Hour 2: Not Another Part 2


G sante willing podcast. Ben is back. Nobody really surprise there. They had a little bit of a public standoff but they did say a couple of weeks ago that ben would return. He's gonna take a little bit of a haircut as expected on. The question remains what happens next so often. Stafford swabbed winston indy. Big ben back to pittsburgh likely at probably appears for me to be his last hurrah. Keyshawn j. will zubin presented by progressive insurance. All of our guests. Join us. On the goodyear hotline. Speaking of back. We wanna see ben back. If you're a steeler fan you got him back. Someone else's back eddie murphy coming to america and that so many iconic iconic roles please coming to america to please tell me please from. Snl everything that he's done but he is back today and that sequel by the way it's been boomer tastes boomer would say back back back back thousand nine hundred eighty eight coming to america hidden meter near you now. Nobody's going to a theater near you but that's a different story for different dive. It is out today and streaming. So we're asking you. It's a friday. we'll keep it. Loose coming to america is back today. Coming to america to the sequel. Alright so we're asking you take a movie sequel coming to america adding to it now with part to take a movie sequel. That currently exists. That you don't like and traded for movie you wanna see a sequel of so essentially hangover part of these too much. They jump the shark on it. I'm going to take over hangover part. Three i'm gonna toss that and there's a movie out there that hasn't had a sequel avatar. I'm going to do it. So sci sci-fi i want to see avatar take one. That's a little too about five because it's not really watch. Id network to real to world. No so i would get rid of one and adn okay. No i'm just trying to think. What are we gonna get rid of that need secret. You said the hangover. Yeah just takes one. That's headed part two or a bit. I'm getting rid of a hangover. I'm getting rid of many scary movies. Okay i'm good at thirteenth part whatever. Yeah i'm stopping friday the thirteenth. I'm gonna stop so scary movie. I'm good one two three. I'm done with. And then i want to see coming to america to which is actually coming out today. Correct i understand is coming out today. But that prior to it coming out i would do that so let me get this right. You're okay. Do you want to get rid of the friday the thirteenth movies so when people get chopped up in fictional movies are good. See that's life though you walking hypocrites. Oh man friday the thirteenth one. Two three maybe four when he was still young. Okay with jason. But as he got older and went no because he's not going to catch me is unrealistic j. He ain't catching me walking. Take little bitty steps and i'm running see. I got one catch me catch me i. Can you help me out some help some crushing. I'm not running and falling down. And then another one. That i would that i would like to see. A sequel of is get out frequent recent. That way i can see the way kiva at me saying it. Trade a sequel of get out four. This is tough not i'm trying to think. Kill bill now because kill bill to right they have to yeah for Name in the movie man with chris. Rock him comedy rush hour. No not rush hour. Chris chris tucker it the movie with the there. Swimming in doing the whole deal. Grownups grownups. I don't understand. They can keep that straight grownups to like inside. Man like see inside man to denzel university inside man cool about it though it was cold. That's those are my kind of movie. Wafting scheming moves. It was cool. Okay robbing a bank is sitting inside. I mean come on. I mean it was the they did it though. I get it what else we got out. Well here's what some of our fellas and ladies are saying so once again question. Take a movie sequel. That's terrible let's trade it out go i m. Db's club into the exception to that. Yes because that goes still trying to get through inception one. It's so agreed right. So we're taking a movie sequel. That's out there yank it scrub it off. Imdb and then put one in there. That's yet to have a sequel. That really needs it. Glenn diehard five is in the accountant partout is out dies come into but they said that backwards. Ed did i said that back. I think i might have. Does that. mean he he wants to be. He wants diehard out was to be an accountant to in a was a good movie. I like account diehard out account part or at five. I don't think i ever seen so. I don't think i've gotten their five zoli. So many times i could see a guy john lane. Mike lee didn't die hard enough. Apparently okay so talking new york talking new york on twitter cannonball run to out. Et phone home part two in. Yeah i wouldn't mess with et to see you. Don't aside file. At was colds he was cool. I tried to get my kids watch. Recently they looked at me laughed. So the rainy i mean. That's it wasn't. It's not grainy but it was. It wasn't you know wasn't may version but it wasn't they just didn't like it they didn't feel ju- berry more they just wouldn't filling it like that a couple