing are the NFL scoring boom and one of the NFL guys. Golf consistent you know on a on a scale basis the passing. Boom mm-hmm is a much different from what it was in the nineteen fifties and so I asked a question about the nineteen fifties and Paul Brown mobile check. I don't even remember. I was twenty six years old. I remember how I answer the question. Area ask the question and Bella. She kind of looked at me and was like I don't really know what you're talking about. And that was probably the correct way to go about the question I was asking and then I tried to as he was leaving the room I tried to get his attention to explain further what I was trying to say and he. He didn't really know me and he didn't care to hear my explanation which is a one hundred percent. He was a right on and then a couple of patriots executives who had had Seen the whole interaction and new me because I introduced myself were watching this and I turned around and they were laughing at me in the in the nicest way possible and they said it was kind of like looking at someone trying to ride a bull. I was just trying to stay with ballot check to explain it. He was walking really fast and He eventually eventually just out out paced me and I had to give up. And that was That's my stupid ballot. Check story but I have improved since that. I'm GonNa go ahead and tell you what you did because I have done it and I'm still capable of doing it every now and then is it. You knew what was ballot. Check your younger. Like how can I set myself apart. How can I ask you having nothing really smart here and then you're like now all of a sudden I'm asking you about the growth in passing numbers in the fifties and he's not that? Yeah so yeah no. Let's get a historian but probably not at that point. I've done it. I've done it to where you're like. Hey I noticed on your fourth quarter clutch timings out of timeouts you guys are minus twelve but only on the west co- guys like dude. What are you talking about and about the answer? So hey that's all right. We get better Lamar go better this year. I I know there were certain arguments that he was really good last year Whatever it is? He was not this Last year it's incredible and even though I thought there were moments it's were defenses. Were doing some different things that we're going to challenge him. which would make sense still as a young quarterback? He's just he keeps everybody in check as like okay. You WanNa start doing some of these things. We'll find that it was gonNA roll over you again and even though I always think the dual QB correction comes and it it forces you to do something whatever it is this year it is MVP level. Even though I think most of the time it's been Russell Wilson so give me your sense of MVP stuff that I know you in. May's doing and then how we got here because I never am asking a bunch. Aren't you really in a making conversation. But that I've always thought carbos really good coach and yet when things were kind of plateauing. It's like hey should they do something else in and I actually really believe that. That is a great example of an organization going. Hey we like our coach. We think he's a good coach. And even though the numbers reflect him killing it right now. We're really happy that he's here here. And doing this and thank God for that happening because maybe with a different staff. We don't even know what Lamar is. Second Year in Italy. Yeah and and so. I think that people are talking a lot about the play calling. And that is one hundred percent correct. The playcalling has been great but this is also personnel triumph too like the offensive line. These those guys are bullies. And you know Hollywood Brown is really good. Mark Andrews has really good Ozzie. newsome and his last draft draft picked Mark Andrews Druse Lamar Jackson and Orlando Brown I mean. Those are those are three of the backbones of what this team looks like right now so this is not only okay Greg. Roman John Harbaugh their creative but this is also they have the players to do this. They ought to do it. I think that the the pistol formation is perfect for Lamar. I think that the way that they've built this offense where they can show so many different They can they can run so many plays out of the same looks and I think got it. That's Chris Long talked about this. About how many bad position coaches there are in the NFL and you know good. Coaching is the exception. Not The rule and I think that when we talk about things like okay they run you know a heavy backfield but then they can run a million different plays out of that. That's not all that common in the NFL. Even no it should be even though it's probably easy to do and so I think that you pair Lamar Jackson's inability to be tackled essentially with the fact that you cannot make adjustments to improve snap because you have no idea where it's GonNa go. You have no idea if they're going to run up the gut if he's GonNa keep it or they're gonNA pass. There's a great article on pro football focus this week about about how they're dropping back to pass more. And that's helping Lamar Jackson for a number of reasons. One again is it. It's really hard to make those defensive adjustments in two is that they're just avoiding third downs now They're in the top five of just avoiding third downs by getting first downs on first and second down and so I think that this is all working together. Gather in a really brilliant way. They had the players to do it. Mark Ingram was an inspired signing. I didn't know about that signing at the beginning Gus Edwards. You know the the heavy backfield. I just really like everything they've done. This is not necessarily all the play calling. It's not necessarily all of Mars talent. It's Ozzie newsome. It's Eric Decosta. It's John Harbaugh. Greg Roman an Lamar Jackson. This is one of the best team building performances of the decade yet. Really is is in. I worried about the outside guys in Hollywood brownies and been there the whole season and I still don't think they have great depth on the outside but these tight ends Andrews was a baller it Oklahoma Oklahoma. He's a big athletic match. A problem made plays. I think he was even a quarterback in high school. To which usually you know those guys. I'll double check that as we're talking about it but I I just remember all his recruiting stuff going you know this guy's skies nut so it's worked and You know I'm happy because anybody's ever get any time around Lamar Jackson. It's it's like it's just so impressive. I remember interviewing him that first year before he won the heisman and it. There's just this real this but a hump not that fake humble shit that everybody does on Instagram instagram. Where it's like look at bragging about but then Hashtag stay humble like to me? Lamar is always been the real deal with that stuff. And I think that that's the kind of thing where guys in the locker room. Knowing how jealous people can get when there's fifty of them that's the kind of stuff or guys WanNa play really hard for that guy and I think. He's showing that very early on in his career. He's the all all time teammate. Type of dude. Yeah there's an anecdote the floats around Baltimore thing it's been reported about how Lamar had heard that Peyton manning knew everybody in the building's name and that that was a big thing for Peyton and a lot of elite quarterbacks in so Lamar made it a point to learn everybody's name in the building I mean everybody's name and so I think that's the kind of thing where sure he's just. He understands what it takes to be an elite quarterback on the field. But I also think there's just sort of face of the franchise thing that