Episode 168: RECAP Conor vs Cowboy | Stephen A. Smith RIPS Cowboy


traded football for some here then got what tried in the face with baby fu-kang over the place it came with him started survivor fall this makeup the old yeah we're good chad were good dude it's monday eh january twentieth it is nine forty a. m. nine we go fresh off the plane where i landed whatever city is doing stand up in on sunday literally fresh off the plane straight up fresh off the planet sound like peanuts and plane stewardess i came straight from san jose edit a sunday night show even though i hate sundays i hate working on sundays smiley day off but somehow got talked into it so i did a sunday night show either is fun shout san jose love san jose so the most tickets verse soul yes it does as fantastic man the whole squad came out my favorite managers there at the san jose improv english gentlemen and then and yeah a bunch of people all belt or squads up there so josh thomson came out rich chow album the whole entire a squad of was there we ate we stayed at the AC hotel there san jose's interesting ma'am because it's not that busy it's just it's not like a major light san francisco or LA or new york it's i mean it's dad man it's just never been there's traffic there's not and then there came mamik should get to the venue early on sunday night because the niners are playing guy cool with the niners i mean you know going to the super bowl wasn't busy i mean the bars were the bars were crowded but not like you know if the dodgers are the lakers or you know something's popping off here it's pak can't go anywhere just whatever you know i don't know strange it's kinda cool though kind of cool went to my opener dangerous brown assad he's from there so we went to his parents house dad's rocket scientist and he makes delicious barbecue so we went up there's a football game jahnke any pictures of him not i think any pictures of his dad there the smallest people i've ever seen i've never riphil bigger my life they're so tiny assad i don't know five seven his dad to five one is mom five-foot sister five foot i was i was king kong in their household australia up king kong whole squad was there yeah man i love san jose san jose we we went to a place by the hotel people tell us to go there called the highlife highlights highlight famous joe's or something like that now famous joke highlife yet tyler something fucking delicious they do like and the charcoal the charcoal she put an highlife just same yeah san diego highlife life henry's world-famous say joe's joe henry yet henry's but they do the yeah the grilled in oak pit fucking nice man delicious steak ribs so nice there through all the locals rat just chilling just straight straight up chilling man i was watching on netflix known in the hotel room too much derived so get on my net flicks it yes seen the big ones the aaron hernandez documentary everyone did you listen to podcasts the boston globe podcast they did it i've heard heard that one that's why the most in-depth aaron hernandez stuff you'll your hair i i thought that you know people were yelling in the boston globe podcast i thought this documentary is actually better way better it's also like the sound terrible because you know he's also a murder her and it didn't go his way a lot of ways but died i felt sorry for him but you feel like oh kind of a a shitty deal man like he's the whole upbringing everything it's like man with what a sad story what if i can sad story the other thing too you know the the the podcast kind of touched on it you know he's a bisexual man he likes them dudes and i fucking i think it came out by as sooner saw these fox on the specials on netflix like mitch the something off about them there's his high school quarterback in the dad and they're like little thirsty for media in the interviews and everything's all to clean seem like natural like they were like dropping quotes and the dad was mike you know he's like you know if if your mom gets to divorce and you and you wake up the next morning and there's a man in his underwear cooking bacon you feel some type of way hey he had he had everything ready like all these sound but i'm like gods i'm just don't feel right here and then his his son who was supposedly aaron hernandez quarterback in high school who he was hooking up with their fucking each other he was he was just like you know aaron just he can be himself and we're just this you know we're in the closet and we were like hanging out with each other all the time epidemic come out though we're that day the guy who hooked up with aaron came out was like i guess completely completely full of shit i i saw something smells fishy real fishy when those on camera but go watch these two are i'll tell you what man find you girl that's loyal like aaron hernandez girl jesus christ he murdered his he murdered entered her sisters man she knew it she hid the weapon everything and she still cited within hernandez while she hit the weapons everything everything it's just such a heartbreaking story man it's so heartbreaking and then just being a dumb ass man and then when he when they do give him life for killing odin lloyd when they when he killed odin lloyd would you know i i do think he killed odin lloyd for sure the other guys he he did not do it the court found him innocent of that he had this this other bad apples hanging out with you probably did it but when they gave him life for killing odin lloyd he didn't flinch he did not waver it nothing you seem as i all right fuck it but then when he then he gets go back on trial so you get that right they give them life then he's in prison then ask go back i think a year you're eighteen months later and go back on trial for these other two murders which is right by the wilburn boston theater district i do stand up at he goes back on trial for killing two people there after nightclub incident so he's on that trial and you just like he's talking to his agent he's talking to his friends stuff you hear him on the the phone he just like i guess it got them to where he was at you know as far as his confidence i mean i don't need you just doesn't realize the the consequences that that he's dealing he won't up hill battle he's time when he gets out you talking about homeboy did what they got life bro but so they he he gets found innocent of that and they show them the courtroom and he starts crying and then you figure out why he has he has life is he crying over this because you realize what's going went on it's heartbreaking you is gone 'cause that's he's crime because a he wants so he's gotta vindicated that be the last time you can see his wife and his a baby girl because he knew he was going to kill himself oh yes yup it's super heartbreaking men super heartbreaking you had to it is a a documentary and then you find out they right they wanna look into his brain and he has some of the worse e tiv ever heard of ever ever ever her how fucking scary is that man so scary super super scary because he who you know not that old and he has that i mean you gotta figure this is a bunch of guys out there we don't know about bunch of guys yeah they said some of the worst cases they've ever seen terrible man terrible terrible that's really sad yeah yeah it's just like fuck dude you view them a little different you know you view them a little different but it it's it's goodman it's definitely worth a watch on netflix will be the series cheers cheers with cheerleaders shorts here yeah cheerleaders now i think we talked about this last time the director of this who also did last chance you was like cheerleading is harder than football chill i like the headline