Popgram Presents Nigerian Noonas Episode 6


Well Niger flu well. This is a shrine to be really badly pronounced grand words business. We hello yeah how you like got the abbreviated here but listen hear that a lot working at that place to walk out here and every time people and here so and it sounds like to say I forgot but let's not like what does that mean hockey drage and they're hoping I'm African kitch unwelcome. Welcome just so the top is going to say of obviously when not Korean so Korean pronunciations going to suck sometimes sent to you knew who so I apologize we're working on. I was very fulsome meantime according to journalist welcome it yeah exactly according to work on it okay so let's run through the show that energy levels are slightly different reaching yes energy. That was a slightly different this this week I knew last week you almost hyper when we went to definitely hyper hyper in the first half hype if it says I got bought today is the other way round. 'cause we've been ginned up by family members what watch until we even drink daydream. We've been drinking. Were Very Cool Rachel amendments. I put it I am I forget what what has the thing I have like. I have like several pages this different pages this expansion how Krupp my month is that I watched this. Many grammars Alzheimer's little shits drums. I don't teach you the the process of actually dropping ships. I am dropping them yet. Is that Oh yes but everything else I dropped fifty. No no I could do that okay. Let's start so so I'll just run through the two new shows come on they've been other new shares my decide to talk to them. especially as well one is a netflix several watcher Vicki's everyone who's got fifty coach as well so the first one is rookie historian Tehran myself yes on Netflix on Netflix came on Friday. I think Thursday because it's a weekly incomes on l.. Show is it's Seagram's. Gin Is Erin concurrently maintain asleep careers with coming out every Thursday the first two episodes zone their fix at the moment it has seen K- young she of Black Knights Bride of Water God. Everyone says accidents Kinda crap. I was the first episode of this and is that she's actually not bad it right on the water. God will reveal who since we'll see. She's the girl that was his son who sees smells issues. I haven't watched yet but anyway I was working. I yeah that's Shishir and also try a woo who's talk managements and also in my gum disease the boy band guy who's coming actor. He's not serving this <music>. I'm basically the show is sets. Just in era for once is good to have a show as not about politics or something serious such <hes> she plays the doors of a nobleman who basically was worried. She's a book reader and there's a famous offer at the time he writes like what is the triplets of the time and she thinks that okay that's bullshit. She's really into historical books and mm-hmm but this guy this offer is very popular and I don't want to spoil. This is what I like. Dramas that have judge Rousson. Emma's politics power but politics is funnier. Is this like one of those <hes> another one. I watched about the one about the guy that came up from the juice Nara something that the media film my Sassy something my Sassy girl he's like that is a bit more comedic than my Sassy girl that is with us ago about movies. Better is a bit like my girl but <hes> yeah it's it's interesting. I've only seen one episode of having what the second one I probably will watch it. Maybe next week but yet it's on Viki so the sorry Vicki Yeah. It's it's the Jae Jin is a Netflix and honestly I know a lot of people in my view saying she's a really crappy actress to swerve but she's actually quite good in. It is the Guy I think that actually do that sir. I'm about to be front expedited. I don't like the guy who sees sense actually didn't like it wasn't bad but I do that. I did have by such unsuited more zero shoes as opposed soup galaxy sounds more comedic unable rely tendency sent then I tried in broad brush of what God for various reasons you know. The premise like synopsis seem like a good idea but it was a web web chair. The website is okay yet after you know but no I like took but let me just share and the second show that's come out which is high ground as we'll tell them do now is the newest offering from the hung systems. I basically gone off the hook sisters a bit because a lost dramas have in APPs or the hurry in Odyssey of those so bad people. Those are w with that I I the ones like it's likely though it looks like it's crazy. Half Tuesday did earn away brings her engaging. They did the ghost one which I'm trying to name of now with the actress who plays the same part in every mice drama must have some mass design which was back the best thing that is greatest love brilliant well yes Kabul Grades Doc login but yes. I'm not to ninety Fox when government you but I didn't like Korean or the C- reunited those two characters. I just thought it was awful. I read a bus <hes> until the ninety highest ideology persona has I._U.. I use making her drama combating because because you know she's lost in remembrance now which I didn't watch it 'cause it's too fucking side that it's come to me gin much now using it and Eugene Goo and they love. You haven't a Helluva year. This is his third driver. I've seen I've not seen him in anything that he wasn't a absolute boyfriend and he goes into one where he came twins very serious syndrome. I was really good but this new. I mean this new kid rock. It starts at home you know because I'm noticing them. All these unions and lots of shoes coming lot than almost every single show recently so interesting is the new guys coming up around so but I read the premise tells ooh John Google is the C._e._o.. Of Hotel Demeanor who tells situated in downtown Seoul has very old appearance she made a big error many years because the dishes been stuck at the hotel do now she described as a beautiful difficult suspicious and greedy and then Eugene goose character worked as the youngest assistant manager ever Multinational Hotel Corporation due to an expected case because work as a manager at the lunar