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Kelly Lynn Janson (Wife of Chris Janson )


And. Sees the Queen of. Zone. No win. No one can win. I am so excited about this episode of get real I have my friend for over ten years Kellyanne Jansen joining me, she's married to Chris Christianssen. She is such a powerhouse. She's a mom to four kids and mazing his they take the kids on the road. She is a manager. She manages Chris. She is a songwriter. She's had cuts with Chris and other artists. She's a publisher has co-venture publishing company that she runs. She does it all tying you Kelly is a machine she's so much fun. She so faithful she's got the best perspective on life wakes up every day. Just thinking life is a gift soaking it up living to the fullest. I love Kelly so much we've truly been friends for over a decade, and she's just one of my favorite people. She's so fun. And so funny. It's so great. So get excited for this episode and prepare to be inspired because she is so inspiring. Here's yeah. Hey, hey, oh my gosh. One of my favorite people Kelly legit, and you're one of my favorite people. This is the coolest thing that you're doing by the way, like so awesome to focus on the wives and women behind these awesome artists. I watched with Caroline, Brian amazing. Her Instagram is a circle is so great. It's I watch everything I'm like obsessed and so Michael over Christmas. We literally just dug into Caroline's Instagram likes. Yes, husband would be so mad at me. Like, Brian is so cool Kerley. You're so funny. She doesn't care. She gets every single person or family. Oh, yeah. Like a blow horn of I'm scared. My mom would have a heart attack into my husband would run chase down. Like, he would not think it was funny. I don't think I don't know. Like, how do I become my car? But then she has all these great sports play long, and they kind of get annoyed, but then die laughing. It's hilarious. I loved watching it. So thank. Carolina cut me entertained over the holidays. So frantic with all the stuff going on during Christmas. So you're right. I watched it too. I think a lot of people did. Yeah. It's pure comedy relief. But this cool what you're doing? I love it. We'll think seven the pockets of wild. But I started on wives this year actually desert lash last at the end of last year, and I was like, okay, this is really sweet spot because all these artists. These men artists are so fantastic. But the women who are side them and helping them fueled as business keep their lives running are so fabulous. And so interesting. I was like who doesn't want to know about them. I do know autobahn so cool. I love that. And it has been it's been great because I've been able to see the other wives that because we're always on the road were running. Everybody's going different circles. So we don't always get to visit. Yeah. I mean, we're by the time someone else's getting to festival relieving or vice I've seen you out on the road. Several ships in the night that just passed planes in the air. Broken down. I don't know yet. Because y'all do planes trains and automobiles what we do whatever we gotta do to get to the show. But this year we travel all the time, and we were all the time because Chris ally performer, and that's getting out to the fans. So whatever we have to do to get there. But we found that the plane is way better. It just is. So that we can still have is it, right? Oh, no. No, no. He did get his yes, he did work on that for a little while. And then things got too crazy and too busy and he needed his rest like shack an airplane. Finding no was only flying single engine. And I need to engines. Yes. It's very scary. So we have great pilots and their amazing. And it just allows to have to be at home more with your children and for him to also do songwriting in for us to have some form of normal life, right because otherwise. To fly conscious. We do we try to get back to our gay and get out. So you're in your own bed every night pretty much unless we're planning on the west coast. So like this past week. We did four shows we did beat Montana. Wyoming. We were in Cheyenne Butte, airway heights, Washington and one more. I can't remember Utah. And so those were pretty far apart, and we flew, and then we stayed out on the west coast. There would have been no way to come home. Yeah. So if you're on the west coast, you pretty much stay out there long run there. But we take our kids, and we do hotels, and we experience it, and we try to like since we're home schooling. I'm trying to teach them things as we go Easter will. No. But I can't at least teach them what city were a few facts. I mean, I'm definitely not that education is probably not one of my strong, suits, whatever you are you not to make it happen though. But I try to teach them how to count money, and like how to count change and we do things on the plane and how they have dreams like you're great at that. Absolutely. And that you can do anything in this world. You wanna do if your your mind to it? It's america. It's it's such a wonderful country. We have. So many opportunities, and I think every day that we wake up as a huge blessing and you have the sky's the limit. And that way, even because we've known each other for fourteen long term. I don't tell our don't tell on us. We're still looking. What do you mean? We're still hanging out over at Belmont couldn't drink when we met. What are we talking about learning legal? We I've known you mom. Yes. Making furniture, whatever I had to do consulting corresponding on my TV TV show. I mean, you have always been such a hustler such go getter such a dreamer. And you've always even when you're a single mom doing all these jobs, making ends meet you've always had this incredibly optimistic attitude. You've never been like oh, poor me. Look at all this. I have to handle by myself. You've always been like, no, I wanna do it. Yeah. You come from. Because not everyone responds to say situations that are maybe more like being a mom not everyone handles it the way you would have. Well, I just I always try to look at the Cup full, and I have healthy children. And even if I didn't have a coal partner to raise them with or whatever. And I was a single mom. That's okay. I have these children. And they're such a blessing and every minute getting to do the things I did with them drive them to school. Take them get their clothes get their braces work, really hard to put food on the table. Whatever had to do like. Yes. I'm so lucky look at my kids like, they're amazing. They're such a gift from God. And I mean, oh my gosh. Graham and held I he's he's grams my oldest Graham, and then I have shell. And she's in college at UT. Those are the ones that Chris says his bonus kids, and yeah, but they're my life. Oh, he he's amazing. That was one of the biggest things fell in love with him when we day right up. He he looked at me. And I was like, wait. Let's just have fun. And he's like, no, I love you. And I was like wait I have children in those children are my life. And he was like great. I love kids, and he was like no problem and a little bit