Sex and the City (The Movie) with Megan Gailey


The Future of phone service is here and it's called visible for forty bucks a month all in you get unlimited data messages and minutes on Verizon's four G. Lt Network guess what they don't do. Annual contracts what unlimited data means unlimited data holy cow and you know what else they don't have his physical phone stores because I hate eight to go to those. Oh if you're ready to learn more switch to visible head divisible dot com slash T. C. to get twenty dollars off your first month service when you sign up and in an exclusive special offer Jasper Becker del cast listeners. That's visible dot com slash. TB See on the back door the questions it has individual Patriarch Changing with the Gel ah welcome to the Bechtel cast. Thank you so much for being here. We're psyched to have yeah yeah we if you're not familiar well first of all by Ron to applause a WHO has listened to our show before enthusiastic. Ask and clap a hesitant who in the night if you have not heard it. It's okay okay friend very dragged right love it John. Thanks for coming. Thank you so for you. We will explain what our show is. We take a different movie every episode we examine it through the Lens of how does it treat women and unfortunately nearly the every movie fucks it up and as we'll talk about tonight sometimes even movies made incredible. We use the Bechtel test as a jumping off point for discussion. If you're not that is it is a media metric emitted by cartoonist Alison Bekdil in which two female identifying characters must talk to each other about something other than a man for at least two lines of dialogue Yup Yep. Should we try it out. Try it out okay. Hey Jamie what's up Caitlin. It shouldn't shouldn't be this hard. It shouldn't be on trying to think of something relevant to the movie. Were discussing tonight. unfortunately there are no memorable quotes or anything good about you. Do you remember the part where she says. I like shoe. That's my fav- okay. Do do you like shoes. Jamie nope me either I should but I I just wear the same pair smell and that passes the back door. Uh I'm genuinely very excited. We're talking about sex in the city the movie which is critical because there is there's so much universe to explore. We're talking about the movie. Oh eight year of my first kiss wow eight year for me That was the year I graduated college so also your food I but who won difficult. Let's say which was the larger accomplishment 'cause I really hung in there and waited I'm so excited for guests to come out because I just feel like it's it's GonNa be a lively discussion. Oh indeed yeah. Let's bring her out. She's a comedian. She is the CO host of crooked media's hysteria and she has a comedy east-central Half Hour. Give it up for maybe I. I did try. I know that this is like visual. I'm about terrific -sually and people listening won't be able to hear it but it but I did dress in a way that I I thought the ladies would appreciate I agree. I think that the whole ensemble it would be very carey. I know my Jean Jackets from made well and that's pretty embarrassing. That's what Miranda would buy but I'll take it off so then. I feel more like Charlotte now. I I see it does do do you. How do you identify sex in the city. I identify as Charlotte in the streets and Samantha and the sheets and everyone here is we don't even know what that means. it means. I like to dress preppy and fuck allot congratulations elation. Thank you well now. I'm getting married so I can only one person. You'll still fuck a lot yeah. Honestly I feel like now that it's down to one person. I send my fucking has dipped then Jamie. How do you identify I don I was I was struggling. I don't do you have an opinion either way about you or or about myself about I was I was struggling. I was I just looked at this movie and I'm like Chris. Noth why why Carr's Kris knows when you cast Alfred Molina. That's all I see when I see this movie yeah. I don't think you fit the mold totally. If anyone and I hope you take that is the I. person of their Baristas. I'm with a lot of people feel that way though yeah I feel like I would serve serve them food and talk shit about them when they leave yeah. That's what I think I identify. I think most is Raphael from teenage. Mutant Ninja Turtles is there. That's my sex in the city character because if you think about it megan thanks for being here for of all what is is your history your relationship with this movie and then kind of just the franchise extended universe you know sex in the city started when I was probably at the middle school so it was a little bit before what maybe I should have been watching maturity wise but I did start watching it and and I can remember my mom letting me have people over girls over to watch the finale my senior high school and I cried aid and I grew up in the midwest and so sort of seeing this truly fictional depiction of New York City was really exciting and glamorous to me and then when the movie came out I got to go to a private screening. Indianapolis one won the Indianapolis Premier Two PM on a Sunday not even the day the movie permit like one of the radio stations gave out tickets kitts or something and my friend was an intern there and so we got to go and watching it in the theater with a group of Midwestern turn white women was truly in I mean hooting and hollering and laughing and even at the time I remember being like that wasn't a joke a a just everyone was having so many reactions and it was a really great way to see. It's the same way I saw girls trip to. I was so so high and so drunk when I saw girls trip and that movies bad and I'm like I haven't revisited it but when I saw it loved it so I think part of the experience when I saw it. The first time was so great but now it's on TV. It's on E. All the time so you can pop up in and how I almost was like I need to Rewatch it for this and I was like I know I know it. You know you need to be doing my homework. I wrote the homework so so I feel I feel well versed in it and it definitely got me through some some tough times oh Jamie how about you I don't have much of I think I've seen. I definitely wasn't allowed to watch it. When it first came on and then I just we didn't have HBO it because we were quite poor so we hbo was nothing in my home. Also we didn't talk about or look at nibbles so it'd be. Oh was also ideologically absolutely not I think in my home I seen probably like between ten and fifteen episodes of this show over the years but my mom a you show there's so much happening. My Mom got really into sex in the city like when I was a senior in high school which was too late and I remember. She came up to me like my senior year of high school and she was like Cheney. Do you walk so she she she was not like super familiar with the concept or like and she was like. Are you doing it behind my back and it was like no we're full. Bush family is like HBO or full Bush family and she was like a thank God and then two years later. She's like I did it. I hated it. It was so that's really my entire experience. I've never seen this movie okay yeah I would watch this show periodically on TBS CBS because a friend of mine when I was a freshman in college loved it and would play it and I would be in her room and had no choice but to consume it. Yes then I saw the movie because my best friend. Jt played it. All the time in the apartment. We lived in together is a big Fan. He's a big Fan. Okay I will not hesitate to say that I hate sex and the city I hate it so much watch but I am so excited to talk about is just the way of a sex in the city the way I feel about sex and cities which is basically neutral could take them could leave. 'em Sure I do have to say I WANNA clarify. I'm not one of those people who's like. This is my identity. Okay sure people during this time that we're like listen. I only drink cosmo's and I like I've never owned a poster in the general public as a Samantha Slash Charlotte when asked point blank have answers and anecdotes for every single thing great perfect so we're so there's a nightmare for the full spectrum is is represented deed full spectrum of Caucasian woman attitudes. The city is represented like how this movie sex and the idea of diversity is a red headed woman. A Brown haired haired woman a blonde woman and a dirty blonde woman in a black assistant and a Hudson a role that could be removed from the movie and Change. It's nothing brave. Jennifer rods. Should I dive into the recap yeah so I guess can we just sort of establish how wow the TV series ends because I do fully believe just based on what I know about the series that the first movie seems to undo all everything that that was cool about the series and that was interesting about the series because win. Kerry deciding that she is going to be with no one with herself right right that she's chosen Kerry I mean. We can't ever really know what carry-ons because she's so fucking annoying. She's it's definitely like I don't WanNa be with this. Ballerina who's pretending to be an artist for the sake of the show so she's going to leave Paris but like she is going to be with big real but she doesn't end up with anyone at the end of the series right yeah. No I think big goes to Paris and gets her way. Is that really yeah okay. Do I was drunk and high school like no big big goes and gets her and then the movie movie sort of picks up where that where where what it would have been up to well. This is even worse than I thought dressed awful yeah. Oh Oh oh good gift for Jeff. Guys wound clear Isabel all right yeah. Let's talk about the movie all right so the the recap thankfully the beginning of this movie recaps the highlights of the show