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Season 4 - Episode 8


<music> welcome to season for episode eight. They walk among us. A podcast dedicated to U K true crime listener caution is advised this episode it contains adult themes and descriptions that some listeners may find distressing. Deana homes was born in Hendon North London in nineteen sixty two parents margarethen Michael himes Dina studied hard at school when she was twenty two while working for the Woolwich Building Society in Arundel she met Lee Wyatt Year after meeting the Pan moved into a property located in Green Oaks Lancing West Sussex in October of the following year they became husband and wife while they experienced several instances of heartbreak nick after a number of miscarriages in the birth of a still born baby when Dean was twenty seven she gave birth to the couple's only child Darren in nineteen ninety-seven the path had big ambitions instead of a business while working regular day Jobs Dina Lee Cross was launched through that line of soft toys by their self created characters shown the leper corn on which the toys were based. I am a fortune and be developed into a hit animation film for children following a holiday. In Florida Dina convinced her husband that they would be earning fifty million pounds through a deal she had struck with the Walt Disney Company. This was far from the truth is at home the business at folded Dina still continue to convince Lee that they were on track to make millions in America doc was just taking time meanwhile lita cajal but the Bedford Hotel in Brighton and Dina started to steal money in installments from the Building Society where she worked <music> soon the woolly chat twenty six thousand pounds missing from that books around this time Dina Meta man who she began an affair with Julian Leeann web was selling advertising for the West Sussex is at unaware his partner was having an affair Lee and his wife applied for a mortgage in Acton village in West Sussex near the southeast coast of England Leeann deny mostly apart while they was preparing the new house three months after the purchase on July twenty second nineteen ninety-one Lee was shocked to be served divorce papers from his wife. Then new home amongst the reasons it stated Lee White was quick tempered and then now four year old son was afraid of him just over a month later. Lee received more legal who correspondence when he found out Dean Hood got an injunction against him stopping Lee from having contact with this Sun Li got in touch with his wife and she responded and why is no popa aw it's not real a few months on in early November Lee white found out his wife had bigamous marriage Judy and web lead kept in touch with Dana but she insisted they had to a separate for their own safety. The Mafia had found out about the fifty million pounds. They were set to make through that deal with Disney and they wanted a cut Dina. Totally his life was in danger was instructed to change his name and move somewhere else so we could not be tracked down before the move to America convinced by what Dana told him Lee did indeed up sticks in fear for his life at first sleeping rough on park benches waiting for the money to come in so he his wife and son could move to Florida Lee found work in Cornwall fixing arcade machines on a low wage. She sent most of his money money to Dina living on his little as he could afford every time he made contact with his wife. She insisted the coast was not yet clear and the mafia which she had dubbed the G. Squad was still after him unbeknownst to Judy and web is new wife is already married and Lee wired had thought Dana was building the foundations to start a new life together in Florida but the theft of nearly thirty thousand pounds from her job was beginning to catch up with her Dina had no intention of taking the rap and persuaded swayed her first husband Lee white to confess to the theft in a series of letters. Lee later said she lives a life of lies in fantasy and I was the marquee winter long with it. <music> destroy phone call was made to police by Dean or on February eight nineteen ninety-three. She told the operator she had been attacked and she knew exactly who the assailant was. She claimed to have been a time when someone knocked to the front door in her statement that the entrance of the property Lee want lunged Medina then smashed her head against the wall. She said this attack was followed by brutal sexual assault Dino's examined and her injuries lined up with her recollection of the attack this included vaginal bruising bleeding bands and bruises to her neck yet. When police caught up with Lee Wyatt they discovered the Alabama he provided we did them checked out? He was actually it worked during the time of the alleged assault hundreds of miles away from Dina when the incident was set to have taken place since she was insistent it was her first husband unle Wyatt and his alibi was airtight. Police came to the unusual and uncomfortable conclusion that the injuries were self inflicted. Three most similar claims were reported by Dana. The outcome was always the same. There was no evidence Lee White was even in the area at the time of the attacks years later Dina would admit that at least two of these alleged attacks were fabricated briquetted. Julian