07/13/21 Boomer & Gio Full Show


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And wherever you are on the odyssey app could tuesday morning. If you're into pete alonso. Winning the home run derby. You got what you wanted last night. Hit over seventy home runs. He won a million dollars which is more than his salary for the year. So good for him. I had a very very stressful morning. Already that i don't know how to fix another tire situation. I know this show entire situations. It's like a trend. Always back to jerry recco and al dukes jerry. Changing a tire with al sitting in the car to sal licata filling in for raw and having his pregnant wife show up to change the tire on the side of the long island expressway pro. This morning i hit a pothole. I spill coffee all over my scuttle butt golf shirt that you got me. So i'm covered in coffee and then when i get here i get out of my car and i hear and i looked down and there is a slit in the front left tire of my car. So we're going to have to figure that out of the next four hours. Although i do have an idea and a challenge for one particular person that there will be a reward for if they can complete it. Good morning boomer our yet. You know. I'm doing better than you are. I i will say that Being on the over the weekend. Not good i mean just not good. I'm assuming this is where you hit your. I mean because there are potholes everywhere. And i don't know what's going on with the national infrastructure bill But it's not coming out to suffolk county long island. Sure anytime soon as there are. I mean there are good yard long and maybe three feet wide potholes out there. And it's like routing right and they're they're in between there on the seems What you go to change lanes or if you decide to get into the hov lane and god forbid you jump over the line in the hov lane. Because you're gonna hit one of those. Dan potholes odds. Were they really are forget that you are. You're asking for trouble. So yeah you got a little trouble troubles in. But at least you're able to ride drive your car in and get here opposed to having to change tire on the lie at four in the morning. Which totally sucks. Because you don't know what the hell's out there exactly now. These are run flat tires so you can go a bit of distance on them. But i don't believe what happened to my tire. I'm going to be able to drive home. That's got have a spare. Don't you know. I don't they don't give you spares when you've got the run flats. There's no spare in the car. Oh yeah so look look. That's it that's the slit. I don't say anything. You don't see anything no you really that blind. Put your glass. I i don't i can't see that. How can you not see that Yeah it's a gash. we gotta get. What is we gotta gash. Shall we say a gash in your hand where it's like you could see the bone. Yes you could see the the white of the inner lining of the tire. He didn't need some stitches. You know this is a gash. We're no question we're talking. Gash aid sent about good. Four inch gash. Yeah at least at least. Do you have a tire repair kit. No i do not. I don't believe so unless there's one triple i did. And then i let that expire. Yeah right. I know that this was not your ford f. One fifty now is not never happen for them. No of course it would not ford. F one fifty. It's the the car that i Beat up on the way to work every day because they have too much respect for the ford f one fifty to bring it into the city on every day. You're asking for trouble. Yeah and i got it for sure now. I don't have. I think i've got that roadside assistance situation. But i don't know if they're going to come and change the tire for they do the change the tire in the street from me. I think they'd probably tell it somewhere. I'll they changed the tire in the street. So this year the can you. Does it like town. Fair tire sponsor. They do show no right. Call town fair tire thome. You need a new tire. I guess but then again they could bring the tar but how are they going to get it on. They at least know somebody who's got to change tire over town fair time. No i told her. I don't have a jacket. How do you put a tire go. Put a tire on the rim. So you what you need. Is you need a rim retire. Yeah yeah it's what you needed. Spare tire spare tire. They don't give you spare tires with these flights very with the runway. Let's see if we get something done by ten o'clock today there's gotta be somebody out there well in our in our listening audience. That could help. It's funny you say that. Oh yes. Because i've got a proposal and my proposal. Is this the dan and cordray. Desperately wants to be at the boat party. And we're outta tickets. Were not allowed to have him there. He's trying to sleep over in the parking lot. People are telling him to get away and just. You can't pitch a tent in the parking lot outside of the lake house. Just not gonna happen right so i think if he can get this done for me now. I don't know if he's awake yet but if he can. Somehow i will text him the make of the tire right. I will then mo him the money for the tire but you member you. Is that just a tire. You need a rim. I'll tell him. Exactly what i need and rim has got to fit your type of car. It's got to be balanced. So he's got a lot going on here. But i i think i look i what else am i gonna do not nothing. 'cause i think dan one thing i will say about. Dan and i do believe this. I believe he's a man of action. Yeah i believe he's a man that could probably figure things out your reasonably. Because of his job he has to fix things on the job a lot. He's probably mr fix it where he works. Yeah a lot of people probably call him sagging a league. Can you handle this. I got that. can you handle this. We we need. The light bulb turned out. You know whatever whatever it is he had handle it so i do believe he could probably handle this. Let's say what i mean. This is a little bit more than that. Because like i said you're going to need a rim with the tire all right to. You're thinking he's not going to be able to get this done. And this will be a foolish quest for may or what you do. Is you definitely call your roadside assistance. They come and get the car. Can't believe that all that busy right now unless there's some sort of accident somewhere in the city. Yeah there's probably about thirty accidents happening more than put it where while they take it to a local shop who then changes out the tire without you having a new rim and they'll just put it on the rim that you have put the put the car back together and then you can go there. Take an uber and go there and pick the car up. Yeah i need to have it by ten because we've got a I have to take the baby into her two week. Trish we have the baby involved in. Can't thrive and you're the c section right. I need to be home. She could take over No because of the car seat with the baby so now. Are you going to trust dan. Quarter quarter when it comes to this. The only guy. I know that is that loyal to be able to do this. He's the only guy i know he's someone that would drop everything in his life to help out the show so i do think that he would i do but i mean it's it's also there's a lot involved like you said but i know that every ounce of him would go into making this right for me. That's why i look. We all got guys the guy for this. You got a guy for that. He's tax the us tech. So he's off all right he's he's i think he should be. He should probably. I don't know why you should just call it. And then we could talk to him about it this off if not i'll call. I don't want to get towed. And then where are they going to somewhere new jersey. They always mean. I get handled for you. If you need it. So but i i would need to know relatively quickly if you wanna get out of here by ten i do. I have doing a tire. That fits perfectly. Yeah and you know i could. I think i could get you. Got a guy i i have a lot of guys. Maybe this guy would be available to do something and handle this. But i just. You can't ask me at quarter to ten this asking you right now i mean. Are you going to dan quarter route. 'cause i'm not getting somebody else involved if you have now glitzy blitz with the dan situations who he'll probably calling all right all right. I'm surprised he's awake. I figured that well he's yankee fan. So he wasn't gonna watch pete alonso. The baseball night comes through not only get in to the show. Vip access or i think guest room in your house night before god. How any. I little much. That's just it's crazy now if you want to share a hotel room and many be our guest. Dan's out because he said he's not allowed to call in right now because he's still at work. Okay if he calls a radio station while he's at work he's gonna get in trouble so he is not as he's not as loyal as i thought he was. Because for me. I need someone who's willing to risk their job to help the show out dealt in the out so the fact that he's not willing to do that he's out so i'm gonna go. I need your guy now. Who's your who we talking about here. I'm i'm not discussing that publicly. Okay your guy your guy. The one who's always your guy now. Is it the guy who lives near me now. I think we're talking about some. Richie renown ranch ask. Yeah i'm not gonna ask ritchie to come all the way into the city the change your time. It'd be a little. He does live out by me. I mean it would take like an hour and a half. But he would do it he would. He is a great man. The great man is an understatement. He's one of the all men i've ever been around and just a quiet loyal guide to. Oh my guy here oh yeah. Unbelieving bullet taker yes. He's a bullet. Time offers a reason for that. Just doesn't happen overnight. I've had a relationship with him out in the late eighties. We know all right. And i've always kept what i consider the pot straight like some of the dummies around here. Don't understand that whole who who who does odd You know look i. I get hammered every single day and i am getting tired of it. Kidnapped hammered last night. Was the baseball denver. I tell you really are pro. Yes i asked you i am. I am approach. It was the home run derby. I caught it. I tell you what. I was gonna watch it all out of protest but once i followed i've followed On on twitter. I was just going off. I said i had to check it out. And i saw the last two sessions that he had and maybe she was hit bomb. It was great. And he's this is his thing. He loves the home. Run derby now. I went back and forth. And my buddy now hosts here odds on sports andrew phillip pony. He put out this question. Which i thought was a great question he said. So pete alonso. Wins a million dollars for winning the home run derby dave jau says the guys throwing him. I mean he was just perfect. There was actually one of those grades in the box of where dave jazz was putting the ball. How much money does pete alonso millions. I don't know but he's doing. Dave joust at the end of the day. These two slider k doraiswamy cash on the side. Okay right. I know he will now twenty five fifty sixty grand. So pete alonso. lonzo's gotta pay taxes. I this is. This is why this is not just an easy conversation. So pete alonso make six hundred eighty something thousand dollars six hundred and sixty something thousand dollars a it makes another half to half a million two million on card deals appearance. And maybe maybe. I don't know who his shoe company is. So but still a million dollars to pete alonzo is a much bigger deal than a million dollars to mike trout or garrett cole or francisco indoor at this stage of his career because his base salary is under a million dollars right and you talk about the taxes on the million. That's true what would be the acceptable minimum tip going today joust now. Andrews said fifty thousand dollars. I would think something like that. And by the way i got to be six figures every member pete also has donated a lot of money since his time as a new york professional ball. Sure and not only does he do that. he Like if there were ever a pulse of the people award for professional athletes. Yeah he would be a guy that would be right at the forefront because of everything that he does do and how he understands you know what it means to be an entertainer and to be paid to be an entertainer and to be a leader of respect. The baseball club professional baseball club. Like new york. Mets he is one of the few athletes say few but one of the athletes. Today that kind of gets the big picture of everything. And that's why he's the beloved polar bear yes. The bear found out because he's very hairy. Well he'll well you should have Somebody shave his back. Yeah apparently that's the nickname comes from the fact that he's very hairy man chest and back so blonde hair. Yeah and that's why they call them the polar bear. Apparently neil walker said that in an interview somewhere. That's why he's the polar bear which i didn't know i just thought that was the nickname pete. The polar he looks like a polar bear to kind of look like that the whole thing forearms short the whole yeah. I get it but i would give jazz. Fifty thousand fifty in cash. Yeah i fall. It's not easy just to get fifty in cash and handed to a guy joined a guy fifty and cash envelope. You're you got you got a soul for life right there all right. I think they howled dave giles. He's he's into sixties so it's got to change his life any it'd be great for him though. Go on vacation something by a caller by the way you also was flown out to denver taking care of. I'm sure they went on a private jet. And i'm sure steve cohen set that whole thing up for them. You don't and they were treated unbelievably Professionally so the opinion that i really want on. This is mr to tip people dave. The man who is throwing the pitches to pete alonso. Who was perfect last night. pete. Lonzo wins a million dollars. Your lonzo al dukes. How much money given dave jazz fifty grand your giving them fifty hash. You're not writing a check. Although you can give you can give him a gift. You can give them a gift up to a certain amount of money. Are you kidding right. I think it's a little more than that. And you can also give. I think up to five years but i think that's only for a family member i'd have to look back at three ridiculous tax laws and the table read. That's the whole thing you know. It's like owning a pizza parlor. You want cash. Yeah of course cashing the envelope. No question dangerous store your cash here. You go dave jousts. Here's your fifty thousand dollars bakery. You cash see. I thought maybe maybe a hundred thousand for so you know you try to pull in two million then you and then you say look. We only made six hundred thousand right. This is the way you gotta do. They go there. You go right. So i would say that yes i could see fifty grand cash and i could see it on on the sly. Let me ask you taxman. So pete alonso wins the home run derby in colorado. He's gotta pay colorado tax. He's colorado i. I would think that it would be denver. Said he'd denver tax denver city tax. It's a small number but still paying. You're paying city and it says yeah. There could be bengals here. our friend. Dominick rail calls it a jock taxes tax jock taxes. You pay sometimes depending on the city or the state and how the tax laws are written your basically an athlete so therefore you are being taxed without representations taxation without representation. Nobody's fighting for you. Know they figured you're making so much money this away for the politicians to get their hands more on your money. Yeah no of course so. You're telling me i'm not so infrastructure. There's no fixed the pot. Yeah okay come on out there on the la been out there now probably and we can't blame it on covert anymore out there now. Working these are no longer i. I saw the highway workers working through last time. I guess that were essential work. Sure so they were working through entire days and months. Total year under cove situations. Okay all right. Maybe somebody just hasn't paid a bill or something and that's why when our tv's get shut down someone didn't pay a month. Yeah once a month every single month twelve times a year. Actually to be exact. So i would say He would pay most likely denver tax. He's got to pay us federal tax and then he's gotta pay tax like what a joke by the end of this thing. You didn't win anything i tell you. What's his take home. Pay after that less than less than half. Yeah oh so. Maybe he's getting more than him. Yeah seriously i mean. I don't know if i'm dave joust. I'm thinking if i get anything. Now i'm happy about well. I would think that they've got a lot of eyeballs looking at them last night and he was front and center. And i'll tell you what he threw mazing. It was perfect just kept drawing it right where he liked. H that is the most important part of that home run. Derby is having a pitcher who actually so kevin long through to shohei ohtani. He never through shohei ohtani ever before. It was the first time. Yeah that's tough. Lefty lefty too. Yeah i thought that was very strange and otani ends up losing a tiebreaker. To one soto. Why i put this on at all. I have no reason. I put it on towards the end was just because there's a point. Yeah in the way that twitter was describing it and how cool it was in fact that he was a met. I will say that it caught my interest and And obviously the stadium was sold out. Yeah of course natural. It's the morning show with boomer. Esiason gregg giannotti boomer and geo hurley. I'm shocked at dan. Carter at because it goes. You know if you've got a spare at come there and change the tire right now but you need to go to a place to get the tire taken care of so. I tweeted them back as well. Why don't you come here. And i give you the keys in you. Take the car someplace to get it fixed. And i'll give you the money for it and you bring it back here. I haven't heard a response yet but we will see what happened. How can you ride on. One of these These hires so i wrote on it for like fifteen minutes this morning after this happened but like i said when i got out of the car this morning our service so i think all of the air is now spewing out of it and by the time i get back to the carts just gonna be. You're not gonna be able to dry out. There's no way to have a problem. This is why issue. Dan is like okay. I'll come and change a tire and everything else like mike. How are you transferring. Some new tire to the rim. Yeah you gotta get a tire with the rim. That fits your vehicle model and matches the tires. You have on the kids throw another tire on their less. It is a spare tire to get you back to your dealer and then have your dealer handle. Yeah so this. This is a little bit of a conundrum going to have to figure this out. I'm working on all right. Well thank you. Did you get a response from your guy yet or is the person sleeping. I don't know if he's sleeping. i'm sure i'm sure he's up. I'm sure he hasn't looked phone. Yeah ok sure he's working. Okay all right very good. all right. we'll in you know how much trust i have you to get things done so and i hope he looks at his phone. Festival oppressed dozen the morning. One day he didn't know he was working. That's right check his phone until eight. Am because he was with the kids all morning. That's right didn't even check the phone. He was awake. Just didn't check the phones. He was so busy busy. That yeah all right jerry. Recco is here with an update. What's going on sharing. We are brought to you by winters. Brothers waste systems creating a cleaner and greener long island to learn more visit winters. B. r. o. s. dot com. I got a couple of interesting things for you. But i will start with the sports and last night home. Run derby especially since it was pete alonzo Who did win back to back. Although wouldn't have last year but