Safe Picks, Risky Picks & OU WR Hollywood Brown joins the show!


And now a move the sticks with Daniel, Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks. Welcome to move the sticks DJ Bucky here, and we are one week away from the two thousand nineteen NFL draft buck. How you doing bud, man? I'm good. You know, we come to the end of it. I can see the tape, but it's almost like running along race, and you could see it. But man. Obvious computer a lot closer than they really really are. We do we still got some time. We still have some more tape that you on and ground. We still have some more rumors to kinda sort out, but it's a fun time of year because when you talking to you scouting, but but then the biz I mean, the draft is like they're Super Bowl ST one opportunity. They have to sit at the big table to have their voice heard. And so this is a combination of a lot of work by a lot of people and to that point was kind of saw the the trid the thread, Jim Nagy put out there about it seems like there's a little anti out businessman floated out there on the Twitter verse. Yeah, I can't really understand it because here's what I will say. And I know it can be easy for people on the outside looking in to county criticize gals or maybe not getting it. Right. You're in a business where are you talking about the hit rate at the good level? Maybe you fifty fifty. But really if you're coming up with batting averages MLB batting averages. Three hundred three fifty or buff. Are you really doing a great job because I believe in our stand on this. The hardest thing to do is to project a player going from college to the pros because you looking at Apple's versus oranges, and it's a lot of subjectivity based on not only the talent daddy has. But where he goes how he's coach what the fit is what the coaching plan is ended the plan of development for those players. And so we can sit here and speculate what someone is going to be two or three years down the line. But really, you have no way of knowing because there's so many variables that really impact the way they play between the lines. Now, I'm glad you referenced the baseball reference there because that's going to be a little bit of a theme for us. You're talking about batting average. How about we talk slugging percentage swinging for the fences because over today some of the risky picks? And it's we we talked about this on the phone. We're talking about light tower power do not choke up rob deer. Whatever you gotta do. Swing for the fences. You could hit one off the light tower or you could strike out. So those type of risky players in on the other side of it buck. We're going to look at some of the safe players guys it, oh, we'll lay our head on the pillow and feel good about knowing. They're part of your team. Yeah. I mean, I think that's the thing. Like a couple of different approaches that you can take towards the draft in the first round we've talked about this and using a baseball reference in the first round if you only have one picking your team is really trying to build it is really in your best interest to be a contact hitter. You wanna get on base? You wanna advanced running? You wanna make sure that the guys that you take in the first round at their worst. They become solid starters for a long time. If they become more than that, look. You've knocked it out the pork. You've done a great job. If you have multiple pics, then you can be a little more risky when it comes to this election for one of those guys because you really wanna make sure that you get it right with the first pick. But then with the second one, it's kind of a bonus fig if you hit on that guy. They got becomes a Pro Bowl player someone that's a difference maker, you really upgraded to tell it on your roster different approaches. But at the end of the day, you want to make sure that you get the first round, right? And then when you get into those other hours second third and even the later rounds you may take chances. We're going to get into that talk and safe picks, talk and risky picks. Also going to get a chance to visit one of the one of the more interesting players in this year's draft less marquees Hollywood Brown wide receiver from Oklahoma. Get a chance to visit with him. See how his health is after his his lists. Frank injury that he's trying to navigate through check in with him on that talking to him about what we should expect from him at the next level. Also, you got to remember for those that don't know Hollywood Brown cousins within Tonio Brown. What do you want to be open to playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers? Something I look forward to asking him a little bit later on in the show. Well, let's start safe picks. I hear booklets. Go guys that when you pick them, you feel very confident about you feel very comfortable again doubles, you know, what you're buying. Let's go safe picks and just we can just kinda shotgun them here. And just go one at a time who do you like easiest one for me is TJ hockessin from Iowa. He is a safe Vic all day because I know exactly what I'm buying. I know I'm getting a solid player who can. Do everything that I wanna see done at the tight end position. He's physical blockade the point of attack. He can seal the eggs in the running game. He is a guy that can make plays over the middle of feel southern route runner. I've compared him repeatedly to Jason Witten when you think about Jason win and the long-term production of success