older. Yeah. No problem love that don't ever bring it up again. And so from that moment on we. Or like in my kids adored him and soon after obviously they met him, and it wasn't too much longer after that Chris ask them to if he could marry me, and I had no idea he asked shell grant pry, and then they Tim here's mind got the ring. And he tells us great story. And this gives me chills to every time. I hear it because this is the kind of human. He is just as as a human. I mean, he was just born with such a heart. And he always says those are my bonus kids. I'm there stepdad, but I stepped into their life. They're not step kids. They didn't step into mind. I stepped into there's I'm the stepdad there the bonus they're like such a blessing. So he talks about that. And he wrote a song called holding her about all of us. But what a blessing and going back to just waking up every day and looking at your blessings looking net. The fact that we all woke up today. It may not be perfect, but we woke up and you're going to have obstacles. Everything every day. You're probably going to get hit smack dab in the face with something. I mean, there's going to be someone that doesn't like there's someone who says something bad about you. There's going to be. I mean, you stump your toe or I don't know like silly style employed being your I don't even have any like most people are independent contract. But you're always dealing with something. There's always going to be a bus that breaks down. There's always going to be a plane that the heat goes out. There's gonna be, but hey, we got a plane. Look at the good side. I don't care. It's cold out. Get an extra blanket every day in this world, we live in there's going to be obstacles God says that like nothing's ever perfect. It's just what you make of it. And whatever he throws it me. Like, I'm going to deal with it. I'm gonna we all are we don't really have a choice if if we get, but you don't do the lowest me thing. You're never upset where did that mentality? Come from. Is it from your time your I mean, who's got time to sorry for their self, right? Who has time? And and I tell my kids is all get so held up though on you can't you just have to find another way to go around. And you've always done that. Well, I mean, it's kind of like a challenge. I remember having a coach in high school. I was a cross country runner. And it's like. No pain. No gain. You have to put in the work. You have to never quit. And then no matter what there's always a way around it. If if I mean pretty much anything in our life. There's gonna be a way to get around. And I'm not saying you're always going to get everything you want because I definitely probably had some dreams that I didn't get like all the way like what I wanted. But I think I did because I've found something in me. That's like, wow. What more could I have four healthy kids a beautiful amazing husband? And that's all I really need is that is God and my kids and my husband and family and friends, and these amazing fans that we meet out on the road, and it just hop. It. You're getting to live a life of pursuing dream with your husband that you've is both so invested in which I mean, how blessed is that such a blessing. It's such a blessing. I never dreamed in a million years. This isn't what I set out to do manage right? I'm his manager. Which is okay. So how quirk and I'm the one who said. Okay. So here's what happened. We didn't plan this at all like, we Chris's super talented of said that and I'll say it again, and again, and again, I believe in a lot. I saw his talent. And I was just like oh my gosh. You're so incredible. And he was going through a time where he had just gotten out of a business record deal. He actually know the record company had decided to it went away. It folded that good word honest word went under. There was there was no more label. Just so he was just kind of stuck in the paperwork, and I was like, you're so talented. You just step on any stage. Whether it's on a corner of a road, if you pick up your guitar, and performed people are gonna come in watch you he's like a phone body experience when he plays like part of his body is moving. No matter what. Whether you're stuck in a record deal that's out of business. And there is no label like the fans, and the people will come to see they wanna see so who out touring, and we're just doing it on our own. We had a great booking agent, and we were playing festivals and fairs and and we had been saying he's going to have a record coming out. But then the label folded, well, the fans don't understand that. Now, they want to hear music. So he was just writing a songwriter. Having a great time. He actually had written the song. And he he was hoping Blake Shelton or Tim McGraw or Luke Bryan would cut it because we had just gotten his first big cut with truck. Yeah. And bought our house truck. Yeah. And he's saying that one Tim McGraw grow. It was one of his fastest moving singles, and Chris that would that the low cash boys, then they've entrance longtime. Oh, yeah. And at the time, we were just pregnant with our first baby. And we were like it was such a blessing because that as a songwriter when those guys get cuts, but other artists it. It provides an income. Yes. And that was much needed at the time and God's timing's always perfect. It really is like, right. When you're like at this point, you're like, how ends gonna meet what's going to happen. So always happen. So literally we were just trucking right along. I was working a couple of day jobs two or three actually and re in that when you're hosting doing like furniture doing everything. Yeah. Like, I said any money. Yeah. Whatever like India and all the plates make painting furniture running to junk stores and buying it and refurbishing it and TC malls, like whatever like every little bit of money adds up. And it helps it's like, I always tell my kids. I'm like there's always a way to make money. There's somebody that will call you to work by the hour to pick up pine cones in their yard to do anything. But anyway at the time, I wasn't doing that. I was doing furniture, and I had a couple of gigs, and it was amazing and Christmas writing songs, and he wrote this song to that. I was just like blown away. So we put them up on I tunes. And Bobby bones. Played one of them happened to be by me about. Okay. And that song. That's like you hear that song one time. And it's like, obviously, it's been a humongous. It was huge. It was a big big big day for us. Did it go and sit instantly went to number one on? I tuned we had a record or anything we had. Yeah. We know we didn't record. You actually catbird seat for an artist. Because now here's your song on teams number one. You don't have a record deal. So now, you kinda get to like have the record labels coming for you a little bit. So we had like how? Ten or twelve opportunities right there like that first week and greatest feeling it was overwhelming. And honestly at the time we were kind of like, oh, wow. How decision we were. So happy to just have a song that fans could buy on itunes and things were