Webb celebrated his thirty first birthday on June thirtieth nineteen ninety-four. He had a fondness of really spicy food so along with his wife. They had an extra spicy curry for his birthday dinner but afterwards he fell ill. Julian's mother Rosemary Web cooled the House three times on his birthday to speak to her son but each time Dina said he was too unwell to. I police cards or even to speak to her leave. The next good morning. Rosemary received a cool from the police. The news was every parent's worst nightmare. Originally child was dead. <music> funeral was held for Julian on August twenty fourth nineteen ninety four is wife place flowers at his graveside which read to Julian because you loved me so dna the day later or an open verdict was ruled at the inquest into his death and an exact cause could not be determined <music>. The Penny was beginning to finally drop for Dina's first husband Lee Wyatt he insisted on meeting meeting with her in Florida the place where she promised they would start a new life but went overseas Lee found out his wife was now romantically involved with someone else Robert White Dina's new lover had agreed need to travel to America with her. She convinced him she had only a few weeks to live because of a growth on her kidneys <music> in nineteen ninety five the law finally caught up with Dana facing seven charges of theft and to a forgery relating waiting to the money she stole from the Witch Building Society Judge Eric grint Moore said during her trial she was one of the most fluent lives I've ever come across Dina was sentenced to eighteen months in jail following her release. Dina met a man could fill trot by chance while shopping in worthing the path heated off and she asked him out on a date. The lies started almost immediately when she claimed she had throat cancer <music>. The relationship didn't last when a few weeks later he discovered she had taken five hundred pounds from his bank account through lonely hearts column in Nineteen ninety-seven Dina Snotty to date another another man Graham binks she once again claimed to have terminal cancer and invited her new boyfriend on an all expenses paid holiday to Florida unbeknownst to Graham she hadn't paid for the trip told Dina had open grams male stealing his credit card and blowing four thousand four hundred and four pounds on the trip <music> finely nineteen ninety-seven diener and Lee y divorced the year later she met Richard Thompson vire lonely hearts column in a newspaper they married the British Telecom's manager the following year and they lived together in the village of Rusting Ten West Sussex the pay married in a ceremony on a beach in Florida and with a new last name Dean Thompson now had a fresh start but history began to repeat itself when like her previous relationships. She promised her new husband alive in America she claimed to have won three hundred thousand thousand pounds on the national lottery but could not get to the funds as they were tied up in a bank in Jersey Dina said she had a contact in Florida to get Richard a job as a fishing boat captain but unfortunately her contact act was indisposed at the time. This mystery man was working undercover for the F._B._i.. Also claimed she was a college teacher and an antiques dealer alarmingly she also lied again again about having cancer both in breast and ovaries telling her new husband that time was running out as the diagnosis was terminal upon being told this Richard was convinced and took thirty six thousand pounds in his retirement fund to move to Florida. He gave his wife three thousand pounds so she could use the money as a deposit on a house. The funds were instead used to pay off the balance of a credit card which diener it secretly taken out take new husband's name Iraq activities became more suspicious when she inquired about Richard Surrendering. He's eighteen nine thousand pound life insurance policy scam off the scam followed relate with each moral delicious than the last when finally she put the house up for sale without telling her husband it was only a matter of time before the ruse was discovered and Dina confess to Richard want she had done on the council. After this point diverge Dean Richard provided conflicting statements as to what happened next Dana Thompson claimed after finding out about the lies and missing money Richard Thompson attacked her while they were having sex the husband on the other hand cities wife had tried to kill him with a metal baseball bat and a knife in the kitchen when he was bound to the floor with masking tape and a leather the belt in a bondage sex session in August two thousand Dena Thompson appeared at Lewes Crown Court for the attempted murder of Richard Thompson and was facing fifteen additional charges of deception. She denied that she attacked a husband. However admitted meted to the deception charges? A handwriting expert told the court she thought his signature on a loan agreement from the Abbey National in Richard Thompson's name was signed by Dena Thompson <music> cooled by the Defense Richard Thompson's ex wife Sarah Haughey told the court the TEREX husband who she married in Nineteen ninety-four whose main violent he had a tendency to burn through money in that bank account but ton NAS if she spent any of their joint finances speaking