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Ep. 312 - Wellness = Live, Work, Travel


That's disappointing. Get I walk into his three hundred twelve of Trent three sixty five days choose the night of October greetings from Rimini for a couple of days. He hanging out for a few days after the globe wom- summit and just reflecting on the global wellness economy monitor report that was updated during the summit. And the took us from a three point what of the three point? Seven trillion dollar industry before now. Four point, two trillion dollar industry. One of the things I like about that particular port is that it does tend to simplify things for us pretty well which which is a good thing. One of the things that they talked about was that the real growth in this industry is going to be wellness where we leave, obviously wellness where we work, which make sense and wellness where we travel. So in a way they sort of become the three core pillars of the wellness industry moving forward. And so what you want to do from a business perspective is think about how your business is going to impact people in one of those three areas. In one of those three places. In one of those three times in their life, if you like, and potentially the exponential growth is really going to happen where those industries cross. Oh, if you can hit someone both with leaving work bang, there's exponential growth in the if you can hit them similarly where they work and travel bang exponential growth. So it's an interesting report. I'm looking forward to delve into bit more detail which I haven't done yet to be perfectly honest, but go check out the global wellness economy monitor report, two thousand seventeen edition. I guess it is. You can get it on the global wellness institute website or free. Just putting your details and you can download it or that's thanks for tuning in. I will be back in tomorrow, so yeah. Yeah. Jodi. The podcast you just heard was published with anchor, got something you want to say to the creator of this show, send them voice message using the anchor app free for an Android.

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