so great. And we had no one telling us what to do or how to do it. This. Yeah. This is such a blessing. But anyway, long story short we ended up signing. It Warner Brothers Chris ended up signing birth. I didn't I don't sing definitely. So when s Esbo signed Chris it was amazing Chris lacy over there is fantastic. And the rest is history. I mean, they've had a wonderful working relationship. We're in the deal. There's new single coming out life is so good, and yes, I do manage because Chris's one of those artists he loves making the music. He so talented at it. He loves writing it. He loves being creative. So he wrote produced co produced wrote and. Obviously, performs and tours all the music, and he doesn't have time to schedule anything. So basically as a manager. I just approved things say, yes, we'll use that picture. Yes. We'll do that show. Yes. We'll do that. So it works. Well, because I mean, it's basically the same thing you do at home keeping up with your house schedule things you scheduled the babysitters or you schedule the people to come fix the does. He weigh anything or do you just trust you completely pretty much you trust me completely. He anything musically is all Chris. Yeah. But he don't deal the details. That is far as the simple details. The complicated stuff to deal with that. Do all that. So it works fine. It works. Really good, actually. And we're very very blessed, and what travel together we pray together. We sleep together we do everything together our kids together. How do you guys? That's a lot of together. And so how do y'all y'all one of those polls just always like thriving together? Do you ever need alone time or like, how do you create balance and all what there's so much ballots? I don't even. I mean, basically, I think well he has a couple of things he does that. I I'm like, yeah, I'm good. I'm not going one is hunting and being outside in the woods and hanging out with our son. Both boys actually Jesse Ingraham go with him hunting. And like that's their favorite thing. Our four year old loves to fish, Chris does that so they have their farm stuff. They do. And then I run off the gosh, just five minutes to go. Do my nails. Whatever. So we have like our alone time that we have our own things we like to do. But traditionally he loves us it up by the fire when we're home, and we like just being home because we're never home. So when you spend four or five nights out on the road when you get home you just kinda chill, and he sits out by the fire when it's not raining. We've had so much rain lately. Say I'm so excited just to see a little sun. And and then with kids I mean, you know, you've got Georgia wanting to play date and home schoolteachers coming in and out and just a lot going on. We balance really, well, we we do turn off our phones and turn off the music and turn off the show and just kind of have quality has been wife time. But it's normally maybe midnight. We're going to bed when crawl on the bed at the end of the day, and our kids are usually in the room with us. So when you have a four year old and a seven year old they both want to be in the bedroom with you like you work, so hard your entire life to get like, your house, your dream, home or whatever and literally they've never slept upstairs in their beds. No, we're all in one room in one bed. And you know, it's okay because having the older kids it flies by so fast. What tell me about that? Like, what have you learned from being a parent and kind of having like you had a shell and Graham who are now in college super young literally right out of high school. I had Graham, and then I had shell. And I was a single mom super young. And then when Chris and I got married, it's like sort started over so. Yeah, there's quite a bit of age difference between the one in college, obviously. And then Georgia in first and second grade, and then Jesse and preschool, so so why don't you learn from Now, Sean Graham, then being older and. Adults now able to take care of themselves. Like, what have you learned about that time? How fast I've learned that it flies, and you can't stop it. And then this life, we live is so precious and every minute of these children when they come in with the sweetest little notes from preschool, and when they have sweet innocence of Christmas, and Santa Claus. And when they wanna wake up at four and five thirty to get up for Santa. It's okay, just do it because it flies so fast. And when you have to send that first one off, and I'll start crying just thinking about it. But like when Graham left to go. To college. It was just like no like a like, you know, you have these children their whole entire life. And then all the sudden they're ready to fly. And I was sad. But I'll never forget I was coming home from dropping Graham off in his dorm at college because he played football. And we found out I was pregnant with my next. Boy. Oh my God. I think it I think either pregnant with Jesse Georgia. I can't remember. But I was no it would definitely had been Jesse. I think so anyway, we'll circle nother full blessing in my life that I'm so thankful for because I'm so thankful to have fallen in love with Chris to have gotten an opportunity to have a mazing husband and be madly in love with him. And to get experience parenting with him, and what is parenting with Chris? And honestly every kid is so different. I don't even know that raising one when you're super young, and then raising even more now, I think kids are. Also, different no matter what frame of life, you're in. Whether you have a little money or you have no money or your single, mom or your work as a sector and all that. I've had it all I've done it. And I don't even know that it's different each kid is so different in each kid is challenging I mean, they're all just they're into different things different humans, which is such a blessing. It's such a she's an honor to be a parent. I I can't even tell you. I feel like we're put on this earth as women to and I know some women aren't able to have their own. That's okay. But like to adopt to to spend time as a teacher with children like those kinds of things are so important. So whether or not you were airing children, absolutely. And raising them up, even if you can't be apparent yourself because there are reasons and things and some people are working, and they don't have time or whatever I think just putting back into society the virtues and the wonderful things. These children need. I like I said earlier I had a coach that was so inspirational in my life. He taught me such grind, and such hustle that later in life. I had to use those things man. I think as as humans, we should definitely invest in our young people and our children, whether they're hours, our neighbors and such a blessing such a blessing. So how would you describe you in Chris's parenting style together? What's it like what you like on the road? And then at home, I'm a lot more lenient. I'm kind of like, yeah. Whatever I mean, anything goes like this fine. She's good. Who cares? Worry you don't really stress. Do you not too much stress 'cause you