and the hotels clientele consists of ghosts hosts and I was like okay. That's interesting is very Hong Systemic risk. I haven't read any reviews anything I will find. She watching it's maybe not next week. Was this week that it came on the first episode ostry MHM third now so I'll watch the next week and see how it's like. I was going to watch yesterday getting get round to it but yeah maybe I'm reading too disappointed again. I don't I think you should never sounds interesting economize. We'd be at all. I can hotel Transylvania version of it. I don't know it's interesting because of the ghosts and who knows it might be good. I'm take on the criticism of before but other stuff is new necessary. Just serve on knows these old and new dramas chip Kim is on there so if it wasn't anything to watch Kim please watch it's Brennan's. I think is going by another name called good manager Antigen on a good management or something is Vicky on Radio Romances on as well not fantastic Dune designated survivor sixty days done something is also being shown simultaneously in Korea as well. When is the aquarium legal the American show the American show with Kiefer Sutherland? Obviously dos in our descendants of the sign of class come to networks as well and are you human not show so Khanjian is also on a black guy who nets 'cause. I just ducked the truck of just because one day like just all these new shows coming out picky do you what takes me Jareth basically around wing much content but can just went America's like very much okay. Let's go into stuff that we finished first of all but help me okay so it's like I said I watch a lot of things a lot of things. Are you finished. I'm finished through love so the library buffy Lucia about that. I watch lawless lawyer. which I really really liked the guy that was quite interesting? He started his career and it was known as a flower boy because it's so predictable hitting. It's very plenty to his nose and chin. He's north machine. Eighteen round big. Nobody trusted for me so I mean for Las Vegas eight out of ten I think of the politics drama high love the woman in I really love the Bat I love bad. The man is fantastic but what I also let the accent because he has I think it was meant to be I didn't accents was beheaded of soul drama accents in the drama so this was a exit lyricism that is a weird lyricism watched her budget a register pattern. You know he describes the Loverdos accent makes me think of this very musical kinda greasy as well. It was very very made the accident. I really love that. Also maybe something about this whole idea bow down the way care dramas shogren empower and then cut Korean society the way that you always have the women the you know the chipper women who do something wrong whenever cat on the table men who do stuff wrong in the same left at some level and got the president of South Korea she was ousted for being <unk> audrey the male politician in Korea and the different thing all the gas out of ten. I watched which choose love fifteen minutes Radha ten. That's what else shot I watched MIDAS which I thought was going to like was he has all of these this also about so by this story of a lawyer and a stockbroker <hes> who ends up in this family and he's wonderful power and success he goes into relationship with the daughter of the family. It's quite lear did not hesitate about. I don't watch any starts actually the same actor thousand show call money fly. Oh Yes yes sir yes diagnosing <hes> Majesty. My Michael Dust Mite distant jerk dunk passing is him he was also in money flower Nathan had much money flat probably accent okay but it feels like a pre cream one flower germ and this happened a few years like okay is he grew up in gross. Lots of money has now has been really like he also does <hes> Kim he from six six hundred Costa. I love having I watched it. I watched three episodes of it because of how I just love which carries himself. I like the that that thing that you have that key. He is the same thing I like about. <hes> The you're one. Is that my intensity like that quite the one is woman. White mid got quite intense vessel ownership on that species are for women beautiful powerful. Love Your love your criminal no mind that is so intelligent and we just we appeals to me also interesting fact the building. Those in Midas was always also lois lawyer was it yes that's what I know is because the front of the US those truthful built and I noticed it in when it's like they do that Kim manner gotta drama vacuum wants the same house as like ten years yeah. I think what she's back to backs. Taint building also watched pre Super Freda yeah. It was Nice J. Drum. I two seven ten dying every like very nice where it's also like Russia has Muslim four. Oh yeah for sure like she's costed ourselves going in for trump goes to put black trump to find readings for travel. So why not so I've watched. I you see drama. Oh my God that is so bad girl. The WHO wants to be an enemy voice over by now the guy no not you ask you. Why did I what because this is? What's twenty episode of? What should I ask? You should fifteen as the dishes. It's new. I love to fourteen or thirteen. I asked myself that you know like at absolute fibers Wendy. You can give ready done this. So when did you can actually stop watching this thing as I yeah but you know what this as I keep seeing the sheet metal which you just committed tower authors fourteen fifteen I was like I don't joked society was executive John. They kept these that were listening. I have no idea it was stupid but basically I spent fifteen hours of my life which in the shit he is on cars mark when she is on cars ships to go and it's like I don't know why I'm rooting for. I even preferred how friends he's he's. Actually No. I mean no vast. That's up that's true. I watched prosecutor Princess. I expected more because I really like the actress she's in. I I hear your without. She was in <hes> quite why might remember her name. Yes so so I mean I watched puttick prosecutor Princess and expected more. I think that's really I really did expect more like the premise generally what got to me I