LTYH w/ Tyler C, Dylan, Hannah G + Interview w/ OBX Stars Rudy Pankow & Jonathan Daviss


what's up everyone? It's chicks of the office with Rian. Fran giving you that Friday energy on Thursday. This is a huge episode so we are not going to have that much of an intro. We got half Outer Banks Half Bachelor. It's everything chicks in the office. Listeners could ever dream of an lives a little sprinkle baby baby news yes in a little analogy regal and of course this podcast is brought to you by. Macy's our favorite place to shop right now. We're getting all of our alpha. One quarantine is over. We got all of our lounge wear from macy's and of course they're brute beauty products as well and mother's Day is coming up soon Shopping macy's to get a gift for your mom exactly Rian. I have both bought things for our moms from macy's I know that they are going to love it. And unique products skin care. I mentioned last week that I bought a four zero. The little you know face cleanser machine thing that people's you see nine scream everywhere I've used it for a few days now and so far so good. I'm not going to give my full review but so far I love it. I feel like my skin. Looks Great So they have all these amazing things that you can truly just get all together on macy's you can get your clothes your new for your new makeup stuff everything by severe mom and you can check out. All of our looks at macys dot com slash six in the office. There is France. So let's get into the show we have gee-gee hadeed pregnancy news with Zane. We'll talk about that. We also have Tyler Cameron finally joining the show. As well as energy and Dylan entrant we do. Listen to your heart. Recap kind of. It's it's a mixture of recap with just some fun. You guys will enjoy it. And we have our interview with a Rooney and Jonathan Davis From Outer Banks Aka J J. M. Pope. They are wonderful. So let's get into it. Starting off with G G had beaten scene. I was passed and by far the craziest news that we have received. This year is that GD Adid is pregnant with Zan's child. This is outrageous. I am so happy for them. Congrats THEM WHAT. Who would us all this coming? It is absolutely insane. I think this was the most like you said. Most unexpected thing ever Judy Zane have obviously they have the history. It's been they've been together for a long time on and off recently mostly off and then we saw them again. Like January ash Now it's almost may add Bam. They are having a baby. Tmz confirmed it now. I think some people were skeptical. Like is this true as it's not true. I feel like it's definitely true. And now we have all these clues that seem like Gee gees twenty. Fifth Birthday Party was also a gender reveal party. Yes I mean. They had the balloons. One balloon had pink. String one balloon had a blue string also detectives on the Internet figured out that gee-gee had a bag that said hey little one on it and Bella Hadid had covered it with an Emoji on her story but like I said detectives on the Internet figured out a bag is actually a baby gift bag and TMZ has also reported that they are having a baby girl have learned so this honestly it almost brings a tiered. My I feel so happy for them like you said they weren't really seeing I think it was more like December. They were seen together Again it was roundly. Yulon was burnt. They insane they have a shower bad thing and we saw them around that time us and they she's like five months. Pregnant now are almost five months pregnant. They say she's twenty weeks along so she's been pregnant for awhile and of course she's a supermodel so it's Kinda hard to tell when supermodels are pregnant. I mean they have this amazing physique that yeah they don't get pregnant pregnant light regular people and also they know all the tricks like the right close to where they can probably hide it But like you said I want to be. I want to be really happy for them. It's crazy because Zane is one of the most mysterious celebrities. There is honestly. I truly believe that. Zane is an absolute mystery There are all these rumors about him. You see all these rumors about him. And it's it's just. I feel like because he is an introvert and he lives. It's very hidden lifestyle that people have all. These may be assumptions about him. But then again there are also just terrible things and you see these blind items or crazy days and nights anti lawyer saying you know that he is in bad shape. But I don't know it's so hard because you see baby news. They seem so happy therefore I am happy for them and going to try in knock out the negative energies energy and rumors. And just Kinda like forget those exists. I agree with you. I feel like you can't harvest on these rumors because they're rumors we don't yell anything about saying we don't know him personally at all. It makes sense now looking back when GDP class back at Jake Paul when he was roasting saying on twitter and I was like he went back to his room like respectful king so he was being respectful king because she was pregnant with his child which you love to see and I hope that Zane is in a good place. I hope that. Gd's a good place. And I mean what a time to be pregnant. I mean you gotta stay at home anyway. It's great that she's getting a break from modeling at this time so she can focus being. I saw a tweet. That was one this I mean. The baby is going to be gorgeous. Obviously and to this baby being born into this family. Where like gee-gee is her her mother Zane Father? And then you have like aunt do Alita and like sage. Just it's so crazy that the you know the world that that is their their life but I mean so excited. Ambala the whole thing like uncle the weekend. I don't know the weekend. It's just is really crazy and a high of God. I hope that and like you said I feel like they are just going to stay on the farm in Pennsylvania ride it out and maybe announce something when the actually born. Yeah I feel like that. Might be the case where maybe get a little a little announcement of some sort usually I think. Gdp would like come out be like these rumors aren't true if they weren't true so go ahead and believe that it's real and just say congrats to them. We have our listen to your heart. Recap that's kind of a recap not really a recap with Tyler Dylan Hannah Trent. It is fantastic and of course the whole time guys. 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Cheers refreshing podcasts. All right everyone time could welcome to the show. Hannah trend is yeah. I'M NOT GONNA be able to properly introduce this. I know that no no no. We're GONNA use that one. Because we WANNA see show people have noxious you are and that in a suite of you. Tyler. You are finally here on the show in his April. You set October months early baby. That was coming. I'm just GonNa let you roll with that joke. We'll let you have that one dylan and Hannah very excited to have you here on this show before. Hannah's first time welcome we are going to recap listen to your heart. Trent is with us as well when we asked trying to do this. He was like you guys. Sure that's not going to be too much. I thought he was trying to get out of it but here no. I wasn't trying to get out of it. I just know how these things worth. We have six people on this. It's going to be a lot of people hopefully not talking over each other. But I'm very interested to see how this goes right. Your Voice Matters. Yes everybody needs to be heard at the San especially especially when we're talking about the show. Which does your back get sore back. Ever get sore from what carrying the show. I don't care show come on. Someone saw that one coming. Rian for you. Oh Yeah I'm sure honestly. Let's talk about it whenever we do put out a podcast with Trent. I see all these girls tweeting at Trenton. Owing trend you were still on the podcast and yet I refresh on a Mike. Okay waiting for me and Fran you know waiting for some shoutouts. It's just I see a re tweeting. People were like great episode today and they only tag tram like what the fuck was. The only reason that is and I think we've talked about it before is because they just can't believe that I talk about the shows guy. I do not have the face for a person who talks about these shows. So it's just different. You guys talking about the reality. Tv that's sort of you know kind of what you guys do me. I can't believe that I'm talking about and that's the only reason you're a pleasant surprise. But yeah he was on credit in that. I'm not going to because I really think. That's the reason God all right. Well let's get started on the recap Fran. Why don't you take us from the beginning? Because I don't. I don't really remember much about this episode. That's because number one number one there was like no actual. I feel like live. Tweeting are live. Tweeting was just hit one so much shade at Ryan. It was just boo. I am absolutely destroyed. Tyler you tweeted that you you said when reassess read it's over for that person and I feel like Fran can also attest that lighter if you piss me off. There's something about it but I just I can't I can't let go of it. It's like Ryan told me to settle down. Let's explain what happened to the people who are listening. I didn't see the tweet me ask me room. Yeah we were attacked last week. Were tweeting more Ryan. There wasn't enough Ryan all support of Ryan because we love Ryan all of a sudden this girl Tags Ryan on instagram with our tweets and he writes. We all need love. Y'All settled down settled down Ryan. We're showing you love and support you want me to settle down so then what I did. I proceeded to settle down settle. Yeah She Ryan. Officially cancelled in terms of destroyed started doing a little bit. But like this thing was at the end would Ryan ripped it like performance with a Tasha and as I don't WanNa say say your a great nephew investor that yeah I did I. I knew that was too much but whatever nothing you could have said was meaner than what Jason Mraz did Ryan So. I think the best doesn't show. That was the best part of the whole episode. Why don't we start by gone high like we all texted her so happy like how I am right now. Like I can't stop smiling thinking back on Jason Mraz like I had