Ask Me Anything and Everything | Part 2


<music> hello hi and welcome to another episode of the emma mcgovern show. I am your host and we're going to order aka. Emma guns and i'm delighted to have you with me. Thank you so much for joining me. It's pop two of us me anything. I did an awesome anything in the last episode and they were too many questions for one episode so i thought let's let's make it into two and also didn't a little shoutout on instagram saying. I've got a couple more questions and didn't let me down. You never do my most excellent listeners. You've come up with some great ones so shall we crack on just housekeeping ping any links to anything or anyone mentioned can be found in the show notes which all wherever it is that you are streaming and downloading this episode which i appreciate you doing. The first one is about meditating because this was in response to what i just put up on instagram because i put up a post about how i had meditated in the park and how i felt very boiler. I do think if you meditate normally when i started out i find it i find it. I i found i would find a quiet space in my home and i would sit and meditate. You'd have to sit on the floor. You can on your safe. You can tell ratings anywhere and i really really love going for walks. In the morning and i've started to incorporate at the end of my walk i just sit on a bench under a tree and and i do my ten minute head space meditation so in answer the question. What are you using to meditate. I use the head space up and kim has been on the show. You can find that up into that in the show notes and i find that such a useful resource because particularly this week i woke up on. When was it somebody there's a car outside beeping. I think you need to stop. Not you carry on keep listening. Just the outside i we caught by morning this week. Really i detected and there was no reason for it. I was like <hes> you slept seven hours which is decent fear you didn't he anything peculiar media yesterday haven't had alcohol but i just woke up edited and irritated and so i thought why we have to have to get this in check so so i went for a really long walk and did a lot of you know tried to inhale a lot of wonderful fresh air but i really realized that i needed to eat head space ace and what it does on a day like that is it takes me down from like an eight and it just sort of resets me. It just means that and it's because i've been doing it for a while. The practice of meditation is that you can get to that space. You can get to that place where you feel calm or more solid where you feel more grounded a lot quicker. It's it's like building a muscle and i woke up and i just thought no something's off. It's nothing there's nothing to worry about but you just need to make sure that you meditate and i decided on a bench under a tree because i felt like it was like intense danger meditation. I thought the stakes are high today. You really need to calm down some things off off and it was really beautiful. It was wonderful so i use head space. The link will be in the show notes and as i said andy adam who is to create co-creator of head space has been on the show before he got back through the feed. The other thing to note is that <hes> i have friends who just meditate by counting by just really paying attention to that counting in that breath and they don't use an app or anything or they just particularly focused on a they think about a certain thing when you don't have to necessarily use an app i know frontier users youtube that are some guided meditations. They're very very very easy to find wind so if you are looking to meditate if you want to begin it's really it's really worth during for those days when you you think oh not feeding so chipper today something's off and i know i definitely don't need coffee. I'm not going to exercise out of this and i just don't don't have the time to really fix in any other way. Meditation ten minutes can make all the difference so i highly highly recommend it <hes> another question. This one came from facebook okay. Do you like working freelance more than for a company slash magazine. Yes one hundred percent without a doubt but the truth is. I probably would never have tried to work for myself for freelance. The situation hasn't been forced upon me as it was. I would say for me. I took voluntary redundancy from job but i was already at the place where i really wanted to leave so in many ways that was very very lucky okay because i just i wasn't going to make any progress and there was no. I felt like it was. I couldn't move anywhere. I talked about this before and the percocet. There's no point going over who for it but i felt a little bit trapped and also i'll be really honest with you. I'm not great in an office environment. I'm not very good at playing politics. I'm i'm quite laser focused and they want the things to be done. The best that they the best they can and i'm not the easiest when i feel though everyone's pulling towards the same goal i find it very very frustrating and i have a face that is incredibly incredibly expressive and you can read it in every single working environment. I've had people say to me i have to i call it liquor you and meeting because i know you're trying not to be your face everything anyway i also caught bare facts nece or laziness and start right there but yeah yeah office environments office is aren't my my place. Actually working for myself has been really great because i don't have those frustrations sion's anymore. I don't have to worry about this or the other and i know that makes me sound awful and i probably am but i think i was just with justin to work for myself or do short term projects with people because that's where i think high-added-value when someone says obama. Can you offer us insight on this. Yes i can. We work our action than away. We go. I do put a a lot of effort into the work that the works. I do the things i do and i i never intentionally half off anything and is the old thing of working your ass off. Someone else's else's work for yourself. Stress is a freelance life can be greater because the buck stops with you <hes> and there's more jeopardy <hes> if you in in terms of the financial side of things but the rewards also more a great satisfaction in awards but that's not not to say it doesn't take a while to get used to it. I've been pronounced now for seven and a half years and i would say i would say that the first half of that was all absolutely winging it because i had assumed seemed i just do what