Ep. 2,842: Mark Henry and Ben Fowlkes


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I told you Todd roll baby on MMA junkie radio with gorgeous, Georgia. And this is what we do. We do it baby. We. Covering and they may from all over the world. This is the premier stop for all your combat sports needs. And that may junkie radio the only show broadcasting live from the Mandalay bay resort and casino in the fight capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada. The lights are on and the mic, sir. Hot. It's time to get your MMA fix junkies. Take it away. Big John, gorgeous, Georgia goes, are you ready junkie? Babysitter you ridden. Cute at all. From the fight capital of the world inside the beautiful Mandalay bay racing sports book. You're listening to the junkie radio show, the only so that matters. I'm your host gorgeous, George with me as always is the devious industrial egos who's off camera sitting to my left. It's the fight analyst, Dan, Tom back east producing jumbo. Josh what's up fella's? What's going on not much that technology, man? I can actually I can see my mama right here. He's in Peru. Sear, dan. Beautiful, mama. I'm yeah. And then that's my cousin Gloria and she's next to her. And then my cousin Ramsey in the background. So I was FaceTime ING with them before the show started. And they said, well, we want to see the actual want to see the show start. You know, some face timing him here for a few minutes. But as you all know have an who's very sick. So keep them in your thoughts and prayers I think I mentioned that last week and he's battling. He's a tough, man. And you know, we're the power of prayer strong. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers Manca Lugo may pull through you know, because we're all thinking about and we all need him to continue with us here. It's too soon for him. And he's a great person. Great, man. All right today shows a fun show. Things are going to happen in the first hour that's gonna keep us really really busy. Ben folks is gonna stop by one of the top writers in mixed martial arts. If you've ever heard my top ten. You know, member may media listings, he's usually at the top or you know, in the top three. And I think in the latest one that I did this past December. He was my number one guy. So he does a hell of a job for USA today. Sports and my mate junkie. So he'll he'll be stopping by as well. One of the top coaches in the sport of mixed martial arts. Mark Henry not to be confused with pro wrestler in world's strongest man, Marquette marine, but Marquette coach to Marlin mariah's for Frankie Edgar Caitlyn Kagan. So they'll both be in the first hour. And then of course, the second hour is wide open. Call in eight seven seven fight Ninety-three. Eight seven seven fight Ninety-three would love to talk to you about anything going on in the world of mixed. Martial arts to big fight bookings to talk about just engaging. Edson Barboza have song. They're going to mix it up as will Paulo Kosta and y'all Romero, man. I saw those two, Dan, Tom. And I was like, whoa. Okay. That's some fight books. And that's something to talk about right there. You know that away who doesn't wanna. See those those guys fight. Yeah. Yeah. I was gonna say touchback real quick. I haven't done any kind of rankings. But I would I would rank Ben right up there number if not number one definitely issue in for top three, and you were one year one name away from one of my favorite movie quotes could Ben is so close to Bob and Bob. Oh, my. One guy, George. Yeah. He. You know, he's I think we're even he doesn't know this. I set a trap. He asked you for a favorite at cashed in right away. It was one of the fastest caches ever of a favor Benz actually going to do the daily debate with a SEIs. So it'll be nice to get him on there. Actually, I what is that quote from Dan. Now, you got me thinking I thought I knew it. But. Venture a guess or let me just tell you the original Batman Michael Keaton. The jokers got you got you. All right. So goes off caring for just a bit. But we're still here chugging along like we always do. And by the way, if I haven't said this, I should I should say more often stop by anytime you'd like we're at the Mandalay bay resort and casino. We're in the sports book, and you can walk in and hang with us. You got a fridge full of cool water suffer today. I think the order comes in on Wednesday. We'll get about eight cases you actually got alcohol there too. If you guys, you know, want to partake in an adult beverage and a couple of seats in some headphones for you to listen to the show, if you give me enough notice, I'll do my best to have an enemy superstar here for you to meet in fact, tomorrow stitched Iran's gonna be here and then on Thursday Henry pseudo is gonna stop by with zella Z so fun week scheduled here on the enemy junkie radio show. Again, our guest today. Marc Henry, and Ben folks, sorry, guys. So welcome goes Ella. You're right. Yeah. We're just putting out some fires, right? Everything. Good though. Oh, pretty cool technology. Yeah. Oh nice. Yeah. They're live. That's our mom. That's our mom. No. That's our week. Yeah. Oh, it is. Yeah. That's right. That's aren't Sonia. A second ago was my cousin Gloria that's what I was like, oh, man glories not gonna sh-. She's in think that you didn't even remember her now. No, all right. Speaking of putting out fires. I really want to shout out to goes, you know. And also the listeners who've been hanging hanging strong with us to the YouTube chat. We can always find us streaming the show. But yeah, you know, had a little bit streaming boast. But goes was doing the job that nobody wants to. He was he was he was taking care of business with caucus today. And. Josh before. And and yeah. So I throw that in there. I gotta take that one. Yeah. I know ain't no. Did you solve anything? I mean kind of. Yeah. Everything should be fine. All right. All right now, look art video archive is always available at YouTube dot com forward slash enemy junkie video and there's audio options with of course, the the awesome Sirius XM app that house is not just our show commercial free, HD quality. But bust it open. The Luke Thomas show EMMY tonight, and of course, our friends at at the fights. So you can get it again commercial free in HD quality at anytime. Download that app you'll love, and of course, you can stream not just our channel. But other channels. Well, why would you do that? When fight nation Ninety-three has basically twenty four hours of combat sports covered. I know there's the occasional Super Bowl World Series and other stuff you want to get to but ninety three should be locked in as one of your favorites. Now, they're all. Are there are also options? Remember, we have a long history in the sport and our international international audience. Does catch audio archives? The posted hours later, the I two so there, I think I got it all covered. But anyway goes did you see those matchups? Pau pollock. I love nothing better guys than the go on EMI junkie dot com in. My favorite news is a fight, bulky. That's your favorite is. Well. I'm not saying it's dumb or anything. I'm just asking. I mean other. Maybe if one of the ring card girls is releasing per calendar or something sure I'll glance through those pictures. I like most parts mints data announcements. Now, we're going to blah, blah, blah, right? Yeah. I like that too. Specially so Callen Vegas. We're kind of used to. We know what we're getting. You know, we we're getting an end of the year show and international fight week show. A couple of catch me off guard by love nothing more than the kit. Emma, Mejia dot com, and then all of a sudden bam. There's so fight bookings their Paolo consta- versus y'all remarried. You see that one? Yes. In miami. They're going to Miami. They haven't been there in a few years. And then the other one is saw was Edson Barboza versus Justin gage didn't somebody on this show say that they go to Florida was you or a caller that they go to Florida right around that time, and we all kind of went really now, you don't remember that it's like a couple of weeks ago in April. Who is that? It wasn't. It wasn't me. I think it was a caller call. They always go to Florida at the certain time. We all really know. It wasn't wasn't goes, April April. They also have a FOX show and Moskva doll said, I think he. Again, did that he knew of something coming around that way. But but he also wanted to fight till in London. Right. Yeah. So I wonder if I mean that's done, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So you would imagine it's not like they put a cardigan, then try new, and they just didn't do that. I suppose that if when does he ever get the easy road? If that has you know, we have an outcome in that fight. And he's not hurt. He'll probably wanna fight Miami. As well. Imagine that would be about. Roughly eight week turnaround or he could pull it off. He took almost a year off it'll be more than ear by the time. You actually it's been more than a year as of right now. But it'll it will have been probably close to about sixteen months by time. He fights. You shouldn't be taking time off like that. I I know that he got paid and he did Exelon, and he got shape, and he had a great experience. But right now is this time, you know, what? I mean, a lot of those guys they just need to make that that run towards Tyron Woodley because that is a stack division. It is. It's a it's a wrestler division to kind of like the. Kind of like the not a sidetrack. But you know, I think he's Anthony Anthony Pederson, you know, saying he's excited about Walter way. But also realizing you know, he's got teammates up their affiliations. Whether it's asking her Woodley. But also kind of knowing that hey, you know, guys know what waits at the top of that division. Right. Yeah. For sure especially with the addition of aspirin, and you got Comorros ankle becoming thin. I mean, that's four or wrestling based type fighters, so you got to be able to to wrestle at the highest level Ambyo to have become possible with big nuclear bombs coming at you to get to the top of that that mountain you. All right. Anyway. So you have an immediate reaction to cost an Romero me. Okay. We love it. But what do you see that fight? What what kind of weight? Does it carry off cost a gets a victory there? There's you can't deny guy like that. Right. Especially if he does it at all. The other faction than I didn't sign. You is on the same card is Whitaker now and gasoline. So if he beats Anderson Silva, I don't even have to say an looks good because Hilliker he'll look good. If whoever wins bite's gonna look good. But remember Anderson Silva is also do a title shot should he win? But he can still wait for that to develop. Yeah. He can wait in the wings as the number one contender. But hey, man, Colby Covington changed everything. 