that he has had with the Dallas Cowboys. I think TD hawks in is a guy that is going to be very similar to that. I think you talking about thirteen fourteen fifteen year vet that just gives you steady Eddy production each and every season. Yeah. I'm with you. He's one of my favorites in the entire draft class. I think you get a little bit of both worlds there. You get some of the high end you get some of the high floor as well. I'm gonna go linebacker, and I have I have Devon white is my top off ball linebacker, actually, Devon Bush a little safer just because Devon Bush a little bit better taken on. He's a little more physical inside. So to me in terms of just safe picks guy runs. He's got great character leadership intelligence. He checks so many different boxes. He's not six foot two. Not the biggest guy in the world. He's he's five eleven two hundred thirty four pound linebacker. But to me, he's one clear packaging. I know. Exactly. What I'm getting with Devon Bush. It is funny. Just you say that because when you kind of described it off we talked about it like the guys that I fall in love with the guys that are kind of my blue collar guys that want. They're smart. They're tough there physical those guys always find a way to play in the league for a long time. And so you talk about Devon white and Devin Bush. I'm gonna go with Taylor rap from U dub Taylor rep is not going to win the Olympics as decaf elite like didn't put in a great forty time. But what he is. He's a rock-solid football player who consistently makes plays. No matter. How you use them? You wanna put him near the box to be extra defend against run. Check that off you want him into deep middle to make plays against a prolific passing attack checked it off if you need them to come to come down and be a Rover data's DM. Forcet lurk in between the hash his checked it off all the things that you're looking for at the position. He is able to do it. Now is he the fastest when it comes to being able to get it done. No. But I believe he plays faster on tape than he performs on the field and part of that is due to his instincts his cue and just as overall football accurate. This is a guy that is going to be a starting to league for longtime. I can sleep comfortably at night knowing that Taylor rap is my starting safety. Yeah. My next one. I'm with you on that Taylor wrap. My next one I'm going to give it to for here because Jerry bradberry. I feel like we've talked about him so much I'll mail yet go there the center from NC state, but he's so clean. And he's definitely somebody. I would sleep well at night if I picked him I wanna stay at the safety position. And sometimes when you're talking about safe picks, we're not talking just about first second round guys just players that you have a role for me know, exactly what you're going to get. There's no there's no guesswork Mike Edwards safety from Kentucky. Buck he might not be the biggest guy in the world five ten force of five ten and a half two hundred five pounds, rain, four five flat. But I just love the fact I can drop him down and play him near the line of scrimmage, and I know exactly what I'm going to get from him. He's always going to be very sure tackler. He's got some instincts to get his hands on some balls underneath just going to be a very dependable reliable player and Mike Edwards. Probably I'd say fourth-round is where he ends up going. Maybe he could sneak into the third round. But more than likely you're talking about a fourth round guy. And I feel. Great about that pick. I mean, I feel pretty good about it as well. Like all of you know, what's funny was funny is we we've take made four or five picks. And we haven't talked about a quarterback. So I'll put you to the fire who is your safest pick at the quarterback position. I'm just curious because I wrote down the name. Yeah. My safest pick at the quarterback position. Well, you have to really eliminate one year guys. Right. Because traditionally one year guys not safe you haven't seen a long track record. So that's the two top quarterbacks in the draft Cuyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins. I think we we have the same top guys just slipped YoM. So those guys wouldn't be classified as safe players because if not enough track record. So then it comes down to who's next is it is Daniel Jones at drew lock. Both those guys have played a lot of football. I would probably say Daniel Jones would would be the one. I'd feel safe about maybe that ceiling is not sky high. But I feel like the floor. I know what the floor is is so funny that is exactly what I wrote down. And it's funny because like it's funny how the scouting process works out very early in the process when I was dangerous Jones's name listed as maybe the first man, I don't know. Then I go to the senior bowl, and I'm watching the practices, and I felt like maybe kind of. Not great. He shrank a little bit of tabs on the principal. But then he ends up as a senior bowl MVP, and that doesn't necessarily mean anything. But when the game was played he made enough plays to earn that honor. And then when you talk to him, and you talk to his his high school coach, and you talk to people around him, and he just kind of checks all the boxes in terms of look, this is a guy that is accountable. He's dependable two game means a lot to him. He has the necessary instincts and intellect to be successful at it. And we know that he is going to work hard at the craft is easy to buy