i've been doing on a magazine from home and really were looted in happen so there's been a lot of flying by the seat of my pants getting by the skin of my teeth heath and that definitely wasn't a plan but i'm not sure i'm not sure plan would have helped. It's a bit like that. I know this from. I'm unpleasant experience but from friends experiences where they say i've got a birthing plan and then they go in there and labor in like in the midwest are like okay then because because you don't know what's going to happen necessarily so you can have a plan but you have to be adaptable and i think that's kind of how i feel when i look back at how i started in pre lots. I don't think there are things i would definitely do differently but the idea of having some kind of plan is almost bonkers because what's going to come your way and just to give you an example within weeks leaving the magazines. This is a magazine. I've been nearly ten years and i knew exactly how everything looked on. You exactly what to do for everything thing. I was on with a backstage on on the cheryl cole tour in the u._k. Doing social media backstage assuming head tutorials for a hair care brand that was pitching stories for magazines but that wasn't what i was doing six months later so most of it was having to be really adaptable but i ended up if i look back i was just panicking the whole time going all do thanks okay. Go do that too. Yeah what but i guess when i got back the thing that changed everything and made me feel more secure within freelancing was having the cost so it was like the poll oh cost her name was became the backbone of everything the core of my output and even though it was over even that wasn't making money it was costing money for two years before i even started to think about breaking even slash monetize ing it really becomes a grounding thing i often think it must i guess when when i before that point i would sometimes have bronze that i would work with something on a retainer basis for contractive six to twelve or eighteen months and that would be something of a backbone but you always knew it was coming to an end and i know my friends who are freelancers alike. I have my three big clients that i really to cough off. During the night i have several other brands or whatever you know writing for magazines or something that i kind of circle around all of those so i think there's something to be said for having an anchor incur something that's very consistent but like i said we've talked about this in the last episode about the poku not making money to begin with and it kind of being <hes> <hes> a big risk to start putting a lot of time and effort into something that i had no idea it was going to anything was going to say that you go but but if the person who asked this as asking the question because your thinking about making the leap from working for a company to being self employed then my advice would beat do it with the guidance of business manager and or an accountant who can help you navigate the complicated stuff like taxes and expenses because all of those things can be really stressful and it's a very steep learning curve and it's the stuff that you have limited if any exposure to when you're working for for someone else and that can be thing that causes stress so my advice to anybody is take control empower yourself know what needs to be where when it needs to be done understand your outgoing your incomings all of that like the best thing you can do for yourself alfred understand all of that and it would be. It's hard to learn on your own sometimes the investment of a business manager or an accountant. He's really the stress relief it offers. This is worth every single penny okay next question another again another working on do you find it easy to motivate yourself as you work from home. Do you get dressed for work etcetera. That's such a question it really is. I have several tactics. I think one of them is definitely putting on makeup because i don't wear makeup. I think they could just go to bed. Yes that's terrible. There's an i really like to exercise birth things so that's like get out of bed. Put on my gym kit gopher walk gopher davina d._v._d. In the living room say d._v._d. Obviously streaming it. Do some yoga and i try to. I try to do something outside because i believe that fresh was great view but essentially anything that gets your blood blood pumping and i find it the best way to start my day but i sometimes wake up and i can tell if my brain's in the right space to get on it whether that's e mail pitching the podcast guests or writing whatever it might be so that's when artist jump on the computer and i will usually honestly discuss go down sort of four or five hours solid working whole and that's when and then i'll think i'll look happen. If i've got on the computer flex six o'clock in the morning on the the corporate around modane ooh you need to just stand up straight. Go for a walk and so i sort of flip the day and or exercise whatever it might be. That's always going to working from home day but i try to make sure they'll i'm out about recording having meetings excetera uh no more than three days a week they can be busy days could be full days. They can be a mixture of meetings with podcasting of socializing but i'd like my days away from the home office to be really productive and to be meaningful so i hated if i ever go into town and say the day four through which can often happen and you end up going in for one appointment. The call i get really agitated feels like a bit of a it just feels like it expensive way to do business. Go in for one meeting and then come straight home even on days like that. I still try to excise beforehand but if there's just no time than planned the day so i can walk between appointments and you'd be surprised how easy it is to clock up twenty thousand steps steps when you don't take public transport in london so yeah that's that's one of my tactics sort of still do work but also be active. You've a lot of my friends over the years of surge <hes> that they couldn't go for lawns. They wouldn't be able to motivate myself and my reply employers is you'd be surprised how motivating how motivating is wants the bills start coming in and i think you just have to trust yourself that you you. You can do it because he will do it. You know you will do the work you will put in the effort and you have to have faith in your talent in your abilities and what you are able to offer <hes> <hes>. Do you find easy to motivate yourself well