about a husband at the time Sarah Hockey said he was very selfish and we'll get angry. If I spent money he was aggressive and would play out like a spoilt child. When he wasn't winning the point he would get violent? You would push me about hits me. This happened several all times. After the couple married. They purchased a cottage together a property a plan to fix up the witness said things did not go to plan when they moved in is the money they I saved for the renovations with Spence by Richard. A further bone of contention in the Union was Richard Sexual Preferences discussed bondage was interested in all sorts of fantasy sex sex which wasn't Sarah hokey stated. He wanted to tie me up but I didn't agree. He persisted for a wall but I made it quite clear. Roy Wasn't interested ago the impression he had done it before and it was something he wanted to continue to do. Zehra hockey divorced her husband on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour in nineteen ninety-seven. <music> from the stand Richard Thompson spoke about his new wife Dina until the court. I fell for her personality. Trust deter one hundred percent. The prosecution postulated that Dean Thompson a tried to kill her husband because she was scared to tell the truth that she had lied about having an abundance of money having cancer because she had stolen from her husband counsel for the Defence Joanne Greenberg Q._C. admitted Dena Thompson was a con woman but said she would not have attempted such a clumsy mudder. If a client intended to kill Richard Thompson she said she would have used I ha powers of manipulation and discovered a way which would not have implicated her in the Act Greenberg told the jury at Lewes Crown Court the crown say this was something she planned but it wasn't the evidence of her fraud was all around them and also evidence of her sexual session. It would never have worked. Nobody not even an unintelligent person would have thought it would. Mrs Thompson was not an unintelligent person. She's a woman capable of lying. Lying and lying Greenberg continued if she tells you today it's Friday you would probably want to check in your newspaper for the truth cheese into northeast woman but despite an appalling record of dishonesty she has never been violent. Both of these people soren each other something they could get in financial terms but Dean Thompson is the more experienced and practice fraudster. When Deena Thompson met her husband she was grossly overweight job Louis Virtually penniless with Charlton Cape? Do you think he would have shown the slightest interest in revenue the truth he sold Mrs Thompson is a golden goose even before he was told of the lottery win he thought she had capital and was prepared to spend it on him. Dena Thompson was to a very great extent been the author of her own misfortune. She set about a course of conceit which would eventually bring about an explosion for Mister Thompson. She played with fire and she got burned <music>. Uh Dina Thompson claimed she only struck her husband with a metal baseball batting self defense. She said her shoulder was sliced. When trying to remove Vanoy from his grasp after the evidence Vince was presented in closing arguments heard the jury came to a decision in August two thousand Dena Thompson was found not guilty of attempted murder for the fifteen being shot is of deception? She was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison John John Anthony Scott Gold Address Thompson during sentencing and said you still property from vulnerable rebel men all of whom in their own way becoming nominee with you and Mr Thompson went so far as to marry you you all someone who is irredeemably dishonest and driven by desire to defraud people off that purposing take <music> cleared of attempted murder the case spunk to renewed interest in the suspicious death of Julian Webb Dena Thompson second husband detective chief Inspector Martin Underhill set the events portrayed trade in this trial and the unusual nature of Julian Webb's death prompted the force to reopen the investigation trolling through hop poss- relationships detectives could not track down some of Dino's previous boyfriends and lovers Dion Hill would go on to tell the press there are some we never managed to find one man we think was Russian and the other English. We have no idea what happened to them. Rose Marie webs desire to find out the truth about her son's death was a driving force behind the reinvestigation. She did not believe the thirty one year old healthy fit son suddenly become homily died or the t choose to take his own life while she described Hassan as a happy straight-forward man in contrast Chiku Dena Thompson manipulative scheming and dishonest zone EST the day off to Julian's death is mother found out. Dana returned up but he's workplace looking to discuss is thirty six thousand pound pension raise Marie web trying to prove that she had the legal right over her son's affairs is Dina wanted him to be cremated. His mother felt he should be laid to rest near the family home on Hayling Island. Luckily Luckily Rosemary discovered Dean was still married to Lee white when she married Julian making the marriage bigamous therefore void after solicitors were informed Rosemary web was declared the beneficiary of US sons estate allowing