which was very helpful for me. There's clips I like I like watching a movie alone. That knows doing fan service that you don't really understand. You're like Oh someone is really enjoying this summer. So aw there are forming characters. Obviously we've got Charlotte and her husband is hairy. Is Mr Bald Mr Vague of Mr Bombs. She had a husband been during this series named trae okay he had erectile dysfunction and a mean mom oh well they got a divorce classic trae so she and Harry are married and they've adopted a baby from China Lily. Maranda has moved to Brooklyn Glenn with her husband. Steve in their son. Brady so far so good go to Samantha loves sex did you we know does she's dating like a younger. Hoti Garrett Jarod Dickson any man with two first names I I cannot trust and then Carey has had this on again off again relationship with big and right now they're on. Do you think his name is Jarrett. Smith and he just doesn't know well. I'm she meets him and his name is like something stupid and then she's like no. I'm GonNa fix you your name. Is She. A Big Star Okay okay. I did watch that episode. Okay Brag so we flash forward to the present. We're the movie picks up. Keri and big are looking for apartments in New York City ever heard of it and that is exactly how the movie Rosemary's Mary's baby starts. Just say I thought of that too. I was like oh no. They're going to go into it too big apartment and things start to go wrong and EH neighbors. The devil is turns out basically basically so they find this expensive penthouse. How's that carry falls in love with prewar priori say that's so much which war and Chris Noth is really turning in one of the worst performances of the century and this movie he keeps turning to her with this shit eating grin and his like a yeah we because there is growth is sort of like off camera behind the scenes things happening. Kim Cottrell and Sarah Jessica Parker hated each other. I love it each other and that's why it kind of took so long. I'm for the movie to happen. Most recently there was so there's a second one we won't get into that. I cannot even defend that one. There was going to be a third one. Kim Kim controls brother died and Sarah Jessica Parker commented on her instagram like I'm so sorry I'm thinking about you and Kim Cottrell was like go fuck to yourself. I don't need you and neither does my dad brother and then everyone was the third movies not happening so there is like you're watching it and like we note this so you're watching the movie like these people hate each other and you know it's over money and sort of fame and maybe that's why. I liked it so much. Just having co workers have to be together that don't like each other behind the scenes drama. It truly does sustain me in many ways. It's the way is there anything for note heads was he was he was in a fight with anyone no but I did see him on the street once in New York and I was high and I was. I don't know if I should say anything. I don't know if I should say anything because he was so handsome and I guess when we were shoulder to shoulder and he was carrying a briefcase and it's like where are you going. Ah What do you have in their scripts of the good wife. Like what business meeting do you have. We got shoulder to shoulder and I turned to him and I said you're great and he looked at me he goes. Thanks Kid. Oh that's scary because he didn't like me. He didn't want to be talking to me but I was like. Thanks for like giving me what I want what I needed. I promise I won't interrupt anymore. After this. I do have a quick Chris. Noth Alfred Molina Crossover Okay so on my old twitter account before I got frozen. I once tweeted just so everyone knows Chris. Noth is the poor man's Alfred Molina. This was is years ago. Yeah apparently both Chris because I didn't tag anyone. I'm not sure I just a general thought and apparently both Christmas and Alfred Alfred Molina regularly search their names on twitter because they both replied with complements to each other where Alfred risk sorry Freddie. My friend replied saying I think Chris Noth is the best Chris Noth he can be aggressive and then Krizner Chris Noth was like thanks buddy your loved you in Spiderman do it was so nice and then if I recall you then tweeted back at Alfred Molina and really please come on the Bechtel cast and then sure enough two years later he was on it do that so that's nice great. Thank you for this now. Thank you very much someone snapped and that was beautiful so okay we've so they're looking for an apartment find expensive. One in big like I got soup. Yeah and Kerry is trying to figure out what to do with her apartment. She's considering selling it but she's worried what might happen if like she and big split up up again because they have like five hundred times at this point. It's a lot I guess and so they're not married so she would have no legal rights to this property because he bought the whole thing so he's like okay. Let's get married and she's like okay cool. Let's do that and then they start planning the wedding. She gets featured featured in vogue photo shoes. Bergen for forty five seconds and then you're old you're just like no Kuenssberg in Europe look but no one says that and then the scenes over and she is given address by Vivienne Westwood who I guess is a fancy designer but I'm too poor court know that Gwen Stefani says her name in a song. Oh no no kidding so you know she is cool. Then we get some subplots that it take up time some tension between Maranda and her husband Steve they hardly have sex anymore. Yeah then we've got Samantha and her boyfriend Smith their sex life is also kinda like slowing down because she's so horny and she just can't get enough settle. There's a lot of stuff revolving like some very expensive ring in the wrong prison bothering. It's like we're relating to it. Were feeling sixty thousand dollars on a ring. I wanted to buy it for myself and then she start spying on her new neighbor who's always fucking as well up so then carry starts to move out of her apartment and then everything is like fun and cool until Steve Tells Miranda that he had sex with another person and she's like well screw you then and she leaves meanwhile big. He's not taking the wedding planning seriously. This is his third marriage. He's over. He's a thug about weddings. He's yeah he's prepping for season. One of the good wife he's like. Can we move on Juliana. Margulis was my good wife right good wife his wife. It's a very good show that was like the kind of show that I was like this. Show is was fine and then I was like I'm in season six and I literally could not tell you a thing that happens in that show. I've never watched he's good here in Washington. The good fight I'm not I don't have four dollars to spend on simply. Can't I watched the good place anyway there so so at the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding steve shows up and it really upsets Miranda so she goes up too big and she's like you're crazy for getting married. Marriage ruined everything anything and so he decides you're right yeah so it's the day of the wedding bigs trying to contact carry on her flip tip phone love. The hardly has hit in it. Yes in of weirdly silent seen that child is only allowed to speak twice in the entire movie. There's moments room just like it would be so much less weird if she had a line of dialogue here but she just looks from side to side and then like hides the flip phone. She's like the the most well behaved child I've ever seen. It's implied that she watches. Charlotte just move carry out of her apartment for three days. It isn't she. She looks like she should be in school big. Essentially he doesn't want to get out of the Limoux. He is like Carrie. I don't think we should do this and then she attacks him with her bouquet of flower. I did love that part of beautiful scene. I love that part visually beautiful. That was one of the few times that I was like. I agree with Gary Right now. I don't but we'll talk about that. She than we cut to a few days later. She is just shake into her core. Their friends are trying to comfort her. They go to Mexico and I was supposed to be her honeymoon trip tip. She does the same thing that Bella doesn't twilight which is basically blacks out for seventy two hours and wastes away and that she's like whoever will I ever laugh again and then Charlotte Shits ourselves and then she laughs chef part time time some things happen for a while and then New Year's Eve rolls around in Marand Kerry hang out because they're both single had such such a beautiful scene to New Year's Eve song but they do it. It's like instrument and like I mentally don't. I feel like you did like you may have hit every kind of unravels. She goes back to New York and hires assistant to help get her life yeah. This is how how like disposable Jennifer Hudson character is written to be as you can forget to mention her in the movie doesn't change now. You really achieve diversity name. Louise leased from Saint Louis and then big is still trying to get in touch with Kerry but she like deletes his emails. She has a new phone number carries areas one of those terrifying women. I refuse to you like learn how to use the phone. I'm too rich which they're out. There and I just know how to use the computer pewter either no and she she's like I'll hire someone. You Bitch dyes her hair. She does her hair Brunette. Brown as a color of sadness. I've found that to be training and then Charlotte Brown haired one also the other brown haired one finds out. She's Greg Nt. She is Greg mant. Yes she's got a little greg so now new year's Eve rolls around and then and fashion week happens I gotta get with the thing is like they need