Wednesday 5/8/19 - Bicycling In The City


REI may today's Wednesday may a Chicago dog walk. That's the day is Carl Carl's been a little bit. Glad to have you back on the show. How you've been. I'm glad to be back. I know you were on the road. You've been interviewing some weird people. Yeah. You know, we we talked to some some people at some universities. I was in Vegas last weekend. So it was just kinda got a kind of didn't cross passer for a little bit. How you've been with everything I've been good while you've been gone, so many people keep reaching out to and they have the perfect desks for dog walk, and they'll be like, it's the CEO of or it's the president or it's this famous by Mike, you're missing the point. Funny. I I'll ask ad when he gets back. He's currently interviewing a lunch lady at August Santa. Yeah. But the thing is I'm not like specifically. I'm not so to speak against these people. Oh, I'll talk to whoever. I don't really care. I just kind of go with story you're trying to tell all exactly like if someone brings up someone who's famous or someone who would kind of fit into that box. How about yeah. Sure. I'll talk to them. Why wouldn't I talk to them? But there's just certain type of person I gravitate to naturally. So that's kind of it. So but today, I kinda wanna talk to you about you have gotten into the bike game. Yeah. And what does that entail? Like, I think there's a lot of people out there who want to dip their toe into riding a bike around the city, but they're too afraid terrified they should be. It's a concrete jungle out there. I got a bike. Maybe like six weeks ago. We've been talking about it at the end Redline radio. I try to come up with like one quick funny story every week of something that happens, and I got the bike a couple of weeks ago because I just got fat. Man. I don't know. I'm thirty two. I got married in September. Like, you know, I've got that classic. Former athlete turned corporate America business casual shopping at banana Republic quietly put on thirty five pounds overnight, which reminds me of like a famous blog you have about chili dog in. I gotta get I try to recover that blog at the lead. It we could that's another dog walk, but my buddy chili dog. He's a great guy. Can you give a brief synopsis? We'll tell the full story late chili dog is chili dogs a guy in my group of friends who like killed it in college. He's like the sweetest dude ever. Like every night. We went out like he was getting laid is easy as you possibly imagine. And he's just like the coolest guy in a social circle. And then we got out and like he just could not adapt to like being an adult and it took him like years to adapt. And then he put on like all his weight and just became like, the sloppiest piece of shit, and then his nickname was chili dog. And he turned the corner. Fuck man, he came out like blazin like Phoenix. And now he's he's not making like he's. If he made more than half a million dollars last year. I wouldn't be surprised married alike. Smoke show British chick. I am the story all started with a bike. Yeah. So that's just like chili dog just wanna lose a couple pounds. As like, I'm going to start biking, a work, and I drew inspiration from that. And so the nice thing with Barcelo is like well before I'd have to wear a suit to work a lot of time. So you can't ride a bike. You're totally limited in that. Like, it's part of the you you get into corporate America. And then you just instantly put on weight, and you instantly become inactive it becomes impossible to go to the gym and stuff. So when we got the jobs with barstool one of the biggest things is like I have to get back to that college lifestyle where you have to go to the gym in the morning. Are you have to find time to like work out and stay active because it's important you, and I that shit matters to me, so you so I guess there's a few reasons why people would ride a bike maybe because someone wanted to save some money on some gas. Someone didn't want to worry about parking and obviously to get in shape. So you fall into that third box. I guess yeah. That was the primary one. The other thing is. I live in south loop. And it's twenty minutes in the car to thirty minutes in the car to get over here in the Ukrainian village, and I'm not driving very far. I mean, it's max, maybe four miles. And so that can be very frustrating in like, I write about traffic every now and then bar so like that shit really destroys me like sitting behind the wheel car on ninety ninety four like trying to get off my fucking Axat. It's that stuff really bothers me it does. But you ever find one near traffic, you kind of do like some of your best thinking, I for some reason I do when I'm just sitting on the ninety and I'm just I'm bumper to bumper pens wear. I'm going when I'm leaving somewhere, and I don't have anywhere to go. Now, I'm going home in the days over I am unity my best thinking, but if I'm coming in here to dog walk with you, and I don't know what the dog walks about. I certainly don't want to be sitting in traffic. I don't wanna be thinking about my eleven o'clock blog that I'm going to be doing on Kyle Hendricks with the infobahn. Like, I don't want that stuff to be clouding my mind. So sure that's a good point. Because you know in a great time for thinking was was when we do Redline. We still had our our our corporate. And after the show, it'd be like midnight. I just be driving home, and it would just be done. Nothing going on you'd be thinking. Like, okay. I did that for the week. And I gotta get back to regular life. I'm like how can I get better for next week? What else can we do? That was always nice self reflection time. So I want to get the bike. So I'm like looking online, I'm like fuck bikes are expensive. So I went into this bike shop in the south loop. And I and it's just like this. I thought for a long time living in the south loop every time I walk passes plays on like this a front like these guys are laundering something cash. Only business. I go in. There is like a seventy year old guy behind the counter, and I just told them