dreams about it last night. The first suggests Person same test what we were saying hundred great point. I was watching him. I was like do people stop Jason Mraz on the side of the street and take pictures with them and stuff like I didn't what he looks like never seen before. I think I have seen him before but I think I would walk past him. And then turn around and be like Oh. I think that might have been Jason Mraz and then continued by day. Your good name of people. That's so you'd be very good at that. I would be if I walk past on the street. That guy looks like that crude drawing on the Jason Mraz Album. I say looks like Jack Johnson Silicon Valley or the studio. Yes that's right because I love that. Show one no. I don't but I thought that was The show Fran told me I wasn't far enough to watch. That was a that. Was the big short we. That's like when Christian Bale. When I found out he had an accent. That's kind of like what it was finding out. What Jason Mraz looks like? He has an accent. That Christine Battle has an accent is British need. Yeah Yeah what. It's it thinks Australia L. shows anywhere single. Okay we'll back right. Yeah all right British okay. All right we're starting to recap. We're starting from the beginning guys. I've tried to do this. We're starting from the beginning. And he's a legend like three chicks fact to back to back and then this episode gets canceled. Okay well sorry he got destroyed okay. We'll talk about it later on the episode started. Chris Harrison told them all that this was the final group. They had to pair up like nobody else. Nobody knew was gonNA come in and Savannah and Brandon decided that they were GonNa stay together and Julius Kinda got screwed and Julia like I tried to. Joy tried to shit on Savannah. I mean should on Brandon to Savannah. it all kind of went to ship because Brandon stayed with Savannah. What did you guys think about Julia? Kind of losing losing her cool Julian from the top of my charts last week to the bottom still had a driver but at the say. Hannah I don't. I'm worried well. I said Julia Julia. Wears Lilly Pulitzer and he's just I just nothing against live? Took she does and I just feel like. I don't know I was with her after you high school too. That's why I was scared. She handled the whole thing very like she she was meeting. She was very mean to to Savannah. I thought she sort of losing the the last episode and then the way. She handled everything today or last night. Supper sewed it just downhill big time. I mean but then she turned some scary too far. This never mind quite well. It hasn't shared guys. Sheridan's elite respectful. King yes I agree no I I don't like Julie I like last week. I don't like her as much this week. She seems I don't know sh the way she goes about doing things and obviously I don't want to jump ahead but like when they're talking about I don't have feelings for Brandon. She's just a Liar. She's a big time like yeah. What did you guys think about Gabe? Shuna shot with Savannah and getting absolutely destroyed absolute showdown Portland. You show tile. I thought Victoria bar to hear Dave Dave Bush shooting. Sean P whatever happened yes. She blew her. I think they were tweeting. Something she was like sorry. I heard on yes. She's getting your hair done David. Like don't don't make me look fool and then like clapback there but I don't know I really should be okay. I'm definitely no. I said. Gabe poor poor game like said that the only way he would stay was if he was paired up with Savannah and Savannah. Shut him down. I feel like I came out of left field. That was the ultimate hail. Mary like whatever. Toss it up move so I didn't feel that bad 'cause I don't think he really cared that much. Yeah and then Ruby. Wake because there's really ruby got sued Sosa because gave kept right. Yeah yea gave captured within one game left like Ruby. Had to go home to this bridge back. Why didn't marry Marianna? I'm with you on Alan Tyler. She was beautiful. She killed that blue dress on the rose ceremony. Big Ma remember the collar for draft. Your Shot Tyler. But but somebody choosing the Bachelor or Paradise. They need to keep keep around. I don't know I don't think she got had like nearly enough time. Do these words do they go to Paradise. I don't think it's that's either confirmed nor denied but I bet you. If somebody was liked enough they could definitely go to. Paradise would be my guess. If there's a yeah that I think I guess yeah. My thought was a soon as you're on a bachelor show like you're eligible. I don't know if anyone on this show has made an impact to the point. Where like we gotTa have this person on Paradise but I think theoretically they could help out. I hope for Tyler. Is I tyler steak that none of these guys go to paradise still his ass Jusuf. Aren't you going tyler? I can't give has dealing on the podcast just to just hundred campaign banned from Paradise Heart. I'm I'm full tyler Now if Tyler Paradise You'd absolutely just get ruined. They would make you look show mad. Oh my God I'm Gonna I'm GONNA be honest. I feel like it would just be like all downhill because a great rise that they'd be like all right. We need to have them fall. What else are we more harshly? More and more good for everybody. I'm a one woman. Kinda Guy Tyler. Yes show in doesn't look at you. You know it was there in all you wanted and Look Cute. They are and they're matching tie. You'll see they make me sick still got it still got it hasn't been. Has it been a year yet now? Almost it's almost been a year since we met each other. Yeah Dylan Zack. Dylan calls me after senior dude. I just met Hannah and I am all by going to paradise. I'm going to like like Dylan. Have this plan for like months and I had no clue that he liked me at all being Bolivia. No no no no. He was very closed off. Like I I remember like I went home nine or whatever and I was like. Yeah I think it's more of a friend thing I guess like Hughes. Your verify zone do sounds. I've friends owner blad down a little hard to get from the beginning. Glad to play hard t shirt and keep it. I tried to give her searcher house like they've dropping off white. I need a deal we can. We Really Nice. It was off. Why am I still have it if you wanted? By the way we talk about the the rolling loud log for a second. Because now that we're all together we can. We can address the fact that everyone thought I'd Dylan was an absolute psycho ever lane. Come back for this one. Yeah yeah no come back on. I just filmed it. And then uploaded the footage together. The music was actually it is. They're playing out loud the whole time on the more he deserves were Spielberg after that. I appreciate Tyler support. I'm here for you know. Maybe what feels separately differently if it was if it was and I didn't alter anything taller would be tolerant field different if it was the girl he's running with on. Tmz THE OTHER DAY LA. Oh this is going to go that way. Okay and so actually is into your heart is is definitely a great recap people are people are like? Wow they did such a great job talking about that. Well this was like when we did the finale. The Bachelor in Paradise Finale Dylan. And then tyler came and then we did not talk about Bachelor in Paradise Finale. So they're getting a recap mixed in with some actual fun because let's be real this show. It's tough not the best I though last night was the best episode. Though for being honest the first two were strong. I thought yeah I thought last night once you start mixing in the musical component like in a real way. I think that's way more fun than I agree. I really like singing singing. I really enjoyed because some of them are actually really good so it is different but it is definitely it is definitely less drama and also we never really were told like what these people would win if they won the show and then Chris Harrison was like you guys like when you win you get to on tour like there wasn't I think that's the only prize. We not really like a bridge. Is this the prize? That is that you go right now. That's the fries. Nobody shows up out there too like empty coffee shops. I know I'll be any fresh air today. I have actually. It's a beautiful day today guys but is there anything can sure you're right so I don't know not fully there after meeting cash on the same level last night? I'll be real. I ate an edible and it started hitting around the same time catches started hitting. I think Trent sent a picture that was cashew. Like he was like this. Is You right now? One hundred percent. Why were cash and Jason Mraz there with? We're not there yet because he gets. That's what I'm saying. Okay anyways let's let's we'll go and order here. We'll go backtrack okay. We're backtracking so Chris Harris End. The couples are finalized. He says Woo Hoo if you win. You're going on tour. Yeh and Julia she stuck with Sheridan even though even though she's really does not want to be with him. let's talk about Brandon saying to Savannah's face like us like you. You can either do this or you can go home and cry. It was very grown. Yeah and then. She started laughing right which do laughed. I was like that was funny. I was like I'm going to stay here and cry our like you. WanNa do this or you. WanNa go home and cry like okay. I'm starting to realize there was some parts of the show that I missed out just from thinking about what I was. GonNa tweet about Ryan. I don't remember this might try to see a song. France we I was. I was deeply this. It was an interesting move on his part. I think he's playing the bad boy game but he just come. He did not come out of that looking while at all Danny and BECCA got a date. Now Trent do finally know who those people are. Ado No yeah they. They had to give them a date. Jeff so we can kind of get to know them a little better. I will say when Danny and Becca. I came on the screen last night. I did not know Becca was I had no idea who that was But yeah it's I mean it didn't last long obviously. They ended up going home at the end but there was kind of weird part all right. Now we're there. We're at the day to day. Spa Spoiler Danny. They sent me home. Dallas Dylan's when we know that much