May 7, 2019


Good Tuesday morning. I'm Jake Sherman and welcome to your political playbook audio briefing. Stay tuned after the show for a message from Google, and I'm Anna Palmer where kicking off the morning with a I in playbook. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell on Muller. It's case closed McConnell will speak on the floor at ten AM to deliver. His final thoughts on the Muller. Report McConnell is expected to focus on three buckets. Russia's interference in the US elections. The work of Robert Muller, an attorney general Bill bar and his view that it's time to stop re-litigating. The two thousand sixteen election book for him to invoke the phrase case closed. Here's what McConnell will say. This investigation went on for two years. It's finally over many Americans were waiting to see how their elected officials would respond with an exhaustive investigation complete with the country finally unified to confront the real challenges before us would we finally be able to move on from partisan paralysis and breathless conspiracy bureau ising or would we? Consumed by unhinged partisanship and keep dividing ourselves to the point that Putin and his agents lead only to stand on the sidelines and watch their jobs done for them, regrettably. I think the answer is obvious. Meanwhile, Senate Democrats are ramping up their messaging strategy of calling the Senate Mitch McConnell's legislative graveyard look for Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and others to focus on this talking point at the weekly stakeout after the caucus lunches Democrats will release a video later today. The Wall Street Journal has a look at how the White House is ratcheting up a trade fight with China while the Washington Post has a piece on how despite the tough top Robert lighthizer, the president's top trade negotiator and Treasury Secretary. Steven Mnuchin are expected to meet with the Chinese vice premier and his team later this week. The financial times reports that China's stock market steadied today after Washington and Beijing confirmed trade talks will continue Darren Samuelson. Daniel Lipman, Eliana Johnson report on how Trump advisors were surprised. By his tweet about Muller's testimony writing that more than a dozen people from Trump's close orbit downplayed the prospect that the president's weekend tweet should be taken as an official warning. Our colleague Alexandra Glorioso in Tallahassee scoop that the president has directed. His HHS secretary Alex's are to work with Florida governor Rhonda Santa's on the states drug import plan on the investigations front. Kyle Cheney in Andrew desert area report that House Judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler will proceed to hold a vote to hold AG Bill bar in contempt on Wednesday. Tash Gerstein has the latest on seven former top lawyers for the house of representatives who are now. Backing a lawsuit to block Trump from federal funds on the border without express authorization from congress and the New York Times is reporting that the president is now embracing the traditional fundraising. He wants shunned with two hundred bundlers, gathering at the Trump International hotel on the twenty twenty front Nolan mccaskill has the latest from South Carolina, how Pete Buddha judges having a hard time. Attracting black voters. Chris catalog has the scoop on Kamla Harris unloading on pundits who say only a white man can beat Trump. Dan, new Hauser is now covering politics included, congress in the twenty twenty campaign for vice news, he was formerly at national journal. Here's what's on tap. For Trump's Tuesday. The president will attend first lady Melania Trump's be best anniversary celebration at eleven AM in the rose garden. He will have lunch with President Mike Pence at twelve fifteen in the private dining room, and Trump will meet with Senate Republicans in the cabinet room at three PM and need a Kumar reports that Senator Lindsey Graham, David Purdue, Mike Crepeau and Chuck Grassley are expected to attend. According to people familiar with the meeting subscribe to playbook at politico dot com slash playbook. This is national small business week. Let's celebrate the local businesses and the people behind them that make our hometowns unique grow with Dougal supports small businesses by providing tools, they can use to get online and reach new customers. And through digital skills workshops and one on one coaching. We bring free training on those tools to businesses in all fifty states. Learn more at grow dot Google slash local businesses.

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