nineteen and twenty one. He wins at coors field. He betray manzini in the final round. He did take out. Salvador perez and juan soto. Thirty five home runs in the first round for a lonzo pretty good. He joined ken. Griffey junior and uss. But is the only back to back. Champions here was alonzo on mlb network back titles. How good this one is truly awesome. I mean it's any chance to get to do this. Event blessing and i'm just happy. I got to take this and this home. Yeah no human. Lauren gardner and the trophy or just the trophy and the cash. Either way he got two things to home with him so he was having a good night million bucks. He says this cocky. This went the way. I figured it. Would there's no point. Or i thought i was gonna lose ever even months before good for him at the fact that a met exactly talking like that. Yes this is him and this is why he felt that way. I'm power hitter in for me. I think i'm the best power hitter on on the planet. Wow okay and by the way. I'm gonna want four hundred million. Yeah that's right. And he's got a long way to go to earn that at least another four years arbitrational as they buy him out well and be better. Yeah oh isn't that amazing he. He has really four years arbitrage. Sounds about right. Yeah it was looking at it. Wow warning to see how much money he was making this year. And it's at least three more so i'll talks. Yeah but i mean the numbers will jump judge. But you know more. These analytic get involved and start looking at age of players and production of players. The numbers go down is so he has after this year. Three more years of arbitration. I mean he'll get paid. I mean it's not like he's not gonna say anybody's big big delray right but if he does what you hope and think he's going to do he could have three hundred million dollar contract in the future. Yes so crimea river. Here's trae manzini. You know his story. He made it all the way to the final. This incredible especially after obviously everybody knows the story of the last year and a half was You know something that you have nightmares about him to be here a year. Later and Make it to. The finals was was incredible. Adult from cancer as we know so that was the home. Run derby stage three colon cancer. How advanced then and how significant. It wasn't how ought to be rooting for them. There's no question about it and they should have been. Yeah it was pretty wild tonight. The actual all star game itself. Now otani didn't get out of the first round last night because of tiebreak. I don't know that. But i can tell you. This was him on getting the nod to start in the all star game. This is through. His interpreter actually not expecting to be chosen as a pitcher at all to be named. The starter is really not expecting a huge honor. And i'm going to try my best. So he'll start tonight and as soon as he's done maybe an ending or two. I don't know how much you'll pitch. You will stay in the game as d. h. For at least another at bat. As the way i read it so we shall see here. He's a story he's definitely the story. Oh he's definitely without question and he's about as interesting as it gets whether he speaks the language or he doesn't did you see the. I know it was batting practice but did young. The one home run that went to the fourth deck last night on my god. Yeah he he actually hits home runs like that in games that one soto should've thrown his part of the home run. Derby let otani keep going for the fans. There's nobody really cared about one. Soto hitting home runs. You're right yeah just let otani keep going. But otani was a great took them a long time to get in a groove lot of line drives and ground balls and what's funny is in batting practice. He probably swings his first ten. I'm like boys this guy is gonna hit one. Yeah and all of a sudden once he hit one they just started flying off the bat but it took him wild again to me. It's the pitcher. Sure absolutely a big part of this whole thing and it was. It was a long no matter what was metals. And no that's fine matt olsen the guy who threw him they were out there like it was a sunday afternoon picnic. And it's the only reason he lost was. They ran out of time because they're taken the time. I thought that was joey gallo I thought olson was the one olsen the foul ball. Yeah that they were waiting to see. And it's like instead of the even the announcer like throw another pitch. Let's go maybe gallows guy to that was the way it went last night. Now a couple of other things before we get to something station related You mentioned team. Usa losing to nigeria where. They lost australia last night. Exhibition game ninety one. Eighty three here is The coach gregg popovich. We are getting there as a team. We'll be fine after a short time together. A lot of things that have to be covered and he says quite frankly. They're not in basketball shape yet in the second half. We tired out and when that happens you know you get hit mentally a little bit to damian. Lillard did speak as well. He says you know anybody that thinks these other teams can't play you're wrong. He's other teams in other countries. Just continue to improve these players. They get better to give more confident and they also to beat us badly. So is definitely noticeable. When you on the floor so we shall see when it actually matters and counts going forward in the olympics. The games are being played in vegas now. Something station related. Because i found this funny. As i was driving in so we i love sal and driving and listening to him is very entertaining. Somedays sundays more than most He wants to eat a caller by the name of john called in around two thirty this morning and he wanted to know why. Sal i'm setting something up so deal with just deal with me for many. He wanted to know why sal doesn't like or dislikes diaz so much sal said just look at the results of what based on what twenty nineteen twenty twenty one Both how about twenty twenty. I mean based off the two thousand nineteen number one in twenty at the numbers he did. It was in save opportunities. Do you know. are you calling me for you. Blue four of ten okay. That seems like a nice conversation. Yeah we're all good little back and forth no problem and then things start to escalate quickly you come on you start talking about how you going to dismiss my argument for edward d. has meanwhile on bringing in the facts and you sound like a complete idiot. Who doesn't know what he's talking about. So in nineteen in fact he did twenty one thousand nine hundred suck sucking twenty nineteen john shawn up finishes for a second. You go something twenty nine hundred nineteen now all fan. Sal did get john to admit a fact finally how he in nineteen and save situations house at twenty twenty and safe situations not great. Okay thank you so now. This is where it turns in a different direction. As john had enough and starts yelling itsel go. Hey john hey. John john john john john listen to me. Listen to me. Because i'm hanging up on you get bad aren't they. Both met fans fast screaming at each other finished. Get lost you lose one more you john. You're more on. Sal closing you gave me nothing other than idiocy on the airwaves. Now get washed. Wow so sal too man. I tell you to be careful. No i'm just saying like he's doesn't sound like his health is really get so angry. How how did he in. Chris more do last week. I've no idea so. We're in for Creggan evan yeah. I have no idea. So maybe maybe he's just been burning the candle at both ends. He's got the newborn two newborn upstairs. A little worried about south. His blood pressure must be great. Yes yes so other Other colours you gotta play the other stuff now jerry. You're no. That's what. I have right now but i do know. There were callers later in the morning concerned about his health. Okay so i'm listening to this as driving in and after that blow up there were three or four callers that call up and say sal you gotta watch out because you're gonna have a stroke like dead serious. You're going to have a stroke. You're too young to have a stroke. It just the look at life a different way. And there's a caller after cole after coal it's gonna so sal getting annoyed at this really annoyed. What are you talking about about a stroke of okay. So then i call up. Fliegelman on the hotline. I say put me through as larry in forest hills. And this is what happens. Larry's calling from far sills. Well it's larry larry so I knew second favorite host only to. Laurie rubinsohn john. Great thank you. what's on your mind. I'd like to agree with the previous callers who who said You are close to death. Okay i believe going to die soon. Thank yeah because why given the blood pressure blood pressure is a major thing. You check your blood pressure regularly. Yes i do. Larry and thank you for the call. Jesus i mean you guys you guys got to be kidding now up. He had no idea. I still don't think he knows it. That was like three or four colours after that. I can't believe that guy told you he was going to die and then told you you were going to die. And then the warm up show. They opened up bowel goes. Did you hear the car was going to die. But you let me right into a couple of the clip which was awesome this morning because of john and edwin wendy as which has been a recurring theme for him now for weeks and weeks. Yeah well we can't go back to two thousand nineteen like jon said you got to take it on what he's been doing the last year and a half which has been he's been fine has not been great. A lot has been final last year and a half. But you're not paying to be fine. You know what he sees as a closer and closer have moments and you know that we know that we all terrible. I also chose the name. Larry because tweeted out not that long ago that every caller name larry to wfan is a terrible caller. I remembered that couldn't be call myself. Larry that out how. Yeah a couple of months ago now. It's kind of reoccurring theme for you know true. There's not one good. Larry that calls the station of we got a lot of. They're all terrible man anyhow so we'll try and get you more of that throughout the morning Just quickly the lightning held their boat parade yesterday. Yeah the stanley cup was damaged. Yes on wfl nikita kucherov spoke about what was a very cool experience. All the people here are real. Love the mall. Let's part of your heart our time maybe back to back. That's how we do it. That's how we do. He says just going to try and enjoy the moment with this group right now that we have a we keep everybody us business but you know very knowledgeable. Let's pull you heartless. Enjoy don't deserve that. He was not going. I'm not undergoing surgery to miss the entire year and then coming back scoring two points per game in the playoffs. He didn't say that no he didn't but he could've could've. Yeah that stupid. T shirt. Eighteen million over the cap speaking of that dave in connecticut. Dave what's happening. Hey boom how you doing. All right man was going on. My brothers sent me that picture today. He's a die hard fan. I'm an islanders fan but hockey fans through and through and to see that dude with the in the lombardi trophy with that stupid shirt on yup lows in my mind. Well you know. I think what he's doing. He's showing all nhl fans. Just how there's a major loophole and look the chicago blackhawks. Did it back in two thousand fifteen. They did it in two thousand and twenty one. It's nothing illegal. It is a loophole. I think the players don't mind it because that means more players get paid but there's no question in my mind that it changes the balance of the or it's not leveling the playing field. Did it to piss people off. Like dave in connecticut. So i can accomplish. Yeah what i've. I've pointed out from the beginning was i didn't wait for them to win the stanley cup. I said that right from the beginning because it is a major loophole. Especially if you're florida and carolina you plan that the vision and you beat them and you dominate them through the radio season because he's now playing and all of a sudden a playoff show up and here is your your imbalance and your competitive imbalances. Basically skewed help a team that circumvented the salary cap. I don't know what the i don't tell you. It's it's all the facts are there. People don't like seeing the facts but that's what they are a kucherov you red zone zone. What does he care. Back to back. Stanley cup champion. No man ryan mcdonagh. That's the former ranger captain. All right very good jerry. You're a complete. Yeah we're okay awesome. It's the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti boomer and geo blow out a tire on my way to work today. A run flat situation so i don't have spare the backsaw really up bleeps creek without a paddle. I've got one more option. If your guy is not gonna come through as your guy gonna come through you. Think or not You know i hope so. I have not heard back from him. Yet it's been about a half an hour. i would give him. I would give him to about seven hundred all right so we don't hear back from your guy who i know. We'll get it done. If he sees the tax he told me he would. And trust you with every ounce of my being all. That's very nice but if he doesn't get back to you. I'm gonna throw big zoo big zoo here today. Oh nice i'm gonna throw big xuemei keys right and say bring this car back fixed and see if you can do it. You think you could do it. Throw them the keys here goes do come back at ten o'clock with discard fix. Your insurance is all paid up everything. Of course it is. Okay so make sure maniacs running around without insurance without registration. Yeah not one of those guys. Not one of those guys of glenn. Did he shower today. Because if not your car's gonna stink. Yeah i'd rather have a stinky cards. Got all four intact tires. So i'm willing to take that risk okay. So i'm just. I think that what you did for him and send them down to atlanta really. Hasn't repaid the show back yet k. This would be the way to do it. Toss him the keys zoo. Because what the hell's he doing here anyway. The we even know what he's doing here today. Maybe he's doing his show. Maybe he's who's on where. Mussa maggie yorkers moves bagger in for credit. Evan that's a good question. i'm not sure chris moore. Is he doing chris. Chris morris doing mid days is zoos working for us today. es he is filling. in for. Bobby he's off okay. So he's essentially working for us right now he is. He's doing the The the why he couldn't do like you know an editing the segments for posting Later on he could be your. What do they call that guy. Friday about another word. I think bitch tire bitch. Let's go Ken in farmingdale. Holo can yes Just want to explain to somebody how they could the only solution to solving Geos problems yes. Basically you have to find the make and model and size of the tire. Okay then you gotta find somebody that has And you gotta told the vehicle to the shop because you need a time machine you need a a pretty good timing chain for a run flat tire ore. Somebody could bring a run flat tire on a rim to his car and then put that you would have to go to the dealer to get the rim guy okay. I mean that wouldn't be so simple. That would be almost sank. I don't know why you just couldn't call the dealer like here in manhattan and say. Hey because the dealer would have to have a new grim in stock of this so difficult. Can i mean really. The run flat tires thing is supposed to make things easier. It seems like it's making things more difficult than we have. Supply chain issues. Yeah is this. China's fault can't know what you can do with run flat. I used to work in rockford fan. I won't name place titus place but We had an jackie joe from kennedy airport. So shop in rockville centre on the runflat. Dia we were supposed to have the time and stock and we couldn't find it and then we had to send them to One tour stores launch because they had the time and stock and they physically put their hands on the floor. I call them to go there. So this customer. T drove from kennedy airport to rockville centre toronto. On flat on his car sitting out in front of the building right now so it's not like he can just get outta here and go drive the car so again. He could do that at ten o'clock when he gets even with a gash in the now. It's a flat tire on made so you can run them flat. Not saying you're not gonna rune them but you might be able to actually get to a a tire store in other words can can. I make it back to save ville tire. No way from tribeca on the run got to be of the jackass is they're going gonna get stuck on the kasich us go and the left hand lane jam up traffic for hours i would. I would actually just try to find a place that has the tile and then maybe try to but they all just i mean you know it's real simple you could flatbed tow the vehicle doing a show. Ten o'clock here tammy weekend like just really simple. Simple right i know. And plus i got somewhere to be has to be done by ten o'clock kenny. You have a thank you. I appreciate kenza tire guy. Johnny sounds like a tire guy. Johnny johnny from jersey city johnny. What's happening. Listen if very simple you gotta so buji so simple. Yes take the car up. Tenth avenue is he doing forty three or forty fifth street. You look straight to your left. You'll see the tire place. Take the car. It's the name of the place. I don't know the navy. Listen it's very simple because you're going to send him up anyway on forty three or forty fifth. This turned the corner. It's right there. Getting tire on the carpet eighty dollars. And then when you get home fix call your own stuff. Tony needed all that the and it does. It does sound ridiculous to toe the thing a very listen. Listen i'm a. I'm a limo driver. This is what we do every day. Get there's places all over the city that fixed tired. I'm telling you th avenue forty thirty or forty fifty right there on the left hand side that the tire fix place okay. And then you think they're going to have well all right. You know what i'll do. Is i'm going to send living forget about that. Is that Carlos flat fixed. Yes so on carlos available right. Now what do you think open. Yes they're open now. Carlos is do i ask for carlos johnny or is it no no these places roll up and these guys know why you rolling up. They come out and they'll look at you what you need. They're going to look and see the doughnut in the car. And tell you how much it costs about eighty. Here's the thing. Johnny i don't. I don't have a doughnut. it's a run flat. there is no donut. There's air you in a run flat. This is the problem i'm looking. I'm looking at Yelp right now crosses flat fix gets five stars aena. Nobody ever likes anything on. Yes in the bigger group of guys over there. Get listen. I i guarantee call the guy. Call him out. Pretty sure that You make it worth. He'll get his higher out there for you. All right very good what we should call carlos to see if they can fix it. Everyone flat yeah is carlos opening. He might be these guys. Open up real early because it says open on yelp. Yeah so you want the number six and the open okay. Perfect wow carl number right now. Every caller is like is so simple. Yes it could be less than the simple see. If carlos says he can get this done and i can send big zoo up there with my car then sake room and haton. There's like a million places around here and nobody can fix entire. Are you kidding me. I don't know man these runflat seat even janis. Tell me there's a donut on it. This is the run-flats different situation really is. It's it's a difference at all right. But johnny i appreciate. We're gonna look into carlos all right all right. Thanks but he is right i am. It's there are some places closer than that a really. Yeah but we did. We got a recommendation to five