alike we just have the suicide in Somerset it was Ryan Ryan. Seacrest had a baby. That would be so right. Something love to have a baby with Ryan. Seacrest legal shape head. I think really what it is when the same shape head and then hair like does the same thing his. Here's super high. I feel like it's not high. It's like boy. Look you know but I feel like you could get your hair like that if you try. Daniel Yeah Danny stiles it that way. Better doing all the responses. I got your definitely the Ba- people were calling him dollar store Dylan which I thought was pretty funny. That's good hey listen. We're we do not endorse anyone. Version of dill. I like the dollar store not him. There's nothing wrong with the dollar store that's true. That's true tyler. Degree point dollar freeze. Tyler's poured a shot of smirnoff drinking their tie No one rated vodka and here there. That's right I got the job. Of course the chicks office segment are cores. Light Beer our modeling into that screen chat screech out that and send it to sales right back to the recap where we're yes. Danny. And Babka go on their date. They got to try and fancy clothes before they all got to sing. They all got assigned songs and they all practice and whatever and Julia Julia League was started to go crazy. She lost her shit as Brandon and Savanna were practising. She couldn't stand listening to them. They were so. Pda and they were never PDA. Before and Julia Confronted Savannah and called her disingenuous multiple times with off on this one. It was Area FELLAS Julian. Yeah I didn't really understand where Julia was coming from on this. Because she kept saying that she doesn't like Brandon to like Sheridan but yet what she was saying to Savannah was very clear that she did like Brandon and she did not in fact. Sheridan or else she wouldn't be mad that SAVANNAH AND BRANDON GETTING ALONG. And yes they're showing. Pda because they're trying to win a competition in show. They need out of the reason. It clicked in Savannah's brain because she was like Oh wait. The only way I'm GonNa win is if I start acting like I like this person that man happy right at she's faking it or whatnot. But you're on a show and Julia Joy. It doesn't like Sheridan at all. Like if anybody's faking. It's Julia Right. Listen you guys are all right but if I heard I want you to want me one more time I was GONNA jump out of my apartment will the window? It was horror in and bad like it was a weird news so bad. It was one of my favorite songs. I fucking hate this song now. A No no no Brandon Brandon Savannah Song to want me on you tyler on her Brennan's sky. It's basically you know what I love Dill Dylan. Hanner just whispering to each other about. Who's the people over? We have pulled up right here. Because I can't remember a Peterson this song. Yea This is like an iconic movie writings on kind of hunger played the ten things I hate about you version. Yeah have you seen some things about you? God No other Batasuna Song. Yes they really weird version of it. That's why you don't know this song it's like I did. I see right yes. They ruined it though. I'm tyler go watch ten things I hate about you. Great will be one of actually. I was going to say one of but it is probably my favorite Rom Com by far ledger in that movie. A So throws movie. Yeah Yeah one of his best performances raising Arthur Dillon. Are you about to eat chips into this? Microphone like Oh just let. It's going to be to Lao. No Abaco feeling you can you can you tips with Hamas show. This is my job not going to do. I'm not going to do it so let's continue. Well here is about no no also let me let me. Asmar rea- hates rea- hates listening to people. Chew hates a phobia. We need to get you a different snacks a Nazi. That's not true. Love a lot of things. I love a lot of things passionately. I also hate a lot of things passionately. Actually I love the Senate to do that so it looks like you are different planet. Oh Yeah it is I also love passionately. It's the Amazon Lights. The Sky Light. Everyone that's not a free add but also it is a free add because now everyone's GonNa go. So what does it Amazon skylights skylight? So if you go on Amazon. It's called the skylight and then it's like fifty bucks and you just set it up in your room and it just projects lights and you just. I have not gone into my room without turning not light on now like I don't sit in there without it. It's still dull. I walk in my room and I'm like this is another print. It feels amazing. Like I'm I'm entering another universe. This is your phone to use it. Now it's a it's like a plug in plug it into your wall. Just like dad won't be such a to talk when I get it. Oh God you're take talks shirtless and cowboy hats definitely botches tectonics shirts. I only have assured our interview values right. I'm boycotting permanently shirtless. Yeah the last one. Actually be the last one started like a close up on your abs and I was like who was it. Was it tyler who was like close up on my apps or was it the person filming due to fly. Look like Tyler I would never put off. No we're not saying he showed. We're just saying like the close up on the APP. Zoom out ice absolutely John. Tyler's like ours like hot girl who just learned how instagram worked. Just that's how you learn to work to talk to that too. Let's get back to the show that we've that were really crushing Dylan. Wanted us to acknowledge his tech talks. There I think no no no. I don't speaking of Ted Talk Katcha. Yes that's a professional. Broadcaster is fantastic. Hannah are my favorite. Okay drescher issue like things take. She's turned kosher. Song is a song called. Tick Tock tally. You missed that one. You may stick to a good one. Good one I'll say it again. It was a great laughing because it was awkward. I thought it was funny and then I like No. He was actually attack on the clock. Yes Yup great saw. Is there to talk to tyler only? Yeah something's very go. Hannah knows it too. I don't know what they're going to start doing to talk. Power Hour three. Repeat every day for an hour or so hammer talks. Oh my God. We went of God. Tyler. I'm just GonNa say we would take over Tock. We are over to Dr. I love that idea. Love Dance Studio apartment. We work on their own. My God and then we've become just like a full on dance team but just not with other people in fact as the. All Right Gentlemen we. Just listen to me and tyler make plans. Yeah that sounds great guys. Thanks for inviting all of us idea. She got week. You guys do that. Sounds all all four of us? Like okay got back. I love to supervise Agdam. I'm sweating Viking. Choreograph trend is one of my most watched tick talks. I went up to hit once and I was like. Hey Trang can you just do a little quick tap dance and he just went fifty baby and it's one of my most watch on so that's I think that's the only tick Tock I've ever done so you wanna done area go tran. I get you backtrack. I'll get you back in our guys. We want to talk about the singing. 'cause there are some pretty good saying. I'm not gonna live really really good rudy I really liked now. It's tough because I like how they kind of paired like they did the love portion. I like everybody pick somebody based on that. Instead of like pairing up sanger's because rudy is like so so good and then all these boys and girls are just so much better than boys like Natasha's league the boys. The boys aren't Chris's good. Christmas is good. I sit bridges a haven't because it's such a good song as ours high standards for. Yeah Yeah Yeah that I mean. That's a very hard song to sing. And you're never gonNA sound likely bridges so so I don was tough in general but like Brie was okay do you think debris Taza due to the APP. Yeah anyway that's so true. Do you think the guys and the girls are going to start like switching based on. Who's a better singer? 'cause THEY WANNA go on tour. I don't think there's a shared in Julia Crossover with Brandon. -culing Sheridan Gopher Brandon. That would be something so let me electric they just stuck with these people that have now can swapping has. I think you can swap. 'cause there's rose ceremonies right there but the row ceremonies now are just based on the singing. But what if what these ask each of the gesture that we have this rose where someone I want you to have this rose but shared it or Julia. Do you want to have this? Rose shoot say yes in an instant. There are no rules a gloria from the start. There are no rules. Maybe if like if four people agree to swap then they could but I've or two people switch and then people are sent home because they're not in a cubs more. Does that make him? Swingers kind of. I think it's because it's the first season and they don't really explain the rules. We don't really know what's going on but think about like the first season of paradise or the first season of the bachelor like nobody really knew inaccurate careers ago so I feel like if somebody when we say there are no rules even though there are. I feel like that's the case with this show like I think if someone is like. Hey I want to switch. Maybe they gotta ask somebody. I don't know I'm sure that's going to happen. I mean clear. Some of them don't like the people they're partnered up with a one and done which she likes and Julia. They don't like each other or Julia doesn't like Sheridan but the way they perform together because it made Hannah or Savannah feel like Shit. So it's like I don't know if they would swap even that with Oh wait. Why'd you say Hannah Trent? I did out of hand in my head. Because he's on the show this. There's no denying fight. The it's tough because Julia if Julian Brandon do like decide that they want to be a couple. I don't I just don't think that's going to happen anyway. You just had such a look of disgust on your face when you said done I Julia. Why don't really like either of them now and Brandon? I don't really liken although I do I like Savannah so maybe of Savannah and Sheridan paired up it. Would it would be better but Sheridan really likes Julia. It was sad watching them saying because he was so into it and was like staring at her so lovingly and she was full performer indefinitely. It