Satan Boy Summer (with Naomi Ekperigin and Megan Gailey)


and we're back for all the episode of keep it of iron madison. The third. i'm lewis for tell and guys. do you know what i just heard. I talked to a dentist. I won't say which one many reputable i dealt wanted us out of the profession. Call them out drop. I was like oh interesting. I was like i'm interested in getting my teeth bleached. They're like did you know that. Crest white strips basically the same thing anyway now. This is like an advertisement for crest. But i was shaken by that. Those shouldn't be the same thing. Bleaching sound so much more scientific test tubes are involved but not the case. I have always been personally confused about teeth. Whitening for teeth bleaching 'cause like is there a process where you can just go into the dentist and boom your teeth or whiter or our people's teeth so white because they have veneers which i write. Veneers is a whole other universe. Why do you refuse to do the veneers. Just because i think that you notice people have the nears because they look insane. Typically green hillary death. Oh yes her heyday right. Maybe even haley. I i kinda wanted. The look of a sleazy seventy eighty s game show host. You know what. I mean with giant chompers and like the glistening tonight grin. I really wanted that. So yeah. But i'm going to stick with my invis- align had it for eight weeks. He's got a few more. So i'm excited to get a liner soon. I feel like it's just we're bombarded with so many options. There's like smile direct club and invisible line and candid and bite. And there's just too many options at rather. Just continue to have the snuggle tooth at this point. You know what i eat. I wanna white to summer. Oh god ira- ira- don't step on the keep it. I just let it. Just give them a little preview. Let's given what is called foreshadowing guy really. We would stay. Stay in the shadows. Oh also would like to issue a formal apology beyond saved for stealing a million dollars worth of things from her storage unit. It was oh it was me. Well i mean you need something to do together in the pentagon and you know theft is an activity. I also by the way. I want to issue an apology last week. Iran i we're just ad-libbing having a good time and casually said that mickey rourke was in breakfast at tiffany's like two or three times. It is definitely mickey rooney. You are welcome. If this comes to fruition because i would love to see mickey rourke and breakfast at tiffany's i would like to see. Did you re listen and hear the attack line. The community came for me. So i mean we could have issued corrections before we probably should every week because listen. We are people with a lot of pop culture in our brains. And sometimes it will accidentally say mickey brown as mickey rooney. And then someone named abigail will usually be in your dm's and saying i know you all didn't just confuse that we're idiots. Meanwile their shots when we pull out the name of someone from some nine thousand hundred sixty three. Abc director dvd film. They didn't have. Dvd's dan what to issue a correction. For what i just said about abigail. I feel like it's not that fair. Mickey rourke mickey rooney knock that egregious. It's not like you guys said. Mickey mouse was fighting. A tiffany's the problem is that this is a weekly show. You know so like if it were daily. Like a viewer something. We could corrected the next day. A week has gone by. Who even remembers that we started right. We're not doing a huge shit here and being on the air. I need time off. So there's know that about me anyway. Let's get the show started. I guess we'll be joined by our friends naomi paragon and meghan gailey. Who have a new podcast about lifetime. Movies to the funniest women enjoy them so much and genuinely our friends is such a fun conversation. Yeah and don lemon his back. He is gored to dial us up and tell us more about defunding. The police have we got it wrong. We're having a conversation. Which is what's important during these time. Yeah can't wait till these times over we don't have to have conversations anymore. Yeah i'm ready to shut the door. So speaking crane. Going to mush right. Boy summer's coming. Pick up chains poking so. I can't talk to anybody. Speak to my stomach. Like the french jew also obviously little knows extract it music video. We're going to talk about that. So we'll be right that and we're back every time i am. We're back sound like job. I was gonna say to me. You sound more like like jenny. Jones or something. Jimmy joe talk show okay. Okay from geek to chic. This episode is going to give a lot of ira becoming john evolving into your true form. Or i don't like that i'm so sorry might be who you become an american love it in los angeles please now take on the crooked dynasty before we jump into topics this week. Should we do a quick episode of guests who died the official off-shoot podcasts. Because everybody fucking died this week. Starting with walter from most notably arrested development a show. I actually have to say. I failed to get into at the time. This doesn't shock me. David cross not really. My brand. I prefer will are not on thirty rock. Jessica walter the imperiousness with which she played the part of lucille booth uninhabitable and also a death that hurts because again you just sort of have a feeling like oh now it's somebody's time and she felt very vibrant right up to the end was an archer. Obviously all forty seasons. Yeah just an unforgettable performance. Yeah i know. I absolutely love jessica walter beyond that you know. A lot of people were also mentioning play misty for me which is a fun film that you should watch even though it has clint eastwood in it doing that. Same face that he always does Rankled scarecrow yeah I mean it's really. The joey trivia auni like smell the fart soap acting right that he always does when he's on days of our lives on friends. I feel like that's what clint eastwood has always looking at. Or it's like he forgot to put on sunglasses. And he's like squinting because the sun's in his is a lot of that in all of his movies definitely definitely. Yeah just go. Walter gives a great and creepy and shocking performance and also gives that character. I think more depth than was actually intended. And i want to also shout out a movie she did in the sixties called the group which is based up mary mccarthy novel and it's about a bunch of women who graduate from vassar and it's one of the first showcases for candace bergen to actresses i love elizabeth hartman and joan hackett and jessica. Walter is so assured right from the go and it just makes you think like it took until arrested development for her to have a real signature role and she truly had it in one thousand nine hundred sixty six so there's an entire career of work to enjoy the one thing that people actually don't know about jessica walter and maybe it's t at. I shouldn't be saying but whatever mentioning days of our lives earlier. This show that joey yati was on on friends. There's a character on days. Vivian alamein. She's a villainess. She berry someone alive in the s. Anyway she's played by this actress. Louise sorel louise wasn't gonna come back for a stint on the show. And it was almost cast as jessica walter. I was told. I bet she would have been fabulous she. Yeah she almost like a brief little few week arc on days realize and i heard what she allegedly did not do. It is because she did not know that louise played the role right before her and apparently they're close friends as she didn't want to take over a role that her friend was comically known for her friends. Most famous role. Oh i see. I say she didn't do it. Generous queen alright. Noble ya imagine that in hollywood fuck that. Get to that age. You don't give a fuck anymore right. You'd think but if i get asked extra next season fuck you. Ira cutthroat right over him. Yeah i'll see you on set our announce it right here. I'm in season three. Dan every episode. I'm a cast member. I don't know how they got to dettori. Peretti do something. I'm worried. speaking of dependable actors. We also lost. George segal this week. Who i am wearing my. Who's afraid of virginia. Woolf shirt which i'm sure you guessed owned and his placid to your skin probably but that's fine. Oh yeah this is a town. had common. Uniform has virginia woolf locked in his bedroom she keeps trying to drive herself. And i keep saving her ask but george segal. Was this guy who you probably know as david spade boss foil on. Just shoot me. Yeah he was on the goldbergs. In recent years but was also in the sixties and seventies this actual movie star. He was in things