this whole movie funded by various brands and so there's entire there's that whole scene in the pharmacy where you're like this is unnecessary but you're like oh but Garni a I get it. They just need various checks and then Kuranda carrier hanging out on Valentine's Day and Kerry. Maybe it was my fault. Maybe that's why big left and then Miranda is is like well actually 'cause. I told him that he was stupid to get married. Even that's clearly not so great. Can you think of how how many offhand things you've said like. I would have forgotten saying that within literally two hours right. I mean I'm getting married in people. Tell me all the time not to get married using out of the LIMO. No like listen. I gotta get divorced on my own. You know like I have to go on the journey. I understand that but it's a lesson I have to learn the hard and expensive catastrophic way big reacts to that as if it is the first time he's heard it but we already do lies right. He's just like like wait a second this. He's a weak man. I have a whole shug elder talk about this later on insane but Miranda's acting like it's this big the secret she's been keeping and then carry reacts such a way that she. I mean she's furious. She gets stuck on a bunch of balloons right. Visually hilarious reminds as we have like at my birthday party last year so many people confronted my then at the time new boyfriend for long boarding there and you know he stuck around whereas the longboard in the trash where I put it so it's like relationships should be able to whether these comments is what I'm saying yes so eventually carry forgives gives Miranda and then she starts to figure out how she can forgive Steve. There's a whole Brooklyn Bridge Reunion. They get back together Samantha. Anthony is horny still for her neighbor but she's like I'm with Smith. I can't fuck my neighbor so then she dumps Smith which I thought was one of the more of like Samantha does a number of things that are just horrible in this movie that I hate but the speech she gives to her haughty. You boy friend who loves her. I really did like because she's like. I like being in a relationship with myself more than I like being in a relationship with you and he was like that tracks yeah. That's why he's so chill about it. He's very cool about after naked Sushi. Also Samantha's like be plotline is that she gained ten pounds. That's right that is that is just like. Oh yeah who knows that's what that but that is like the implied wakeup call of like. She needs to break up with her wealthy TV. Actor boyfriend is obsessed with her. Whatever yeah and then Charlotte she's this point Greg Nint- is Hell Greg is ready. She's Tacoma Greg Kickin and one day. She's having lunch by herself and she sees big and she's like. I'm so mad at you and then she's so mad that her water breaks God. It's like the one like one of the few Cathartic moments in this movie. She's like I fuck you. You suck and then she's like. I need you like God. Damn it so she takes her to the hospital. Oh and then carry shows up and they're like he was waiting here for you. You still loves you. He wrote you all these love letters and she's like what love letters and then she goes into the email file of all the one sheet how to use email because relationships are sacrifice yeah then they he retyped book he copy and paste up other our people's rights and then wrote two sentences and she's like good good enough. She goes actually permanent that he bought for her. Then is selling again because because she likes the shoe she likes she loves shoes. Jennifer Hudson. She calls Jennifer Hudson by the way Jennifer Hudson's getting married not that it has any relevance. She's back in St Louis. She's not even in in New York but yeah she's back home and then she has to call to give Kerry one more plot point which is that. There's a shoe somewhere. That's truly what happens one. If Kerry goes into that closet and instead of shoes it's like the pathway to devil worshipping cult like Rosemary's Mary's Bay wasn't really in the closet that was where there was or there was like remember they move the like that big piece of furniture and there she meets the back of the closet and then there's like the hallway alway to the Colts House that is such a better movie and it was made by like the most famous molester. It's just like this movie is bleak. Vivian and what if she goes in the closet and big is fucking his secretary and she's like well my Mola Blahnik sir here so all Mareo anyways I I mean that's that's about standards yeah so he's like hey all Zora's is holding your shoe and they can of you and then she's like. Let's see oh man. I love you and he's like. Let's get married again. This time. I won't leave so it ends. The the movie ends the same way that TV show ended again get married but this time they were simple chanel vintage suits roots because the symbolism is she didn't need the big dress. She just needed Chanel. She knew what she wanted the whole time. She should have settled. I mean she just is needed. Man as every woman in this movie does and then the there at the courthouse. The gals are there to surprise her than that's Jennifer. Gaudin doesn't even get to go. She's trapped in Saint Louis cod but that's the movie of sex in the city two thousand eight Hey Jamie how we call all each other all the time on our phone well. The Future of phone service is here and it is called visible amazing for forty bucks a month you get unlimited limited data messages and minutes on Veritas Four G. LT network incredible guess what they don't do annual contracts so you're not going to be stuck in a contract contract and when they say unlimited data they mean unlimited data. CAITLYN so visible won't charge you by how much data you use. It's unlimited. Wow guess what they also so don't have physical phone stores goes good because I hate to go to those lines. Suck Boo if you're ready to learn more which visible than head to visible dot com slash. TB We see to get twenty dollars off your first month service when you sign up and exclusive special offer Jasper Bechtel cast listeners. That's visible dot com slash. Tb See who all right we're GONNA we. Oh Gosh I don't know well. I guess what was your your first impression of. This movie like versus is the TV show. Do you feel like it's a big departure from the TV show or like or how did you feel about it so I went into it and every the press had been like this movie is bad. expectations were low. The soundtrack is very good a grand the fashion is sort of the through line that they were able to bring Fra. It's Patricia field and it's like listen. She did the show. Everyone looked cool. In great she did the movie everyone cooling gray and then you're just kind of like plugging lugging them in different they give you these sort of like scratched the itch there is a montage of Kerry cleaning out her closet and you see all of her eye. I contact look. There's to dress trying. Yes yes yes and I could've used another one. You know never enough for me and I'm sorry I did want Stephen Miranda to get back together and I like everybody's kids what else you need so yeah. Ah The show is I know you disagree. The show is better it one that means you know and this is not going to win anything but if you were like a fan of the show I think he would watch the movie and be like this is a nice warm cup of cocoa yeah. There's there's a few and I guess like like we're operating on limited sex in the city knowledge but I mean for most movies I I would be. I'm like always like Oh. Why aren't there people with multiple the classes portrayed and all that but for this franchise in particular there's a lot of things like the lack of like diversity and like the very like bizarrely poor way at handles squareness given that the creator is like. I take extreme issue with all of that but the class stuff I feel like I weirdly exclude from this conversation because they feel like it was designed as an escapist fantasy for women and it has like a complicated legacy in general all in that's been good. Lord has been fucking written to death the legacy of this franchise but I feel like in this like we I can do the same five complaints. Everyone has about the show of like hose curry you for this on a freelance writer salary. It's written like it is a fantasy and you're supposed to Oh you know as and when this franchise was kind of like forward thinking and a little bit different which is like maybe the first few seasons of this show and definitely not by two thousand nate like it's cultural usefulness was kind of behind it and it was there for fans but I don't know I I I appreciate it as an escapist idea and and there are like it's so often that whenever there is a franchise it's targeted at women specifically however flawed it is but like we've talked about twilight. We've talked about fifty shades of grey. We've talked about a bunch of franchises directed at women and there's just like always implicit shame about it to anyone. Who enjoys is it in any capacity that sucks because like we've also done fucking blade runner. We've done like every movie like every stupid movie directed two guys and it's like you know. Women get should get dumb stuff too. Yeah and that's my feminism. Ah that's my feminism too and I also think sex in the city a bit of a pass because it was in the nine like when it premiered I think it was ninety eight ninety two things that was a different time obviously and in their defense they were like well. We're talking so openly openly about sex and we're having a women talk about sex and so everyone kind of looked the other way on all those other issues to the point that when girls started which kind of stepped into that same timeslot need