so he gets rating but chill you know what i'm saying they do flips everything's all good it's it's good it's really good it's weird it's like this little podunk likes like fuck in judo college in texas and they're like the best there's just the best they have the nick saving a female cheerleading coaches she does a damn thing the basket on there i forget his name but he does get matt talk as they call it there he is he's like come on you can carry let's go he's like the best you see his energy like damn he's like this and he's like this big fat black oh fat yeah he's the big fat black that's him right there you know just drawing the left's like email and doesn't fit in it's interesting because everyone has a story immature leader yeah the cheerleader she's really hot but she only does one thing really well strange and then there's like one girl who has been a star since she was like eight and she's like this huge like you to run she has these overzealous there's that's she's pretty fucking hot that's around on the far right ditch and she has she has the youngest she's the stage parents and the panthers go wherever she goes and weird vibe man with the dad wade the whole thing again my fucking weird radar was on with the with their hernandez boyfriend in highschool and the dad and then with this this girl's parents man had a very strange very very strange i don't the worst yeah but he didn't even the dads creepy with it too i don't know man ah there's something weird going on there i don't know look into it so i'm saying look into it man or this is this college high school college okay good yeah breath college but she's been a star since she's like fucking eight because she's one of the first girls like feel my thing on youtube so you got me on youtube and that she has like this huge cult song own chilling world and then she went here and i don't know what's going why she's in texas just because they're so good it's interesting i don't know shit about cheerleading but it it's it's an interesting watch yeah there's the beginning yeah is not one straight dude on that team either just the way it goes my friend was a cheerleader oh my bush upheld AC cheerleader yeah so there are i mean was that you will you say your friend know my friend from yeah and he's huge tall big dude he wasn't wasn't marine two straight he has a girlfriend right now can you kind of skirted around uh-huh bye-bye coffee hernandez high school quarterback bro yeah it's just i don't know it's just that's what you know they're attracted to i guess there's some straight ones though for sure makes sense did you want to do it there's one dude who sue breath leg and his brothers wanting to play like football and you just like now i'm gonna the chair and i mean he's a beast chapelle lacey's a freak too yeah athletic is fucking so doing it he was saying all the all the moms want hook up with them all the goddamn time yeah well shot a cheerleader talk about a businessman chouli tough let's let's see your kid dedicates her life to see if a little girl right that one's a youtube stars who knows what she's gonna do but so what do you go from there what do you do there's no there's no olympics would he do you all your life all your money and your time i'll take some way from school it's fucking grind it's hard i get some kids have these girls have of CT and shitty and dropped on their head by these dudes and all that for where's what's the endgame cheerleaders only make much right like even the NFL even like that i NFL i think it's two hundred dollars a game you work eight games all the tough fucking go man i think the the NBA get paid the most go gymnasts or something because that's a career right i was thinking that that one who's the youtube the hot that one i i don't know doing backflips and shit can can she be simone biles or some shit how's that work but i think she just focus on that she's not doing like okay t. are making a pyramid and shit your there's so many competitions and i like both cheerleading and gymnastics you feel like you kind of have to pick one or the other yes i think you can have fast the other one but aaron that is in that you no i stay on that thousand pounds sister should is fantastic on the saudis and the saudis that's my shit right now man that's my shit this episode is uh-huh 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most of the card BI saw the big dog saw the big dog man i tell attention he's when i first started doing stand up try ed like navigate away from big UC's but i i think the number of things that caused this to happen but we we sell out no matter what we don't have to really worry about the season i think it's about of u. of c. kind of tailoring off a little bit and then also you know a lot of things going on but that's a good sign that being said the calmer gregor danz rony fight i think if you wrote the the final results it's of this fight in hollywood script they do to it he he needs to have some sort of controversy here the needs to be you can't just go in there and steamroll limb and still have great here not there was an there was an here out of place during this aspen you know i think a lot of the i don't say naysayers because i'm not a camera greg naysayer i'd i'd conor mcgregor questions going in this fight if you listened to the the breakdown lou thomas than i did a lot of a lot of questions questioning of things we just did it no conner's team says he's running his own camps sees the most dedicated he's not drinking he wants to do this he wants to be his is all these aspirations is he focus can you be focused and have that much money in the bank not much success what happens to them if you were to lose there's just a lot a lot of questions that needed to be answered and they got answered diatta answered gregor he you know flawless performance it's a straight up flawless performance and as far as you know moving forward this even with the naysayers always gonna be there the dummies are always going to be there but you know for anyone who is thinking about conner's potential future i mean there's it's it's tough to hate him now because all those fights let's go through what would be nice room so you wanna go habib which is it next before a number of reasons the time off his fight coming up and this the other thing dana go you know him i could be would be the biggest ever but everyone keeps in could be described this dude kabaeva leave has the toughest fight of his life coming up in april the toughest fight of his life that is not a gimme that is by far the worst matchup he's ever experienced in his life that thing eight let's say kobe gets out of there with a whirlwind of decision he can of fish i promise you ain't finishing tony ferguson there's a finnish it's don't i in finnish kebbi bet money on that however let's say could be beat them which i'm sure vegas has him by decision that things not going going to be pretty man convenient you beat the fuck up he might win but he's eating some elbows there's gonna be cut there's gonna be problems that ain't gonna be a fight where he can fight tony ferguson jason and then a month later take a fight i guarantee he it's one hundred twenty days suspension are faint toady ferguson win lose draw one hundred twenty days suspension that thing ain't can be quick nick nothing's gonna be a fucking war was the best to one the best to fifty five hours on the fucking plant that's the best matchup at lightweight of all the time that things can be a war so everyone keeps gone yet kabibi man kebbi discount on the teeth are you shitting me i can be has such a difficult little task in front of him yes you just assuming he gets by that