all Odi quarterbacks have to do you and I think he is prepared for that as well so I agree with you. I mean he's a great guy. Everybody just dourson inside that building and it's the whole thing is just really come together right now and this this is this guy is a legitimate. NFL superstar. And I think he will be for a long time both both again on the field and off the field. I Andrews Played Wide Receiver in Arizona in high school. So I don't the quarterback then came from so I just wanted to go ahead and double check that okay. Let's talk about some of the teams that we whenever we go through the exercise you go eliminate six playoff playoff teams from last year. Because that's what you're supposed to do. It feels impossible right. You're like okay. What the rams are coming back? I mean the chiefs are obviously coming back to this. Let's talk about some of the teams that we always think are supposed to be good and it's not happening. The Rams we know the prophecy offensive line Barnwell had that incredible stab out off of his last full season. A Games that QBR and some of the other numbers would put him at literally the bottom autumn of the league. which then makes you go? You know what are we looking at here with God like what is he really as a guy to go from. MVP candidate to izzy actually really one of the worst starters in the NFL and that seems to be extremes. So where are you with the rams and trying to salvage what felt like another season of taking a step forward that has not like even when they were three. You know people could tell. Something's wrong with this team yet. The weirdest part right now is the everybody was talking about the six one defense. That teams could employ on on the rams and kind of stopped them. Take running game. We'll teams aren't necessarily having having to run the six one now to be the rams the word is out on some of these tendencies and I haven't seen enough adjustments from. Sean McVeigh. I mean. This is teams teams. Essentially in the back half of last year started ignoring jet motion. There's so much window-dressing in the McVeigh offense and essentially teams adjusted. Gusted to it by ignoring it. I think that was one of those things that wasn't talked about enough and it's really help. I think Matt Patricia went along and doing that. And obviously bill ballot check showed that and then you oh you pair ignoring the jet motion with a couple of other things and all of a sudden you score three points in the Super Bowl I've been really disappointed with the offensive line as we talked about. I mean it just shows you look I. I think that we have underrated offensive lines in this era because there were so many so much quick passing and so much you know we can game plan the offensive line out of it and eventually people started to talk about offensive lines if they didn't matter. Well look at Lamar Jackson. How good he is behind that offensive line and look at Carson Wentz in the difference between one lane aimed Johnson's playing when he's now playing and then look at the rams issue they've taken a huge step back and now they don't have the running game they don't have the push they don't have the angles goals? I mean so. Many of the McVeigh offensive principles were were viewed upon. Were were based upon stretching the defense to its limits and they can't stretch them at all right now. I just been really disappointed in just his ability to to become a right now. It looks like chip Kelly Dude. It looks like he had a couple of great ideas is and wasn't able to build on them. I have enough faith in Sean. mcvay the he'll be able to come up with something else he. He basically completely adjusted as personnel. was running a lot more heavy against against the bears On On Sunday but right now I just think they're out of ideas and they got to go back to the drawing board because at this point looks broken and they are all all in on this team. They don't have the piss going forward. They t two first round picks for Jalen Ramsey. This team is not fixed right now. And it's up to Sean mcvay to come up with something new and all the money that they've spent and have to spend to keep more. Yeah thing on instagram. I've just mentioned before they are not afraid. You just throw the money around at a handful of guys and that's so they're gonNA have on the books so I don't know why the roster without the draft picks and without cap spaces automatically GonNa get a lot better Especially when you have to go out and buy offensive linemen that you think are good enough to improve because those dudes are so expensive like NBA players. I always joke about how much they make an agency. Just because whoever's good usually just doesn't come up and then you have a million teams hoping into a guy who's overpaid like. Hey we hope to get to pay this guy. One hundred twenty million even though he's not worth it because the alternatives are so much worse and with offensive lineman right now. They're they're contracts where I think a lot of people are like. Are you kidding me. It's like okay. But he's actually proven and said to me. Maybe taking a second rounder. Who We know within six months is not gonNA work out? Can you add a little bit more more depth on what the six one defensive alignment is and how teams yeah I'm not telling you even remotely some expert on it but just to counter some of the spread stuff that we thought maybe was out of control and indefensible and it feels like hey wait. A minute did defenses. figure some thinking like did this actually actually become cyclical again in that defense. Did figure some things out because that seems to be part of it. Yeah so a couple of things. So basically it's it's four linemen and two linebackers. No one behind them. Okay and it's funny to me because I don't trust. NFL coaches on anything at this point. Because I have just had too many conversations with them mm-hmm where they've just been wrong like I. I will try if if if the smartest coach in the nfl tells me something Obviously do not talk to bill bell check but if you told me something Out Believe Bill Belichick right but the run of the mill. Coach is typically pretty wrong when we talk about schemes and where the sports going but a lot of the coaches. I talked to two in training camp and an ot as or whatever they were laughing at the cyclical part of it because the what McVeigh McVeigh and even Cao Shan. Even though he's having lost success what they employ. It's really I mean pretty old stuff. It's it's play action. It's Mike Shanahan stuff and they have adjusted this in the past and so old sort of you know old fashioned defensive coaches were a lot more skeptical Bush. McVeigh's offense can continue to work. Maybe I thought and I actually didn't believe them and they they seem to be on the right track You know as Bowen said the other day teams looking for crossers crossers off of play action with With Goff and I think that this is just a predictable offense right now and so the six one does is gives it takes away the run game which everything is predicated on you. Pair that with girly Being I guess he's not load managed but he obviously is being managed or he's as bad add now is taken away the outside zone against the against the bears. The Rams just did not play the outside zone hardly at all and so it the six one kind of it is in the in a kind of classic. Nfl Way it was tweaked and built upon Really it was Patricia and then Fangio and and then Belzec used it but then they you know I think the ballot check innovation was putting Jonathan Jones on the speed on their Basically putting him at safety and having him on the spey be or cornerback and having him Guard the