another. The next question is any advice on how to promote yourself and your skills when you're lucky and confidence. I'm feeling like an impostor and as long time listeners will know i was diagnosed with anxiety and depression while i was freelancing in the early days of the pokhara is about six months into the post starting and if i think back to those days i moved so much slower and we're so <hes> i did napa napa lot just had no. I couldn't stand up straight. I was very heavy and very slow moving and it so it's a difficult one for me because it was not difficult for me. It's it's when my confidence was low and i was clawing cloyne my way away from anxiety and depression i definitely undersold myself and gave off zero confidence and i can definitely think of instances where so i felt that was taken advantage of where i felt that i was seen as a pushover -ocial come down on price or she desperately that and that doesn't feel good to think about what it back on but my advice is not to deal with the ability to sell yourself but to do some work like to take a step back and the bigger picture and do some work on your confidence overrule and then the rest will come so for me i saw an amazing therapist working with ho was transformational them very profound and i definitely saw the way i spoke and thought about myself change with her help so i guess what i'm trying to say is had i gone right. I need to go to this meeting. Smash russia pounded for espresso before i went in. It's highly likely i could have crumbled either during the meeting or immediately afterwards but it was about building muscles so that i could deal with that sort of stuff and for me that was in therapy that was the thing that meant i could handle other situations and in some cases not taking the risk and saying i don't wanna work with you anymore because this dynamic socks and if you want my skills then you not only have to pay for them but you have to respect me tweet me with respect and if that's not possible if you do then do that then cea and i know that's a risk but in my experience and i can only share my experience friends and also the experience of my guess guess of said this. I ended up coming to the conclusion that those bad work. Environments is so draining and those people feel taking taking it volunteer. You're really taking the mecca of you. Whether that's a boss or a client they can really pull you down really patty so i honestly think that if you are table to free yourself from a bad situation then something else will come along and fill that space and not just by magic is not just like oh. I'll leave that job in another one fall into my lap not by magic but because you've put in the ground wet beforehand for years or however long because you'll get what you do think it's about having faith in your abilities and your you yet in you a couple of years ago. This happened to me and i remember going into war on the train into this office. Am i dozed off always a sign sign. If i doze off on the way to a meeting i can sleep. I can sleep on any public transport any kind of transport. It's a skill but i remember dozing off from the train on the way into london and waking up with a bolt with a real shock and this thing king your spending so much much time thinking about this shitty job and you're spending so much time in your head thinking about why this is such a shitty situation that you might not actually see a really great opportunity that could potentially fall into your lap because your brain is so focused on this other stuff like this office politics going on portects not going where you want it to be so train got in to the office and i wouldn't quit and i know that sounds very cavalier and i'm not advocating higher-risk excluding we all have to pay and we all security is a great thing and sometimes we do have to hunker down and get on with it but i think in answer to the question <unk> of advice on how to promote yourself and your skills when you're lacking in confidence i do think it's about building those muscles and i do think part of it is about if if you feel that your in a crappy situation having the confidence and being able to remove yourself from it so that you will find a better one so. I hope that that's a helpful answer. <hes> we can discuss this more. I do feel like this warrants getting business expo or confidence coach with someone on the po cost. Maybe that's worth exploring in and a bit more detail with an expert or guest. This is a great question. How are you planning for retirement if you all it's on my mind a lot recently having ten forty one well as long time listeners wound i i'm forty one and three quarters and so i was wondering what this question should i be thinking about retirement tenant and i was chatting to a few other friends in the industry about this the other day and i've never even thought about retiring because at this point i i don't want to stop doing what i'm doing but i guess again going back to not having a plan when i started freelancing i think do need to think about a long term plan so that when i do i have something in place and maybe again that's that's rudy good fodder for another episode to get an expert on to actually maybe do a hand holding session step by step of how plan for a time or what retirement should like. Does anyone know. I don't know i i mean yeah. I think retirement next like playing golf bake. All i don't like go. That's when i think of retirement i think about playing golf <hes> eh because because that's something that my father does and it's also something that other people i know who retired many women you retired. Then little menu retired it interesting anyway so again. Maybe that's another episode explore like how does one retire coun- one even retire in the current climate like is not just something that the previous generation was the lost generation to be able to really realistically do it interesting and then in in a similar vein in a similar vein but another question came in from a listener saying i would like to know what plans do you have in the pipeline for the future career wise and and there is quite a lot in the pipeline in the moment but in the main my focus is what about the podcast and partly because i feel this is the show has evolved really nicely. Thanks in large part to you my most excellent listeners so i'm really focusing on bringing more brilliant gas scuppering more useful topics and just creating what i hope is a really useful safe trusted resource so that if you want to find out about the menopause as