all night I thought you were with coors light. What is that? I am drinking cores like Tyler. Of course I was like this is crazy are eight one. Thought me okay guys. I'm drinking wine. It tastes delicious peanut greasy. Oh that I ordered from carbon. Actually they're delivering in the city. The restaurant with the fire spicy reggae tone. This is what I'm so jealous You can get all the best food right now. Yup Young four Charlesbourg every single day right now. The delivery is great especially the spicy. Tony Bach that they also you can get wine bottles delivered so yes. I am drinking wine wine. Hand treat yourself. It's only three o'clock here. Yeah I feel guilty. What else are you doing going? I have to save the world. He's looking at these chips. I am within one. Show me. I'll make it through because I'll I'll eat after all orders. Sushi or something. Hannah has had a good point about Danny. And whoever back? Yeah Doin' were there. One totally free zone like that was so obvious. Oh we went to kiss her on stage back home very producer driven they obviously the producers. Were obviously like Oh yeah. Give her a kiss at the end whenever that might have been their first. Kiss right all in the center date. He tried to kiss up on the day. That did not go well and she tried to. He tried to kiss her before they perform to and she gave him the cheek. Oh yeah like ending list where he went for the lips and she turned her face pretty quick. It was uncomfortable but she should have just kiss back on stage like knowing that like. That's part of. Yeah the competition in the talk about it after. I mean. They're trying to sell that. They're in love Roy. That's actually. That's like. When's them points with the judges? The showed isn't totally. They're not like you want it to be all about singing. But there's clearly a love component. I actually agree like if you WanNa fake your romance which shared and Julia might end up doing anyway. If you can get a record deal out of it than fuck it. It took American idol meets big brother. What if you're so in love and you find love your life on this show but you're not the best singing. Do you not win now. Thank you loose. Yeah well in three so you have to fall in love with the best singer. But they have the best voice to Chris. Noonan Rudy. I'd say Rudy in a couple of when it comes to sing I think rudy and Matt and Natasha and Ryan are probably the best congress of good all right talking about best together. Yeah that's fair Brian. Natasha don't make any sense as a couple but they all right together. Let's talk about. Let's talk about Ryan into Tasha because rotten I feel like producers. They edited this so it was like a big league. Natasha's voice was like this huge reveal because she had this dramatic moment walking on stage and she opened her mouth to sings. Riana and everyone was just blown away. Everyone was floored. Nobody was floored. More than Jason Mraz Jason. Jason was like this girl is soaring around. You can't Jason was he and how you can start your just there. Yeah like he was like be careful because she her career is going way up and kept saying Ryan's grade but like Tasha. I'm listening to music. I didn't think he was that meet like all. This music is very positive. Ripping People's throats out. This is why he was company. I feel like he kinda lying. I feel a little bad because you know you know. He seems like a Nice Guy Still. I'll say even though I don't want to but I feel like he just the settled down came from a place of. I don't WanNa get too high on myself. So he was like trying to be Mr Cool Humboldt. Whatever enew new that Jason Mraz was about to roast 'em any tried to like get in front of it and be like. Yeah I know I suck. I don't think I'm I don't think as good as Jason Mraz thinks that I think I am. I think it was because he kinda has a hint of a John Mayer by blow to them Jarnail episode. Kinda got us. Honor feels a little bit. Let's exactly what happened. I was like Oh my God. Ryan is a mixture of Shawn Mendez. John Aaron Harry Styles and now I wish I never said any of those things I wanna take it all back. I tweeted last night for the new research to this one. And you're like this made me actually. Ll and I hate when I'm like. Yeah I'm laughing in my own tweets but when I needed that Ryan looked Jacob Sartorius. I felt that we're looking at a fourteen year old. It was such a ruthless. It was such a ruthless tweet. What wh- who is the first person we talk also ways talking? Brian Kidd right to get a rose gave analysts. Cpr to get a rose when tosh again RYAN CPR. Given last week he stock her entire face into his mouth bass so someone says she sucked his course out of his mouth. Look them over for this. Like she's like Sula Dole his voice. Is this what you're talking about? Yes that's it. I could see that I hate that. Kid Yeah I sure Oh. And he's like also such a little Douche and snow effect. I mean he is a child but he's a minor but he's so we know he's like actually a child but I was just scrolling through through the tweets watching. I ll tweet literally went like Oh man it came from you know not it was a good one. The note about Natasha's Sucking Ryan's face. I said this last week We're used to seeing like weird little pecks on the bachelor and I get weirded out by those like Hannah and Peter they remember. I talked about their like bird like pack pack pack. It's nice to see some old fashioned making out. I will say to some deep throat show. Yeah it's nice to see it. Speaking that fantasy suites great content show together afterwards. Had A we have so many sneakers rules. Should we call them? Boys and girls are no rules people. Yeah we don't know any any of the rules let's send zoom to Rob Mills Right now. Toss them in here do you guys. Why don't you guys think about Jamie and Trevor? I think Jamie's really. Jamie seems very sweet but like she doesn't really know what's going on and I felt bad because she was so nervous to sing and she's like okay but there I just don't I just don't like trevor. They'll be like the famous ones. I think yeah I feel like they if any of them even are not really last. I think trump is gonNA fuck it up for row. There's absolutely no chance. Are there spoilers for the show like? Can we find out like who's still together like do? Do People Not Care Enough. I think there are oilers by haven't looked afraid. I don't WanNa know them. I don't WanNa know them but I'm just wondering if like they exist like if you could find out if Jamie Were still together I think. Yeah maybe real small doesn't keep tabs on this one. I don't know I don't think so. He's too busy following Vittoria after Iowa. That's insane the I know it actually is crazy and can be. Let's be happy. Yeah no I'm talking about insane following her I would. I would put myself in the category of like. Oh like good for you guys. That's sort of weird but cool doesn't hurt anybody like if she just moves. Iowa lives on a farm with Chris. Go ahead. This is what I don't even know who Kris Burley man to apple farmer like you know. He's Trent say try. And there's a bunch of we're all out there. There's a bunch of drives me. It's more surprising than anything. I'd like them being together. It's just like the randomness of it is is the most interesting part trade Iowa made a Barstool sports today. Pissy that frank posted him to do something. I don't know about the whole Kobe stuff as curious if you read it. I talk to Barstools now. I don't know what's going on in your out. I saw a headline coming out today. It's not great Victoria. settled for crystals as her Iowa. Man because she felt like she couldn't have you. I don't think she likes me. The has a degree what is but I did like. Oh what's who suitcase you took right. We did an instagram story. And I said give Victoria Patty or something and she was like whatever Barstool Trim. Oh Oh I'm actually a little scared of her for being. Yeah that's fair. Oh Tyler is that your dog. Try to get her in here. Your adorable she's horrible. That's that's adorable. Well is Danny Becker. Were the ones who sent. Were sent home transcend recapping the show on. I'm just I just wanted to throw that in there so we can say that we've finished talking about the show and now I can ask you guys how your your lives are House Corentin. How's it going a? I'm going to exit out of the cast page. Then that's all right. We're done talking about the show and I don't WanNa to hear about your life really. Do you know yeah. I Really WanNa hear your life. Wallet Hand. To go first please started with the recap. So you're prepared for this answer. You're not appropriate for the answer of how your life is guys what the fuck is going on over. It's like you can't answer a simple question. It's it's been good. We've been in San Diego the whole time. We drink wine every night match. Pretty good at lockdown. I feel like has been talks undoing. Cox Youtube Youtube Auburn. Who Do you work out coming soon? In Kill Hannah you have been. You have been crushing this time. Lots of good A lot of good content coming from me I will still in. Your talks are cool but had his way better. I don't I actually don't need. You can tell them this gets. I'm not going to tell them they sucked. Because you know I'm not GonNa if that's what he wants to do go for it like Zorro Taylor who's is the worst out of me rea- Tyler who's the worst talker talk. You're just you're just you're just really hot so yeah I mean if I have to rank at Dylan's going to be at the bottom. Yeah you're really hot. Minor Ridge original content creation and tyler. You have like an it's you but it's your friends and mats and Som- your brothers or in some like you never know using the mystery around it. What did they know is doing? I don't know I'm promoting on social media. Just naked right. Now he's aggressive. I'm going to turn it off again. We know I love those like like fifth grade back. I know now I came back for the picture I love. It has every sticker every bosses Ford seeing there literally like I look like. I'm in my baby's bedroom like a nursery friend. Where are you? I'm in my boyfriend's MOM's house and this is like the room that her grandchildren stay in. So