demographic nipple and everyone was like where the fuck are all the Black People Lena Dunham was like but sex in the city didn't have any black people and it's like your friend. That was a long time I am. AGO and people are mad at them now. I think that's why girls had sir so much backlash because some of it was like delayed sex in the city backlash yeah I agree. I mean it's I don't know anything that anyone says about this is always going to be like loaded and weird and complicated but on on its surface like there were like in the pilot of the show did a little homework and it's like this is like one of the first shows that acknowledged queer people however however poorly written as a part of other people's lives specifically. We're men clermont the show kind of except for I think one Samantha Samantha Lesbian for like a nor a couple episodes but other than that the show seems to erase women altogether. Yes that is true and she ends is like breaking up with her girlfriend. She's eighty. It's not even a good representation but they do take baths together and and it is like I mean like all like we've covered so many movies that take place in the late ninety s and it's weird because even though this movie comes out in two thousand eight it is still the the late ninety s in the world of this franchise for its entirety which is why four zero eight. I'm sure it was poorly reviewed because the world had mostly just like moved on from that that like way of women being portrayed so I I feel like this is a late nineties movie in a way and it is like it's sort of subscribes to like I almost think of it the way that you think of like the spice girls in a way where you're like it is like feminism like girl power. That's trying to sell you something quite aggressively and it's like Oh yeah like women are empowered as long as you have money or white and are Hetero right yeah so it is like just right off the top. It is peak all of that and we understand that yes yes indeed I did write. The first using I wrote in my notes is women be shopping the movie and they'd be they'd be shopping that does is not disappoint. If you're looking for women be shopping representations movie delivers I honestly I mean. It's like why watch this movie. If you don't want to see women shopping the visibility for women who shopping and then another thing good thing which we touched on briefly but this as far as I understand understand it was one of the first kind of mainstream things that was about sex positivity especially for women and that it kind of opened up opened up some conversations that helped lead to more sex positive era and then do you remember and I didn't watch this this show when it was airing but even I was like familiar with and I know we look at it now. We're like obviously this is like one of the least diverse franchises but ah the hatred directed at Sarah Jessica Parker for how she looked like was so intense and that kind of grounded in like like the nine thousand nine hundred ninety eight of when it came out of like you couldn't even have a face that was the same face as everyone else with people just piling on you and you just think about like I mean if I was sick. I mean how how does that feel. It must feel looking dog shit. I've read my youtube comments before bad yeah. There's like back. I'm so sorry to bring up family guy but there's a I think it's a family guy joke where they like compare her face to foot. I want to say yeah. It's a lot of there's a list. There's foot and horse is I remember number. Whore and it's just it's just like yeah. She's a hot thin Hetero white lady and even she couldn't you know like so ah I mean. It's just such a weird complicated subject well. Let's let's really dive into the weeds. The Bush Miranda's Banda's Bush Bush was my favorite character and they're like Oh. That's that's me that's me feel seen for for once so the big things for me for this movie is in addition to the things that have already been talked about to death which is the lack of racial diversity the weird representations of the class thing which I do take issue with but this movie is an I know this is the point of this show sex in the city show the whole franchise but these women's lives are so so consumed by men because the show is about sex and relationships and because they're all Hetero women it ends up being that they their lives revolve around the men were with and yes we do know what their jobs are and sometimes we see them at work in this movie not as much we really only see them as they their storylines are all in relationship to men and their lives are completely revolving around men so that does not bode well for me so another question how what was the balance between like their relationships and then they're like job stuff in the series series. I mean Maranda went to Harvard and she had a whole plot line about trying to make partner and how difficult was when she had had brady and so her job definitely was. I mean you know that she works. I guess being a Harvard educated lawyer is not quote unquote relatable but she was a businesswoman and that's how she identified well someone with a masters degree in screenwriting from Boston University actually pretty relatable so so but like her and they very much dress them for their jobs so Miranda was always in sort of like a two piece suit and then Samantha was publicist but like a very very good one and there were allusion to the fact that she had really hustled and worked her way up. We don't really ever find out how Keri got this column but she has it and then at some point she sells a book and I think because in the movie she does not work at all she has written three books and I guess he's living off of that sure and then Charlotte worked at galleries. Oh so the jobs that women are allowed to have an Ramco working only if your bitch publicist yeah the way the movie does it. I don't know it yet the away the movie does it is egregious where no one's job as relevant really for both Carrie and Samantha at this point. When we you know we see them in the movie. Even their professionalize are centered around their relationships in general or relationship because Samantha has like basically you may basis generating him like yeah she's basically his Mama's her and then carry just writes about in her would Hetero love partners and sex even though she hates computers legs sure your writer but I also have no idea what big does what is email. I mean like I'm guessing Finance Hedge Fund venture capitalists. He's definitely absolutely rich. Never said what he does in any way. We don't even actually know his name's John. Thank you John Joseph Jingle Jingle. Yeah is his name as a runner in the series so they don't really put a lot of weight on. I mean like Steve owns a the bar and it's like no you don't Steve. I mean you do but you don't. What does the Bald Guy Do. he is a lawyer. He was actually Charlotte's divorce lawyer okay which for her like pretty convenient her issue with him she. He's like he's ugly but I guess he is rich. I'll marry his MOM I. I like his mom. His mom is dead like something where she was like. That is so dark okay other thing that really really bugs me talk about this movie again. Aside from all the stuff that is regularly talked about is that these women are so reactionary and they overreact to to everything which plays into the you know stereotypes that like women just are so emotional and we can't control our emotions emotions and you know we're incapable of being reasonable in anything like that because the plot of the movie only happens because carry Harry what I think is a huge overreaction to big having some second thoughts about the wedding like he well well. That's okay okay because how I would feel that way. If that were the first time he he had done this but this is clearly. It's almost like this is like the third fourth fifth time. He has bailed on her at the last minute so I hit him with a bouquet. Got Shaven even says I knew you would do this like mad at herself because she's of course he was gonNA do so. This also should picked up her fucking phone. You know like Lily Gimme the damn phone yeah and there are so many it's like. Chekhov's phone is put into this purse just so like this will happen but but it I mean I was refreshed by that moment because I like knowing my head that even if they break up if they break up forty five minutes into this two who would half hour long movie so they're GonNa get back together at the end which I already find disappointing the same thing with Stephen Miranda Ronda because I'm not attached to their relationship and I really was like she should just break up with him if he can't handle not having sex because raising his child fucking grow up your divorce just now by like what I just I wanted both the relationships in peril to actually end so I really relished polished the moments that they were like no fuck you you're. You're like a dip shit and like you know you said you'd show up can show up. I find with those relationships ending. If they had especially big had done something to warranted a bit more ensure he maybe I I am not familiar enough with the show to realize I'm not attached to the show but my bail on me three times your cancelled like he did. He said though like I just want you. I don't care about a wedding cake and then she she I feel like overreacts because she was humiliated humiliated in public even though it was fun of her close friends and then I don't know I just I felt that was such a huge overreaction and then maybe maybe that would have been so bad except that it keeps happening where then she freaks the fuck out at Miranda. That is stupid. What that that is. I mean I think like the heard Morandi