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Famous Fates: Ernest Hemingway


We hope you enjoyed this episode from our series famous fates. It's about the impactful lives in shocking. Deaths of history's most influential people to hear. Even more episodes each week subscribed to famous fates exclusively on spotify for so far from where we began only plays a man can really breathe. What's he's cleared? The lungs of that city is other women agree. She wouldn't understand born in the city. It could never get her mind off of it. Slow formal are you wish to quit. The school orchestra me learned the cello. See no use. We're do you see us. Writing for the trapeze has been interesting. What's that now? The school paper ridiculous name but a fair trade trade that is journalism if one can stay on us. My teachers says that writing is honesty recorded in more like cleverness a man's duty is not to be clever. It's to be true look around Ernest. Look at this world. We hide away from the problems amended. Face the situation in Europe. It's due to lack of perception. You understand I'm not sure they don't see the world has it is they. Don't see the world at all recall the titanic sinking. They mistook an iceberg for smaller than it was. They couldn't comprehend the death the situation and they acted foolishly. The duty of any reporter is to give that depth to the reader but father. There's more information today than ever before. More published news more stories from across the world but this problem persists in its struggle title. What if instead of seeing the iceberg men could sense? It begins sensitive in like foresight. Careful son with flights of fancy. You're beginning to sound like got fiction. EST now swigs some of that mountain blue. We've got miles to go yet before we see home again. I thought that's why we came out on this way father to feel at home. I'm here away from the noise. Damn good son. Clever and honest in equal measure or an iceberg. Yourself lest I forget. Hi I'm Vanessa. Richardson and I'm Carter Roy. Welcome to famous fates apar- cast original exclusive to spotify notified each week. We'll release five. Fresh episodes centered around a common theme such as Hollywood icons influential women or music legends in each episode. So we'll take a close look at the remarkable life of a different person with the help of voice. Actors will dramatize their incredible lives reimagining. Their greatest hand and weakest moments then will examine their controversial deaths. Some dads came too soon. Some remain shrouded in mystery and some change the world forever today covering Ernest Hemingway. A seminal author in the American Literary Canon for his book the old man and the sea it was awarded the Nineteen fifty four Nobel Prize in literature but despite his success was haunted by a deep sadness and no amount of travel more women are alcohol. Could ever help him escape. You can find episodes of famous fates and all other podcast originals for free on spotify defy to stream famous fates for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type famous fates in the search bar famous fates is a spotify exclusive so you can the only find it on spotify at par cast grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram instagram. At podcast in twitter at podcast network now back to the life of Ernest Hemingway. The man who single-handedly developed the dominant style of Twentieth Century American literature the man who made it to both world wars without even being a soldier the man who constantly constantly strove to outdo himself to perfection simplicity to return America to its naturalist roots. There we go over elaborating keep it simple stupid internist. Hemingway lived as he did to defy death and in many ways he might have succeeded in eighteen ninety nine Ernest Miller. Hemingway was born in an Affluent neighborhood called Oak Park right outside of Chicago. A true twentieth century. Life was ahead of him. His Father Clarence was a respected physician and his mother. Grace was an Opera singer and musician both were easily welcomed into a high status community and raised their children within it but their parenting methods did diverge to some degree while L.. Clarence emphasize the importance of nature. Grace was a city lover and forced her children into the arts. Hemingway later claimed to despise his mother playing cello and and even his own name which he believed to recall the WORC- protagonists of Oscar Wilde's famous play. Historians agree that Little Ernest got most of his spark and artistic talent Alan from his mother this divide in his soul would be there for the rest of his life. Ernest would never be able to settle down or choose a permanent home. Both the city and the country entry held their appeal for the young boy. He was a consummate Jack of all trades excelling in music sports like boxing and football