think my frustration spin move consider even more but you'll <unk> to deter okay so hesitant in that principals keitel on new Jones shook was about nineteen years and has been yelled very sorry what what's active. I won't be there is what does the experience behind there is. I want to see the fun day the Gulf your girlfriend your teeny bopper girlfriend and tell me just what the premise came so yang. Thank you very much Kim so you are the story was just I watched like the first twenty committed like no Wendy. Don't do this jump to episode. Fifteen hundred yet knows like what the heck happened. I do care does the end and there's only like Ovalles. Father's confessional kills. I capable so that was I watched on uh-huh kingdom finance kingdom. Yeah wasn't bad wasn't bad I mean I called him old more after the combine the white the head of the notice Bernie this more for more but look you know the narrative like why this letter also but you can burn them apologize apologize and I went into interest and I mean the premise of the on of zombies Jewison era controlled control of power that he has a do not worry really of what fight was ups their season which is interesting kid interesting to what is good after this is also was five episodes. I guess I mean be interesting. What how the show continues but for me again the woman who has got them not but basically motherfuckers you did is your problem? That's that's it we seven days. I thought I should watch because of what the clock me on the Apac me on and no it's very sad. One out of ten story the story of her the real story is more interesting than that either. I wish it could have hit you. Someone's position on later. I watched the last oh I watch last. A sausage. I likes blast. Is such a sausage fest. It's basically boy's dream boys about this guy who fell into the into greedy scheme is everything apples dead ends up being a homeless guy so station and they a higher power and the day's top it is such a sausage. Everything's about the guys about the boys fighting voicestream what its name like interested also interested because the guy that is in <hes> Dow warned that I children Hadaka lucky sprints in character. It's the Ducal Juwan. Oh yes good guy finds. His also was the second lead last year and he's still has is Bibi phase on talking like a five year old but it was done by the girl that was in fashion at last week just as he loves yes million skinny. Do Excuse me but I really liked. It was really interesting. Then I watched on Lola's love to spoke about then because then I watch my God help Oh my God why did this. What's this chicken what yeah no I watched fifteen best ticket and if you could aids absolutely actually annoyed me now after fifty minutes zero Overton null next door? She's convicted me. Bullshit who doesn't pay rent takes her grandfather's backhaus hostage as in literally shows and allocating tells her husband hotdog gets she now says a that is in his she had his grandma and that Shunji taking kill like I used to be you had adult female you have friends working but choose to encourage you in your stupidity of taking a graph Obama's state which is gone with my gun you want what about an enemy artists weapon bitch get you hit off the osteopathic medicine. I couldn't finish it was like maybe the month I don't know ungrateful but I was just kick us. All of upset here like abrupt sounded smack upside. The people like you know sweets as now leads also because his whole thing going on about <hes> kid rows folio dream stories. There's a lot of storylines buffalo dreams about. I should be able to just working for the sake of working for you. I'm guessing it is going to increase the main drove was from whitehead is that the mill lead is very sweet. People are always Swedish no the avenue I know no. I don't think I don't give anew watching this. Show is a you serve now sledge child. That's a pretty big thing Yaacob floodlit Plunkett Rabbi Biscuits Usual Adrian Brooks Takata that John Visit Crop. The next one okay and the pipelines closer yeah so to go limbs. We watch that I fell. How's it going? I go you got kids. No one glass of water table five love the series of you watching a second time with our family around visit from perspective because his exposition which people what you expected it so I fell down the rabbit hole and was let's talk him online on instagram page is because not on Instagram is so Goddamn curated light. It is so fricking glossy then I went on the route of inputs have private life and let's technology web all the file size like Okay Wendy. This is just too sad occa- fascinating when gunfire stock was in pirates of FIS specials show along <unk> on you okay closely if Russia is wearing I don't wear them him and they didn't do their net. Are you drop her on my sister was like so it's like Oh yeah he's too skinny skinny and then go skinnier than do the not onscreen tall and skinny as like Dang Apricot guy at break him. I <music> seems strong. Yeah I do supposed to God lead video. They had their video was to move the soul that has good saw my God Komo what she i just moved with his alley a U._k.. Because the adult I should go you yes so I watched <hes> pursuing that one. I'm not watching that what bright what's God awful what's his name from from struggle theory where listen very Kim book shoes I mean I thought I thought because the goal from I can see sense and they come to me who know signal to make life on my fantasy life want me out in the first episode was even the makeup these who's meant to be you. Go get him going. They called. I was the long hair and everything I could have done that. Better the Sheila she too weak but I was like the fact that the story was just stupid. Thing took me out. It's like now. I believe you're going not believe you got this too good. That gives compete got you got you know don't yet well isn't isn't a good team and then I watched west Ostlund just very interesting. I liked it. I really everything they're rejecting. I'd WanNa says that she's still freaking annoy jazz. They got Jumba. What am I gonNA do actually such wina bitch but I was like she's young? She's the