into those guys. I'm not saying that he'll elderly emerge as a top-five, Betty even a top ten quarterback. But I do know if Dana Jones is my starting quarterback. I know exactly what I'm getting. And I believe I know how to build my team to come to maximize who years as a player. Yeah. I couldn't say better myself book. I'm with you on all that go ahead. Can't you got a question for us? We just talked about one of our three sixty guys and Daniel Jones belt, the three sixty we released this week Clemson de line. I'll start with you Bucky out of all the Clemson D lineman. Who's the safest pick out of those guys to me. I think is Dexter Lawrence. And that's not being a Homer. I think with Dexter. You know, exactly what he is. He's at his worst. He's a nose tackle was capable of occupying multiple blockers and stopping the run at his best. He ends up being more than that. Meaning he can rush the passer push to pocket a little bit. Maybe five to six six. I've kind of compared them a little bit did not the same body type was, but he reminds me a lot of Vince wheel fork vis Wilford was a solid player for longtime for the New England pages and then Houston Texans. I would envision Dexter being very similar to that. Yeah. I think you know, really all of them have played a lot of bowl. I feel like, you know, you're what you're getting in the character checks out. So I think they're all actually pretty clean and pretty safe. I would say Ferrell just as long as your expectations are aligned properly. I think he's going to be an eight to ten sack guy consistently think of the production. You give somebody like a brain Graham. Look recently, a guy like Matt Jude on how they've played can be stout against the run can set the edge. And then is going to give you some timely sacks. Maybe not gonna get you ton of sags, but they're always timely shows up and big games. Just totally wired the right way as you. If you listen to the three sixty episode, you're going to learn about all these guys, but feral to me, just the whole military background and upbringing into. I mean, this he's been a life. I I bet on that kid all day long. I mean, these easy to bet on because you right? The background speaks volumes about his character. And a lot of DJ. We've talked about this on air and off they're like when you get to know guys in you know. Can the deer? Why you can is easier to Bank on those guys in hearing his wind here new coach talked about his why and how he's wired I'm more than willing to believe that he's going to be a guy that makes it and speaking of stories with Josh Jacobs kinda qualify as a guy that you have Bank us in terms of safe pig based on his background and what he said to overcome. Say look I love him as a player. I think he's a fantastic player. I still haven't been my top ten and I readily admit he's not going in the top ten. I understand that. I just I believe so much in the kid now if I was gonna use the word safe, though, I think most people want to see more production, and and he doesn't have that. So I wouldn't classify him in that in that regard is safe. I just I believe so much in the person in the kid and the ability I've seen him do everything there just isn't a long history of him doing everything. So to me falls into the category a little bit with the top two quarterbacks. Just not a long track record their production. So maybe that excludes him from that list. But do I believe in him and have I stamp my approval and kind of push my chips into the table any other analogy you want to use? Yes. I'm Josh Jacobs guy think that's well known. Yeah. I mean, look, I think his story. I think what he's had to overcome. I think the flashes that you see on tape when he's been given the ball. And then given opportunities to be the guy he certainly shown it does he have the production that you want. No. But the skill set is dear because he can run inside and outside. He can catch the ball out of the backfield. He's dependable impasse protection. And when you get the story and what he said to overcome. I believe he's going to be wired to right way, mentally that. He's always going to be a guy that is working at his craft that football means a lot to him. And basically, I almost say is his saving grace, but is going to give him an opportunity to change his life for the better. And I think when you come from certain situations like that I think is always going to be the priority. I think he's gonna take care of business when he's asked to be a feature back. I'm going to do one more here. And then we'll switch over two guys that we want to take a shot on her are risky and have a huge upside last year from JJ or Sega Whiteside from Stanford buck, he's got forty contested catches over the last two years. He's gonna make plays down in the red zone. He's quicker than people give him credit for. He's quick off the line of scrimmage. She's quicken. And now at the top of his route. I think he's going to be a good pro. I like him a lot. I feel like the floor is very high for him. I mean, I think the floors and part of what we're doing. We've talked about Safex I think is being able to look at a prospect and say, I do exactly what I can do with you. I know exactly where role you feel and you will excel in that role. We've heard to patriots talk about that for so long how they put Gaza and roles and the reason that they're able to get production out of guys other teams goodness because they only asked their guys to play certain roles, and that allows them to always play to their strengths. And so we JJ are saying, well, why set I expect him to be a red zone weapon a guy that can win. Those fifty fifty bowls along the border or in the middle of the feel and third down when it comes to moving the chains. He is always going to be able to do that. I kind of envision him. He's not the same contemplate or in terms of Michael Thomas, but the way that the saints used Michael Thomas over the middle of feel as a big slot receiver. Maybe our Sega Weizsaecker can do that and do some things on outside down in Rizzo. 