more. We'll get some calls. Let's go a little more golf here. Adams seven one seven trade caddyshack to for maximum overdrive to. I don't know man s drive. How about these two. I know you'll know these to swap out see. I'm a little tough on this one. Because i think this series in pretty good but hey this is what. Walk her at your opinion. Dark knight series traded in to create a happy gilmore to know. Do not even. That's not dark knight not gonna come on. You gotta come up with some more movies. Trade that bain those characters. I gotta have it in my life. You did mention denzel. Let's go to the Phone darkness ally nicholas is in mississippi are on espn radio right. Nicholas bag sequel. And then gimme one. That needs one. Feel like this. I trade the sequel of any movie for a sequel of a crane day part two who. I liked that. Yeah problem no surgical with this baby. The problem is you can't have a sequel right because details ethan. Hawke was in there. I mean he was a guy that he could take on a different role. You could also got washington son. David can do different things. Different things off. That i like that. How about our. I can't say we did reference jason. This morning. I don't know if calls a hockey mask. Carl in new york you're on espn radio sequel out something fresh in or not. Hey carl carl are you there. So carleen jason get you called. The rangers have always had goaltending problems. Lundquist left so the the mask on jason. Okay so carl. New york are he. Was he saying. Friday the thirteenth out the trump teeth sequel and then the program too good was so long ago though so i got to see it again even remember exactly what it was. I know it's football. What was what was the character's name i know he was like doing steroids in the movie or something like that right. Yeah what was. It was the program. And i might have been like in elementary along the long. It was a long time ago. Here's the other thing. Just tell me the irony of this once again will continue to take your questions throughout our your answers. Excuse me to this question. Throughout the morning. Coming to america to out today amazon. Prime and it's the remake of the the next version of the one thousand nine hundred thousand eight movie they wanted to take a sequel out and then put one can't get add sequel. That shouldn't have been made. And then add a sequel but is out there. Go this chainsaw massacre out what any given sunday to there you go. 'cause key was on the set of that one you told us last night. Yeah any given sunday to know. Texas chainsaw massacre was real to a degree c stein. You know that it was based on a. I don't want to put up out of the night out here for man. And why all these movies when somebody falls down. Do they run away. I wanna stand over you. Keep beating you up to make sure that you stay down. I understand that. I i'm not even going you hit and then you run out. Just keep going out. We use we die in the movies early. So what it is you ever known. This no realized that where are usually the first ones ago. Is that right. Typically we've survived a few but for the most part within the first thirty minutes we check out last thing i would say on this the fourth into zuber like you're not getting me ramped up. I fifteen minutes late. I'm going to miss gotta get to the movie on time. We talked about thirteen. He said friday the thirteenth fourth installment was called friday the thirteenth. The final chapter should be over the fifth installment friday the thirteenth a new beginning making money. No people people running back running back. This keyshawn jalen zubin. Comedy live from above the heineken. River debt. Stop here seven months my name. They'll become one team is desperate for a quarterback but is the latest quarterback going to this team in upgrade. You're gonna move him. You better get something better. So what are we talking about. That's next on jalen zubin. Espn radio and the espn. What's this year is like us trevor. Lord and then everybody else that killed is the one. That's most interesting to me right now. The jets zack. Wilson is a marriage that i think makes all sorts of sets beginning in twenty twenty one. This is key. Jay zubin with no fees or minimum is on checking and savings accounts banking with capital. One is like the easiest decision in the history of decisions kind of like choosing to listen to another episode of your favorite podcast and with our top rated apps can deposit checks and transfer money anytime anywhere making capital one and even easier decision. That's banking reimagined. What's in your wallet. Terms apply capital one and a member. Fdic dell semiannual sales the perfect opportunity for significant business upgrade save up to forty five percent on dell computers built for business and powered by intel core processors plus enjoy special pricing on dell docs monitor servers and more all the easy financing options through dell financial services. Speak to a dell technology advisor today to find the right tech- for your business with fast free shipping. Call eight seven seven. Ask del again. That's eight