is it could be considered a negotiation tactic. But I was like listen, I don't have a lot of money. I'm looking for a bite to go between six and twelve miles. Like max, can you help me out fine like a light reasonable bike? If it gets stolen. I don't like it doesn't matter. And he's like how much is not a lot of money has not a lot of money at all. He's like I got this great track right here. Two hundred bucks cash. I'm like done. So I came back the next day. The thing was spinning around perfect. It's. Like this guy's on business. So I love you love their stuff. I loved by the bike from that guy. Yeah. No. Because bikes it's another thing on top of it all is they're expensive. Yes. So that is a great deal like two hundred dollars cash like I feel like that's a perfect amount of money to pay for a bike. They are gonna use what five months out of the year. Yes. So I mean because it really is a bike is like what what else falls in that category? In chicago. It's like you really can't get as much use out of his you ought to because of the fucking winter like a boat, obviously, good pair hordes compares her really, whatever. But that's that's a great deal. Right. And and you know, like this guy's using that two hundred bucks, though, Ike whatever by case a beer afterwards. Like, I would be surprised if any of that two hundred bucks went to Ogle Sam like this guy is trying to keep his business alive. There's fucking high rises going in all around him. Like, I'm there to support Carmichael in the south loop business. You know, like I like that stuff and it was used bike right yet used that bike Vitali came out of the back of a truck. Now, I said I said on Red Eye Radio after I got the bike. I went through the maybe like the first. Two rides afterwards. I wrote it up to like this event that we had with Jeremy Roenick on the north side. So from the south loop up to like, Logan square. So as I can eight mile rides have them outright, whatever and something happened on the way, we're like one of the back tires like one of the back breaks broken. I didn't know. So like the back break was like permanently locked in. And I'm like Ryan the bike. I have on my walkman so out of shape. Like, I am so dog shit out of shape. And then I rode the bike all the way home. I told my wife, I'm like, I gotta throw this fucking thing in the garbage like this needs a piece of shit. So then I'm looking at it. I'm like, oh, it's it's broken. They're ever you said, you let me tell you guys. I don't think I'm cut out for this. This is not going great. And you just didn't know there was there was a bike malfunction as embarrassing. Here's another observation in driving, and I get worked up behind the wheel. I I, you know, I gotta take a right here. But there's no right lane there. So I'll just cut overthrew the bike lane. I'll just shimmy down a bike lane for a couple of car lengths, then I'll jump over stop doing that guys. Yes. So stop doing that and start using hellofresh. Hello, fresh meal kit delivery service shops plans and delivers step by step recipes and premeasured ingredients. So you can just cook eaten enjoy hellofresh mixed. Cochran the kitchen a reality with deliciously, simple recipes they do all the meal planning shopping and prepping she you could just focus on a healthier you. And a happier family there. 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I used to do that all the time now is a biker and someone in the bike lane. I fucking I get so mad when I see cars in the bike lane. Whether they're parked at the warning lights on or it's a lift drop and somebody off it's like because it is so dangerous like going down Roosevelt, so twelve south. So like the main drag in the south loop where you've got like all the shit off of it. And they have the bike lane. Like in the middle of the road in on the right is the bustling. And then there's two lanes of traffic in the speed limits. Forty fucking miles an hour and everybody there's going fifty fifty five coming up and down the bridge on Roosevelt. So you're riding your bike on fifteen miles an hour owners busses wizened by shit like that like stay off Roosevelt show is it that bad. I'm pretty I was thinking the other day riding on Roosevelt. I was like this is no different than if you took a bite, Pat this wide so wide. I don't know. It's it four feet wide. And you elevate it like one hundred feet in the air. And you can't. Right off that bike path relish. You're gonna fall off and die. Like that's how I felt right now rose like God. If I fall off the ledge hermit get run over by some Prius, and like that's gonna be it. Did you take any tips? Like, did you read any blogs Facebook groups up nothing like that though nothing? She just kind of late to watch good bikers. So when I'm out biking and someone's zips past me, I liked it. Why gazette guy riot? Okay. Let me see that guys pedaling away faster. But like I'm trying to pick up tips from good bikers or like, if I'm stopped at a red light and Pilsen or something which is a biker hipster community in the world. I will talk to the guy next to me. I've always had a single gear would you ride in there? I'm trying to be a part of the community. What's another reason? Why people would stay away from getting a bike? I think we talked about it is you get somewhere in your instantly sweaty. Aw. Sh. Yeah. In like, it hasn't even hit seventy five eighty degrees. Is that humid yet that it'll be I'll be real worked up. We'll see how much biking in the summertime because you showed up to we had an event that whiskey business about a month, wedding profusely. And you're you're sweating. You're like, I've just accepted it like this is me. I'm just going to be the sweaty guy. And I it it comes with a cost. But you seem like you're a good trade off for. I'm not joking though. I'm already down like ten pounds. I traded out. So like going up to cubs games. And went to my six Cup game on Monday. Ryan the bike like, that's it. I don't care how hard it is or whatever. 