the near assume and he gets by flu with flying colors and there's no repercussions assuming ramadan wins ramadad data once at so you look at the lay off the time his fight against tony if him and connor were to fight you're at the end of two thousand late on twenty so ramadan is to may and could be fights april april so it starts april twenty third so that's perfect timing so he fights that ends in may may june july august september september october fight conor he was fight three times this year he think he's gonna wait that long or do you think he's gonna fight a guy by the name of hormuz adele who's a better match up more more winnable fight to fight more winnable fight than could be or tony big fight be a methyl title so you know when piquionne and even dating goes you know that that could be a year everybody's just fucking we're just going to bypass the tony ferguson and fight what's wrong with you guys the only person the only person who's not winning this whole equation tomorrow's man he's not giving mazda wow that'd been huge fight for him that's what they're saying next i if i had a gun to my head you're getting maserati mcgregor and then let's say conor gets by that during an connor and the winner of khabib ferguson and it's so weird for in your unit that that onto them twenty but it's a very strangest assume could be was gonna win that fight it's if that's insane 'cause i've everybody all the champions all the champions no one has a tougher matchup stylistically and just as pure talent wise you leak the win streak in the body of work in the resume nobody nobody has a tougher tougher matchup thing could be i only ferguson that thing is a fuck that tough pick man the topic vic you know i thought connor looked fantastic i thought is his mindset going into the to lock the gone again there's a lot of questions russians but he he answered all those i find it why i'm even coming this i don't know it's weird i even have to say happy reiko go cowboy took a fall they man you know stupid enough to beat assume that you want level of IQ you have to have to assume that you shitting me do you not know anything about the sport out of all the guys to assume would take a fall which doesn't happen the AFC i think there's one that asian kids when they were fighting korea drinkin- they caught him but out of all the people to accuse of donald cowboys aronie eight a one man ain't the one my favorite part is like come on dude those shoulder things hurt you thank god man fuck faulk people really do believe this flat this is these mouth breather this is not good this is not good i can't believe out to address that like oh wow how people really think that it's pretty hard it what it feels pretty hard jeb people like texting you asking if you thought it was rig no i don't have anybody that stupid in my life i i had a couple of people text me i'm like nyayo the knowing that dumb just DM's or some twitter cow wow cowboys not that guy not he ain't into one the shoulder checks which broke his nose you know the the knee from the get-go and then the head kick but you got rocked with that head cake and her dean gave yeah thrown every every chance to get back up and forty seconds as he could but you guys are just also assuming congregate you're dead is oh it's an older donald he beat him the fastest and the most clear-cut out of anyone donald's ever fought look at donald's resume and conor mcgregor was the fastest ever defeat that man that's in flawless performance think it touched i think you touch don't how tough can go man you oh you look at his last go look at us four ally quinta ain't no walk in the park tony ferguson nightmare just engaged nightmare conor mcgregor night and then he's also fought liane edwards dern tail robbie lawler maswadeh all it's it's you know it's fucking murderers there's row they'll set five fights against like top guys in one calendar year yup i don't i hope you know cowboy made enough money especially now where i gave family go do your thing that i don't know what's what's really who do you want a lot left form what do you do we're gonna do what do you do with donald he's also fought pretty much everyone thought everyone no one left the losses or bad losses the winds are great wins you don't wanna really see any rematches it's just like i know he said did i love doing this i'll be back in that but why dude hopefully got paid well enough or you don't have to do it anymore i hope so did you see disclose purses dong two eight hundred two hundred yes way more than that gets more what do you think millions who i make three to four million off that fight connor when he sat down there alani says you can make a million dollars doesn't believe that either did you i didn't yeah no so they said just go through the numbers right and then pay per view buys yeah so then even if i think luke thomas broken down to if you go through the best if you had the base best paper you numbers of all time time which is won't be even remotely close the best paper you numbers all time he's still nine close to eighty million the thing is here he made one hundred million the humane one hundred billion when he fought floyd he oh that's also when he fought you know he had a bunch of other stuff go into that it wasn't just one hundred million from fighting fighting floyd there's a number of other things that went into that to break the hundred million dollars i i don't know who believe even dana dana din defended did you get a lot of shit going on outside the octa on this can be big forum that he has his whiskey as the reebok deal so you can tell data's uh-huh you make an email and not that i know of you know but i mean that's kind of his persona he's making a tawny of money but eighty million that i mean i wrote down mckay who k- it's weird right now because connor hasn't fought so long and that the fight was really a build up as as the whole thing was weird kind of has a fight so long you you forget how big of a star he is like we think we have stars we think we have them when cars in you you think this guy's begging around this guy's star star this guy's a star and then a real motherfucking unicorn walks in the room like holy fuck you just see the the power of conor mcgregor when when he when he's fight and he's ready to go and we believe he's gonna win you see the power of a true star and why c. star talking about UFC he's the big by far not not even remotely close to the biggest star the AFC's ever had but you're talking about a global star athlete top ten most famous athletes on the planet lebron james tweeting tom brady show on the fuck up to the fight you know you see tony robbins light came into the octagon afterward i that's what i said to my brother expensive it must beat up tony robbins in your corner forget charges like three hundred dollars just to fuck in tax or some shit oh he doesn't show up anywhere free oh do talk about that money your town avion dollar year he's making eighty million i don't you know that's the coli shit they're doing something right man the only israeli no negative if you're a connor fan there's donate you cite the only negative i can possibly see is you never learn much when you start guide forty seconds we have no idea of his camp was the great camp if he's in shape if he's good at welterweight if his powers at welterweight we don't know oh none of those questions answered we knew he's the right from a mine he does look like he's back he wasn't doing all those shenanigans he was getting his rest he was eating right he wasn't and drinking we know all that he's in the right frame of mind but physically we don't know he just he starts them so fast so you never