star in with nothing has five stars. laundry doesn't have five stars on yelp right. What does that nobu. Nobu doesn't have five stars on yelp that on the horn with carlos when carlos one of carlos's guys can you put his mike on so i can hear him talk to the guy flat in there and people are calling up in recommending. You guys yeah. Can i put you on with them. Sure great what's your first name. Carlos fell hang. Okay all right perfect. Fabian is fabian. There hold on one say allie. Just have to there. Okay very good. Done good fabian. All right so. I've got a situation here with a run flat tire with a big gash in the side of it they usual. The you know the usual make this easy for us. All right so these run flats are known for these gashes. The gashes will come with any type of Papa any pothole now big guys like you notice it because it's actually sit on in a way the way way to designed So the rim won't touch the ground so the with this rough ages chided won't touch the grant that's why big fascist always been just a regular flat tire. The you sound like you know got five stars on yelp by the way they're against five stars on yelp did you. Did you guys like do your own recommendations and stuff like that. A work spitfire sell so oh excuse us i'll wow okay. So do you have in stock a sin. Toronto p. Seven to twenty five forty five or eighteen usual side and here Don't stop them. We can water usually a day there. We go forget it. It's not easy. Fabius not easy man easy for i got. I don't have the same I'm sure this is either a mercedes benz or Audi what did you what took him. W okay that's that's okay. I'm not a car. Yes so let me let me ask you. Is there any way that this thing can be patched up. And i could drive all the way home eastern long island we talking about. We're talking about the hundred warning five. We'll know on the way home. We're talking about like fifty five. No no did you just okay these ramp. That's so you can ride reach to us in a way but We want to have this and stuck can always get your us one a full size spare but in terms of fixing that the tide then. What is your recommendation. Then for me. I get the sense is used and then you deal with tomorrow. Meaning order to tire can send a guy up to you right now and you could put on the used one. I can get home. And then i'll deal with it tomorrow. Yes they use ones go at least ten thousand mile twenty five. There's going to be a very large hairy man heading your way right. And by the way if he if he has an open door to him it does not represent who we are right now. How how long would this take like. We sent him up there and he gets there by seven thirty and get him out of there by one but a large man named ed is going to be in there with my car and should he asked for you. Fabian until four o'clock okay. all right. he's going to be there and a half an hour by a half an all right all right perfect. Thank you fabien. This is very very nice of you to fill me in on this about see. That's a local guy taking care of stuff and that's the way it should be handled. You know the. I mean i can oops got a text now you did. Yeah so now my guys says. Let me reach out. That's okay. We tell him next time we appreciate the time. Don't worry about it. let's just get this thing. Going zoo in here is a zoo. You listening back there. Come into the studio. The sounds like you're going to have two hours to spare new tire on their two hours. Before the you go home stuff for breakfast you know what. That's a great idea while waiting. Get us all breakfast. Very good Big zoos going to be taking the car to carlos tire here. He comes which is great and he's gonna put g Camman into the studio big suv committed. Come on what are you. What are you doing all right. Hey shaking you off. He said he didn't want anybody who knows. Because you showered this morning zoo. He did he did all right so do you. Have you been listening to the program back there. Have you been a cougar website. All right very good. So do you understand your task at hand. You get the what in radio. Now get the microphone. Is your car drivable or is this a flat tire shows a flat tire. You can't drive and you haven't been listening to. I have because you said there's a gashing on flat is not to. We're none of did you just hear fabian. Fabian said that you'll be able to drive it to him but don't try to drive all the way home. It's it's like tenth and forty third street. Okay all right and erin tire and it can. It's it's it's like a it's a run flat. It's whatever the technology you'll be able to get up there just put the hazards on. Get up there you'll be alright ask for fabian. Say that to me and fabien okay. Just making sure its tenth avenue and forty fifth street. Okay so it's about two and a half miles. Carlos tire for fabian. Don't go to the entire carlos. Carlos tire asked for fabian. All right cool. You should probably break your cars. It's right out front. It's called. Carlos flat fixed fix. You want to write any phone. You like one of those waiters that insists that they don't need to write down the order. And then you get like a salmon instead of the steak you order you go. What the f. is this you know. I saw somebody say that exact same thing in the crown last night in the crown. Yeah so they were instructing diana on how to become a princess and she wasn't writing things down in a grandmother said you know you remind me of a waiter who thinks he can remember my daughter and i don't think that's correct. You better start writing some of the stuff down because it gets quite complicated when you become a princess. Oh okay very good. Well zoo not exactly a princess but maybe one day maybe one day prince prince charming wanted him all right. You got this little taking care of you. Got this written down is about eleven minutes. Eleven minutes all right private three west forty third street if he could film this for digital. That'd be awesome. can you take somebody with you. Who else is available out there. Film this anybody know. Probably don't we have a video guy that we have somebody for digital works the afternoon did you think digital. We don't even have digital for this. Can you film on your own film. Some stuff while they're fixing. Well don't you just make sure you know show fabian. Show the place but don't show my car the license plate because then god knows all right. Goose got a texas license plate. Don't texas Any of that stuff all right. Well good so. You're often running zoo this thing within an hour all right very good. I'll go out with you. He's all afraid. I'll go out with the little bit afraid but the afraid of he's all in black today. I know he's in his antique is. We've had a little bit of a whole of thing going on this morning with geo as gio is trying to figure out how to get his tire. He's now got zoo. Going down there trying to figure out how to drive this car and then of course we found out that this is a cash only business so then he had to go running down back after zoo to make sure that he had enough cash that he could take care of this. So this is what happens. You know these guys. Just overreact to everything. I had a guy ready to take care of all this al. I don't know if you knew that. And he was more than happy to take care of it to a right out in front of the building but now since we got big zoo involved that this is going to be now a whole story for the rest of the show until zoo comes back with a car and then on top of all that he's going to have to figure out where to park the car and that's going to be a whole nother issue when he comes back which nobody's even thinking about you. Don't tell gio what your guy was going to do. That sounded like it would have been way too smooth and easy yes exactly and professional and by so he finally got back to me. The my the friend that i reach out to all right. Let me reach out. Make sure we get this on. And then i said now pass on this. We got a guy and it looks like that big zoos going to drive the car to go get it fixed and he goes. Are you sure. And i said yes and he goes well. Let me know because we can help and well. He figured something out and he goes well if he really does need help we can help them. So this grew but now he's probably listening now figuring that you know he missed the first hour of the show and all of the drama that comes along with us and now that big zoo is totally involved in big zeus. Going to have to show up and figure this whole thing out. This could be interesting and as you finally gets back to the studio but by the way my my guy did get back to me and he could have handled all of this in front of the building but now that you've got zoo paul. He's bound to a cash only business. Yeah you're out of breath and did you look at the tire. Yeah i did. It's okay i yeah. It looks like he can get up. Carlos but i don't know if i could get home but is the the thing that i'm really worried about. Is zoos comprehension. Because after all of this that. We've been talking about and i asked him. Have you been listening. He goes to me. You don't have any tools to get the spare on right so he wasn't listening and he wasn't paying attention and then the other there's one other aspect to this that i just brought to al and eddie and al shook his head because he realizes this is going to be an issue so when this is all finished in bunwth zoo gets back into the car out there at carlos flat fix yeah and starts the come back here. It's going to be okay. Where my parking. yeah. I know of course as that's a whole nother issue. Although here is something. That's very very good for us right now. In this moment across the street is open now and people don't realize that it's open and there's spots galore. There's no parking are gone. They're gone okay. And nobody knows that that everybody knows as a son in the gar-. I hope so. I mean i had on and then the warm up show on so if he gets in the van is on so i would hope so so zoo if you're listening in the car. He's probably got on like shade. Forty five on sirius. Xm with the windows down. Play like old dirty bastard from the nineties but eat right across the street listen. He went to atlanta. Wanted to nick. Games seem to get everything totally straight now. The money that he had leftover he donated back to my foundation. Yeah i know he was in running there for the pulse of the people for a little bit Because of that. But i also know that he he plays a little bit of a roll here. Yeah and when he comes home with us he he. He plays a role which is great. But i do have faith that he will get this. Done the okay. I don't know watching him. Climb into my car. It looked like he was climbing back into his mother's uterus. Anyway wow okay well. We'll see we had the polar bear last night. We got a big zoo today. Yeah i don't know but in someone else also you know the great. Do you know andrew gal from cbs sports network. The engineer. yes you know ain't yeah so. He texted me. And he said there's a bmw manhattan right next to cbs. And he was gonna come down and bring the car up there to get it done and he sent that right after i send zoo and told him. That sounds great. That's a better idea. You're is a better idea but zoo doing this. You know what that's great for us digital digital digital so we'll see how it goes with him so this is good for the show and we'll see if zouk and get this task done. I do feel the zoo is getting a little bit nervous. Like he's been thrust into this world so quickly that i think he gets a little nervous and he took the big zoo. That is throwing caution to the wind. The man who gets taste in west. Virginia the man who sleeps with the fifty year olds in the bars. That guy some goes away somewhere in this like timid person comes out and some of these situation no alcohol involved alcohol involved men or something else some other mind altering situation that he participates in Then all of a sudden that others who comes out. Yeah the others zoo yes. I don't need the others who today i need. I need focused zoo. We need task at hand. Zoo and at rs zooming will bring my car back intact. I believe that he will and everything will be okay. I'll get the thing fixed tomorrow hopefully correctly and we can get through this drama. Yes we can get through this this intense drama that we're dealing with during all star week all right. Let's go to rossio russell in massapequa park. What's going on rosso rosso russo. Not when did you become Do she be no no no no no. i've had. I've had that car for a while. It's the car that i bring into work. I am not dushi. Bmw guy i am. I am ford. F one fifty guy and there's an echo rosso so i have to let you go and i by the way that car is we'll be no longer in september and i will be strictly ford bronco guy that's it. That's my one car. And i'm driving into this car before you started working with me. Let's face it. I i did. You thought your little she you know you're like the morning man over at the. Cbs radio network and walked around here. Like you're the man and we understand it. Well it's okay you want partake partake a little bit in your success when you move back to new york and everybody's allowed to do that see. There's no question there's nothing that's not it. I could tell you the whole story. I don't really want better. Yes yeah okay. No there was a deal that i had in pittsburgh with dealership right and i had a car. That was a lease car. Yeah but when i moved here know i the miles so i had to go in traded in by one right and i got another one but i will say that. There's no question that you now of a sudden. Have a whole new set of problems. Jimmy's brunswick notices the same thing. That i do. Jimmy what's happening. Hey guys this is historical. i mean this is. This is downright off the chart. Funny i mean this is. There should be a new segment on our jerry. Rich man problem ahead. Yes that's right. It's a run flat by the way they got blown out re jim. It is not just a normal flat but there's more than just a flat tire you know. We're talking about pot holes which is in every day man problem right. We all deal with those. That's right. hey the name of the segment. The rich man problem guys aren't riding around on those tires. The problem is he. Didn't he didn't rich man transition phase car. When you've been code and behind a stretch limo probably like a sprinter van sprinter on my dick decked-out sprint around like craigslist driven around in. Oh my goodness yes. Spectrum jerry recco changing his own tire on the side of the road and you have. Go making an now and a half worth of phone calls boever. Also jerry was fixed at flat who did not get out of the car dukes. That's right. I'll do the scared getting jackie because he was changing it in the parking lot of the holland tunnel motor laws. Yeah oh yeah. I mean listen. Interest rate rates. Yeah you just waiting to get stab with a syringe over there. But yeah but i mean there are lights over there. I mean it's conce over. There's a tv ta cops over there. And the port authority cops are over there like four in the morning. Know what's going on over there. That's true things. Change three four. In the morning i don't care how many streetlights you have a thomson ohio. It's up tom. Hey what's going on guys this this. This just typical. What's wrong with new york. And why no one should ever ever go to new york on last week. He's into inches of water and he can't get his car out now. You got a flat tire. You have no idea with. Call your psychiatrist okay. Hey listen. Tom you gotta understand. This is a run. It's a different type of situation. I don't have a spare and joe does as you're driving them. W what are you doing driving a bmw spare. We'll because they don't give you one because they're run-flats. It's definitely a flaw in the system. Tom right and by the way. Joe does geo does have. Joe does have an appointment on the upper west side with his therapist. After my therapist is in east patchwork exoo Tweeted out a photo of in your car and he wrote when you hit a pothole with a flat tire immediately. And he's got a surprise face so he's already hit a flat-out a pothole with your flight. Home a couple of these Peter lonzo calls and kevin and oakland devon. What's happened. No thank yes. What's happening boomer. And geo god please for the love of christ overtaken with your whole god i wanted. I wanted to run derby. Kohl's data moment because we we've been dealing with us now for our break then horrible homerun derby and by the way. Just just let you know. Let him know. We would have had his back and been able to take care of this easily. Okay well thank you to. Wherever this person is a jerk keeping their identity secret for me all right. i can't see it it's a. It's a their top picture. Oh yes the camera. Oh okay very good boomer and geo the man right there the man of all men boomer and geo big shoes calling my cell phone right now hold on zoo. You hold on one second year on the radio right. I got the phone speaker. Phone up to the microphone on the air. What's going on given enough data. We're good over here. We got We got everything going as a. There's two cars how to use the hopefully. We're out of here. Okay did you ask for for fabian. Yes we actually. The guy that i asked for phoebe baby nice very good so he was expecting you. Oh yeah good do to good through. Definitely they moved. They moved hires over here. They got people waiting. It's it's actually pretty a pretty good good business. They run so definitely a good recommendation from our guy in staten island. Very good thanks for the update for the help. We'll see text me. What the damages. And then we'll talk about a tip situation after that Did you really hit a pothole on your way over there. Well maybe not yeah okay. Of course what. You're going to get the job done. Give us a call right all right. So are a on the way to success on the way to success is exactly right. All right Jerry is in here and he's going to give you all the stuff that didn't happen last night. I'll what's going on jerry. Sports bites interrupt with sports here with the what kind of sports there was no. Nba last night. Yeah the home. Run derby yet the usa. Losing australia era. That was about it. Yeah this has been brought to you by dell technology all right very good and give the met fan the pita lonzo audience. So that's fine. So he wins the home run derby second time for him He says all went. Well i feel like Timing was consistent Tempos great in My effort level is outstanding. And i was able to Stay consistent and really really Kind of dominate. Did he had thirty five runs in the first round alone. Seventy four four the night. He says this is what i do. I'm a power hitter in for me. I think i'm the best power hitter on on the planet and he certainly was last night. That's for sure. And he was thrilled to. Wow everyone in denver able to showcase that and Really put on a fun display for for fans. I just think that It's it's truly a dream. Come true for me because when i was younger my parents actually let me stay up past my bedtime to watch means something for him so even at mandelson and joey gallo lost both of them lost in the first round by just one home run as things went down to the wire here was one more from him on winning. This was on. Mlb network how he stayed within himself. Meditating after the first round then you came out. You're feeling you were dancing does. How'd you get zone like that just to stay calm. Stay calm is is the number. Is the number one thing for me. Oh he did stay calm last night so back to back. Championship for alonzo. He gets the million dollars. Joined cesspit is and ken. Griffey junior as the only back-to-back champion. So pretty much fun night. And then and that leads up to the all star game itself tonight and then the story now leads us