like a touch of class. And fun with dick and jane. If you want to see jane fonda robbing banks just one of these people that you would hire for everything. He's in this movie called. Who is killing the great chefs of europe. Which is a real movie title. I think it was ready to the first time i saw him was in flirting with disaster with ben stiller movie yes absolutely is the epitome of jewish father. Anxious do is dead. And it's hilarious and the goldberg flirting with disaster is very underrated. I think yes. I did not realize that the boss from just shoot me which i did watch. Of course i did was from. Who's afraid of virginia woolf. I hope i've never connected that. The idea that somebody was magically the perfect screen partner for both elizabeth taylor and david spade is brain breaking you know what other wild movie. He's in california split. The mirror has two faces. Oh he sure is in. The mirror has two faces. Revisit that barbra streisand class. And by the way what you should really revisit is the best supporting actress handout at the oscars that year because lauren bacall is sure she's gonna win for the mirror has two faces and juliette noche races right past her. And i'm just gonna say. Lauren bacall already has a frosty look on her face. She becomes like just the rudest gargle when juliet pinocchio wins and then literally apologizes to her for winning. It was in libya coleman glenn closer to situation anyway check it out also some inside. Keep it baseball fans as we know. Every week i come up with episode titles based on what we talk about. I was looking at a george seagal filmed to play on the title during the week of harry and meghan. Because he's in the film with goldie. Hawn which i've never seen i just know the title on the poster for the judges and the dirt water. Right yeah so witchcraft. By not using it. You wanna own that what you want to have attached to your name. I've killed many celebrities list at this point. Asked me where. Jeremy renner is somebody. I've forgotten to think about it and he did have an app once upon a time. Anyway this has been guess who died and but guess who. Lives tina turner. Did you guys see that documentary on. Hbo max over the weekend. It was just casual interviews. With like oprah and angela bassett. Yes yeah one. One of the best documentaries. I've seen in a long time now. Sounds like keep it true. Yeah once we get oprah. We'll be right there with. Hbo documentary my have two problems with documentary. Though one something they convey well. Is that tina. Turner had the tina. Turner zing factor right out of the gate. And i still have questions like where did tina turner come up with tina turner because nobody was matching that energy level anywhere else and popular culture. Because it's issue wasn't like elvis and she wasn't like the rolling stones though they do go to great pains to say she taught mick jagger how to dance in a certain way. How did she. She had no performance trading no musical training and yet she just knew to be that electric very shocking to me. And then secondly they did not play once my favorite tina turner song which is typical male from the break every rule album in the eighties. And if you haven't heard typical male that is like the swimming east. Poppy est tina turner. You'll get right in the deep end. Those refreshing about watching that documentary was seeing a young. A black woman perform with no desire to remain like makeup faced and not sweating. She was really just leaving it all out there and sassy auntie at the barbecue mullet and most performances. I respect that. I feel like part of it too. Was you know if you are a person who grows up in black music tradition specifically in that era a lot of your performances or whatever. You've probably seen involved church ob so i feel like her movement. The face you know a lot like you know like when someone's being like the holy ghost took exactly which oprah fully said about tina turner and watching her perform for the first time like it was just so magnetic. You had to become a part of it. Yeah it was so great to see this on see just sort of like How much influence culture. Because you know she is an icon but not one. We talk about that much But through her. Own designed to be honest. I mean she talked about how Team in the musical which we talked about with katori hall Who wrote it The book for it how that was sort of a farewell to her fans. You know going to see that because she lives in zurich with her man is twenty years younger and was fine when they showed them photos of when she was like about to turn fifty and met him and he was the driver and she was like go ahead girl. My only complaint too would be that. I wish it were like a multi part documentary. You know the beauty of this was that it really dipped into a lot of the stuff that documentaries are doing right now. That media's doing now in revisiting how we interview people how we discuss women in the media in general Revisiting all those questions that people would ask her about continuous. Well after the fact years. Well after the fact and it's it's wild to see because imagine doing that now. Too especially with that harrowing story. Totally people are asking me call about tom. Precisely time. You know only oprah has re re rewatch the rewatch that interview that does where there had been The cassidy hours julianne moore meryl streep i just sitting next to her and is sort of nodding along during it being like thank god. My husbands and partners haven't been like as famous as me. That's really a problem for another celebrity. 'cause once you break up with them then i feel like people are going to always want to ask questions about that person right. Yeah but to hear the questions like someone asks her. What was the worst moment in your marriage to act like what was a low light. Something that you would like to forget. While i'm like well is. She liked to forget it. She certainly won't be forgetting it now. 'cause you just asked her about it weirdo. Exactly you bad. And not just the history of interviewers continuing to force this abuse back onto tina for years and up to now rappers have just continued to put like references to the abuse casualty in their lyrics. I think about the big east never liked that and drunken love. Yeah or always like like being motherfuckers. Like tina is in machine gun funk by biggie. It's just constantly in the culture and you know what this reminds. Me of a lot is when we were reading mariah carey's memoir earlier last summer and at the very least it's nice to see women on the other side of the abuse speaking triumphantly about their past. That was nice but just gives me so much. Tommy mottola and the psychological and verbal abuse them right kerry dealt with during her time and you just pick the moment i never seen too was when they're at the venice film festival and she's sitting there next to angela bassett and the team for what love got to do with it and the press asking her what she thinks about the movie. And then she says. I'm tired of revisiting this traumatic experience And i'm really not looking forward to sitting in a theater and rewatching it so no. I haven't seen the movie and while i'm particularly grateful for this documentary because i think people still think of that movie is the definitive tina turner storytelling and that is a hard movie to watch as there's rarely a moment and that movie where you're like. I'm glad i'm looking at this. Or whatever even though the performances are obviously fantastic but something i appreciated was though they do spend the first quarter or half of the movie on. They really give the proper amount of time to the latter part of her career where she really established the tina turner brand. We know best. You know the post what's love got to do with it Song that private dancer album era of tina turner and by the way also the star of this documentary is what an incredible interviewee she is. Every of career was given way more nuanced just by the sheer virtue of her talking about it and i cannot say that for many celebrities. She really has a crackerjack memory for everything so i really recommend people checking it out. 