'cause you tell shot right away still feel like he needs one more. Although if you'd be Romero said, you're more do you need, but he did say on this show that he's patient, and he didn't mind taking his time to get there. So maybe you're right. But I mean, beating a guy like you'll Romero at that point. I think you could look at yourself and say I'm ready for the big leagues. I'm ready to be doing this at that level. So I think maybe he would wait as the number one contender. But like, I said Colby Covington changed everything you don't know. What's going to happen now? Because Dana why could just flip the script and go, you know, what comes through the great getting never know. Yeah. So true gauge versus Barbosa we had heard those rumors. And and it's now official where it's what's your thoughts are. Watch your lakes. Brutal. It's going to be it's gonna be who goes, Adam. I right because they both have devastating leg kicks Rogan's gonna lose his pants on that fight. He's so he goes, son. That's when the guy throws lake. He's like, oh, he's like I I've achieved is not on the schedule for that. Only. Can I? Yeah. I know I'm only doing a North American pay per view. But can I can usually one show. I mean, the thing with Barbosa is I think even going into it. And I think maybe Gilbert Melendez was part of this like guys, I think just know it's coming and maybe it gets in their head or something. But just engage. He's not the type that doesn't get off his game plan. He tells you where the fights going, and I think those are the type of guys that give Edson problems guys that just get in his face. And from the gecko neighboring the attack to him. Right. That's just engaging. But just engage. It can also be very hard headed literally. So we'll see I mean, he's proven it over and over. I said it's Barbosa you got to kicks do kicks in after two kicks. Now, you gotta win. And what by the way, what is your favorite part of logging onto EMMY junkie. You said a site location a date, and then what's next up? Give me your top three. Well, then it's got to be a fight after that. And then I got an old school shout when he's done. It's this is going to be kind of a joking thing. But when somebody messes up enemy junkie just has this knack for putting the right picture to go with the story. So like if it's. L E. Sometimes when it's Dana might Dana. Why goes on a tirade? He's got this big red face that kind of cracks me up, Dan stuff kind of. Yeah. Yeah. I think he would do that. Has he sending but that and anytime like Steven Morocco does like a really deep deep investigative piece that I know is taken them days and days. I can't wait for that to come out. I automobile school shout to you know, I don't know. I don't know if this was a Dan step initiative like you just mentioned back in the day. Like, you know, I do medicals and whatnot. But I remember as a hardcore fan in two thousand eight two thousand nine going to may junkie for the photos the way in photos, you know, especially if you're, you know, whether you even before I was placing bets, you know, I wanted to see how these guys are coming in looking, you know, it just seemed that's how it'd be introduced a random guys like who's this guy ox Wheeler? This guy is that it looks interesting. You know, you just go through the way. And I don't know who did you guys ever do that the old school junkie lay? Oh, long time ago, but I guess in the era of everything getting streamed Nevada. Good with that. But that is one of our most popular pieces as far as like the traffic that generate you're you're not alone in that one. Yeah. That's a popular one. You pre pre streaming days, especially I gotta imagine right before the Wayne's or stream like, right? Yeah. For sure, but it's still popular to this day. So is play by play. All right, guys, two things, you know, we're still going to recap slowly. But surely, I mean, we've got into a lot of it. But we haven't completely done the whole you have see fight, and I won forty three also known as you see pseudo versus dillashaw also known as you've see Brooklyn also known as you see on ESPN plus one now. There was two fighters that I really liked the way they handled their losses. One of them was Rachel lost of each. It's just in this quote. She said, it's not a bad life just a bad day. So right away, the positivity. I loved it. Because remember she was having a good fight against page van Zandt. And then all of a sudden one of those scrambles page had an amazing back take. And that started the in. Couple couple pops in her elbow. They think that it's not going to be anything serious, but she still needs to get checked out by doctors just to see exactly where we stand. But that neither looked a lot more serious. When people are thinking, maybe a bonus cracked or whatever. But either way I love that positively and then how about this one Alexander Hernandez. He says he put up a post on Instagram and the title here on junkie says I need to learn how to fight. But if you read the Instagram posts, he basically said. It's like a victim of my own success iced Brennan, you'll dare us very quickly. And he had a lot of success. And boom next thing, you know, he's facing Cowboys Sironi, and he feels like Surani may be one of those guys like a steppingstone and even though early on he actually had some moments cowboy made adjustments. He actually said that. And and I didn't know how to adjust and he says I'm gonna learn so much from this. He gave proper respect. But man, I tell you what I was like Bravo. To those two. You know what I mean? Whether it was just a poster the, quote, I I love how the that night. I'm sure they maybe to this moment, they're disappointed, but the started the pieces of of you know, dealing with the loss and looking forward not backwards. Did you guys kind of become Alex Hernandez fans at night? Oh, yeah. I became Alexandra's fan before them. But it didn't hurt me that night. And I'm glad you you asked that goes because I think we're on the same page of that. But. What I did. See, I don't know. If you guys saw what your opinions are on it a lot of people turn on Alexander Hernandez, and I know like for. Yeah. Because of the trash talk in the way it went, and I'm sure down twenty being a below fan. Favourite doesn't you know? So they turned on as of the president home. Who knows one of those things I look at you know, you know, you get you got smash and this and you were going to get that like. But for me, it felt like half the people that were saying that with the same people that if you know Hernandez did with the odds, we're projecting, and he just smashed thrown either would've been like this guy's bad as this guy. Right. George Enron, a you're done. Right. Right. Right. You know what I'm saying? And whereas like, you appreciate this, George because you know, we talk about this on the show. I'm not the biggest trash talk guy per se, but I appreciated the trash talk Hernandez did. And even though it's not my style by any means, I would not do that much much less to a guy like Sarojini respected endangers, dude. Like that. But that's also why I'm not up there, obviously. But I can still appreciate why he did it it may it may not be in his character. Either Hernandez seems like a nice guy. But we've seen the the blueprint you gotta get into rone's head. And this is the this is the fight game at the end of the day. And I I subscribe to that argument, even if you don't feel that way you trying to hurt each other in there. What are if you bad words going to do right? So I'm very forgiving when all in on that fight and let me point to a nineties movie. So you guys are like this. Yes. I'm both would mean while I was born in seventy eight and so I kind of. Okay. So what was the movie with Matt Damon and Edward Norton, the poker movie, round routers. That's right. And do you remember Matt Damon's telling knish one of the characters, you know? Hey, you're styles. The grind it out. Now commits site conditions. Never worked a day in his life. He's always winning, but it's not much. And he's he's you know, he's basically just not putting himself out there to have a colossal fail. Right. Right. So you can do that in mixed martial arts. You know? There's nothing wrong with it. You can do it that way. And slowly, you know, make your move through the sport, and you can do at the Matt Damon way, which is to shove all your chips in and that's what is under Hernandez. Did it got everybody's attention to God everyone fired up including cowboy Cowboys not easy to fire up nowadays. It's been a while since somebody fired up. He's easy shaking hands smiling. Putting his arm around whatever it's no big deal to him. But this guy really really struck a nerve. So he did that. But the payoff would have been amazing because. A lot of people gravitate to that. And if you get one over on cowboy I just think that another big fight would have been forthcoming it didn't work out his way. And so he can do one or two as just be a poor sport and say, well, I'll get them next time excuses and a lot of people do that's what heals do a little bit. Or you can do what he did. So he actually managed to smack talk and respect. But I thought he handled it really really good. So I salute Alexander Hernandez for for trying to go there, and he would've jumped the queue in a lot of light weights. But it just didn't work out. Well, here's what Connor was really really good at. But it did work out for him. The reason why I'm asking you guys are like you both. And if you guys really like I'll I'll Bookham right now. But you've gotta give me a time. How about Friday? Okay. Friday, six pm, right? Don't they have never done anything for you guys? Okay. I'll make that happen. The man over here, by the way, you know, how you had you were trying to book just a guy the other day. Yes. I booked her for tomorrow. Oh, cool. Yeah. You guys like the top gun to do a high a high five over here. I love that. I love that reference up. Maybe because I'm a big rounders phantom. Awesome movie. Hernandez took his three stacks high. Citing took a shot. He took his shot, you know, and it didn't work out. But it may work out the next time. But when you do it, I'm telling you, there's there's a chance you may become a little bit of an overnight superstar. I mean, it was probably a lot of people that don't like calbos or they're just ready for new blood. There's a lot of people might not know the history, you know, Cowboys got to histories, he's a W E C icon. I mean a legend there as well. You had a lot opportunities there. And he's one of the guys that carry the WC then he comes over to the UC, and of course, become an even bigger star. But a lot of people may not even know that part of. Of the cowboy era. And so I if they grew up, and they saw his battles of Varner were awesome. Yeah. Link group and saw Hernandez and what he did the dare you. You know, you may have been a fan of that guy. So you may be riding with dare usual as Hernandez Johnny Chan he sat down with Johnny and took the man you can do it that maybe by the way will last last rounders. No, my favorites when they're breaking down Johnny Chan verse Eric's identities, I look at Channing noses, man. Breaking it down. Like it's fight tape that like he doesn't know what he got himself into the other girl, fam- key Janssen, right? Oh, she's she's it'd be taken as well. So she's a little she's Jean grey as well. Yeah. All right. We gotta take a quick break. There's been a little bit of a reshuffle of the deck. So let's do that we're going to break away here. And we're going to talk to coach Mark Henry when we get back. So you're listening to enemy junk radio on Sirius XM fight nation channel Ninety-three shoutout to Nilda Garcia watching the show in Eric Peru, and we'll be right back. So don't touch that. Dial. But that shit, but the fuck you talking about that to you. No, no, not tonight. This son of beats all died. Tick tick, he tapped me. During the commercial break day. We're all testing for performance enhancing drugs. Georgian coats came back clean but dad tested positive for Viagra. Like a lot of here of the boys. It's Super Bowl trivia on mad dog sports radio. Joing? Christopher mad dog Russo all this week as the marquee will be giving away four trips to the Super Bowl. Holy cow to tickets to the game hotel accommodations, and it expands to remember or a lifetime. All you have to do the answer for suitable trivia questions, and you'll be on your way, it's trivia all week starting this afternoon at three eastern on mad dog sports radio channel eighty two streaming on your phone and at home on Sirius XM connected devices speakers four trips guys so not for tickets for four trips of two tickets to the game hotel accommodations and experience to remember for a lifetime. So that's a really really cool, man. I gotta say this again mad dog sports radio channel eighty two. They already started. At three PM eastern. You gotta look you. Gotta listen for your opportunity to win the Super Bowl trivia, and that's happening all this week. And again, congratulations to the patriots. And the Rams they are going to be participating in Super Bowl fifty three. All right. Are we ready to go with our guests? Josh. All right. He's one of the best in the business is name is Mark Henry, and he'll be alongside Marlin