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That's one hundred dollars off at smile. Direct. Club dot com slash podcast offer code sticks smile. Direct club dot com slash podcast offer code sticks by buck into some of these players with some risk involved. But the payoff could be huge. I'll give you the floor for the first one. We'll swing for the Francis. I'm going big. And I'm a go at Mick Kev, right out the gate. You talk about a boom of bus prospect in terms of a guy who is outstanding speed great, physical dimensions. But when you look at the tape, he's a guy that runs kind of like four rows. He's a go post deep over and occasionally a slant runner who makes plays down the field because he. Can just outrun everybody if you take him, and if you ask him to be a complete rout tree runner, you can be disappointed because I don't believe he is a guy that is truly a number one receiver. However, I think visa complement on the backside, basically, a bigger more physical version of Tig junior. He can be a dominant player they may gives you a thousand yards and ten touchdowns on occasion because he is just so dominant as a vertical placement. Now, that's a good one. I'm going to go to the defensive side of the ball, though. And I think maybe biggest boomer bus player in the entire draft Shangari from Michigan. Who is just a freak. When you talk about. What is the freak like how about six four and a half almost two hundred eighty pounds. He ran four five eight that is some free. He stuff when you look at the testing. I think he plays hard. I know some people banged him on his effort. I didn't see that. I thought I've seen the guy win with speed. I've I've seen him convert speed the power. The problem is many. We'll locate the football he doesn't get his name in the box score as much as you would like for somebody. You're gonna take in the top ten. Now, he battled a little bit of an injury. People can say I don't like how he was used at the end of the day. He just doesn't simply have the production. You normally see from top ten pick. And you're looking for comparisons to me different situations. In terms of one was a five star recruit. The other one was kind of an unknown. Ziggy Ansah coming into the league. You saw the athlete. He was and you had to project a little bit of the production say the. Production will come. He's got all the skills, you need it's up to defensive line coach get that out of him for Shaun Gary buck, if we look back five years from now, and he's been to some pro bowls and and had fourteen fifteen secs seasons. I wouldn't be surprised if he's on his second team. I wouldn't be totally surprised. So there is a huge variance there, which can get a huge various just in terms of like, you see the fetichism buzz doesn't match up to the production that pops off the tape ever similar player different Rhys. I'm gonna go. With Jakab polite from Florida, Jakab, polite. I love the tape in terms of the way to de plays. The motor the effort to energy the sack reduction to force Romo production. I like all of those things. However, I am a little leery on what he's going to be able to do because he didn't work out. Well, he didn't interview will when he had his opportunity to combine and pro days, and so you just don't know. And then you find out that he's had a suspension from Florida. So you wonder look is disa- God it's going to be able to kind of total line when it comes to protocol in the expectation. Nhs that are needed for him to be a spectacular. Pro. I don't know. But I do know if I can get them to the field. And if you have all the other stuff, I think he has a chance to be a really good player. Yeah. Takes free. Good, man. When you look at the tape. There's there's a lot to like there. I'm going to go to the secondary ingredient Williams had him down. I just struggled with digits. With the whole time. And I just know look he's he's got the height weight speed. You look for he's got some plays in the ball. That are impressive. I think he's more smooth and fluid than he is just sudden and twitched up I think he's kind of strider with speed. And sometimes that worries at the corner position because a lot of transition a lot of quick change direction. I don't know that he's great. They're kind of get through that. My issue is just his lack of lack of desire in the run game tough. And it's just allergic he's allergic to tackling in when I look at a corner like that. And I look at the way the game's played right now buck you can I can guarantee you in his first game his first regular season game within the first five plays. He is going to see toss. He's going to see fly sweep they are going to challenge him and force him to make tackles and be aggressive and fill in the run game. It's going to happen. He's gonna definitely get challenged in that area. And how he reacts to it's going to determine what he's going to be as pro. Yes, you