girl vows in gene on a lot of other. I like three episodes. Economic goes to wine Abed interested was the military doctor because I listen to anything else but he's one of those guys who actually came up the rocks like struggled up that <hes> and it was very it was very good. It's a bit of Terminator Motor Over Lost Year Veteran Yep yeah interesting thing when I did the research was the thing about what was offered to payback gum and this Oh really yeah but he refused it now after <hes> descend into so 'cause causes what the seal is in the Latin ready this year so I think what happened was that after imply he wants to have because because contact is sort of this shy guy who's coming out of himself. I think anyone that much ovarian Clark type tons had constitutional second stunned that bought this is what is interesting now. The young guy that was in on Westerns luck yeah he is saved guy doesn't Goblin is those same gut thousand like dead boy's ever GonNa be recess. If that boy does not blow up he will be very upset with the people like Tim in the shirt is very good. It's funny actually has good acting. Chops has been like spinach more shoes so this kid like Dang. I know that so. Let's go do that then I watched thirty seventeen. Yes I love that it will cause. I love UPI after ten wasn't naming end Shin Shin hit saws. This'll she in his son can act thing and I'll give it a try to me. I like her. I think she can't on that fucking the puzzle I saw was in strangers stringent and I love stringent Australia. Forbid Unite lobster enough at the main versus secrets as well for people dinner at suspect sports physicals yet I of cigarettes I watched that and I still had she was the prosecutor that was trying to ooh okay fine. Who which is okay then I watched the team bought seventy so I was interested in the premise was good as big tweet but as a year what it was not bad I think it was an interesting premise also but again I don't know the bugs me liking yours but that's key or third for seventeen and then I watched tribal in the legend of Dougal to the earnings of fuller's US was full follows the story of <hes> so the property was given to this kingdom said whoever has dougal owns the crop now do is activism history so that three Duga sisters one is the first daughter who let them Sean in Hawaii? The second is the is a concert by daughter who also wants pound and the last who actually is who end up marrying the real king as a John's. We've got only dreams about obviously the usual bullshit now the story of against the story where the real life is much more interested in the dramatisation of it because I felt in the first episode I felt I was too contrived. I felt that it was too <hes> I think it was just took the chance to do too much and then to a lot of juxtaposition yet to me in watching that particular show but then it sounds actually another show called something do so the premise of the story basically do is do is meant to be chose one of shows queen of the Chinese particular Improv and their relationship was so different than before because they have any concubines when was that all had attention any had was there uh chose frugal she was supposedly somebody who really brought into the four and change the way that things were done. She's going him to the court and stop with him outside the court and the court on the talk and I've answered by him at the same time he region the way that Jackie Munnich life after the way that she supposedly remove her firstborn son from from being crump and end up being improv because I should watch funding to headmistress as concubines and was supposedly spendthrift so she put her younger son she protagonist son to be an pro. The problem is that the other person was doing <hes> was subterfuge to make happening this by the way and having that the older son was not good enough right standard after the father and is believed that he killed his father the emperor and then he actually brought by the worst despotic government in Chinese history. Wow how many absences drop what he wants to join with real life or any how how many absences <hes> weighing the thing about Chinese ones is way too fucking role. I know I watch Keiichi now. Heaven Hich is a fifty twenty two drummer episodes which is basically to be honest sixteen studies on it and it falls the true story of King what's his name. He is a rookie Oakland right so it was the rule of king some things on Hubris about the great how many which is considered successful of the Justin eras he brought about a broad stronger on the gene it Roosevelt Roosevelt stronger legislation around of corruption within the Royal Family he listened to people are moved away from the concept of Noble Noble Obligation and party more to the people what about sense of democracy or some college it really works with men have right to vote under have right to speak but that different than all together and it was one of the most beloved Jason King's ever now in watching the division of it. I was quite interesting because because I mean it wasn't but I give us. I think it was it wasn't bad but his where my shoes now <hes> the men lead female actress in it who I really wasn't replacements ninety four year Gohar go Hara now there was no chemistry and an nil lead so that John j-o-h-n Johnny Wu because I emphasise coming from military yeah where doesn't I'm sorry I wasn't desperate enough the military did they do an absolutely new to this federal masking. They're trying to force nine anywhere should be being the most on incorruptible ooh head Phoebe look about him and just we just has reached shine about something like that now. The interesting thing was good but I think it should to comedy those comedy. I was like I see the copy around the edges but it is yes. Yes struggled. Were Straddling Knox quite succeeded the best. Cut to the personal best rates among yeah shit crazy was not he was not like what I have seen him side before show follow accent him that's in him in the show called on deductibles numb anyway. I didn't like that. I was seven of everything I did. It was like I'm Joan. Why why why I'm Joan what <hes> what