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Under A Full Moon


Tells of how was carried out she's it's devastating Shawna Tefa it was tough it was tough to think that anybody could do that to someone to look at the pictures of what they did to her and here detailed Jonah so much why she was a sweet person beautiful she made close friends a work family really including Kelly Chapman and Steph we offer I'm Lester Holt and this is dateline here's Keith Morrison with under a full moon she was finished now tired rung up must have been as she walked away from the incessantly chirping machinery and the bleary is the I just could not understand how this was reality was this killer too clever to be caught is extremely smart smarter than Argus I remember those one time I was in the I was at one of the bars and I saw her walk by every single head turned on that bar watching her gambler's on holiday from real life who called off for her and again and again and again outside in the light of full Moon Bay the Great Xenos worth of customers Sauna was beautiful is it someone that saw her at work and followed her home we didn't know if there was like the way he did a handsome boy Scott a firefighter named George Tefa George was a genuine article an all American shift that they found her the victim of a ruthless attack I mean your heart just drops to your stomach potential suspects how about a kiss summation from out of the blue attempt he had some information that was connected to a murder that would reveal let diabolical plots houses of delight and sin in an unaccustomed shade Pale it was September twenty nine th two thousand twelve at precisely three o'clock in the morning Shawna had parked car in the back lot practice discouraged because surveillance cameras were unable to track her all the way to her car still waitress when she moved to Vegas as a twenty something back in the mid ninety what you wanted then was to be closer to family meaning big sister Paula see and we felt so helpless every woman's worst nightmare we didn't know if any of us were next you'd never occurred to sean to become a cocktail there's some psycho watching us girls work at the palms or did the answers lie in the dead woman's past sinus started thinking I have got to get out of the typical was quite the contrary said Maria he was always the calming force amongst family and friends he was the gentle speed good guy you'd overcome early obstacles to become a top notch student in High School Star Athlete this is his sister Maria mcgrew the easy this way quicker at after all put a stocker Previ- be waiting for her here under a full moon is absolutely it just appointment to West Point and after graduation became a combat engineer served as a nation builder in Panama his childhood friend Aaron Solano elite just thought there's no way I could be a cocktail waitress I don't even drink but casino town cocktail waitress could make good money walk me and I remember thinking I'm like why don't I look like her because men women and they just loved her loved her the back room of the palms casino the cocktail waitress named Shana Tefa inserted her time card in the stamping machine and set out to break a little rule went down for a visit the stories he told me about the missions that he accomplished building schools clinics Roadways and bridges really had an impact on his life he invalid Victorian and on the football team you'd think he'd be just a jerk right just kind of a jock mean-spirited sort of who knows this cocktails are them and they give them to me and I go take him to the people but she was good at it everybody could see that all the customers loved her he had this outlook in life where I want to go out and make the world a better place I want to go out and do something with my life so George did he earned oh now at forty six she was veteran seaweed laughed Sean laughed at herself a lot you know she giggled a lot and she would laugh at herself and she'd say well I still don't know fighter. EMT focusing on himself was not how he wanted to live his life he wanted to serve that was a favorite word of host to serve this building wasn't for him he wanted to work for real people which is why George put aside that fancy degree of his and went to Vegas to train as a fire three am she walked the empty lot to her car started pointed away from the Strip and under that full moon headed home so we'll Shawna's serve drinks at the Palms George served as a firefighter and found time to volunteer do what he could for the down on their luck souls they felt like hey I'm getting to do something George Nafta military with the rank of captain you took a corporate engineering job but soon realized that why even an offer to her in this world everything she did revolved around her daughter dance into everybody's favorite and then on the fringes of so much glitz here in two thousand and four they had a baby daddy and she loved it her daughter was the most important oh no idea what was waiting for her it was nine. Am when George arrived with their daughter she'd spent the night at grammas he at the years later a marriage in Hawaii data just got married when you say just the three of them back invade yes it was a busy of complicated life quite with Georgia's twenty four hour shifts Shahnawaz nighttimes at the Casino and then it was September twenty nine a Predator Sexual Predator firing why was the garage door open what was that inside Georgia grown accustomed to trauma and death mm-hmm Shawna Tefa found beaten to death inside her home and then some of Shawna's personal items found outside the house xenos raise their families in live ordinary quiet lives but this is where they found her Georgiana their eight year old daughter in was where it happened Shana Tefa lived in a good safe neighborhood part of town where Vegas does not party the part of town where the People Who Work and God knows Vegas has kept him busy him and his partner Terry Miller when we arrived there were fire department personnel everywhere things done with the body that made us think that there was possible sexual assault of some type and there was posing of the body but I think I need to report a break in a word one we return a chilling discovery it was all too obvious Shana had been attacked probably as she walked into her house at been beaten with something blunt and hard and there was the m. t. hey what's going on there been dead for hours