'cause you get acquainted with the personality of tina turner as well as the persona tina turner. One thing that really hit me in the documentary too was i was talking with a friend recently. Who does it really get celebrity sort of like idolatry like people but they're not really connecting with them in that way and i'm like okay. Whatever but the civic question to the effect of. You know. Like when whitney houston died like why was the flag lower. You know because it's like oh they're of during your job but why do we all have these intense connections to them and i think that like this movie really gets that across tina herself being like wilder kozel by the fact that you know the lowest points in her life were inspiring to other people. And i think it's really just an example of how we don't talk about a lot of things in this country in general and we'll get to that when we talk about the laws video but it's like because of how much is not talked about how much we sort of suppressed things like talking about abuse or you know like sexuality or anything else when there is someone in the public eye who was weathering all these things it becomes inspirational to people who don't yet have the language to talk about that and then somewhat problematically. We depend on celebrities like that to do the talking for us. You know well. Yeah because we talked about this when we saw the britney spears documentary right being shot about all these interviews with her and even being like damn even with diane sawyer was out of pocket but it just reminds you that the way that we talk about those interviews now. We weren't talking about them than so. It's always just weird to imagine being like tina turner fan back then and obsessing over her and then every time you turn on the tv or the radio on. You're hearing one of those interviews that they kept replaying. The ones that were horrific to listen to now. You might have had a sense that they were horrific back then. But you didn't have the like mainstream links to discuss why that was problematic because she continued to have to endure it. You know so like. She wasn't standing there and being like hey. Let's do this. you know. And it just reminds you that a lot of celebrities up being sacrificial lambs for the conversations that we have in the future in culture amongst ourselves. I'm just gonna remind everybody get typical male. It's way better than the which is the signature song away but anyway well. Dm me about typically. We'll fix the shit's creek Also you know what they didn't get into divas live ninety nine where there was backstage footage of elton john and tina turner bickering and she goes you hear her. They're practicing for their big performance together. You hear tina turner say what's that. Pat pat pat like somebody's playing the piano in a kind of boogie. Woogie and elton's like that's me and so there's this contentious moment of you're playing the piano went away. I don't like. I wish they would have gotten into that. In fact i think all the divas live every single year should be its own. That's what ryan murphy should be putting his money into. Retailing's of the divas live series. I really love moments like that where people interact with other bigger celebrities. And you see. They're like bob tensions happening. I forget what. I was watching recently but there was a clip of like share performing without out in like years ago. And i'm just sort of like what was that performance. They like and then did they decide. We don't like performing with each other right. all i know is elton. Once called madonna fairground stripper. What does he think of cher. As louis talks about typical. Now i will say that everyone should revisit the album after private dancer break every rule. What typical males doesn't get enough play was doesn't get enough play but afterglow. I'll be thunder. These are hits get into the tina deep cuts. That's what you should do after this documentary and hbo max. If you're listening that very cute tina sweater that kept sending to influencers billy eichner. I wanted i way so. Send it our way or at least you know. Send out a link to work and buy it or at the very least if you have a time machine and can send me back to nineteen seventy five so i can watch. Tommy live if i can actually see the broadway musical live. That would be good for me so anyone's available with technology. Let's go speaking of tommy. I saw a clip of an margaret. The star of tommy performing with tina turner. And like in a way you might intuitively think. Oh there's sort of a like like their hands are up everywhere. They're like really swimming dance. Movements watching and margaret. You see what. She is lacking in comparison to tina turner and it is very interesting so watch that performance. If you can find melanin you might be onto. Something i was gonna say is he giving addison. Rae stitched with black tiktokers during the same dance. But me look at at doing more shit anyway max. Pr girls if you're listening Those are the things that we want. And i know you're listening to just waiting to see if i say i hate it and you know what i did. We'll be right back. Keep it is brought to you by away. Travel away is a modern lifestyle brand that creates thoughtful products for every traveler. 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Yeah we are contractually in love. We're gonna marriage lifetime point because you're new podcast podcast. I love a lifetime movie. Yes this is this a lifetime joint. Absolutely we're coming from a andy network any network alka affiliate. It does seem like an ideal marriage of convenience. If i'm gonna a situation with anybody a better be the lifetime network. What did they give us. Drop dead diva. Yeah i mean all the grades. Papa is kind to you. They'll send you anything you want anything you want and you ask them what you guys want. I'll get it for you. So i can get like the biography of alan alda or something one hundred percent. Oh that's what i want. Great great. I'll make call. When did he become a male feminist. I want because my question was going to be like. We're y'all just like in. The pandemic texan each other about your favorite lifetime. Joints where you like. Listen jodi sweeten. And i can't get enough of it. We got a pot about well. Okay what happened. It was like you wanna do a podcast about lifetime movies. And i say yes. 'cause that's mostly sitting down and then they said who do you want to do with and making you know what it is about making person i know white person i trust and i just feel like considering most lifetime movies or white women in peril i needed to have somebody that could roast in that community as opposite yes i lived in a sorority house where there was like one room where lifetime movies were literally playing on a loom and i almost never went in. That wrote like. I would sit in my sports room and then walk through the lifetime room and i'm just happy that honestly might qualification which is being white and you like trash though is trash. Okay we said. I've seen the cheerleader texas murder when multiple times. Yeah i i love all trash and and we've definitely found things in the lifetime universe that are so near and dear char heart to jaw heavy westfield about vce andrews. Are you familiar with. The work of andrew is she. She the one with the the kids with the incest cast. Yes seattle now. Lifetime has redone those movies with heather graham as the mother daughter from mad men as the daughter right weather area and children. It was wild heather. Graham that's the kind of thing lifetime we'll give you. It'll let you know the heather graham is okay. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah with the little dash of incest on the side rice. Well that's to now. She came on. Keep it right. She came or keep it and we weren't sure if she was okay. Ellen burstyn is right. She secretly does like five movies a year. She's like the other. Eric roberts naomi judd was and i was so i mean to watch naomi judd. Act i don't think i've ever seen him and i it was. i mean. She died pretty early. But cecil funds naomi gets great coughs. Yeah there's a lot of coughing in for nearly judd. But i'm really proud of her but also you tend to see her act. I'm like what is she. Ask but like be making other than picking up a lifetime. Information from lifetime movies like right fusion in the sorority house. I had to start watching lifetime movies to keep up with my own me. Or how did this work. Oh yeah so. We watch a different movie every week. And i've learned so much. I did not know that lifetime had black movies and and will say that they are better when i turned it on and see meghan. Good i'm like okay. I'm in good hands literally. And it's naomi in my dream to make the first interracial lifetime movie because are black lifetime movies in white lifetime movies but they are not allowed to come together. And naomi. And i think that's what the world needs now right. We're going to integrate rock nine style coming up to me. Networks we bouts. Change the world calling jordan now. Are you planning on doing like a lesbian interracial thing where you both