he that same camp ramp and that that same blueprint and protocol they differ that camp is going to be the exact same camp he brings in to the moslems fight or there could be tony fight so it's gonna be tough 'cause you can't you know now we have no idea we have no idea with his cardio get better where his timing up we have no idea that's the only downside side to this but you know him starch and sony like this is a kind of reignited hope in the car mcgregor lovers dick writers like myself where you go back and i can't sell that could be fight where men he is serious you know he didn't the last fight serious so now it's like gives you that all right i'm kinda back on board dow maybe can't beat them i think vegas has the best odds for congress next fight is a horrid i'm telling you can be whore him as it all man i'm telling you guys give me him as well it ain't get look at the timing could be husked through tony no matter what what happens in that fight i can't emphasize enough they're going to one hundred twenty day suspension that things can be a mother fucking more tony could be bringing fight three times before they retire i'm telling you that's our arturo gatti ward that thing is a fucking war nobody's fighting for quite some time after those two fuck doc and beat the shit out of each other and stoller st that things aren't gonna be pretty close quarters grappling take downs tony throwing elbows submission attempts cutting could be bob could be ground the fuck out of him taking him down you're getting five rounds of pure fuck and fury it's fantastic but neither one of them fuckers walking out of that account without a lip without some stitches broken bones on townie man so just assume that could be he's gonna win that thing everything's all hunky dory i'm telling you out for a while the winner that fight win lose draw their out for a while man that's not one of those match ups where it's going to be quick quick ain't nobody going away quick in that light you're getting communist versus moslem knicks swat it is man the rest of the card is just you know kind of disappointing kinda disappointing you just was in you know that raquel penton a holiday home fight jesus christ ben jesus christ that was rough to watch fuck dude fuck man she's frustrating yeah that was that was really rough around watch holly fan but she's she's jammed against the clinton the clinton the whole time sometimes when fights go like that i've been i thought our loss is born is sometimes when fights are like that i think in my head what other female female sport i'd rather watch in this right now and i go through like a number of things i think i i i i- landed on cheerleading just got up and watching chairs WNBA was out women's college basketball sake tennessee yukon i'd rather watch that women's tennis stike big like sereda yep bye go through all of them i had like what what what other women's sport with i'd rather watch softball fall out at so fucking lame workout were so dominant yeah you right yeah world cup yeah for sure actually i'll watch mocked up women's track if it's a summer olympics there's some hotties two men yep yep upi up to pass the time all fifteen eighteen minutes of it dog what were you seeming the coming advance already the cards shit and they give us that i was like talk about you boy ola nick is submitting mother fuckers all all the time maurice greene was he was gain legs up the triangles super game boy pettus loss that was a rough on a tough fight a ah fresno joe he's his grappling topnotch super topnotch the one fight you know we thought was going to be the finite was that yousef versa feeli- really i thought it was gonna be finally tonight it was impressive i it was impressive ac- uses ground gangs went seen that before but yes okay macy barbara we're just blew her fucking knee out that was fun though roxanne was awesome it was fun seeing roxanne do well yeah because she's so it's like a dork of a fighter yes yes we didn't i love the double knee braces yeah she's old school she's like subaru protein shirts for hot second drew dover looked fantastic overall the card though brian kello- occur tell her looked amazing he was m maybe panelist at one point math right right he doesn't he doesn't music and everything he's yeah i like him yeah big win stunt who they see finite no bonus awarded yeah it was just all performance bonuses they give connor you've a bunch wow all got it so you know what the big gate we'll never hear what kind of paper you remember the did we'll is funny he kinda let dana white kind of let this slide without really thinking about his wording goes we're doing numbers on this projected numbers on this one like we were doing before the streaming service for being plus which kind of indicates that the numbers numbers overall or just lower i heard i heard they're atrocious fired you got him like dude like does such rocha actress but they don't give a fuck cause that's not the game plan anymore it's just US PIN but i think even that being said i don't think this i don't i don't know oh i don't know i try and get a gauge the leading up to it you know if i'm a coffee shop i run a p with duke conard ask him questions kind of i don't know i did ride around million which would be amazed at that listen this is that's me being positive i won't be spicy like eight fifty eighty eight hundred wichita to the home run home run yeah man it's good to see him back the appeal just jump to conclusion saith could be just absolutely and say that's not happening she go through the numbers look around everybody everybody it's a wireless world everyone needs a great pair of wireless ear buds but before you go dropping hundreds of dollars on just a pair which you're probably gonna lose i do every trip you need to check out the wireless ear buds from recon yuri no recon air bud start about half the price of any other premium wireless 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belt offer available now to new subscribers only only then it ends february twenty-ninth cancelled before three day free trial ends are subscription renew at full price until cancelled so try showtime right now showtime dot com try thirty and promo code belts and watch the fight this saturday danny garcia i get you some some current events it sir first one sucks robert whitaker is out of his fight with jerry cannon here and the reason was undisclosed personal reasons right which sounds like i don't know i just be overt gonna say so it's about as family though over it and i'll i'll show you what what dan what set out apologies to all my friends sports unfortunate i won't be able to compete at UC forty eight there feel the things going on my life i need to give priority and sort out so i've had a change plans ends but i'll be back soon bigger and better than oversaw jeered track so you would expect to be upset right for its fits personal reasons right they banked on it so i'll show you dana this is him talking to submission radio we're gonna have rubber whitaker taking jared cananea whitaker is now out of that let's do this again what exactly happened there there so i use slash u. of c. dentists who are in the teasha to forty eight israel romero we're going to have trouble whitaker taking jericho cananea whitaker is now out of that cod what exactly happen they're put it this way that's that's personal for whittaker whitaker wants to talk about that he can again but i'll tell you this when you talk about somebody who's priorities are in the right place who is completely selfless and down to the core a good human being that's robert whitaker crime the fighting in this fight is one of the most unselfish things