you think oh this is this is the place i can do it. If you want to find out about body positively you think actually. I think a really good person will gone m._s. Show in all of that so i'm trying to keep the topics buried get really good quality guests on so that's what's happening and you might have noticed if you follow emme on social media which i hit your gums on pretty much everything. I've always thought to doing more video content ponte's. I really enjoy it and i get a lot of beauty related eight questions. Even though i discussed the topics on this podcast my career for the most part has been is a beauty writer and sometimes the questions i get particularly about makeup a much easier to answer via visual medium but i've always thought of doing book reviews on the video on the g._t. Instagram t._v. Which will sometimes be books that featured the author on the show or they might just be a bit of a review so i talked about sarah wilson's book. I make the beautiful and really just trying to keep it very like the pope cost so if there's anything you want to see me do whether it's on the podcast on g._t. Then please do get in touch email me at the beauty polka dot com slide into my d._m.'s. I'ma guns and just tell me what you'd like to see because i do i really do. I have a a spreadsheet. You'd be so impressed. It's quite busy looking spreadsheet. I've got highlights and colors special wants and everything every time i get an email i i literally cut and paste your email. Put it into attack in into cell so that i don't forget it so it might be for example. Somebody's offer focused on pain management for someone who's dealing with chronic pain. I have no idea to begin with that one so i put that in my spreadsheet and then i go out and seek the right kind of guests so that we gotta okay i would say keep your eyes peeled there is there's a lot of winds in the fire water that kind of stuff so then we get another the listener were justice into the po cost with noth- own a tummy 'cause levski. It was brilliant. Do you have any tips going it alone and starting your own business. What was the hardest lesson. I learned and what is the one bit of advice. You think invaluable festival. I'm really glad that you endured that episode time. I really like her and i'm full of admiration for what she achieved with business. She's really really going places crossed and we've we've been chatting actually a bit recently. She was telling me about some things have happened since he's been on the podcast and honestly that women's trajectory is just incredible. She's she's. She's just such a person to hang out with so next time. She's in london. We're gonna go for drinks anyway. I think one of the things that tummy as used to howard bondage is the entrepreneur program by the world bank of scotland and we talked about on the on the episode that she was on because they really nurture not only new businesses but new business owners so they like. I was saying earlier. It's all well and good to have a great idea but it's real easy to trip up at the point of tax for example because you have to learn it for yourself and it's not the easiest but what that program's done is that every time she's come up against any kind of hurdle or barrier they can help they can advise or equally they give you the knowledge before you reach those hurdles so that you know what to expect when they eventually happen i mean businesses very different from mine because she employs people and she has bricks and mortar. She has premises so she has a lot more to deal with in terms uh-huh of the things that she has to be aware of so. I think they've really really helped her with that. So i think any of the i'll put the link to the entrepreneur program in the show notes but i think that's really really brilliant otherwise it's a really steep learning curve and every single person i know who didn't have anyone he was able to hand hold them has said oh god in your second year for you not did this happened that happened and we've kind of learned the hard way by smashing up against a brick wall and don't get me wrong with lot to be said for steep learning curve and making a mistake that you never make again but equally if i go back seven and a half years i would run up up to the royal bank of scotland entrepreneur program knock on the door like i'm dustin hoffman at the end of the graduate and say let me let me and and make them help me there we go yeah. It's it's weird defining one starting your own business. It was peaceful. I used to do this a lot. I think if i'm talking about <unk> invaluable advice i know a lot of people who've done this and i definitely guilty and that's burying your head in the sand when it comes to finances and things like tax and then dealing with it in one go at year end and i'm very organized have always had a why receipts and everything but it meant just hours of inputting and spreadsheets etc etc and i think one of the most empowering thing i've done and anyone can do is take time to find an accountant and basically familiarize myself myself with that side of the business so that's really mytalk piece of advice whether you can get a business manager or an accountant or somebody that you can just get talk through it so so there are no surprises so that you feel that when you do get a letter you're not thinking oh i don't understand so you feel as i said empowered okay moving into health. I want to know how to motivate myself into starting a healthy lifestyle and then a second question but similar uh-huh is how do you stay motivated moated. How do you stay motivated and find the time to keep fit so i think this is when you have the ask yourself why you want to live a healthier lifestyle. Why you want to be healthier you currently feeling as though there are things you can't do because of your health and your fitness level or do you feel that your you want to do it to future. Proof your health. I think a why is incredibly motivating and incredibly helpful and i think it's why why i want to lose a bit of weight. I want to get into a certain dress can is one of those goals that easy to lose sight of because it's slightly woolly and it's not the easiest to to measure and it's if anything it's like what is your goal to east to do and it can be too much pressure. I also think it's really easy to think that being unhealthy looks a certain way and usually the perception is that it looks like someone who had great. Jim gear looks awesome when they work out and drinks protein shakes and the like and the truth what