star. Is that where we're going or is this. I am in the mood. I prefer the thrillers. I like any kind of lifetime whereas like secret murderer. Stocker that kind of so. I would prefer something bad. We're like maybe neg at fall in love with megan's ex and he then in mega stay away from him. And i'm like you hate me cause you ain't me and then she's right and then that man you know then we have to fight off this crazy person yet because we covered a lesbian vampire movie which is genre breaking. I had never seen that before and it was a lot of sexual sexy photographs. Yeah they they wanted them. We wanted us to be like bear. Lesbians really horny but they couldn't cross the line. It was just then photographing each other. And i would be fully willing to do that with naomi as if lesbian relationships needed more blood involved. No eight so. Does this mean you have watched lifetime movies new and old because i'm interested in the evolution of them because we think of them as one thing but for example if heather grams in a movie or johnny carson movies. Those are two different cinematic universe to me. So what have you noticed in the evolution of lifetime movies. Well it's interesting. Because i i grew up on them and i grew grow. You know like it was something it was just on tv right and you would just kind of flip and just it's on and just have it going and it's just interesting to me like who the new women in peril are like back in the nineties right like you get like know you will get jodi sweden as you said like kinda making a comeback. You get candidates. Cameron beret coming in. They're trying to do something. And so now you see. These women were like okay. What show were you on five years ago. Now this is your life dark turn a new l. I don't know. I feel like i'm constantly watching lifetime movie and being like. Oh this is like a lines you know one of the shows you know And also there's so many lifetime movies that are now just 'bio-pics. Yeah totally the lifetime. Bio-pic is really its own beast out. We only watched one harry and meghan and there's three and then we're like dying to get into the wendy williams. We keep astro were supposed. They're like they're like we can't make you to talk about actual people because we'll get sued and he was like what's that they're not gonna wind. It was so involved in hers. But then like i think we saw and then we get wendy. You know i could you know. We can't say they're not good. And we invent new ways to say. Things are not good every week that i that i'm thoroughly impressed with favorite phrases. It's a wild ride. Your shit happened. That don't make no goddesses right. There was a poor boy that naomi and i did not think was hot enough and we were like he needed to be hotter and they were like you guys. That's a really weird critique of fell a pool boy the whole time and i was not a member is about and you can't say that and so we have to say. I was expecting more than one app. That's somehow legally okay. Never let you talk about the movie. Then listen dick the lindsay lohan elizabeth taylor movie a lifetime movie. Also because i think a danika mckellar movie preceded it. Yes yes yes dick. Twenty twelve so. That's my vote for your next movie. Okay i love that. Yes it has definitely seen. I mean they also did the black steel magnolias. 'wow what which i will admit on keep. It is the only steel magnolias. I've seen not what i expected you to say. Off to dishonor. Daryl hannah this way yeah well. But i've seen queen latifah got police rashad alfre woodard. They're all in this movie. Wow it's a horrible film. This sounds like a remain happy. I have seen the black version remained. It sounds go. Sounds like a remake of the women of brewster place. I was sure. Thank you say like that collection of people. Are we doing a women in brewster places that the bible really searing portrait of black drama. But i guess that's what steel magnolias is a really messy that you re too. I reread women bristol place to earlier in the pandemic during that period. We're all of us. Were like we. We're gonna read. I remember that. And then i also read men of brewster place. Whoa their side of the story. What was going on there. Yeah just a lot. Of like. Sexual tension bruce. Bruce replace books were like oh is is someone gay. Oprah's movie right. Yep yeah right my god. Wow that takes me back. How enjoyable oprah's weird cinematic failures. That's something that should be. Who was watched the movie beloved recently. I want we should be talking about that. I know we don't talk about beloved as a culture as a society. My mom is still bragging but she saw. What's the Wrinkle in time. No the recent the recent hundred the immortal life henrietta lacks shocking that and read and read that book. But that was that was that was like couldn't fail in the theater. You know early was put on. Hbo and then we don't know what the numbers are. And i think that's a good out for her unfair to say cinematic failures. I did enjoy the butler. Excuse me lee daniel. Exactly lee. daniel's the butler. Are you excited for lee daniels. The wonder years. Oh that's right. We are getting back speaking of mckellar. Thank you for bringing that back. I'm interested in the wonder years again because everybody has a weird internal narrator and it's like the only show. That actually captures the schizophrenia. We all have this was living in. I had dan eastern time. Yeah yeah but. I think they should have daniel stern do it for the black boy. Life was still daniel star rating is not. That would be real question. Have any of you seen. There are no children here. The oprah movie with my answer from nineteen ninety-three nor have i that was about gang violence in chicago. Wow would my would ask crazy to enjoy. But i do know that don cheadle is going to be the voice of the wonder years right so we're getting a little bit of yeah calming sexy. Yeah that'll be nine. We we ought to wonder years. Crossover actress in our last film. The the matter purity falls was the medicare and arnold pastors also. Did y'all knew she was british. Olivia dabo she's break. That's actually someone watching lifetime. Movies is very calming for me as an aging actress to be like there is a place and i can't wait for them to welcome me with open arms. Because to your point. I think keep it. We've decided everyone is british until proven otherwise. Okay okay we just. We never know and they always are. They do this true. They walk among us. They really do to. that's on succession. I'm not the same after finding australia's taking all our good jobs. Okay started on australians. I sound like a republican. When i started talking about back. I'm up here trying to act australian. Naomi wants to wall but just for australia. Go back to the the convict continent you came from. What the only good things that This show is ever done is helped sarah. Snook edit her wikipedia page but away. I don't know if you probably remember. This is what we talked about it but it was like i met. Sarah look at like an emmy party was like we have the same birthday and she was like. That is not my birthday on wikipedia for years and i haven't been able to charity tries to change it because change bath mentioned that on this show and now so was finally able to change it and site. Her birthday being mentioned somewhere biographers. But i love it. You can't change something on lake famous perkins wikipedia page. Unless it's like cited somewhere. Wow i didn't even know that i have no bedia. The fact that keep it can be a credible source anything. Yeah a very credible source. Truly the voices of our time we are. I mean and you're you're a helpful joining us as well. Naomi because truth one of the first time we met she was before i was going to answer them for the first time. And you set me like a long email amsterdam racks and they were fantastic. I love that. I'm so glad that you could. I got those from michelle bhutto impart only two mile it to the list. I for the next person you meet. Who says you take that list you adjusted. This is going to be like the traveling pants. Anybody going to amsterdam. We're all in the circus. I hope it's just fifteen different. Brothels i just. I'm my favorite thing i saw in the district was just like one lady. She was standing in the window on her phone playing candy crush. And i said i said that's. That's life right. Hiya that there's no friend experience of law. I saw a woman pull. Mardi gra beads out of her. Don't yeah in the window. Answered up and i was a an eighteen year old virgin and it i honestly was like. Is this possible like something. I need to be practicing. Yeah i guess my amsterdam email