her the right to bury a son following their suspicions. Police decided to exhume the body of Julian Webb when a new witness voice their concerns about the curry Jillian eight on his birthday don Hudson a fellow Angola who Julian Webb struck up a friendship with when he was is trying to set up a new life in Florida informed police that Dina told him about the dinner during a telephone conversation after his friend's death Dina had told Don that Julian consumes seasickness pills antihistamines aspirin and in addition drunk heavily along with eating a very hot curry. Oh she did not go into detail the why he had taken such a large amount of medication don't Hudson said the teeth suspicions. That diener admitted his friend off the scale once the nation of Julian DEB's body was complete edition toxicology tests were undertaken by Jim and toxicologist Dr Hans Sachs and it was evident that the death was far from an open and shut case someone was charged with Julian's mudder and a trial began during November two thousand three at London's Old Bailey. Dana Thompson stood in the dock during the prosecution's opening statements Michael Burbach Q._C. spoke about Julian Webb told jurors there was a police investigation but perhaps it was not as detailed as it might have been. The prosecution says Julian did not kill himself. The defendant killed him by subterfuge. She tricked him into taking lethal quantities of drunks. The prosecutor asked the Jiri One man who was by all accounts fit and healthy showing no signs of depression chose to take his life on his thirty first birthday and why would his wife being such a hurry to have her husband's body cremated also when paramedics arrived during the early hours Dena Thompson retrieved empty bottle of aspirin and the antidepressant dolphin however she was caring for her husband she claimed how was it possible he could have retrieved the drugs without knowing the jury will tell that during the. The evening of June thirtieth nineteen ninety-four Thompson spoke with a friend of Julian's in the United States and explain the husband had an extremely spicy curry for dinner and was feeling unwell. The pair had been to an Indian restaurant and the prosecution postulated it was possible jillions food could have been laced with vast amounts of aspirin and an antidepressant. The prosecutor argued that the bitter taste the medication would have been hidden by the overpowering spice in the meal allowing the victim to ingest large quantities of drugs without realizing a friend of the victim would like to testify that Julian would often go into a curry we house and asks for the spiciest thing on the menu this developed into a running joke with some local businesses. We thought the food inedible Mokaba Bam Q._C. put forward the case that there was in fact act more than a financial motive for the crime is Thompson would not only inherit Julian Web's the state but Thompson was also still married to her previous husband Lee Wyatt she was attempting to get want to implicate himself in the fraud told that she was undertaking against the Willis. Building Society wanted to ensure that Judy and was not aware of once existence deception would eventually be discovered in nineteen ninety-five a year off to judy and Webb's death. She was sentenced to eighteen months in prison. The defense argued that Julian Webb Tyke in his life after a short period of Depression Julian was nine to attend the gym three times a week week was physically fit and looked after himself however a week before he died he was not seen not that the gym or his workplace. The West Sussex Gazette the appetizing salesman's family friends NHS and colleagues cool the daytime but we're told by Dean Thompson. The husband was unwell. Dana told police that Julian was drinking and taking steroids during this period and on the evening of his birthday June thirtieth not if it's spent the nineteen bed after the parody Tuna Curry Thompson said that she had not been able to sleep in the same room as a husband had been snoring loudly but after checking on him in the early hours she called for an ambulance when she found him lifeless with blood trickling from his mouth prosecution question thompsons recollection of the events as they it into view jillions friends who explain the T. rarely if fava's drank alcohol detectives it also discovered Dena Thompson was prime to telling falsehoods regarding both a health and abuse she had suffered. She told friends that a previous husband Lee whited struck a winning fact the injuries were self inflicted and Jill said Multiple Times that she was suffering from a life threatening illness when she was not Thompson it cooled jillions workplace regarding her status on his his pension shortly after his death his boss at the time pulled Robbins would like to give testimony and tell the court the Thompson arrived at the offices where he worked along with her father she met him at the entrance of the building in a dressing gown. Hold robens of the news of Julian's death rubbings testified the tin calm manner Thompson told him she was laying in bed with Julian when he stopped breathing lights lights that day she then cooled the office to ask if it was possible to withdraw cash from Julian's pension as he was under her husband's name and she needed access to funds