hunting but most importantly early journalism. His work for the High School paper earned him a job as a cub reporter for the Kansas City Star at a mere eighteen years of age. Such a job pleased both of his parents who thought it was a career worthy of the hemingway pedigree but hemingway always had his eyes set on a bigger canvas the world stage and right now that stage was consumed by the fires of the First World War as nineteen eighteen. Don America was finally pulled deeper into the conflict unable to let go of the guiding hiding wisdom if his father Ernest knew he had a duty. Instead of directly enlisting he signed up to be an ambulance driver for the Red Cross. An interesting choice for someone. Someone considered by history to be the ultimate ideal of a man some see many contradictions in the man's life. But this choice rings true despite his macho posturing there. There was a gentle side. The Hemingway that only wished to guard and protect life and that wish was quickly fulfilled along with other volunteers. Ernest left his comfortable American American life behind for the Italian front and the horrors of war. Once they're as fate would have it. He had his first meeting with death and another ambulance driver. We're on course. For literary greatness John Dos Passos with whom Ernest would share both friendship and intense rivalry over the coming years damage need alight friend service American to glad to hear a familiar voice in this carnage fresh to the war then easy to tell these. Corpses they're hauling from that decimated munitions conciliating not the front. They're beautiful compared to what you'll see soon wasn't being yellow just unused all this noise. The Cross shouldn't hire from the crib. Charip you High School Footballer. Something a reporter writer really good Lord just what they needed another one wanna me your journalists as well. Let's straighten one thing. Being a journalist and being a writer writing is about truth not spinning stories. Well my father always told you'll be dead days of you. Don't forget everything your father told you. Keep the lighter I imagine Eh. You'll need it arrogant bastard. We should get a drink. One night is involvement on the front was as dos. PASSOS predicted did brief but explosive moved from Alan to a station directly on the Italian front known as for Salta DP AVIC. It took only a month for Hemingway's ways war to become personnel cafe e lead chuck a lot though in Yori multiple nomadic on perhaps alcohol Parmi pay a medic on on a vote. TROPPO INTELLIGENT MIA madre ditching shaken by the mortars. No doubt have no fear though tonight nothing Out The sort Cherie chess but it they they medicom not likely. I think something's hit my legs. God the blood must go. Red Cross did not sign you up to die for us. Unfortunately it did tell Ya know. Now gimme your damn hand. We're GONNA crawl out of this mess. If it kills US and kill him almost did Hemingway's act of Heroism Zero Ism just a month into his tour under the Red Cross earned in the Italian silver medal of bravery at eighteen years old however the shrapnel hits taken to both his legs were a harsh cost young ernest was shipped back to Milan. Where surgery saved his ability to walk? Still it took six months to recover any semblance of normality malady. But leave it to Hemingway to get down to romance while under duress during his stay in Milan he met and seduced his older nurse. Agnes von Kurowski agnes became the prime inspiration. For one of Hemingway's most famous characters. Catherine Barkley from a farewell to arms agnes was earnest's first great love and when the time came for his return to America he refused to let their connection die goodness ernest. You're drunk on your beautiful. Well hope you had a sloppy must be America calling out. You shouldn't drink. You're still on medication. I'm disappointed agnes. It has a nurse at the front. You must know what the most important medication of all this. None of that on the street. No Oh why the secrets anymore were to be married. Aren't we all we OUGHTA. Don't be coy. You accepted my proposal two nights before sealy boy. If I knew all that was waiting for me across the sea I would have made this journey ages ago and you definitely would've died then. Do not pretend not love me. Agnes I know you do. It would be hard not to my idea. Promise me I'll settle back into Chicago. I'll send for you. My parents will be amazed that they will be. Please Watch your today because as you move about. Forget my legs I I know only you promise me agnes I promise silly boy. I plum Earn assailed home with dreams in his head dreams that were quickly. Vanquished wants back in America Ernest. Receive word from Agnes Agnes that she had married an Italian officer. There loves possibility was simply and illusion of war. This shook ernest to his core stranded back at his parents house with