would just make sure you have sex before you go to amsterdam that you were looking at this woman thinking is she doing some sort of lance burton thing handkerchief coming out of nowhere magic. Israel was that for free. That's not something you should be given away the ability to do that should be paying customers. Nearly that was obviously in a theater. Okay you're seeing the show right exactly and there was a play bill. Okay wonderful union. She was using god. Thank god you still haven't revealed which whole i stopped. Oh god okay. It was out of her vagina. Not but then the woman after her put a candle in her vagina and dance to metallica. Like oh my god. That sounds so beautiful. I just do it. But things in old european countries. Because when i was in answer now it was king's day and everyone takes to the streets and they're partying everywhere like dj music and whatever and like one of the specific places where the gays were partying. And i was like you had to realize the fact that they're gaze drake gig and like doing drugs behind anne frank's house britney's till the world ends is playing football justice. She as she wrote for what she anyway heart hoping one of them was at least worry so should we play a game with time movies game jordan. Love it. hey guys. Let's play a game. Just beanie and pants or whatever he's backup so everyone's going to play the game lewis naida as well the first person to guess the name or the person who gets closest you get a point. I don't know we'll figure it out. But i'm gonna say a log run and then you have to tell you the name of the movie all right. These are all lifetime movies by the way. I'm not gonna give you all. Abc right say for young boy goes to a school for magic zoomed in. I'm ready for. This is so competitive it will be. It will be so stressful. Seek his face would he does not know the answer. His eyes are gonna pop like the teacher from doria. Okay movie number one a college student endorsed cyberbullying and even death threats. When it is revealed that she has chosen to become a porn star under a pseudonym to pay off her sizable tuition expenses. Okay cyber arlit tuition diary of a cam girl beautiful don. I'm gonna go with scam sorority. Okay i like there's going to be some sort of like web twist in it. Www judgment dot com only scams. There's really you. yeah that's it. That's a good only scale might be a little to modern but we're going good that would sell right in the room though if we'll cut that out and you you know. I think that. I'm going to give it to naomi because the closest none of them are close. Maybe no one movie is from straight a to triple x. I title title. That's that sounds like ben. Diesels bio pic. A lot of the alphabet is represented there axe to think about colleges having grades lifetime to meet triplex is sexy. Lifetime lust or forbidden. Yeah they don't just say we fuck so. I did that on the show. I'm sorry i curse station do that for the culture where all the time baby. Yeah all the time all the time. Yeah fucking people wish people. That's count all right. Movie number two a couple discovers that the baby girl tried to adopt is being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Couple becomes part of a sting operation to trust the baby selling ring. Easy mr and mrs smith. I'm certain of this certain certain undercover baby selling this was like inspector mom meghan like when a woman cover to even know inspector moms about a soccer mom. That's true true is related to gadget distant. Cousins i also think inspector gadget every time. I'm like what is she. What does mom have. Okay okay okay. I'm gonna go with orphan origin. That just that's not even good. Just i'm just going with sound like words. At this point that sounds sifi lewis acid freak wall to the horrible. I i almost said bye bye baby and then i remember. That's a store. well i'm sticking with bye bye. Baby anyways did babies-for-sale that's married payton actually olsen. Well let me tell you. The weather is naomi because the movie is baby for sale. I mean we're in the presence of a gifted person. Be us all be to get the first point of the game mega you say bye bye baby i was like. Oh my god. She's so close me. Congrat- fell swoop. Then you go first movie. Three scandal rocks a new england. Prep school when the editor of the school newspaper releases a sex tape featuring five senior members of the lacrosse team and a classmate. No this is not the elisha. Cuthbert movie the good movie editor of school paper but wasn't scandal. Part yet tape sex tape okay. But it's just five senior members of the lacrosse team and a classmate which must be girl across gaming. I okay there. It is okay okay so we would call that recording the truth. I don't know love that you really. You really establish a sense of drama. Your titles i'm just going for play and it doesn't work out. I think i'm gonna go. I know we've already had trouble expert. I'm going to go l. a. x. x x one cross looks sexy lacrosse. That's good. I'm gonna go back with a throwback play title the school for scandal which is just play and i just think lifetime steals title sometimes. Okay i'm gonna go with a hot off. The i'm weak combination of the newspaper across things. That's good every time i think about. How lacrosse players are that my rich white school. That was all boys. Didn't have across team rich white kids do it. It's totally breezy across the midwest where we had a rugby team now be ugly scrum caps. Where i'd like. It looks like a like synchronized swimmers swimming. Oh yeah nobody gets a point. Nobody work round because the name of the movie is restless virgins gross. Doesn't that sound like bad soap opera. I find restful virgins to be more sinister. The title doesn't do much for me dramas. Okay well also. They had a gang bang. So it's like virgins. I don't wanna see the tape. There's a murder there has to be a burden on that tape or else it's like cares next movie wouldn't kassy's father finds himself vulnerable and bed ridden she believes. She has the perfect revenge for her. Mother's death oh. Dad's bedridden daughter is going to take revenge. That isn't bad as it sleep. Tight daddy mountain on the price is right when somebody makes a good bit and then one more yeah. I'm gonna do that version of it. Which is rock a bye daddy. Okay okay. I'm going a little bit more military and i'm thinking daddy down. Okay okay okay. How about the dead father Okay not to classic. I think this would have been a great opportunity for the name of the film to be. Don't wake daddy head but no. It's a spin. On john tucker. This movie's title is. My father must die. Who said father though. Did anyone mentioned the word father you said. Oh you better have my points. Your point weirdly. My father must is what i used to write. My diary killed the mom. I didn't see that. I didn't get that from the log. Line actually a big fan of irs. Segue jokes like this. Might something we need to bring in the. That's my new for twenty twenty one but by the way you brought up jesse metcalfe one time yet somebody who's influence. We often underestimate. I think john tucker must die. I know but you didn't bring up. John tucker himself. I'm just saying the man was the titular role all right last movie. This one doozy pair of teenage boys break away from their summer camp to lose their virginity to an infamous hooker. She's since gone straight to become a rancher after she hires them as stable boys. They've learned about the real meaning of love and sex. This movie that's twist and turns that's blind baby for reverse cowgirl. Good he's got be oscar wilde here a pithy humorous queen. I'm gonna go with hung. Like a horse rancher lou ride till dawn okay. I'm going with the fanny farm. I've been waiting for the word point for anyone. The name of the film is the last prostitute. Not even true. That i can name three off the top of my head. Prostitutes for milk money. You know like what they did have like we oughta ranch. Only two points are naomi. And so i'm gonna to you two against each other furthest last bonus round all right. Who shot out. Whoever gets this tunnel firs thriller about a naive college student who falls for a charming psychopath. When billy owens murders his former high school sweetheart so that no one else will ever have her. He assumes a new identity as a college student you look. I know i've seen this like all first of all every psychopaths charming in lifetime the enemy even though the real world you know with somebody site within twenty seconds but love lifetime university like he says sweet. I'm dren down. Oh gosh the old college guy. All right rhymes great. This all have okay. Stalker