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Social Distancing


If you haven't heard about anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast. LemMe explain it's free. There's creation tools that allow you to record an editor. Podcast right from your phone or computer anchor will distribute your podcast for you. So I'm going to be heard on spotify apple podcast and many more. You can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership everything. You need to make a podcast in one police. Download the free anchor APP or go to anchor dot. Fm to get started. Greetings my fellow podcasters and thanks so much for tuning in to Dreyer's point of view I am. Your host is dreyer and each and every week. I'll be bringing you a topic that I feel strongly about and I'll be doing that in ten minutes or less because if anything like me can have the attention span of a net and your mind wanders with those sixty to ninety minute shows so. I want to try to bring you everything. I can in a short period of time that way. There's no excuse not to say that you've heard my podcast will make sure that you subscribe. Follow me please. I'll be doing that with absolutely no co host. That way you can only get totally. Get Dreyer's point of view that being said. Let's jump right in to this week's topic of social distancing social distancing what to you feel about that the six feet between people when you go places. I don't know about you but I am so here for it. I hate that the world had to close down in order for us to be able to experience it. I'm not a fan of crowds. Really not the older I get the less people I want to see and the less I don't want I don't really like being feeling suffocated everywhere. You go there is a line first off. Okay everywhere you go you go to the movie theater concession stand line and everybody's on top of one another and even when you're sitting in your seats you know you reserve where you want to sit and I always tried to space it out where I'm sitting and of course it never works out because I space it out but then somebody feels the need to join me. I don't know why like. Why would you want to sit next to a stranger? Then you go to a concert? Especially there's no social distancing whatsoever because you go into the building everybody's on top of each other as you're walking around getting refreshments everybody's on top of one another. I just really am so over. That need to feel so close to other people like that you can go to the ATM machine especially without somebody right on your heels like give me space and they do a little bit but it's not six feet. I noticed there's a difference in space between East Coast and West Coast on the east coast. There right upon you no matter what line you're standing in they give you a little bit more space on the west coast very noticeable. So I wonder how they're gonNA wonder how are feeling with the space issue on the East Coast. It's just smothering. It's too much I think it. You know the personal space what we need. I went to the post office the other day. And there were take their tape on the floor and a sign on the door saying that they're practicing the social distancing and I liked it because you know whenever you do go to the polls still do. It's crowded and everyone's on top of one another. It just looks better spaced out. I think airport. That's going to be a little bit challenging to do because the moment you get in your standing in a long line they definitely don't space those out. I read one airport. There's opposed to be shutting down the number of checkpoints. How is that helping with the social distancing? You're going you're cutting them in. Half people are still going to be. Are you really like to see that work out with that social distancing another boarding process? There's no soliciting because even if it's not your zone everybody's in a rush to get on a plane everybody's on top of one another if you're off on weekends which. I don't really like to be everywhere you go. You can't go. It's it's like a Mardi gras everywhere you go. There's tons of people. There's no space whatsoever. You ever stand somewhere like you're in a grocery store you're standing looking at something and there's only a few inches between you and the product but somebody feels a need to walk right in front of you. Why do you do that? There's ton there's more space behind me. Why Walk Right in front of somebody social distancing people get into it I love? It's what are your thoughts on it. How do you feel? This is probably the shortest podcast ever done. But I felt the need to do it and say that I am so here for the social visiting. Give me my space. Hope you enjoyed listening to this as much as I enjoy bringing it to you. This is drills point of view.

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