is it doesn't look like that. If you think about food advertising food advertising like food often isn't food and it's got chemicals on in some tall to make it look look. Do you see a will nicer than the real thing they all style than they are inedible and being healthy healthy. If you look at instagram for example you can somebody who looks really really healthy and really really fit unfilled demotivated but actually being healthy can take the form of adding walk around the block to your day four times. A week doesn't have to be extreme. It doesn't have to be suddenly like right from january the first i'm going to go to force being last week and i'm going to do bumps and tom's every afternoon along gonna go for a run in the morning. That's just too much. It's just too much so choosing to activities. We'll eat well are actually a thousand little decisions as alexandra hemsley said when she came on the pause the mountaintop to a significant change so my experience making one big chains like suddenly deciding to go to the gym every day at six a._m. Is just unsustainable but say you decide to stop having sugar in your drinks. That's one tiny decision and additionally you decide to take the long way. Take the long way to work at a at a walk into your commute. That's a tiny decision but they all mountaintop talk. Maybe it's the at lunchtime instead of having lunch l. disco you take a little walk around the block or you. Yeah take a walk around the block about or an and also you decide. Actually i'm going to make sure that i drink a pint of water in the afternoon because i never drink water in the afternoon i drink in the morning and all those little things mount up to a healthy lead iv style and there's not a beautiful set of jim kit in sight so i would say i'd say that's my answer to the idea. You've motivating myself to be healthier and and finding the time to do it. It's like figuring out what it looks like view and if someone he says that's not very healthy actually really is so boroff a question. I get a law at the moment is has the face laser you used. Stop uh-huh your unwanted hair now just to clarify what this means is by face laser. She means the phillips. Lee mayor i appeal the voice of that's intense pulsed light the i use on my patient body hair in order to tweeter would use it and i'm asked law i would say probably oh gosh russian daily at least early on social media is the phillips lee meyer that i've talked about using getting results and the answer is absolutely yes but as i say to everybody only works if you use it consistently and the best way to find out how to use it as why the episode i recorded with dr stephanie williams in collaboration ration- with phillips because she really simplifies how to use it how to get the best results works and i think it's really obvious you turn on you. Do the patch test and then you point and click and you on the bits where you want your hair to be removed. That's obvious but sometimes i think how it works and stephanie explains it really beautifully in that the intense light the light is attracted to the pigment in the hat an if and it been destroys killed weakens the the political so that when a new growth it's not a strong and you have to do that consistently over time until eventually the follicles goes you know what peace out. This is too much like hard work. I'm out offense. She explains it in a fall more technical fashion than i just did but what i'm saying is sometimes understanding the how then makes the application more meaningful. I'll say okay. I understand what i'm doing here. And that's why i need to do it every week or so. It's actually every fortnight but you can set in a lot. I would really advise that if you start using get to set an alarm on your phone so that you get a little alarm every two weeks saying yearning to the euro i._p._l. And it's different here. Everybody's so some people will see see really really good results in eight weeks. Some people who see good results but not as good as the other person in some people my has quite stubborn and when i spoke to stephanie anthony she said that could be because of hormone issues that you've had and i haven't been consistent with a recently so i need to get back on it but actually one of the reasons. I've been a bit scared about using it is because it's been so hot in the u._k. And it's been so this one has been so strong and it obviously sensiti it sends twice as your skin and you don't really supposed to go in the sun when you're doing it particularly professional treatment so i'm backing off and i will get back into it now that it's slightly gloomier it's ugly me. It was a beautiful day. Today did rain a bit but it was beautiful at some point in the debate cloudy anyway so the key is consistency assistant see and if you really are interested. I know that the phillips is a considered purchase. It's not inexpensive but when you compare it to getting solemn treatments and clinic treatments etc. It really is good value but the thing that you're you're. You're not paying for with the louima. Is somebody stood for you so you have have to be really strict with yourself and say you know what every other every other monday evening a._p._m. Gonna watch such and such a show. I'm gonna what town to get away with murder and do my my legs and do my underarms you have to you have to think about it like that and you have to make it quite rigid commitment and that's when you will begin to see results and stephanie things that brilliant in episode two in the show notes another beauty question. What is your favorite foundation. I'm sick and tired of buying foundations and being being disappointed and having beauty bag full of not even half used bottles. I'm never going to go near again. That is frustrating. That is frustrating. It really depends what your desired finishes. Do you want a jewish glory. Finish a matt full coverage of billable medium coverage bridge. Do you stick fluid powder mineral tinted moisturizers. It really depends on the finish that you like and i'm publishing this episode in september two thousand the nineteen and i am currently doing a series it by d._t._b.'s. I review foundations because right now dozens of foundations launching every single day. I'm getting an email saying such such abroad is launching a new foundation falen forty shades. I think he's been really responsible for people realizing they need to broaden the shade range and befall more inclusive. Thank you very much about time and so lots of browns are coming out with more <hes> shades