seven seven ask dell And my mind. Hey hey this is when you get a sweat when you were dancing key now appropriate. I would never did run a man zubin. I could see you doing running back in into come on man. This is ninety s. That girl is. I used to go to the club. They had a club at the palladium. Hollywood i would go to that same monday night monday. It was mitchell monday mondays. What it was called mental monday. Yeah he's supposed to be be afraid of what's in the club on mental. It was a. I believe it was a at the time we're in high. School was a sixteen in up like a real club club sitting on pain and ops. Absolutely one hundred percent. How are you. I was in high school so i was like seven. Then they switched it. Once we got to college people real here it was college. He was prepared for stardom. Go into clubs at sixteen. And la's game was bevo and that was the audience in the crowd. You didn't know why. I mean i wasn't out in. La allow early ninety s. Not pop like that. They had to pop in new york was a little bit. Different sneak out just different experience in the city mental. Mondays sounds like something. Pete carroll had turnover over thursday night at the time. We got a real. Dj here on our show. We got a real dj. I don't know about other shows. We got real dj. So here's the deal. The draft obviously april. Twenty ninth may one. Espn espn radio. That's an opportunity for you to find your quarterback or use draft capital to acquire a quarterback. But there's so much work to be done prior to that as well and that's where we want to start with matt miller this morning. He's espn nfl draft contributor and you can check out. Matt's latest mock draft on the draft scout dot com and. He joins us this morning. On the goodyear hotline. So matt rask this morning. I know we're going to talk deep draft here. That's your level of expertise. But we're asking this morning. This quarterback logjam sorta tight right now. We're expecting all these guys be flying off. The shelves. Goffin stafford has big. Ben is back winston indy. But i think a lot of people expected the floodgates dope and they haven't. Who's the one quarterback right now that if were to be moved could really unfurl. This and then all the dominoes start falling. Yeah good morning guys. I think it starts with the shawn watson really i think a lot of teams are going to sit and wait because the shawna's twenty five years old. He's one of the three or four best quarterbacks in the nfl. so no disrespect to russell wilson who is a very good player but he's thirty two years old so seven years older. His contract situation is a little stickier. So i think the sean is still the domino that were waiting to fall and with russ. It's a little different. Because i know he said i'm not trying to be traded but i have a list of teams that i would go to. He's already named teams with shawn watson. We haven't seen that sir teams like the new york jets still have some hope that shawn watson could be available. The miami dolphins still have some hope the carolina. Panthers still have some hope that maybe the houston texans come to their senses. And we'll actually trade to sean. So i think that's why we're seeing this market really slowdown. After you know stafford golf and wins get dealt. Everybody's okay let's go sam darnold is going to get traded. Teddy bridgewater is gonna get traded and that has stopped because we are waiting to see what happens with shell watson matt. This is your season right here. Mock draft season the off. Season timing as latest. Mock draft is out right. Now what did you make of where. He has guys at a shot. I got an early look at this. I think the biggest takeaway keys that four quarterbacks in the top four picks that is unprecedented. We have never seen anything like that before. It would be historic and it goes to the point of supply and demand. You know we talk about the quarterbacks being traded those teams that can't trade the jets can't somehow course shawn watson to waive that no trade clause. They have to draft a quarterback at to the miami dolphins sitting at pick three. We've seen before. They want tin games last year. They don't have to use the number three pig. They could trade out. Let carolina come up and then it for the atlanta falcons have a thirty five year old matt ryan. So they're in a good situation where they can either try to build around matt or they could trade out of that spot. So i think the quarterbacks going one two three four deserving this year for very good quarterbacks the top of this class. But i do think that would be. It'd be wild. It'd be a great draft night. If that's what happens april twenty ninth both. Un todd and your mock drafts have the carolina panthers jumping way up to go get just in fields in all honesty right now is justin feels that much better thin teddy bridgewater. I think so i do. I think the key is that justin is a much bigger player. Much better athlete. Much stronger arm. So when you look at quarterback position what are we usually start with big is. He is six three to twenty five. How strong arm he can make throws to every