my wife my wife is on the floor bloody what Shauna was very beautiful is it someone that saw her and work and followed her home not moving we got a call in the morning detective Dan longs been in homicide a long time and it was quite a bit they're known to make three or four hundred five hundred dollars a night they make a lot of money especially if they're good the husband this time he had nothing to do with the attack of Sean but George did offer a possible lead garage door is open of days off and be happy their daughter shuttled back and forth between them and when they were both at work the girl spent nights with Georgia's if he was there on every run you know if he had left for any reason but he was on every run did not leave work at all so might they reveal about the killer what crosses your mind when you realize it's somebody walking away from the scene discarding these strangers or Predator absolutely of course as the husband George would have to be considered a possible suspect too so detectives pulled him aside interviewed him right on the spot Georgia part of what made it so incomprehensible and in my job I know what that means okay are you a paramedic an emt firefight their daughter the George so she had discussed it with several people including George and decided they may be the she left something unlocked and and we did send detectives over to the palm say talk to them they said John is one of the best employees they had but something happened after she left the pond so inside her own house not so safe after all you need a reporter who breaking in a word of George would've known even if he hadn't been very quickly spread the terror around like it already had among Shawna's coworkers we didn't know if there was some psycho watching us killer or killers had been into her booze had taken not just her purse but like in that earlier burglary her underwear so they said about which is unusual so we were worried because nobody's house got broken into a week or two ago understand statements being recorded I understand okay we understand that we want to talk to you about what happened this morning it's George told detectives it when he saw the garage door a day maybe some kids that live in neighborhood so is that who killed her looking around the crime scene detectives realize that Jonah Steph now things get even more scary because we have that word got out it good in both days off or cancelled everybody out they looked everywhere there was considerable pressure pressure from media pressure from our administration every editor at work here a Predator who escaped with a good hunk of cash from the looks of it John this person was missing cash and casino chips they get typically casinos and meanwhile they have this complicated arrangement Shana were seven pm to three Am and Casino George is a firefighter worked long shifts and got lots checking out every one of the neighborhood boys and they had solid alibis all of them they were not involved in the break in they were not involved in the Shawna's play she said because it was Shanas turn because for currently separated planning on moving back in together because we started getting long again maybe not coming up the tipster mentioned detail about the crime one that gets everyone's attention awesome somebody walking away from the scene discarding things the stocker stock absolutely a Predator Sexual Predator spread out got the rest of homicide piece of jewelry let behind a pair of boxer shorts I small back then Sean immediately suspected some neighborhood teens stories to tell he had some information that he thought was connected to our murder a wild goose chase maybe wrong the thief in that earlier burglary it appeared you shahnaz bathroom to take a shower and left with several pairs of Shawna's pat you know watching us girls work at the palms and we didn't know if any of us were next the predators there he got a boost that second day when on the walking buddy wants this thing solved and put away quickly and then quite suddenly a break a tipster on the crime stoppers vine with the story asked near Shawna's is someone found bits from her purse. Id Makeup Kit personal things what crosses your mind when you realized that Sister Maria I could see George was heartfelt and did what he could to express himself heard about her the funeral itself with standing-room-only it was a beautiful tribute to Shana Georgia's it's a terrible thing to bury a young mother the prime of her life especially in the shadow of murder big sister Paula had felt somehow but he found satisfaction in helping others coming out of prison and helping them find the right path one such man too big will at a terrible time it was all about showing that Shauna was loved and cared for meanwhile Los Vegas Homicide Detectives worked call police this time because Greyhound bragged about killing someone a woman and said he used a hammer to do it and we had just come from autopsy we knew that but the two of US exactly he can describe it you know I mean your heart drops to your stomach Paula Shawna's family and friends gathered to mourn and remember how much they it was a homeless handyman lived out in the desert went by the name Greyhound he did a lot of drugs drank a lot of alcohol called the crime stoppers hotline big will had a story to tell he had spent time in prison and he worked as a maintenance man diligently to identify and track down whoever Gilder did we have a Predator did she come home and they were burglarizing the house is there an enemy somewhere that she made that that we need to find they got lucky a man who called himself big will panics sweet as Pie Greyhound was said he'd be perfectly willing to go to the station have chat his real name was Noel Stevens Greyhound like to hang out and what do you know they ran into him in the parking lot of a gas station detective long approached him that in our search of Shawna's house appeared to me that matched the top that I had seen in her bedroom there was also a Mr small black dress which on sauna was very tiny so greyhound was the burglar what did he tell you he knows Shana he knew where they lived said he did yard work in handyman work for George and everybody else in the neighborhood so where did you work yesterday a twenty four hour shifts so he was at work when Shauna was killed of course it isn't checking just to be sure open you had their daughter hang back well he went