You Can't Leave Risk Out of Your Math Equations (Hour 1)


Live from the headquarters of Ramsey solutions broadcasting from dollar car rental studios. It's the Dave Ramsey. Show where debt is dumb cash is king and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice. I'm Dave Ramsey your host. This is your show America. Thank you for joining us. Open phones as we talk about your life and your money. The phone number is triple eight. Eight two five five two two five. That's triple eight. Eight to five five to five. Christina is with us in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Hi Christina how are you good? How are you better than I deserve? What'S UP I am calling because I'm trying to figure out if we should sell our home to pay off. Are you like Your House I do? I like our house but we are a family of five and it's a thirteen thousand square foot or yeah thirteen hundred square foot. Hell excuse me. I'm nervous such as And it has one bathroom. So we're gonNA need to upgrade. Eventually you have three kids. And what's your household income It's about sixty two. What are you on your home We have a mortgage. That's just under ninety eight thousand and a home equity line for just under fourteen and how much other at this have Aside from the fourteenth For the home equity loan we have a thousand dollars student. Loan debt Thirteen on one car. Six thousand on the other. We have an unsecured loan for nine thousand and eight thousand in credit card debt normal. Yeah Yeah you're GONNA mess you. Don't WanNa be normal. You won't be weird normals broken that everybody and that's what you guys are okay Well I sell a house as a last resort. If you're going to be moving anyway or you don't like your house it'd be okay to sell it and help you out of debt and rent something and build your Emergency Fund and build a down payment. But YOU'RE NOT GONNA sell and buy something that's going to meet your needs. So you're you're you're pretty much saying we're GONNA rent for probably three years. I don't know what's what's the house worth Yes we spent a real estate agent last year And then our sewer line went out but we She said it was worth about one. Seventy ben I don't know if the market's going up or down I haven't looked into it. Okay well it would clear up most of your debt and get your started so you're probably renting for a couple of years. If you do this you okay with that I'd be okay with renting A good school district you know and you might be able to depending on if you went out a little bit further out of town or whatever in a little cheaper area you might be more square feet than your than you've got now for about what you're paying now per month. Okay and if you got that in a new school district that almost being a move up right temporarily and Sharon and I did that many years ago we sold our house. It paid off the rest of our debts and we moved to a good school district and we ran for two years. Which was really hard for me because I've been landlord. Most of my life not attendant but shows kind of an emotional slam dunk but But I got through it and Sharon hated the rental house by the way she hated it and hard time wanting to sell. But my husband wants to do it. So that's why I'm calling you. Kinda like here's the thing I'm looking at. If you were out of debt and had built your emergency fund and started having some money saved. You're probably moving now. Does this House a small for you? Guys is what you're saying. Yeah it is small so if you can make a plan to end up where you WANNA be in three years and the fastest way to get there is sell and rent for two of those years then That's a pretty good plan. If it puts you where you WANNA be paying a price to get their living like no one else so later we can live like no one else. It's not a slam dunk. If you're willing to sit there that's fine but it probably accelerates you get to the house you want In the area that you want and the debt free goal that you want probably accelerates all about the you know at the end of the story. What gets you in the House that you wanna live in debt free other than the house. The fastest and I think selling it does that so so more inconvenient. Because it's too moves. Karen is with us in Knoxville. Hi Karen welcome to the Dave Ramsey. Show Dave thank you for taking my call. Sure what's up? Well I am calling with my family and I are in a little bit of a prediction. We recently My brother my sister and my father and myself are trying to help my brother. Currently he is in a A detox clinic. He has been a alcoholic for Thirty years and he's decided to finally get help excited. Yes and so. We are in a predicament. Now trying to take care of his finances and he goes somewhere long-term possibly a year or eighteen months We obviously don't want to enable him but we want him to be able to you know get out of the facility and have some freedom What do you suggest in that situation? He probably has about twenty thousand dollars debt to what on two vehicle loans which he's upside down on camper loan which he also is upside down on and possibly some back Income Income tax. Does he have any money? Obviously not been drinking for their now. He does not have any okay and does he own a home. No family other than you got. He does have a family But as a strange because of the alcohol. We're the three that would are there for him to say. And there's no one counting on him quote unquote. It's been a long time okay. That's the way I what I would guess. Anyway so Laura. Is he willing to sell the cars in the camper? I think he would be willing to call. Okay sell them all and I would that would that leave you in the whole? Oh maybe ten. Ten of the twenty the whole caboodle won't bring Tim Graham. I don't think so junky cars. Yes I think he Yeah he got himself in a bad situation you poor credit so they were the loans with one is what landmark or I guess too with landmarks and then one is with just a a a little motor place near his where he lives. He lives in your area. No he lives in north