speed of the Rams and take that away and so it right now. The book is out on mcvay and he's got to write a new one. That was an excellent excellent breakdown. What's the wrong guest? Mr Coach wrong has been. You don't have to give me a name obviously but I'm mm to fascinated with this where there was a lot of NBA stuff. Is this offense of explosion happened. Where all talked to a guy and hip? Bob Yeah whatever okay or war everyone just GonNa take even more threes and so Just because the guy has the GIG doesn't mean he's always right but you have one that always stands out where it was somebody saying. Now this is what's going to happen. And it was like the longest thing ever will the worst ever was when I was a young reporter around when I talked to bill for the first time And I talked to a scout from the NFC west team who swore up and down the Richard Sherman sucked. He was just like no Richard. Sherman has talked his way into fame. He's not good. He's below average average. And so I I was so young. You probably had this too. It's like anybody who was who insider and would talk to me. Reflexively believed and so for like half a season I was like. Oh my God you know. Richard Sherman isn't very good and then of course they won the Super Bowl and were Richard. Sherman is really really good I I would say. There was a lot of awful awful Lamar Jackson opinions and I would also say that about Carson Wentz quite frankly because a lot of coaches and scouts or just unusually obsessed assessed with mechanics like a golf swing teacher and if they find what they perceive as a hitch that will spread around and it will become I mean it's almost at the mark twain quote right like ally gets half around the world while choose get pants on. If there's a doubt that scouts and coaches have it spread so oh quickly and the group think is so pervasive that I think that it's just it's it's amazing. How many guys were telling me that? Lamar Jackson couldn't couldn't pass at the NFL level and there are a lot of people. I mean this is written late in winces rookie year. Where other people thought that Wentz had you know? Kind of vaguely really similar mechanical issues where he was not going to age well or figure it out and both of those things were completely completely wrong. I think most of the time most of the time when coaches are scouts are wrong. It's usually because they had one bad experience and extrapolated over every single player to ever come after them. The Lamar stuff. Though I mean I I was probably part of that group but then when I see a Andy Benoy or a Jeremiah or mcshea right up something about at the intermediate throws that. He wasn't being pressed to do anything and he would. Just miss them. Mike that's a problem because that's where a lot of these guys live and it hasn't been an issue at all all this year And you know even though Kansas City made him throw underneath and I thought Oh here we go. Here's here's your. Here's what teams are going to do. They're going to stay in their lanes. Try to contain you. Know if they give up eighty yards running. Hope it's not like the big sixty yard or that changes the outcome of the game and they're gonNA give him these underneath rose and I thought he struggled struggled. Pittsburgh with does does a little bit so I thought that part of it was accurate but to think that he could become this like. Yeah anybody I don't know I don't know sometimes it's players. It's like well how much how much improvement improvement that happened. In how much of it is just being flat out wrong but I mean you obviously talked more people than I did. I just was sitting there watching them. And also you know reading draft guys or I was like okay. These guys agree with what I'm seeing so I don't know yeah I mean I think the one of the things I vote. Lamar has hit the throws for everything to work one of the things I saw great Brian. Baldinger breakdown a a couple of weeks ago. One of the things. They're doing to create space for him is setting up plays you know they they. They went three times to Hollywood Brown and then they faked to him on the fourth play play. And they hit Mark Andrews for a touchdown on the play and I think that their ability to play head games because defenses are already chasing our tails against Lamar Jackson already spinning around and the ability ability for them to play off of defenses tendencies have been. It's been really impressive to watch. It's it's part of the joy of watching the Greg Roman elephants this year. And so I think the the thing we have to keep in mind is that there can be all the great offensive schemes in the world. But Lamar is hitting throws. He's not hitting all of them. He still throws some inaccurate accurate throws he still throws you know when you look at the numbers sort of off target passes. They're still higher than you want them to be. But he's still hitting enough throws for defenses to have to respect that part part of it. Yeah and with the way. They're running the football like the whole thing. I mean he's Kinda back to the golf point when they get that thing. Running you know golf is different. Garbage is different web. You can't run employees action for sixty plays when nobody can run the football like so well and also I think you I think you can. I think you just have to hit the past some of these decisions. He's making terrible. I think he can do play. Action put a little bit stressing the defense all this stuff. But I think you have to be a better quarterback than jared Goff is right now. That's the problem I do feel like it's going to be twenty twenty three and girlies in a have like eleven carries for sixty five yards and Monday morning warning. It's going to be like you know what he he still he looked. He looked crisp on those eleven carries. Though you know and he's back it's just unbelievable. How long this girly thing has gone on where some people are acting as if it's till uncertainty and you go? How is this uncertainty? There is there is no uncertainty. He's just not the same guy that socks. It sucks because I absolutely love watching him play. So it's you know whenever you look at this stuff like you. You actually want to be wrong on this. But I don't know why people are still debating this the whence one is funny. Because you know it's North Dakota state. He plays seven games his senior year. He's older for a prospect. And you think you're moving coming up for this guy like this is the kind of thing where you go. You're going to get fired immediately. If this doesn't work out you know if he were playing and as C. or he were coming out of Michigan and he was the the top guy it would just be more acceptable. It's kind of like my old zinc. Is Karl Anthony towns debate and granted now towns to surpass zinc. But it's like if you had them close you take towns because porzingas gets you fired quicker and Wentz was the guy that I think it's backfired quicker. And that's maybe it's part of the problem there and you know. Look if we stay with another team that we thought was going to be good this this year Philadelphia. We know the offense of weapons that went says missing. Two receivers is running back Maybe two of his tackle certainly Lane Johnson right now now is went somebody that we're in Namur with the arm and ignore just as the decision making are we are we so blinded by his. MVP flirting season that. We're not being critical enough of the Times where it's like man you. You're trying to make these plays happen. That are the big play every time time. And it's actually screwing up your offense more and it's great that you're capable of doing this. You're in this rare class of guys. That may be five guys. It