mariah's Marlin Ryan's headlines. The upcoming UFC on the ESPN, plus two card in Brazil. He will be rematch. Ing hot fail a son sow the coach joins us now on the hotline. What's up? Coach Henry, how are you? Guys, not much, man. Welcome back to e junkie reader. You're on with George goes. And Dan, it's always great to pick your brain a little bit about a good fight. You know what I mean? And and we have one coming up, but I want to draw a parallel to the Super Bowl, which as you know, is in a couple of weeks. Now, a guy like Bill Belichick, and I forget, the Rams guy mcshea or whatever the hell. His name is these guys are going to pour hours. They got a lot to watch. You know what I mean because it's fifty two players eleven or on the field at one time. But for a guy like a son saw who you already fight how much is too much, and how much film will you watch on this cat or have you watched in preparation for this fight? We'll it's great. When you you know, I love rematch is because you know, you already have a little bit familiarity. But you know, the first fight you always guesstimate what's going to happen. And then when they actually fi, you know, actually, you know, is the dance that's going to happen. So you definitely get better. You know, better five and more realistic thing what's going to go down. So it really helps out and you know, the rematch, but when you have two guys like this, and I sound with more on it just takes one split second the wrong move of of turning the wrong way that could be lights out for you want. So you know, that both have a lot of power in their hands. And they both are on a, you know, amazing, you know, win to loss ratio and the last I don't know how many years to puts them to where they're at, you know, so they're both very dangerous and sometimes that a glass window in a split second. You know, all the game that you possibly could go. Okay. And again, I wanna keep drawing parallels to other sports how in your game plan. Whether it be combinations of striking or sequence, you know that he's been working on jujitsu. Let's just call those individual plays like how many plays. Are you? See what I'm saying? How how many situations have you guys prepared for to attack how fail sunset like is that how the game plan works? We you say listen, this is what we're gonna do. Or is it just making them aware of what can happen and then just late in the fight on fold? I've been more or less for I think six fifteen sixteen fights around that. So you know, we've he's fought. I think when he came that's seven four and one and the sun's out, you know, down and since then he's like fifteen fourteen to one of these stunts outside when we thought he would have been fifteen to know. But he, you know, you've he's fought so many different styles, and so many different types of fighters whether tall or short or stockier wrestlers voi- Thai boxer. So, you know, you already have a massive base and codes of when we had all those other plans of I've other fighters and with our guys it's always about, you know, don't just you know, all throughout a certain code. It's about you know, why we throwing this code. You know, why we do, you know, why are we doing this? 'cause you know, this fighter has laid at a certain scientists counter fire like Austin. So you know to where you have to come up. With several little different. So, you know, we'd go with moral in a long time. And you know, so he knows. Okay. Awesome. Sour fight the counter fighter. You know? That has you know, it's pretty much good everywhere. So, you know, that's the base of guys that we flow before, you know, that's the of like, you know, a guy like, Frankie who's, you know, his fight. So, you know, civil runoff of of past fights, and what the gay plans have been forced. So we have already have a great base thirty have, you know, wide array of of companies that we have with codes ready attached. And then we'll just implement some more offer this one tweak some more stuff, you know, at a little these tracks stuff, they will use that Houston the last one that we throw work, but did, and you know, that's basically what are you more excited that it's five rounds? You get an extra ten minutes for your guy to operate. Is that good news to you? When you hear it or or deeper? For you know, three unless it's four title, obviously. I think both these guys are, you know, they're they're both chew professionals both to go five or three, but I know Borland's gone five before we prepared more for five rounds. Full champion. So he's definitely prepared for five rounds before. So it's great that you know, we've we've been here before with the five zero five we've I camps. So it's not like he wanted to something do for him. You know, like he's been there, you know, before for five hundred camping and how will train it? You know, how you know? Sometimes go six rows that sometimes, you know, take a rest if he's not hurt which this camp Spink radio has hurt at all. So, you know, we, you know, we didn't have to take Julie breaks. Oh. Speaking of that word break. I wanted to ask you about Morlin mariah's or or maybe all your guys or whatever. But do you like, you know, you talk about these codes, and for those that don't know coach Henri coach Mark Henry uses different terminology, when you know, rather than the one to he'll yell different plays or names for some of these combos. And I wanted to ask you coach does is every fighter kind of the same like in the third round. If you know, let's say it's been a great fight each guys one around each maybe Marlin won the second. We're going into the fourth and fifth. Can they still remember all that? Or at some point. Like are they now fighting on instinct, like when does all that stop, you know, where you're relaying the information? And now, they're just, you know, it's all on instinct in survival all a lot a lot of it is just like a lot of it is is just like, you know, different codes for keep your hands up could be tree tree. Tree me your heads. A lot of them with two is what the other guys doing so say, I dunno see shares right hand or say chairs and uppercut. You know, I could yell to him. He's looking share. He's looking share, you know, without without looking for the uppercut, or you know, what I'm saying. Or he's looking for shot. You know, like, you know, you know, a flower could be shot, you know, look out for to watch the flower watch the flowers, so I communicate with him without the other guy. No one I'm saying, you know, or one team run, you know, or one he, you know, when he flour fifty four could be in do, you know? So when he shoots, you know, do you know what I'm saying? So I talked to him without the other guy known. You know, what we're saying which helps out a lot too. And a like I said a lot of it too. Is, you know, making sure the faints are going making sure that you know, coats for angles have coats counters, you know, and and also too when he's flowing, and he doesn't eat anything. Let flow do his own thing. You know? But the reason I ask is because oftentimes even a winning fighter Rogan or Anik or someone will say, hey man in the third round. You know, this happened in the fourth round this have in the fight or go, man. I don't even remember that. I was just an auto pilot. And I guess that's why I was curious as to win at some point. You're just staring into someone's eyes. And those guys just giving you guy or gal is giving you the fog you look back, you know, and like. How are you? So sure that they are in understanding what you're saying being, you know, being that they've been knocked on the head a couple times. Because we'll sit you know. We'll see what you know from call it stuff. And they're doing it. You know, I'll keep calling it Europe saying, but by all something they're not they're not really feeling it. I'll say it again. And if they're not gonna do it that'll swishes something else too, comfortable with it. You know, even the Lakers forty freaky. All the what? All the what? That's fine. Because I'm watching I or I do would Frankie Ford's the beat after he got after got ahead kicked. But the third row here. We look look look at me. The is you know, what I'm saying? It was funny 'cause our just wanted. The that what you're saying into wedges? He'll look at me. And he won't get. We'll, you know, relax. Like. Listening or whatever. But you know. So I it's funny. We we bet it's great that the fact that like a lot, you know, we try not to have a big, you know, a lot of fighters. So, you know, Ricardo night at Nick could we could, you know, maintain, you know, knowing our guys got give attention to the ball. You know? So I have you know, we have an amazing feel for our guys. Because like I see almost every round they Spar, you know, like, oh, I'll be there late like hope make sure, you know, won't goes in and a time in the cage most of the time that so I've caught I'm calling stuff for like, you know, what is it a hundred rounds say they did it a camper sixty rounds. They did the camp. Like, I've I've called Paul. Right. So it's not, you know. So it's not just fight. You know, we've had practice the sparring a lot of practice. Right. You know, when we come up with a game plan, and we try that maybe some stuff don't work, and then we tweak it, and you melt, so we've already it's been tested in the sparring. It's already been you know, the code bases. Already tested. You know, the plan and whatnot has been through trial. Now don't want the I think you have to be careful of which I learned as a coach is you come up with these game plans and say you have like eight to ten we can't. And this stuff is working, you know, for a three weeks. But then there's say they have like three or four different sparring partners. Now, they're catching onto it. And now, you can't call it as much you have to make sure that you're still called it. You're the end of camp because that's not who they're fighting followed up saying to where it right? They're they're they're training their training partner will catch on. But you have to remember you start means or an opponent. You know? And then you stop using some of this stuff using the beginning camp, you know? So if you wanna switch up the spore point of, but you always want to make sure that you stay on your opponent at not your sporran porter. If that makes any sense one upset. It does. And we'd love watching your corn or work. And that's why your answers are very interesting here. And we're talking to court coach Mark Henry who will be in the corner of Marlin Martinez on February second. Man, we have sites. Head off fight show on their card. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. You got a lot of killers. Man. You got the call. You mentioned the beat as well. One of our favorite fighters. Frankie Edgar that list goes on and on. But let me turn it over to Dan, Tom here. I fight analysts, Dan, whatever coach Mark Henry. Hey, coach as a Hawaiian. I just gotta say, I know you work with a multicultural stable, but not not many Hawaiians in there. So be careful if you use trees a code word because you're just going to get the guy thrown hoax all day, so with the pigeon, sling it. Yeah. I was gonna say. There we go there. There we go. Hey, I gotta ask you coach Ivan asking this before, but it was really apropos to the matchup, obviously already laid out beautifully son's house. Good counter fighter. I'm a little bit biased. Because I may be picked played your guy the first time. But I did edge it for Moore is I think what we can all agree on though is it's a close fight. So I guess what I wanna ask you coach in general, especially because of this fight. What do you think about open scoring especially as a coach has been in a lot of five rounders, you've been in those tactical trenches at the highest level, who what's your opinion or argument for it? If you have one. What's open scoring like, let's just say like the fights going on. And they announced the judges scorecards. So the audience at home in the arena, as you you you as the corner would know what the judges scored it in real time. So you could be tacked. So some people would argue well if guys a head you're gonna get more cokes coasting like they haven't boxing, whereas the counter-argument is well the other corner. Well, at least not to push it. And we will get that theater to play out in the in the ring so to speak, right. So after round one the the score would be posted in the arena, and it would say like ten nine mariah's or ten nine cents. So now, you know where you stand especially in a tight fight like what what could play out. That's very interesting. I think that would definitely be more action. I know that I mean, you know, the way things should be, you know, if you've done this look at you, you kind of have a grasp I been through seventy woods. I thought that we won with Frankie or even the, you know, the moral and office our authority had been on the opposite side too. But you know, I always if you've been through that you always say as a coach, you know, you could be like say he would two to nothing. But you thought the first one was close oh always say it's one one I'll say toward won't go to two third. So I always never on the positive side of always on the, you know, the glasses half-full just because you know, we were ripped off a little bit. So our everybody has, but but I think that would definitely make more excitement. I know I think we would definitely have to get you know, used to it. You know, just like in football rules how they had to get used to certain. Rules. I think you know, you definitely have to learn, you know, fight situations if you're up on your down. That's why for the first round and so forth. It a three round fight. Because you know, if you didn't win that first round, you have to go a little harder the second that you have to be more aggressive, and that's sometimes you get caught would your you know, you keep coming in. And you can't take your time at Saint and ankles, and you have to be a little more aggressive. So I think it would definitely bake for for more four knockouts. It definitely wore for being more action packed. So I guess it has its pros and cons. But it would definitely make things more exciting. Gotcha. And then just another question kind of in relation to Marlin. It's a two part. It's it's in relation to tomorrow. And and and it's and Barboza, of course at some bar Boza. They're linked through a childhood coach they had for from white tie. And that coach went to American top team. And hence America. It's Barbosa has been training down there as of late. But I guess the question for you Mark is did did Marlin consider making the same move. And in the other side of that coin, I is Edson still a part of the family there because y'all seem to have just a nice respected and jailed together. The lows be part of the family like we we don't we're not friendly with Edson we're friendly with Edson fruita at Bella. You know, so they'll they'll always be fairly not just it's it's a whole package deal. And you know, we're happy for us. And we were all cheering for him. You know, you know, like like, I said well came here. Seven four word, you know. It's awesome, south fight. When when his way be fifteen now, you know, so and not only that like Morlin is our team like, you know, he has such a crepe bond with Frankie like they are joined at the hip, and I think training wise more than he would be wolf, you know, he was with Frankie when they train. So I know that they're really close. He's like one of my best friends. So I've ever, you know, he always said he wanted to be here. So you know, that's four nine though. But, but as far as you know, we definitely wish him, you know, total best is always a churn for me came. I'm here. I think like rank thirty five we got him up to third rank and wanted to get anyone. But you know, it just didn't work out that way. That that's awesome. And I suspected here that kind of answer. Again, you guys keep a great tight team their last one for me coach, you know, I'm hoping you have no answer for this. Because I it'll make me sick where you find the time between Pinos pizza and all you're doing for all these fighters who hold you in high regard. But but back to the tape study just just to revisit that for one second. Do you ever do anything in advance or keep your eyes out on certain guys outside of the matchup meaning slash, for example, a cat like Alexander Volkov ski who could be on prospects rate are Alexa, beaten Maga sheriff off or could be on the radar of a guy like Frankie. Edgar who many subscribed to. That's the guy max Holloway has to fight before forty five a guy like a rising guy like Volkogonov does that guy even hits your radar. Do you not not worry about guys until they're matched up with your guys? So three of his fights already. I watched eight votes. Not vulgar nasty. What are their Frankie speedy put, you know, respect them a lot. I saw I know for his last four fights. So we saw last four weights absolute good stuff on him. And you know, there's there's also stuff to you know, what if it while? And you have you know, like all of our guys, you know, so proud of our team and our guys are all right? Everyone of ring they came here not ranked now they're all right. And you know, in a proud of them when you you know, when you're doing that, especially the lower classes like we had Eddie, Eddie and Edson like, you know, your costs you watch Chris wait, you know, you're you're watching other poets like they're like watching I beat. I'm watching you go to say, and Frankie was you know, MAC or you know, like or would your would your getting ready for Stevens? Like you've seen Sobe guys that Frankie or Frankie is gonna probably fight. You know what I'm saying? So we like good guys in the low away classes like Marlin, or you know, you. Wind up. Doing your homework before you need to do your homework. You know, just because your your guys are fighting. You know, have fought those guys before or you know, people that he's wanted to fight me that your guy your other guys gonna fight a couple of fights or say at our say Edie Edie at fought Melendez. And that's the forgivable went does Eddie four Pettus pensive for credits. So, you know, it's helped us out a lot or. 'cause a beat. I think his last two or three fights. I think. I think Peres Frankie pres- fort whatever's opponents Barlett full one of his opponents so spree for the beats fight we already had, you know, a good handle on his guys cuts to two guys are already people. So you know, definitely helps them. Coach of you already been told that Edgar is next for Holloway. Have you heard anything? That's one booking. We are. Intimidating. But we haven't heard it. That's that was that would that would headlines shore. I wish I did. But I. But I do. All right and the last one from hopefully hook at them. The last one from me is. In other sports, you often hear coach worked the refs. You know? What that means? Yeah. You know, what it's it's it's it's I coached football too. It's not for for seventy years. You could definitely work the rack, and I've tried to. What's that? I was in who's fight was Ballance by the WS F. And I said the guy's got kids opening like, it wasn't even anything. Big the ref toll. If I say something else up getting kicked out of the corner. And I was like what the now. So yeah, it was crazy. So you definitely can't work them. But you know, you I will def I definitely try my best. You know, you know, as you know that they're not doing anything rap. He's not doing anything. It's not doing anything. If the guy, you know agreement, you know, he's not he's not getting you know, he's not trying to gain positions and trying to gain. So you know, definitely tr definitely try to do it. But it's a lot harder than it is it's football, you know, or bad works or the judges. Can you say now that one didn't land that one didn't land? Can you say something like that? Like, you're talking to your fighter. But also, maybe relaying that info to the judges. Why? No, I know Jackson's day will always Greg will always do the. Good job is to kind of good, you know, like her job as the United States. So I that we still out for it were I've made I've ever Frankie was fighting. I have one of our corner bid, you know, say good job. Good job. So, you know, you try everything, you know. And right. Yeah. That's that's why to like glad that we do stay code base. Because it's like, you know, when you guys heads down. You don't want to say, you know, your hands down. You're getting hit with the overhead. You know, what I'm saying watch, the, you know that you're not doing something, you know, that you're not hurting your later to you the that thing that the judges don't know, you're you're you're telling your fighter you can't hit for reason. Gotcha. Well, there's always fascinating stuff. We always love talking to you. You're one of the best in the business. And we're very gracious of your time. I hope you hope you guys have a safe camp for whatever's left of it. And of course, safe travels to Brazil, you headed to four delays of Brazil for you on ESPN, plus two I gotta make a statement. I gotta make a statement how Brazil would Super Bowls going with a bit. How could they are going to be the air for the Super Bowl herbs? So bump Brown, please. You are going to stop it out of the air. The air for the Super Bowl kid be usually the flights. The flights out of Brazilian late at night, don't they? Yeah. Mine leaves at eight I think. So I don't know I'll be coming in your clock at night. I think Frankie, and I so smack in the middle of the thing, I know it 'cause every year was it baking 'cause I not Super Bowl before. But it's been Vegas where leave on the first flight so bad bubbly fan of either team. Oh, it's a great game. I love football. I love football. It's going to be an awesome game of a of a Bill fan huge Bill with patriot. Or so, you know, I love the ranch. All right. Well, hopefully, there's some wifi on the plane. But again, thanks for the time. We're up against the clock. But we appreciate your time as always, sir. Yep. Take it. Easy guys. Got bless. All right. We'll see. All right. I folks we're gonna hit a quick break. It's junkie radio. Fight nation. Ninety-three analyzing Super Bowl fifty three from every angle to help you benefit from the biggest game of the year. We kept his away the gain is underway aids. Trump bet radio on Sirius XM fantasy sports radio. I'm going under on that. Good sun performed. I. After a year of missed extra points in the NFL will either kicker miss one in Super Bowl, fifty three. How long will it take for the national anthem to be sung before the Super Bowl? Animal will be the first to appear in a Super Bowl commercial after kickoff. Radio mornings from seven to eleven eastern fantasy sports radio Sirius XM eighty centers trimming, Sirius XM app, but at home on connected devices speakers, and we're back for the second hour of the junky radio show again big things to coach Mark Henry for his time here on the show. Always appreciative of that. I think guys get a little bit smarter. Every time he comes back. Good one goes. You laughing because he said are back for the second. We haven't started. Oh, that's right. That's where we were. We kind of did the juggling act. We actually just back for. It's like a little mcken meal. Thirty seconds before we bounce out again for the top of the hour break. But when you come back, we get to talk to the great bend, folks. The latest number one may ranked media member on gorgeous George Zimmerman media rankings which are released passed December talked to him for mine. How much? We have time when we come back right now. I haven't used system. You know, you're doing your your rankings? Yeah. I have a new my credit score for people figured out brand new way to do this. Okay. I'll tell you about in the second hour, so stay close, folks. It's m e junkie radio fight nation challenged three and we'll be back. Join us on the other side of the tracks. This is Sirius XM by nation channel ninety three. Hey, everybody. Thanks for listening to them. I may junkie radio. I wanna take this time to let you know about our