level ohio state love to roll this guy out and have him throw opposite field. What can he do athletically. As a runner go back to his freshman tape at georgia. Watch where they were just putting him on the field to run. He wasn't really being asked to throw so on the big justin fields fan. I've said before on here. I think he is more athletic. Dak prescott so the armstrong him to open things up seemed to total field. I love teddy. Teddy's a check down. Charlie for sure and you're not getting enough justin feels. He's able to hit every area of the field. I mean let's remember who carolina's offense coordinator joe brady. Who took joe burrow from ohio state said not enough. We're opening things up. We're gonna go fast pace. We're going to attack the entire field. You may joe burrow one of the greatest college quarterbacks ever with really one season a place. I think borough excuse me. Joe brady working with justin fields some marriage. There's a perfect marriage. You certainly have been in the scouting department with reference to chuck down charlie man. Let's talk about that before. Kao pits man highest tight end drafted in the draft in the history of the draft. I saw mel. i think going forth to the jets. Todd had them going. Sixes lays mock draft you. I'm going to the falcons. Are we starting to see this trend. Become a current thing. You i think jay differences cal is not justified in so folks like in a four. What are we talking about. This is not vernon davis coming out of maryland. This is six foot six hundred forty two hundred forty five pounds. Who's probably gonna run in the four four range at his florida produce so it's just a different dynamic and we're seeing position football be played right now where you look at cockpits up wide receiver slot wide receiver. We can put you in the backfield. There's an age back. We can lining up in line tight end so the game is changing where you take a player like how pits and you just make him a mismatch problem that's why i had him go to atlanta. I know melania super hiram as well as we might have to talk about him as the best non quarterback in this draft class because of what he did. Florida the catch radius yards after. Catch even when you knew the ball was going to him. Even when you knew or cal was throw the ball people could not stop compet. So i think no the year he had was amazing. The some great wide receivers jomar chaser. Lsu devante smith at alabama. But if you want to ignite your past game you have to at least consider kyle pits the first off the board. Let's talk about those two receivers in your in your mock. You have to march going six. Two eagles and devante smith going twelfth twelve to two. Lions is big of a gap between those two. No i don't think there is. And i know that seems crazy. People are listening to home watching like six and twelve these to the best wide receivers. We've seen a college in quite some time but remember last year the run a wide receivers did not start as early as we expected. It did start to pick eleven so we'd sat here march fifth. Happy birthday to my mom. By the whigs out here march fifth and said those wide receivers gonna go into the teens. We would have thought that was crazy. Talk but right now. We're seeing that. The nfl devalued the wide receiver a little bit in the top jan. If you don't have a julio jones or calvin johnson type player as great as jaguar chases he foot tall. Two hundred and eight. Pounds is great as devante. smith is. He's six foot one. One hundred seventy five pounds so players like that is not a great precedent for them going. As early as people might so six to the eagles a great landing spot bridge marchenko go work with jalen hurts and then we could see the trickle down effect as we talked about the quarterbacks if five quarterbacks during the top ten and two tackles go in the top ten someone has to fall and like last year it could be those wide receivers. I'm taking my great comment about you. Being an excellent skull backs and she didn't mention me in that top tier wide receivers. Taking the top five picks. You were a little before my time a little. I talk about you on my couch man. I love having fun. That's what this show is all about early in the morning on draft on the draft. Scowl dot com. You have chicago. Bears and draft in a quarterback at eight and trae lance take us through the scenario of how the bears can acquire trae lance in the draft. I got inspired by mel. I don't usually do. Trades mock drafts. But i heard him give todd some some stuff about it and i was like okay i gotta do to so the chicago bears right now. They haven't asset that a lot of people aren't thinking about and that's alan robinson wide receiver. Who is set to be a free agent so instead of tagging allen robinson and trying to sign up to long term deal. He doesn't want to be there. You tag him and trade him. You have an asset. So if you tag alan robinson. Trade him to the baltimore ravens. Who own pick twenty-seven nash chicago has picked twenty epic twenty-seven which gives you the ammo with some future draft picks to get into the top