can make some of these plays with the arm talent. But it's at least something. I'm asking myself more when I watch him going. Am I just reading the same stuff still in love with that year. My making excuses for him being better than back Prescott when reality tells us he just just he hasn't been that guy this year again. Yeah I don't think he's better than Dak Prescott. I think that for the foreseeable future to twenty sixteen debate is over at stack. I think he's much better than Gos- I will say that once and I think that you see how much I mean that that back of the endzone drop by Galore is all you need to know about. How much is receivers of let him down? I saw a stat. The Michael Thomas has more receptions issue than the Philadelphia Eagles like. That's a problem and I you start to think about I just you know. The drop percentage is really really high by the way so as DAX tax it almost five percent for his drops. And it's not just I know has been memed but there's a lot of guys who were dropping passes on the eagles and I don't know I mean how much is history change if you know the word came out. That Amari Cooper almost went to the eagles there was an offer on the board. I think it may have been a second round. Pick from our cooper to go to the Eagles Last year obviously and you wonder how much history would have changed my cooper could've made Carson Wentz Look like an elite passer as he did with Dak last year I think Dak is taking a huge step forward and can look like an elite pass on his own but I think Howie Roseman is such a good GM and he finds lines value everywhere. and He. You know got alshon Jeffery for almost nothing. You know try them out and then signed him to an extent right he can he finds these guys and this is just a rare example of him not supporting Carson Wentz in any meaningful way. He just needs more on the receiving Receiving Corps four and how he just hasn't gotten it to them and so I'm with Ya Carson Wentz at this point Is Not the quarterback. I maybe expected him to be. I think he's not reached the MVP levels again. I don't know what that is But I also know that. It's not entirely his fault. Okay that that seems fair if he has a two thousand twenty where he's back in the race and everything looks good in their healthier and they have a better roster You know maybe this thing is still TVD DVD. But it's just something you know. I just make myself here. You know how you feel like a certain way about a player and you go okay. Watch him as if you hate him and now and now what do you see all right one more thing before. I let you go because I know you're busy man Kansas City another one of those teams. You're like okay. Well they're obviously still going to make the playoffs and mahomes although some raw numbers until his good. He's saying he's playing even better. which makes sense? And it's weird in this this world mahomes or feels like wait a minute. This is actually only like his second year. We didn't have to two full seasons from this guy like that's like he's I've been around forever just the impact that he's had. Dv Away still loves Kansas City They're the second best offense behind Dallas by their metrics. Their defense is higher than I think anybody would think at twelve love And they're behind New England Baltimore as the third best team and I don't know how much you put into view but I like it better than some of the rar stuff. Is Kansas City. Still a really good team Yes they are because I think that when you have Patrick Mahomes you have the capability to play like an elite team mm-hmm. I think there's obviously still some health concerns. But I think that you know one of that we forget first of all the Andy. Reid is still the coach. And he's a really good coach. And I also think that this defense when when you have that many new faces I think defenses take a while to get going and I may I think you have the honey badger. Rashad Fenton came up really really nicely on Monday night. I was surprised by that I think that defense is now have gone to a point scenes with the BELSHAZZAR teams. You've seen this with P. Care over the last decade kind of post. CBA is that you can peak in December you. Can I remember ever told the story and this pod but I remember I got a call from GM To septembers ago. Because I went on a pod and I said a defense sucked and the GM called me. And I thought he was going to yell at me and he said No. I want to educate you because an inner very nice way and he said it takes so long for defenses to Gel. Now because there's not full training camp no tackling in Otas all the stuff. That really is such a work in progress until Thanksgiving that. If you say defense really stinks. You might be wrong sometimes APPS and I'm not saying you know that that the chiefs are going to end up being the Patriots. Here what I am saying is you can always withhold judgment on defenses until later in Susan and I think that you know we need Steve Spagnolo to be better than Bob Sutton. I think in a lot of waste. He is as a defensive coordinator. But there's also just you know there's still huge problems in that defense defense so I think they have. The capability is still being elite team. Ain't the problem is they're not gonNA have home field in the AFC championship game. The Patriots are really freaking. Good the ravens are really freaking good and I just think that the problem is not whether or not they are a really good team. The problem is there's just a lot of good teams. They have say. Hey Kevin let us know where we can and get the poverty. You may yeah ringer. NFL show posting later today remains Magnusson. Mvp Talk Talk About Dallas and New England. Which is the Internet traffic game of the year? I really final posted. And we'RE GONNA fall. Show Feed Dr. It sounds good care. 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You could say that I'm being nitpicky about the whole thing and maybe I am but I looked at Luca going into last night. And you're like eighty five career games and twitter's losing. Its mind because of what he's doing to the Golden State warriors are run through honestly. I just have the first quarter stuff. Because that's all you really need and I can be stubborn You know I'm not GonNa say I can be. I am stubborn. I am stubborn when it is a thing where it is day. This person the best player in his sport or This is somebody who's now top five live and he goes stats can tell us that play. That person is is playing at a top five level but it doesn't always mean like in the grand scheme of things. These are the five guys and now a Luca Luca. I don't know what you do with him because it almost feels like any cap you're putting on. It could be too low like maybe I'm wrong like if Simmons just saying hey. Luka is the first guy started franchise with right now I mean it still sounds crazy to say out loud after a year and not a month in his career ear but maybe it's the right answer. No maybe I should be but I always feel like whenever you're less stubborn is when you actually start making those mistakes. Because we Ron Anthony. Davis as the franchise franchise building piece. I still think is in the conversation and I know the counter is GonNa be injuries. But like I pointed out if it wasn't for last year's debacle he would have played almost like three full seasons and load load management terms by the way You know I look at Anthony Davis what I really want Luca over him right now. Oh okay okay. Maybe you know what I want him over John Us. It's like that seems insane but like even the beginning of the honest thing when everybody was starting to love him because it was so impressive from a physical standpoint if you watch those