to shohei ohtani. He will get the start against max scherzer. He will stay in the game as d. h. When he has finished pitching now he has been as we as well have compared him to babe ruth as a pitcher hitter combination. Ruth knows we remember babe ruth well and so that's where he says he's like it's amazing to be compared to him you know figure. And it's it's a huge honor to be compared to somebody like that but all i can do is try my best and see how my season and career and he was sponsored. Babe ruth die. Nineteen forty forty shino. This forty four. When did he die. Forty two You he died. Nineteen forty eight no longer than later than i thought. Okay it's throat cancer correct. Yeah yeah wow. He's been gone along. The amazing thing is he played twenty two years. Yeah that's the thing. I mean the break. I'm but i. I understand the comparisons. And what shohei otani is doing is amazing especially in this day and age of You know load management and everything else. I mean he's doing everything which is great. And i think something that we all can appreciate and admire. But let's let's back the truck up for a second and realize that you have twenty two years of baseball that he would have to catch up to And put all the numbers together and then you finally can compare somebody. I think that they to me. You can say what he's doing right now. We've never seen obviously right but let's wait to see what the final numbers are fair enough here. Babe ruth started in the majors. The nineteen right. What year was that. Nineteen fourteen right play. One ounce remember. We don't count anything before. Nineteen twenty very. And i so i got. You gotta started in one thousand nine hundred twenty for us. Here was otani again this translator. Any thoughts of ruth. i mean. obviously. I've never seen him play and live in. A lot of footage is and heard a lot of stories. Read about them a lot. And if you're a baseball player obviously you've heard his name before. Like what are we doing. Why keep as me. I've never saw babe ruth play. No idea the hell's going on with babe ruth is. Would you say the. The greatest japanese player would be sought to harrow. Sounds good to me. Each each euro suzuki who came over here and played here. Yes yes well. i mean. He's just a great baseball. So there is. It is the story of major league baseball this year. Yep no question about it. Now the mets are in pittsburgh. Friday night you've got talks about you. Know potential trades coming down the pike. The next few weeks one name that has surfaced is kris bryant of the cubs. He says he cannot dwell on rumor. He say about it. So i i don't i just they just obviously they come up for a while now so i don't i don't whatever habitat whatever happens happens. That's the headline. so he says he's been rumored and trades before obviously hasn't gone anywhere he will see if he lands somewhere this year because they have not had a good season as we know There's also one i wanted to get to. I did not realize the reds are having such a good season they have played. Well if i can find nick castanos. This was from sunday. If i can find it lottie so he was Have damon aren't to get next hour. I wanna get to him though because you talk about players having ears while there was something that came up on sunday that came from the tv booth that he addressed. I did not put it into the system yet. I just recorded it. So i'll get to that next hour but Yeah so that's what's going on in the central basketball no nba. We know that they'll come back tomorrow. Wednesday tomorrow night with game. Four you've got phoenix up two games to one on milwaukee the story from basketball team. Usa losing another exhibition game. This one to matthew della vedova and patty mills and australia and ninety one eighty three. Now there was a question yet. Damian lillard and gregg popovich on the on the table together and a reporter asked lillard. Hey you've grown up watching team. Usa just blow out all these teams. What's it like now that you're finally team. Usa and like you're losing a couple here so popovich responded to the question s the same sort of question. Same family of last time where you assume things that are not true. You just mentioned you know blowing these teams out. That's never happened. Well that's that's not true. Of course talking. I don't know what he was doing. I really don't The reporter then tried to respond but he was off mike and then popovich got exhausted. Trying to speak. You're gonna let me finish my statement or not so you'll be quiet now while i talk then i listen to you and then finally he just he lost it and yell at the reporter like sal really crazy so you have and speaking of guys yelling. I thought this was interesting. I was listening to the carton and robert show yesterday now. We've got the pulse of the people award. I believe is going to be announced. I think friday. But i'm not sure. I am one of the finalists with evan day. Believe oh cool. Thursday even better And boomer the question. Why evan does he even have any redeeming qualities in heaven was offended by that. Very viciously is if i stole something the pulse of the people. I don't know but my yeah. He said he's still sort of offended. The more he thought of it. You're not even human be wasn't a human being done nothing for anybody which was very harsh struggled with that. He did anything for anybody no. He didn't defend themselves in that way. The evidence. I do have to say that i probably won over the top a little bit. He does have a lot of good qualities. I'm sure he's a great husband. I'm sure he's a great dad. Great in law. I'm sure she normal stuff But that's not what we're talking about. We're talking about a guy who runs a cornhole league talking about a guy who coaches children talking about a guy who saved the guy's life yes we're talking about a guy who's the voice of rutger's basketball who works as s off who leads by example. We're talking about a guy who we've received many calls from that. When jerry is out in the public couldn't be a nicer more pleasant human being to deal absolutely guy from florida yesterday corny while jerry was on vacation his family's even giving people time right. So if that that evans. A bag i evans a good guy and very smart radio talk show host. The evan knows baseball. Evan loves baseball yeah he goes the games because he can afford tickets and i don't think that's really pulse to the people stuff. I mean you get tickets to him. He gets access because of his fans does by season tickets. I know he does know does but so does that make him. Oh no no. I don't think so. Chill now what else i found out yesterday to we should when we see craig. All of us should bowed him because he's made all of us. Jerry i hear obeyed by him at your made by him. I was made by heavy handed. Humanized near some crappy agree with that. He did you know. Is you a eddie. He while you were here before him no desire. Didn't craig try this once and completely fail new. Jeez did he not or did he. You talking about sports guys. Yes did not go great. I guess who made him or is he self made all interesting. That's right that's right. He's he's a self made man. That's right. I forgot macula. Plus he is five-time about by. But of course craig likes to stir the pot and you know he brought up the whole thing about our discussion about pin. What we love evan. Don't think that he's pulse of the people award. Winning type shouldn't even be it and we stand that'd be a candidate shouldn't even been in it at all. Let's go to dan in east iceland. What's going on dan going on. Boomer gio everybody else they're down. What's happening. I gotta say Listening to Well i always look new is now always listened to Carton on the way home but This this post to the people who were it's causing a lot of animosity feel like night carton He stole his longest drive. Golf trophy Back from you guys. And then he went on to say that one francesa called into your show he treated you guys like a female dog and boomer fellow he strikes guy. I can't have him focus yeah. I don't blame you. Dan but and you know what to do appreciate about you. At least you call in you. Identify yourself and you tell on the other hosts on this on this radio. You're as opposed to doing it anonymously on twitter so i appreciate that dan and you know we all know that craig's very talented. We all love craig. We're all happy to have craig back here. We all feel like the station is linked once again together but we knew that this pulse of the people thing was going to create strife. Wash about it yes especially when you have a candidate that's not worthy of the pulse of the people. Now craig is one and a number of times you know because of all the stuff that he's done with two rats and all the things that now i think he's angling for it again with his. Hello my name. Is craig show on saturday 'cause now he's really trying to make a big difference short of gambling addiction and things of that nature so. I'm sure we'll hear a lot about that next year because you have to be on the on the radio station for at least a year to be able to be nominated those get ready for it. I can tell you right now. It's going to be coming next year. Well of course as we sit here this year and wait for this huge announcement. That's coming on thursday. There is no way in the world. That evans should be on this on this on this list with a guy like jerry recco. Yeah sorry i just i'm very. I'm very very adamant about that. Sure now i didn't hear the not just saying this. I did want to go back. Because i saw a tweet it out. I didn't hear all of the shots that they took back at us. I will go. Listen to the whole thing but i still stand by the fact that you should be finalised. Well yes that's and i would wave. I said i'd wave the white flag to jerry. I would graciously. Lose jerry. But not being a finalist with evan roberts. Being a finalist is farce but the losers total. We also had another problem that you know alcohol in and was upset that he was separated from. Jerry is a weird one. They called me you. It should be you and jerry or should be well. That's it wasn't just the pulse of the people committee changes the rules as they go along just seems interesting. Why were you. Why were you separate it from. They said because. I took off The friday before okay. Memorial day holiday and the friday before fourth of july weekend and the tuesday after the holiday. They add more of the problem with the friday. The friday thing and amazing thing is is that in some respect. I can even understand how you would still be final candidate given all the things that you've done down there bradley beach emergency madel on new jersey by the. Let's see address Yes behind. That is a ymca baseball field right behind it. It's on the baseball fields. Okay a a man was walking. His dog in another dog attacked his dog and he's now fighting dogs punching him taking them all very acting crazy screaming. What's your name. My name is al dukes maria. there's a dog tacking man. No there's two dogs attacking each other and the man is trying to break them up. He's punching kicking the dog one dog not his his attacking him and he is screaming did and he's holding his arm and he's screaming at the going over there and still trying to break the dogs out but you know it's two very dangerous dog so and you're watching it happen. I and going at the people stuff right here. Just wandering around the field wearing a hooded jacket all our clothing and difficulty while she is typing a conversation. Understand why this is leading. Now there's another man come running up. They're trying to break up. The goal is low key. Just people stop right there. Like sure is bull type else going into play by play with the nine one operator here. The often laugh all right. Okay okay say like that to me. That's why ours perturb now. I submitted that but that unfortunately that was not visit so okay. It was during the time of the committee members from the pulse of the people to get out of jail. We'll just interesting. That right there was no pulse of the people for a couple of years. Yeah i am mrs pussy feathers. I two year hiatus it was in the penitentiary. All right are you done with your update. Just a quick update. Big zoo got the tire on the car over there at carlos flat tire and he is on his way back with my vehicle in full working order so good for him. That's before eight o'clock this morning. That's right so he should be back in parked before eight so that is beautiful. That is a huge thanks to was john from staten island and corden call her. I don't remember. I don't remember exactly who it was. That was an awesome assist by him. It was absolutely so he knew exactly where to go and he was a driver was a limo driver. Do exactly what you're going and all worked out. Should i tells zoo to pick us up some food or not. We'll just go order from if you want and just have them bring it up here. He can get it. I guess we could order from there. They have delivery bow. Okay all right. We'll figure that out. You wanted to bring up. Something about the season starts. Well i wanted to bring up a couple dates because the nhl looks like it's going to go back to. Its normal regular. Eighty two game season next year. The season will start in mid october. And they'll go back to the original Divisions like the metropolitan yeah Because the seattle crack now are going to be a part of the league the arizona coyotes will move to the central division and cracking will in the western division and july seventeenth is a big day for an fans because that's when the teams have got to submit their protected list for the guys that are on their teams now before the expansion draft takes place so then the expansion draft takes place on july twenty first and then the regular draft takes place on july twenty third. And then you know you. You have all your things leading up to the season when it comes to free agency and all that other stuff and there's already been a major trade in the nhl for hardcore fans. Who duncan keith. His he's a great player. Sharp blackhawks who was traded to the edmonton oilers. So that's the first move are significant move Thus far this offseason for the nhl and those are the dates and it looks like we're going to get a regular eighty two game season next year and get back to normal. Well yeah. I think that having truncated seasons and having to adapt. Yeah another truncation mix. I think that the nba is going to do something similar. I know that free agency is going to start on august. Second which is obviously a month after it normally starts. When you're having normal schedule. And i i know the summer league is the eighth through the seventeenth. I'm looking on. Mba dot com and they have their all star game weekend set but they don't have the beginning of the season quite yet at least on mba dot com on of its anywhere else. So there you go. You love your key dates. I've noticed that. Well i'm a big key date one hundred percent. You wanna know when things when you can negotiate when you can have guys show up. Yes you the tampering windows right. Who's got back today. Who's not gonna read about the nfl. Two thousand nine hundred thirty. Two teams will report on july twenty seventh and that's the first time in league history. Were all those that in that amount of teams report to their training their some training camps on the same day as we obviously have three other teams the tampa. Bay buccaneers being one of them. Who will be able to start a little bit earlier simply because they have that thursday night opening game and then of course she was dallas and pittsburgh in game. I believe so. Dallas is playing pittsburgh reports. That coach is going on. It's right same. Are you going to be there and attendance for for that. Okay and that's cbs. Presents there are you going to have hold on all right. We're going to be there supporting the last one hundred percent j. b. yes nate burleson. Yup jim nance yup or about jim. You know about him. Yeah i don't know. I'm sorry about the nfl today. Guys that he worked with. I know we all be there for him. Drew kalinski one hundred percent Sean mcmanus david burson joke jerome Now gyms out in la. we'll have. But jim does part of the nfl. Today he is but i. You know. I'm i'm thinking that it's people that live here. That will go out there and support coach cower. And we're all looking forward to it. Tony romo He's not a part of the nfl today. Okay but he's going at the whole family. Tony romo we go. There would fill go. They worked together for twenty years. And that's not what i asked. I can't answer that question. In your opinion what do you go. Yes i think he would go. You know what because phil simms always does the right thing. He may be a pain in the ass but at the end of the day always right thing okay good always i would agree and by the way i got in this morning. I turn on my tv. I got the nfl network on on. What am i watching what you watch. The giant patriot undefeated super bowl. And i caught the last final quarter of now. Great is that it's great. It's great watching great memories of great times new york football. I couldn't take it in different times. Good times is right. He can spend the night over there in canton. Ohio not a. I'm not really sure how that whole thing's working out. Yeah going to say because it can't be great hotels out there. It's hotel you and hotels. I'm a big hotel. It's got to be right. Have right you need to have a good room real. I'm thinking you gotta stop in and out of there. I hope gen saville's listening to this conversation. Going with the with the mucketty mark gonna make sure that we're all good. How far is it from a major like be. The closest place was that i i remember going for something stand standard the four seasons in cleveland. I don't even know if there is a four seasons. Yeah who knows. But i know that dr though i think is significant enough that they'd probably try to put you somewhere closer they probably think and You can spend a night and some slop hotel and you'd be right there you could wake up and walk out and be right there and ken holiday inn express there you go here we go. You can deal with that can't you. Yeah i didn't think so. The issue off the tampa bay. Lightning just destroyed the stanley cup. And it's just a mess now. Did you see the pictures of the top part of the bowl. all dented. Wow respected the drove s. Well it's been treated worse than that before. They got their hands on it. The nhl did the last time the Stanley cup kinda looked like that was when the rangers had it ninety. Four that's why they took control It said we're going to travel with it everywhere we go now got a little out of hand. They're going to take it back to montreal. All they'll fix it up all places to take it to. They'll they'll take it the montreal though fix it up and then it will be back out on the road again with the tampa bay players before the season starts. It's just not a worthy champion with the eighteen million over the cap and destroying the stanley cup. It just doesn't feel right does it. Doesn't feel right feel right. Not and i know. Hey i'm a. I'm not even going to harp on. Just don't please. Don't i've said enough about al sick and tired of hearing about minority. Certainly frankie and belford new jersey's got an interesting point. What's going on. Frankie doing guys a boom radio on the first time caller. I appreciate you guys taking my call. Yeah i got a couple quiet. I met i met you got i met you in craigie at the belmore thing and you're not a class act boomer. You took pictures with me. And i also met you at the memo. You got to say patty's day taking the bar. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. It was funny. Because we're talking to you talking to me. I wanted to johnny johnson jersey. I used to cry. I buy jerseys. I might of all former Jeff players you know engaged. After john is a great player man. He was a really employer tibet. He had a back problem. It's funny because we're talking at the bar. And i just ran things to say you were like okay. You're not like you gave me all the time one and it was like all right now. Maybe i should be impulsive. People were nominee. Yes yes they actually boomer Welcome you've never done They've actually at nfl football life yet and they have. I just haven't had time to do it all because i mean if anybody would. Do you know the story. What your son. And you know that everything. That would be amazing story. You know you've done being written. Yeah that is true absolutely. Yeah that's the other thing too. I mean so. I appreciate that frankie but you would make time for the football just too much going on and and quite frankly. Hbo did a whole thing. I'm trying to think we have tons and tons and tons of stuff about all of it. You know what. I mean we'll. Hbo did a whole. I know they did the real sports before ford passed and everything else. Yeah so. But i mean the football life those about the football like you would. I'm sure it'd be a little bit of a personal stuff. You know the football life where you know seven years sock and other seven years. You're on top of the world really. Isn't that everybody's life. Yeah but it's it's not like the kurt warner store. You know what i'm saying. Let the tom brady story. It's not dan marino story. Yeah well the what's what's the best story out of all of those. Probably the kurt warner story from from bagging groceries to you know leading your team to the superbowl winning. Mvp i would think that would be I would also the brett farve stories interesting. Brett farve story did does the penis pick. Make it into the football. I don't think so. I would think they would have to. It's part of nine. I i would. We all tend to forget the way that it was when we were young. I mean you ran across the street naked. That's rally so it it. You gotta remember when you're young. You do a lot of stupid thing. Yeah he wasn't that young remember with the. He was in his late thirties. Which i am now. Also next i would also say that well you know athletes in general the amount of money that's being made the access makes you want to take pictures of your pena's you'd be surprised you'd be surprised with all the money that you make it's like you can't keep your hands off followed the next picture venus. There's somebody that i'm sure. None of your non athlete friends never done anything so stupid their life. Isn't it a little different when you've got some sort of stature like that it's and that the in also if if it's a thing between two people who maybe do that back and forth. It's a little different than a employee of the team. You're working for starting. Quarterbacks was on his way to all of fame. that's one yes. And i know that you don't like them because of the fact that he will happen. I don't like them. I just i mean You know i just like that. Seems to be schofield away. I don't think it's ever sloughed away. Gonna you the picture. Any of the stuff is shh. Shh shh luffed away as you like shifted. Everybody's sloughs that part of it. Everybody wants to get brett farve opinion on things and nobody remembers the penis picture situation. Maybe he gives a legitimate opinion. That's why it's so interesting especially when it comes to the packers and it comes to aaron rodgers given you know the history between those two guys. Maybe i suppose although. I do think that a lot of those times like people like this is what brett farve had to say on aaron rodgers. And then you hear it. It's really not that it's not. There's not any substance somebody to try to make some two out of it. Yeah but nobody really knows what's going on with our rogers other than aaron rodgers. it may be. She leaned woodley. And maybe miles teller. Who goes on vacation with anybody. I don't even think. Aaron rodgers knows what's going on with aaron rodgers right now. Yeah he might not know exactly what his future holds in this very moment. I think he probably now back on the ends up on the packers. Yeah i mean. I think you know after the whole discussion about his mental health. This offseason his mental health will be better off. If you played with the packers his physical health would be better and his success rate would be a lot but if he doesn't want to be there it doesn't wanna be there but i think i i don't know if that's all manufactured because of his personal life and he's in la and going to green bay. That's a big move every year for those players. Yeah so now. I mean really that done with wisconsin and green bay with all the success that he's had the has to get out of there to me. It's more about. It seems like it's more about the decision that they made. I had a chance to play there my last year and ninety seven and he said hell no not going to wisconsin. I i appreciate it. Because it was mike holmgren. The coach and i was in his office and he said well. You know we have quarterback camp this weekend. We'd love for you. Stay and be a part of it. Okay so meaning sign a contract. We'd love to have you here. And they had nine hundred ninety seven so they obviously far in the super bowl was high. The height of i was like well. You know what i i just couldn't imagine living in green bay and not playing. Yeah i wouldn't have played. I would've sat there. And i would've got hurt but he never got hard. Yeah so and i knew that. And and not saying that when i went to cincinnati though last year thinking that you know jeff blake was going to get hurt or i would have a chance to play players. Just i had a much more comfortable kind of situation knowing. The offense and puskas was head coach and i was reunited with again so it was just a little bit easier of a whole transition as opposed to going green bay but i remember going to green bay and obviously have since done many games at lambeau field just the whole aura of the place and that was before it was all rebuilt and what it is today. was a pretty awesome feeling and i just i'm i'm somewhat as a football former player and somebody who appreciates the history of what's happened there and under whether it be bart star brett farve We'll said that. Aaron rodgers has had this moment where all of a sudden this has happened. It depends how it ends if this is just a blip on the radar screen goes back and plays and they have success again. Then it'll that'll be the end of it but vn's up the vaulting himself into another organization and it ends like this. The yeah i can say i would think that would suck the other thing. That sucks twos. How derek carr is talking about the bump. They adams playing with them. Yeah wouldn't you though. If you were him i would love to play with all those guys but the fact is devante as a packer. It's best friend i know. But he's a packer and you know and he's playing with the best opportunity that he has a wide receiver with aaron rodgers. Aaron rodgers will make him great I don't know about you know. Derek good player. He's not aaron rodgers right. Aaron rodgers makes people great and divide the atom. Should just be thinking. You know what. I want this guy to stay here as long as i could possibly say. He's probably thinking. Though that aaron rodgers said he wants out and under no circumstance he's gonna come back so davante adams like all right. I gotta find another situation. Derek a good friend of mine so maybe will go there. It's like tyreek hill. I don't want patrick mahomes going anywhere. And i don't want i'll take less money to play with patrick mahomes because he's gonna make me a great player and he's going to give me opportunities that i'm not gonna have but maybe to other places in the league sure there's about there's about five guys that play that position that makes everybody else better. Make the coaches better. Make the organizations better and you gotta do whatever you can to keep the american. Keep them happy. I'm not against any of some of that stuff. But the fact is that. Aaron rodgers belongs in green bay uniform hopefully stays in green bay uniform and finishes out his career at the level that he just played the last two years his last years. But don't believe they have been. I desperately want him out of the over so desperately not that. I believe that if the vikings have a caliber team this year but of course the arab rogers leaves the packers. They should be the favorite to win the division. The vikings should be and that means playoff games. Java's shot and all of that if they don't you know if he doesn't leave the division that's gonna be the packers division yeah kind of think the kneecap breakers got a couple of years there before either stores to turn around and people are gonna get tired of that he and then you know the bears with andy dalton and justin fields you just. I can't imagine just them fields. Taking over for andy dalton. I could see like an andy. Dalton justin fields kinda like a like patrick mahomes and alex smith kinda yeah andy's going to be starter and then justin. There's no pressure they'll be pressured by the the The bears fans if the bears off to start the reason why i disagree with that. Is i think alex alex smith the best year of his career was that year when patrick mahomes any dalton for the bears is going to try to be ryan fitzpatrick for the dolphins for the and now for the washington football team. That's basically what he's going to try to be. He's going to try to be a stopgap guy that doesn't make mistakes. And throws you know couple touchdowns a game hopefully not interceptions and they win more than they lose. The day ended up going nine eight every time. You say that. I'm still have to take a second to be like nine eight. What does he mean that they're going to win a wild card game or something. Yeah i still have to get used that you know. It's just great talking football again. It love talking is right around the corner man. We are a couple of weeks away from it but it's still be won't be real like diving teeth sinking in stuff into week one but but the interesting thing to me is going to be the the vaccinated players and how many are unvaccinated as i was reading this morning. That they're about eight or seven or eight teams that seemed to be at eighty five percent vaccination rate which is good which is a good thing. Yeah but there's going to be those outliers i mean. I don't know how you can go into a season and not get a vaccination and expect to be able to participate with your teammates. Normally a second. He's still calling me zoo. You're on the arrogance and don't curse okay Do i turn this off off. Button in their engine off. How do i get it off. So the battery doesn't that it'll be fine. Have you shut the engine off you get out of the car you shut the door and then you hit the middle button on the key. Fob to lock it. Then it'll be fine all right and out front lot went on key right. Yeah that's it. It'll be fine and then Anybody wanna bacon egg and cheese from that Amelia out there. I don't want from the car you don't want it from the cart. Where meals uses. Oh no no no no no. that's not a million. A million is on the side of the street that you parked and head towards the holland tunnel down by two blocks but don't have a heart attack walking there. It's late now. He's not going to get there in time. Zero to walk there. It's two minute walk. Okay all right and he could use it all right all right fine. We'll i'll call you back and we'll start heading that way. It's right on hudson. I think it's hudson and spring right. Thank or hundred on husted. Yes it's called amelia's straight up straight down toward towards the holland tunnel a why. I'm talking to this over here. Yes i know are very good zoo. I'll i'll call you right back. Just tell them to make the rumor stressful you know they know about the boomer special ball. Call you right back right there. He goes okay so everything worked out. Well look it's a fifteen year cars parked cars fix. We're getting breakfast tire. A mess office is tremendous for breakfast. Yeah that's right. Damn ready with the leftover money that i gave game because carlos was cash only business so i had to run down there and get the cash out of the. That's the first time i've been in that. Atm vestibule down there the chase. Since i've saw the naked homeless man in there. But i had to go in. I had no choice. No defecation or anything. Now i did not look very clean but there was no defecation Eric in manhattan. What's up eric. What's up tell us how you doing. What's happening question. For whom questions for you may cause as as a football fan. I've always been curious while sitting on my couch on sunday. afternoons watching. Football doesn't wings so the relationship between the starting quarterback in the back quarterback. I know you're probably going to give you a political answer of now. Nobody wishes for injuries. But i gotta believe that. There's some backup quarterback out there. That feels really strongly. They deserve a chance to start and they haven't been given that opportunity now. Do you think that shadily in the back of their minds. They're kinda hoping for injury. I mean i know they wanna win. They don't play. I've been involved in a lotta these relationships so there's one where there's a defined starter so that would be daniel jones here for the giants that would be it's going to be. It's going to end up. Being zack wilson for the jets. This patrick mahomes. There's aaron rodgers. There's tom brady. There's that define starter josh. Allen lamar jackson that everybody knows he's the guy and the backup basically has to pay play second fiddle. And what happens. A lotta of times in the nfl. They hate having any sort of presence behind that guy because if there's any sort of struggle than the fans can be screaming for the other guy kind of the mental game. But i i've been involved where i was the main guy and i and the guys behind me knew that but i've also been in a situation in arizona where was between can't graham and i started the season as a starter. We played horrifically. I played bad. I got benched. He took over then he got hurt. Then i took over. And then i went on a run and then they came to me and said they wanted to see him because he was young again. And you could tell that there was a lot of tension between he and i. It just was easy way to do that. There's no easy way to do that. Like dude turn out of some bonus thing. There was a bonus payment that they should have been made had. I started one more of the final two games but it didn't happen. But so i have my perspective mon and i'm sure can has his perspective on it because neither one of us were drafted by the team. Neither one of us were a first or second round pick. Neither one of us were taking over for a longtime starter. Like i did for kenny anderson cincinnati. So there is definitely that tension that happens. And that's that's the one thing that teams really don't want guys like Kellyn monde out in minnesota guys like justin fields or trey lance out in san francisco. All of these guys. They're not sure what they're getting themselves into yet. So they're going to be very supportive of the older guy that's in front of them and hopefully the older guy will give him a hand up and help them up a little bit. I don't know about rogers and jordan love. It seems like they have a personal relationship. That's good sure but they're right but you're also understands that aaron rodgers is problems probably stemmed from the fact that he was drafted. But you can't can't take it personally though. If you're jordan love you gotta understand that. It's the beef that aaron rodgers has with management. Not with him and one day. It may happen to jordan. Love the way it happened to. Brett farve may be all right. We've got so negative. What's going on with aaron rodgers right now because it and now he's being well he's not being bred for but he's being aaron rodgers because it brett farr was rogers. Sure we can go with that. You think so. Does that make sense. It makes sense to me and you see what sports coming out with now. That always something new and this time. It's the twenty two ford raptor seven hundred sixty four horsepower supercharged. Five point two liter eight. Wow raptor tow anything with that thing. you be anybody off the line at a red light with that horsepower apiece man. Yeah you're going to get that to add that to the fleet may have to say every time they turn around and do something new. Yeah i know we didn't even get the bronco yet like we gotta get the new raptor broncos coming now. I know it's coming. I i did see it up close and personal men and it's great right so i got an email yesterday. Did okay and mine is getting built starting on the production line. They know the exact day that it starts on the production line and it will be july. Twenty third mine is sitting in detroit right now. What is it done. I believe it's done. Which sends you to go pick it up. Yeah why not bring me back some detroit detroit style pizza while you're at and i. I saw one on the road on my trip. Up to maine i did. You saw a full size bronco or broncho sport. You saw the broncos sport. Yeah you saw the sports because the sport is really popular. It's it's all over the place. It's a great vehicle for the city as well as for the country the city in the country city in the country vehicle for the country. It is a good slogan. All right jerry. What's going on over there. Man brought to you by winters. Brothers waste system's long island's number one choice for all your waste collection and recycling needs visit winters be r. o. s. dot com couple of days off for the mets and the yankees. But not for everyone. Pete alonzo was involved in the home. Run derby last night at chorus field so much so that he wanted again in two tries for him. He had thirty five first round home. Runs seventy four in all here. He was afterwards is just incredible so honored to be a part of into be asked to make it to the finals is something that i think we're gonna look back on and and really cherish and appreciate takes the million bucks with him. He says happy to get out of that. First round. live up to the hype with that record. Thirty five homers just wanted to make the standard incredibly untouchable. So i would. I would advance from the first round in gone gone from there and when he looks back pandemic and everything surrounding it he says win in this even more special obviously everybody knows the story about the last year and a half was You know something that you have nightmares about him to be here a year later and uh make it to. The finals was wasn't incredibly tiny by the way did not get out of the first round. Truman seaney went up against alonzo in the final and alonzo. Come through as for the all star game tonight. Otani does get the start against. Max scherzer i would think had they not pitched or want wanted to pitch. It would be garret. Cullen jacob degrom probably starting this game. Graham chose not to galilee. Think you went to me. Did not he did not go did though. Yes now you were watching this last night. Br jerry. I watched a lot of and not all of it. Did you get the same sense that ken griffey junior was trying to get on the broadcast and they didn't want him on the broadcast and then they finally caved not not very strange because the call ravages doing this with adorno peres. Then there's just wanna talk about no buzz in the warm up show absolutely no sale. I'd say right. Oh boss just and those guys do an okay job at it's supposed to be a showman type event and there's just nothing i don't think they were held up by the tv