let me. Mommy when you're in that room like I feel like I'm young again right. It's very youthful. I. There's a crab with. Can we talk about aliens. Existing? Do trending on twitter and totally exist. So let's take it a step. Further brought me coffee this morning and the first thing he said he said had I woke up in the first thing he said was handed. There's actually aliens there's some there's some declassified info that got posted yesterday and okay we're talk last direction action these these. Bao's about for a while. Now Yeah they have slot sleight of hand. Just stay educate yourself. Can you guys explain to the people who don't know what's going on Apparently they're like the CIA or whatever government declassified videos of. Ufo's that the navy got. I don't know videos been around for a while. They've just been confirmed. I find it very convenient. That now's the time. That is the big part though that they they are introducing. It like they're acknowledging these are close and we don't know what to do my thing is too and there's videos and they're all talking about what is this thing and they're like freaking out in their following their like did. I don't know what it is. And it's like you can hear like the highlands or whatever I always just pitcher aliens like part being. They're like they're just like having a good time making talks wherever they are the aliens. We've heard Roddy originally years ago. Agosto ahead of us. Yeah that's what I picture. I feel like they just look at us and they're like stupid aunt so you're not really as stupid things colonizing that little sad. Yeah about US earth. Well actually love animals so I would never call and stupid but I kind of I kind of see Anton Worse. I kind of see where you're coming from Tyler. Yeah kind of this. Conversation has really taken guys goddess stores. I loved dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were trick claw. Dinosaurs happening could you imagine I used to be like my Mba classes in the bag? I was really trying to study and learn. I'm back your youtube ing dinosaurs. Could you imagine dinosaurs walked this Earth Today? Like tearing gators alligators are dinosaurs. Time we try and ride one not like that but like like around you know what I mean. Like we might. He's an exactly what you're looking. You didn't have to qualify that anything. Imagine being a out of football game and then all of a sudden like pterodactyl wet. The lighter mascots just a dinosaur. No no I'm not talking about Ascot's Scott's somebody turned articles coming in were. Yeah no I know. But they haven't like chained up Georgia bulldog. Biking game of thrones when she rides on the dragon but yeah bigfoot from land before time yes like in real life those as the sesame. Three football fields. That's pretty carefully. It would be dangerous. What do you what do you I was watching? The show. Debuted GonNA think that we're all so stoned very sleek believable? That giants were on view. Awesome okay thank you or rehousing search. Yes Riyadh I was watching the Dave earlier. Do you guys walk to show? What Little Dicky on Hulu I've seen the phone. No but it looks. It looks funny though. Yeah it's alright it's entertaining enough But I watched the last episode and in this episode in spoiler alert. Somebody doesn't want be spoiled by Soft but anyways they run over like a rabbit that's on the road and they get out and the girlfriends like. Oh my God we have to see it. And he's like a now. It's sad but it's a rabbit like we're just GONNA leave it. How would you feel if you ran over a rabbit on the road? Got Out and saw you just keep going or the rabbit avert amore dramatic experience Tyler Ruin. The floor is yours. Also please go ahead. I was I was driving after Corbett here where people go and everything and I was in my Frank Cave. He's showing a little car. We're going to be new. People hopping their big trucks. And we ran. She ran over. I got a little baby pig and I. It was the cutest little Paul ever and it was so upsetting we were all so shook it so sad the residential that's worse than a rabbit. One of those moments are not meeting to laugh definitely not funny but it's wildly uncomfortable no choice but to let out of jail. That's also also like petting a dog. What are we saying Germany? Say Yeah I mean just to say him. Sorry what do you do like a is kind of drive? I that's the jobs before you just you. Just your mobile reflect first second on big access and then you got a great aunt. Appreciate things around you. The people in France and then well guys thanks for coming harsh. That goes full circle. We all stay. That's one hundred percent state. I can't go anywhere. That's staying at hand. I feel like you said like we can maybe wrap up the podcast. That way like that was so nice and motivational. Like your life and your friends. Yeah guys. Don't take him hit. Give us given the wild pigs. Live your life in no. I'm just GONNA ADULT AIR. That hit a motivational speech. You love doing toasts. Let's do a toast. Let's do tell us yes. The rattlesnakes finished tyler. Okay cheers an even though we're all at home take this time. Enjoy it and we'll be telling our grandkids about it one day and don't try to get too many hangovers during all this and felt like series. Awkward like four's maid of honor speech was bad. She turned away well. We have been wedding planning. That just reminded me about about it. Let's not wrap up. Let's talk about the wedding. Forgot about that team's going. So who decides like Web plates forks? I decided we're not like into details or anything. We're just like talking about it for fun. And what it was joke about giving live so. I guess it's like kind of getting into the details wedding planner. Yeah before this comes out you. Are we going to be invited ethnic? That's a stupid question but I I would say I would say yes definitely but okay. So yes but think about really. You have to buy Bali to go to this wedding or something and I think he's GonNa be in California. Yeah because we wanted to be accessible but the but the but is so we have one hundred people at the engagement party each by fifty and didn't do plus ones. I didn't realize how big the amount of like group of people could get. I guess like if I only in by fifty people right. That's nothing right when it's like yeah fan or family and friends or whatever they each get a plus one so that's one hundred and he does the same thing only fifty people plus one this to ready to some swipes during your wedding. Yeah exactly you know like more. It's a yes but what we're saying. Nancy exactly one chance. Yeah like Ria can be my date and I would be on it. Yeah Yeah Tyler. Who's your day. Who from Bachelor Nation would be your date? Nobody take trae threesome. Yeah I I'll tell you guys take each other. Yeah perfect if we if we invite seventy five people each which like family and friends. That's three hundred people. If everyone gets. I don't know how people decide who like who comes and goes like I don't see people have a small wedding because it's your sister. Yeah my is getting married. And she's inviting fucking every Sunday at three hundred people. Y- yeah but I think it's getting comments only income. Whatever it is but it was to be June twelfth and. I don't think that's happening anymore. Three hundred people. She's going to have to let know that. This is ABC really excited. It's sad but I broke up a global pandemic. Yeah this is a happy anymore though. Poun- well no no. It's still a half. It just pushed out. Yes so whenever it happens anybody's Trot Tra. I knew you still. Oh Man I turn on the sound. Oh boy we can up. Oh my microphone just went out. Yeah your microphone is up guys. So when do you guys yeah to burn off twenty one years light? No no no no. No no course lied. Wrap IT UP. Because my mic is toast. Okay okay guys That wraps up the listen to your heart. Recap that wasn't a recap. It was just a lot of fun with our friends. Thank you tyler for finally coming on the PODCAST. Thank you Hannah for finally coming on the PODCAST Dylan. Thank you for being a recurring guest. We appreciate you Trent. You know that we appreciate your on every single week and sometimes I think you don't WanNa be here but I know you do on the inside. I say that every time talking about Trent. I'm kidding I'm kidding Thank you guys for joining us. And hopefully we'll do this again some other time when we can get everyone. Together cheers. Cheers cheers cheers. Something breath empty chairs. Thank you mother's Day's coming up. And the best way to celebrate. Your mom is with flowers specifically one eight hundred flowers dot com right now when you order early at one. 