and more more variants varieties more finishes etc so i'm doing a series of white. T._v. started off with the charlotte toby airbrush flawless foundation so if you can see all of that really pleased you head over to instagram where i'm at amazon's looking but i would say if you like these are my personal preferences. If you like light to medium coverage with a jewish finished so something that could pass as your own skin just better. I personally love mcface mcface embodying and i think that's a good value foundation for the quality of product i loved charlotte's aubrey knight foundation and i've recently started using the surat dude drew you do drop foundation and i think all three of those are absolutely excellent. The sarah is not inexpensive it seventy eighty pounds so considered purchase but it is very very very very good so seventy pounds doesn't make you blush or get eh hot in the back of your neck then tried out but if it does definitely still yourself towards the mcface importing if you like build ables medium coverage than i've live just started using the milk makeup flex foundation and think it's great and i actually tried the profile to hydrating foundation and it's really really lovely really lovely. Actually it's long where as long when it's really really good <hes> i also really right the bobby brown foundation stick and the skin foundation both those formulas are really really excellent very blundell very skin true. They look very flattering. They put the tones in make your skin again. Just look like really healthy really healthy version of your own skin especially. If you get columbine listened to the episode with amy conway from a few weeks ago she wanted wanted that bobby brown senior michael night she bobby brown pro makeup artists and she talks about color matching and getting the right shade and the benefits a <hes> of color matching and so i think we basically will be saying that sometimes it's tempting to go a couple of shades darker or a little bit darker but actually it doesn't look skin true in your skin wachner says good so listen to the episode if you want to find out about matching because i think her advice bureau if you want a full coverage foundation that does not budge more. You'll probably already wearing estee estate order double wear foundation because i think it's probably i think it's still something every four seconds around the world. It's the biggest selling foundation foundation globally. It's just it's loved and people who use it absolutely adore but i've also got a lot of time for charlotte till airbrush florida's foundation. If you want claim to finish i think that is very similar in proposition so if you're a big fan of estee lauder double where funds to get rid of a change but seeing you bought the new makeup bag give this i be interested to know what do you think of the show that told me airbrush pluralist an equally if you haven't tried a full coverage but it's something that you want then either. Those are really really excellent choices again hannah's. I said the charlotte viewed on my personal. Preference is i said the kind of foundational i wear all the time is kind of light to medium coverage wjr and then let's not forget share coverage where you just want something that'll run. Pop your skin and then you probably use a little bit of concealed and for me personally the body shop instagram bright c._c. Cream oughta leap brilliant. I use the peachy glow which is peachy but that's also bright which is sort of lilac and you can wear a loan on on the foundation and it does a lovely job. It's a truly excellent <unk> product and also has an s._p._f. Of twenty i also quite like the chanel water tint foundation but again. It's a high priced product. I think the body shot one is under fifteen pounds was great is obsolete granted loss ages. I suffer into my skin the peachy glow sometimes and then just correct or use a bit of considering the my eyes and i find that that's all i need a <hes> particularly if my skin's not playing it really is at the moment so it's medium coverage all the way another question. I started to follow beauty on social media media after listening to your podcast. You should be following. This is such a great question. Will i'm delighted that your now <hes> following beauty stuff on social after listening to the show. That's it's lovely to hear okay skin-care. I'm gonna go with people who talk about skin care or the brand you should follow so for skin care has to be carolina line and dean caroline high winds and a dean but let me do they have great content and they really do like a caroline's website. Blog is absolutely brilliant had cheat sheets on things acids and retinal are unmissable if your beauty or if you just want to really build a good b._t. Regime but both carolina nadine off excellent at answering questions personally and responding to comments so whether that on instagram or in facebook groups they really good actually caroline's brilliant in how facebook group the dean is excellent on youtube and instagram getting by people so i would really recommend that and i <music> i whenever i hung out with the team should always be like oh someone's just d._m. Me a picture of the skin hang on. I just need a couple of minutes to get back to them about what they need to be using so they are really really good that accident resources if especially if you feel a bit confused abused about what's going on in terms of oh i've i've just seen that there's a new product launching and apparently i need this but why is it better than what i'm using. They're very good at addressing newness munis in the landscape of what already exists someone. I really love following on social who has a really good mixture of content. Whether it's beauty lifestyle viewed etcetera tre is anna newton so the naroda and she's also just a brilliant person she liked. I knew ever meet if i had had a child. I would want her to have grown up to be like like ana and then when i see sometimes i'm like i want you to be my little sister. She's just very very nice decent human being and she even did a brilliant post recently recently had blogs incredible unused. That's pretty good where it's your how to budget for mortgage and things like that and how book <hes> the annarita is. Is it quickly underwriter think wrong. It's in the other room account. Look at the spine anyway. Hub book is absolutely brilliant so i really highly recommend all of anna's content beyond a sign up for newsletter. Do everything everything for makeup tutorials. I cannot