give it to God. I get well. I we start with prayer every day. We have this devotional that we've read our entire relationship. When I first met, Chris he was a super stress case about. His well, he was just in a really weird musical spot. And he had people like trying to tell him what to do. And it it didn't work because he's such a he's such a unique individual like all that is kind of the general consistent consists consistence senses that timespans a hard word for artists when they're being forced into box when they just can't be boxing. It doesn't work. No. I don't think it works with anyone know who you're meant to be you have to and whether none of that ever looks the same. Yeah. You look at all coming from within that artists heart, and they feel they are called to be well, and it kind of it's even a bigger thing than just country music and looking at it saying country music artist and everybody being individuals. It's the same way in the world. God made us all so uniquely and special and different. There's not one of us. Just like I said about my four kids. Not one of them is have things that are similar and. Same with you. And I we both have blond hair, whatever, we're both perky, and we're both cool. But I mean, we're also different you're so different. So I think God made us all that way. And that's the beautiful thing about the world. We live embrace who you are you embrace who you are you feel confident in your own skin. I've learned that from Chris he is good at it. How do you? 'cause I talked about this for like, I struggled more like, insecurity and our younger. I didn't wake up just feeling like oh my gosh. I've got it all together. All do. I think as girls in like say when you're in the college years, I didn't go to college, but I just jumped right out and moved to New York City was like I'm gonna make it to world is waiting on me and some soaps stuff yet. Life was good. And then I got pregnant and like I said the rest is history. I, you know, I tried to do the right thing and get married and dude that whole deal and can't ever force things like that. You just can't it just doesn't work out. So does not you just have to sometimes. In life. I would say what are we going with this talking about how like Chris O confident. And you learn how to be so confident, but at that age in our lives when we're like nineteen ninety five maybe we're not as secure in our own skin girls. And I just think a lot of that is true. Because like, you don't know who you are. You're still kind of trying to figure it out. Like, what are you good at like who am I wanna do wanna do my going to be received? Well, it's my word. I had too much about what other people think? Yes. And so that that probably was something that I had to get over. And I did switch for you. I don't know. I really don't know. I know that the older you get the more you either don't care what others think or you build some form of confidence. Honestly, quite frankly. I don't know that even had time to care. Honestly, I tell people all the time like you're so busy. I don't have time to go sit and worry about what she thought of me. I can barely keep up with what my kids think of me. I wanna know. And you know, what I'm saying? Like, if we there's a scripture an idle mind is the devil's workshop. Yes. And I truly believe in idle mind is the devil's workshop, and if you do not keep yourself busy. And and thinking of the things you have to do or the things that you need to do to get to where you're going. And and if you don't know where you're going just go somewhere just give it a shot. You may not like it. But it's okay. I mean, I think you have to stay busy. Is the main thing, and then you don't focus on what your sorority sister thought of you are what the guy at the restaurant thought of you. Or if that boy didn't Texier back, or if you didn't get that date, or and I think the other thing is you can never go back and learn and go wonder what's wrong with me. You don't ever need to do that. It's not what was wrong with you. It just wasn't for the moment. It wasn't right for the situation. It wasn't. And I think the biggest thing I ever true from my life is you can't go looking for love. It's you're not gonna find it. If you're looking for a man because you were single together for a while. And we went on some dates Doubleday we love to little bit. And it never panned out. It was awful. It was awful gave it her show. I got it was the worst thing ever. But that's. That's. Fun. I don't even think we were taking that. We weren't tell me how the love find you. Because you aren't you got two point where you weren't looking. And then how did when I finally got to a place where I said, I'm fine a single mom. I got this. I've got I've got work. I've got food on the table. I've got healthy children friends. Oh, cool. Like, yes, fine. I will be totally fine. The rest of my life. You know? You know, a bad relationship will make you want to just be single. Yes. And I had plenty of those. So it's worse to be in a relationship. And that's the thing. I think you don't realize when you're young as you think just want to be with someone wrecked. But no p run up to the south you think, and I don't know maybe it's all over the world. But where I came from a small town in Georgia. You just you're supposed to have a man that's kind of what they tell you in society. So whatever, you know. And it was never an issue. I I never picked the right one until Chris came along. And I literally was not looking I I was totally at peace with where I was in my life with my job with my children with everything. And then when he came along, I remember someone saying you definitely want to be with the person who brings you up and who you're not constantly having to bring up. And so when Chris got together it was. Like best friends and attracted to one another like everything on every level was just perfect, and I never had experienced that in my life as both have that high energy and dry because when he moved down he was like sleeping in his car to play tutsies, and do whatever it took to get his dream done. Just like you. And I you guys match like that like y'all both have been so driven from the start. And that's probably so important teach other. It's probably why a work. So as a partnership, probably. Yeah. I would say he is the only human I ever met that had all of those things like he was so Embiid, and he grew up with nothing. And I mean, I won't say nothing he grew up with a great family. But as far as materialistically, he he didn't have a lot of stuff grown up. And he knows how to I when I met him. He was here already had a farm, and he had like all these things, and I was like. Wow. So I was so impressed. And so I think what you have to fight. Find our what finds you when you fall in love. I think the thing that's worked for us as we neutrally respect each other. Like, we totally I totally have so much respect for him as a human. He doesn't drink. He is so faithful he's so loving his heart is so pure. He says, and I believe him that he only has is for me. He makes that really clear we are. He is so devoted openly towards you. Just a great human. And you know, his dad is the same way. So he I think you can look at people's parents and see a lot Chris has wonderful parents and his dad is that guy, and he he is that way with Chris's mother. And I'll never forget one of the first days are I like hang out was he asked me to write a song. Okay. So we're trying to write and I was telling myself like this going to be a cool. Right. And this guy so talented. I'm so nervous to be nervous. I don't know why. 