that whole argument is set up to be so stupid like her. Passing comment doomed carries marriage than it's like yeah. They shouldn't have gotten married. Big Is like a lame. Oh Coward don't marry him but I mean yeah their friendship being imperil like that had to have that needed to be like a stronger storyline because it makes her look really weird and petty and like it makes Miranda look stupid which we know she's canonical not right so yeah but then like Samantha freaks I'll at Smith and like throw Sushi Adam. That was dumb to that was. I didn't like that and then Harry throws her phone off of a cliff Harry. Yes she's life and then Miranda. I feel like her being upset. With Steve being unfaithful to her was more of a warranted thing but also she just like she refused to talk about it. She used to like do anything and she was like. I'm leaving forever and then they get back together so as do Kerry and big so we see that these women I guess are capable of you've forgiveness and growth which seems so they're good Christians whatever light but it just like there. The reactionary response is is that we're just like so steeped in like women be crazy with their emotions like I couldn't really get past that yeah. I don't know I mean was that true. In the show I feel like I do always appreciate and I think that this movie shows like really none of this but I do always appreciate when you see like women making and mistakes but are still you know you're still rooting for them because there is such a tendency which is about all the time towards like Mary Sue female characters who cannot make a mistake because women only get one chance onscreen or in life and if and if you fuck up you know you're you're dead to the world so I do appreciate you like when women fuck up in a sympathetic way but that doesn't really happen to show sometimes where you're like ugh carry you dumb ass win. This show their way crazier. Really I think so so much time I mean listen you gotta get people to tune in every Sunday. There's a drama. Emma was a guy that I mean they would. They would break up with men for the craziest. Things like there was a guy who would like eat Miranda's Pussy A. and then like she didn't like he wasn't wiping his face and then she was like you're out of here and it's like I wipe his face like I've never seen I've never seen that episode and I remember that yeah that looked like a glazed donut yeah and I thought of that. The first thing that happened to me and I was like it's like that thing they were. We're relationships in the show that they threw away because that's the point. That's the vehicle is them breaking up with people confidently point that you're like. You're all going to be alone which is fine. Everybody's allowed to be alone but they don't Wanna be alone except for Samantha really. I think that's kind kind of what the writers were doing for the movie they were like we can't have all of these couples work so. Smith and Samantha have to end but that's the couple that you're the least invested right and like she's the character who should be with someone the least so that one that that's not even a big sacrifice in any way but I did. I was very very invested in Stephen Maranda. I I guess divas the goodguys they really are. I we'll see I I. It's one thing okay the thing that bothered me about Stephen Maranda who I don't know what their history is but like the thing that bothered me about them getting back together was that it wasn't Miranda's idea for them to get back together where it's like. I actually kind of understand when she found out it is set up for like we're fully on her side where she is like. I am like being a lawyer five hundred hours a day. I'm raising this kid. I've got to do all this stuff dementia. Yes she's helping his mom and he's like why don't you like me more like that sucks yeah and the in fact. She stands up for herself and it's kind of like I don't have time to fuck you right now like I get it like it just like I feel like she like a lot of women and people in general can relate with that like are you seriously asking me to do this. On top of like taking care of your sick sick mom and your child can't stop like drool whatever like and then it seems it. I feel like the movie implies the consequence of that is he achieves and then she's made out to see main for not wanting to deal with it right away and not wanting to forgive him right away like no why that's so shitty and so it was her idea to be like okay at some time has passed if had time to think about it. Let's try counseling then great but it's like it's like her friends. Pressure her into it like like all three of them are like when when you give Steve a chance just give her time but he has a free ways but he's like they're like the come on somebody and then on Maranda well and some of their history he has one testicle and they had sack doesn't come on they had vacs she had like pity sex with him and that's when she got pregnant and she was going to have an abortion carry one with her and then she didn't have an abortion which is actually a plotline that I really really really fucking hate in the show and and girls it's like both of these women would've had abortions and you're being extremely offensive to the people that watch these shows that have had abortions and didn't walk out of the clinic to keep the baby with a fuck has ever done that so they do have and I think what they're saying to Miranda. Sometimes they're like listen. You chose this bitch and you got this batch so you're trying to change. Someone and it's just not gonNA happen. I just wish they'd just like let her come to that conclusion on her own but Miranda gets it's an room way so that they all sort of are having to like see their fatal flaws throughout the movie and Miranda's stat she stubborn and can be like coldhearted. Charlotte says that she likes to run. Carey's is very bad form by the way I know I mean. It's like what is the movie about. Charlotte and she's afraid she's going to have a miscarriage so she stops running right. That's her storyline she. I honestly didn't care. It didn't another reaction there. I know but I mean I was actually kind of relieved. That Charlotte was giving too much to do because I'm like. I do care about you the leafs yeah but her husband is great. Harry's Great Mr Bald Love them make him part of the group Charlotte it like he's always like he likes shows up and it's like Hey Kerry like he's always opening doors with like a sympathetic look and that's his entire character like I know I just watched my wife. Give birth for the first time but you should really get together with Mr. Yes yes thank you. Mr Ball uh-huh and I have to go you know clip the symbolical cord but he's awesome and tall yeah. It's I mean. We can't take that from him. Hey backdoor cast listeners. Do you have boobs and if so are you looking for a place to put them then. Try Third Love the broad company that makes bras have great fits more sizes than most brands and a convenient way to shop for them the way you get started as by taking their fit finder quiz which is just answering a few simple questions on their website to find your perfect fit in a minute or less and third love has seventy eight bra sizes with bands ranging from thirty to forty eight inches and cups double A. to. I one of the largest rangers in industry incredible not only that the bras are super super comfortable. They are like wait. They have straps that won't slip. There's no eighteen is I love the feel of my third. Love Bra Third Love knows. 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Two shoes like everything offends me and I won't eat anything thing if it's in Mexico because I read that was seen was row for everyone because we hate food. There wasn't made in America and pubic hair. London that was going to Mexico is bad because I don't think it I mean it's so unrealistic that they would just be like. Oh these two people that we're GONNA come for their honeymoon now. We're going to let four trump. No business would do that. How how do they all have time off. I mean Miranda doesn't have enough time to fuck and she has enough time to like get her passport and go to Mexico like I don't know where where's Brady and then and then Harry Jerry I hate when nothing is wrong with people and they have to be fed food like a little women. Beth is fed food and it's like you're on. You're like oh my gosh. She's dying because she loved these German kids too much and like you. I just love watching slurp soup that are ill but it's like Kerry. Harry is hell can can we respect Harry his healthy healthy. She's in wedding shape okay so that's usually when people are their best and one of them is having like feed her yogurt and it's like don't do this to them like eat the ogre or don't go to Mexico yeah yeah. She shouldn't have gone. He overreacted and that's why she's so depressed. If she just stopped to talk too big for a second reasonable person would would he could have been like hey yes. I am having cold feet some second thoughts as many many people do when they're about to get married I I'm. I'm GONNA leave you at the alter Caitlyn because there I still I think she should have hit him with the bouquet I do. I do think it is like weird. Eared poor forum yeah fine. I'll go on my honeymoon but I'll be a real bitch about it like day home. If that's the campus being so bending over backwards I also this is no offense to Kabo or wherever they were. I don't carry big would go to Mexico. I think they would go to Greece and like rent a yacht. I don't 'cause this you know. Kiss show hates people of color go to anywhere where like well it almost reminded me of like kind have like a wes. Anderson and he