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These are the daily tech headlines for thursday august twenty second two thousand nineteen. I'm rich straddling google's v._p. V._p. Of product management for android samir somato announced that google's next android release previously called android q. would abandoned the desert based released names in favor of numeric designation with android q now andrew ten some outside the desert names were hard to understand for new users and not applicable to all of androids global audience google also announced a redesign of the play store which now incorporates material design mobile devices now have a navigation bar at the bottom of the play store games and apps will have their own distinct destinations rounded square at by cons or no standard for all apps and application pages feature more information about ads in purchases downloads with a larger install button. The design should raw all android users this week bloomberg's mark gherman reports that according to sources apple launch pro iphones and updated ipads at aetna vent next month the event will feature three new iphones to new pro models to replace the ten s and ten s max and ten replacement. These phones will feature oleg screens lose three d. touch for a haptic touch long press using new eighth thirteen processor with a dedicated amex co-processor for computer vision and augmented reality feature improved water water resistance and can wirelessly charge other devices the too high end models will also offer three rear camera sensors with the addition of whining lens. The phones will also let users retouched touch apply effects alter colors reframe and crop video while it's being recorded live the ten are replacement will get a second rear zoom camera as well. The the eleven and twelve point nine inch ipad pros will also get updated with new processors and similarly improved cameras apple will also introduce a new low end ipad with a ten point two inch screen screen discontinuing the current nine point seven inch model. The apple watch also get an update but we'll mostly focus around the updates to watch a six as well as have new case finishes. The chicago tribune reported that an independent testing the iphone seven exceeded the maximum radiofrequency radiation exposure limits set by the f._c._c. of one point six watts per kilogram the findings were part of a larger test involving eleven models from apple motorola samsung and blue testing specific absorption rates or four sar levels at the same distances reported by the manufacturers when they were released which range from five to fifteen millimeters the f._c._c. allows for maximum testing distance up to twenty five millimeters the tribune also test devices edit closer to millimeter distance to reflect a device captain a pocket in those tests only the iphone eight plus and a blue vivo five mini any came in under the sar limit in response to the report apple and motorola disputed the tribune's testing methodology after viewing the tribune's test results the f._c._c. stated it would conduct its own tests in the coming months to clear radiation from radiofrequency energy is not the same as ionizing radiation found xrays gamma rays which can lead to health problems and cancer and the f._c._c. and u._s. Food and drug administration say there are no risk to humans at the current exposure levels. The lennox foundation announced the formation of the confidential computing consortium with the goal of creating standards frameworks and tools to encrypt data in use on devices applications and services korean encryption standards focus on data at rest or data in transit with the new consortium focusing on data in use microsoft contribute. It's open enclave s._d._k. Intel's contributing these software guard extension s._d._k. This decay and red hat is offering the n._r._a.'s project which is a framework for running civilised applications entrusted execution environments the other members at launch our alibaba cloud allowed arm by do google cloud ibm swisscom intense lincoln announcing a blog post that it blocked or removed twenty one point six million alien fake accounts from january to june of this year lincoln's head of trust and safety paul rockwell wrote that in one thousand nine point five million auto blocked at the registration stage and never went live live lincoln took down two million live fake accounts and members flags sixty seven thousand more prepared to facebook which remove three billion fake accounts between october twenty eighteen and march twenty one thousand nine lincoln's fake account problem could be worse amazon launch a new campus in hyderabad india which is now its largest campus worldwide. The campus is spread over nine point five acres and house more than fifteen thousand employees. The new hydara bad campus would host employees across divisions including amazon web services versus amazon already has sixty two thousand employees in india a third of which are already based in hyderabad amazon founder jeff bezos has committed an investment of over five billion dollars for india operations and that new campus looks like it's definitely going to get some us because amazon fresh will launch an india starting service on august twenty third in bengal aroo through with plans to expand in mumbai delhi and hyderabad soon after fresh will offer to our deliveries of five thousand food items with orders place through the main amazon india website or app amazon had previously offered limited food delivery in india through the prime now app the online grocery market in india is currently led by big basket and grow fers and finally ninety five google reports that google is preparing to launch the nest many a successor to the existing google home mini according to sources the next many will will reportedly featuring sound output with higher maximum volume and better base offer a wall mounting option a three point five millimeter stereo jack and proximity awareness to display the current volume william as you approach the device the form factor reportedly state roughly the same as the current home many more discussion of the news of the day subscribe to daily tech new show at daily tech new you show dot com and remember to rate and review daily tech headlines. Wherever you get your podcast. Thanks for listening. We'll talk to you next time and from all of us here at daily tech headlines remember. They have a super sparkly day.

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