'cause you're never nervous. No, whatever. But I mean. Had my little Lear book. And I got so nervous. I couldn't even concentrate. And I remember him leaning back in this port swing. We still have the porch swing by the way. And he just looked so cool at me. And he was like, so what are you doing with? I was kinda with somebody at the time. And I was like, yeah. I don't know. I'm just hanging out. Like, I don't believe in love. It doesn't exist had gotten to that point. Oh, yeah. I was like we're just kind of friendly. I believe in it. And he was like that is so sad. My mom and dad are still married. They have love. He's like what about your parents? I was like, oh, yeah. They're still married. They've been married. A long time. They're in love. He's like. And so I thought about that. And I was like he's so right. Like maybe into that. I opened up my brain to think that into here out there who believes in love so much, correct. That was probably really like incredible to see like this guy. So fiercely believing in love, correct? And normally it was opposite. Normally guys are enormous drills at the hopeless, romantic and guys are like chasing tail and this relationship. He always tells me this is is like, oh my God, you're the guy the relation. So like, he's don't cuddle, and I don't know. I do have a huge heart. And I guess when I fall asleep at night. I don't even tire when I hit the pillow. I run all day. So when I hit the pillow cuddling is just not in the cards. But anyway, I just I feel so lucky to have for us to have what we have because we do have something special, and I never even knew it existed. And he's a lot like my dad, which is another thing. I think. It's so cool because my dad's like super skinny my dad, and Chris could not be more alike and besties love each other like you'll notice he's been in all my he's been in all of Christmas music videos. He Chris will invite him to ride with him. My husband loves to drive and go to hunting camps, or whatever. And he'll totally take my dad with everywhere. So they are best friends. That's important. That's that's awesome. So I'm very thankful for that. Life's good. And we were saying earlier like when you first got here, I was running late because I on the phone couple of things hick ups this morning, but you know, what in in work, not with Chris. And I I just think in life every day, you're going to have those. And I think Chris and I've learned that. I just think that you focus on the things that you can control focus on the things that you can. Think positive thoughts about in everything else pretty much always works self out. So. So do you just not let yourself to stress about anything? No. I mean, do I stress a lot. I work a lot apprai- lot. And. Found out like they say stress is the lead calls and getting wrinkles and getting old. So I'm like, I don't need to stress better. Just go get a massage whatever you gotta do. But I try not to stress. I'm sure people that work with me would say she stresses. Sure because I do. I wanna take care of things I want things what did you like a wimp woman in a kind of a man's world a management like how do you like that scenario because there's not too many women managers managers out there? Well, there's more than you think. Really? Yeah. Then there's some great ones that I have learned from and that I do call in this country music is such a wonderful community and family, and there's some women out there in this town that are managers that our leaders. I mean, Leslie over CMT, Regina stupi. Oh my gosh. The list goes on and on. There's some great and regina's publicist, but managers Mari on craff one of my favorite people on the planet such a composed smart woman Kerry Edwards. I mean, she manages Luke, Bryan such a great. I mean, I've watched her work. And I'm always like, you are always. So she always has it together. And so these women are inspirational like, I I watched them, and I'm just like, wow. And so. It's hard. I'm not kidding. As a woman, it's hard. But then as a wife and trying to get them to take you serious. It's even triple do you get through that. But barrier people want to look at you as his wife and. As excuse me. But this is what we probably should do. Or can we work this out or so I have backup plans I have have a partner that works with me very closely. And it's amazing. We teamed up with red light management, and they're great. And so again, I'm not complaining though. It's perfect. I mean would not being a woman or a wife. So it is what it worried about people like having to be a little more difficult. That's never been something out. I mean, I think you just have to prove yourself. I think they have to realize that your best interest is the same as theirs in that is for Chris chances music and for christianson to be seen as much as possible in the world performing doing what he does and singing his songs and being on stage. We all have the same goal. We all want to sell records. We all want to have him on every streaming and and radio station. I mean, it's just want to do it. So we all have the same goal. So no matter if I'm a woman, if I'm his wife, if I'm manager like we're all in this together and teamwork makes the dream work and my intent and everything behind everything I do is just passion for passion for what he was given a gift then. So would that passion comes like, persistence and? Long nights and lots of travel. But it's so worth it. It's such a blessing, and when you hear the song, and when you see the show, you're just like, yes, it's happening. We're so fortunate country radio has been so amazing and everything the record labels been so amazing. So what would you say some of your top moments have been being married to Chris on this journey, even including motherhood like the whole ride like what if you had a Mark time by few moments autre, some that have really impacted you on the spot. I have a low hard like every every moment. I mean going in a few minutes star four year olds little Valentine party at school. Like, I can't even wait like Jesse that today. It's today. It's at one fifteen inch just to see his little smile and this morning rush out the door and yell so tiring his oh, yes. And we did valid wool. So last night we were out really really really late because all of country radio's in town and. It was amazing and we got to see everybody. And then you know, this morning we wake up and it's time to run. And he he's like we had to get red shirt because it's Valentine's and I'm just so excited. I wanna go to that those moments those little moments like that are so special skiing other