move of lettuce go to like a majority nonwhite country and use the people in the culture there as set dressing for white people doing well well. I'M NOT GONNA like sex in the city to a yeah that one it's crazy it cost me three ninety ninety nine to rent this sex in the city to tellingly it costs fifty cents isn't that wild and this and sex and the city of the movie is not good. It was not worth four dollars I can't I can't even conceive a fifty cent rental on youtube but yields hard to know well now that we're on this road of how the show treats race. Shelly just opened up a with a quote that I have please This is from a piece in refinery twenty nine by your Harris entitled Harris a friend of the show because friend of me. Oh no kidding. Thank you friend of yours. We went to college together. Yes let's get her on the show. Oh finding the pieces entitled for Women of Color who loves sex and the city she says quote it was a show that it was simultaneously progressive and regressive where people of color were either stereotypes or punch lines even when Samantha or Miranda never carry or Charlotte share shared their bed with a black or Latino suitor. The lead character's empathy or curiosity never expanded beyond stereotypical observations whispered amongst their narrow white social social circles. New York was the main character on the show that featured only one type of New Yorker so that's this is speaking specifically about the series rather other than the movie but it does apply to the movie still because the one person of color that has any sort of narrative significance is the assistant that Carrie hires which I am guessing as clearly a response to the criticism the show God is like yeah clued more people of color but then the optics of like a working class black woman being hired to work for a rich white lady. Those optics are not. I honestly also think they there's really wanna Jennifer Hudson on the soundtrack and like that may actually trump to the fact that they were like we need a black person on the show and this is like appeak Jennifer Hudson. She already won an Oscar. I got her post Oscar to be assistant. I Yeah I truly I mean. I just it's like Stan. Jennifer rods heart and I did not know she was in this movie. She is not used to her full talent and I feel like her role is essentially I mean you could even even argue I think and you know everyone's sound off in the contest but I think you could even reduce it to like kind of a white savior narrative of like she applies for this assistant job and then carry you know lifts her up and gives her a bag and all this shit ugliest bag. I've ever seen a very bad back there but I this is another like symptom of of this kind of as an extension of what hunter saying like it's symptom of a show made in the ninety s that was super white very very clearly not conscious of the fact that like television needs to be fucking inclusive because everyone's watching it and then trying to course correct way too to late. There is like a similar like another big ninety show friends. I've heard of bitch like they added. I just like factor is they. They added a black character in season nine of that show I tyler he's joined the cast in like the last two seasons of that show and it just and like even though like Jennifer Hudson does like as much as she possibly can with she's given and so did I. Asia Tyler is just like too little too late right to course correct when you're that deep into into something and we're you know when this comes out ten years deepened a sex in the city and this is the first woman of color that is included meaningfully and it's like like I mean reflected by your recap like she is very easily removed from the plot without much happening. Desi organizes carries life a little but also she is. She teaches she. Does she checks email. I it makes her a better website because computer science major. Why is she getting a the job as an assistant to Carrie Bradshaw doesn't make well. She is a woman in stem number. One computer science is science rich slender. Oh yes letter but yeah so. She gets this job that she's overqualified for. I don't know why why she applies. I mean this. I mean it's the recession. That's how I justified it. I was like well. You know people with graduate degrees shop shop pre recession writing. It was shot like shop subprime. Weinstein easy hang on. Let me find 'cause so. There's this whole story line. Where Kerry does this photo photo shoot for Vogue and then a little bit later on into the movie she is looking at the stack of magazines she has and on top of her issue of vogue. There is an issue issue of Forbes magazine worse and on the cover it says how long before our real estate bubble pop oh boy oh my God aw I mean what has to be like texting the city we called this because this movie came out may thousand eight the housing market as you've officially crashed on December thirtieth two thousand eight hundred thirty seven it. It's their fault aw begging Carey go into loser apartment because of the housing bubble. I mean probably one percents he he was. I'm guessing just like finance guy he thanks he was. He got hit by an egg. During Occupy Wall. I just think the magazine but she like kind of moves it to the side. She Coward read the article and done something about it. We wouldn't have been a yeah. I was thinking instead. She's like boys bullies boy. I mean and even Jennifer Hudson's character her ends up leaving New York for a man to get married and we will. That's our characters introduces yeah. The reason Carey hires her has because Jennifer Hudson is like how to break up yes. She is just like I came here to fall in love and carry. I'm also stupid to and be my plate like it is not a good beginning to a French. I mean it's Jennifer. Jennifer Hudson is very good at her job. I mean it's like you're just checking emails great at her job. She rents she hasn't she loves her family. It was a joke then but it's real now and Kerry does to someone's credit say like many many times you tate to me yeah yeah just after ten years you're like this is the best we can do and Mike Michael Patrick King who who is the creator of sex in the city. He is a queer white man. He has a real good. Look it up. He has a very bad track track record of it's like he's perpetually in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. He can't get out. He's trapped what else he done. He also created two broke girls. uh-huh which also which had sometime in two thousand thirteen had like a story line that addressed race because it's another show that's helped by straight white women and that by the time it had twenty thirteen came around. He got blowback and dealt with it. You're never gonNA guess extremely poorly and so so it is one of those things where it's just like yeah he's trapped in the ninety s and refuses to learn and now there are consequences for it. It's so so I mean 'cause. He also directed this movie. He was one of the CO writers on it. The way clearness is handled is strange to me the and does still feels very stuck in the nineties. There's a lot of criticism around two yeah where you're like. You're saying mostly and Jt was telling Emme who made me watch this movie also made me watch twilight but he was like like I'm so attached to the show I love this show because because it was one of the first mainstream pieces of media that gave visibility to and that normalized gay men existing in the world so I was like okay like Kudos to the show for that but then like I don't know I just feel like some of the gay male characters that we meet our steeped in stereotypes there I mean I think that's just like another way that this show is like perpetually in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight where that was a big deal in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight for queer characters cruise to be acknowledged in any way and by the time OEI comes around. It's just like well. This is now a really dated and like boring and offensive way correct queer characters like get your shit together right. One thing I like about the movie I will say is that it is about you know it's like about a group of women over forty which you'd never see in a movie so I like that like that. There are women over forty better treated by the movie as sexually like hot and their sex lives are important that is like the strength of this entire. You're like series is it started like women over thirty or not like shrews or horrible if they're not married by a certain age and now you know like the the benefit of it being two thousand and is like you know. Samantha turned fifty at the end of the movie and Kerry is forty and that is like addressed and you see them not it just be okay with it but you also see them struggle with a little bit which feels pretty realistic sure and also that I liked yeah. They're also at least. Carey is on the receiving end of some weird like augist comments from a woman who is old Bergen. She's like you can help to prove women everywhere that a woman over forty. Ken Get married and then she makes a weird thin rbis reference that I I can look up so weird but she's like yeah you can get photographed and it won't you won't look like a circus freak for now l. but if you're even a little bit older than you are and you get photographed on a wedding dress then you will look like a freak and like it just was such a weird that is why okay not to get back to defending. Kerry for hitting him with the bouquet but to get back to that that was like I felt like that was set up in a lot of ways including that she was pressured by Candice Bergen Classic Movie Villain. We've all seen miss congeniality so but we we saw her be pressured into this very