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One eight hundred flowers dot com to order thirty tulips for thirty nine. Go to one eight hundred flowers dot com click the radio icon and enter code checks. That's one eight hundred flowers dot com code chicks. Hurry this offer ends Friday. We are here with to a very special guest. Jonathan Davis and Rudy Ponco from Netflix. In New Show Outer Banks. They play J. J. M. Pope. Obviously we have become one big outer banks stand podcast. Yes Oh welcome to the show guys much. Yeah it's been crazy. We've done nothing but talk about the show for the last. Maybe two weeks now where we can half and people are going to be super excited to see that you guys are on as well. This is kind of a sneaky. Addition that I feel like people are going to be really a pumped about We're super excited to talk to you guys about the show. We just had chased N. Madeline on there are episode. That came out today. We had a ton of fun talking to them The first thing we did with them was they just kinda explain like how they got involved with the show in how they were cast in that process which I think is always super interesting so we would love to hear that from the two of us. Well Gee one go sure well rudy and I wherein the first ever chemistry for the show way way way up in like February that dude yeah last February sure. Yeah it was a while ago and We kind of like it was weird because railroad he was like I was reading for John and like Afterwards I remember we kinda hung out and like me and really really like connected. Let me on like beyond like the like yet remember. Yeah we were like we like we like to check in together and like I was like I remember. I remember saying like hang out with this dude despite the show no we also tell them the story. I like some Jump Street. Walk by and we will all of a sudden like look over an ally. That's how that's how we have the exact same taste in women. Like the exact same taste it's uncanny and it's like literally like it every time we go out we look each other like we won't again cause problems for you guys though you guys like fight over girls or you're like oh no you got that one you got the next one. Never come up. It never has never come probably paper scissors or something. You guys seem inseparable though I will say and we talked to chase madeline about this and they were talking about how you guys just really like the Improv. That you guys do is out of this world and the chemistry in what you guys were saying. You hit it off right off the bat we would he say I think our chemistries that comes with good taste in anime and that comes with being there it is. You've got mattress for I completely forgot we have. We have matching xeroxing. Sure order if I'd known I told you commit. Wow that was a missed opportunity for you guys to match on this. Let's insurance you ask your shirt. I'm wearing our outer banks. Shirt rotates so we can sit on the back. That saw that exact Sir I would love. Yes where we're GONNA get them to you guys where there's really no way to be like. Hey you want to ask a stranger for your address. Let me give you my mailing address. So we're GONNA make sure that Netflix skits. It's you guys list the at the same time we want. Netflix is nine where we did to come over and ask for still watching and stuff like that is not knock on the door. You guys are play- playing to washing the Ron Hulu or something like chain read in the back to what we're saying about how you guys got started. Did you think that you guys hadn't easier audition process than some of the other customers or do think like were you nervous that you weren't GonNa get it? You know you were GonNa get it where we're and the character switch. 'cause I mean you said you read for John B I WanNa do you WanNa talk about? We've never told that story in an interview before all right underneath mentioned in several of his interviews but The story goes. I flew out the Charleston without character attached to my name and I had read for Rafe. Jj John B Rafe again to Giambi. So I'd read for. I think like you know total about seven times when I flew out to Charleston. I was thinking under the impression I was going to John. B I but then they're like we don't really know where you're at. We did the chemistry read in Charleston. And they're like yeah got like. I was worried I was terrified. I'm going to get this. There was a time where Where we basically cast like. I was cast rediscuss. John be Jira and they had Knicks Rila. Who PLAYS BARRY CAST? Jj at one point in time and that was Kinda the cast are you can forget it was. It was really strange win. Kim's read and then they were like Roh bringing in three new GIAMBI's But we want you to read as Jj in Jami was out of the question. So I screwed up Giambi then I here's this is this is gonNA be heart You guys are going to be like. Aw I call jd up the night. Before I'm GonNa go into the auditions eleven tonight because we have said this. I'm like Bro. Can you help me with this? I had three new scenes that are like three pages long to like four pages long. I've been working as John D for the past two weeks. Can you help me find? Jj any comes down and we work it until at what was one. Two in the morning to end huge. Dude you have it. Get Rest and bring it brilliant on. I told him I told him like I was like I remember telling him. I went down there and I was like you keep doing it as John D. But you have dislike this like vulnerability that I think you can bring to. Jj that'll really make them like that. That'll push his character. Because I personally would just that kind of grungy dude like he wasn't he wasn't didn't have the vulnerability that Rudy I think is going to give. And then when he did I remember. It was a scene where he was like. It was a scene in the show. He's telling confronted convince John to get the tanks from Cameron vote. That was one of his audition scenes and I was like I was like right there. There was a line of something like we have nothing else to lose them. Like you've gotta hit that line right there because that that is jj character. He has nothing to lose right. He's a junkyard dog for his friends. You know offering tear to my eye. I'm not eating and killed him. I keep frigging does in their chase. Kill it like where do you rudy and chase for the underdogs for the rules for a long time and they like they just both like like Giambi and JJ? They've really took their opportunities. And we're like we'RE GONNA we're GonNa give everything we got right ear you know. I think everybody was like thought that the audition we take our opportunity. We got nothing. I got nothing to lose at this point. We're already we're already he was. He was a frigging dishwasher. Cheesecake Factory Avenue shoe salesman. Like I say salesman but I worked in the department I was basically customer service and like and like we were just like we got nothing to lose man who either we get these parts. We don't Yes kinda like took the script and related to your own life really like we have nothing to lose in the scene and also in real life at the same time What who would you guys say is the most like their character. At least like their character. I feel like people have asked you this before but everybody always says me but I think that's wrong eighty dollars. It'd be like Yo your pumped it but like years Jaydee your way weslend than Pope. You'll learn also like I do think you care more about kind of other people. Can't you have a bigger case? Nigger hearth EMPO-. I because you love me so much and I think I'll and I think this is about to make me cry for podcast. I love you back so much. It's just it's just so real inorganic honest united. I think if you know who I think is most like the character and I'm Gonna. Throw her the bus New Jersey. She's a lot more character. He's not as she's got that like Ed she's she's Great. I Love Caroline and she's out at least like their character I would say rudy just because like he's so sweet so sweet innocent man. He's like he's got that like he's he's like a lot like jj now he's like unpredictable. He's got that like he's got that to him but he's like he's like so much like sweeter and. I don't think he'd ever shoot anybody I I don't know I need to bring it on a Texas. We go to church shooting range or something. I think the funniest thing that I keep seeing right now is the memes about jj taking out the gun. Like the Kris Jenner memes or like the bang. Bang just like Every point did you while you were reading the script. Did you ever think okay? I'm actually going to shoot somebody or were you let down every time you don. I knew judge would never use the gun on somebody I think I think. Jj would threaten him. When I read the scene about with his dad when he was gonNA shoot him in the head. There's a moment of like is actually going to do it. I think I knew what my head. I was so into magician that it's not possible. Jj would actually use on scared records. It I don't know I. I think it's a thing like I thought the thing was. Yeah I thought it was going to be something that was latched onto it. Actually in culture to be honest I didn't think the government's GONNA be such A. Are you kidding me? You gave me jokes about it on say like literally I think I think I think when he brings that gun into the he's about to bring into the hotel. I think it was really a thing of at that point. It wasn't me mindset. Where like hey I think bringing a gun into a hell. Hotel is a really stupid stupid idea. Yeah yeah is it was it was on set for sure like Jj and has done the best. The best love story in the whole show dog being Sarah who? Jj during the gun. Well speaking of love stories we see hope and Kiara get together at the end of the season. But I'm seeing a lot of people really root for JJ Kiara. Where do you guys stand on that for season two Jenny? Well I think honestly. Jj He would be a fun thing that happened in season like three or four. But I don't think season to something that's GonNa be so like apparently because I mean not. Let anybody down. I think I think there's something else that Pope Aqui haven't had the opportunity expressed. I think there's something about a relationship that has been shown And I think they should get that. I think there's a little bit of a cuter affect the pope. Not that they haven't yet so Yeah I was like. I'm kind of on the same page like it's like you know. I trust are writers or writers are really good. I'm sure they have a plan for all these characters. The Popa key thing when we were when when it first came up came out of nowhere for us for a little bit like just like it came out of nowhere for the party into came out of nowhere to us. Because you know I thought I was like 'cause we thought like Oh that she might staging because the like the line but then I was also reminded of the lime in the beginning where I tried the door. It's locked for me and I was like he did say that but I don't know it's it's it's a younger girl drama. You never know things can change relationship strength and those young adult dramas do a phenomenal job of at some point giving us some kind of epic love triangle. And that could be that could be. It is there's always there's always want to know love square dummy. Jj Anki like. I guess it is. It does say all of us have a hot succeed like we kinda thing for. Yeah I think the writer talked to. I talked to the writer about what he would do. Unlike what would you do further this relationship? And it was real. It was pretty interesting. Like they're dynamic was interesting for me like from an acting perspective to Kinda like explore what that would be like you know so like. I'm just like I'm ready to see