day in Park City with the kids so special. We even had our tour manager with us, and we didn't have time to go to classes, and we had just gotten on the mountain or you're like a circus. But I was like pizza pizza and cams looking at me going what and pizza means like you have to snowplough like I'd stra Meraz kid. It's all I knew to tell them to do is like turn your skis in. So you can like make a plow in this. No. And you don't go down. It was everyone's first time skiing except mine in Chris we skied before. But it'd been while. And so so fun just you know, what every day just trying to find the things like that that are memories because. At some point those. We're not here forever. We're not promise forever. You know, a good friend of mine just lost their mom, and it's just like it's been I opening because like I cried with her. I I watched that happen and cancers awful. It's just awful. And it takes so many of our friends and family and people away from us. And I just remember my grandmother being gone. And like at some point we're going to lose a lot of our loved ones. And so I try to treasure every minute every day, my mom and dad, I have him over all the time. I'm like, call them oriental love it. What's up come over? Come hang out with me. Come pick out this outfit. Should I wear? This. Come see me hop on the plane, go with us to the show. So I try to just think I've learned in life that we're not promised tomorrow. We're not gonna always have everybody. So every minute that you can spend with the people you love you've. Better spend it with them. And so just like those memories that you're talking about you, and I years ago like how fun was that seizing? The dash is and every minute I can see your pretty face and your smile, it's a blessing. So those times, I think music industry moments. Probably granted Opry induction was awesome. That was definitely a youngest member of the youngest living member of the grand ole Opry a hundred such an honor. And he puts so much passion. He loves the history of music in the history of those things and starting on at like he studied and he knew these things, and he is such a Hank junior and senior and he can do a Hank senior better than anybody. I've ever seen and he just Merle haggard. We got to tour with Merle haggard in his last days, and and those moments that Chris got to like get on his bus and talk to him. Anyway, the grand ole Opry moment. Unbelievable surreal for Chris. Grow up. I'd allies in with people in the now being in their company. I can't even tell you. I made such full of myself that night like I literally had no idea and we're hard to surprise like we're all into everything getting no we had no idea. We we never even fathomed it in what we were doing was we had his first. So I set up to play the Reimann during country radio seminar. So we had reserve that will it sold out. So it was such a blessing. It was like oh my gosh. He sold out Reimann show. So we were so excited. And then Chris was like, hey, I might have some buddies come play with me tonight because that'll be kind of fun. He I think he had asked Tim girl, and Tim was busy doing something else. And he asked Keith and Keith actually said, yes. So keith. And they had just performed together. I feel like somewhere else, but they go way back like Chris. And Keith we're friends when Chris was just getting started they had met in hung out. So anyway, Chris text him. And he said sure I'll come out. Well, that's all we knew. Well, that's enough to make you nervous like as a manager in urban Turner manager. We're like, oh my gosh. We have to make it perfect for key. He's going to be here tonight. What can we put in his dressing room? We should make the right water. Remember with my door major doing all that? And then on top of it Cam got the flu that day, but manager yes. And so trying to make it all happen. We had a new stage. We had a new set like you have to get these things for the road. So we were so proud of our every little milestone in your career excited, and we were so excited to have this new stage. And I remember setting it all up that day. And there was one little light. That was wrong. We're dealing with that long story short all of this into the frantic day. I was still in my yoga pants. And the show started show starting. Oh, yeah. The show. I never got time to get dressed like I literally had on probably the same thing Lululemon shirt and a pair leggings and lo and behold, if all the sudden, Keith urban, stop singing, or whatever and does that presentation, and then Sally Williams from the green to opera walks out, and my heart and everything in me just hit the floor, and I started screaming and Chris called me out there. And I'm pretty sure I ran out there. And I said. He was like, oh my gosh. And it was just one of those moments and looking back. I'm like, oh my gosh. What did I have on pure excitement? And you're just in it your instrument. It's our day in the life. Like there are most days that I do not even get to go get all cute and fancy clothes. I'm too busy running around just trying to make sure the show gets off. And that we get the show to start on time. And that everything happens. So that day was incredible. And yeah, I would say that's probably wise that day was probably one of the definitely at the very top. And and then every milestone, you know, the other night we played our first arena on the waiting on five two or out in Montana, and he sold so many hard tickets, and they sold out a beer, and I'm like E S like it's happening because you want to know that people are paying to come see your show. Yes. Because you on a tour of the big superstar artists, they're there to see Luke, Bryan. He ever Blake Shelton Blake. We've someone at your tour. So when it's your show. Yes. And when you're not playing honky you're playing a big huge people by the come to four you it's overwhelming. And so we'll fly in and drive up to the venue and just be like, oh my goodness. It's such a blessing. I can't tell you how thankful we are like to see people spend their money to come see his show. And I mean, it's worth it. Don't get me wrong. But like it's still a blessing to notice crazy to think though, someone who had a dream as like a young child and YouTube like all your dreams like you have these dreams and then to see them come actions a life. It is. It's like what does that feel like is it surreal because you know, you've worked hard for you know, you've earned it. You know that like if anyone deserves to be there. It's you guys, but still to have it happen like when it's happening in real real is it is you know night after night Cam. And I Cam again as tour manager, and we'll be standing side stage. And literally just hearing Chris perform some of these new songs wherever they're like bawling like babies and hope opposed up, and I'll put post up, and I know people probably get sick of it. But truly for me every night because I do love watching him. Do what he does so much. I mean, it would be like anybody in the world married to their best friend someone they love so much watching them do their