shoot which is obviously a huge champagne problem but like she. She is pressured into doing it. It doesn't seem like she wants to do it at first and she's like like this guy is. He's fucking flake like. I shouldn't do a vogue shoot. He constantly constantly bails on me. We have serious relationship problems but but then candace Bergen goes into this wild ages rant as a woman over sixty five and she's just like I know that I mean you're basically dead so you should be grateful that I'm offering this to you so I think she's pressured into that and then she does that so I do feel like they're okay. I I feel like in a way not to relate with Kerry but I feel like perhaps Kerry feels like she is representing a woman over forty who is like desirable and like worthy of getting married and you know like I feel she is representing more than herself self so that when Mr Big bells on her for the five thousand Pi. It's not only the frustration of like you fucking suck but it's also like I was representing this thing saying and now you made me now you. It's not only me failing. It's like a bunch of people that are going to feel bad that this didn't work out in your proving proving appoint. You're proving that like women who are older should not be brides in this way right but I do think I mean I've been looking at a lot of bridal magazines lately Leeann. It's extremely eight just and even when I went to try on dresses I tried unaddressed what was like very simple and like slinky and I was like this is more like a second wedding dress like you're you do have to like check. I eight bridesmaids and I'm like I'm too old for like a wedding a very juvenile saying even though it's grownups doing it. It's very silly young so it is I do think in a lot of ways. The movie movie was trying to address that like no matter what age you are. If you're rich you can wear whatever you want and that was sort of like a fashion note how big your wedding reading can be but the age. The wedding was definitely unintentional. Perhaps but a significant like plot point that I think a lot of people could see themselves in churn. I think for me like the fact that she knows over forty and not being like the one way that she experiences any sort of like marginalization because otherwise it's white thin sex industry yeah but you really come over to the dark but we're in there. I mean I like I saw oh. I was seeing Mary poppins. The movie started and a man thirty seconds into the movie turns to his girlfriend and goes. It's a musical and it's like how did did you not of course it doesn't make any sense that penguins tap dance but like in this world it does like the sex and the city world is fucked up up but like in the world the things do make sense. I suppose I just have to learn to suspend my jazz. A three hundred dollar pillow. I I can't but like I would get really of course is it. I don't I didn't remember that. It's like half of my rent. yeah. I would get okay household that is brag and we hate you for silk pillow. I don't know why she said it was like a Samantha's. Dog Is humping pillow dogs narrative. I honestly I would not get three hundred dollar pillow to put on a couch. We go to three hundred dollars pillow to sleep on and and I hope that makes me more relatable. I I wouldn't get a three hundred dollar pillow but I would get a horny dog and I have gotten a horny dog and and I was like oh here we here. We are maybe every time they would do something fucking stupid like maybe. I'm this person because I'm stupid. Here's a few things I lake AAC. You see women eating a lot. Yes you rarely see get they are shamed for it that they do and yeah there is more body shaming. Ming than you would think but shame for body hair shamed for Samantha having gained a little bit of weight but you see women eating eating in several different scenes and that is a rare Kerry. Hey doesn't cook hates to cook and I liked that because as another person who hates it's to cook. I think that's important visibility for women I like the engagement between big and Carrie. Isn't this like overly dramatic like big romantic gesture. as Carey says it's to adults making a decision which I think is maybe how more engagements should go to handled very mature person like a Blimp but oh sure you want to be in it or do you want to be on the ground looking up. I WANNA wake up and okay scenario all my bed to have been placed in the wake up in the blimp but then at the end and big is like Oh man we decided to get married and it was like all business. No Romance framers mistake but I feel like I mean marriage is just like a business transaction right. Well have a say in like. It's very strange to me and archaic that like it's like the man is deciding when in most relationships the men decide nothing because they can't think about anything but themselves so it sort of is the one thing they have to do and they usually fuck it up but it's like you shouldn't shouldn't the woman be a part of this conversation. I say all the time godless like when another thing that I was hit on 'cause I tried to watch this movie and meet sex in the city on his terms which is like you know like vapid. Materialism and eight is like if we have limitless resources which all of these women do carry wanted a big fancy wedding and big says repeatedly. I love you for who you are. I love you. I take you as you are but when she says well I want. This does not okay with them and that bothers him and I don't know that bothered me to of it isn't until she there is no compromise not like we'll have a mid size wedding which would have been at it. Does you know an adult discussion of she wants a bazillion people. He's like let's have you know fifty people but she ended up doing exactly what he wanted. In the first place which is to go to the courthouse and that's like oh now she can be married because she compromised her own dream and it's like I know that weddings are silly but but that is part of my parents marriage but she bought that sue and showed it to everybody and they were all like no no so in some ways as she did want something more simple but no pun intended she got carried away and the guest list started growing because I think she she started to. We all sometimes do this started get attention and she liked the attention of being a bride and at first. I think she thought it was silly bride so I think she was happy in both camps and she was happier in the camp that made him want to marry her. Uh uh-huh. Here's another thing I like. I like that. Samantha doesn't believe in marriage. That's also nice. Visibility polity from someone who again hates to cook and doesn't want to get married. I like that. The male gaze is flipped and you see I suppose Hetero female L. Gays where Samantha is looking at her neighbor and then although like you do see his dig and that is great good good good loved it. I mean if you see addict a movie. It's almost always like a gross out joke. It's literally about yeah yeah but you see some some Hetero. Female Gays Dick Shawn sexualize although I will argue that her spying on her neighbors neighbors fucking is extremely illegal and she should be in jail okay bye she's also in Malibu and they're like having sex in front of a window so unfit. They wanted their neighbors to see yes. Yeah and I and I do like that. She however cornea was. I liked her monologue when she breaks up with. It's her boyfriend saying like I like myself. I don't want to be in a long term relationship by. Do you want the ring. No I like this she also this is so small but he there's this whole stupid ass thing with a ring anyways. She is like Do you want the ring bag and he's like no and she. If it were me I would have been like. Are you sure are you you sure. Are you sure she's like Ok. Well think of you. When I look at it as like Oh that would be it would be fun to be that bitch for one minute it would does anyone have any other thoughts about this movie boy. Oh boy a feel like I'm i. We skipped stuff. Oh there's a scene where like Miranda Randa has left. Steve and she's looking for an apartment in what I think is China Town. Oh another racist and she's just like I don't WanNa live here you look there's a white guy. I'll follow him and like I only can go. Aranda for years has been like Brooklyn and then I'd like to see her in Brooklyn and it's like you're in like a five million dollar townhouse so I guess this was okay but she still is like cannot believe. I have to live here right so I don't know what Miranda's issue with. real estate is but it's it's deep yes. She's I the last thing think I'll say it took me. I had to watch the scene where Samantha like. There's the storyline were Samantha's unhappy that she can't fuck her neighbor. She wants to get out of her relationship the job and so she gained ten pounds she did not gain ten pounds though no for she show her eating cake twice put her pants that are too tight and yeah and then it just like. I mean all the implications that like any manner of gaining weight indicates that you are like depressed or something is wrong with yeah like the so that holding it didn't look like relatiate gained weight and everyone is like low key mortified when she looks. I think truly exactly this is a cancer survivor on the show. Ed Right like like why. Is this what we're freaking out about and then like Kerry makes this just like this made me so annoyed. Where Kerry makes this little comment where she's like. Honestly I think you would look beautiful at any size but like what the fuck you fucking mean that you like liar like it. Just is it was so unnecessary and it just yeah. I mean just like everything I dislike about. This movie is like yet because that's what people from nine hundred ninety eight would have not blinked Janai at and that is why this movie sucks came out ten years after it was intended to and in Konta even in context it makes no sense and it makes sense to me that it was poorly received even though it does all the fan service. Everyone is still using like cordless lists phones. I'm like where's your sidekick like. Two thousand eight our they gen xers. Is that what generation they are. No I think they might it actually be boomer. Samantha boomer on boom and then I think the arrest or Gen xers maybe legally but like they behave like consumer and then all the children are millennials and Brady's actually running. I mean it's so I mean Miranda ran for governor right. We're GONNA yeah I mean and it's it's like at least they're you know Cynthia Nixon as like an out actor and I mean I don't know how she plays a stricter who knows right yeah yeah. She's openly queer. She's married to a woman and she also speaks out quite a bit about like by erasure. 