got to be tough enough. Yeah. I mean, despite a misnomer debt, oh, a cover corner can just float out there. They're liabilities into run game and taught to do that. Now people put you under pressure because not only the run game. But you got to be able to stop these wide receiver with the bubble. Screens teams are taking advantage of weak cornered by the does bubble screens and fly sweeps over and over and over again. So it is mandatory now that you have to be tackled. You have to be you'd have to be a trained killer. But you have to be willing to kind of stick your nose, and you've got to put your face into fan and make things happen. So for greedy Williams. He is going to have to flip the switch and become a tougher tackler, a tough competitor. Then he displayed during his time and college I have a guy that is not similar, but I do wonder about his toughness but can't his game translate to the pros. And s Brian burns the defensive end from Florida state and one of the reasons why have concern is he plays significantly lighter than he showed up at the combat. And when you watched them on tape. He's a speed Russia. Only he wants to go up to feel and win with first step, quickness and burst. He has an occasional spin moved at a used to get inside. But I wonder at the size and weight that he played it at Florida state. How is he going to handle when office of tackles put their hand on him? Does he have the strength to be able to ward off those log on blockers is he going to be able to dip and rip and get past him. I just don't know we met him here path to the draft big man in terms of size, but Kenny hold their weight when we get into the thick of the season is a huge concern. Because of that I'm worried about him being kind of a wintry point when it gets to the next level. Yeah. It's a it's a tricky evaluation. You've got the bar keyboards Mingo thing that kind of hangs over your head a little bit. And does it does make that mistake? So you know, that's a tough evaluation. I'll stay on the defensive front Tristan hill from central Florida. If you just want to look at somebody that's dynamic and explosive inside, and he might he has the capabilities of being one of the best players in this draft. You just see the flashes there wild flashes. Of course, you had change over in staff. It's been well documented he only started one game this year. But you flip on the tape at the end of the season. And you see him. He is disruptive. He is explosive. I think he's so talented buck. He's a classic second round pick to me some ways it's going to say, hey, I would never gonna take that risk in round one. But man, I I don't see him getting out of the second round. The ability level is too good ability to good. And when you get to the second round you really trying to throw a door and trying to hit on someone. They can be a starter and a key contributor. He is so shown that potential desk going to give him a chance. And so you'll for some of these guys at just. It comes together with the right coaching the right environment. I do believe peer pressure matters. Sometimes that can get people to elevate their gains because they feel the standard is race. And they wanted me to stand. Give me give me one more here. One more. I'm gonna go with one of my favorites. But there is some risk involved. How about Jalen Ferguson for Louisiana tech? He's one of my favorites because production is there you've seen a multiple occasions. Look finishes, the F B S autopsy Jackley to he shattered to real suggs record and finished with forty five sacks. And so sacked production translates UCF play violent. He has a mean streak that I like a like the dog that he has in them. But there are some concerns he puffed up. He got bigger in the season doing this pre-draft process. Some of the show people that maybe you could be a bigger and better and more explosive athlete didn't really test will. And so for me, I'm hoping that he goes back to his normal weight. I'm hoping that he retained it ED's that made him a dominant player and college. If he does it I think he has a chance to be a really good player problem going to be a first round pick. But I think he can be a guy that outplays his draft status. Because he does stand art of rushing to pass. And then I have one to throw out to you guys. What about Dalton reisner? This is the guy if you watch them against Mississippi State earlier this year, he kind of owned Montasser sweat and did really well against the line, which is going to have to high picks. But I notice, you know, he's number forty on your list deejays, not in the top five for you in terms of tackles or interior guys Bucky what about him as maybe a question, and what is his boomer bus potential? He's interesting because the things that I like about him, man. He's a scrapper. He's a tough hard nosed guy on the edge. He did have a good game a solid game against Montes where we're able to kind of neutralize Amon and stuff and he showed potential at the senior bowl. He held his own against all the time guys that were there. I think what I worry about maybe some of the lateral quickness. Like when he has to face like the league ask coming off the age is he going to be able to share shadow and mirror some of those guys. But I like the tough guy factor. I think for him team fit scheme fit is really important. Our preferred that he went to a team that is a little more rugged into approach in terms of maybe run I pass second allowing him to kind of come