should I was like you know was the best like he was Ben? Spiral into crazy and exceptional crazy deep level of crazy like Dang do those really good acting and their accuracy is the pathway was like you look at you and you said is just drive crazy arteries. The act was good <hes>. They'll be very funny was. I don't think I'd noticed juiston shoes. I don't know why it had like Jenn opinion that well. It's not this and maintain the giants to get to John's neutral good into us. The judge is like a giant Michael need some very good things without Lisa appreciate you so. I think that's about like I told you I watch a lot of fans because you know why was interesting well. That's what scent of a woman Oh I watched gentlewoman starring Michael in yeah get an most his face as well the guy in Dublin yeah gobbling support actor like I watched. It sounds like well well. I mean it's like to love Korean. People struggled without the Illinois that is weird payoff in it. I watched it for the woman. I really watch goodness to be other. Let me just say things. Oh I watch Miami or not what okay let's go back to that. 'cause I was headed and then I'm so and then the one thing I also not no last because tell you Alaska telling a berating you about the show so just watch it regarding the gobbling up. Oh Yeah I think we talked about it. They know didn't because of that okay touchy Harlech you'll hats and I was like you know we talked about did because you don't talk about then he was out with the Beata got cutoff okay through when we redid it. Did I don't WanNa see 'cause I remember having this conversation. We did have like episode seven. I had to drop off because we'll show to advocacy or just glossy or just to. I'm very who I know. We definitely talked about because I said let's look on the show. Okay we did talk about because we have this conversation. You were like yeah. We'll see no yes. It's a little odd but he's like really good. They had good huddle year. I'm not okay. It doesn't record attenuate. Yes it syrupy. It is very <hes> tweet twee but I think that the only actress could put off with you. ANA possibly vote. She was so looking through some bits the actually locked out loud. Yes it wasn't consistent and I think it could have ended where added that it did as in the in taking all the shows I watch it's not bad competitive shows. There's I've seen maybe that's why I'm like you know. It's actually listen to some shit. I've seen this. I am not denying your choices in your shoes. I just for me yeah for me. That's not still by. I was excited. I I saw that I that I was getting diabetes. I couldn't do ten thousand eight. Also I think I mentioned last time we recorded. I finally what tend to cause. It goes but anyway that's that's talking yeah where you went down your before the goal very heavy tool robbing home yeah that was like Oh God. That's something about 'cause that's been flushes is my age so yes. I've talked about what if you want to smoke a little bit seen. Oh I finished watching amendments so I I've finished secret life of my secretary betide King King Quang Okay. Let's call him and Ginger Q. and Kim Jae Kyung among basically he's a guy who has the face recognition disease always forget what it's cold because this is this very complicated yeah it's featured in every some drums you probably have watched the air it milly the with hotter than what you decide doesn't harvests but yeah so I had victory and he has a disease and basically she ends up pretending she somebody else in order to don't spoil it does it's. It's I think the standouts in this show is Kim kyong she used to be in this band called Rainbow. Oh I remember them really like our. I was like remember that she's a rainbow should not actress but she's she was so good in this. She plays a captive hold. The NASA got Vanessa Kim and the way she said like Vanessa Kim. She's brilliant. She's stand out of this show. She plays cable of a family owned cinemas something well everything but she's in charge of the cinemas <hes> statements portion of empire but it's she's brilliant in there I think she acted ginger. Q. And I think she's a good actress of the screen has comedy was called has a company even he should be really good so severely my secretary. It's okay very twee but it's all right kind of what K Y K does when he does romantic dramas denies finished my golden life and that Starchy Nissan and pucks you who I was in two minds of watching because puck she who and his bullshit. I'm what you're watching. What is okay whereas question Michael volume like Lucia has John's question Colorado? Everything 'cause that Dude had ellen what you because of him but I was like Oh yeah I was watching him as well. I think what she's new drama where the fuck that was called the came out in November last year too which I didn't like it the buttle bubble no definitely that's not it was <hes> I don't know it's something that it's scary. It's scary. I didn't red wings. 'cause I remember that on the thing he's doing is bullshit. I've been was cold <hes> but yeah I was in to mice to watch it but I want to cause a sheen his son because Korea I absolutely love I think she's an amazing actress and she's still under as it non rated actually because she gets a decent. She's just starting because I think she I think she just picking up complaints seventeen owner. She's been acting for years. She was in family dramas to be fun. Yeah shows and family dramas. She was doing bit parts but it was five children that basically blew hot <hes> basically made her nationwide famous because she and so hyun in one of his only bearable rules where brilliant and that that's three light was really really good with the best thing in five children and obviously she's done other stuff but I just think she's fantastic. She's one of the few actresses all watch it shaped by droplets on my work because of this by saying but you you're watching all the guys are jerks but Oakland down good example the mother who is kind of weird the she's like a number we can drama legend. She's in about fifty five or the ones that are easy to rich master which one because she's actually a