i've ever seen in my life fighting the fires good human being and i have a lot of wonder if you know what he's dealing with right now and i literally i can't put into words in articulate feel about must we're pretty serious day is he's he's the real deal man yeah i did not expect that answer dana i love robert whitaker i wonder what it is he posted this thing as well well but i'm sorry i don't want wars set the same on a lot is happening over the last twelve months and i need to take time to be with my family slow things down promise at at all do you think that spend time with family and doing for a hot second yeah and dan is it really school i'll be curious what it is i mean a seal have tells picture there was family it's also you know fighting you'll romero fighting style bender not knock on your cannon air but it's tough man sir please okay absolutely and then speaking stall bender so they are official now israel sonya annual romero lover forty-eight love love love love it what would you do is dan did did you like do you have some people have an issue you have an issue with your american title shot do you have a big issue with your mail attached coming off a loss fighting style bender the or josie aldo fighting pseudo attempt shot coming off a loss i'd say i have both controversial yeah i'd say i have more of an issue she with aldo than i do you'll ramiro given just his performances they've all been close they've all been drastically close could give it to the other yeah like his fight fight with kosta his fights with a whitaker clo- all insanely close with decision with aldo it was a close fight fight thirty one that's okay but the fights before that were close his hall away losses and just like his fights at featherweight vulcan could ask loss yeah the thing is with your romero it's like the you know in for style benner there's really no one else so it's like god's y'all's ios a monster he a lot of people think he'd be put put him in but for henry pseudo it's like dude there's marlin could do that or you know there's there's a bunch of other fights he can make it was weird and just because pseudo wants to fight auto coming off a loss and demanded they give it to them so you're like all right well yes yes listen i don't know probably either i don't give a flocked how about that i don't care who henry pseudo fights all right cool man i wonder if i dominate cruise cruise dot com is your son future diaries but all right i'll give you can't complain final all right gelman they're often fights the great yeah more respect a minor thing is what style benders doing have more respect for them what i've respect for both guys but what henry suharto's doing i think he sees weakness in josie aldo and you know out does over his prime so it's kind of a an auto is a bigger name so he's going after him for that reason was style better he's going after y'all romero for legacy and proves the best because you know that ain't an easy fight stylistically like nightmare it's probably worst fighting you take nightmare still think finishes i'm under too though what else get a dino chase cooper that young dude super young twenty or yeah he's twenty years old he's a featherweight i don't know who he is okay so he fights in a UFC and there's a joke that i think ben's tweeted right like you did good son or something do you remember the key he did the post fight interview about skills like you want to eat eminem's or something oh he's like he looks like a child this semi so he's talking to hear him also at all right i'll just just play for doing media strategies that i got one question for why should you that's my dad the other than aspirin shadow i'm sorry man to now aw he legitimately thought adler molly that's your dad moscow go fuck sorry bro that's hilarious it's so instinctive because like evokes i didn't mean to such a guy he could just such a good dude and like mazda all you want to get that connor fight the massive massive massive absolutely all right this came came out i think the airline interview that or it might not have been down but he's conor mcgregor said he has not been close to signing a fight or a boxing match with many patio and they're still goes now i'll tell you what man when i when i heard that when you look at what my pack has been doing as as of late two him fighting many pacos way skier than him floyd floyd ain't gonna knockout florida on the back do things not HBO but you're not gonna get beat up you're not really suffering you know a ton of brain trauma mary package gonna fuck you up man you're not you're using a knockout and bear show for boxing i don't like that fight for connor he gives ali dude he has no me i believe them fuck out of connor when he's up backout when you start fucking with those knockout boys inbox walks and had eight pretty man that ain't pretty at all do the only god i can't believe we're talking about connor fighting many patio the only thing here we go here we go the only thing is manny does go forward which does play to the strengths of conor mcgregor being the longer you know south ball fighter in his left-hand tanda land to have the potential to land a big shot on many backout joe almost almost sell this shit on this thing yeah it's crazy though man yeah he wants a boxing world title i don't know you know he's he's conor mcgregor he sets that's a sites on these insane insane goals but they get done don't they so i don't know but i'm telling you that baggio is a bad batch of for anybody demand patio the fucking you know pascal just beat keith thurman like handle them look good like handled it like it was oh fuck dude like handled thurman they're never lost there is a fucking monster trump poured through beat some info garcia's he's meet some fucking monsters maybe he'll handle that boy oh it's so funny it's so give connor may get your money dude you fucking money i'll tell you what i don't want for reals i don't want this you see on the boost sell a year from now for show what i don't want what though is connor verse floyd to i don't we've done that we know you want it that's coming up next do we don't want that floyd when he's IQ who y'all who wanna see me fight could be reconquered they do just how much attention do you need how much attention to you fuck in like kiss he posted that but not just connor he also put could be as well it just yeah we want to see that i'm sure we would all want to see it actually happen to watch it it makes no sense to me say you'll watch it and not you to see it or to your way different i don't i don't i don't want any part of it but if it does go down do you have about people like damp abdallah's bro or i can't wait for that shit like man god what's wrong with you people like go to the QB one down this should be crazy yo hey chop well it should be fucking crazy oh you're talking about a hypnotist immerse could be a straight up grappler a sombo uh-huh rushing grappler in a boxing match you know fucking stupid that is this guy how two fives and two on twenty told you will be historic year who's ready has TM t- this guy's name is greg underscore TM ts one of the bodyguard DA's oh yea working for him i told y'all historic year all right well you get your cat due to allow jill out who wants to see this matchup comments below man a lot of comments it'll ruin your day won't it what else she got okay okay a lot of people sent me this because of the the reebok the fight kit you like no one ever wears it so finally someone found someone that war in the slap contest attest shit to get the fuck out talk a little bit so that's who wears the reebok doc fight kits at haller synthetic that what's that guy's dad dad failed man