what I mean. I think the fan reaction to it is amazing. I get many like people telling me like you should break up with yarn. Like I'm not actually dating a real life. That's just a character I play but then I get just as many people like like open key are like my favorite like. I hope they would be together from the beginning. So you get both of it you know. And that's what's great about like a good like love kind of thing you have characters you like. You want to see the character to be happy. I think if I think if key would have ended up agenda at the end of the season you would have just as many people talking about. Oh pinky because you want everybody in the show to be APP you'd like these characters and you want everybody to be happy so I think you know like Judas guarantee he'll get he'll get. I'm pretty sure that all the characters will end up where they need to end up and ready to go ahead guys. Doing myself was the one with key like shoddy wants off three. And it's like a Dombi guessing you akiem focusing and then like putting sunglasses on Jayjay. That's the same thing. It's the same energy. Yeah exactly the same kind of love No I was GonNa say you guys had to learn a lot for the show I feel like between boating and fighting in swimming in all these different things we talked about. Just like the fighting situation. Rudy you there. I mean there's a lot of fights for you. There's a lot of fights. How do you guys manage to to learn that choreography? Get through that without actually hurting somebody Jamie. Don't you want to give the never never ever get off? Camera is right here. It's a gopher punching from Deir. It'd be crossed the camera behind the desk. So toby though for Robin Will- Stung. Would you act? It's fun fact? Most of our stunt guys from hydrocare Bian and then chases guy was captain. America Mike. My Guy was falcon from. He was a he played. Falcon Anthony Mackie's character very experienced team there so you were you the ones actually like doing the fake fighting or your stunt double We did everything like Jonas brothers nineties in their You'll be like throw the scientists in there just for safety and then Jonas stops making like all right we're having having the actors do and the We actually killed it in the theater. Scenes Nader fight dude shut. That twice never can post Emerson supposed to be stunned. He's doing that scene. And then it turned out to just be like no you just did it and I think what is us. You can fill those punches. Like they'd let you feel like when somebody getting hit. It hurts you more than it does when it's like. Oh this looks really cool. You know look way better. They make a much cleaner than we could ever do. Is definitely wailed on by drew drew. I know sorry you're watching Austin. Rust almost killed me. You definitely getting choked out. I was getting choked out. I mean every single time. The new guys fought each other. It seemed like you guys were on the verge of death with listen. I know it's not supposed to be funny. But by like the fourth fight laughing I was like almost dead every single time. Good somehow they survive. I mean the first the for I think it's the first episode when JJ takes out the gun at the beach and topper is drowning. John B and you're like he's going to murder him right now just in the middle of each. I WanNa know how that was shot. Because is he actually getting his head stuck into the water like what what's good? They're like he's down there but he's he's not like they're not like he's not forcing him under what's happening right by the water. Yeah okay. There's something awesome point on. I'm just GonNa shout glass if you look closely in that. Take Austin. The guy that plays topper has his hands around. Jason's net around his shoulders. And it's like you can. It looks like he's just like tries to give him a massage but like it was like here. So then she's lift up this edit. He needed to be news actually drowning. You can lift up at chase stuck his head under though. Yeah AUSE WE ALL. We all made a pact. When we started this that we go one hundred percent every time. Sometimes it went over over the last five. We definitely went over the Knicks. The holidays I definitely need them in the face earth Simon in our I clicked through once. I got clipped. Ones is just like stuff happens. You guys why the show is so good. 'cause you guys went out because you guys are really finding you're GonNa get you could just tell how into it you guys were and obviously this is the biggest right the biggest show you guys have done in your careers but you guys the entire cast absolutely nailed it and it was almost like why haven't we seen these people before you know what I mean so you guys really did a great job in everything. Yeah thank you to shut up. The Lord like our castrates is lower shifts in for like half way blanking. I thought you were playing. I was trying to. I should help you out here and for For casting because like you know it takes it takes like casting studios really like betting on unknown to Kinda get something new and special in data cast people like end can kind of you know work. Welded unluckily noticed names. He didn't want anybody Already established because he thought they were going to have a legal on sandbags out. I WANNA do a mom but Which I remember Jonas was like When Jonas I don't want anybody WHO's not actually sixteen. Twelve and his wife was like if you get actors they can play it. Well yes he didn't he didn't want actors at one at one point he wanted to make it like really really didn't want actors. I will say the thing about everyone not being sixteen a blessing because all these girls are like obsessed with all of your characters and then everyone's going to check and be like. Oh my God thank God. They're not sixteen like the amount of DMZ. I received being like I looked up their age and I was so relieved to find out. They were not sixteen chases. Seventeen take her to her. This is just turned eighteen. Legals is the crew is no it was. It is funny because the reaction has been so crazy. I think like you said it has a lot to do with the fact that people are meeting you guys for the for the first time and kind of falling in love with you as actors and characters. I've seen so many people say like where have all these people been there? All so great. Everybody works so well together. When did you guys kind of realize that this show is GonNa like explode the way it has been dandruff jobs maybe like a day or two after a dropped like we were like? Oh it's like you have people tell you like Oh this is going to do really well on your thanks person. Who's also working on the same project in job next year? Like we're like we. I think we just when we were shooting. We just Kinda focused on having fun like beyond shooting it like with the cast and crew like we just had fun together as a family. I think I can. I do Y- I'm so sorry but in reality good what I was I would. I think he's trying to say is that we are so comfortable cast crew everybody. We failed so fast that we were so comfortable to be around each other. That gave us the freedom of win. That camera was rolling literally BE SOBER LAST. Which is key for an actor. It's really hard to do your job with feeling under pressure in. It's like getting in your head. We felt so at home while that camera were up was rolling. Hardest was only reservoir after professional activity. Bunko bedroom inaccurate. I take my job very seriously. And when that camera wasn't rolling and you were just so comfortable with everybody onset Cast that it was just like a tribute to like. Oh we can do our job and be who we are off Wannabe onset We weren't wearing like networks like the producers came. But they weren't like there every day so it's like we really just had time to kind of like you know be ourselves set ourselves in the scene. Sometimes that matched I. I think I read somewhere that somebody already said like. We didn't know sometimes when the cameras rolling and then we would go back and watch the show like holy crap like that's in there. How long did you guys actually film? For six months of six months plus a month recruits. Yeah what did you guys? You guys shot in Charleston. What was did you love shooting in Charleston? I know a lot of people are like. Oh it's not in the banks but there's good reasons for that but you guys are in Charleston. How how did you like? Did you add this wrong? How did YOU ENJOY CHARLESTON ENJOY CHARLESTON? I enjoyed volunteer thing Banks Dude I feel like if there was a production team in the outer banks just so wrong. That place is so unique in. It's a that putting up production crew and cast on the Outer Banks. That'd be like just be like putting fricken out annella putting the production team on the pier. I it's not enough space and And then it's like it's like if anybody wanted to shoot. There was Jonas pate director. You know like we would love he he would like we would absolutely love to go shoot. They're just like you know. Like like as he said like things always work. You want him to even put out Sorry even when I put out the Merch that we made for Outer Banks and obviously it's for the show but I had so many people that are actually from the Outer Banks. Were so mad at me like at another stand but I did across your mind if it was like outer banks slash shot in Charleston. Lie just put that up there like we just put like Parentheses Charleston until. You can't really see it up and hilarious if we did that but I honestly I was just like all right. I guess just going to ignore this because think about the people actually show that are dealing with people saying this end Fran Kinda related to Jersey. Shore came out and all the people from Jersey and Jersey shore like this is not the Jersey shore although that's reality. Tv show a different outer banks but or with any spirit lengthy show like the Sopranos too. Like the they're like that's not North Jersey. Like and it's it's sometimes you just can't go. You just gotTa you gotTa take it in. Charleston is an amazing amazing city. They really welcomed us with open arms. We Love we love going out in the city the first night by Bailey. Judy been there so