anglesey anything because they're trying to hit a bunch of home runs in a short amount of time. Then you can't watch the home runs. Leave the park because they have to have a split screen because these guys aren't even watching the home runs themselves news. Taegu's those terrible. It really tough to watch. But then ken griffey junior is like milling around the set to try to get on and call ravaged. Ken griffey jr junior's over here. And then do we have a headset. I don't think we have a working headset. And i thought that that was a lie. Because it's the multibillion dollar operation they gotta working head said then finally. He forced himself on the broadcast and it was very strange. I'm sure it was that part. Why do i know he is. He's about as low key of an all star that there has ever been. Yeah he just doesn't want to do a lot of things so he did want to do this. I think that they didn't want him and it was funny. They did ask them when. You're watching shohei ohtani. Do you have any flashbacks to doing this. And ken griffey junior. Say nope that's right. They know they know that he's not very talkative. Near was call. He is at least happy to be involved even though he's not gonna pitch tonight fourth all-star game but i think it's also kind of my. I am very proud to be representing the organization that i love and culmination of all the hard work that we had there. You go so. He will watch from the bench. She will watch shohei ohtani. Who's going to pitch hit in this game. Ever a rod left. The game early was that there was that one game that was tied in a lot of the guys had left after the sixth or seventh inning. To home right. They all took off in their private. Yeah kind of like when troy aikman left the pro bowl. Good for him right in the middle of the game. I'm leaving you guys. Why not what couldn't imagine doing that. Really why not. I mean how. Many pro bowls detroit and go to a ton probably most of them. Probably i mean it's a cool experience when you first go to those things. It seems like for the players and then after like three or four. It's like whatever especially if you're a rod or jeeter guys are the worst. Just leave your. How many how many troubles you go to Was voted for four. How many three. Because i was injured in one okay and by the third one. We like No i don't need this anymore. That was also a trip to hawaii. It's true totally different. After the season. Yes just an awesome thing. The only musher hurt break they get. Yeah you're right. i mean. I don't know i think that players these days stuff like this doesn't matter as much to them. I'll bet you there are baseball families out there that book a trip for these three days and then their husband does well and they're like you gotta be kidding probably cancelled and he's got to go for the stupid event. I wouldn't be surprised ben. Stupor them yes. Because maybe he gets a bonus when he gets voted to the all between just fine. But i'm sure for the johnsons only make it six hundred sixty two thousand dollars only. Yeah terrible my heart bleeds for him and he just want a million last night yes he did. He gives us pitcher What was the guy's name spread. Dave house fifty grand. That's what everybody says. Fifty fifty thought. It'd be a little more. I don't know who did after taxes and traveling feed now now. You're talking absolutely so i'm figuring he gets about ten percent okay. Takes home five hundred. You give them fifty all right. If you take home. Five hundred fifty. I thought ten percent from the million. But that's rough envelope philby dollars. Here's the thing alonzo's going to give an envelope of cash to pay taxes. That's well it's right. That is true. You have to do that kind of like what we did with carla's flat tire envelope filled with cash. That to exactly right what you think that cost down carlos let you're you're actually bucks you mean you're tired this morning. Yeah hundred sixty with the new rimmer. Just he just gave you a new tire just slapped on a used tyre. Jesus for me to get home on eighty bucks. I'm gonna say i'm with boomer is eight to ten. It was one hundred dollars. I was going to eighty bucks hundred dollars. Cash over there and then gave them a gimmel tip. That's not terrible hundred dollar tip. I wasn't one hundred dollars but no it was. It was at least a fifty percent very nice for fabian. who helped us out for fabian. Yes speaking of cash. Here's kevin cash. Who really wanted to make. Sure otani do bolton i beg major league baseball to tweak the rule for today's game because if they didn't i know i'd screw it up the rest of the way pulling pitchers for this game we're going to be allowed to use shohei as two players. He's gonna pitch and then he will switch over to a d. h. Once he is done pitching here was otani. How does he do both. I say the difficult part is on. The preparation obviously prepared differently as a pitcher and a hitter. And that's kind of different from me every day. So getting used to the privilege seems to be doing just fine. That was through his interpreter. So that'll be tonight at coors field elsewhere of note. We have a team. Usa losing this exhibition game to australia. But if you listen to damian lillard and gregg popovich not that big a deal. here's lillard. He knows the team needs to be better. Not just gonna come out of your wrote a ball out and bbc's we've got to play the right way competing we gotta come out here to win and do everything ourselves in our best chance to win. If we don't we can be. And he says getting competition like this these other countries. Nothing new is also not the first time that i've seen You know maybe not beat two times in a row. But i've seen it before and like you said and here is popovich. The teams tired. You know we gotta get some guys that have to get their legs and rhythm back but in general you know. We need more conditioning. Which is totally understandable. And so. when did i don't even know when does a start two weeks. Nine days nine days nine days. I thought it was the twenty third okay. So we're about a week away from the olympics right This was interesting through the night. You had sal licata on overnight. I have a couple of different things here number one. He was dealing with a different type of show. If you will where people were calling up and warning him of what was going on because he was having issues through the night with specific callers to the point where this caller was very blunt with him to die soon. Thank for yeah because why give me the region pressure. Yeah and part of that was some of the things. He was yelling through the evening. Lost you loser loss you john. You're more on. You gave me nothing other than idiocy on the airwaves. now get lost. Saleh's he was almost ready to sign off just really wondering i'm really confused by this and quite honestly a little weirded out by what the hell is going on here. Did i say something wrong here. I mean what i we get. How do we get into this. I believe you're going to die. Loss you lose a now. The cool part of that is that caller larry from where former still forest hills is. Actually the guy to boomers left in. That was greg from forested. Yes right that was me. Driving in cold up fliegelman fliegelman was in on it and he put me right through. Put me right to the top. Larry and forest hills wanted to talk about the mets. And then i hit him with that. And sal i still don't off. Sal knows if that was me not you probably went right to bed. Did something with the baby or whatever so he probably was so ticked off. That's when straight down. Turn the unit off and right the bed way he didn't. He's a very emotional very emotional. Yes which is both good and bad for him because it's good because it creates very good content but also like after the show. I know he was probably just devastated. He said he is going to go back and listen to evaluate himself show after the storm. He did say that because he said he was going to beat himself up all day about it so that started because of the caller john who screamed at him. Calling him a bozo. Bozo's bozo arguing over edwin dea. Yes there's nothing. They get sal worse than edwin diaz for the falcon. What's the matter. Your is just no no no no no go. Okay we're the falcons blowing that super bowl game. I'm just one more thing the tampa bay lightning with their parade. They did damage the stanley cup. As we know The top part of the cup is all dented. Part of that is because they were drunk and enjoying themselves nikita kucherov exclaiming i was just thinking it should have been us. It should have been matt martin at our boat party with the stanley cup. Not those guys. It just really annoys me. Well they had that again but whatever sorry go ahead that's on your eighteen million over the counter right now. We've heard it was funny because driving around florida last week. They had billboards everywhere for you. Know titletown the bucks and now the tampa bay lightning boards were up already so brendan. The raise won the pennant last year. Who knows what they do. Anywhere here was kucherov off on the level. Nobody can be us back to back years. Sounds a rat. I guess i just a couple of other things. longtime broncos assistant coach. Alex gibbs pass away after complications from a stroke. He was eighty years old and washington. Team president jason right posting on the team website. That the new name. We told you yesterday. They'll reveal it next year in twenty twenty two It will not be the warriors like everybody is expect writing. So it's not going to be after any american indians or the edges people. What do you think. Do you think it's an animal. You think it's an object. What do you think it is doing. And what do you mean. An object. Like a stapler. What do you mean anything really. I don't i honestly don't know i thought it was going to be either washington football team. Leave it like that or the warriors. Those were my two read tales. Redhawks something like that. Maybe something tied into washington being the seat of our nation or some sort of a nation. That's right this country something like that. Dc fertilizes the rest of atlanta seed. Maybe that's it actually because it's the washington seed the giant seed week. One metlife see you there. I don't know what a be. What else could they read tells. Probably read tales right hawks. Red tails is the ski airman right which they seem to be a very popular choice. The red tails ren tales cow believes. Wf t. are they the same colors. They changed the color scheme. Now they're going to keep they have to keep it. What about the hogs. Because they're known as the hogs i guess. I just don't like that that. I don't like you don't like the redskins thanksgiving don't like it though. It seems weird. The washington pigskins. I'd rather do the hogs. Instead the dog that sounds offensive the hogs do fat guy if fat shaming people with the hogs. Not in this day. Don't believe into into be great. They named him hogs and within a year they got changed again. Their logos big fat guy when its belly hanging out from under a shirt hans. They just have to do another year of study to make sure that whatever they decide to name. It isn't going to insult and then nobody's sitting on the domain right. Go back to. Because that one guy's got all of them now one guy has warriors. Yes i think he actually even had washington football you the whole dictionary victory he did. They're gonna have to pay him off no matter what. Who wouldn't that be hilarious. That they came out something just like equally as offensive. They didn't realize like rolled out the new name and it was just leave it alone. That's what i Colors are great. This uniform doesn't look all that different and it looks like the same team. And there's this soccer teams that are known as like whatever they are with land. Fc in new york fc. We see that here in the mls and everything else but if they're going to give it a nickname i know they are right. Well that's what it sounds like. That's what it seems all right very good. Jerry thank you. Everybody just so worried all the time. Isn't it amazing. Everybody's just so worried worried worried about this worried about that. We big zoos in your worrying about driving my car. You're worried about you. Got such a litigious society so many people that creates so many problems and why worried about them. You know worry about that do you fang man. But that's the thing. Everybody just worries about potential problems and they go down the hypotheticals and they're always thinking the worst when you and i always think from the other end that's right. Well i have definitely turned a corner in my adult life. Man you need to be more positive in your life. And i have been have i not been yes i did. I have is very much so in the last couple last year i would say i've been very positive considered where i was when i first started here and everybody else wants to drag me down. That's the problem. Well you know. That's the thing that you're going through. That transition phase transition phase. Right you have to be dealt now. You have two kids. That's right you moved into a new house. Did you got your flat fixed today. You bought us breakfast today. I mean like these are the things that adults do. And they handle it with With dignity class that kind of stuff of course and you're transitioning. I am tradition. I i am very much. I think everything is going to be fine with everything that we do. That's all i have to say. All right it's going to be okay. Let's go to let's see here. Brian in new windsor joins us. What's up ryan on what's happening so I haven't watched the home run derby years but i turned it on last night with nothing else to do and pete alonso reminds me of sleepy. Do she nineties. Music is a little full of himself. and it just. I know i'm picking on your guy here but He just no. I'm willing to hear on willing to hear you out so like you compete. Alonzo sounds like a gin blossoms. Song exactly interesting. all right. Just go back and listen to the interviews especially when he was When he got done with the first round and they were really just interviewing him. He was definitely cocky brian. There's no doubt about it. He was very cocky yesterday. And i think that it was sorta like wwe. That's what i sort of performance like homerun derby and i'm the best in the world type of thing and he was having a blast with it. Which i sort of appreciated can understand you. Not a mets fan. And you hear that. Someone's that cocky about something like a deficit with turns you off. But i'm trying to figure out. I thought i was a little conor mcgregor you know. Ufc type stuff. Just a little more. I guess from guys. Like i said i don't really watch the interviews. The mets are sorry. I'm working here goodman What's gone so yeah. It's just i don't really watch a lot of interviews i know based on what you guys say and how. He's you know this nice guy all this stuff humble and it just seemed like out of character for him. So that's that was. It just seemed kind of forced and dushi easily. Think a little sleepy dushi like the gin blossoms one of the knights of the year where i actually got to stay up past my bedtime and watch and just watch Absolutely incredible feats that you just don't see an irregular baseball game and to be able to participate as i. It's a dream come true and it'd be able to do it back to back. This is really special for me really really cool. I'm a power hitter in for me. I think i'm the best power hitter on on the planet and Being able to showcase that and really put on a fun display for for fans. I just think that It's it's truly dream country for me because when i was younger my parents actually let me Stay up past my bedtime to watch this. It surprised me in two thousand and two thousand nineteen. I had no idea that they were doing is the next thing i know after i won Daddy yankee's put chain on me. And i was now like they hyped it up and they really did an excellent job with this gorgeous. I mean chelsea was just putting them right in the breadbasket. And there's a couple of times where i went out to center and right center I feel like. I use pretty much the entire entire field. I mean i was just focused on being locked in on hitting a sweet spot of the bat In just one wherever they went extremely talented but it does feel like it fits a little bit too perfectly. I have to say it does the gin blossoms and the sleepy dushi game for pete alonzo's fit a little bit too perfectly. Well you know if the home run hitting contest is a big thing for major league baseball to attach themselves to younger viewers. I would think that the way that he went about his business yesterday. Did that accomplish. I mean it so. I can't sit here and tell you that i think baseball is boring. And there's not a good good enough good storyline. I thin slam pita lines for being entertaining last night. I can't do that so i can kind of understand the caller's point about the sleepy do shenice and that makes me laugh. Because we're playing the gin blossoms and that's funny to me but i baseball to me is very very difficult to latch onto in the regular season these days. There's not enough good storylines. It's sort of turned into the way that hockey is perceived nationally. It's only a big talking point when something bad happens so the only time that you baseball is talked about on a national level is if it's sticky stuff if it's the astros if it's stephen a smith saying something inappropriate about shohei ohtani if it's someone getting hit in the face with a baseball if it's a labor issues that's going on if it's trevor bauer. That's the only time. Baseball's really talked about national like hockey. This guy got hit this suspension. Whatever whereas like football and basketball. It's talked about the sport and the teams in the off. Season is talked about throughout the year everywhere. So that's what baseball sorta like into. And i'm not gonna sit here and tell you that a night like last thing. The home run derbies. Whatever just some cutesy little question. Yeah you're telling me that. Shohei ohtani jacob degrom Fernando tatis these guys are not storyline. Those guys are not interesting lines. They're not that interesting to the national public. They aren't baseball is dying day by day. regional sport i'm not saying that it's not a regional sport but there are certain stories in baseball other than the negative stories that are worthy of speaking about on a national level. Now jacob degrom happens to be one of them shohei ohtani happens to be another one for an end. Not in a bad flip and the san diego padres. He's he's one of them. I think there's probably about twenty of those types of guys that do cut through and our net twenty. Yeah i do. I do believe so. I'm sorry i do. I think max scherzer is one of those guys. I think that jose altuve as one of those guys they say to people people hate. Altuve them but you know what. He's a great baseball player. That just to my point baseball player. Yeah that's the thing and the fact that you had the yankees and the houston astros right there in the last weekend and machen at each other care about baseball era. I thought that those were national stories. That were good. Yeah we care about baseball deeply here in new york we always will. The rest of the country doesn't give a crap anymore. They don't and the commissioner is a joke. He's made a ton of terrible decisions. There's going to be another Stoppage coming up because the players association in the lead don't get along and baseball will continue to die. I'm gonna. I'm gonna think that i thought and maybe i'm wrong. That the ratings would be down because they move this all star game that denver for political reasons and they got themselves immersed in something where