full games I'm talking like three years ago. Jaanus there. There are moments where you go. I don't care what is he and then he just got better and better and better like Paschal Siachen wherever you go. I mean who saw him going from last giraud two years ago last year. And then you think okay. What's the next level now? It looks like a freaking superstar and I you know I I asked myself sometimes on like okay. We'll should you have seen these things. You know. The Pasquale Siachen stuff is so crazy because it just the amount of time. He's touching the basketball now this year compared to last did you think okay. Well wait a minute. Should he have just touch the ball. Well look he wasn't going to do with Kawhi but if you just had more touches ball possession would even playing like he is this year last year weren't there now where they have won a title now. But that's what happens with younger. Players is that we talk ourselves into what the impossible can be. When usually that impossible doesn't exist? I and Janas has become the impossible version of whatever thought he could be There are other players. I'm not knocking Devon Booker here. Because he's having a good year but look at the beginning beginning of Devon Booker thing here like what could he be could he be and then what happens is and it will happen Yoenis if Janas has like an early exit from the playoffs which could happen because the depth of the east. At least right now it feels a hell of a lot deeper than it. Did you know in September and October and we're trying to project this stuff. If Yana sort of have some kind of early exit out of the playoffs you know what would happen like wait a minute if this guy's Mvp back-to-back MVP. What are we really talking about? Can he carry a basketball team. You know what happened. They had to only last year and then they blow it. So who is he really. And that's what we do and I WANNA do a longer form thing on the time line of an NBA player but the beginning the impressionable nature that we all have from the outside hoping that it could be different hoping somebody could be the next Lebron and all these things but Lucas doing crazy stuff and it's hard. It's hard to be tempered with anything watching him so look look last night He went into the game coming off a forty two. Twelve and eleven rebound triple double. It's the first Dallas forty point triple double in team history. He's now ahead of Lebron. Lebron triple doubles this year. At times look triple doubles can be a little overrated. But when it's I think it was the Lebron triple doubles what it was coined when it was thirty ten ten so last. Here's raw numbers. Twenty eight eight and six forty three percent and thirty three percent from three on seven attempts per game from outside this year the raw numbers thirty ten and a half boards and ten and a half assists. Its assist number. I I apologize nine. And a half boards forty nine percent from the floor. Thirty three ISH percent from three we on nine attempts the P. R.. which I know is almost becoming an okay? boomer thing by the way the okay boomer tweets suck. They're just they're just not funny And and everybody does them now with anything That I do because Long said it to me once and now people won't stop doing it is. Pr was nineteen and a half this year. It's thirty two and a half and and the usage rate went from thirty one percent last year to thirty eight percent and I'm going to get into the usage a little bit later. There is there was moments last night where it was unbelievably easy. Because the thing with Luqa that you'd say is there's a one hole in his game it's like is he this killer from outside shooting. And no he's not steph or even hard even though hardens opens numbers of dipped a little bit this year. But I'm not worried about hard not being able to make threes. You're not going to put them in that class. But that's what we want to do. Because now we've all raised the stakes of like we want every single thing to be perfect. It's not the rebound in an absurd historical rate for a guard. It's not the you see everything. He had a lab with Powell. We read the screen role perfectly. He had another one where he threw it up ahead in the corner to three point shooter. That was set up before the defense was and he thought he had another play where he was in transition and went no look to finish Smith to his right side where the no look completely frozen defender. He's got that Nash thing going on where when Nash used to drive it was my favorite thing to watch Steve. Nash would drive and defenses. Just didn't didn't know what to do and they're always worried about the past. People would just be jumping out of his way. And now you have guys that don't know if they should jump Adam. Jump away from. Come off of the outside outside shooters to give help like Willie Collie Stein had a moment where he didn't WanNA come off Prazengas. When Luca had a wide open layup because he's still wasn't sure now that may have been Willie Cauley Stein and lifeless Golden State team which at times looked at least like they're trying but that team is really bad and there historically bad defensively and it's all GonNa make sense because it's a a bunch of role players and I tweeted out last night? That Sam Hinkie said Hey. I kind of liked this group This would be a Hanky by design roster and was Golden State. It's only the aftermath of multiple injuries and and hoping to be competitive and now they're not going to be competitive and they were. They were lifeless last night. Alberta at one point had a three his face he just like early in the game games. Like this is ridiculous. So Luke over twenty two five and five in the first quarter. And you're just sitting there going like anything's possible maybe with this guy he's got this Kawai shoulder older frame and he's bigger than Kawhi where Kawai can dribble into you. You're in front of him. You don't know really what to do because it's almost like imaginary girls Lacrosse bubble. I don't even if they have any more. But that's how Kawai is able to get away with everything he is because you just you can't get as close to him as you can with other guys and it's the same thing with Luca. Kaluka understands the pacing of his dribble when to speed you up when to slow you down and I did compared to hard and coming out of the draft so this was never a hey. I don't like Luca I just push back on. Could we really be watching the best player in the NBA. And on top of this all the mavs are a five seed. Okay Dera five seat. So it's not like Lucas doing this. Oh Hey by the way. It's really impressive. Numbers are sick. But they're too intent. Now that's not the case so this is open minded Luca for the rest of the season. I'm going to look at it that way. I'm going to try not to be stubborn And it's not knocking the game it's going. Are we really looking at somebody who could be. He considered the best player in the NBA by the end of his second season. Is that really possible. And then what happens to and this is it. It's not hey great stats. Oh Hey you made the playoffs just back to the honesty. It is if you're really one of those special special guys or there's maybe five or six of them that can carry a franchise then you need to carry a franchise and you can't can't make a ton of excuses about everybody around you and is good as Carlisle is expect prisoners to get better. Because it's been a little rough here in his Dallas run. I don't don't you know look I. I still have a hard time believing talent. Wise the roster's good enough to take out some of those top four teams in the West but it is so impressive I'm I'm I don't WANNA see him to run out of things to