university i am going to mention that one of the cast members is ivan sarah gay. Oh oh mother. May i sleep with danger. Yeah other data. Starring tori spelling. Yes yes yes. Be most iconic lifetime movie while i have happily seed this wind i did you did it. This is a fun wrinkle. They did remake that and that is the lesbian vampire movie that i was referencing. Which is why. It's not make james franco directed or cody rhodes. And he's in it. He wrote and then he plays a drama teacher who is warned but he didn't think he was warmed up. You just are watching it and know he's down. I was just saying. I reject ironic participation in lifetime movies like farrell deadly adoption thing. It's like no do it the way. And i don't want to hear a snicker about it. You know mother mask. Sleep with danger is what everyone who dates. James franco has to ask exactly this. Hope here with his oscars concept. You know this game really game really did transform into john. I doing segue jokes. Doing my stand up here. Only meghan thank you for being here. I wanted to keep it so much. For having regard kept y'all in the hysteria ghetto. I just wanted to keep it condominium just so you know i am a slum lord worked for i worked for the kushner group so new episodes of i love a lifetime movie. Drop every thursday wherever you get your podcast. That's a day after. Keep it so. We are not competed. Uniform sister pieces. Podcasts keep it is brought to you by function of beauty. We've all got goals be healthy. Find a work life balance improve our relationships but have you thought about your hair goals. I know you have louis. Oh god my hair goals. I'm looking for a silvery main. Like emmylou harris real. Talk if you don't love your hair then you need to break up with your current haircare routine right now and it's time to try function of beauty instead friends. Don't let friends live with anything less than amazing hair. So think of me as your friend. Who wants you to be happy and try. Function of beauty. Fractured a beauty. 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The video features non seducing himself as a snake in the garden of eden pole dancing in high heeled boots and giving the devil a lap dance before twisting his neck of course there was some drama from conservatives who love culture wars. because it's all they have and they're tired of yelling cardi b. about the watt performance at the grammy and. So now they have a new thing to out about well. It's all deviant and it's all killing the black man and we have no black men left. Masculinity is dead so meanwhile everything he does in the video is basically what you would see in a pussycat dolls video. So go back to a racing car. Washers zinger excitement the excitement. I have the first time i saw these photos. I've ever you reposted them. All the photos of little nausea in the wig. And i was like oh girl he is about to destroy us. 'cause little x is the actual king of pr and this amazing like five day. Roll out that. He's been doing a long form. Standup comedy set experiential thing. And i'm just. I'm so excited. And so right releasing the fake nike's with a drop of blood in them six hundred sixty six of them hilarious. You know talking. About nike sue peg. Because they're not official nike's it's intimate look exactly like airmax sevens genius fun stunts. Yea hader continue talking about it and you know not to dwell on the conservative responses to it but for me it really highlight it. Just how obsessed. They are with staying relevant through popular culture. Right because the grammys happen. And they're talking about cardi b. and the wa- performance. And now this happens. And obviously you know. Little non-sexist would have the biggest impact sars outright now due to old town road being like that big ass number one single I think it's still has the record And the idea that they know this is dropping and they're waiting to jump on and talk about it and they always jumped on the things so quickly so it's like they're watching everything waiting for the moment to have a response. It's almost like a comedian on twitter. I gotta watch this award. Show that care about just to get off some jokes so they can go viral. And i can get more followers. That is what the conservatives do as well right you know. Meanwhile this is a man who wears like neon pink cowboy outfits. What is he going to do but seduce the devil in what looks like a warehouse party on gramatica. This this feels just very natural to me in fact i am somewhat charmed by there. Being any controversy at all about this it feels very eighties. Tipper gore when in fact usually the homoerotic controversial music video is generated by either a musician. Whose in the closet. You know like a george michael at the time. Say or someone. Like madonna who in the justify my love video had men making out and then she's in the background snickering at them. Which yeah. that's the irreverence. I like not only. Is it a queer music video but it feels like lomas. Xs very amused with himself as he's doing it too. It's not self serious. It's not super serious. And that is just so thrilling. That's so medicinal to me. Like here's like a truth about me. And i'm handling it with really cartoonish and saying fun but still somewhat emotional heft. Frankly we are due for some satanic panic first of all because solon since sinead did anything madonna's anything marilyn manson did anything we do we do for this and the the black. We're kids deserve it. And i'm so happy was actually so excited about this. Is that to address your satanic thing. I i it's taken me even a long journey to enjoy something like this. I was because i wasn't even a religious person who was like. Oh my god. Imagery of satan is turning the off right. But i just remember as a kid being like these marilyn manson videos That's too much for me. Yeah right just like even here and it was like. I think i could only get into like beautiful people like okay. This is a bob. You know this isn't a major key. I can listen to us but seeing this are mike. Okay satan. let's do it. I totally think it's fair to remain divided on how you feel about this video because i can celebrate how exciting this is for. Little gnaws the queer community and for him accepting his own sexuality. But also. I didn't like any of the state and stuff or seeing this like poorly. Cgi satan's neck getting snapped and him. Dancing i just think it's fair. I think it's fair to not know where you stand. I think you know. I would have liked something other than calvin klein underwear. Styling was a law. That's it but to address what lewis was saying before you know about it. Not being so serious. I think what was so fun about it is it is very playful. And then outside of the video he can do things like post a letter to his fourteen year old self on instagram saying I wrote a song with our name in it. It's about a guy that last summer. I know we promise never to come out publicly and we promise to never be that type of gay person. I know we promised to die with the secret but this will open doors for many other people to simply exist so there. Is this awareness there. And even this sort of internal struggle right of being whatever he considers to be that type of gay person You know just. I just mean a gay person who's happy doing whatever they want alec realize and now realizing that you can do that you know and it's so nice to have queer themes in a video to that aren't from a straight man You know sort of like playing the to gabe. Eight that letter articulates. How for a lot of people you think. The i don't have to talk about being gay or i don't have to talk about my sexuality is the liberating thing and then something changes in your brain usually and becomes. Why the fuck would night talk about this. That's the freeing thing so he really articulates. That strange introspective thing. You have to do to get to the other side of being out as one no big deal into especially my business. So i'll talk about it. When whatever candor i need to i mean we still experience that as right as adult queer people you know people our age who the. You'll always get that person who just sort of like yeah like. I don't need to talk about it. You know how many times you get onto like a gauge aiding and see people being like still writing into twenty one the phrase not into the scene where where what is what is the seed what is to see. How are we doing summer and smoke. How would you hit canada. Hot tin roof. What what is really this seed here. Because i had. I had a date with a man recently. Who's a few years older than me. And he was not really talking in the respects of. I'm not