out of his stance and just mall people. Then I think is easier for him to Dan Mullen, reset when it comes to those play action passes. Yeah. Question is is again to plan tackler or center Mays played center early on in his career. There's a lot of teams that feel like he slides in there. He's got really strong hands. She's got real strong core. Just sometimes it's feeder a little bit slow to get two spots, and he'd get away with that collegiate level at the NFL level. That's going to get in trouble. Also, he's a little bit of a heel clicker, which can mess with your balance little bit. If you think about a pass set you want to have some some base in balance there. It's hard to do that when your legs are coming together. And those against some things you get away with the college level, you can't get away with that at the NFL level. So a couple of things he just needs to clean up. I again, I haven't met at forty. So I have them as early second round pick. I think you'll be solid player. I just don't view him as an as an upper echelon big time, dude. But he'll be a starter. You won't have to worry about them. And I think it'd be a good pro. All right. Doug, my last one. I'm going to go quarterback. You talked about Daniel Jones. We mentioned him being a safer pick to meet Jarret stidham is the one kind of could be a hero zero. If you just watch them in shorts as we both had a chance to do at the elite eleven he spends it as well as anybody in this draft class. He's got a beautiful motion. Beautiful arm the ball pops. It hasn't really worked out great. At auburn. This system was not very friendly to him. You're talking about somebody. That's got size. He's athletic. He's got a big arm. All the character stuff. The intelligence. He checks those boxes. It just hasn't always shown up on the field. So to me third round swing for the fences. You might get something there with your it's. Yeah. I think the guy's wired to right way in terms of he strikes me as a guy that is high Q, very diligent and deliberate work when it comes to learning and mastering offenses to arm talent is sufficient I think he can make throws that you need to make. When you're starting quarterback in the league for whatever reason when he was at Auburn didn't necessarily plan assist. Mhm that matched his talent. And so we didn't get a chance to really see him. But I think you have to remember he was a highly decorated recruit show flashes at Baylor that he could be a big time guy. So I think this is a situation where if he's mashed up with the right coast and given time to kinda sink into kind of settle into a system. I think he has a chance to be a starting quarterback down a lot. Yeah. I'm I'm with you on that one. We'll see what happens with some of these risky players hit it big or you could miss. That's the that's the beauty of the NFL draft. You know, bucket can be a little frustrating, especially if you're in a hurry or running late to find yourself at a railway crossing waiting for a train. And if the signals are going in the trains, not even there yet, you can feel a little bit tempted to try and sneak across the tracks. We'll don't ever trains are often going lot faster than you expect them to be and they can't stop even if the engineer history breaks right away. It can take a train over a mile to stop by that time. What used to be your core is just a crushed hunk of metal? And what used to be you will better not think about that. The point is you can't know how quickly the train will arrive to train can't stop even if it sees you. The result is disaster. If the signals are on the train is on the way, and you just need to remember one thing. Stop because trains can't right? No, I block. We're we're coming to the latter portion of today's podcast. But I do believe we've saved the best for last. I know we've saved the fastest four last. And you'll know what I'm talking about. When you hear our conversation with the man named Hollywood. All right block. We're couldn't be more excited to be joined by the most explosive player in two thousand nineteen NFL draft some gnome as marquees, but we know miss Hollywood. And that's how the world is going to know him. Once he gets into the NFL Hollywood Brown from Oklahoma. Join us how you doing math doing good doing good this. I gotta ask you first of all. And then I'll get over to buck here. Just how how's the foot feel how health right now? Us feeling good is going along really on his been gaining me. A lot of confidence. Just started, you know, running doing some, you know, different journals of mobility word. So you know, everything is on schedule. You know, Hollywood you had an outstanding funnel season. How much did they injury? Plague you at the end of the year, particularly when we saw you in the playoffs. I a I try to stick it out for my team is being anything. I could do enough. I was decoded and follows this. You know, anything to do the help. That's what I was trying to do. So I was really it was it was one of the in the gains sees itself would have had another game that I probably would still try to go. What is the team that drafts? You getting I look back at my notes in my favorite line that I wrote down after watching. You was two words. It was sudden death because it was like it doesn't matter where you are on the field. You're capable of putting that thing into the paint and making things happen. But when you watch the game on Sundays is there somebody you watch and say, okay, I know I