producer Danny show. It's called popping off and at airs live twice a week. Wednesdays nine pm eastern, six PM Pacific and Thursdays. Eight pm eastern five PM Pacific. You can find the show if you missed the life show, you can find the recording on itunes Spotify or YouTube the following day. Check it out. It's a lot of fun, and you get to see a little bit more of our producer Danny's personality and my phone just rang in the background Sultan. Popping off with us in studio. We have Tom Paine from Walking Dead. You got real socked in the bay. I mean, the show is very very in. You thinks it's very rough house e and eight knows stunt hanging around everyone on the show just jumps in and gets involved. And that was my reawakening awakening to the show being chased around a field by Newman, and then him grabbing me and touch me in the face as a saying that everyone his when they first join which is the Walking Dead, and this it was said in this kind of like just doing the Colt. Welcome to watch live on the. Why YouTube stream? I get paid to say things in this cool voice. And they get paid to be lame. Here are gorgeous Georgia goes. Right now, it's the top of the hour. The second hour of the radio show. And we're gonna be talking to Ben folks, one half of the co main event podcast that blowing up man, they're doing really really well. And I salute them they got their newsletter going and constantly. I get up because I support them through patriot as well. And which allows them to go out there and branch out and and do different stuff but seen get drunk before on YouTube funny him in Chad done. This Ben also does the Twitter mail bag and most recently, the break, I've been really really getting kicked out of that been great job between him and our other video who doesn't get enough. Love abbie. Han who is based out of the UK him and Kenny our horses. Yeah. All right. So Ben is ready to go. He's on the hotline now joins us now on the ever made junkie radio show. What's up? Ben. How're you doing? How you doing? Good, man. Sorry about the shuffling of the deck there. But we appreciate you have the free time to to stay with us. Yeah. No problem. And hey, if you like seeing me and shed get drunk on streaming video of February twenty-second my man, we're doing the affliction day of reckoning challenge. I've already got a pair of dazzle Jeeves picked out going to spray. Some axe body spray on me, and we're really going to live like it's two thousand nine all over again. Now is that the I don't remember the names. But is that the one where fate or faces a our law ski or Sylvia? That is right. Okay. Yeah. The second book. Wasn't that the one where they actually released a poster where they had them as the main event. And then you know, how they do the combing after that. And then the next guys, but I think like they had to where it was just like the shadow of person. He didn't know who it was because they hadn't. Off the picture. Yeah. The poster at home. That'd be pretty interesting. I don't think versus some guy. I just remember the way in being the closest is ever gotten to Calvin Klein commercial is that right, then probably win best pair jeans, and they're weighing in with jeans on the every heavyweight did it because there's a bunch of heavyweights. Let's just weigh in with our kind of ventilator stylish jeans on we have to have a faux hawk for this think it'll be fun. Can do. When's that data game? February what maybe we twenty second. February twenty second. All right. Definitely tune into that one been folks, let's find out a little bit more about you than we'll ask you some of the relevant stuff going on. We're kind of goofing off with you here. What kind of car? Do you drive? I don't even know. Toyota highlander. Toyota high amounts in like, Montana ish. Out here. Otherwise, you're just you're dead meat. What's the coldest? You've ever been in Montana, minus what? Oh, we definitely been down. Like, you know, minus ten stuff like that. I it doesn't really matter at that point though. It's like once you get kinda two zero and below. It's just cold. Like, it's not like you're like, oh, man. Minus tennis so much worse than minus five. It's that's all kind of weather where you're you can feel your nose hairs freezing within a couple of steps outside your door. So at that point, just cold. Okay. Can I get to know him as well? Sure. Ben you play hockey and I enjoy sports goal today. Yeah. I like when he puts those clips, but the one thing I've noticed, and I'm not trying to be an asshole or anything. But here we go. How come how come the teams? It's always like the blue team versus the black team. There's not very there's not very many, creative jerseys or do you guys just have colors or are there? Nobody's the cobras or anything like that. Will they're all sponsored by local businesses. And there are some interesting colors. I play on one league where we have Tigers. He's and man, let me tell you. It's it's not the greatest, but you're never endanger of not knowing where your teammates are out on the ice when you got tied jerseys on you really can spot each other out there. So that's nice. But yeah, mainly I put the clips from one team that I'm on. That is pretty good. We're the black the black and silver team. But yeah, it's all local business, and it really tell hula Montana that one of the league's I'm in like half the teams are micro-brewery teams. Because that is one thing we have an abundance of in Missoula Montana is a bunch of breweries. Played hockey since I was a kid. But then I got asked a serious hockey related question. Here d to Mighty Ducks to best Mighty Ducks movie or greatest money ducks movie. Which okay, I remember D one which is a DUI seen, you know, the one which is great. Sorry. Go ahead. I don't I don't have any idea. What happens in d-2? Oh, it's a nice Lynn versus America. They have what's his name Keenan kale? They recruit him who is the knuckle puck. He's got the epoch slapshot. So they have to put him on the team. And it was a very very classic Mighty Ducks. I was throwing it out. There wasn't sure where the muddy ducks felon. Ben folks lexicon. Yeah. I mean for me best hockey movie gotta be slapshot Paul Newman doing. Oh, yeah. As classic good. Yeah. We only see good clips of you. Really? No. I mean, I'm pretty sure you're a good player. But can you maybe pick somebody in the mixed martial arts? And just say I would be that guy of hockey. In other words, the Joseph benefit is of my league. Or like who who are you in that leak? Punk. Oh, really? One of the worst. Well in this league. I mean, if we want to get technical about it, and you guys are going to be like, hey. Or league leading scorer in the novice league. Yes, fine. Yes. I am the lead league leading score but fifth thing that is important for all of us. Remember is that we're all terrible. So see all bunch of Siham punks out here. Running in other. I was gonna go with more of like a Brian barberie. And Ben folks seems the kind of guy let her daughter's pain his toenails, but they get out there. And do the damn thing. Okay. All right. Brian barberie? That's that's me. Every do you own a snowmobile? No, no. And I have strong those expensive snowmobiles. Yeah. It looks like Bon. Well, you know, what I always encounter them because I like to cross country ski and a lot of places where was cross country ski trails are also snowmobile trails, and it always kind of noise me because it's like the snow mobile. People seem to me like the kind of people were like, oh, let's go out in this like, really, quiet lovely pristine environment and just ruin it. Just ruined it with like a bunch of loud noises, like just rolling all over the place. And they're also not like, I always thought snowmobiles like you could just go anywhere with them. You're just like I'll like JAMES BOND stuff out on the snow. But no, they really have to stay on like pretty tight trails that they get out into the snow. They get stuck pretty easily and to me that just feels like what's the point? Okay. In all your years. Did you Danny Downes ever get heated like when you know, the stuff that we don't see like what the fuck, you know, why did you say that or you're getting personal bro or anything? We did. We did once and I I pick. Him up. And I choke slammed him choke slammed him through a table at a biggest casino once and that the fear in his eyes was really something to behold and easy. What happened? No, actually, I hung out one of the biggest casino. And I realized like mandate was a feather weight in his fighting. But he's kind of a big, dude. Like, he you see them in person. And you're kinda like, oh, well, no, I mean, I don't care if you were fighting that one hundred and forty five pounds. I don't really wanna mess with you. I can see why you beat the Mungul in Wolfe realize, hey, down to put a hurting on you. If you wanted to. His potato story true. What's the 'tatoes story? He told a story one time where he at a win. He thought it'd be funny. He put a potato in his briefs. And then when he got up on stage, he took it out, and he threw it in the crowd. And he said he when he tossed it actually hit his mom in the head. He was making that up or if you actually did it. He was a character. Yeah. How this story the basic story. Hey, sit it on the air said it on our show like literally ten about ten years ago, or I know knows here at Mandalay bay. So it's about eight years ago. Wow. That's that's a great. I'm going to have to ask about that. Same thing happened to me in Brazil, I had to wear those Kenny briefs or whatever. And I noticed it wasn't getting a lot of attention. Right. So I went back to the store, and I complained I go just give me some trunks. And the guy goes what's wrong? I'm not getting much attention. I'm just not packing heat. You know, and he goes, here's a potato put this in your trunk and watch how they are drawn to you right in the front. I goes, wait. Wait. So anyway, all right last one been who is the last fighter. I don't know if you can name them or not or in your history. Maybe someone that's retired or someone that was just not a fan and let you know it. Oh, man. I have to pick just one. The last one to stand out was probably Michael biffing. But even then I felt like he he was angry about something where he kinda misunderstood the point. And then kinda gave me a weird joy when I saw, you know in his role as commentator like on the Fox Sports one stuff where the same thing happened to him will happen from time to time people kinda don't always understand what you're saying. Or or think they understand and don't and some fighter got mad at him along the same lines. It was like now. Now, you see how it happens that the person isn't even really mad at you think they have. Yeah. Well, I gotta tell you a big fan of your sarcasm snacking is whatever you wanna call it. But you really do make your points. And I think your fair so keep doing what you're doing. But let's get to some of the hot topics and for one we want include you in our daily debate. So let's get that out of the way we ready to go that do that. We're going to do the debate, including Ben folks, the number one ranked media member on gorgeous George's media rankings is passed the Semper. Here's the question guys following hashtag Brooklyn T J dillashaw is hoping for an immediate rematch with Henry Suharto for the flight, we title should he get it here. You're three choices guys. Yes. Run it back. Yes. But for the one hundred thirty five belt or no rematch needed you go I in. I'll say, yes. Run it back 'cause I'm assuming that first option will be one twenty five since the other one is specifying one thirty five and I'm a fan of. Twenty five I feel like it keeps the relevance there. Although it might not be the most popular thing to say because it might come off the I'm taking away credit from Henry pseudo, which I'm not. But I am one of those people that wasn't the most identified with the stoppage. I'm not saying it was a robbery it would have gone. The other way just wanted to see a little more finality. And I know I'm not alone there. So if