'cause I yeah she's identifies as bisexual. She speaks out about that. I like I like it yeah there. There's there God I that's all. I'll say I've had it. We're not going to do the second movie. It's the last time it'll come up on the show well should we determine whether or not the movie palaces to the US yes sure by our standards of just like to exchange yes us. I would not as much as it should about four women and every conversation they have even if there is a to on exchange that is not about a man that usually end up talking about a man eventually or the Christmas shadow loon is coming every subtexts. The context is almost always about men or relationship so it's not the best buy it does it. Does it squeaks. It squeaks when they're fat shaming cement for not actually living any different. It's whenever Samantha is a body Hair Shaming Miranda the big horrified by the first puke she's ever seen passes about. Dole test. It's not as we say it is not a perfect metric but a perfect big magic is our nipple skating. They Dang zero to five nipples based on its portrayal treatment representation of women for this. I I guess I'll give it like Whoa to is that sound good. I need validation from the crowd. Compare is it about a group of women celebrating. Their friendship is did it kind of did it. It help with the sex positivity movement arguably. Did it do a lot of aggressive stuff as well definitely Ya. It's just the fact that the women are just so all consumed by the men in their lives they are again. I would argue playing hang into the trope stereotype of like highly highly irrationally emotional women and being so over reactionary about everything thing the entire erasure of people of color. There's a quote the very beginning I think she's carries doing voiceover about the auction that they go to which is like poor about a woman getting divorced and having no one having nowhere to live even though she like was a model well and like all this stuff like clearly had money but meanwhile the homelessness problem in New York City. Is You know why don't they address that. They're not gonNA like all types of New York. Women go to and then you see the crowd and it's just like thin white rent rich mega mega and they're all they're buying the things of of a woman down on her six thousand dollars. It's very dark that whole strange revenge narrative so yeah I mean the there's some things to like about this. Samantha you know just wants to go out there and fuck and doesn't believe in relationships. Kerry hates needs to cook love those things everything else don't care for so I might even bump it down to one and a half Yup. Yeah I'm doing one and a half nipples also give one to Cynthia. Nixon and I'll give my half nipple to the dog who humps the pillow warning dog the dog name. I was just calling horny dog. Oh she name it. I just had like a funny name. The dog the dog street the children just incomparable I'm I'M GONNA. It's funny because I've been standing standing up for various Pablo's. I'm going to give it half an and if that I like this I mean this is like this especially. If we're talking about the movie the movie is reflecting watching the values of ten years ago so that's never going to bear. Well like it's just I mean sexist like it was empowered vaguely empowering people for you know. Oh like it up until like two thousand to maybe if you learn the elway came on and then there's there's so much more to like like see culture reflected in any way by the time this movie comes out that it's I mean the the only thing I mean the thing I can say for it. Is that it is. I four hundred class issues. The women have sex in the city are not here to fix homelessness they are it is a classic escape narrative. Which I think does do something for for a lot of people I mean I know like people in my life. Just like you know I'm a poor person in Massachusetts and it it is fun to like plug yourself into the problems of some random rich lady in New York and the escape narrative. I've not I mean I don't love it but it's it's like a lot of entertainment and sure no one is captain marvel but you can be for tours. They're they're not but so I I like I mean I don't like it but I I appreciate it issue. If this movie come out in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight I would have given him more nipples staples but it came out like we're leeway too late. Jennifer Hudson is criminally underused. I really like her and I look forward toward dreamgirls episode sticky about for a lot of the city and also it's also a personal slight at the movie. How dare it be two and a half hours John. How dare it truly furious if all the horrible things that happened in this movie how long it goes on is by far the most offensive thing yeah it will never watch it again but really do feel that she should have hit him with that bouquet in conclusion half nipple giving it to Lilly Lilly who should have had more than two lines of dialogue sure who boy. I'M GONNA give it three but now I can't so so I'll give it to nipples because yeah I guess you are right two thousand and eight. It's not woken up for Oh eight but I'm giving the nipples based on nostalgia and just you know the fun it gave me as a young girl in Indiana trying to watch some sax on cable very good again. Thank you so much for joining us this. I can't wait I. I can't wait to be back to do sex in the city to do I have I have high hopes for that. One Kaziro nipples fifty fifty cents. Tell us where people can follow you online. What would you watch listen. I just got my website fixed but you know what it was actually fixed by a woman in New York but a white woman and you can and go there. I don't update it so just twitter at Meghan Gaily Emmy John G. I L. E. Y. Or Gosh I really don't put that much on there. I feel like instagram. Stories is the new twitter and so my instruments better making gaily. There wasn't Meghan Gaily. I taught her a better one incredible uh give it up to mega one time to the Ruby for having us. Give it up to Sammy for AH. Give it up to the Ruby. Did I say that one already kate leads haircut yeah. Thanks for listening a couple things one. I wanted to clarify some things I said in the episode that I don't think I articulated elated as clearly as I wanted to. When I was talking about women's emotions and reactions in the movie I'm all for women expressing expressing emotion especially rage because rage is an emotion that women are historically not allowed to show I will once again recommend psoriasis Asia. Molly's book rage becomes her that goes into much more detail about that very topic. I am also all four women unleashing their rage on men when those men are behaving badly for this movie though I just felt that women's emotions were used as plot devices to add more drama to the story much the same way that the lead woman in the movie forty days and forty nights had wild nonsensical overreactions everything as a way to move the plot forward. We covered that movie. We talked about that on that episode. Go back to that for more of a discussion about that. I just don't like when that happens. In film where women's emotions and reactions are made to seem extremely over the top as as a way to propel the story forward and add more drama to this situation and that's what I felt happened in sex in the city the reactions they were having a different points in the story just felt to me more like stereotypical hysteria that you sometimes see in flat underdeveloped female characters because according to usually male writers women be hysterical so I just wanted to clarify my thoughts on that so thank you for bearing with me. I also wanted to say thank you to our guests on the show Megan gaily. She was awesome. Thanks to the Ruby for or having us. Thanks to Sammy for recording the live. Show thanks to everyone who attended the show. We always love having you there and meeting everyone who comes so thanks once again to all those folks and please as per usual follow us on social media twitter instagram facebook at Bechtel cast. Please rate and review US ON APPLE PODCASTS or wherever you get your podcasts check out our Patriotic Aka matriarch. It's five dollars a month and you get two bonus episodes every month. Plus the entire back catalogue of all of our bonus episodes and that's it patriot dot com slash Bhakta cast of course there's Merch to be had so grab that at our merch store t public dot com slash Bechtel cast where you've got feminism the law now feminist icon queer icon feminist icon Alfred Molina who once again was unfortunately not not in the movie sex in the city. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo by hi everyone he won. Caitlyn here as you know. 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