few cage on what else we the Lucy as well the poor mom she's just gone. I know I know I was a big Aleph. Yes so basically stories about family have twin daughters. I think two sons and one day they find out that actually one of the daughters is actually was of some of the word didn't kit now well she was she was about so yes golden life really good the actress the mother actress the other actors are very very intense yeah. They're they're. They're in tons and then there's a sisters will sister the sister the triple system cable Cisco yeah the youngest sister Yeah Yeah and then there's a guy who is from you know that we actually he's in <hes> interview interviews and in this is the younger brother Yeah. I knew this new series of cold now again Google wacky continue as well. It's it's good. I've watched off fifty two episodes an emmy down with it so I could watch it on something always. Yes skipped <hes> but it's it's okay I wouldn't. It's not up there. I've always said this. The grits may drama is farther bobby strange. I really enjoyed that drama and this one is okay. It's okay I think she shinkin young get something else. I've Nettie finished because I think the finale is this next weekend is W.. W. Dot search coach. I'm watching that about three men that work in the search engine portal business as Tammy chess try hyun and Sunday Kyun and basically about a live and how it basically the saxophone much but I'm watching at the moment. It's really good but I think the O._T._p.. which features I'm John King Young? I love drenching young. I think he's great. I watch kid 'cause kid. It was rubbish. It was actually rubbish. Come and hug me best thing so I think that's what's that goodwill coming. Hermes what's propelling people's support his career but he's he's awfulness when he really is. I can't just work it out by just think he and nailed the the name female don't have Cam Israel and I do not like that story. I do not root for them. I think is contrived. Right I don't know a- done like because I know absurd one because like you're trying to drive me to be here. Watch yes interest in acting like something around the reacted milk home media after something happened I didn't I don't know it's a good show. The best character is China. Just gone it. Oh you're that has story it was she was the main cause even high lobster right. Yes yes I down but the main lead like if you're watching it for the main lead story it's she has cactus fantastic love story. The plans around ties bullshits is almost like you watch her story what scholars story on the other lady story but you take the love three as minority. It's so annoying because John McCain young. I'm rooting for you but you just kick Brigham Boston. What's wrong with us? <music> agent show 'cause invite this thing sometimes lie so if there's some they'd be getting some feedback during the Aaron and the rattlers trying to tweak it as those going it just is even offers represent exactly. We'll be watching all but I'm not gonNA like that. Also got is awesome so that's W._W._w.. Shirt she's very good. I'm still watching before we get married is so so that's definitely go. Show is China Taiwan issue. It's one episode every week. So Low Ping comes on Friday stubbed stopped by Sunday evening. I want you to day and you see that's why I can buy it because I just have to have the dumb because I'd get frustrated by scrape. This sounds good thing about it is just too good. It's how many episodes so far the six the six episodes. I didn't know how many total I think it's I think it's under twenty. It's just so good it's about the way weighs about Mary. How successful fiance okay but then she meets the sky who basically a mix a question of the relationship or whether she should go through it on the surface and the first episode I will say as a warning you will be triggered and you will go what the fuck log other watches did but stick with its 'cause? It's really good. I think this is the best thing I've seen go do on 'em very surprised about Jespin knew he was a good actor by revive k. going on just relieve some award recently just been right or fire but I love that shirt <unk> been highly style. Pardon is special being highly the problem with the let's put it that way so good though so much that as well done Oh yes I'm listening watching and this is on the side of finish it but I'm watching. I love you yet so one of the first dramas I watched was in time with you you in time of you is the blood classic is a time of need drama. I think a lot of people new facility there on everybody Eilly there on these two friends the women's about ten thirty and basically we still be friends for a very long time and this basically is the stories about how come from friends to lovers whole. I think I've seen you might you might feed yeah anytime of you. Yes about the fog light that they Biz on the blow. It says about <hes> make a bet yes anytime even is a classic and everyone if you're going to watch any version of that story watch the Taiwanese version. It's made way more inventive destroys. Bats are the original story story. I say this because the about four different remakes this time when the in love which is Korean remake which is crop and this evolution of this was last year the Chinese remake. I watched it it was it was okay. The Chinese made it longer and there's a section of the database convoked drama really needs to do and now there's a Japanese remake called yet which is on Vicki. I watched the first two episodes yesterday yesterday and it's basically following the Taiwanese version but it's not as inventive as it so I don't live in. We'll continue because I think of watch these version same with that. They did the Chinese remake of age of youth called use. Our current version occurred just far superior China national like two years ago but the this is successful you to just think we're digging dumb. Just watch the free version of pushing subs on it. I'm but if I just said and is not coming Thai remake as well. It's almost mysterious kiss. When everyone was like we can do a best version receives kiss kiss the best version the Japanese version