you know the hometown atlanta braves fans and the home town businesses. They're basically just got obliterated because baseball decided that weighed themselves into a political argument which they have no business doing okay but But by the looks of that stadium last night. And i bet you because pete alonso was big part of this in trae. Mancini was a big part of this. I kind of think that those ratings are probably going to be pretty good. I bet you they're pretty good. And i bet you. It was really interesting for young fans. I don't know. I think there's something about the good part of the sport which needs to be highlighted. And quite frankly. I didn't wanna watch last night but i was watching twitter as i was watching finishing the crown you know and i said got to check this out. Of course. I watched the last two year in told me yesterday that you weren't gonna watch one bit of stuff and now all of a sudden you're talking about highlighting the good parts of the game. I i i it was pito on our guy yeah. I know that he gets the whole thing about baseball. And who he is in baseball. And i appreciate what he did last. I have no problem with pete alonso. Last night being cocky. I thought it was cool. It's supposed to be entertaining. That's why i'm always talking about like you know. I'll defend the tat tease backflips. I like that stuff. I mean the little pizzazz and a game every now and again isn't a bad thing but Yeah i don't think anybody cares about the all star game in the home. Run derby go to chris in massachusetts but going on chris. Hey guys what's up huge meth damn big teeth fan. He was just a little cringe-worthy for me. I have to agree with that. Other caller i. I don't mind that show is awesome. It's fun to see a full stadium. I love the danson. I love pete ripping jerseys off people when we went big games and the l f gm and the whole bit but he'd better have a big second half like that's all i gotta say after that interview and just how he was he just better have a big set. He will he will. Just he's like a little too much like me. Something i you know about. We like sweep the pirates before we close the break and then you can do that but it was all too much but it was fun to watch i. Just you know pete better. Have a big second half chris. You don't believe that. Pete lonzo cares more about winning the home run derby then he does the mets success right no. I don't think so you know he's going to be working hard and he's going to be trying to win a world series. I mean this is just a fun little. I know as the to as an entertainment grade last night. I give pete alonso five stars because he entertained and did what you as the viewer and we as baseball fans wanted him to do. And i was go out there and hit seventy five home runs and blast them And that's exactly what he that's what the home run derby is and then there was the nightside story of trae mancini coming back from colon cancer now. I think i thought baseball came off great last night. And you know i. You can say whatever you want about the broadcast. Those guys are in a no win situation. So they're just talking over swings and thank god they put a timer on it and everybody can follow the time everybody could follow. Whether or not a ball went out of the stadium or not in terms of the clicker and keeping count. I the part i saw anyway. The last part of it was was compelling stuff. I thought and i thought it was very entertaining. I'm sorry if i would tell you that. I told you i didn't want to watch because of the political part of it but then i couldn't he couldn't help yourself use drawn to the home run. I'm sixty years old so they already got me locked in been here since nineteen sixty eight with that right damn right. Do you remember The linebacker anthony borrow backed out on adam. Geeze in the jets. Not remember anthony bari's of minnesota viking at a very good player for that matter and a very biking since he was drafted out of college in the first round. He really feels like the vikings. Have a legit shot at the super bowl this year. Yeah i mean that's a very happy about that old statement at this juncture. And i wouldn't be saying stuff like that if i were him. But if aaron rodgers out of the division of feel a hell of a lot better about their chances now i know i've talked about this before but anthony barr came in here before he got drafted and there is a picture the subway he was sponsored by subway and they brought in v. Creepiest face made out of cold cuts and bread for then they made eight that he boards face with it and it looked like texas chainsaw massacre hannibal lecter stuff. Yes i remember that and it was so well intentioned was like. Hey we're gonna make anthony bars face out of meats and bread and vegetables ryan came out very very creepy anytime you bring his name up. I think two things one my football team in to that creepy. Meet face while speaking about that creepy. Meet face you see that. Subway is redoing their their menu are hence. Why tom brady's now involved awad bill belichick was involved but he does not like healthy like brady is i mean did you see brady's in that match i i didn't see the match. I only saw pictures from the match. He looks like he weighs about a buck ninety. Yeah very frail looking very skinny any buttons his shirt with at a top. Like this. yeah you it was kinda weird. Everybody's still looks great up but he's bigger than Aaron rodgers is already is but he looks so skinny right. The chris simms look right now the button all the way up to the top. How's he doing by the way who chris simms. Where's he. I don't know i'm asking. How is he doing the same in football season. He sits up there with the peacock network or always doing stuff on peacock interesting. I'm somebody's doing good. Yeah i haven't seen from an article about him and phil and how close they aren't stopped filming meal straight losses in a half. Shell turtle tower. Our let's go to male testicles. No no no let's not go to male testicles is gonna jeff in east hampton who joins us. What's going on jeff. Hey guys. how're you doing good. What's happening to things. So i i. I heard you guys talking about the ford bronco. Wanted to put a hundred bucks down on a ford lightning. That's right that's the electric version of the i believe of the f one fifty s. Yes is supposed to be faster than the raptor. Not this new one. That's coming out next year. I can tell you that our really. I don't think so. I wanna tell you not to get it. You should get it. I mean there's gonna be an awesome vehicle. There's no question about it but We got the eight coming next year. I'm one thing i worry about is getting on the beach with it. I hope it will do four by four on the beach hobby horse it will be fine one hundred percent all right. I'm holding you guys to that all right So the next thing. I just wanted to say was i hadn't watched the home run derby in a really long time we meet my brother watched it. He's a big met fan. And i was really watching it. 'cause otani believe it or not i mean i. I am intrigued by tiny awesome story. And then t. The lonzo was just dropping bombs and holy moly. I mean it was and you know the whatever it is you know i mean. I think that's good to bring in. Maybe a different audience. You know younger kids Saying a little wwe thing. I think that's kinda you know. Maybe it's a little bit needed. So yeah he even did the arron. Rogers You know belt did yeah. I mean in a situation like this. Who could really be that turned off by it. It's the home run derby you know. It's not like a regular season game where he's showing up opponent homerun derby derby for crisis by the way you know. Here's a house or returning champion. Who loves it. And who was honored by being a part of it and says all the right things in that regard totally and then he you know he followed up with with humble opponents and i thought he did a good job. I think you represent i'm a yankee fan. I think you represent the dog. Did you represent a baseball. And a good way. I bet you get a really good job. That's thanks jeff. And and good luck with the lightning. I actually love the fact that the uniform was right there center the whole time. That's the whole time. Fortunately it's not going to be tonight because they're breaking out those horrible all star game. You want to argue about you know you are like so negative talking about positive about baseball you are missing. Walk around here from penis and just base plan baseball. But i don't like baseball off good last night. Yeah other than the fact that it was denver when should have been in atlanta. I mean you're the guy who refused the watch any of the all star festivities. I don't know you know that. I grew up a diehard baseball fan. In a mets fan of the many many loved it and all that stuff mom one hundred percent. We went my entire childhood. The two of us. It's like me and my dad used right absolutely. I was flying a plane. Your mom took you right by my dad's saw into the future. It's the baseball is going to be really annoying. When you're forty years old so he he knew power bills but yeah and the yankees and the playoffs and you know how i went to with the legends. Tickets had brought buddies of mine was awesome and those moments are great. But there's just so much that has happened in baseball this year. that just turned me off. I just can't wait to get to october. Ploy to teams in there but it looks like only one right now. But that's really where i'll get back into it but it's been a rough year and i think there's a work stoppage coming quite well. That's in the future for me as a met. Fan the fact that my teams in first place. We haven't played all that great all that consistent. We have the best pitcher in baseball. We obviously have the best home run hitter in baseball. We see considers himself as of last night. You know there's a lot to look forward to plus the trade deadline's right around the corner. What would you say if they edit kris bryant from the ibm unbelievable more. Adam frazier from the pirates berrios. Sue the twins. It'd be great. Let's see what happens cans over levitt town. I love levittown. What's going on gone boomer. Geo jerry the shelf. What's up man. I kenny what's up talking about what you just talked about. Bridges million perfectly. I have donaldson if you bring donaldson but really quick. How about these yankee fans. They have nothing better to talk about nothing better. But pete alonso. Talking a little a little giddy homerun derby have to winning it about something else guys they had. They've been talking about aaron boone. They've been talking about all this chapman. they've been talking about gleyber torres. i think they're sick and tired of talking about their own players negatively. Exactly like the met fans find that you were just saying something exciting going into the all star break off with five games game three and a half four in the loss yes. That'd be five six but either way going to bring in another big name. This is exciting stuff. And they're gonna talk about piedmont's come on guys. It's all good all good and don't worry don't worry about it. We also go to notice. Go spend some money. I don't buy would be surprised. Blows through the luxury tax. Let's see yeah if you've got a first place team and you've gone. They dealt with all these injuries and this is your first year owning the team to win. You made big bold statements about winning multiple championships in the first five years fluid to the top baby fluid to the mother bleeping top. You know it. i lean in connecticut. I think it's ellen. Ll sorry ellen in connecticut. Excuse me ellen what's going on morning guys I love your show and I just i. I hate to belabor the alonzo stuff but i mean for somebody to say that he's pompous and that's ridiculous will be no. I know firsthand. Just kinda guy really. He's a great guy and he was. He was fun cocky last night. Which is okay confident. And i mean he was he was in the zone and i mean maybe. He prides himself that he one. I don't know and listen. He's around multi million dollar players. He's making barely. I dunno six hundred thousand Multimillions like lynn door. Who's just not there Anyway so i love the guy. And he's got a little bit of bravado. Kills it good for him. But i called before that. I called responding to Boomer sane how the players leave. Like i don't know i guess a player left early and i know it was the home run derby and not a real game not an actual game talking about the home run derby they were guys that actually leave the all star game. Okay yeah so. So i all right i did have that right but anyway you get it. You get it boomer. Jill and jerry like yes so what i mean. They've been there done that so they left early. You're you're part of the all star team. You're not like like they don't get it. They don't get they. Don't get to prove a point. I'm just gonna leave right now. So thanks for the call. And i'm seeing goes boomer. Boomer is there's gonna hit me usually hits me on the way ask. That's why flinch. Let's get pretty pathetic. I flinched. there goes all right very good. Yeah we're the we don't understand we'll never understand what it's like to be a part of a team that's why quit the softball team. Because i just couldn't stand being part of a team that's really what it's about foams gotta live to has got to get back kidnapped. They paid for him. Yeah these people shelled out some buffalo bucks for the big guy to read their spots because remember when Fabian from carlos flat tire was on how long you said i could drive on this used tire. E said was thousand thousand thousand ten thousand miles all right. So that's like three commutes in and back for me. I would just use it until acas flat. You're bound the hit another pod. But he doesn't you don't have. That's not the right tire though right of us tire of my right tire so it is the same tight the same type edged just us visit a runflat are gone. No it's the same thing you're sure that's what he said. We'll put used one on of your tire. We just don't have the new one right. i'm just wondering if it's a used runflat not just a us tire with. The proper against tire fell off the truck jerry l. It's if it's not a run flat. You just buy fixer flight and put it in your car. There you go. That's how you just call fabian. And ask them. We could call. Fabian bothered fabian. Already want to bother them now. When you get a new tire you put this winning your trunk for the next time. This happy you go but there's no means a rim i do. Yeah yeah it's tricky thing was very very tricky. This whole thing here. We go again around in circles. The thing that big was here today to handle it. He wouldn't take any money from me. Not that type of guy who atlanta but still do went and took care of as thankful person though and i said here. Take this sandwich. I did do that. Thank you very much for mind-blowing oh you're welcome. Yes yes and the he goes nuts too much so i said okay then take this and he goes no no no. He's like i'm not doing this. I do this stuff for the show and for you guys not for money. Will you take me out to lunch today. You out to lunch. Yeah sure. I want to go to serendipity three. Where's that the upper east side. That's too far away well. Today is national french friday. And i've been reading an article about how they broke the record for most expensive french fries. That figure that you know if you take out to lunch you take me there real old on it or something like that hundred dollar french fries. Are they growing these potatoes. I don't know their award winning fries. I'm not really sure who gave them the award. You know it's like the pulse of the people not really sure where it's coming from hundred dollar french fry. They have other things that they've sold which actually has real gold in. It is the creme de la creme palm fruits. That's french jerry. I would go to mcdonald's or wendy's thrilled what yeah so with. Honestly there's is it is encrusted in gold by the guy says. I'm kind of speechless. Overwhelmed and elated excited just one of the most surreal experiences. I've ever had this corporate executive chef frederic shown keyword. He's up forty one years old. Hold the new york post. This frederick keenum worth how many of these show only selling every serendipity that they had been open for a while and then they did reopen a dollar. I don't know maybe they don't have a lean to out in the street today. We are pleased to bring you the guinness borough guinness book of world records two hundred dollar french fries and it's like a tiny plate. Of course it is. It's the upper east side restaurant when he expect create an ice cream sunday. That was like a thousand dollars which came with a twenty three carat gold leaf and caviar and they pulled out their little bag of tricks for the dish and put all the ingredients from their trusted vendors. Together it's a frigging potato. Can't this is. This is insanity the amount of profit that they're making a lot. I i would put up. Mcdonald's french fries against anybody's honestly. Yes so it's i mean. Come on what hold on a second okay. did you read. What's in these french fries. I figured that you would get to the bottom of this. All right here at out. French fries are served with eighty two grass-fed jersey cow breast cream. That is in the article that right breast green black truffle butter and mornay sauce made from three months age. Greer truffle swiss reckless. It sounds disgusting. The french fries and sauce served on the baccarat crystal plate are finished with twenty three karat edible gold powder to get to keep the plate. I don't think so. What is the jersey cow. Breast crime is breast milk. I can't cows have authors. They don't that they don't have breasts do they. What is cow breast cream. Eddie and you could pump your breast. I'm not familiar. I'm looking for boomer. Breast dropped cow breast cream. It seems like it's a cream that they put on cows breath utter cream. There you go bad. Why would those be on french iced. Who knows why would people eating gold and this is not. The first time they've done stuff is utter cream safer humans more. You're eating them in the french fry. They better be well. I don't think we're talking about the same thing. Utter cream is great for human skin as well. It's utter bomb like john palmer. John donal the utter cream. You send that whenever anyone has a new baby right. That's part of the package that you send out. Maybe some other cream hundred cream for the ladies nipples seattle do better not be sending jeanene utter creams and for you. Was there anything in that anything. In what what we send out there was no nipple cream under an agreement nipple cream. No i'm sorry about that. Oh the boomer box normally sends nipple cream knowing you have. You have did say that. Yes in the past you have. I don't know who me text unite. And she went through the whole thing she showed her nipple boomer send you nipple cream. There's a line of thought you'd write your nipples become a wrecked nipples taste. God all right. I sent her that text. This jersey cow breast cream. Okay so what is it. I don't know i looked. Eighty two grass fed a. Do you think it's easy thing. Why would you say jersey. Would you like new hampshire or maine air. So yes some or baby. It's wrong with jersey. Because i don't know jersey venture lotta forms in jersey a to do know that grass. I play golf in an area. That's got I don't know. I think a jersey i you know i. I go cross that now rusty bridge right over here breast bridge. What is that called. Which church washington not as rusty rich right out here like he goes through the holland tunnel in jersey. You're talking a by the way the oscars go bridge beautiful right. It is changes colors now. No he's talking to