two bum. Legs no prospects. He nearly drifted away at the last moment. Three things saved him a job offer a new city and the girl who reminded him of that beautiful nurse. He lost to time in one thousand nine hundred twenty ernest. Hemingway met Hadley Richardson a vivacious. Girl from Saint Louis much like Agnes. She was older than Ernest. Unlike agnes she did not have the good sense to perhaps not marry a guy you met a few months ago. Their engagement came quicker than in his entire relationship with Agnes and freshly equipped with a new posting as a foreign correspondent for the Toronto Star newspaper Hadley and Ernest took their lives to Paris. If he could not have a European girl he would have a city in her place. Although the move was justified by favourable exchange rate for American cash Hemingway's ulterior career. Motives soon became clear perhaps inspired by his war. Comrade John Dos Passos. Hemingway came to Paris for the culture specifically the art and literature. That you're seeing gathering around a peculiar American expats home. The Salon of Gertrude. Stein around comes Joyce once more out of his Gaelic Gaelic mine on Sangria pissing on the print. She stole from Picasso itself because at this sounds vaguely to take gets not one of his best. This is incredible Sherwood was right. Had this room is the center of the city again. Mr Pound and Mr Joyce. The stories are wonderful but everyone might actually like to hear themselves. Think now why here themselves when they can hear me. Perhaps they'd like to make a proper introduction to everyone our new guests tonight Hadley and Ernest Hemingway. We'd like to express how pleased we are to be here. Pleased have we are scholar here. This is not the university son and certainly. Isn't the only three quarters of the people here. Alcoholics out to drink to that. We'll return to our story in just a moment. Hi It's Carter. 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Follow killer knowledge free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts now back to the life of Ernest Hemingway Ernest. I'd love to chat for a moment. Of course I hear you've come to Paris to right. Well I've been tinkering with the thought. I respect the idea. Is it play over here but I think the American style Exa a strong clear perspective your inner journalist coming out no not like that but the words used to convey the news can be reimagined reapplied side two fiction to the inner self well and never thought of it quite that way but yes I've read a few of your pieces all right then you have touch earnest and meeting makes it clear to me your one of my lost. Excuse me you you hold it well but the world has shaken. The most recent generation caused them to lose a step some in the process however gained a slight insight a lost generation the lost generation. You see that in me enough to turn the pages yes I do in the Montparnasse quarter were Stein lived. She gathered together. The greatest minds of this lost generation and fostered an artistic culture that would resonate for decades. It's it was during these years as argued with Ezra pound drank with James Joyce and studied under Gertrude. Stein that Hemingway's signature style came into existence stance. Hemingway himself later described it as the iceberg or theory of omission instead of diving deep into the emotions the romantics or or engaging in deep psychological deconstruction of characters hemingway brought his journalistic skill of brevity to the page by saying the absolute bare minimum about out characters and crafting simple description of setting and plot. Hemingway believed he could focus the reader's attention onto filling out the outlines themselves so basically Gli. He believed that by showing as little as possible. The audience would actually be able to perceive the emotional enormity of esteems stories to give them a spiny sense for detecting protecting the full iceberg. That is human existence. Hemingway style perfectly sinked with the modernistic artistic movement of time putting together the transatlantic antic review with Ezra pound and others. Hemingway began releasing his short stories. His first story Indian camp was about a boy forced to watch his father. Perform an emergency agency c-section on a native American woman themes of death life and women were already at the forefront of his mind. The modernist audience responded very well so so much. So that after befriending F Scott Fitzgerald who had just found great success with the Great Gatsby. Hemingway decided that a novel was also his next mountain to climb on his professional. Life was not the only thing influx Hadley was a lively companion for Ernest in these European days and they would often travel with friends is to pimp blown a Spain for the festivity of the bullfights they had their first child in nineteen. twenty-three named John Hadley Nick