into the scene but he did say i'm not a person you know like goes to gay bars you know and like i'm not really intellect that kind of stuff and i'm like well first of all that might be the thing that i would be okay with hearing years ago but once you learn anything more about gay rights movement gay liberation you know How it is a space for you. Know non-sis white people to exist in. It gives you this whole different perception of people who are like. I'm not into like the and are going to that stuff right because it's also like you don't have to go to it because you're gay but you could also still walk around and go to sports bars. It'd be like bro or whatever if you'd like to be you know it's the other people in the community who have to go there because they're not safe in other places exactly like it's a political move in the way that i hear that you can pass in other places and you don't give a fuck about your community nor do you care or need that community the way people like us do. Yeah you're setting yourself apart Sounds like a gay imitation of life. There you go precisely and you're sobbing as you're gay. Elder is dying femara. You're like i'm sorry. I'm sorry. I will go to the abbey with you. Imagine you're still dating that man. Yeah no absolutely not a lot of that too. I've been thinking about just because I got myself and royce book. Gay bar why. We went out by jeremy atherton lynn. And it's sort of like talking about the history of Gay bars. And i think it's a very good book. So people should dig into that split book recommendations. I cannot fucking wait until gay bars comeback. I'm somebody who has basically stopped drinking over the pandemic. And i'm just i'm not saying nobody should drink or everybody should drink but i made us give it up and start drinking again. Because i miss gay bars. That much so And i miss the unadulterated version of myself. You know there's more this is. This is stopping no. We're all on airplane mode right now. And i'd like to reignite the other ninety percent of us which happens at places called trunks etc plus i just loved blasphemy in pop music anyway. Because as i said before judas my favorite gaga saw get out and he is a barb. And you. now there are shades of nikki's romans holiday performance at the grammy's were that got the vatican pissed off at her. Do i miss the vatican sending you a strongly-worded missive about what you have done. The madonna blend and bishen tour. They did in us last. We stop having we thought about it. And it's a no obligation imagining something like assistant at the vatican constantly. Reminding the pope. You said you were gonna say something about the gays right. I'll get to it again to it. I don't know what accent that was somewhere. Argentina tina and all of europe. Then it's an ira access iraq iran iraq or whatever. I can string together all right when we're back keep it. We're back with our favorite second. The episode is keep it aida already cackling which doesn't bode well just remembered something heinous that. I'm to you guys. Remember my command on johnny fiasco last year right okay. Well there was a slight. There was much smaller one that i haven't told anyone about because i hold a lot of guilt about it since it is a white man. But we're going to get into that. We're going to get into that. I keep it goes to white boy summer. I'm not condemning it. I just want to know what the fuck is going on. So i don't know if you guys saw the video. I'm sure you did chad. Hangs on her cleo. He's on her ravens. Smartphone has has declared that that he has a feeling that this summer is about to be a white boy summer. Let me just tell you. This feels unhinged. this feels. i don't know chet hangs. What do you mean by white boy. Summer he says him. John be jack harlow pretty much the blackest white men that he can think of these men that are gonna thrive. I'm not mad about him. Having their moment. I feel like it's been about a year since white. Men have not been allowed to be in the news cycle at all for anything. And they're freaking out and it's time for them to receive their their moment of fame. The spotlight go ahead do that. I can't the only rules and regulations that have been put down are no plaid shirts. That's it so. I'm just to see what happens. Here's the thing about chet hanks. If chad hanks didn't have money. I feel like he would be wearing ed hardy cologne in a tap out shirt working at nutrition store. You know what i mean. So i'm not sure what he really is going to bring to the general culture. But i can't wait to see it. I really can't. I would still wants to fuck him and that we all just admit that chad hanks his heart he's fine. He's fine as is okay and what white boy summer. I am pro white boy suburb. Because you know what the unspoken word here is. It's not white boy. It's wigan summer thank you and that's the thing. I was cackling at the beginning of this. Keep because i remember bet. I tweeted that. I was breaking my no pink big policy for giancarlo and in fact see it. And i just can't wait for the way points that have the little pink nipples out. It's going to be fun refunds. I can't believe. I have to navigate between. We're excited for the white boy summer and also we really wanna fuck chat. Hanks arrest stop. Everybody stop start looking at that man. You're thriving okay lewis. i would easily take colin. Hanks look at the screen is a man. The thing about my boy. Summer is like i'm terrified. What are you going to do it. Sounds like an art film but by the end of it all the white boys are like i don't know make it in a bentley working on each other. I don't know i'm just excited. I support there is a lot of room for white boy suburb to be abused by certain white men. I mean i'm horrified of when like zero discovers boy. Summer is We need to get him on that. Email I'm sure caitlyn bennett's husband is excited about white boy somewhere. I think that the white boys that are allowed to celebrate. This have to vetted i by black women. That's the only rule that i think means. Does this send me your. Send me your headshot. Send me any any other photos that you would also like to include and i'll tell you if you're participating because white boy summer also means is a black queen some which is all year round. But i'm sure you've seen like the cameo chat bay for like a queen rani top talk actual favorite thing about his videos is that i guess he lives on. The west side of la and videos are constantly just him walking around the santa monica pier or beach making these videos. He's just in the wild. Find that black man. He's either on the ferris wheel or getting his name printed on a grain of rice which you can get at the santa monica pier shortly after getting a smoothie in a tribal tattoo. Really think it's an invitation to step up the caliber of white men that you interact with you know so white boy suburb. But not for every white boy. Okay all right if you see me if you see me with a white king mind your business. Just keep on walking to say well. I already have a white king louis. That's right. who's afraid of virginia woolf shirts shirley royalty we gotta get out of here to explain it we should. We should have a correspondent white. Boy correspondent some meyer. I'm sure i'm sure he needs a check. I'm sure rita is tired of doling out and allow it of this. Because i have never been this excited during a keep it. I think our audience members are going to be like. She's electric for the first time in a long time but louis dried louis. What is your keep. It might keep it. It's twofold first of all a serious keep it. Arkansas just passed a bill to ban. gender affirming care for trans youth. Arkansas what have you done for us lately. Because the last time i was proud of you when you gave us mary steenburgen i would settle for even your other native son. West bentley at this point but at this point the number of indignities and indignities putting it so lightly that the trans community continues to face is just absolutely disgusting. It is horrifying to read news like this. So i can't even wrap my mind around how cruel legislation like. This is especially for a fucking state that is just another states name with our in front of it like the pirate version of kansas. Nice read together. An had the nerve to give us their fault. That we have bill clinton and i had there's that there's that but my real keep it is mysteriously to arianna guerande. Who is now a coach on the voice. Here's the thing. I think she's probably going to be good at this job. Even though most of the time she'll be giving advice like can you murmur like a baby a little more. Whatever fucking advice for singers