the proper people are on the same boat, I say run it back run it back at one five and keeps them relevant in that division. All right. He goes. And my biggest issue with this is I want to see them right back. But what if TJ wins? Okay. Are we going to do third one somewhere? What's going to happen there? And I just keep thinking from the UFC side. They're going to say we can't possibly have them do at one twenty five because we can't have our one thirty five champ lose two fights in a row and then promote him in another fight at one thirty five. And this is the greatest one thirty five people were going to go didn't he just lose two times? Like, I just don't see them doing it. So my vote is gonna be no rematch needed. Why even though I don't feel that way? All right. I hear exactly what you guys are saying except not that it's not fun to watch those guys fight or anybody that's involved in these rematches. But there are other people that consider a son sow and Marlin Ryan are going to be fighting soon. The winner wants next Davidson Figueredo and juicy for me go same thing, they want the winner of Joseph Benedetti's versus Henry pseudo. And I haven't even gotten to Joseph Benhamouda's he wants. And so I mean if. It was like football like him. Look I can't get to on Sunday. We'll play next Sunday. No problem. You know? But it's not like that. Sometimes he's thinking three months, four months, six months. Eight months. Sometimes that's even how long we have to wait before we know the announcement. I'm still wondering who max Holloway's fighting next. But I would say I guess if I'm if I need to pick one of the three. Yeah. I would say no rematch needed. But if I had to pick one of the to the rematch. Yes for the thirty five pound belt because I think so who don't our in the right for him to make history. How about you been folks? Well for me. I mean, if they're gonna rematch I think it has to be at one thirty five. But I also think you need to clear up what the future is at flyweight because if you keep just keeping it vague and saying we're not sure what we're gonna do at flyweight. And then you do a rematch for the flyweight title. It was already a stretch to do that in the first place because you wouldn't commit to actually keeping the division. Made it feel like you were just waiting to see TJ dillashaw was gonna win. And then you could kill the flyweight division off. I think you need some clarity there. And I I mean, I'm not a huge fan of the media rematch is especially when the fight ends and thirty seconds. And you you can make a case that the stoppage was a little premature. But you're getting your head knocked around. You can't be too surprised on the referee steps in there. So if there is going to be a rematch, I'm gonna has to be at one thirty five, but if there's not going to be a rematch, and we just keep the flyweight division going and dillashaw goes back bantamweight, I wouldn't be opposed to that. Either. All right there you have it. That's our daily debate brought to you by the radio team. And Ben folks, here's how the results came out. Forty-nine percent said yes. But for the one hundred thirty five pound belt, and then the other two were kinda split twenty eight percents. No rematch needed twenty percents at yes. Running back. So thanks, the junky nation our readers of the site and listen to the show for participating, Ben. I also want to say that Android reading your article about your experience on ESPN. Plus, and boy, they got some work to do it. You're right. It did remind us of the early fight pass days. Hell I think five pass may have had it a little bit more. They may have had their act together a little bit more. You were in there. Looking for a great fights couldn't find them? And then when you did find them it was because they weren't really tagged correctly. And you know, the the bars high man, this is ESPN that we're talking about. But what do what do you think of not only that? But just your viewing experience from this pass out. Tonight. Well, you know, I was pleasantly surprised with the live doing experience that especially just because and I know this wasn't the case for everybody as I heard later on. But for me the process of logging in and then watching the stream uninterrupted was flawless, and that is not off the case with my internet connection in Montana. So I was pleased with that. I also if you tell me, you know, we're gonna move over to having most of our guns on a streaming service and no longer most of them available on cable TV, but it's going to be quicker and not as much filler in between the fights. Then I see that as a good trait. I have no problem paying a little more for it. If you're gonna respect my time, a little more and just give me the stuff that I came to see. So I like that live Ewing experience going through and trying to find stuff on the streaming services a little bit different. And maybe some of it is because fight pass has been a work in progress and has really gotten better over the years and has figured out a lot of the things that look. What fight fans like what kind of experience they're looking for especially when they're going through the library and watching old fights or even just trying to catch up on last weekend's, right? And so they have a lot of that stuff already in there where they know like how you're gonna sort through a fight card and watch it after the stuff happens and for ESPN, plus is just kind of a lot of stuff thrown in there. And they don't really have the sorting down yet. Also in talking to some of the people from ESPN and ask them is. They're gonna come a time where you have the entire UFC fight library and the answer that I've heard so far is no that they think that they will have a whole lot of fights on there. But they don't think there will ever be a time when every single UFC fight in the history of the company is viewable on ESPN, plus. Ben what were your thoughts on? We're trying to see what the new wrinkles where we're going to be right away. One thing that we noticed was Trevor Wittman, and I thought he did a good job. And if you were to kind of collectively look at all the head coaches in mixed martial arts is there anybody else that you would have preferred to see in that role. How did you think Trevor did? Did a great job. And one of the things that are thought, you know, I would not have thought of him if try in trying to come up with somebody in that role. But I'm really glad that somebody thought of him because he has a really good sense of dislike holiday of the fight game. And without getting his own ego involved is really good at figuring out. Like, what does hear from you rather than just like, you know, what is your default mode and coaching fighters? And so I think that makes them a good guy to analyze what are they saying to him during the during the breaks between round the corner. What should they be saying? You know, the one thing I'm interested to see is he had a lot of good comments to make their. But a lot of them were critical. And I I mean, probably rightly so, but people are going to let you know about that at some point like people are gonna tell you. They felt that you were over critical, and it's a small world. And I don't think there's a whole lot of coaches that want to draw the ire. Of all the other the may trainers that way. So I'll be interested to see if they keep doing it. If it's always Trevor Wittman, and if he temper some of his criticism when he starts here in back from other people who don't like here themselves, criticized. You know, you've been doing this for a really long time. And we talk about how big ESPN has been for the fighters. But in a way, it's kind of big for us as well. Because doing this along. I'm sure you guys like us. We've all been shit on at some point. And I think you get if you Pat in the Backstrom people going eight years PIN looks like what you've been doing is now starting to pick up. It's more credible for you. Ben. What's it like amongst all your friend in Montana? I mean, I can't tell that anybody really notices that UFC has moved over to ESPN if they if they're not inside the bubble. It doesn't seem like they're aware of that. And I think the USC has grown big enough at this point that it's not we're not we're no longer in the stage where we're trying to get people to give 'em a chance, but people have seen it people have given it a chance either into it or they're not the people who like it have founded already. I don't think we're I think we kind of perpetuate that myth at times that like if people more people could only hear about this, then, you know, the the interest would really blow up in the sport. And I think profiling people elbowing each other in face in inside a cage as always going to be kind of a niche thing. But I don't know if we're at the point still where the platform is going to make that bigger difference. I think you know, maybe slowly you see it show up on sportscenter more ESPN kinda like the default channel of every sports bar in America. I think that can make a little bit of chains. Just in like. Getting people to accept it into the regular fabric of the sports world. But I don't know that it makes a huge shame at this point. It's already been on FOX network TV. I think people have kind of made up their minds up about where they stand on 'em AM USC. Yes, PM did do a good job though. During the fight week of pushing it watching random college basketball games. I'm not I'm not talking about like number one Duke versus number two Virginia. I'm talking about just games like in south west, Texas or something, and they would take the time to do live reads multiple ones. They actually the commentators actually talked about pseudo and dillashaw you could tell they had notes. It wasn't like expert breakdowns or nothing like that. But I was pleased to see that. And then going back to I guess what goes something about nothing. Nothing wrong with FOX FOX's Jit. But fox's. It's not just sports all television. I feel ESPN like being on ESPN. Also gave it a little bit more validations a little bit. I mean, like I walk though, that's still like no rules fight fixing their thinking the absolute worst. And I think this is something different. Yeah. I think there's something to that. And I also, you know, I noticed that kind of stuff to filters in in ways don't expect like I'm running on the treadmill on the over on the treadmill Jim and looking up on seeing like some college basketball game. And you just kind of flash across the bottom of the screen on the ticker. And it's just like, you know, kind of seamlessly woven in there along with all the other major sports stuff going on going. Okay. That that does I think long term having a set. I also though, I think we've got to keep in mind that we're at the very beginning of the deal right now where everybody is great friends and everybody is expecting great things to happen. And it was the same thing when the US you made a deal with FOX if we're told how this is going to change the entire sports, and the the landscape is going completely turned upside down, and it's going to be a huge major breakthrough. And then by the end of the deal, you know, doing worse ratings than you were doing on for spike TV prelims before that. So people that can change as the viewership goes up and down. I think right now there's a lot of. Optimism and some good reason for optimism, but we got to see how that plays out. Dan, what do you in for Ben, man? Just kinda touch up on something. You guys kinda already talked about earlier. But it was something. I was listening to by the way Komeda vent podcast, folks. I really don't listen to much enemy podcast days. And you guys are one of the few podcast. I listen to and maybe the first patriarch action subscribe to because I'm realizing that, you know, watching just combat sports and only combat sports isn't healthy. So I'm going to have to check out that deadwood with you guys. I think so there's a little plug. But but but, but then I heard you guys talking about and you kind of mentioned at the end of when your answers there were the ESPN. Plus, and I agree I had a similar experience more along your lines. So I didn't get a lot of the complaints. But I didn't realize because it didn't come across and it will especially with my beat. But you mentioned something that caught my attention Ben, which was the the going back function is looks like it's pretty difficult to do. And even fight pass, which you know that when he got the spoiler. Is that when he got the spoiler maybe spoiler while he went in to watch a fight. And then all of a sudden, boom the spoiler. I don't know. Maybe I'm his read it, but I was laughing my ass off. Yeah. But it's just I know for me even with light pass. It's it's so much easier. But even with fight passes. It's a bit of a pain. 