Noor. After his mother and earnest's is favorite. bullfighter gertrude. Stein became the child's godmother but his earnest reputation increased. He found himself increasingly at odds with his motherly mentor. This initial dispute dispute evolved into a decade-long scandal regarding who truly coined the term loss generation young vain and arrogant and his new-found dominance of the local scene. Hemingway was happy to claim it for himself in front of the press and as he wrapped up work on his first novel the Sun also rises inspired by Hadley and his travels to Pamplona and channeling the weariness and Philistine nature of the loss generation. Hemingway found a stronger source of support from a friend named Pauline pfeiffer. We're Hadley Hadley hoped. Ernest would be more selective and cautious in his choice of publisher. Pauline thought the novel needed to be released as soon as possible. So earnest took the first offer given to him followed quickly by a divorce. Order from Hadley. Hemingway was married to pauline within months of a separation old ernest. Never want to rush into things. All of this occurred as the sun also rises became a sensation. It contained many elements considered scandalous for the time it detailed the excessive lifestyle of the lost generation. They're drinking partying and sex in fact. The novel drew criticism from his own friends as hemingway had clearly based the characters and their dirty little secrets on people. Well he knew Hemingway's mother was not a fan either hoping he would go back to the less sensationalist pursuit of journalism. Yeah on the world. Stage it struck a modernist dischord critic Henry. James Believed Hemingway's writing was an echo of the effects of world. War One that in his words hemingway saw how the war used up words. Words leaving only space behind while the glory of its success belonged to hemingway all the profits from publication onward would go to Hadley Ernest probably believed leapt at least kept the important parts of his life glued together though his career was just beginning his perfectly imagined life was already beginning to crumble under his emotional. Wait I read it again last night. Thought it needed a second opinion. I thought I knew the men writing the story. The first time around goes wrong wrong. Happy with yourself. This is beneath you. Gertrude we know how people operate these days. You aspire to be damaged. Don't you. I live and I regret Grete and I keep living. What else would you have me do? Well for someone obsessed with the truth. You run away from like terrified. Little child people are durable L.. Hadley will survive. I guarantee it my profits. Do in fact. Oh she'll be fine you on the other hand. where'd that new headscarf? Dr Come from nothing at all. Oh I heard Ernest you were drunk and you pulled a skylight down on yourself while on top of the toilet I've had enough of this. Good Luck Gertrude. Without me around. Let's see along the rest. Hang about H- you really are an American writer now. Don't you worry about me. Just don't hurt hurt the new one ernest. It's probably good. You're leaving Paris. You're not at all cut out the honest life urged onward by John Dos Passos and pauline colleen desire to return to America. Hemingway and his new wife moved to Key West. Ernest settled down believing he could now both raise a family and continue on on his path as a novelist. Two more children were born Patrick and Gregory Patrick's fraught birth and pauline near death. Experience inspired the ending of Hemingway's next next novel. A farewell to arms published in Nineteen twenty nine unfortunately for Papa as he began to be called in this time period. The thirties were not very productive. Although some short stories and nonfiction works were released. Hemingway did not publish another novel until the nineteen forties time. He spent in Key West although peaceful nod at him inside news of his father's suicide to to money concerns. That occurred minutes after Hemingway had wired him new funds and hope destabilize allies them even more. Hemingway was restless and began to travel. He made a temporary home in Wyoming traveled around Africa for writing inspiration and then fell in love love with Havana heat in Cuba and all the while he kept drinking and kept hurting himself. While doing it. So you're finally back drawn at our discussing some work if we didn't have the lighthouse hanging over our heads. I sometimes wonder if if you'd ever make it home in one piece. I'm happy to hear John is safe. I wish she had never gone to Spain to fight for those Republican fools. Funny those Passos said the same thing when he fled home you tour peas in a pod. How Noble Standing for fascism from faraway sipping drinks on the beach? I don't see you over there just buying more boats and spending more time in Cuba than you do at home get lanee riding done lately. Don't speak