his dad failed black ice failed he tattoos is black and then you just put like a black face on now is that a tattoo or is seagoing green face there that's got to be tied to yeah that's a tattoo is tough man yeah what what else get he's gonna fight get though yeah okay well this is already known that the on edwards it's gonna fight but it's official the headlining ESPN's orlando but here's a fight nobody's talking about no one wants to see it because many reasons liane edwards wiscon- greg's fun fuck and fight and leon's not there but as far stand up is to fight galaxy fun fight but i never going to see it i get it just saying throwing that out there liane edwards has a tough fucking fight you know to you by woodley in his hood to saying stylistically though edwards was connor be really fun that's a good point you there's a lot of fun fights you could see but you're never gonna see him because the names nevada name valued me a superstar i think i'll you know well you know gauges a big star in our world but he's not even big enough started draw conor mcgregor numbers he's not an international star no listen won't out straight up stars stars like superstars two guys can be globally huge connor globally huge these other guys even hoary he's not he's as far as like massive massive peel he now if he fights connor starches them or you know fights some of these other guys starches them he'll get there but when you straight up like international superstars can't tom cruise style can't walk down the street there's only two in the skip it could be and it's kinda did you did you get did you get a minute what we talked about last last week i i'm assuming i got the thomas stuff i meet people especially from ireland's BI how can you not talk about the allegations stuff like that dude that's a i'm not a journalist i've i don't give a flying fuck i'm not a journalist also there hasn't been anything new so am i keep going keep harping on the same shit we don't know anything and then people in dublin like well here in dublin we know it's him and they call the irish superstar but because of legalities and because of our law we can't exactly say tim like a right what do you do with that information what are we supposed to do the into the bus you guys don't know you know as much as i do i can google and i see whatever the sun is that put it out there whatever you read on there is what i that's what i know but there's nothing new i can't keep dragging the guy over the fucking fire fire over there's no new allegations nothing's progress we have we have no idea so i can't do anything about i've i've been do i'm not again i'm not a journalist now i don't stuck in no one lives not where like i can't believe more MMA media dingo after four it's like for what though i'm gonna say he didn't do it i'm not saying we we have no fuck include dish it if there was new information then we can talk about it but we don't know anything there's nothing there it's like with greg hardy to how how can ease up on used to shell out him he came in when he was doing that i'm not on board but apparently he he's learned from his you know from his wrongs he's trying to do better he's training his ass off against teammate i can only harp on that for so long i mean do we have no new information coming gregor nothing it's like people want you to be like what's her name nancy grace where you just like go off like based on assumptions like speculation you just can't no so we do what we do when she gets you got this right here kevin lee or is charles oliveira margin into one yeah i thought kevin lou might get a bigger fight even though charles l. smitten fucking everyone and their mom i'll take though interesting right a two i like that better than him fucking fighting at rushing kid they you wonder what's the guy's name is jeff yeah that's a rough housing doing that i liked it they're like nam and dan okay i think we're talking to kevin leave out food truck yes sweets yep that'd be good you know i think it'd be awesome for the future i don't know if you guys degree but gordon reid no artem above interesting seriously are you are are you dynasty KB verse fucking floyd as well no not that article out of all the guys that was i wouldn't hate it like i'd be interested to hear what he had to say but i don't think it'd be like a ratings getter there's like a lot of other people in front i'd rather quite the q. yeah i hear that was surprising for me i know i know all right what interesting about that he's always find on interviews but what's he doing barnacle still yeah yeah it'd be interesting i think an interesting i think gordon ryan would be an interesting one that would be it'd be competing nicer retired he said its recent that's right that's right beginning to get his that'd be interesting to get someone from like the world of competitive competitive jitsu the michael phelps jitsu he's like the guy and was like i'm good i'm out so fucking freak compete the main one he he wants to write he's getting into some poor souls you to sign up for that get the fucking ankle ripped off what's this and this is from a random requests for food trucks think about a little bit of on looking paulie and orem same time bro i think that would be good numbers all right this is from the fight that just happened the car that just happened this is drew over and i only watched the finish in the heat of a firefight he stays disciplined holy holy seven punches too late so that's a you know wrestling wrestling's a tough gig apparently to can we talk about listen listen i pull some shit on my ass sometimes became we talk about how some of the ESPN analyst when they jump in there like i fuck it i don't work i love i take i love stephen smell kellerman i love those guys when those two had to talk about connor conor first cowboy us like damn no no one went over anything with them like it was just like it's like how might you know my dad had doesn't know anything thing about it in the interests like those those guys are gonna fucking punch each other how that is just like so like vanilla and then cheils in the middle and and god bless because cheils in the middle and you can tell them just like fuck it and then and then they had stephen a smith on and rogin yeah at the end and stephen smith is going battling cowboy doesn't show up and he has no chain i'm like dude you just learn about about this guy thirty minutes ago you shitting you're shitting on dolls ronan he's our guy everybody loves donald and you just shitting on the sky i just wish roldan were like do what the fuck are you talking about look this is what he said this is why i said rafter dot again i love stephen smith i think he's fantastic however sometimes we do things are out of your realm out of your lane it gets a little dicey however if you are going to do it you don't go that hard in the paint on something you have no clue who about this is what he says i'm quite disgusted let me be very very clear i'm honored to be here with you guys i'm a spectator watching the sport expect to see more more than forty seconds i predicted mcgregor is going to win this fight inside of two rounds i thought he would take him out here's the deal fifteen seconds in cowboy sony was done he got here with those shoulders in the clinch and he was done look like he gave up it was just an atrocious performance on his part i just wish somewhere be like what the fuck trolls did he got his nose baroque need and then head kicked he fucked up man dentistry and a fighter that's calm cool collected ready for pressure as outweigh by some of that clearly and over their head when you look at cowboys sarony is like like seventy five