say about him because I think he's going to do so many different things. That are impressive. That will still be able to talk about but That's where I'm at right now. A Luca okay. Trying to think of I left out anything there now. You know I don't want to do. I'm sick of the Luca trae young thing but it was weird. It was almost like Luca. Once people will say hey wait a minute. The the Hawks win the trade. Like actually how. No I just cranked this up to another unobtainable level. Who wants to talk? Rockets nuggets no one okay. We'll do we'll we'll make it quick. Fourth Quarter Eighty to seventy three. I told myself like don't but hey look the rockets. After a bad defensive star bad record star that won eight straight clink Capello by the way a twenty plus rebounds and five straight games. That's a franchise record. He's been incredible for them. Here's a weird number that I noticed that. Houston digging through the stuff prepping for it. They were Twenty-seventh Twenty-seventh in pace last year number. Two offense efficiency now that makes sense because you go wait a minute. Houston you know slow Gerbil on the shot clock do whatever. They're going so much faster now or at least their pace Comparatively run so much faster third pace number three in offense efficiency and their defense was really. I think it was like a top five defensive efficiency during that eight game win streak. So that's That's good news. That's good news for the rockets. In you know we all know where I stand with the team but They were they. Were just kind of a mess last night. Like I don't look at it. See how they're not that good. No not at all. I expected to have a good regular season record but westbrook starts the fourth quarter then harden actually came back in around ten ten minutes ish because they were down in this one Eighty eight seventy eight this was. I'm sorry I'm GonNa have to do a little bit of because it was really just one of those turn into like this bullshit fourth quarter. The officials were making a mess out of the whole thing. The way it was called all over the place was kind of a mess so I'm not making it out to be any sort of bias. Just guys were getting in the post host and then they were being called frauds offensive fouls now players can stick their arms through the offensive players arms and get their arms hooked in there when the ball even in the play and then that becomes some sort of hooking in place so that was weird but there's also they're bad charges called there's all sorts of stuff going on that I didn't love but hardened had a really bad stretch for downtown his a bad past the top of the key Craig goes for the ball as being you know. It's rolling back towards the nuggets. Basket hardened falls down totally on purpose. Rockets fans are going to say A. They're going to tell their kids that it was actually a foul on craigslist. You can get that mean joke. I'm Craig throws down. What was supposed to be a three sixty more? Like two seventy but we give them credit for it so so then the next play westbrook actually had a pick and roll it was a nice play was amidst because there's really good defensive play and hardened just lets his guy run away from and then harden did some weird like I'm playing center field thing where who so far removed from play it was laughable and I cut the video of it I sent it to one of my buddies like what is this. What is this And and that turned it from a ten point game to ninety two seventy eight and then harden came right back down because he was mad and kicked his legs out. And of course got the free throws and They challenged did it. And I don't know why coaches are challenging any of this stuff you think the pass interference things are being ignored by rests the coaching challenge the NBA. Now whatever we're done with you I didn't really like Denver's offense much either here. I mean Denver really just did a better job with Houston again. It was just a mucked up fourth quarter but Denver had these moments. How much they're getting Yokich on? These high screens really simple stuff high screens. He gets the switch with smaller perimeter player Murray has to play it and Murray and get him the ball. Murray apologized Dumont's Murray tried tried to get him in another time. They call the bat offense and Yokich. And there's there's really not much more than I can't like I didn't look at this and go. Wow Houston's really scaring me now not not at all and no Denver. I still resist that. They're going to be better than the clippers or the Lakers made even Utah. You know I think they get Houston and I just. I don't know I I know. I know how good the record is and what the season could be. But I'm going to have to see like longer prolong stretches of of really. I don't know buying into to Denver as hey I I have them I I I think Jaylen is like the only guy that I ever hear talking them up As much as he does. And if we look could it right now yet denver seventh seventeenth and offensive rating. And I know they're defensive. Rating is obviously not off the top of my head. Yeah I thought they were top ten their eighth so not not a ton on that one not a huge compliment and certainly not a huge criticism of either team at all Celtics and clippers. You didn't get a ticket. This one cow now. I don't get clippers tickets anymore. Because they're good. Yeah Puzzlement Next Guy. I don't like Celtics okay Your next sky. Sorry at sex for me to why. Don't give your phantom though. Don't tell you like Duke but also Notre Dame football. I'm from New York. I'm not from Boston. So why do you like the pats. Because we weren't a football house and I was like paying attention around two thousand one two thousand to discuss pretty good to have that worked out. I got a Jersey from like oh four so you know I got I at least got some credits. I'm going to jump into. A clipper celts. 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Okay I mean so twenty twenty twenty Inbetween College and then after They offered me a full time position as groundskeeper and I was GonNa take it and then came out here instead. I have so many questions you graduated from college. Yeah Janet as well speech communications it was in in between college. You know what I mean. I I work summers as a janitor and you know oh the floors and shit you know and then I started switched to What's the name switch to groundskeeper and I thought it was like with my hands? It was cool. Got The drive. No the grounds keeping thing. Yeah but I would imagine fresh are you hadn't graduated college. I'm just thinking of right so then that graduated that summer I was doing Grad keeping again and I was like all right. They offered me a full time. And now it's like actually I'M GONNA go to La. Thanks though. Yeah I could see how moving. La To work for bills company was more enticing to grounds. Keeping thing I'm with you I thought perhaps there's a chance you graduated from college and then right out of college your first job as a janitor and I would imagine that you were lied to let ah. I don't know offense any of the janitors out there. I'm just saying that during orientation. The school wasn't like an in four years. We have an unbelievable placement in the janitorial services. Industry That would not be something I would think parents would be like. This seems like a great idea to take a tunnel and I will say you get to see the underbelly underbelly of the public school system which you know a lot of people only think that teachers sleep in their classrooms or something it gets crazy in there. That's all it gets crazy club razors system. Oh yeah tee janitors cheating. Whatever calm people's lives and God crazy so scandalous endless