about things you damn. Well don't understand that includes both the Spanish civil war and my writing anyway. I'm going back it to Havana. Madrid must be joking. There's my writing for you pauline. You can read it from afar as you enjoy. You'll be killed if I die at. At least I die with my morality intact. Unlike dose Passos and others who don't comprehend their own privilege look at your is your practically swimming dimming. He would need me to do this. What the hell are you on about now? I father this is what he would have told me to do to stay true. Your father's years gone ernest. He didn't know what he wanted at the end side from a bullet Foley my letter. uh-huh pastored I'll probably go the same way. Stop speaking that way right now. What if the children heard you gregory's Gregory's anxious enough without that nonsense caller? What you like? Pauline it's good that they won't see me for a while then I'll let me sober up at peace dammit For the next two years Hemingway again went to war this time as an observer for the North American newspaper Alliance committed to the the Republicans rebel. 'cause he covered many dangerous battles including their final stand against the fascist Spanish military at the battle of the Bro but more importantly he bonded with someone new kind of woman he had never met before one who wouldn't take his B s although he had previously met fellow correspondent Martha Gal Horn and Florida. It took a civil war to truly bring them together. And I'll have another round good man. You truly never stop. Do you. Writing reading her drinking being just interesting enough to keep me here for around would rather be out there under the firing squad from above. Somehow I think you would somehow you think ingrate none of needs a few more reports wired by the morning it is the morning I better stop drinking. Perhaps we can simply drink through to the other decide not a suggestion. I've ever heard before but one I'm willing to try theirs. Was a relationship. Born born in the fire. Out of all of his lovers Martha probably saw Ernest clearest. From the start instead of excitement it was mutual destruction. They sought out in one. Another other. Much like the idealist Republican. 'cause pauline soon seated ground another divorce followed by another speedy marriage. This time to Martha in November over one thousand nine hundred forty hemingway and his adventurous new life free from the burden of things like parenthood split their time between a house called Finca via in Cuba and a quiet. Homestead in rural Ketchum Idaho yet again. Hemingway believed to change in location was all that was needed to balance his turbulent life to environments surrounded by nature and actually for a few years this did the trick angered by his fading literary status and bolstered by the fiery determination one of Martha and her similar vision for his writing. Hemingway finally found inspiration to return to the novel. For whom the bell tolls published at the end of nineteen forty and went on to earn hemingway his first Pulitzer nomination this nuanced. Look at the ground battle in the Spanish. Civil war was his most defined thrilling. Look yet into the most existential Angela. Themes both a page Turner and epoch meditation. On life and Death Hemingway's name was returned to prominence head properly inflated once more Hemingway. We entered his glory years as the Second World. War broke out. Hemingway outfitted his beloved boat. The Pilar with equipment needed to hunt German submarines off the coast of Cuba Cuba actions like that gained a file in the darkest offices of J. Edgar Hoover. FBI agents would keep tabs on him for the rest of his life. Enhancing Hemingway's paranoia in his later years. Still duty called him back to the front lines. It was almost required by his newfound Pulitzer Worthy status. If there were to be war ernest just hemingway would be there to document it upon reaching London. Hemingway went on another bender and ended up in the hospital with concussion. This delayed him from sending press credentials chose to Martha forcing her to make passage to Europe on a ship loaded with munitions also known as a prime target. She wasn't exactly pleased by this outcome. You stupid son of a bitch. Hello dear you realize I've spent the last week on a ship ship dodging German submarines writer's life for us. Isn't it our earnest not for you never quite for you. I hear they're going to be parading. Rating you around like a sacred cow. Good luck seeing anything worth reporting you. witless drunk off now. Don't show your Gillis. You think you're a gentle mind but it's a masquerade ball in your head Ernest. You're fully. I'm through hold on now. You can join me Normandy. You know the bloodshed Ernest. I absolutely finished with this Martha Martha Timid woman. We'll return to our story in just a moment now back to the life of