sit here and not mention sam chapman in nick they are so good i mesmerized asmara's but all of that content and i were talking this week about how every time sam posted pictures on instagram. We just want to wolf attic. She's just so gorgeous and nick guest today did a video doing cocky makeup and i watched it twice whilst eating a meal i cooked from her husband's recipe book which made me feel like a stalker and then when i went back to clean the kitchen and put my feet away it said underneath the recipe. This is my wife's favorite meal and i thought okay so i've watched her video twas twice while while eating a meal the union has designed that she loves that gonna put up restraining order out. I didn't mean to be there. Just brilliant brilliant content and content and makeup tutorials are just so good. I have learned and i learned so much from every single one that they do even if it's just they just full of all the most amazing tip so i really highly recommend them then there's mickey makeup. I know a lot of people in the facebook group love watching her insta- stories on a sunday where she will hoodoo a step-by-step during someone's makeup and it's unbelievably mesmerizing and hit hypnotize. It's just absolutely british. Her makeup is incredible credible and she's just done this week victoria from fro she did her wedding makeup and victoria looked unbelievable so she's just a hugely talented makeup boston. We need light nicky as well. She's done some beautiful stuff on unac- steiner actually as well then italy supporter dixon who who is like the chaotic beauty makeup artist because she's like why you do this do that. I love i love ampules for that reason and hannah martin everytime she is doing a live or doing stories. We're doing her makeup. I'm just always like fine dribbling because i just want to get a little bit closer to the screen so if you like makeup tools than those in my my absolute favorites he also author of makeup tutorials. There were so many but those are the ones. I'm stopping acts the with all literally going forty five minutes for fashion n._b._c. I think she's she's waited more with b._t. But alex stein i enjoy her and she's been on the show before i love alex light and she's got a great mix of beauty with fashion with lifestyle and main subject. She's been on the podcast talking about it. Body pose a tippety and really talking about coming back from harry eating disorder and the she's really good at putting content out that to make you realize that you are constantly constantly being bombarded with some pretty noxious messages and she just keeps it very well. I think she's got a beautiful tone. I think she talks about the body positively movement in aridi intelligent way not in a it's gonna sound terrible body way in a very coin in a very intelligent way. I really like how she talks about. So so there's people that i would recommend just about who else am i forgetting somebody recre- i'd recommend the follow i'd recommend in the fall elite pebbles especially if you are an expectant or new mom because she's got a lot of content up there at the moment around baby gray and it's really sweet and i'm not l. A. parent expectant parent but i find high content around gray and like stuff to do with the interiors in the nursery at just find find it. I find it really watchable and there are loads of people. I'm definitely forgetting people. Maybe we'll do a whole episode on or this is a great question any good books for people who aren't book lovers but want to read more and i really thought about this 'cause. I thought oh gosh well. Reading reading is so subjective and the topics that you enjoy all so personal to you sometimes and i could say dan brown. Dan brown's the davinci code because let's face is it. That's a that's a real page turner. That is designed. He's done a brilliant course on master clause where he talks about how to write that kind of <hes> fiction and it's balmy laic stopped the chapter like this hook them in like this and then end the end the chapter so that the reader wants to read the beginning of next to it was very formulaic but i thought okay okay that aside. What would i recommend to somebody who wants to get into reading more but and i'm very much like this and i find every time i've had a bit the law and i haven't been reading. I have to read an autobiography so finding someone that you really really like or want to know more about so at the moment i've got <unk> but reynolds autobiography on in my pending pile and i was i couldn't help myself i have any border on audible on audible partly because he reads it produces lucidity corey feldman autobiography and it's called choreography alone made me use one of my audible tokens disrespect. I just respected the play on words that are really really enjoyed that so yes and if you want to start with an autobiography i really highly recommend pasta pathak by jim collins. She's an excellent writer. I think she's written all of her autobiographies because she doesn't just have one and it's so so good. She's such a good way to say. Yes find somebody that you really really like. He was written an autobiography orphee and sometimes hard to tell if they've used a ghostwriter another really good one. If you like rock music i know a lot of people listening to this podcast with very very excited about all of the rock radio links was sharing on social recently which are saved the highlights incident anthony kiedis autobiography he did write it with a rolling stone journalist but that's a really interesting. It's kind of it's pretty rule but it's very detailed. That's a really interesting what's <unk> fame and he says i i do have michelle obama's on why reading pile and i keep wanting to start it but like many books that i'm reading at the moment podcast gas and for future topics that but i keep thinking i don't want to dip in and out but i just want to gorge on that one another person to and i'm sorry i keep talking about an newton. She's really good at sharing the books that she's reading eating and she reads a lot so if you're not sure and you want a bit of inspirational so check out her fade but i would start with a biography or just something that you have a passionate about even if it's i dunno even if it's a book on creative writing. I've got a book on creative writing that. I read in a day on a bench outside because i was like i really wanted to read this. It's not very long. Sometimes it's about quick wins so maybe find a short little book that you can. You know that you'll get through