ten. Especially if there's that early runoff quarterbacks we might see some teams be willing to move out of that top spot so it gets messy when you start talking about trades but the bears do have assets where they wanna get aggressive that they want to try to jump the denver broncos if they want to try to jump the san francisco forty niners. They can actually do that. By using the franchise tag on allen robinson the trading him to a team like a baltimore who at twenty seven. We all know. They need a receiver big wide receiver at pick. Twenty seven no one on the board is gonna look like alan robinson. So that's that's a smart move. The ryan pace can make to try to salvage what he's got going there chicago. That's a good point. Because i think draft stock and draft pick searches held like bars of gold and people don't wanna part with them but to matt's point if you have a proven commodity sometimes it's just easier to go with the guy you know is good then draft guy and hope and key has been saying for a while the ravens do need a legit number one pair with hollywood brown matt. Thanks for the perspective. Obviously have you on as move closer to the draft april twenty nine th on espn and espn ring buddy. Thanks appreciate yes. Well that's matt miller and wanna mention one other thing on the draft. You may have seen pop into your phone. Our colleague mike greenberg is named the host of the nfl draft on espn draft mentioned on espn. He'll be sitting there with mel. And mel's radio partner. Dari noca- saturday mornings on espn. He will be manning the draft on. Espn radio so congratulations to mike. It's a great moment. And i know last year. The pandemic essentially had the draft. Take on even greater heights. Right because people were starving for sports. But you know there you can count on one hand. The amount of people that have hosted the nfl draft in the history of it being on television. So mike is the latest congratulations to him. Boomer did it for a really really really try wingo and might that's all right back and fica that's pretty much. It exclusive company for a great company at the great stuff from my congratulations to draft a couple years. In that thing you talk about studying. That's mental chat. Eight breath during the pandemic man who things are fast moving younger studying so much. How long how long has the nba like. How long probably two and a half hours i know does not. Nfl radio city music hall and we literally could not get up to go to the restroom because it was at a time where it was just to to what was no commercial breaks. It was the long before they broke it all the way down in a bathroom break and years. That's starving to death. Can't can't drink because you've got this is like and then not in real time you're supposed to really come to a conclusion about hey team make the right move here. The repercussions kid. You're also talking about young adults right. So can you be as critical. It's crazy it. I know we gotta move on but it was. It was fascinating. Because i learned a lot about a lot of players in i could predict. It was so weird. Because it's so much information. I can predict who's gonna have success based on meeting and understanding and following him really studying. Who would have success and who wouldn't have success. It was like yeah well. We did say he was going to be good. Or wasn't i remember. I said i will take collison over. Trae young destroying because and his pan out to be a pretty damn good pro. No doubt about it. So he got to round sixty picks. You got seven rounds. Sometimes of two hundred six in the nfl draft so again. Congratulations to greenie manning. Our coverage of let's be honest outside of the game. This is the most popular thing fans draft every year. What is plan. I watched it a games. And then right below. It is the drafts. Congratulations to greenhouse john. Jay zubin presented by progressive insurance. We are talking about the best football being drafted in the nfl in late april. The best in the nba are ready to go this weekend. But not without controversy. And it's not what you think we'll dig into it. This is player versus player. That's after this sportscenter. Update good morning. I'm zubin mohanty football program. An internal investigation had found that former head coach. Les miles had quote inappropriate behavior with female student workers in twenty thirteen. Usa today unveiled all. This espn looked at some documents. Miles was accused of contacting female students via facebook and text meeting with them off campus alone and kissing. At least one of them though. I should mention that. Miles has vehemently denied the ladder accusation. As you likely know less right now is the head coach at the university of kansas. Less was he. Is you know no a michigan man. That's a big things like. I don't wanna know anymore. That was a michigan man. Michigan defeats michigan state. Sixty nine fifty to clinch. It had great job under to one howard second year on the job. Michigan now is sixty two percent chance to earn a one seed in the tournament. Selection sunday is sunday march fourteenth. We'll