Ernest. Hemingway cut free once more for Ernest took advantage. He lived the wartime life. He had missed out on in the first world war this time with a bit more protection. Though he was president some incredible moments including the landing on d day Normandy but due to his injuries and superstar status was kept away from the frontlines on his boat quickly turned away from the carnage allowing him. Only glimpse will Martha's wartime reporting would go onto win herself her own Pulitzer Hemingway had to allow his imagination to do the talking. He would famously elaborate. How he was the first into liberated Paris and personally cleared the Ritz Hotel? One of his old haunts of occupying forces. All of this was Braggadocio Adagio but the craziest story is actually true. While marching toward Paris Hemingway took control of a local militia of resistance fighters. Where where the hell is hemingway? Now have my head on. Pike if I let the Nazis get him. I'm not sure Sir He split off from US ramble. A he said he didn't WanNa March the Paris empty-handed what the name of God look what I've acquired for us Buck Frenchman Raven Williams that's the ramble a militia. Who Do you think you are hemingway? Your correspondent not a commander. Pretend you don't love me buck but don't deny me this Paris's my city. I'LL BE DAMNED IF I don't return with Italian at my back. When the government later brought him up on charges as a war correspondent issuing commands goes against rules established at the Geneva Convention Ernest was able to talk himself out of punishment? What you have to say for yourself? Mr Hemingway you accuse me of leading a militia. Your honor I was merely offering my advice to willing eaters over the din of a fading war and is successful campaign freeing France of occupation Haitian Ernest and gertrude lay down their own arms and forgave one another. It would be the last time he was ever to see his old mentor. Stein passed away in Nineteen forty-six. V6 Hemingway returned from World War Two at the peak of his fame accompanying him was another. War correspondent this will less famous than Martha Bell Horn and that suited suited ernest. Just fine he wed Mary Welch in Nineteen Forty Five in return to America however his greatest enemy death itself had begun to encroach on his personal life claiming the lives of many closest to him. His loss generation was truly vanishing Fitzgerald was Gone James. Joyce was gone gertrude. Stein was gone and in the most painful piece of news. Ernest learn that pauline died shortly after arguing with him over the phone about their troubled son. Gregory Gregory Gregory. Who would later come up as transsexual and change her name to Gloria committed her life? As a doctor to unraveling the mystery of Pauline's death breaking her father's heart heart further. She discovered that Pauline's death was due to a dormant stress tumor activated in her neck after her fight with hemingway another bell tolled and Hemingway felt himself pushed to the edge on a happier note in Mary. Very earnest finally found a partner willing to both live alongside his wandering lifestyle while treating his ego with gentle touch. These constant travels did nothing to to enhance his health or his drinking problem. After poor reception greeted his fourth novel to focused in on an older man trying yet again to Seduce Youth Ernest felt felt trapped by his own. History Writer's block consumed him unable to finish any work. He started as if death itself set the deadline. Hemingway accomplished as most Herculean Julian feet of writing to date writing the masterpiece that is the old man and the sea in under eight weeks. This novel serves as a summation of his dramatic focus to this point. It's the most prominent work not involving a female figure of some kind and it was all ernest mono a mono with death it was ernest. Being truly honest again again and it won him the Pulitzer Prize in Celebration Marian. Ernest traveled Africa his Ultimate Frontier Ernest booked a Christmas sightseeing flight for with a couple but in mid-flight error led to a crash landing in the brush. Mary broke two ribs and Hemingway incurred a rather serious head wounds the next day as they tried to fly out for medical attention their second flight exploded upon takeoff when they made it back to a nearby town. Hemingway discovered reporters already covering his death. He wasn't done yet but these wounds experiences stayed with him soon afterward he learned he had just been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. This was an honor. He had spent his entire life working for but something nagged at the back of his mind. Was it because the world community believed. He was not long for this world unable to attend due to his wounds. Hemingway fell deeper into alcoholism to suit this pain bedridden for weeks at a time even in his Cuban homestead of Finca