as i. I can't say i'm a fan of hers. Vocalists do you want to join. Team arianna right. So she's like. Can you sound more. Like a hollywood boulevard marilyn monroe impersonation but also can we just stop legitimising the voice guys i know this is a very elementary gripe about the show give me one star. Just give me one star. I can't say winners of the voice without sounding like i'm making fun of the show like cassidy pope. That's not a joke. I made up. It's real the voices just a show where actual famous musicians just hang out. I guess listen to some regular people saying and then debuted their own new songs and go about their day right and get free starbucks. Like that's part of the show was on the voice. And i guess it was just so he could go through his space man release rollout and now he's done. Yeah arianna is here. I will actually say keep it to some of the responses. I was already seeing people being like. Grow your like famous and have like number one singles and suffering now like you should not be slipping into this part of your career being on the voice. But you know. I think that like all that shit out the window and you know. I think the whole thing of like people being like famous to do this sort of thing isn't really thing that sort of exists. Also she's going and she's having fun led to do the fucking voice you also. She can't tour right now. So like however long. It's easy to do and i'm i'm shocked at her actually being willing to give us as much visibility of herself. I've never seen arianna guerande dead on first of all and speaking for longer than like ten seconds so i just don't know how how she's going to be able to judge monologue not that she's not capable of it. Listen some of us watched salmon care so it's on your home emmy award winning. How could you not. She did what she had to do. What is your keep at this week. Mike keep it goes to this. Tick tock girl. Addison rae food first of all. I was kind of on board. Could addison rae because he dropped this song. Her debut single obsessed. And the song itself is bob and i love the lyrics. Its leeo anthem okay. You say you're obsessed with me. I said me too. I'm obsessed with me. E to those are lyrics But then it's the presentation. I saw the music video and i don't know who taught this dance. I don't think anyone did a lot of flailing and it's weird. That like charlie has been tweeting about how much she loves as ran. Like she's a pop star at the moment. And you know. I can never tell if it's a performance where charlie she actually thinks they're talented or if she's just along for the ride And but charlie's early too. So i get. I get the chaos right But that just reminds me of the fact that like a week ago. I watched a charlie asks concert that she did on band town and when she did you could tell when someone who's not like a dancer right in the in the sense of like megan thee stallion's attack. You know what it's like. But like charlie isn't even giving you do a leap. She's a person like when the music takes over. That's actual dancing dancing because the music is you're feeling it. Connie you're having fun on the flip side as ray is somehow less than duleep as intermediate dancing. And so this is sort of like. You're trying to give me like polish star dancing but you don't have that in you and then it just seems so rigid and mechanical that it doesn't seem like you enjoy dancing at all. You're just doing it because you have to do it right. So that's the video. And my keep it then is to addison. Raise appearance on the jimmy fallon show this past week where she displays tick tock dances for him it is so surreal and weird and usually when the internet drag something. It is like a lot of anger for no reason but this. I thought i was watching black mirror. Because it's the the dances are to like savage and like cards up but jimmy fallon wasn't going to pay to play those songs while she dances to them. So like there's some weird orchestration like royalty free versions of these songs. So you don't even know what she's actually dancing to. Here's just seeing the names of the songs she's not going full out. It's so weird. He's standing behind her holding signs of the song. Titles bob and his head. And i'm like he must hate himself in this momentum and i think he's lost all self love years and years of four man. You can't love yourself if your best friends. Justin timberlake but even worse it's like she's displaying on. These tiktok dances that were created by like black and brown kids on the internet. You know on tiktok and it really just felt like you were watching. Bring it on cute little white girl out there who is famous take talk and just has one single and already. She's getting an immense rollout of like a jimmy fallon appearance and also a whole segment devoted to her. But she's doing it by using dances that other people have done and not the fact that they created the dances but the fact that she can't even convincingly pull them off and she's giving us nothing. Yeah it's go girl. Give us nothing. You love your lack of energy. They're side by sides of her dancing and other people dancing to them on tiktok the creators. the difference is well tina. Turner and ann margaret the outfit. She's wearing to dislike. No stylus something. Right off in ancient mannequin like i'm so sorry being so many this twenty year old girl. But i need more from you. If you're going to be no ola. Okay i have never seen a more obvious person. Feel like they're an industry plant. It's like you're famous on tiktok and you got. The one song is a cute song. But how about you drop a bunch of other songs. And let people find out who addison. Rae is right the going from this. One song is out to immediately on fallon on doing this. It seems like someone is really pushing hard for this. Someone is working real hard for what thereafter and. It's not addison though because she's not working hard. I think it's a bit that would have worked if she could have committed to the seriousness of the dancing but as such watching it it looks half fast and like she's basking in the half acid to it just didn't work on any level it unfortunately is impossible to watch. She's casually doing it for her parents. Yeah right it's like. Oh yeah this is the tiktok dads and you're doing it for your parents at home or you're visiting them. You're not even going full out like you would be on tiktok to get actual people to watch it. It's just so. Surreal and yeah not on board for ms grey. I do like the song though. Also no i. I do think more songs should be filled with pop lyrics. That would all be housewives. Taglines like that. That's a good songwriting goal. Charlie booth ryan chatter. Keep this in mind. Ryan tetter who always comments on charlie poops instagram and somehow the commerce are more thirstier than the ones i put. I was gonna say you're at nine and a half on first level there right but riots headers. I'll be like damn boy. You look ripped love to see when you just get out the steam room right better this lurking outside the equinoxes way anyway. That's my actual number one white boy from white boy summer. We'd better get that album. I'm so excited for it. I'm very excited for it. So that's our episode. Shout out to everybody. I had fun. Naomi and meghan. Thank you for being here and white boys the summer as you horse we but also mind and i eat us dammit. So it's your summer but it's your summer in service of us doing the math. Sure pretend i'm satan and let's start that lap dance chat heads. We'll see you next week. Keep it is a crooked media. Production the show is produced by carolina rested. Brian semel is associate producer. Our executive producer is higher madison. The third hurricane our editor is bill. Lance and kyle seguin is our sounded. Thank you to our digital team. Matt degroot nar melconian and milo cam for production support every week. Stay safe list. God loves you. Just pay listener. Yes you enjoying this crooked pod that you're listening to right now. Great you'll definitely love my podcast. Take line from crooked. Media's hosted by me jason concepcion and me renee montgomery and every week. We'll get into the week of sports and culture from the games to the players to the issues happening. Both on and off the court will be tackling. The important political and social issues happening in sports head on. And you know it'll be good because jason are both are winners. I mean i've got to wnba championship remains. And i've got an emmy so it's kind of cute. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcast episode. Strap every tuesday smash subscribe.

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