whatever those not the guy he was not prepared for the fight tonight we knew connor was going to be prepared we knew connell is going to be ready we wondered whether or not he would take take him out early off see as a fight goes on thrown as the bigger stronger guy supposedly for him to be heard and fifty seconds get away from the clinton still let connor right back at them come on your smart on that expected except for tonight it's crazy yeah it's crazy it's crazy it's crazy it's so crazy but makes headlines that's what he does right skip bayless student that makes headlines i just i don't know i feel like if i there you know rogue inner those guys like the fight fab i did not show you'll strongly has like sixty five he's fought everybody he's a slow starter order for sure sub not show up do you know how good fucking i'll focus connors you're diminishing what conard entered it saying he oh he didn't show up he was ready for the lights are too bright nowy main events surrounding he's been in big fights rone's been you know he's the most you know the most performance awards of all you know he's the most head kick knockouts come on dude i yeah it was just yet we got jail this weekend food truck this week we had shown this week i'm gonna talk to him about that now here's the thing i'm gonna tell us before to come on the show this is the one of the best qualities of jeffersonian he will not talk bad about anybody even when meet him were training camp i'd like how about not that we have every right to show on this person i might do how about that fucking abeille that should make you never know what he's gone through brennan maybe it was a rough morning he's trying his best to make nigeria are you mad just come on bro around the water cooler stuck our shit he's not that guy it's one of the best qualities about chelsea does not talk trash behind people's back does unbowed math it's it's a it's a quality so rare man so he's not going to do it but i'm going to get it out something i'll get it out what else you got this is your boy mike carpenter you saying that canot alvarez is supposed to be fighting villages saunders go back and listen i feel on rogin is on this podcasts i guess i said the guy who i think's in give canal hours the most troubling billy joe saunders out of all the guys now granted he fought on the was it the fucking the paul card don't don't count that there was i don't know what happened i'm telling you go back and look at his fights man oh here's salaam you and she watches fighting it's community like oh shit that billy joe saunders shows up on town and canal our is my pound for pound best box on on earth i'm telling you billy joe saunders has some has some problems for that man stylistically he's a monster i love that fight oh shit it's one hundred sixty pounds so a victory for canal would be a full fledge four division champion he's to me he's the best you look at difficulty that the guy said he's beating in two different weight classes the bigger names you'll guys ain't doing shit man they talk shit teach other online then they fight nobody's you can't even encounter man the level of deftly doesn't count is like these other MMA leagues one championship belt do not the UFC is the SEC we see they're fighting the best of the best night in night out you know how hard is become the SEC champion your heart is to stay healthy and get to the national championship it's fucking coming impossible because you're fighting and you're competing against the best of the best that's why the AFC is different than these other ones with box in it's like i don't those guys who were picking the perfect match ups and just to get by and then talk shit online to the earl spencer and terence crawford and what is this fight fight each other canals are doing that he did you cannot talk to anybody nope lineup lining up lineup yup i'll go there i'll go there i'll go here that's why it's the best interest billy joe saunders that would be an fucking sane men you know me i was like to make some money johnny so betting on the dog you bet billy jobe decent underdog bound i'm townie man he comes ready you fight you got a big fight on your hands assuming they do in the state's dow stadium some shit like that you watch the football games this weekend yeah you're the blow out neither one were great but that was good but jesus niners a fun super bowl aw dude i was thinking the whole time i was like fuck it's tines packers i probably wouldn't watch it it'd be a terrible super bowl i love rebel he's my favorite coach but the bummer a super bowl before you niners cheese that's a fucking game that's the game i'm a patrick mahomes fan i think he's like he's are lebron james you're seeing just pure greatness so i always root for that same reason i root for connor like always like to i think things are bigger than what it is so i root from a homes and if they see west the broncos division but i have several friends on the niners and their defense is better i think better coaching great super bowl i don't know man i know i don't know who i won't do what else he had two other boxing one junior apparently was offered a seven figure pay for fighting dillion white assume he's gonna take it from eddie hearn he said they are still thinking no one else knocking on that door thinks he's going to be doing white chance you gotta get down mine good dealing with he gets the shaft easy fuck and monster monster what else yet do i just thought this was interesting because john jones he says he's like ninety percent plant based now and it seems like a recent thing and i'm wondering since he's has a new fight coming up you change your diet to that that dramatically larry here guy going vegan is you bet against some ninety percent though he's so goddamn gooden and he's the only guy i wouldn't bet on going vegan but i don't know i put a little money on a little more now a little more comfortable with picking him to win the fight scared on pure vegan no ninety percent whatever that means based plant it does look nice symbolic vegans out there well there you go the scale put eat like a gorilla yeah we're not guerrillas though you know man what else your boy uh-huh magli mill neil magny s- fighting that chinese lesion yeah dude legionella brings it li jing alang has won the best chance like you literally looks like he just made out of fuck his alright yeah as jaw too tough for neil yeah jalen jane lunacy let's see i i didn't really there's not a big deal but paul daly city it was paul daley said he was fired from bell talk to me as an analyst because he has too much of his own opinions coming out give me an example paul fired before the two he was a bad mouth thing i think MVP on like an MVP broadcast when MVP was fighting and then i guess he won but he was bad mouthing basically like the level of competition asian i mean you got to be a little bit on biased and be a professional but at the same time to he's also you know him verse MVP VP of you know some history and of course now depends what he said on their your fire daily wrote on it's been taught yesterday from the my guess my pins a little off script did i thought it was just finding my group yeah you want that though don't you i mean not to go i don't know what else you have him on the phone panel of course you especially MVP VP fight that's what he's gonna do man they hate each other what else yet let's do all your pseudo and although on ballistics that yeah according to combat in brazil well good for su- hooley wanted that yeah and this one is just a funny one so you know where he module dressed up like connor dressed for his boxing debut oh interesting right i don't