inside I sleep shows eight just laying there frozen nothing to do with Shawna's murder then he agreed to show the detectives his campsite out in the desert. Where'd you find swimsuit bottoms job singing that morning marks that were seeing on Shawna's body we thought that it was possibly a hammer so no one knew that but the very strange story and a career strange stories things became personal all episodes are available now wherever you get your pod and was volatile according to will this Greyhound told a lot of tall tales but we'll they seem to fit the profile of the potential Predator detectives we're looking for big little told them finding Greyhound might not be so easy he told us that Greyhound walks everywhere he lives out in the desert but big wheel wanted to help he said and so he agreed to take them to some of the places where he thought casts join us for the ride on the thing about Pan when Shauna knew someone George the do-gooder had tried to help a thing not out of character for George but Greyhound were no was adamant that he had agents what happens when a true crime show becomes part of the story loving mom by day vegas cocktail waitress by night as at one of the bars and I saw her walk by every single head turned it was after there and what if anything was hidden they're coming up under the Bush he saw a pair of jeans they appeared to have blood on a dark discovery seems to provide answers wire detectives about to confront a series of new and troubling on any sightseeing itinerary not this way but that Dole had a campsite number one and number two second campsite out there somewhere but she didn't want Nolan the house anymore and she said you know you're you better get out of this house or I'm calling the police on you so was he the killer Korea has a homeless people that are up there were Greyhound took them this is where he lived he said out there somewhere they were convinced Out of the cab side detectives did not find any evidence linking him to the murder so they kept looking one or the other things that big will told us was you hold onto your seats. The thing about Pam is the chart-topping podcast series from dateline and Keith Morrison this is a strange this too is Las Vegas rugged desert terrain that is a kind of refuge or hiding place for the desperate trouble believe it or not that whole around Shawna's personal things and in fact her friends recalled Shauna had grown uncomfortable with this particular charity case who've been doing work around the house thank God didn't see anything said George he rushed out to the street at didn't know if there was somebody there wanting to get out of there with my hunter you taken the little girl thus when this guy brings it up that's exactly homeless drug addicted ex con with a volatile temper set big wheel Rosen and a terrible green that refused to end or make sense ever since her mother called with the news about Shana what's it like the earth on those two pilots decided that they were going to fly that whole area for us and they actually located the second campsite and we entered must be a second campsite with possible evidence about the killing of Sean at Tefa so detective another went up with the police air unit to have a look around I brother so that's that's why I still can't believe the insinuation the allegations that that he was abusive or even trolling Georgia's friend Aaron Solano couldn't agree more no matter where he finds himself what challenging situation he finds himself in the George was involved somehow was already in the back of their minds on the other hand Georgia's family was just as eager to assure the police that and that was number one fear Oh absolutely he used their daughter as a way to manipulate Shana time and he has always been consistently kind consistently carrying so which George was the real one the detectives decided to Pay Georgia tried to help was a murderer but could the story be that simple really listen to Sean Sister Paula for example and and they hadn't even lower in the ground yet and he said come on and took her hand it's time to go and I watched him walk off George Marriage was over he said you know if you don't come back to me and we can sort this out you're gonNA lose custody of your daughter DDOS attacks on Georgia's character sean side we're complete nonsense I never saw Shawna Act cowed or afraid of we like I love you I've been thinking about you all day and then you know we would be working she wouldn't be able to text him back right away and ten minutes with my little niece you know eight years old just lost her mom and I watched him walk off with her I thought you know this is exactly what he that was George he was talking about this selfless firefighter had another side said Paula the verbal abuse the intimidation unwanted. Paula told the police suspicions even before they began chasing down leads on Greyhound so even though they had their killer the idea pulled out on one hundred and seventy five feet from the tent he found a Bush and under the Bush he saw a pair of rolled up denim jeans motion no emotion at all heated a eulogy talking about how much money Sean liked to spend and or he's blowing up her phone cussing out calling her names supporters remembered her funeral quite differently than Georgia's people did he had and there was one time she was at the gas station accidentally left the pump in the car in the Eulogy in the Eulogy Paulo Watch George and his daughter at the cemetery and few I am again Jonah been letting her workmates read the text messages George Santos things got worse in the marriage one text it would be nice shortens visit at his house Mr Geico you feel you keep George said sure he knew Greyhound but said he'd never heard owned by Knoll Stevens that's kind of your story there it's kind of our story there proof the homeless Handyman George and Sean that appeared to him to have blown we put those in for immediate DNA testing how did that come back it was Shana Tefa's blood and the pants were I'm called Noel Stevens before you milling something else I knew him as Neil Smith George detectives how he and Shauna had befriended this control I mean George was always a controlling guy will the camera in your neighbors according to Paula it only got worse Machado Joe Neil Smith tried to help them get back on his feet and the wife you know kind of looked at him like our little charity case has his nice guy he start to some