'cause you soon as they get up there. I know I'm gonna have a couple of, you know, responsible Miller lights and. Yeah. In the beer, just probably tasted better. Yeah. You earn it a little bit. I think you do. And you said that you had a good point let you do a lot of thinking. But you do a lot of good thinking out of bike. If you're listening to some good music. I've been listening to a lot of Joe Rogan podcast because I think he's I think he's one of the best, and I love his interview style. So I'm like trying to figure out like, okay? We'll kind of lock are we going with? I had the kryptonite which is the it's everybody's got this lock really like me. And my buddy Danny who had you know, Welsh meter. We went up to a cubs game the other night, and we were riding around and he's been a biker for a long time. And we. Were roommates together. He used the deliver cookies when he would ride his bike, and we were roommates he'd come home with these cookies, he's always by. Yeah. And he rides his bike twelve months a year two s guys a warrior, and so I was so excited when I got the bug. I say let's go to Wrigley and ride our bikes around and sure shit. He pulled out his lock it was kryptonite. And I was like oh Faulk has he sold like he knows his shit. So that made me feel good while the crypts, and I live that's a big. That's a big stop. Yeah. That means you're real you're not doing our chain. Like, so people don't use. The you lock. Your mean, the kryptonite is a you law. It's the top of the line model. Ed HOGAN, so different was the lock more expensive on the bike. No, no. The lock wasn't more expensive. The the helmet was sixty five or seventy. That's a bright, orange helmets fart. Yes. And then I think the lock was like twenty five again, this all cash the locks are definitely off the back of a truck. Like, you know, because he's just reaching it all box like scrammed, the lock and just here you go. Have you? Had any run ins with any other biker so far. There was one biker when I was coming on State Street in the loop. Because there's only one the Dearborn street in the loop to go north south the interesting thing about that though is Dearborn a one way that goes from south to north. So it's a one way going north. They've got the bike lane on the west side of that. So why you're literally going against traffic and that so it's a little uncomfortable. So my off on I'll just stay on State Street. And so like, I was riding there was this like I said I like watching good bikers. It good biker in front of me in he cigs egging around the buses. So I'm kind of weaving him Bob and following him. Maybe like a bike length behind maybe a bike length and a half. And then we after about five or six blocks, we get stopped at like Adams or like Madison on state need turns around. He's like you ride my ass salt AM like well, fuck you. I didn't like that is your fucking problem in views. But I didn't I was up. The reason I got mad though is because I probably had bad out of kit. But did you tell them like I was just admiring? You like I wa I was I saw one good. No. I didn't. I that would have been awkward. I'm sorry. I've just admiring at your pace in you're pushing me, right? Yeah. Your decision may gain is is so flawless inefficient. Yeah. I'm getting a free tour free right now this guy he had like he had the pants coughed up. You know? So then and I liked that move. He had like vans. I you just look cool. Like this guy looked like a cool biker? Now, I'm not saying this is somebody who want to hang out with that. You know me. Yeah. But like if I'm gonna do something, right? Like when I was selling insurance. I wanted to sell insurance the way you're supposed to sell insurance if I'm throwing a fucking out too fast ball in college. I wanna throw like whatever I'm doing. I want to do it the way you're supposed to do it. So when it comes to riding a bike like I want to I want to have good form. I wanna paddle appropriately. I wanna be efficient. I wanna ride it in fucking look like a guy who belongs on a bicycle. I don't want someone to be pulling up in a car meal. Like ace Turk. You fucking idiot. You look like a moron you want. Our learn from the people that do it. But I don't want somebody to see me right at by say, that's a guy who's riding a bike. There you go. I got you get a bike. I dunno. I wanna. Hey, I live a little far too kind of bike here every day, but I would like to bike. But I'll be I loved riding a bike is a kid. What did you have at Dino out? Yeah. What kind Donald zone? Nice. Yeah. Ninety nine or two thousand would you could you like pop wheelies? No, nothing like that. It was just it's just for show. Did you do baseball cards in the spokes? We never I never did that now, but you have to lock your bike up when you were kid. We did the old you turn it upside down because it it you know, what stop the robber or the thief from taking it as fast. You know what I mean? Yeah. Put it on its seat arrows a kid like, we're fine. Like did. You know, anyone who's like you guys were in the white hand and someone had they're like, oh, yeah. Bike stolen, buddy. Kevin got us GT on out of Jimmy Johnson north in Harlem on time. And was a sad day. That is saying it was it was really upset. There are few other people that got their bikes along hiawatha park. But yeah, it's part of the process when here kit like, you know, when you're right knows Dyno's. There was do would always see like. Welsby mythical white vans of people that would say that they saw driving around. It will be loaded with kids Dino. So he got a knew the risk. You just kind of had to be smart about it. And while that like rush like, you know, when you come out, and you're like now, here's the thing is like I was in a coffee shop, maybe like two weeks ago, and and I was gone from the bike for awhile. And I had that same time awake. When I was coming out the dorm like I haven't been in this neighborhood in a while. I don't know what's going on. And when the bike was air, you're like all nice. I'm still here. That's great. We'll carl. Thanks for coming up. Thanks experiences. As pleasure art, everybody. We will catch you tomorrow.

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