'cause you gotta go to watch. This guy's fight. But his most relevant fight is listed only under his opponent's name for whatever reason and mandate eats time in my day. But that's neither here nor there. But. Do you? Do you weigh too heavily on that? Or does that really affect you? As view, or perhaps, even your your beat beat of work. Does it affect you there? I think. Well, I think that's going to affect people is that when their stuff, you know, like a streaming service kind of fights. And especially for a lot of fans that I hear from there like, you know, I don't watch this stuff live a lot of times either because it's on a Saturday night. And I got other stuff to do or because I know there's going to be a lot of filler in there. And like one of the things they really liked the ability, you know, through DVR or fight pass to kind of go through and in a really efficient fashion. Just get to the fights that they wanted to see that they were really curious about and right at least right now. Like as far as navigating that player, it's nowhere near as good as fight passes. And the ability to kind of jumped one fight the fight past thing. It got to the point like by the end where like there will. There's all these little icons along the bottom that can tell you like, here's where fighter ones walkout is. Here's we're fighter to walk. I just want to get straight to the fight. Here's where there's a flurry of actions. You can get straighten that if you want to like, they really. We had all that stuff down ESPN. Plus doesn't really have that yet. And especially like, if you see, you know, a crazy finish and white path kind of allowed you to jump back fifteen seconds or whatever. And and. Yeah. In little really manageable predictable increments. Gotta go back and see what had just happened and yesterday, and plus doesn't really have that stuff. It'll be interesting to see if they are capable of Justice that on the fly the way fight pass was because it is kind of different viewing experience that I think fight fans expected this point. How even settle if they can get it as good as a bell Tor dot com's though website where at least here, we'll just pull it somewhat of quantum logical. Order someone's fights. I'll be happy at that at this rate. But yeah, I definitely hear your on there. And you kind of answered my second question, which is you talked about especially on your podcast about pulling the plug. Right. And I think we're seeing a lot of people have that conversation, especially within the MA circle. But it sounds like the way you kind of things it really not not really affecting you too much. Well, you know, I already did change my cable package. It was nice in a way. 'cause I just feel like, hey, I don't eat Foxworth one anymore. I wasn't watching literally us single thing on Foxworth one other than USC. So I don't need that in the more. And it just seems like the landscape in generalists changing where is a little bit easier to kind of go through and be like, I don't need access to five hundred TV channels anymore. Like, I know what I want. I want HBO. Netflix Hulu, and you know, this one sport that I obsessively follow. And so that is a little easier. I think to and it's also I think kind of the way were trending just in general. But it does it requires everybody to be making more kinda conscious choices like nobody's really discovering new stuff that way. There's no channel surfing. We're all thinking about these things in terms of like these segmented streaming services because you know, if you're asking you for five bucks here. Ten bucks here. Everybody have to go through that process. A little more deliberately than they do if it's just will I got two hundred fifty channels and sometimes it's going to be late at night. And I'm just going to like see what's on there. And I might discover something new that I'm into and streaming doesn't really give you that option. But it does give you the option of really only paying for what you want. Yes, funny. I was just gonna say real quick that I went and looked at my channel history the other day, and I noticed that it was just Fox Sports one for when the fights were on or easy listening channel for when I have to leave something on for my dog when I leave the house, and I'm not really. Yeah. Yeah. It's a class one nine four eight. I got to tell you this. You should do some stand up. Now, I'm not gonna lie to you and say, hey, you'd be a headliner. But but I'd really like to see like ten to twenty minutes in front of an intimate crowd. 'cause this fucking article had me dying. It's called spent all morning watching ESPN. Plus, so you don't have to what did I learn and. Just you know, I wish I could write like this just as ability to put the words down. But it's so true. Now, he's got Netflix, Hulu HP now, and it was on prime and some weird British thing. What's the British thing? I don't know it seems to be only shows about like people in the country country estates making Witter witty repartee every show is like says, and it looks like I oughta have access to every recorded moment in human history. So true men like we we have so much at our disposal. Nobody's got time for it. You know what? I mean. Like goes, we really need to figure out what we need and don't need because it's getting ridiculous. There's just there's some stuff that on on demand that I've gotten to that I've saved up ten episodes their series that I stopped watching in the middle of it that people would people would tell me you crazy like I haven't finished Ozark season two and that's a good series. I just I get so distracted by all the bullshit that comes up, but. Anyway. You know, he goes in there. And he's looking for he finds one round wars. And he's got disappointment that it's not available till next Tuesday. That was hilarious. Then he went to go look at then he skipped through and. Politely fight. And that's why I was wondering if fighters read this shit and go this motherfucker like why did he pick me? What? I was laughing at that. And then the the other stuff was. You know, watching bub. Bobby knuckles fight he hits a button poem. He's at the post fight celebration. So that that was the spoiler that was giving away. You know what I mean? So just peons I guess having pluses is gonna a some struggles. But I'm sure they'll figure it out. But I'm telling you, man, I was laughing my ass off when I was reading this thing goes, what would you have them before we wrap up it for Ben? But it's kind of for everyone, and I'll give you guys maybe my take I and see where you guys stand on this. But everything with ESPN, I just want. I don't wanna be wanna give them a clean slate and just really be positive and what I couldn't really figure out what Stephen Smith. His his takes in the past touched on him to his takes on the past. I mean, you watch them really doesn't tell like somebody. That knows that they should be commenting on the sport. Yeah. But there's ways it the guys around you can set you up to kind of make you sound. Okay. And it didn't seem like he wanted any piece of that. He was he was there. And oftentimes he kind of told told the audience like, I don't even know what I'm doing here. You guys are the experts and all it made me wanna say was well, the what are you doing here? Like, it just didn't make any sense to me. Ben, can you? He's there to remind you that it's a different product. Then it was on Fox Sports one. Because otherwise if you take him away, and you look at everybody else that they had like kind of talking heads. You know, you got shot Evans their Karyn. Bryant was there, and you call me as their genetic there. It looks exactly like the fuck sports one product, Stephen a Smith was there. I think solely to show you here's somebody who you associate with the ESPN brand to remind you that this is a different thing. Now that it's not just the exact same thing with the Fox Sports one logo taken off and the ESPN logo put on. I think that's the entire purpose. Can he have tried a little bit more or just? It really seem there, man. I don't know what I'm doing here. This is crazy like five minutes before rolled his palms together. Here's what I got. I feel like here you go hayman's because that make any sense. He would go crazy. Hosting a New Year's thing. Live have fun. Mail it in a little bit. I appreciate that feel because I I'm not familiar with Stephen Smith because I'm completely ignorant ESPN. But even me as a hardcore like, oh, yeah, it's different right now. So even as a heart grow it gave it that effect and as boxing fan kind of like, I went back to watch fatal rivers, Matlin, Linlin and forgive me. But I can't remember the really drawn a blank on the the boxing announcer. He called that fight. And it was just so cool to hear classic boxing announcer. You know over a fight that even even even rewatch. All right. Well, hey, we took a lot of your time. Sorry, I know your family, man. But it's always great having you here and. We will definitely be tuning in for like, I say go or Dan, and I are supports you guys on patriot. And when the forward to affliction day of reckoning, I think you said is coming up. But thanks, thanks always for your time. Man. We appreciate it. Hopefully, we can get you in Vegas in studio sometime soon, maybe you need to fly out here. More often it's been a while. Yeah. Yeah. My pleasure. And thank you for the support. I appreciate it. All right. Take care. We'll see. Folks, we're gonna take a quick break. 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Alexa, play flight nation on Sirius XM nation on Sirius XM's for pound one of the best fighters on this planet are lots of ways to hear Sirius XM at home including devices with EVA's I've Alexa. Learn more at Sirius XM dot com slash Alexa. During the commercial break. They were all tested for performance enhancing, drugs Georgian ghost came back clean, but dead tested positive for biogra-. Like a lot of it. Here are the boys. All right. We're back. Big thanks to Penn. Folks. Follow him on Twitter at Ben folks may. May and the Twitter handle for Mark Henry is at Mark coach, Mark thirteen. We are going to take a call right now. It's Kevin from Chicago. What's up Kevin doing? You guys points tonight. I of Alex Hernandez, then he really don't really has no other choice, but to be homeboy and do a little apology post. I mean, what else did he goes over choice? He can just do nothing or he can stick with the theme of being, you know, making the economy or whatever, exactly. And so he chose he chose to take the right of sorry of the way of being classy. So I think he did have some choices. Kevin. Yeah. I mean, he had if he wanted to look save as image in any way. He's gonna have to say man, I estimated them, you know, go that route. So I did the right thing in about people. Maybe they just put their head down sit. Anything those good them to do that. And my other point was Henry, the hoodoo men. I was saying before the fleet people are counting this dude out completely count them out to is in Olympic champion who was coached under the branch brothers. If you know anything from the Russian real, do, you know, the branch brothers in hell elite? They are. All man. Did you do the smoke them, easy, blah, blah, blah, and completely shut up the haters there? But I do wanna talk about the stoppage because I hear a lot of people