be covering all night long. Draymond green go to michigan state. Why would he fire up michigan. The plate michigan state. because that's mongering. Where's your loyalty at. Mit rolled shoot from michigan stadium about on the line. I don't care about draymond. We'll talk about dream on some of the other. Nba superstars here in just a minute. Very interesting developments here last night as we head toward the all star game the all star game is going to be in atlanta and black history always is going to be focused on in atlanta. Professional team beat landed dream. The two thousand twenty integration of the team you might remember the republicans opposed to their owner former. Us senator kelly leffler and they opposed running for senate or trying to get back into the senate by wearing t shirts. That said vote warnock. Dr reverend raphael warnock her opponents and dr warnock was able to be victorious in that election in georgia in the month of january since then leffler has sold her stake in the atlanta dream. To among others a consortium that includes former dream guard renee montgomery and sportscenter is presented by progressive. You could save when you bundle your auto home motorcycle. Rv your boat visit progressive dot com. My name is jay. Most influential woman in my life is my wife nicky. Bonna corsi in order to pass five or six years. My has been going through a ton she's been in and out of hospital. Kidney transplants diverticulitis. A lot of different things that she's been dealing with and my wife has helped me down steps away. Meanwhile she also gave birth to our first child. Emilia brooklyn rose williams and she is loving my life. The way she holes our family down the way out to travel everything that's happened with the pandemic. She's always been not cornerstone for me in strength for our family. So i'll tell her i love you more than anything on this planet. I know you're about to give birth to her second child and once again you are light that our family needs. I love you nikki. And thank you for holding down our family holding me down. How about that key. Komo man this j wheel. Maybe he knows the deal. i mean. that's that's what it's all about management family. Nothing is always tell people you know. Get people say things to me about you know why. Go for this team. That blood is thicker than water all day. All ain't even nothing to think about at all. Well said well said and of course she. Well said there as well. Lebron said something that was well said but may not be taking exactly the way. Many people want so here we go. We've got the all-star draft team. Lebron team durant going back and forth. We got the starters familiar names. Yana staff embiid. Luca hawaii yokich beal tatum. The expect to be and then round two. They went back and forth lebron and durant who we might see again in june or july. The season stretches into july hopefully for seven games in the finals then came the reserves and a very to last reserves the saris of the starters the reserves of the reserves and durant final pick of the reserves. Donovan mitchell the best player on the nba's best team record wise to date. The very last selection overall goes to team. Lebron lebron's last pick goes to donovan. Mitchell teammate rigo bear who's played great basketball and two out of the last three years has won the nba defensive player of the year award. So why would you slight these two guys on the. Nba's break out team well. Lebron explained his rationale alongside the fellas on tnt last night. And let's say if you're of a certain age. The bronze explanation is going to make a lot of sense. I just wanna say so. There's no slander. But you guys gotta understand guys guys gotta understand just like video games growing up. We never play with utah. Even as great as cromwell those video. Never i mean he ain't line play video games my whole life. I'm like hey let me pick the utah jazz. He picked karl malone. Who i wanna rock out and be john stock and i was always like i want to be is eight. Thomas i wanna be michael jordan. I'd rather be larry bird. Like let me be. Larry in never for once in my mind that i go to utah. But they're don't get that twice it. That's bs man to a degree. The fact that the best team the two players in the best team get drafted last. There's anything that will add to the motivation of the utah jazz. Especially the way they loss. Seventy sixers the night before bad caused by the refs. The fact that people don't respect how good of a team the utah jazz. Are you talk about the dream on video. That you want our us to motivate michigan. There's a litany of things that are now going to be used to motivate the utah jazz. Yeah i get. I get bra said. There's no question that's why they all just fell out laughing because it's true. I mean it's utah. Nobody ain't filling utah. Like that. And i understand but what does the city have to do with the two players right. I mean that's what people like. Well the two players deserve to be picked but they was picked at the bottom as reserves at the very easily could have been somebody lebron and wanted to pick