like dude. The first the first season of shooting in Charleston was a dream. Because you could go out and nobody recognized. Nobody recognized US already how we went out to like a blind tiger countless times we had a great time there and nobody knew what we would therefore it was great. They knew were supposed to be there. They just didn't know what comes around. We're going to like good luck to them. But now that bad right like oh you guys are gonNA get bombarded. I hate to break it to you but How has been like overnight fame Ben because obviously before this started your followers and whatnot? Were not as much as it is now and now you guys have gained hundreds of thousands of dollars in like a week. Well that's all that's the proof that the ATP really be definitely being like well. This is fun. I guess I guess people like it like we just like we call each other like we don't sometimes you don't even talk about the show. We'll talk it's usually mash. Rosie really play Smash Bros Remember. I think the first you know what the first time I realized it was crazy. It was I just called Rudy and I was like Hey. Do you WanNa live in places like just like this. Because I thought it'd be fun you know not because I was like trying to promote promote the show. Where like be like you know like get I following the supper whatever. Let's just going places masters because I want people to see the ANA chief but a over a thousand people join US laying smashed grows and that's when I was like holy crap. You know this is actually crazy. Have you guys had any face to face reaction or because you? Everyone's been kind of on lockdown. You haven't had that moment yet. That's insane like not really. Have you seen what you do? And everyone's wearing masks when you go to your like you can't even see you can't even tell who it is and you might kind of chuckling because I'm like. I wonder if anybody's yeah. I'm like when I went to go get my sister to pick up. I took my sister to a school to pick up some stuff from her locker. We were all wearing masks. He's also distancing and like I was like I was like I know some of these teenagers show. Oh you're thinking to yourself. You're like I'm pope found out. I did find out later that one of my sisters you remember Gic broody do you remember when we went to my sister's sisters play? You remember that kid who was like who was wearing the makeup and we were like hanging out with those two policemen. Yeah that was like the kid called my sister's like I didn't know they were on like a show like this is like a performing arts school so like they're like they're like that all the time but he was like freaking out odd so cute. That's such a good way to describe it. They're like on a real show that a lot of my family members who I told about it like years years like a year before I was told him I was like okay and then like I'll get a call later like I didn't know you were like serious uttam around. It's Mom Dad. It's a show to show to show so you just called him. Jj By accident. Do you guys do that often or owner. You were you guys talking like onset where you calling each other by your actual names whereby asks names plenty to take over like like chase. Listen Yeah but like I know joke I would call you. Pope onset all the time even probably offset call every once in a while. It'll slip you ever call John. Be Just John. I feel like that's super frowned. Upon are called. I call him John in the show person. We never call there by the names. Like I don't think I ever called chase. John be like on accident. Remember why jumpy like it. Just doesn't Absolu- Yes. A lot of energy goes into like saying Giambi like we laughed and we were watching even like the really emotional scenes when he when he fell fifty feet and just broke his wrist and and and Sarah was like joppy. Ciampi like saying job. I was like I point. You just drop the be like when you're panicking that instead. Here's my theory. I don't even know if this is true. I'm named John. My Name's John And you have to say is distinguishable by saying John B Right Aj. And I can't I mean I don't know why he'll just be John. His Dad is also named John is that is that John. John Makes Sense if you have if his dad is named John. You have to call them something that's not John. Yeah right and growing up you probably would say John J J two separate them but now his dad is gone is already so we as not your friends. We don't understand in the friend group. You would understand it. Even when they get a gone with Jay Bidi Bidi. Yeah my dad my real life. My Real Dad is John and my little brother J. B. They're both John. No there you go since the last episode when they wake up in the water and Sarah's like John P I'm just drowning after your mouth so it is. It is very funny but you guys we. The show absolutely left is on a massive cliff hanger. I think I don't want to jinx anything but I feel like season to hopefully looks good because we are not. Everybody is loving the show. Everybody's talking about it watching it. Where would you guys like to see your characters in in season two Rudy Gobert? Y'All would you please please just? He's going to decide what to say after. You say I'M GONNA I'm GonNa say everything that you didn't say it out copy Hope pummeled the grape of the dog. I really WANNA do. We're a two inches away for being the Scooby Doo. Gang as it is if you're going to the end but like why not. I think like protection. There's that mean going around. I want jagged Protection all right the be real. I think I think since the POS are kind of in the slums ran out because they all think GIAMBI's dead. I think we drift apart. The posts are no longer the pogues in. It's like rick are what what's what's what's the saying is the season one is sitting chemistry and all that stuff and then. Napa find that account lines dealing with like minded again when John Becomes back and Ben all of a sudden ward is served justice and he gets thrown in the the the the pan stuff like that And I just WANNA I really want it to be different actually. I wanted to chemistry to be different at first but then it comes back to. I like that idea I like. I like the idea of like of having to rebuild the friendship. You know because then you can see like because then you can go to like you like you know. It's a friendship now. Let's see how it started. Why they friends in the first place? You know you kind of get their friends. But I think it's a good opportunity to explore like well why you know. Why do these people latch onto light all our separate storylines? Jj's in hard drugs now just just rave for and all of a sudden hard drugs and as a token like I say relationship is like struggling a little bit Yuppie like maybe there have been dating for a while now like who knows maybe they haven't dated at all maybe they haven't even talked about the kiss since the chemistry is like so real Gi's like what you want to drink a beer. In now. I want to. That's the main thing I want to see if poems where pope ended at the end of the season that confidence is his anger. I want to see if that moves into season two. I feel like it's like this big. I feel like it would kind of right. Hope lacking hothead now dollar ship dreams have gone down the tubes. Who WANTS TO C? J. Pope smokes like the bigly. Talk Yara Sarah One just like that same kind of vibe but with Jj Info Avenue. Yeah that would be fantastic. We go for that. Cast me hadn't seen I mean every time I talked to cast on my k. Put me in season two just as like an extra hour back news. Komo probably would probably make. Yeah I've just not. I'm like to Netflix. Because I'm not saying that friend and I really put outer banks over the top. Maybe just a little bit. I don't know if you look if you look at the time. Line it all cutting can start you see it start to yeah the way we ended the last interview with Jason Madeleine. I asked them about the I would die for Giambi Movement So we started that but people are like listen. I would die for JJ. I would die for pope. I would die for key. I would die for everybody. How do you guys feel about that? It's like a lot of pressure on you to have people saying that they would die for you. Lease it situation. I don't do that. Don't know if push comes to shove they would live down for you guys feel like that's that's really the more yes. I personally would actually die for you guys John Bands and being like I say. Thank you to everybody that spans in the league the frigging world goodness gracious but I do. This is my heart thing unless you does you. Guys are folks for sure. That's very harry styles of you a rudy. We have almost how'd you? Jj to the we re. And I have also decided that you your double Ganger. Is Harry Styles? The blonde haired styles don't let for to your head to similar similarly burs time and Harry if you on. I know you're listening Eric. The wires I just WanNa say like there's definitely worse people compared to your hands looking guy. please out. Can you be prepared to believe like just take it from one day? Can you ever be like? Oh you know what you look like Rudy Palko. Just just a good flip around. Well actually. We'll start saying when we talk about Harry styles will be like you know. Harris thousand really really looks like Rudy. He knows like wow I never saw. The Harry looks like Ruby like amazingly. Well thank you guys so much for joining us. If you have in streamed already clearstream outer banks on Netflix. They were the number one show this week. So let's keep it there keep streaming and hopefully we gotta season two which. I think that we will thanking minds talking with us. Pleasure I seek pleasure. I`Ma we're going all right. That wraps up this episode of chicks in the office. We hope you guys enjoyed it. We hope we keep entertaining you guys and thank you to all of our essential workers out there and keep going to work aware at home. We thank you. We love you and we'll talk to you on Monday. Jong had them talk. Okay this stay frozen Turkey job offer. WanNa Talk Okay. Ours have to every day. You Love Someone Donna Repeal Obama. Please tell me why there's a career strong s blaze

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