via. He's unable to find comfort shut the door. Vultures all adore you. Pop up the idea of me. Perhaps they don't know a damn thing about my life half of them were probably. FBI not this again ernest. What in God's name would they want from you? It may be hard for you to understand Mary. But I've lived a long long ranging wife. They don't trust US living down here trying to force me out back into one of their Dan. Urban Helps gapes save the drama for the page. Here was this. This shipment arrived from Paris. The old boss works of Ernest. Hemingway would you look at that. Thought had lost these to his past provided some refuge at least eastern work although Ernest and Mary left Cuba behind for good in nineteen sixty ernest was able to craft and manipulate his old journal entries into the definitive memoir of the lost generation. A moveable feast yet. Even this seems like a victory lap of sorts. He would never publish another novel in his lifetime. The permanently relocated located to his rural land in Ketchum Idaho but like his father before him concerns over money and overdue taxes along with more out there. Theories regarding government surveillance wants drove hemingway deeper into depression in January nineteen sixty-one Mary Checked Ernest into the Mayo Clinic. Under a pseudonym where he received as many his fifteen rounds of electroconvulsive therapy three months passed as Mary kept close watch on her husband's declining state ernest. Where have you gotten to ernest own my Lord Ernest? Please Darling put that down. It's closing in now. Mary my whole life is wrapping around me like a shell. I can't can't see anything anymore. Wouldn't wouldn't the hell. Am I supposed to write. If I can't even see you don't have to write not anymore. We can live the rest of our lives together here or anywhere anywhere you need to go please. But put the gun down here. Please just drink a little. Put Down The gun taste the same as always Mary. What is there left to discover after all whom I fully? Mary was able to sedate hemingway that morning and he returned to Mayo further treatment. He was released yet again. A few months later in July Mary we had moved all of his guns to the basement but two days after his return ernest arose before the dawn and retrieved his favorite shotgun on July the second one thousand nine hundred sixty one ernest. Hemingway ended his own life early. Press coverage clouded the true cause of death calling it an accidental death. It took five years for Mary to admit to the press that her husband had committed suicide later. Research into the Hemingway family has shown there may have been a shared genetic disorder known as his haemochromatosis that broke down both body and mind over time in five generations of the Hemingway family line for generations contained members who killed themselves along with his father Ernest sister brother and much later. Granddaughter took their own lives. Tragic Mark in their collective story this inability to reckon with death and the lifespan of the body plagued ernest hemingway throughout his entire life though it also pushed him to find a new way to illustrate the very depths of the human soul. His work rarely ended happily. His characters rarely found remedy for their sick souls yet. The dog pursuit of meaning of redemption option or most simply of love was the secret fuel for his writing. It was never an obsession with masculinity or dominating women or conquering enemies which drove Rove Hemingway forward. It was a search for some truth in our loud crowded increasingly violent modern times his Nobel prize acceptance speech sent by mail to be read aloud as if by a ghost focused in on his life's true craft the impossible struggle of honesty in anyone's life. Writing at its best is a lonely life. Organizations for writers Paleikud the writers loneliness but I doubt if they even improve his writing. It grows in public stature. As he sheds loneliness and often as work deteriorates free does his work alone. And if he's a good enough writer he he must face eternity or the lack of it each day if nothing else Ernest Hemingway face down his days and revealed as much as any writer possibly could about our collective personal human eternity. Thanks for listening you can find more episodes of famous fates and all other park has originals for free on spotify defy famous fates is a spotify exclusive. Not only does spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all all of your favorite podcast originals. Like famous for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream famous fates on spotify. Just open the APP and type hype famous fates in the search bar remember. It's a spotify exclusive so you can only find the show right here and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at par cast in twitter at podcast network. 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