somebody else. They could have very easy to say we go pick these twos instead but they picked them but it goes back. It's just like me say. Don't throw your computer at me jeff. Wilpon is just like duke. We don't really rock with duke like this. Great like duke. Yeah man great great winning the whole deal but when we was young we was feeling michigan in a fab five. We didn't would filling crystal. I'll talk georgetown. Georgetown with pale. Yes the way we looked at it growing up. And that's the same way that lebron we're looking at the utah jazz to comment on the body. That's just the way it is. It does make it interesting though when people will say where you play doesn't matter people used to say try to use that argument when it comes to name recognition. It's almost i love portland portland's dope place. Yeah but that's why dame will never get the recognition because there's portland because he's in portland and as much as fans in portland. Try to say. Well that's not really the case you know any team look at what's was i on zion's different because zions in dame is still getting a lot of love because he closes out games that are different rep but imagine if game was in. La imagine if data is in your imagine. If dan was in chicago we talking about dame every day. It's very is is the flavor of the month because you're waiting for a dunk. in remember. He blew out the shoe so he comes into the league. Widsom stuff following him already. Built into social media already built into the social media. So i if if the pelicans win games then they'll continue to talk dame at forty four last night here forty four and we're we're not we come into our meetings and we've been around a lot of other meetings immediate you gonna see media league with that. Hey it's like what's happening with the brown what's happening on this of the all star game like all these other things it just smaller markets. It becomes challenging for them at times. I would just say two things. One portland top-five fan base. There's no doubt and it's a small constellation but if he goes down as the best player in that franchise's history he'll be beloved to a level that few players can because that fan base is unbelievably onboard. Second thing by the way circle these two dates. Both of these games are on espn. That's great saturday. April seventeenth jazz at lakers. We'll be covering one day. Just two days later jazz lakers again. That'll be ten eastern on. Espn vile away. File away this draft snub for april seventeenth and nineteenth on the way. Our nfl insider dan graziano earlier. This morning said it's doubtful the bears would bring back mitchell. Trubisky this fall. So where did the bears go a guy that knows the team as well as anyone is on the way after j. as this from indeed for my business owners out there this is for you. Listen up we're on the same page. We own a business owner. Everything you get it. Sales finance customer service. 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You thought it was hot and twenty twenty. Wait till you see what happens in twenty twenty one. We're joined by adam. Amin on the goodyear hotline brought to you by good. You're celebrating march deal days with long service and savings visit goodyear auto service dot com for offers. It might take the entire segment to reel off all the things adams doing right now but i'll start. Magi preseason voice of the bears chicago kid grew up in the burbs listening to len casper on the ringtone former legendary announcer for the chicago cubs. Now with the white sox. Adam goes from being a guy that listen to those guys to be in one of those guys. he's also the play by play voice of the chicago bulls. Yes and he does baseball for fox college basketball for fox. As soon as he's done he'll be charting something for his next game so i appreciate them taking five minutes to talk to a job. We're overachievers that they say about us. We're overachievers adam. Certainly one of those. He joins us this morning. We're having a little fun at them. Let's start out with this. The bears the city revolves around the bears. Best and worst case scenario at the quarterback position. We talk about it every morning. I think i personally great. Thanks for the boys. I appreciate all of you. You guys know that but Good to talk. Yeah i'm i'm with you on. Best case scenario probably is the russell wilson scenario because there there is not a perfect long-term option. I do think that is correct. You know between trying to figure out contract situation. Your you're saddled contract wise right now and moneywise salary cap wise. Because of what's what's happening on the defensive end the khalil mack deal obviously is taking up a of space robert. Quinn's free agent contract last year. And what you've done to the secondary so there's a lot of money tied up in the defensive side of the football and other than maybe the russell wilson option. I don't know if there's a great long term option if you could somehow trade for russell wilson and then be able to afford the cap space that would take the sign him. Long-term maybe that'd be the