really quickly. How many times a week do you work out and then this is a brilliant quest supplementary question. Are you seeing results so i try to do something active every single day and bats being brutally honest with myself with you. I felt as though i needed to revisit all of this after i had don't laura biceps on the shy laura hawkins on the show because i've i've always known that it would be good that it's good good for me to walk out every day but i would be. I am one of those people who says i don't really see results and i was chatting to hear about it the other day. I'm just trying to scroll scroll through my messages because i've had a bit of a break from exercise a recently and what did she say that was pretty is i've realized after i when i was reading. I realized that i've been moving and exercising without any agenda without any specific goal. I've just been going if iran i they will lose weight. If i run. My cool will be a bit tighter if i run. My legs will be stronger but it's all very willie. There's nothing to find. She came back to me and she said this which i thought was really interesting. Random random movement and exercise is just energy expenditure tiring ourselves out doesn't help us. We want to build strong foundations and improve and improve bob body composition so moving forward. I want to try and have a plan so that i can see results whether it's just that i noticed that my cardiovascular fitness improves whether i see a bit more definition my legs my legs are load bearing lumpy undefined legs and i would love to see a cough off muscle pop through a little bit of the fifa minimise so i think i keep healthy. I think i i exercise a lot but i it's that realization. When i was reading a book. Actually you know getting. You're not getting any kind of results. Which is kind of doing it hoping that you think that if you go for a one four to five times a week that you're going to look great but actually you have to have a bit more of an agenda so in all still question twice do something every day i try to so on days. When i rest. I would still walk but i tried to get my heart rate up for over one hundred thirty p._m. For thirty minutes or more at least forty five time four to five times a week. I think is fair but yes in terms of seeing results. That's a great part of the question and the answer is. It's obviously not doing me any harm but it's not i'm not measuring and that's something that i need to start doing so watch this space because i'm going to get lower back on the show due to talk about fitness and getting results in the gym so we can have a bit more about that and hopefully be able to share some results on social media tips for starting to look for a job. I'm freshly out of school and berry lost and i want to work in peel. I can't even imagine it must be what it must be like now to try and look for a job because the landscape is so so different from how it was for me when i left university twenty years ago now now gosh i'm old so i thought long and hard about how to answer. They're going to do some research and come up with some wants lights and actually i think the most useful thing i can do for anybody who's in this situation or for anybody who knows somebody in this situation is to get a careers advisor on ought to get somebody who who specializes in dealing with graduates or dealing with people going into the workplace for the first time and the advice that they recommend so this is really just me saying please watch this space because i think me doing some research and sharing links with you could potentially really be helpful but i think the thing that will be most helpful having somebody who deals with this every day who understands how to steer you toward the career area path that you want because i literally have no idea and i wouldn't know where to begin and i wouldn't want to see you in the wrong direction so let's do the right thing and stay in the white one so i will get an expert on for that and that really does bring me to the end of the osman thing but what i would say is if you have any any questions on i know we want to lock tickly career in this particular in these two osmena things please get in touch but more importantly if there were topics topics or areas that you feel you really want to know more about whether it's health whether it's fitness whether it's career whether it's beauty whether it's business i if there are any topics that you feel you want to know you want to learn more about a google. Search isn't giving you what you want. Then let me know because i will find an expert and i will get them on and i will get them to provide. I will hopefully have a conversation with them. That will be helpful resource. We saw in order to do that amami on the beauty podcast dot com. Please go into my d._m.'s on social media. I'm amazon's on instagram and twitter or you can always have the option to join that facebook expert group the link to join. We'll be in the show notes and that facebook group. Please answer the three questions that multiple choice. You just have to click the options but if you don't answer all three questions of strict policy won't let you in so please just answer the questions. That's all i'm asking and you can join thousands of other listeners of the show in that group. They're really supportive and helpful which other obviously they're excellent than women minus knows my most excellent listener so please do go in there but just keep in touch and if i'm going to ask one final thing of you. We'll be to have two things. One is if you enjoy the show and you haven't yet. I'd be delighted if you could share it with your friends. Just tell tell people about it and get them listening. That would be really kind of you or you can always leave or if you if you have the option. I'd be so grateful. It really does help apoe cost like my mind stand on these massive platforms so if you get the option to leave a five star review or a couple of sentences about what you enjoy about the show i would be i would. It'd be so grateful for that support. Thank you so much for your questions. Thank you so much for listening. Please do get in touch. The show is all about you even in this episode of torture lot about my experience but this show is all about you and about providing you with information resources and payment that you will find useful helpful or just plain distracting. I am delighted to spend time with the thank you so much. I will see you on the next one.

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