can do that. That's what I want to be at the next level. Yeah. I watch a combination Gaza question. I watch AB within you know, I always grew up watching the signs accent. I watch tyreek hill, you know. I watch I watch a lot of guys know even bigger issues. I I like Jay is. So this is their mentality days like they feel this day. And that's how I played a game. Fearless anytime I do such, you know, Trump school. You know, you have a unique relationship with AB Antonio Brown being a cousin, but also been a mentor. What have you learned from watching him from interacting and working out with him to really help you become a better player? It'd be a pro no is ill hits me a lot. You know from off the field on fill in his just my mentality out there, you know, in I'm trying to you got to train high. You know in his desert sweets all music mentality in there. You know, you gotta thank you. The most dumb food. I want to ask you real quick about, you know, the the way things ended there in Pittsburgh with Antonio got a little bit messy. I know he's happy to be an Oakland now going forward. But if the Pittsburgh Steelers were to draft, you you have any issue at all playing for the Steelers. No, not done. You will handle issue? The look is very not health and quarterback. No load. You know, how we're coming into this process like the combat process you couldn't participate in it. But at some point you can have an opportunity to get back on the field when you have an opportunity to get back on the field bid at rookie minicamp or training camp. What are some of the things that you want to show people or remind people that you're able to do on the field. Assume that you know, that I play a lot bigger than what my size may say. And you know, when you watch the games, you don't know how guy on. So I'm going to remind people that you know, it ain't no issue. Yeah. I don't think it's going to be an issue. That's one of the things. I love about us. Even though you're not the tallest in the world you play above the rim. You go tack the football in destroying their at the catch point in thinking about your love of playing there. They've been some successful receivers. Dede Westbrook was the last one to go from there. And he's had some success in the league. What is it about playing receiver? Oklahoma that is going to allow you to have immediate success in the pros. Is is like I say, I would they ask the you here. You know, they ask for you to block they gonna let you run routes, coz Riley. He he does a good job in co Simmons. Because Gandhi, they do a good job in helping you develop a really studying studying film in habits like that, you know, help translate to the next level. The last question last question for me, and I'm gonna let you go. We look forward to fall on you. As you go through this process. We have used top wide receiver in this draft class. Just in your own words. Why are you the premier wideout in this year's class? Honesty. You know, I don't really get into you know, who talk not I just know what are granted a table. And you know, I'm gonna God I really loves to win at the end of the day, you know, the film don't speak. But as far as a person I want to win this game. And I wanna win every game. So that's just what I'm a brand to say. You know, you wanna win. That's fantastic. We'll do what we we. Appreciate you taking some time for us today. Finally, it's finally here a little more over a little a week from now, you'll know where you're going and we're excited to follow you through the process, but thanks, man. What a fantastic conversation would Hollywood Brown, man. He is everything that we expect them to be as a playmaker. But I think his insight on the quarterbacks and how he is improved as a player, and what he wants to accomplish it the pros that is the stuff that we talk about separates two good from the great. So I think he's going to have an opportunity to be great one at the next level. I'm with you on that great to to catch up with that stud receiver from Oklahoma. All right. That's going to do it for us today. We are a week out from the NFL draft. We will have our draft special coming to you next week from Nashville out there and buck will get a chance to catch up on all the last minute buzz where we see this draft going cannot wait to get out there. Also, we have our three sixty series. It is out there. Trust me. It's some of the best we've ever done Dwayne Haskins Nick Bosa Daniel Jones, Clemson defensive line. And soon we will we will release the Cuyler Murray three sixty which is one of the best we've ever done in my opinion. Buck dish, man tastic man Calvin Murray and all the people talking about him. They've really shaped a lot of light on Heisman Trophy winner. I remember you can check out the move the six podcasts. NFL dot com slash podcast, apple podcasts, or your favorite podcast app, and all of our video content NFL dot com slash Mt. S video YouTube dot com slash NFL. Thank you guys so much for listening to the show. Do yourself a favor NFL dot com slash bookie Brooks. You can check out what buck. He's talking about as we head towards the twenty nine nine NFL draft. You can check out not only his positional rankings mock drafts. All that good stuff. You can find my draft on NFL dot com as well. We will catch next time. It was. Thanks for downloading the sticks with Daniel, Jeremiah and Buffy Brooks, four more go to NFL dot com slash podcast.

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