it? I just thought it was about simple green inventory and keeping making sure you clean your mop ripe okay. Let's Talk Celts They were Oh a sixteen to start from three co I started. Slow is the first Coop Paul George Game and then they do the thing you know. I should just double check this box score Gore because the the whole like the zoo bots deal and how they how they do. The minutes with this is really funny. as you watch actually played more minutes. He played twenty two so he was in there. At the Emmy. Just didn't take shots and it took three and then heartless basically it ends up being mantras entrees in Lou Williams to play bigger minutes than zone and heartless Paul George played thirty seven minutes last night. He had twenty five. Kawhi it was. It was a quiet a quiet night until a little bit later. Jason Tatum. Unbelievable third quarter unreal threes. He just looked awesome. That Jab. Step get you going on the other way. Hits it right in your face so it was not one of those nights where I'm going. Hey is Jason Tatum. Going to be Jeff Green Because I do have those moments where I get nervous about that. The big situation when Boston's GONNA be problem. It just is a grant. Williams hasn't been great. But it's a lot to ask rookie. Hey by the way a rookie. That had the ball made decisions at Tennessee. And that's why he was so good like the stuff have to make really good and makes them a smart player and he shows these flashes of really smart plays. But when you never get to have the ball and you're supposed to make an impact is like an undersized guy plan frontline line deal it's not that great but they did play with Kanner Kanter Hasim of playing minutes last two games at all. I don't know if that's just easing them in. Or if it's KANTER They played them with Rob Williams. It's some point and the Celtics were up here. I mean they had a lead in the fourth quarter. There was good stuff going on with tatum. Marcus smart did not have a good game. We're GONNA get to that that we didn't have a good offensive game but then the clippers are just taking threes all over the place and I looked at it. They're actually not a huge three point attempt team team as far as their totals this year but they took forty five of them last night. So the Celtics by the way the the clippers are eighteenth and three point attempts per game and their the eighteenth in percentage from out there but they couldn't stop taking him last night so the fourth quarter. You've got Kemba wanamaker Jalen grant and Williams and of course wanamaker's out for TATUM GRANTS OUT FOR SMART when they go smaller Williams out for Thais and in the clippers. We were told you. They're closing group for all this. I just love what the clippers have. Where if you're building team it's great in theory? Say Hey we want all these interchangeable wings that can shoot and scoring and defend everybody. The clippers have the best one in the league. WHO's the best player in the League? And somebody else in Paul George no matter how you feel about his ability to be the number one kind of Alpha guy which I just don't think he's built for. He is a top ten version of the same thing. Shoot and defend switch so the dribble drive stuff they can do spacing it out with two top two top ten guys like their their guards are going to be Lou Williams and beverly and Beverly was unbelievable on the boards last night and just ate up. Celtics did a bad job Paying attention beverly. But it's an effort thing with him. Much like Marcus Smart. There's just certain players that are elite effort players and you wonder why they're always around everything and they're gonNA play forever and make good money. It's because they've just decided like I'm GonNa go ahead and be this guy so I I do respect those players lot even if at times it kind of drives me crazy but the clippers have this dual wing thing where it's it's really brutal to deal with. And even though I've said at times like hey I really liked their death. I don't know if I do love off their debt. I just don't know that it's going to matter. I don't know that's GonNa matter the place I think the one thing you're saying and I heard it already but it is good point If you're doing a Lakers matchup thing. It's WHO's guarding guarding. Anthony Davis can mantras really hang with him and chase him around. The whole time at least Macho is going to play with the kind of energy needed but we're talking about completely different sides so basically you're saying is there really active seven footer. That can go chasing. Anthony Davis all over the place His name's Jaanus and he's probably not available right now and durant's the other one. He's hurt so not going to happen. You're not going to get that piece. It's perfect but but with those wings whether it's heartless Kawai George and I know all of us have made the mistake at looking at like size bodies and thinking okay. Well that guy can guard Lebron for fifteen minutes so he can do this. I did it once a Demari. Carol Gnawed even reminding anybody in an audience that at one point I thought like tomorrow Carol was like Oh well you know. He's long now. Lebron eats up all those guys. Because 'cause he's Lebron but if you WANNA put a bunch of bodies on him That's a huge plus. Because that's you know we're still talking to a peak Kawai. That's a lot better than than anybody's options. And they have a second one and maybe even look. I'm not saying Mohawk bus or any of these guys are GonNa shut down to just shut the bleep up and finish the point all right. So after the slow stretch hits a big three then decides his dunk on everybody Sell still up though Marcus smart had lobbed that was blocked and went in. So they're up six and then it it just was a mess for the Celtics. They're at the end and a lot of it was the credit to the clippers. Defense Cama get swallowed up. They had Paul George on Kemba. They had beverly on Tatum I'm Paul George. Hits Mantras was a two point game than smart starts up with this airball stuff airballs a three. And then after the airball he let Lou Williams Williams run right past him in transition and Lou Williams hits a three and then it feels like okay. The game's going to be over than tatum pushed off on. Paul George hit it tied at ninety seven. It was a push off. Everything's a frigging push off now. Oh all the time sportscenter makes you think it's everybody's getting crossed up his some twenty three year old kid from Syracuse. Doesn't know the difference between across up in an offensive foul rant over. I've already done that ramp before. But this was about the clippers defense and they want an overtime. And that's the problem at times. You'll see with Campbell with Boston. Despite that ain't game winning streak cameras. I was GONNA get beat up sometimes. And it's GonNa suck and I think you saw some of that last night now. Marcus smart is kind of the story of this game because I know I've had my problems. uh-huh with him He now is on this stretch where he had these two big airballs. He didn't get back on Lou Williams and there was another Eyeso- so play where he like. Fourteen seconds left on the shot clock and he was on the right side. I don't know if he's GonNa initiate anything or if he was just going to go for and Stevens like all right. No no offense here timeout. He's now seven to twenty last night one of eleven from three game before that five or twelve three ten from three night before that to sixteen one. Eight from three but the four-game stretcher for that he shot it really well my point with him. It was always great as the Kawai defensive play as where he goes throws it off there are not. They're just not many players that are