saying, oh, man. It's all about protecting the fires. You gotta protect the fighters. They sign up for this. They get paid hundred thousand millions of dollars even some just. To put their health. The mine is what they signed up for. You. Gotta let it keep going TJ dillashaw was turning into him. He was still moving if he wanted out of there. He ended up like chill son and turtle the face down wait for the referee coming save him. That was not the case at all. He was still moving trying to continue to fight. I just felt like all these people were like, all you. Gotta let 'em keep you gotta stop the fight goodstuff, which I was completely disagree there. I thought you gotta let them fight. You gotta let him have a chance championship fight. Let them get put out. I said the same thing. Kevin levers, Michael Kesse. Michael key up. You gotta let them get choked out. Let them get choked out put this week. Let them get knocked out. I mean, they get paid millions of dollars. Let them get knocked out. But that's my take today. Guys. Take it easy. Right, buddy. Well, I think we all agree that we could have taken a little bit more. I think we've all said early nothing to agree. Just but. Yeah, early and his second point was, you know, about dillashaw. I mean, I don't know what form or threatened got caught up on. But no one I knew that had a brain said dillashaw gonna smoke. I think people said dillashaw might win. And these are my reasons, but anybody else's probably just some cartoon character at anybody. That said that there's these are solid fighters. So no one's going to smoke. I I haven't said that too often. I know I say from time to time and just what I've been wrong, but it is really really hard to just smoke somebody at this level, especially chambres champ agree and update on Alexsandr Hernandez has I point he will be on the show Friday. Oh, cool. Tom. It'll be interesting to get his thoughts on where he's at. All. Right. So guys. We talked for a while with bent, folks. And we amongst ourselves chat a little bit about this ESPN air that kicked off we're very pleased with the fight, you know. They did a lot of promotion. Through their talking heads type shows through their social media live reads on other sporting events. But there was one unfortunate incident that took place involved area Awani who's actually from ESPN. It's only gave us even somebody outside. He's within the family. He went on the damn number tarred show to do what he had done all week long. And that's just promote the launch of this. You know, you have see on ESPN the card itself. And you know, this isn't any unfamiliar territory for ten number talk. Because it's basically the same thing as somebody coming on to promote boxing, or or or pro wrestling, you know, and Dan Libertad, I don't know why. But he treated them horrendously. And I don't know why he did that. He doesn't seem like the type of guy that. Punks people. You know, I mean, he may have an opinion. But I've I've never that's like downright rude. What he did? I mean. I was saying like even even amongst friends like even if they were the best of friends, I still think you couldn't get away with. Well. That's just my boy. And that's how we do things. It was pretty bad, dude. It really was. And it was hard to listen. And he also spoke bad of me he actually called him. A may, you know, the the sewer like, we're the sewer sport. So let's go to cut number one where the retired calls of amaze sewer, and he's basically bringing on aerial to do it has to do sell the enemy, but is showing interest the damn sewer, really handsome too. Don't say it's a sewer. It's. Sewer ESPN didn't want before wants now. All of a sudden it was too violent for Disney before. Now, it's fine. I wanna call my mentor, Ariel just sell your thing. Real quick and thing. Thing with the best part about this is that I've only been on your show once I mean fan, and we actually share a common bond with our hatred of Jeffrey Loria who killed my baseball team but much than killed the baseball market. Lou that so he denied him favorite. He's not treating him very nicely at all. But areo says fuck this. I'm just going to go on there and try and sell the spot. I got a job to do. And you notice a couple of the guys are piping up saying, it's not the sewer. Now, look they made disagree. Let's say all five of them say oh fuck this sewer. The sport, you know, of a maze, dude, you're working for ESPN, and they're trying to sell subscriptions. They've committed to one point five billion over five years that's three hundred million a year, and they wanna get the SPN. Plus, and this is the flagship sport that's going to take them there. You know as far as getting going. So trust me they want to sell this. You know, whatever it is you feel behind the scenes, I I mean, you gotta play a little bit ball. So I think the teams trying to tell them like yellow broke, you know, what are you doing? And he's not catching on. I'm like how how dumb can you be? How stubborn can you be? Or what's his hate that he might have that he's acting this week? Do you guys understand that? I don't it's brutal. And like you said like Ariel had every every opportunity to kind of fight him back, and he did him a favorite thought trying to turn things around on his show. Now, look areas China like continue to the spot and watch retard interrupts them and tells them the show he leaves the Expos. And then he goes, the Florida and he killed them market. And I'm like, wow, I'm so excited. Dan limit tire. You know, he hates Jeffrey Loria. He's the guy who trying to baseball and Florida and saying the last time I was on your shows when I got banned by the U of C, and Dan was making jokes about big j journalism, and then he kinda fended me. And then he had to text me with his tail between his legs. Like, hey, that's the show. That's what we do on our show. So. Oh, fun. Now. This is my big triumphant return on showed up for a second aerial shut up. Shut up shut up. Shut up on him down again. Pod. Him down again Shahri? Oh, shut up for a second here. It is listen to me. Okay. This is how it happens around here. So rude, the I remember Dana white for a long time. VM may. Let me take you back to the beginning. Yeah. The I was gonna say the MA and also was going to say, but the previous clip I was gonna weigh in and say that man unless Dan lebatardshow only seen like you'll Romero fight who looks like an internal. Where's the sewer thing? Come from, you know. But but yeah. Now that I mean, the m make kind of says it all there and his own guys like us at George perfectly noted there. You can almost sense that you're right. They're almost like pub- the brakes Birla, you're gonna throw yourself under the bus. And and you know, a lot of those guys that's older guys style of I don't really listen to that too much. But that's that more like older guys dial of radio or segment segment not producing, but you know, executing. I don't not my school of things and for reasons like this because when it backfires on you, it looks really bad. It goes from stick too stupid for sure. All right, listen, I want to continue with this. But let's take this last break. And then we'll come back and all the rest of what happened with area Awani from ESPN went on. But then. Lebatardshow which can be found on ESPN and yet it didn't go. Well. In fact, he was treated very very unprofessionally, very rude. And I wasn't a fan of man that sucks as I was a fan of Lovato's. I didn't not like that one bit so close we'll be right back. This is the way it went down at ESPN. Dana white wanted John skipper to just be seen at a fight with him. Because that's is as many of you know, has the reputation of sewage and that sewage isn't something that Disney -sarily wanted to get into bed with so much ESPN. Plus, and so now what has happened? Is it Disney sees, oh, there's money to be made in MA and Disney's buying everything and ESPN is buying everything. And so now, we're telling you that the violence is. Okay. It wasn't okay before. But but now the violence is okay. Now, we sell it to you with the SPN love the violence. Your life will be a lot better. Here are gorgeous than goes. I don't know, man. I I'm not Mr. psychology guy, but I got must've gotten his ass kicked by somebody or he's into deep. He's making this argument for so long that is going to be the bad guy over it. Maybe, but you could tell he was like harboring feelings, you know, like, there's no reason I don't know whatever. When the referring to John skipper is a former ESPN executive and Dana wanted that. Yeah. Of course, that's pretty smart. Look there was a point in time where Dana was trying to get the best deal for his company. So FOX Heaney FOX was gonna offer money. It was word that maybe NBC sports might get involved. You know, they're warm to mixed martial arts. And of course, ESPN I heard Netflix. They were rumor, so yeah, I could see Dana white, you know, leaving tickets to many executives whoever was gonna maybe get in the biggest deal, but. For being honest ESPN's. Probably everybody's first choice. Got a lot of money in the the huge, you know, any SPN's worldwide. And especially a sport that needs validation. That's all right. Let's see. I think we have time for the last cut now here they continue on. And this is about eleven minutes spot or so, but we we kind of selected certain little points at one point, by the way, he's actually FaceTime timing Kornheiser as he's made aerial, wait. This whole time corn Hauser. Yeah. I I didn't understand that Tony Kornheiser. So can you go to cut four, please? Josh ward. Lord. Yes. I do. I love this sport. Yes. I do too. Big day in aerial is essentially the face of our media coverage in zone time. So Ariel just sell what this event is. Now that what I'm not here to sell anything. I'm not here to anything. Listen, the only interaction I've ever had with amino Hassans, I believe is in studio was on Twitter McGregor. So I know what you guys are doing understand. I'm not here to sell anything. You can call the sports. Sue is do all you want. Your your great at your job. But you're missing one important part of that history lesson he most important part of that history lesson is that the great Jimmy Petar is the president of ESPN a recognized that enemies, they wonderful sport. It's him down. Come on down. All righty. Do it for you enough this bringing out of here? The look it may be a disagreement of opinion, but why not debate and have fun with it pot him down. I mean again back to my ignorance on ESPN. But this guy sounds like more ignorant than my ignorance towards ESPN. This guy. Sounds like the Bill O Reilly wanna be FOX you really going to market yourself. Like, what is liberal arts background like clearly not as an athlete or anything that had to do with any type of respect or competition or putting your own balls in the line because someone doesn't speak like that. Or is a really, you know, that's. He does he does have a lot of success. This came out of nowhere. Honestly, I've never even heard. I've heard of discussion with somebody and he couldn't even had fun with it playing the bad guy. But that was just border line. Actually. Guys were saying exactly it was passed route. I mean, it was hatred is what I what I'm trying to like almost like he maybe has a hatred towards area said that they had some sort of history got treated bad another time. I don't know he'll go back on it again. But that just makes no sense, especially with all this being brand new. They're trying to sell subscriptions. And you'd think they'd get off to a better start. But we gotta get on outta here. So I want to thank our guest today. Mark Henry, the coach Mark Kennedy will be traveled with Marlin Ryan's to Brazil for you've seen ESPN plus two they'll be headlining versus hot fail. And we also want to think Ben folks for his time writes for us here at 'em may junkie. So catch him all of these week. He puts out great stuff. All right tomorrow back again, eight PM eastern with another edition of radio until then champions.

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