best scenario. And i don't know how likely that is. Worst case scenario. I and again. I hate saying it this way i don't i. It sounds like a slight against him. But i think re signing mitch trubisky. They'll long-term deal would probably end up being the worst case scenario if he hasn't given you the level of productivity that a contract back caliber of that of that number two to resign. Somebody like that would take so. I think that's probably the worst case. Scenario right now Unless you wanna throw in. Nick foles as the next option is a long term deal. There's a lot of options that don't look as appealing. Especially when you have a front office. And head coach matt nagy and a a gm and ryan pace that feel like could potentially be in in a lame duck season right now. What's going to be there. Scenario a year from now and i think that's worth the worst case scenario is looking currently for the bears. You don't have a great long term option adam. Let me ask you about the bulls for second the guards. I love a love. act levine. love kobe white. I don't know if i'm sure if i love the bigs. Laurie marketing he talked about window. Carter what do you see this team doing by the trade deadline to make the next step for the bulls organization. I it's a tough thing to battle right now. I think jay because our tourist karnishovas who comes over from denver takes over as vp of operations. He spoke to the media. The other day with the bulls play the nuggets and and was basically saying that. I don't look at players just as trade commodities and and there's a lot to try to parse through one sentence but that's the sentence to kind of stuck out to me from his press conference the other day and i wonder what does that translate to in terms of staying pat at a trade deadline. Because you're trying to play for the future or does it mean trying to ship off a player like a thaddeus young if you can find a trade package for somebody allow remarketing or a window carter junior. Would you go ahead and take that right now. Carter is still under contract for another year after this season. Marketing is going to be a restricted free agent. After this season and in the long term can you keep both of those players. Do want keep both of those players as long term options to build around as part of your core. I if you're considering the quarterback zach lavina white and then one of those two players and then maybe trying to keep a player like a thaddeus young. that's such a productive season and has a really important relationship. It feels like with some of the younger players. Is that what you build around. So i don't know if it's a trade deadline move if you're playing for the future but if you could possibly package one of those players for a lot to come back or a couple of draft picks that you can build off of that. I think that may end up being the move or this is a team that just kind of sits around And sand pat and see what this year looks like in the second half of the season and then try to reevaluate in the off season. And try to make some moves when you're going to have a lot more cap space next year remember auto puertas contract is off the books more than likely. Make sure it'd be interesting considering the history of injury for laurie market into if they'll be able to oxygen properly. But zach levine is headed to the all star game is he the greatest score that the bulls have seen since. Mj derrick rose is in that conversation but he hit and adam we got less than a great question. Invoking mj but less than a minute. If you could squeeze it in yeah no problem. I think your numbers. Why certainly you know. Derrick rose didn't put up these types of consistent offensive numbers in scoring category. Obviously he played a much more true point guard bowl a much more true scoring point guard type of role but i think xactly being with this level of consistency in this era of the nba. When the three point shot has to be as sharp as it has been. He has developed every point of his scoring ability. He has elevated that. He's deserving of an all star. Glad he got it this year and now it's time to take the next step nc begin. Elevate the play of everybody else around which has been efforting to do this season. How about when you grow up listening to joni act and larvae. And johnny red kerr and then you join that club. That's pretty awesome. I miss her. Mcdonald's all american days adam missiles as in chicago baby good. There's some good days rather we appreciate. It is really really kind of get invoke all those names all the very important names in the history of chicago broadcasting commend. You earned it. Thanks for being with us. We'll see in the fall call on the nfl to picks boys you got it. That's a great. Atta mean on the way the one. Qb dak and the one thing. Nobody's talking about him. We will next do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. Fortunately geico makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too. Because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Geico dot com easy.

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