quickly <music> Paul Reubens was cross examined by Joanna Greenberg Q._C. for the defense and went on to admit the team may have been confused when describing thompsons mood during that conversation outside the office telling the court that she may have been upset at first but then appeared to come down. You'll say said that he was not completely sure. Thompson did say she was in bed with a husband when she realized he was dead. The prosecutor told the jury they should take all of Thompson's lies into account when evaluating her claim that Julian weapon died for me the food poisoning or suicide <music> Rosemary web also took the stand and testified that she warned her son about the speed of the relationship he was having with Dena Thompson after he announced. What's the pay would go to marry only three months? After meeting. She'll say recounted how she made several attempts to contact her son in the final days of his life and whether Dina said he was able to answer the phone following a bout of sickness is the second week of the trial came to an end Dina thompsons fast husband Hundley wire to address the court. The jury were told what had been arrested in connection with the Woolwich Building Society fraud the no charges were ultimately brought against him. Why did claim that his wife Dana? We're told him that's along with some they would be moving to America where they would make fifty million pounds from showing the Leprechaun want also told won't Disney. We're in the process of arranging their accommodation. This plan would not come to fruition however is what insisted the from the Blue Thompson told him that they were now being chased by the Mafia so he had to move away and change his name. It was not until the beginning of Nineteen nineteen ninety-four that he started to question Dina Story Lee once spoke of his fragile mental state explaining he experienced delusions in which he communicated with his dead father by plucking in paper from a bag marked with yes. Oh No responses under cross examination counsel for Dena Thompson Joanna Greenberg. Q._C. told the witness that he was not living in a fantasy world. It only exaggerated his account when he sold his story to a tabloid newspaper. After giving an interview to police following his arrest in connection to the building society fraud and lighter before the trial he made no I mention of leprechauns <music> the testimony would be heard from a paramedic and the doctor who attended the scene and broke the news to Dean Thompson that her husband died paramedic Malcolm Wilson took the stand until the court when he arrived at the scene he was told by Dana the husband Darnley just died however rigor mortis had set in and based on his experience. Julian Webb looks to have been dead for around four hours. The paramedic also found it surprising that the bed Julian was lying on had been made look to be undisturbed. Don't sanitize Sherry full so explain the when he tell Dina that her husband was dead. He found a Mana Rhonda on wall she she questioned how she would cope and she would do the doctor told the cool that the defendant seemed Rama detached from reality <music> the jury would hear from one of Julian webs work colleagues Grimes Hewitt on July first nineteen ninety four Hewitt's spoke to Dean Thompson on the phone and was informed that Julian was dead he too who was surprised by how detached once you it told the court she was almost matter-of-fact cold and unemotional. She soon asked me questions about money going to him and benefits. I remember being extremely surprised to the extent that tie remember banging on the politician to cool my colleague into listen to this amazing cool in a further twist before Julian's death Patricia Smith who also worked for the newspaper confided to Graham Hewitt that she was having an affair with Julian which ended a few weeks before he passed away the to discuss the matter is Patricia. Smith heard the suggestion that Julian had been unwell and was feeling depressed however she disagreed certain that the man she was romantically involved with would not take his own life molecule humans will might to the court from Dina Thomson's defence counsel that Julian Webb was depressed because he had been unable to start a new life in the United States with his wife. A prosecution witness described how Thompson forged a letter from mkx Company in Florida that was seeking employees for diving and fishing trips. The letter had been created on the computer of Thompson's neighbor Jacqueline House the Thompson had asked to use the computer does she didn't have one at time. The neighbor left or acquaintance to it but when the work was finished Thompson said the tech she had created was no longer needed. Jacqueline House decided to save the text just in in case a neighbor required it again written from Mr smelling the letter offer Julian Webb at twenty thousand pounds a year salary working for a diving company with further benefits that included additional work configuring trips commission and a company car is the case came to a Close Marco Burbank Q._C. Z. Summarize the evidence against Dean Thompson arguing she had administered a concentrated dose of Aspirin and antidepressants in a hot curry to kill her husband but Obama criticized the defendant for not taking the standing around defense