even make that correlation and then jessica i so she this is a we wish says there and then i'll show you what she says or worship look like oh no it's not a video so she goes i mean if game board needs someone to take to help him take his robe off tonight i live in vegas i can help okay and then just that my berl damn girl try to holler out shit why not thirsty thirsty thirsty get for her shooter shoot killers kill sir sir and that looks like about it for that it yeah for current events because there's some fight this weekend you gotta get one incurs blazers does uh-huh santos out assume bleh what were the odds assume blades by two to one favorite i just don't see z. santos beating blades so he's a favorite but yep my forty five there you go tough fight for santa's blades the fucking monster my my favorite fight on that entire card blades dose angela fun fight blades right here in panama out in the second TKO look for TKO from blades if you don't get caught early in the first dose anjos michael chesa is a great fucking fight at welterweight phenomenal fight i hope that goes to the ground so see those to grapple other than that it's all right arnold alan and watch nick lens that's a really good fight so oh that's that card beltre's also happening adulterants card overall from my top the bottom pry better than you have seen keep yet julia budd chris cyborg out embarks back during caldwell that's going sergio paz's debut raymond ryland daniels is fantastic even night hala corales one archer linda in pico kerry again not easy pfeiffer i for peak illicit kerry beat that gassing bolanos guy the hotshot kickboxer and then he beat lense yoni wanted shales proteges like he beats beats their prospects aren't they put on my boy pico on the main card man that's tough but i'm surprised that even fights it's on there the other ones make sense but i mean i taped peco's besides cyber he's the biggest name on this card mr pat is pretty big either way quality card is called four except for the grand prix with me interesting yeah it's a really good fight and one more take the form they do that a lot there yeah belts are we are also brought to you by the one the only audit dot com how about a six pack hacking eight weeks eight pack six pack and eight weeks what's up bro trying to tread city let me help you on dot com slash big brown get temps off off the entire website alphabrain new mood total gut health digestive enzymes total human krill oil joint oil they got it all earth grow nutrients the personal fave right creating gloomy everything protein powder schrimm tech any supplement you can think of they have it at the highest quality the best she can get in the in universe you need fitness gear we gotcha maybe on the road like me all the time sometimes i can't work out in the hotel gym 'cause terrible so going on at six on six bodyweight workouts kettle bell workout steel mace workouts streaming fitness there's no reason you can't work out when you're on the go when you're on the road on it helps you with on it six you can save everything from their gear the fitness their payroll the nutrition the supplements all of it go to on it dot com slash big brown tempts him off get you some are the first ones from jan drake's thoughts on pettus and his career with the new wave of fighters it seems like he's fallen off pretty pretty harshly so should he hang up the gloves unless worried about like sironi from these other guys man there's i can still think of a few matches for edis everyone's quick until these guys retire we don't see any lingering issues with either physically we look good man was it like you just got completely steamrolled either on saturday night tha fuck mattress from his he was he was supposed to win that fight right he's an underdog so you in some right match some fun fights remember just not long ago he knocked out one thompson yeah the fucking superman punch off the cage too yeah so suck it did all right gabe seven x out of your whole crew who would last the longest and who would last the least and sixty days in oh in the prison joey dee as long as he got bitch over i don't see feel lasting with attitude and just the long hair and then that ass that fat ass i don't see the less than that long all right wait who would joey joy he's ben in there right so they would love him he'd be the godfather the pen he taken over theod last by far the least time is chameleon bruce what did you think of joe rogan's vest vest yeah we saw about sports coat is where he has sports coat on sports it's very rare they asked him to wear those things he never wears it listen i thought the whole thing i li- i like stephen a smith maximum thought that whole mix of things just them just is very strange you know i don't i don't know if very strange you know we'll get used to it all right brandon fujio would you want to see JD retire if he loses to blades heavyweight your two wins away from fight for tighter so those boys you can kind of hang out longer than the others divisions fucking sat anyways right nineteen eighty-four so that'd be the last one i don't care they're good okay do we see more fighters using shoulder strikes after seeing connor use them in the quench i'm sure in copycat league i'm sure people are gonna gonna maybe folks a little more but that's a tough thing to pull off that's the other thing okay you're only goes do just shoulder check now we'll see how many people get knocked down get their nose broke with shoulder checks i guess much of it what he did was insane insane beautiful the level difficulties insane what he pulled off okay just one more or d. walks what's next for cowboy being a bit older should he stay at one seventy or go back down to win fifty five i don't know man i don't know i don't know there's not a lot left form wonderboy fight would be fun seventy he you know there's only maybe macs more fights for him if if if any there's some super fights like a wonderboy fight or after that it gets pretty hairy man i don't i don't know hopefully comfortable enough where you can kind of right off sensiti as wife is kid eddie's goodman wouldn't mind i don't know why warrior take that fight will come back fight i guess he's been out for a while it could be the thoughts right yeah that's true that's true you could do that all right that's it if kevin kevin lever to get by homeboy kevin lease goodwin to be good decent fights bachelor this week ah so sick of airport charlotte there's day friday saturday buzz buzz at the comedy zone is charlotte thursday friday saturday saturday and then next week i'm in columbus ohio get you some columbus at the funny bone out there and then san antonio antonio stamp my favorite frigging hotel can't wait for that san antonio i think he i don't know what the place called him san antonio february sixth through the eighth then antero california for valentine's day that is the thirteenth through the fifteenth those tickets almost sold out vancouver one show only at the just for last comedy festival and i will have my partners in crime assan dirk with me at the j. f. l. comedy and it's one night only one show uh-huh at the vote theater in vancouver canada get tickets now t. fat k. dot com a few other dates of just one on sale all theater chicago atlanta new orleans tronto detroit minneapolis all those are theater all those are on sale of course you're up in april as coming up dublin or a sold out they a second show london selling out that second show newcastle birmingham there's a ton dot com but this week asean charlotte buzz buzz gang gay y'all all right that a great grand be nice sierra town love you

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