actually women in in time time with you is in the actually the original version of mischievous yeah any Chinese version of it? She's actually regional type shows like I know why okay why but yes. It's okay but I'm probably not going to finish it. I dropped level up. Level Up is a show with Song Hyun as much as they like song here and I really want his career to blossom. He just doesn't pick the right projects. He was the one in mice I kill the celebrity picked up his yeah. He's this whom I didn't yes to be some very good the area Lynn are she's great yeah. She's in the one dies in time with buddy but I don't. I don't have to deputies acting now. As I said that's thing is done is five children. People mentioned Lucky Romance which is now Vicky Lock your masses immigratio. This is new should've love which is just like ten minutes. Okay why why it's so bad just just the love the yeah. He's basically guy to help businesses then crisis. Oh I saw that bad. Don't waste your time. I mean you know you know like I was five minutes and I was it. NOPE NOPE nope. I'm trying to remember. What was the chew Golsen theme? There's nothing table just playing an asshole yeah then I'm still watching absolute boyfriend still okay when I finish it. I'll give a a proper review. I think it's very long though I thought it was gonna be fifty five episodes but it's forty so hey we'll see <hes> and then this awesome SA- temporary which I'm going to watch as well as the guy that was in the show over that Wendy didn't like it's all clean now so but this one is quite serious about like <hes> bullying in the secondary school so I think I was they went back or something like that that he was he was a lawyer and there's something happened because he's synopsis was a lawyer. Then something happens that he takes on a case that might ruin his career so he goes back to school and then when he was just that's the one so I'm going to watch I I I started watching the watcher still come June. 'cause I love soup pattern. I don't love him does different now. I think he's a good actor and even though you shoes he stuff he picks always interesting like it was very charm. Which I liked seats yeah he was also in obviously shed windows from Gola number trap cheese cheese in it wasn't she's a new triumphs zone? What happens my family and watch our? He plays a police officer. I watched the first episode. It's very business. Reminds me a bit of <hes> I a secret spoke of a senior as don't ask but is quite interesting so yet it. Does it shows I'm watching now. I'm just going to end a one which dropped its Japanese. Show called Coffee Vanilla. I read the web tune Gosh share and even the web tune I thought was it bit very Japanese in the sense that the woman is treated like objects and is all about this guy was okay interesting finish reading the website. I thought it was a bit logistic so there was a show and the show features the two actors from pundits from Good Morning. Cole is a show on that flex the Japanese show net flicks and the three main actors to the neen actress in the second lead actually in this show so okay interesting to see how it's like. It's bullshits. Please stay away from it. If you off fourteen you might think very romantic and sweet and loving but it's this is not for religious materials is bullshit. It's bullshit. It's bullshit. It's visual suggesting very he's imme- and there's no way Amanda meets on the one hour. Is this possessive. It's this is it's as wrong. What an awful into stock stock chrish possessive? It's it's just very very fringy yet did not support right okay Lou. What are the next thing? I want to talk about her life. Yeah Okay so so you had spoken about her private life before you told him how much she loves Hungary. What what is it and then I watched it? I actually watched it. I wish he'd just ended so I just love you being watched it and I really really liked it. I have young and then you know nobody owns. The woman Kim Jae Wook Doc Goodman Simpson Kim Jong Kesselman patio came to your guy pacman youngest woman. Yes thank you yes. He's the guy that was in coffee. Prince notice coffee. Prince was also excellent that I liked. And that's what you wish although those armed out that we like that as in discovery of luck discovery of law Yan temperature of large aperture discovery of luck with them Eric yes so I voted to see him because he's copies of course what of those shows was not. The main character was supporting actor to see him as a main actors quite interesting Ari goals. What's name no yes? It was go ryan go by Iran Gold Lyon Ryan Means Lion in Korean angle and there was this obviously falls museum curator who was looking forward to you coming museum director because he had this crazy easy as heck museum director of course she was also a boss replies netted netted yes yes and she should go. Come the director and then this other comes in called Ryan goal got the rooster is not just about how like in the artistic world it's also a private life hence you know on the five day she is. She's a young man with that's just misspoke support to support the young pilot who does that. Can you really call. It's ideal by the I really. I really enjoy I love the the innovative character romance stories that she chose follow her dreams to us the end of it and was like dependent on the fact that this guy is doing something on something I also I loved them so the the governments in Sky Castle yes he also share so in this is what I was interested to see. I the very different Scottie headed cable cable agenda title for some really Nice stuff all the way into that and then of course now the guy played the K pop idol. I had this in a lot of things with this with those. I think I was looking at some reviews and then I saw this guy said oh how like I don't think it's anything no. He's a singer. Yes I knew again I just I just so many aw weird but I think it was such an interesting. Take on <hes> on the fundamental the happens in Korea and it was very interesting. I think as I watched that I watched I was watching eighteen at watched inside inside story story big issue as what became sure that's