but during closing arguments Joanna Green Bug Q._C. who successfully defended Thompson during her trial for attempted murder told the jury at the Old Bailey the tool the crown hat was circumstantial on chill evidence and the blame had only fallen on Thompson shoulders as those close to Julian were unable to accept that he would choose to Tyke his life Greenberg said this case is about an attempt by the prosecution addition to prove that by gathering together strange facts and hoffer cooled conversations by saying. We don't want to accept that Julian committed suicide and by saying diener is not a very nice person but evidence putting dean or in a poor light is evidence Johnson which he can rely to say she committed murder oldest is proved is that diener is not a nice person. You certainly wouldn't buy second hand car from her and she is certainly a person who is very frequently a stranger to the truth truth. That's evidence has fallen very sure to proving she committed a murder. Julian had the choice here and he made a wrong choice in ending his own life but he was his life. He was free to take it. Greenberg told the jury to question the evidence is even with an incredibly spicy curry. It was unlikely that Julian Webb would not have realized what he was eating counsel for the defense said just because Dana Thompson was a lawyer but did not make her a murderer following the judge's summing coming up of the case he told the jury that even though Dena Thompson was a liar and morally corrupt did not mean she had a propensity to mudder he said you will have to distinguish between a light how to disguise <unk> her intention to kill an ally told for another reason jurors will left to consider based on the evidence presented at trial the t the Julian Webb took his own life a scenario. The defense insisted wasted his family were unable to accept or he was poisoned by Dena Thompson after a five week trial and just I've a ten hours of deliberations the jury of five women and six men submitted that verdict they had not been informed of Dina thompsons past which included her previous acquitted of attempted murder or her convictions for stealing from a building society and to pass lovers one Jira felt that Dena Thompson and was not guilty but ten others were certain that Julian Webb was poisoned and died in the home he shared with his wife on Douglas Clive's in Yaps in West Sussex as the verdict was read aloud and Julien's family embraced one another in the public gallery of the Old Bailey during sentencing in mid December two thousand three the judge recorder of London Michael Hayme Face Tina Thompson and said you brought about Julian Webb's death by poisoning him what you did was utterly ruthless and without pity nothing can excuse you for the wickedness of what you did. <music> Thompson was sentenced to life in prison would have to serve a minimum of thirteen years <music> outside the courtroom. Julian's mother spoke to reporters and said Julia was a much loved kind loyal and friendly young man Dan he's greatly missed by his family and friends and their support has been a great help to me. You sat says surrounding his death but being the source of great pains to me and my family he now only one person knows what really happened and she is not say he was a tough sitting S. A.. T. often expressed concern for the problems. That Dina seem to be happening. He was glad that he was there to protect and support her. It is with great sadness those of us who are still here have discovered what she is really like. Martin underhill of the Sussex Police also gave his stole some Dana Thompson. This woman is every man's not man for the last decade she has talked men financially sexually physically an if a one by glad she's beyond balls <music> Dina thompsons third husband Richard Dandies new wife spoke about what life was like after Dean is acquitted of attempted mudder and the emotion damage that the event caused that was very hard thing to accept because I felt that people didn't believe me a now the truth is out. Everyone knows I was telling the truth three years Musica and he was so scared traumatized fried of being on his own. She really did incredible damage driven by grade here the more convinced of all evil she is it has been to many other people. Hopefully she won't ever again we. She is what she's love. Rosemary Web whited to put a headstone on a son's grave until justice was served. Loved she said there is never a day when he's not the first thought I have when I awake he was my only much love child and also a good friend <music>. So where are we now shortly. After the verdict detectives who had been working the case announce they'd been attempting to track down another of Dina thompsons partners about Garin man's join cost of we'd been in a relationship with Thomson during the seventies and eighties when they traveled threat Europe together Detective Chief Inspector for Sussex Police Martin Underhill said we cannot trace him. We've tried in this country and three into poll whole to find him. We are calling on him to get in touch. It was reported the cost of disappeared in Bulgaria. Will Thompson was in the country training as a gymnast Sussex Police and Interpol police continue to search for Thomson's former boyfriend well into the next decade will buy all attempts to