of the more complex I just think that he always loved himself more than he loved anyone else and it was all about him and what he wanted down by now that his new greyhound was an addict in a big drinker so they asked George Drug use his interview with detectives Greyhound said he and George were great friends worked out together drank together a lot but then listen to this as George okay alcohol yes not a lot to just a beer to every known that raise the antenna bid in life is it possible he was confused about the name that you know Greyhound used several different names. When you get nervous you're going to revert back to which kept talking the man he said he knew as Neil became Noel said can you know help us out of this if it was something I wasn't good so help me move so that's tell but why would George admit to knowing Greyhound and then lie about the name detectives left Georgia whatever's natural and he reverted back to Noll he just got done telling us I've known this man for years as Neil and then knowles home made a plan they hope shake out the truth but we decided to amp up the pressure coming up cloud straight into a cement barrier the osher following said he just commit suicide uphold calculation by detectives was about to trigger a stunning chain-reaction is driving extremely fastness forcing vehicles off the road and Police tactic he was forcing vehicles out of his way forcing vehicles off the road and then ploughed straight into a cement barrier the Austrian following said he just committed victor stimulate maybe upset suspect you haven't quite cornered hoping for an overreaction sometimes it works sometimes not so even though they didn't have the AH yes they'll be good at everything I was good at remember George said he'd never heard the name Knoll Stephen before new Greyhound Domi as Neil Smith suicide but if suicide was is intent as detectives assumed it didn't work is injuries were not severe still it looked to the George is the controlling man that needed that control of Shawna and he had a tool at his disposal that worshiped him the do got into his truck raised over to his mother's house dropped off his daughter roared off again beliefs watching he was driving extremely fast but let me tell you he's been on suicide prevention squads he's an emt he is quite knowledgeable loved him that would do what needed to be done. No Stevens pleaded guilty and spent the next three years cooperating with hi she asked should anyone believe in addict and no M- Liar over George and detectives theory that a guilty conscience led to a suicide attempt all the case yet the detectives let words slip that they intended to arrest George charge him with murder hoping he'd do something rash maybe incriminated thank both George and Noel we're booked on murder and conspiracy and burglary charges George is the one that wanted sean dead the investigation while George who pleaded not guilty set up a ministry in the Clark County Detention Center he looked his family including his sister Maria Square Pink Hot Pink work-mates were there too I wanted the jury to see that she wasn't just a vegas cocktail waitress yes they needed he confessed that he killed Shana and said here's good pal George asked him to do it I just knew that George had something to do acted like a guilty George would rather kill himself than face a murder charge and his George Leeann hospital bed recovery no Stevens gave police the final in the eyes and swore he did not do this by the age old conclusion the husband always does it he was a statistical suspect from day one for sure dog Greyhound Stevens was he admitted killer Sean at Tefa he never would have done it at George not put him up to it he's got this singular goal phone calls to Stevens in the month before the murder proved a conspiracy said the prosecutors they showed the jury Georgia's phone records if you looked at report George gone no no George he makes lifelong connections it's part of the generosity it just an outpouring every day in a lot of people that showed up wearing pink and one that pink was Shawna's favorite color and not paid hi George was adamant that this go to trial he would not accept any plea deals anything on the other side a sea of hot pink there were just very herself from George and move to a different home so she did George increases contact with Noel is a he did something stupid but he didn't try to kill firefighters can't do defense to fellow West Point Grad childhood friends all about what it takes to kill yourself in a vehicle so driving that large vehicle into a k. rail with your seatbelt on is not how an expert tries to commit suicide I truly believe he's innocent he gets too much of himself and I think that that is one of the reasons he finds himself in the situation he's in were you surprise the amount personal he was told by his former attorney that he was going to be arrested at the same time police officers were showing up at my mother's doorstep what do George so on a hot summer day in late August two thousand fifteen morning those lifelong connections sat on one side of a Las Vegas courtroom how much he called knoll eighty seven phone calls three or four calls a day s his mother is about once a day then they said look at this there are Georgia Noel shopping together buying gloves dark clothing a knife and on four different occasions they bought as to George Tefa's involvement in this case though surveillance videos for example that the prosecution found so damning none good story it's real interesting but it's not evidence yet this is Georgia's defense attorney Robert Langford there's absolute reasonable doubt hammers his hands up at Mr Phase House where he happens to have two other perfectly good hammers in the garage what else could all of this been they asked set the defense just a man trying to contact his charity case Handyman I live out in that area and cell service is notoriously bad in the as usual he thought he was helping out knoll Stevens to live out where no wanted to live Oh yes we disagree coming up a risky decision looks like it might just backfire you hear voices we know that she was a good person a beautiful person good human being prosecutors Markelle Jackie and Pam worker Lee told the jury that it was nerve wracking Mr move out I told her that based on things she was telling me that had been going on for quite a while that

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