job. You would be so proud. I would be so proud of him. If he was no matter what he was doing. But his just happens to be performing. And so when I hit hard on the line every single night. And that's what I love about it songs. He puts his heart and soul into every song rights, and and they're all real, and there's every kind of them. But like just hearing him sing the songs. It's pretty amazing. Yeah. And he's got one is a lot to be thankful for. And he's right. I mean, just getting to sit in front of the baby grand at your own house. We got a lot to be thankful for and. I think we all do. And I think that song will relate to a lot of people because I think we just have to remind ourselves in the midst of all the crazy turmoil and a mess that you watch on the news. There's always something good coming out of it. And there's something to be thankful for I love that. So after all this everything you've been through your journey just such journey that you've had as a single mom now. I just country song. Now, Chris and y'all have thriving life in career. What do you think the point of life is oh my gosh. The point of life is loving everybody that you can come in contact with and definitely love and the kids that you raise in raising them right and spending time to discipline them spending time to plant those seeds. So that when I'm dead and gone. There is a legacy. There is something. I hope my daughter daughter's shell I hope that she will live on to have a family and those children will be raised by her. And I hope that legacy that my grandmother has given me and my mother has given me in the strong women in our family. I hope that they will continue to nurture impasse that down that I've passed down to my girls, and my girls will pass that down to the next girls. And I just think that you just have to get all you can out of this life because it goes by so fast. That's that's it. I mean love and do good. Things for people. And no matter what you're doing. Okay. From painting furniture or sitting with Chris the kademi of country music in a fancy dress hanging out with fancy people and people that are just amazing. I think the true meaning of life is to find peace and happiness within your heart and never been content. Don't get me wrong. Never get comfortable always drive for more. Because they're always no matter what it is squeezed, orange and get everything out of it that you can. But that could just mean. More time with your children. Yeah. More time. Love and your husband more time. Because one day we are going to be sitting beside a bed with our spouse or someone and we're going to lose in them, and they're going to be gone and those moments are gone. So you're very aware that this life is short and precious. It is so precious. And I just think every minute doing everything he can even if it's cleaning your house. I mean, just thank God. I got one to clean, and like, I don't know. I so weird sounds so cliche. But I just think it's important. And I just think you have to seize the moment, and I think you also have to be ready to go when it's your time to go. Yeah. Yeah. And make sure the ones around, you know, how much you love them. I mean, make sure they know because by telling him by showing him, how do you how do you like to tell people how I text. My my big kids every morning. I try not every morning, but most mornings and to say, I love you. And hope you have a great day. I try to call them. I tried to every night drive them crazy constantly like are you home or good? I love us everything. Good college, refine, leave me alone. But I mean, it's important to stay in touch with him. I try to every night. Right there in my own bedroom, or whether it's on the floor in our bed hug, the other ones and tell them good night and say their prayers with them. I think it's so important to build that security and our children, and I mean just being there show. I call my mom and dad every night. I try to make sure they made it home safe. Mom's like, yes, we're home. So like, I'm like just keep you just keep the Rolodex flow in all the time everybody you said earlier, you don't worry your stress, but my family would probably disagree. They're like you're worried comes from just making sure everybody else's. Okay. I just wanna share by else. Okay. I need your people. You love your people do and a new thing that I think we all should do is make sure you're all garlic. I learned. It's so true. All garlic is like the cure for everything. So my Granddad years ago used to always tell me he would do like these gar- garlic tablets, so I don't garlic tablets. I Chris, and I were at this big event with bass pro, and we met this wonderful, man. So great he was older. And I said, wow, you're so in shape your so fit. What what do you do? You know, what my dad did to do this like I want my dad to stay young because every little girl wants her daddy to be like the daddy that we we know right? Like muscular, strong Hollick and strong and healthy and those are daddy's. And so I was like I want my dad in what happened to be Gary Player the famous golfer. He he's like, well, I work out. You know, it's very important to do this. And this and any does he has great exercise things that you can Google but more than that he told me about garlic. He's like I roll garlic every day. And that there's something in the raw it has to be roll the raw garlic that will kill cancer. You just throw it down kill cancer. I do I make myself. I'm trying to be a little like do you like do that presser restaurant is just do it? Like, I don't know. I could knife on a cutting board, and I cut me a big chunk of it. And I put my mouth and chew it up breath. Yeah. Well, I don't tell me gum mouth. But it'll be fine. Whatever you dead or alive. Like, I it kills cancer. Do you feel do you feel better? I don't know. I haven't gotten sick. I mean, I literally didn't get a cold the flu nothing knock on wood this year. So I don't know I feel like raw garlic really good for you. And I just saw this other. I follow. Like, we said Caroline, and I saw one of her comedian friends. Putting down garlic cloves too. So there might be something to it. I think somebody told me it's on the cancer society's website. Oh like it. Really? Does do something for fighting that so true believer like I love garlic. So. Good thing. My husband loves me. There will be nights. He comes back. And he's like, oh my gosh. That garlic. You know, he drinks mountain to opposite of garlic. You asked me earlier how we make everything work. I learned a long time ago. You can't make someone else. Do what you want them to do. So like, I let him do what he wants. He does the do if he wants to do the do. He can all he wants like a lot amount to your drinks. A lot of it. It makes for a big dental Bill. I will say that. But is it regular diet? Oh, regular with all the sugar and everything. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Is stuff is not good for you, like saccharin or whatever. All you think he has a day a lot. I don't know. We have a fulltime backpack that travels around with us with cans amount and doing it because he only likes the cans. He's eccentric. I mean, we're like he's eccentric like that. Which is cool. Yeah. Like, I don't care like I got things I like to Starbucks Coffee in the morning. That's my rich day. The kids hop in the car with me, we go to Starbucks drive through and we get Vinci bold black with nonfat milk because I'm trying to watch calories whatever's gonna bowl black coffee nonfat milk. Yes. The cheapest thing to I'm really cheap. And so I do that. And then the kids get cheese sticks. And they share a I get it put in two separate cups, but they do like some kind of non caffeinated Carmo Pacino or something. So every morning, they roll out jump in their car seats in the first place, we go Starbucks. No matter what I mean. It can be Christmas morning after we've done Santa. It could be. You're going to Starbucks every day every day and on the road. If Kaman I r- like on the west coast, we do too. It's a journey everyday. We could show around Cam. And I go into Starbucks. You don't miss it. We've driven hours ours back in the day when we use to blast off nonfat milk. Yeah. And excite in Starbucks. If you're listening bring back that sugar Plum, something Dana. She had Christmas. It was so good homing on actually getting an exciting order. This is my deal. I don't know weird. But I like the Brits good to their black coffee tastes better than just a regular that you can make. I can't buy curate mother made me I have a curator. We have all that my guess that they can use it darva Curic. It just do it. Right. Same. I like leaving my house like I like an outing. I like going out. I don't one day. What if what if something happens, and I'm stuck here? All the time. Do I gotta go girl or live in this love? Your squeeze the mayor. Starbucks is the first stop used to be waffle so used to you. I go through periods of time. You see the White House every single day every day. It was my routine. It's how I met like most of the music industry to get me my gig. We'll even knows that people go to the house everybody, my girlfriend, Missy and I that's where we met. I remember being there after a music video. I did you got your agr gig from basically a waffle house. I did we met at the walls. That's fine. And we still have meetings at the White House girl. I will always love that like you can take the country out. You can take me out of South Georgia. But you can't take the country out of me. Like, it just is who I am. And I don't know that wall files is country. But I mean, it's pretty pretty scattered as mother covering cooking. Yeah. I've tried to up my game a little bit and be a little more healthy, which is why choke down the garlic. But yeah, that you gotta have awesome. Okay. I want to talk to you forever. But I gotta go Valentine's Day and we've got a wrap up. I like, two episodes, leave your light. So obviously you've dropped a lot of inspiration. But what are some things that you just inspiration that you would like to share that you learned over your life that you think is important for other people to know. Oh, wow. So love yourself. Love yourself so much love yourself. And don't be scared to be you. I think would be the top thing and find every day something to go do like, stay busy. Stay busy. Do not be idle if you don't have to work to make a living like I had to do then go do charity work. Go do something. There are so many hurting people in this world, and so many places to love and hug, and I mean, do a blessing box just found these thing. It's the coolest thing I've ever Sam so excited about it. So my mother-in-law had our kids over Christmas, and there's this blessing boxes, and basically there would boxes at a church out in rural areas and people go and put groceries in them. And so say, you're seeing a mom you're having a rough time, and you know, who wants you don't want. Anyone to go without or you're an elderly person or you lost your job. You just go to this blessing box and open it up and pull out boxes, cereal, or whatever you need. And so and then on the other hand people who have plenty can go and stock up the blessing box. And I just think it's such a great thing such a wonderful way to give back. So I say shine your light man, God gave us all a light. No matter how big or how small and no matter where we are. You could just be the grocery store and just share a smile. Anything? Ask the girl behind the counter how she's doing fine one sweet thing you can say about her one because it might be the only sweet thing they got all day and try not to lose your patience like us another one like, you know, someone brought this to my attention one day. So what if the guy in front of you cut you off and shoot show bird? How do you react? Well, guess what? That person might have just had the most awful experience in. Their entire life. They could be leaving a funeral. They could be leaving getting fired from a job they could be leaving catching their spouse with someone else they could be going through so much. You really never know where someone's coming from for someone to shoot off some anger late that there's something going on some thing happened to them super tragic. So I just think you just have to love them and have compassion in a forgiving heart and trying to not react. I just think it's that's so true. Not reacting. Yeah. Because you have no idea what that person because it's gonna happen. I mean, you're gonna accidents pull out in front of somebody. And they're going to get really mad at you. But like so you just have to sort of say, oh my God. I'm so sorry. Like, I just feel like the way we react to things in lie. Not fuels everything. Yeah. Because instead of feeling anger because they did something instead of having grace and love me like, okay, you're going through something. Let me actually send you some love and love on. I mean, we say all the time in Valentine's, you know, love love love. But I mean putting it into. Action. I think is so important and you have to tell yourself that. Because we all forget, and no matter who it is. It can be. It can be any of the people we deal with on daily basis the person working at Starbucks or it can be the biggest star in the world. We're all human, and we all have things inside of us that are little talking voices. And I just think you just have to remember to stay thankful work, really hard and try to love your neighbor because you don't know where he's came from. I love that Kayla Jetson all gone to heaven. Hey, not today. But not today. Thank you. Please how inspiring is Kelly Lin Jansen. She is just she's a machine. Like, I said before she does it all and she's so excited about live so much joy so optimistic. Just I every time I'm around her Mike, I am so uplifted hearing her story and hearing everything that she manages. She's amazing next week. I have Casey Williams joining me, she is the sister of Jason aldean's. She is also dating Chuck wicks. She has so many connections to country music, and she's also a bad ass all in her own, right. So get excited to hear her story. We'll see you next week.

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