track down a failed and his whereabouts so run nine Dena Thompson appealed her conviction argument was at first dismissed by single court judge then heard before Lord Justice this King Mrs Justice Hallett Dame Heather Steel during two thousand and five the judges were to decide whether to grant Dean Thompson leave to appeal her sentence the method through which Julian Webb died an overdose of ten capsules of Aspirin and thirty capsules or more of Dafa Pin was not disputed and the three judges agreed with the defense's opinion. The thompsons conviction was based on circumstantial evidence however the appeal focused on the trawl judge's dismissal of an argument made by the defense that Thompson had no case to answer and should not have gone before a jury Dena Thompson never gave evidence attire original trial counsel for the defence. Joanna Greenberg told the cool the Thompson was deceit Philan- devious so he would not have helped the defense's case had she taken the stand aw Greenberg argued that it was thompson's apparent disquieting character that was used by the prosecution and said if it was any other person their behavior would not have ray suspicion to additional grounds for appeal focused on the balance of the summing up by the judge along with the statistical argument the men between the ages of twenty five and thirty four or more likely to die by suicide <music> after reviewing the submission by the defense the judges commented on each of the points raised regarding the arguments relating to the possibility ability of suicide the three judges pointed to testimony provided by the defense his own witness at the trial who said that there was no direct research which could be referenced in order to bolster the claim that Julian Webb was suicidal chew due to his age in relation to the points made by the defense concerning the pollens character. The three judges believed that the initial trial judge recorder of London Michael Hain was right to direct the jury the as he did when the circumstantial evidence was brought together a created a compelling pitcher and said there was no indication that Julian Webb intended to take his own life apart from the appellants insistence Easton's there was no suicide night and prior to his death. Julian Webb behaved in a manner of the was the opposite to someone that planned on ending their life. He was excited to move to the U._S.. With Dena Thompson and book to fishing trip trip the argument raised by the defense during trawl Julian Webb had no desire to speak to anyone before he was found dead in the early morning hours of July First Nineteen ninety-four was dismissed Dina Thomson Thomson at answered the phone every time someone at cooled the Heim including Julian's mother who asked to speak to her son before his death but was told Jillian was unwell. The three judges agreed that there was evidence which prove motive Tiv- as Thomson was still involved with Lee Wyatt her former husband and announced her plans to go to the United States with him wanted cold at the home a week before jillions death which could have led to an awkward conversation nation between the men that Thomson married also Thompson showed an almost instant interest in Julian webs pension cooling his place of work the same day he was found dead. Rely the crown could not prove precisely precisely the method through which the victim had ingested the drugs that ultimately ended his life Thompson have not only the motive but the means as well as she was prescribed the antidepressant the judges felt it was right that the case should have been brought before jury and they were appropriately directed by recorder of London Michael Hang Dina thompsons application for leave to appeal her sentence tints was denied and the conviction was not deemed unsafe four years after Dean Thompson's conviction she sought to appeal the length of a thirteen year jail term which went before Mr Justice usually for review during these appeals a sentence can be both reduced or increased from London's High Court the Judge Brandon Thompson scheming lying highly manipulative woman who could easily jeep men into doing her bidding and decreased a minimum tariff <unk> by an additional three years following the announcement of the new sixteen year jail term Mr Justice Uis Lee said whether she is then released will be for the Perot bowl to decide that stage it will consider the need for the public to be protected from Thomson in the light of all that is known a bouncer me went on to say this was a cold and calculated murder achieved through trickery and without remorse there was neither mitigation nor excuse there were no mitigating factors in particular that was clearly an intent to kill mm-hmm Dena Thompson will be able to apply for parole at the end of two thousand nineteen. Thank you for listening and special thanks to this weeks. Patriotic Produces Joe Smith Kimberly Jack's True Crime Nana and everyone who supports us on Patriot <music> for U._k.. An Australian listeners if you want to hear more you can now buy a copy of our new audio book. They walk among US available from audible or any way you purchase your audio ibooks. Two more information. Please see all show notes or visit our website at they walk among US PODCAST DOT COM.

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