grow hat right we cross to get to the holland tunnel from the turnpike the hell out of the newark bay. Stats at skyway. Skyway tova. there by the way looks great it because they made a brown took four years to finish. They made it brown though so so if it russ you don't even know the whole thing's brown. I am a blown away by this because y you know how you have a picture. So in the article says breast cream right and then the picture within the article has a description underneath it of what we're looking at and this one says to grass-fed jersey cow udder cream. Which is the stuff that we're talking about the put on the irs. So they're putting like some sort of cream that you would put it on the other or your your own skin into the that's what they're claiming you did not send my wife nipple cream okay. So if you want to send that to her or to send her some cream. Yeah i think so. I mean now very large breasts. So now we're in the go into amazon right. Yeah so careful. Amazon's got some interesting things for sale. The adult range allen. I have found out like the jangle one of those that you know. I don't know thank you. Okay not there yet another year she likes them mandela elon nipple cream. Sure yeah yeah. It sounds great all right how about organic nipple butter nipple butter butter. I don't know. I think the nipple creams a little bit nipple. Butter butter sounds good. But it's like yeah but it sounds like you're maybe going down a different road. Yeah like the next thing people who bought this also bought this. Yeah anal planner. You'd be surprised how much you'd be surprised. How many nipple products are yeah. I told you yeah breast augmentation about other love nipple cream. Whatever whatever one looks the best. I like the amazon choice. Yeah so what would how. How do i determine the amazon. They normally have like a man who is the most popular. The banner that says amazon can't full for the amazon choice. I see sponsored. That's not you. Want click highest rated nipple creams. I mean they're all five star filters highest rated right. So you're telling me there's not one bad apple cream doesn't look like a bad one in the bunch. I just utter cream because then she could put it in a french fries. What she's done mrs. Don't get on her. This is the one you can have your stake in your your house with your order others available at the holland tunnel motor lodge where he got this one. This is the one. That's the best rate. Yeah all right. So that is that's medallion madonna. How many one of those. I think just one is fine one tube of nipple cream for my wife okay. Yep tender care. Sure it options. Yeah okay. I'll just said this. He says he's sorry. The nipple cream wasn't in the best. I don't know i must've forgot it. But he's buying some now for you. Okay all right jerry. What's going on We got the all star game tonight. That's going on. That's about all that's going on because there's no basketball again until tomorrow you got shohei ohtani the start against max sherzer. Otani will stay in the game as h. Told you all morning. Here's a manager. Kevin cash on having otani make the start. I think we would all respect what he's done and mentor game this year. This is what the fans want to see. It's personally what i wanna see. No making the star certainly something that caught him by surprise actually not expecting to be chosen as a pitcher at all but to be named the starter was really not expecting a huge. She'll start the night after he was involved. In the home run derby a homerun derby that pete alonso of the mets won for the second straight time. Of course there wasn't one last year because of the pandemic but he did well last night for sure and he says the event went the way figured it would. There was no point or i thought i was gonna lose ever even months before anyone in seventy four home runs on the night thirty five in the first round mir's why he felt the way he fell out of power hitter in for me. I think i'm the best power hitter on on the planet and he certainly was last night otani by the way didn't get out of the first round in terms of the home run derby and it was trae. Manzini that alonzo faced in the championship. Manzini as we know coming back from cancer and doing quite well incredible especially after. Obviously everybody knows the story about the last year and a half was You know something that you have nightmares about him to be here a year later and make it to. The finals was was incredible. Well the good news is that the cow is not from jersey cows. Not from now. The jersey is a british breed of small dairy cattle from jersey in the british channel. Islands is one of three channel island cattle breeds and others I forget those but anyway so Cows may give ten times their own weight in bill per lactation. The milk is high in butterfat and has a characteristic yellow tinge to it now about that. So that's that it's it's jersey cattle. But it's not from jersey. Yeah that's new jersey. So thank god. It's not from jersey. God well well once. We have fine cattle. I'm not saying you don't. I mean it's but it's jersey. I mean let's let's face this is. This is a jersey cattle. It's called jersey cattle and it's from some island so which is makes more romantic into sounds like it's you can understand now why these french fries cost two hundred dollars. No still really doubt about the french fries. It's about everything else on the french. How does your body know to produce breast milk. F- that's a great question. Now what do you think i. You seem to be the expert here today. It's natural that the women's potty understands that it's going through changes child child in their body and then has to make sure that they take care of that. But then if you don't breastfeed and you've chosen not to the word go you got to pump and you gotta pump out shot. You can take the dries it up as well. I put these breasts to good use and have milk come idle i and What else like true. Fifth year old bachelor no breast soliloquies. Very curious you've more breast clips of boomer owl. Where'd you say. Dan podcast I do. I am press guy for sure team. Usa lost in an exhibition game. Breasted bird gets roasted. He cup her breasts from behind. Deflated breasts suckle the breast. Oh breasts tickles chris. More still waiting huge breast. Is's chris paul this fake muscles and fake breasts anymore. Of course there is forty eight breasts. That's a lot of breasts brass jerry. We load them up with hormones. Brisket larger hot legs and juicy breasts. That's still on tv checking. Magnus samuelson tone an airplane. Yeah yes team. Usa lost australia last night. Ninety one eighty-three blah blah blah blah exhibition game in las vegas. Us team Getting himself set for the olympics. Start sometime this month. washington president jason. Right talking about the team's name. We'll find out what it is and twenty twenty two but it will not It will not have any linkage to native american imagery and it will not be the warriors he did say as well so not sure what it will be. The lightning had their boat parade. One more from the kitakyushu off really had a lot to drink and enjoyed it. Experienced all the people here are real. Love them all part of our time. Maybe back to back. That's how we doing it. And i didn't even have to play in the regular season. That's exactly right so you had that so tampa is Champ abay titletown whatever you wanna call it. They are doing quite quite well right now. Time now to all of this up moment of the day brought to you. By casa migos tequila casa migos tequila brought to you by those who drink it so we got a lot going on here at the radio station with the pulse of the people. Award al no longer in the running. Even though is boomer reminded us he once was a local hero and matiwane with his wonderful nine one. One call unsure rich time alice going into play by play with one operator here. The offered laugh money on the way. That the i think to me. That's why alice herb. I submitted that but unfortunately that was not visit has okay. It was during the time away from one of the committee members from the pulse of the people. Get out of jail. We'll just interesting that right. There was no pulse of people for a couple of years. Yeah what's your name. Mrs pussy feathers. Turn that two year. I it is. It was also the penitentiary. I go guys moment of the day. In and day you to jerry. The arc of this stephen a smith shohei ohtani thing from yesterday's just very twenty twenty one with the pressures of things and apologies and everything else. So he says on tv. What he says. Stephen a smith about shohei otani and not being a good representative of baseball because he needs a translator. Eight thousand speak the language. He feels backlash from that so then he goes on does a twitter video where he tries to explain himself but really he's doubling down on the original statement which is still now pissing people off and then later on in the night here comes in apology on. It looked like an iphone notes section. That maybe somebody else wrote for him and told him to do so. My question is this because we can go back and forth on stephen a smith and what he does and whatever else but if you say it on tv when you've been on tv for years and years and years and he says it has competently does then. He doubles down on his own twitter account. Does that apology even matter because to me. This is what he wanted to say. This is how he felt and the only reason why there's an apology out. There is because he felt the pressure from his employer who by the way is giving him twelve million dollars a year. Well the one thing i'd say says at least. Espn didn't take this. And then leak it out. I mean this was him saying what he felt. The obviously does not realize what's going on in the streets of new york city. Or maybe what's going on in san francisco to the asian community which they have come under attack and i think that's part of his His apology you know. We've all said something stupid. At some point in time behind a microphone and i usually to give somebody the benefit of the doubt and say look. Everybody deserves a second chance but you know. He's kind of reinvented himself. Fifteen times over So i do give him credit for getting the money that he gets from. Espn but he has to say something that is going to be. It's going to be controversial whether it's about an individual player He tries to talk hockey and thinks that it's funny because he doesn't know anything about hockey or in this case he he basically goes phobic on one. Show a otani. i i don't know why we should believe The apology in this case. But i'm always wanted to give somebody a second chance. But i feel like it's over and over and over again. I'm not saying that he should be taken off the air for what he said or some sort of cancel culture situation. It's just. It's not a me like if you're going to put certain standards against certain other people then you got a whole rachel nichols things i the thing about. Rachel nichols is interesting. Because you know that whole situation came out of somebody leaking video that they kept running on. Yeah well. private phone conversation wasn't supposed to be out there for public consumption and somebody in the studio had a microphone open in her home or wherever she was and basically tape that and then leaked it out and then she essentially as lost a job. I just you know my areso. She's been here's the thing. Yeah so it's all depending on how you hear what she said and how you want to identify her as what she said. So you know that there are people out there on the extreme ends of things that are looking for anything that anybody may say so they can now attach whatever agenda they have to that person yes to get their point across So i'm sure that there is somebody there that is basically saying that rachel nisa rachel nichols and her. Comments are racist so therefore she can't have a show on on on. Espn especially when that show includes interviewing african american basketball players war over you know are extremely sensitive about any of these issues and her career might be over because of this and her career may be over because somebody doesn't like her internally and we still haven't found out who that person was then ended up leaking the video. You're saying yeah so ended up recording this and then putting it out there and it was leaked internally first and then all of a sudden what the new york times got a hold of it and then they put it out there so she so she is a hosting a show and that show happens to be the jump. I think it's called. Yeah or she is doing the nba finals and doing interviews. Could you see a black player. Saying i'm not going on with her. She's a racist because somebody on some extreme platform you know is somehow trying to make her out to be that way. Well sure i mean. I i also think that if any of us so then what. What good is she. She can't get the players that you normally would get and be able to talk to if the players don't educate themselves on exactly what she said how she said why she. I think it depends. I mean if she's doing sideline reporting stuff than yes. That's a big problem. If she's hosting that show the jump in the studio and they have guests on all the time i guess. Yeah i ain't guys are not gonna come on that show or people may not want to work with her because they have a preconceived notion of this is now who she is but in the meanwhile you have stephen smith their biggest personality out there saying what he said about shohei otani and they're not going to do a thing to do anything. Tim accountable and absolately. Not so. that's what i'm saying like it's arbitrary. How all of this stuff is basically fettered out. Yeah so stephen a smith. It's just the way that the businesses he's paid all that money to make noise to have the opinion be allowed. He says what he asked to say he ends of doubling down on it. Management thinks that. It's a bad thing that he says he's forced to apologize. But then there's no punishment there's no suspension there's no docking of pay. There's no nothing. And then the whole cycle continues to spin almost felt like he was going back as fox news days. Yeah but like what. But what did we learn. What did we achieve. What is the end result of this. It's just like okay. we're just moving on. That's it so like you said and that's fine if you wanna move on that's it but there's other people that are getting completely turned upside down over similar situations upside down over a privately taped conversation. That was leaked. It's i wonder if they're even considering any sort of discipline for stephen a smith. If it's even been talked about you think it's even been talked about. Anybody said we might want to do a little something this so many potential you hit one this morning pot holes all over the place that You know who knows who knows what the executives may be thinking here. But when i when i see what happened you know to a lot of people in this business. You just never know when they're gonna come get you. Let's go to a warrant in wilmington north carolina. Good morning warren. Hey hey guys. So yeah I'm a big sports fan. You know. I live here in wilmington. Now i'm born run-up born but raised in new jersey. I'm asian american. I'm i'm a japanese half and half white half caucasian. My my dad's vietnam vet he. He met my mom in japan during the vietnam war when he went over there for some our time. You know so. Tell people that store. I'm not vietnamese. But i'm half japanese but I'm i'm you know nobody ever called me. Asian american first of all and I i'm just sick and tired of the double standard and you said it right earlier. Boomer the standards been set okay and other minorities in this country. I want them to be held to the same standard when it comes to anything racial i really do. You know because it's just not white people that are racist. It's all racist okay. There's racist elements in every race. Even asians are racist. Okay so i want the same stander set. Whatever they do. Rachel nichols they gotta do the same thing to stephen a smith. I'm just sick of it. Man in asian people know we know we're being attacked and we know who's attacking us but we really can't speak up about it but i'm trying to. I guess i really don't give a damn. Because i'm i'm really sick of the double standard. It's really pissing me off well and i'm in warren. Thanks for the call. I they took rachel nichols off the jump. Because of this controversy right that's right. They have not suspended her. They have not fired her yet. I think they're probably going through. Hr and trying to figure out how they're gonna handle this. That's what i would think is happened. But i just want to make sure that we have these facts straight here. It's not as if they had fired. Rachel nichols in. Anything has gone on but i my personal feeling is can't go back to the job i i you know because already if you And obviously it's unfortunate but it is twitter but if you if you've read some of the the comments and things that are being said about her right now it's unfair. It's not right but you know again. It's it's a different world we live in. Yeah i believe. Smith was flirting this out on on his show. Yeah well then go down and he doubled down on it and any finally came through with an apology. And you know quite frankly i i. I've i've been a fan of stephen a smith in a way that he's recreated himself over and over and over again. You know there was a time where you want. He was the fox news. Go-to guy You know for black issues and the way that he spoke obviously fit their narrative. So i felt like when i was watching us that he was back on fox news again. One of the most watched tweets in most interacted tweets on this yesterday. Was you know stephen. A smith goes all breitbart or something wasn't because that's the world we live in now. Now you can get it. Get their points of view out get their takes on different things. And i think stephen a. probably came to the realization. Or somebody did that. What he said about shohei otani was zena. Fallback is basically what it comes down to and You know here's a guy that's trying to make a living in major league baseball and maybe doesn't speak the language as well and gets nervous about. And i'm sure he understands english but i'm sure he's very uncomfortable having to respond in english because he may say something out of context that that you know that maybe just absolutely obliterated by us idiots in the media. Yeah so that's why they have interpreted. This is why. I do give a lot of credit to a guy like gleyber torres. You know he knows what's being said about him and he to answer in english. He's working on his english. And sometimes when you're struggling. I couldn't even imagine myself going to another country japan and go try to. I told her. I want to hit. I tried to do a football camp in italy nice. I felt like an idiot right. I totally understand. Why would wanna have an interpreter with me at all time. So i understood the question and i gave an answer back and then it's up the interpreter. Put it back into english. The way that i'm saying it in my home language. Sure liz the right you see police say oh be miserable. If i was in france all of us would have you right there exactly. Let's say tossing. But i just like the mercy mercy mercy see what i lo. Soc chaos shook coon songs goo shock on some guth Chak on some goo see. I'm not. I'm not a good reflection on this rate and sucked socrates especially when it comes to blue french god all right by the way. Hold on joe and yonkers. What's happening. joe wants that talks for some. it's always that day in line one yes frickin line one. Let's get that fixed. get somebody on.

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