upset about this. Some STAKA taxis to Sung Sung gets on saying yes. I know what town where they go they make sense of this bang stalkers attack level obsession with as opposed to Takasugi because you've actually being because these goals are vicious insane the stone when they egged her yeah. Oh my your boyfriend like I don't get that do I don't get that wish explains of them by the fact that in where she was the umbrella thing on Stein understand that but you know he's not you know I agree that your boyfriend splendid makes sense but it's still not their real life. That's on that you know what that's different but even still doesn't make sense to me. I think I honestly I have read some stuff about these crazy girls. I actually put why what was that was. No you wear non crushes. Did I even my height of like I elect some boy band backstreet. Boys can think of Goto was after Baxter Braids. Remember now be to cave. Li like that I would but it was not the sense of going are definitely birth. Friends among will be called Graham calling. I remember Bob because he's not my mom's also like to nine and you know it's bizarre. I know plus you know something said that we hunting everybody's psyche and the cultural job growth is culturally grew up in the environmental group in nature joblessness coming to plan committee. I think when we grow up and how much is on there who are passionate. I'm passionate about Christina. You know which will be a habit but you're not harming anyone but what you're doing well my wrist wrist giving us free thoughts gloves exactly I'd have I think I think everybody has their passions passions but I do it is brought to answer but I think that crazy okay this level of Chris Obsessing for urgent this dockers and so yeah private life definitely definitely. We like to give you some of a ten to someone with some good if that were not necessary I basically Fuss Pot's offered but I think somebody would tend. It's a good study number. I agree I'm not saying I think it's popping young to to me as to her classic chemistry terms because I think she's on fire the moment Toronto comedies I mean I'd like to something else but if this is choice released one every two years hey I think you plus gopher admits park to go pasta. A summit came on the oldies artistic projects other the rain Sammy do what you do what you need on that each doing okay. I didn't actually pick assured that we recommend this time round. <hes> I'm trying to think of my head now. I'm already done reply series gun interview Air Major V. Series as well. We've done Goblin. We've done <hes> secretary. Kim I things generally for the jewelry consults my list of my drama Louis so if everyone out there just you know host tight-lighted thing because I I should have done this before. It's also that anything so we see what is currently signed like five minutes two sons because I tell club through the dish. You Ain't GonNa Happen. You know what I'm not. I didn't actually watch this. Could you didn't because everyone else was the family wasn't feeding it which I think he's a really good. Show fight my way fight my way with my return. That's all yeah so actually want to go back on. Watch that real show so I had to say I find my way because I had reached out watching it but I wasn't really buttons the the premise I mean I've read in much of the shows but typically sex acquit Secretary Kim it comes up for him as a really good show something I will watch it I will it's on my list. It's not a top of my list of things to watch what is on my list of things I should watch air yeah and so it would be very interested to see you'll be interesting to see if I like it my way I might winter says him. She needs puncture June <hes> who wasn't circuitry Kim. It's I think it's probably one of his career. bests are really like the show <hes> <hes> it's for people is June. Kitri One Song K. Hyon and Angie Cheung and jae-hyung was in reply nineteen eighty was the brother who couldn't pass exams and Kim Joo won. It was the <hes> second lead in the sense of Sun as well. It's I think it's hilarious. It was one of the first kid remers I watched and these full friends with your friends for a long time the move from the country to soul basically pursue their dream says one of the senior dreams kind of thing should rise called fight my way <hes> even though he is also if I if you know fighter as well a kick kick box but it's it's very very funny. It's very it shows a lot about what young people are going through incurring terms of finding jobs <hes> what is expected of them and they have that same career William dog or pig meaning that whether you some of sightsee it's powder over whether they are somebody who basically doesn't achieve anything. I think it's delves into that as well as being funny and talking about love is love story as well up. I really liked my way when my little brother saw this. He said that he actually cried. That doesn't okay don't cry but maybe I think also even late nights. He was Louis throughout time as well when he switched. It cents a Bushel but it's it's very very good. I would definitely recommend fight my way. It's I seen that it's now in ethics as well. If you have netflixing have Vicki gotcha noodle metrics exactly sixteen episodes hilarious there some there some choices are made at the end. I was like okay doesn't quite marry but I can take it <hes> but the story is good and I really enjoyed this. This show's there as well is one of the most adult shows I've seen in the sense of is adults talking about relationships in plain language not in the way that is usually curbed or made for TV so I found it quite interesting that he'd spoke very plainly as well this much helpful downing. I know he's going to be second new sexual but I don't think I mentioned in the position to talk about me near Guy. Sorry guys listen the Genus Keith Kane words UNECESSARILY slurring but definitely my buddies feeling like my age and it's right next. What do the next yeah do? I think that it for also like Disease Rato's finals on the Ingraham. Sarah view less interweb boss I.

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