willing to make that play in in this league. They just don't understand it and he does all of those things and it's awesome but I know that offensive numbers are better. I know the fourth quarter numbers incredibly efficient. But if you're watching these loving all of these smart shots like it. Just it's a simple my whisper thing you could just take five. The you know those five horrible shots you take just stopped knows right. And there's no no you need him now you don't you. Don't you've got Cambe. No Hayward clearly hurts them. The Celtics have this really good kind of lesser version of all these interchangeable wings with Jalen and tatum and impaired healthy That the clippers have and these other teams aspire to which is going to make them better like the Celtics are just better than I thought. They would be their top ten offensive defensive numbers but the big combos is going to be weird and certain match ups the Kemba when another team wants to go really big at him is GonNa hurt him. And that's where hayward comes in because his playmaking or Kemba maybe takes. That's that's the thing is the clippers. Don't need to trap you the clippers. Just each you up. They had a play where it was as a marcus. SMART and tatum exchange and it was defended by George and Kawai and I think they switched it and then that was it then have to trap anything that's crazy. That's such a great advantage to have that kind of stuff so I don't WanNa make in. The smart thing has been much better this year but there are those games you just got a guy who's GonNa shoot ten eleven threes. Like I know the numbers are a little bit better but seriously especially when tatum. It had that kind of third quarter that he'd had so cooper's of the better basketball football team. I think you'll end up seeing that later on. But the Celtics start to this end that eight-game stretch and how solid defensively and how different team is moving the basketball It's been a lot of fun to watch them so far but credit to the clippers. Forget that one at home after tatum hit that three to tie it up. I I spent a Lotta time closing out. Friday's podcast on the myles. Garrett incident with Mason Rudolph and basically my my biggest the premise just became this thing that we do in America where the person who did the worst thing is is right in front of us and then we act like there's a million reasons why we should blame all these other people for the guy doing the wrong thing. I am not a moralist. I am not And it's not like I can't sit here and have a sympathetic lean towards this is right. This is wrong but I just know that I don't really feel comfortable saying this person is the worst person of all time and what was really interesting after that myles Garrett rant that a lot of people like I had two who different. NFL sources reach out to me. People with actual teams who said miles is probably one of the most impressive people they've ever been around Very similar stuff. I I met him. I never pretend I know those guys car wash Chris Long You know feels really good about him. Working with water boys. And I I know the water boys organization made aid statement and it's unbelievable charity and something. I've been lucky enough to be a part of a couple of years. And it was very consistent. Two like miles had a bad moment and everybody ready saw and then it just becomes this overwhelming thing where I almost think as a society in the moment were really bad about talking about what punishment is deserved at the. NFL had come out and said he's been if the rest of the year and that's fine. Okay you know if they had said today you know where we've lowered the suspension. We've heard his appeal. We've lessened the suspension. I would have probably been okay with that and that might have. I've not been popular People that are asking for the suspension bleed into next year And this probably we're way to phrase it but I don't know I I just think we do this thing where it's like. Oh my gosh like we want instant death penalty and then seven days later. Like probations. Fine now this is state. We're turned because part of the appeal. was that that Mason. Rudolph used a racial slur which is news to all of us a week later Not to say that it didn't happen. I will tell you that I'm never comfortable as the white guy saying now. That's that's not true because I know how that plays if I were still at. ESPN and on get up or something that morning in surrounded by Former NFL players primarily black NFL players. You know it's just always a weird role to be like no I don't I don't believe him. Although black players I've heard numerous black players today say you know I'm not sure about that. I don't I don't know that I believe them If the slur were used it would probably be caught on some kind of Mike and the NFL. They had a spokesman today same. Brian McCarthy said the League looked into Garrett's allegations that route off used a racial slur last Thursday and found quote and found no such evidence. Joe Thomas who played for the Browns You would think if we want to get into this world by Joe. Thomas is very biased list. But he'd be trying to protect Garrett he was like look. These guys are all miked up. You should be able to go ahead and find this stuff appeals officers Derrick Brooks James Thrash. Okay so you know. We're talking about former players like like. Wouldn't they be motivated to try to find a way. Well maybe they're just motivated by trying to find the truth here but I think the problem for Garrett here on the time line is that if that were the case ace was it that you were so reserved after the fact when you were interviewed that you held back because you wanted to use it just the appeal or if you're doing the okay well real real talk. Is he doing the thing where. Hey let's use race card on this one. It's your wallet you know what. Let's let's go with this because it's it's a really hard hard thing to argue against like I don't know I don't know I mean does the NFL no with with absolute certainty is Garrett Possible Z.. Capable of making up slide. Protect himself because people have gotten to him saying hey we just go with this play because it's hard to argue against it it just makes you know it's GonNa look bad for somebody to say no I didn't happen and it was one of the things you're you're never truly comfortable with but it was. It becomes one of these topics. It's really actually impossible to debate. Because 'cause none of us I can say the time line seems off why now if not then okay but then I know the counter to that is I've just explained and isn't there some some possible where we could find this and yet there's other guys in the field saying that that didn't happen. I've heard some people say well only two people know Rudolph and Garett now. There's a bunch of people that were around him. You would think somebody else would have heard or now you have browns teams that have to answer this and some of said. I don't know what happened in other set would lie. So maybe in this moment you know Garrett I was certainly not aligned with all the other people that wanted this kind of like multi year banishment for Garrett. Because it's just I really believe in that stuff and I think everybody cools down after a few days but if this isn't true it's worse than hitting somebody in the head with a helmet but I don't know I don't feel comfortable saying and I don't know how anybody else could feel comfortable saying which way they're leaning on on this one? Everybody have weekend hope you enjoyed the extended. WIP were all excited pod. Please subscribe rate and review EVAC. Chris long on Monday par.

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