Georgia all right well. Let's first set our priorities. Okay Him Getting. Well is not dependent upon any of this junk. Okay the him. Getting well is of twelve on a scale of one to ten agreed yes absolutely and so if he comes home and there's nothing there but some repeal notices and he's well he's got a really much better life than he had agreed agreed. Okay so worst case scenario if you do anything you're okay if he gets if he gets well if you guys want to help him and if you guys are sitting on some money and you WANNA ride ten thousand dollars worth of checks sell all that junk that's fine and you said he's got an RS. Loan lean think so maybe how much that could be ten thousand. Maybe we don't know we're trying to get your that help you. I would put that on payments on his behalf installments. The minimum possible installments. Get a tax advisor to help you go to one of our LP's and if you WANNA pay those payments and about the ten dollars checkers group you can folks. I don't have to tell you what your student loan debt is doing to your budget. Get rid of it. Go TO SPLASH FINANCIAL DOT com slash Ramsey and see if you qualify to refinance your loan to lower rate. Unlike other refinancing splash has no fees. I'm talking no application fee. No closing costs not even an early pay off fee and if you qualify you'll get lower rates to help you get out of debt faster. Sounds like a no brainer to me. Stop WASTING TIME SPLASH FINANCIAL DOT COM slash Ramsey. Check your interest rate in minutes. And See if you qualify. Thanks for joining US America. It's free call. Triple eight eight to five five to five. Sam Is with us in Grand Junction. Hi Sam how are you good? How are you better than I deserve? How can I help right now? I just completed. Baby step one. I just recently discovered you. I had some friends that I went through in college and I just graduated and right now I have eighty thousand student loans. I'm a mechanical engineer. And I'm on the job but primarily one calling because I know that you Like a little bit about your story and I was wondering what it took for you to make sure you in line do a dumb spending mistake. Course things like that when you know you're basically just going full force with the debt because you're gonNA kill that want to get get done and then other days it's like. I really WANNA go spend this on XYZ stupid item and so I was wondering how you maintain the discipline to people on track towards being. Actually well I have the benefit of being married to a lady who is not impressed with me and so she calls out my stupidity for the last thirty six years. Pretty regularly yeah. That's one thing accountability in other words. I'm joking around. But Accountability helped. Sometimes you can use a friend for that aura apparent for that. A pasture for that spouse for that whatever but someone that says. Hey I'm gonNA walk with you and I'm going to get up in your business if you start messing up okay. The second thing is that I I had a huge and I always recommend this to others as well. A huge reason re a huge. Why if you have a why that is big enough? It will draw you away from being sloppy in your discipline to give you an example of that if the doctor came in and said if you don't lose ten pounds in the next Two months you're going to die one hundred percent chance you die if you don't lose ten pounds guess what you're GonNa do. You have now have a really big Y. You are going to lose ten pounds. There is no cookie in the world. Looks Good Right. But if it's Kinda like I think I might feel better in jeans my fit better if I lost a little weight cookies. Look better than that right. And so you gotTa have a big why on whatever it is. You're doing in the bigger. Your why the more disciplined the more intense. The more focused. You'll get there. The you know and the more urgency you'll have with it and so what I would do is and it can be a positive thing. Negative thing he doesn't have to be. You're going to die. It can just be that you know that I really I can visually. I could see myself being wealthy and I can see the amount of generosity I could do if I was wealthy and it breaks my heart to look at this certain group. People that are hurting and I could help that group of people. God could used to do that and so I'm going to pay a price to win just to be able to do that. That's a positive. Why right it doesn't have to be. I'm going to die right it can. It doesn't have to be that it can just be you know. I've got real big things to do with money and so I need to go get some and you need to outline that Chris. Hogan says to make sure that in his book retire inspired. He says make sure your dreams. Your why is in high definition? Hd Like your HDTV remember the old TV's when it wasn't hd the APP you ever I flip channels although they've changed our cable lineup in Nashville are channels and where they are. An accidentally landed on some of the old channels. They still got them going out. That aren't HD. And I'm like I can't watch football on that. It's just it's awful. I don't know how we I don't know how we did it. Back in the Stone Age before we had hd in so I mean you gotta HD. I mean come on this four G. maybe right I mean three deaf Hologram. What is it I mean but but you just get your dreams really crystal clear. Smell the waves breaking smell the salt off the saltwater as the waves are breaking on the sand if you're going to do a vacation trip in the Caribbean or you're going to own a house there in the Caribbean and you won't. You won't be able to go down there and visit right. Just set that aside. I mean you gotta you gotTa hear it you gotTa Smell. You got to feel the sun on your face. You got to think about what's going to be like to be out there fishing as the sun's coming up if you're a fisherman because you were able to get that bass boat because you got your finances under control when you've got the time to go do that whatever it is you WanNa do. I don't know but you got to be crystal clear. Hd Your goal your dream and that becomes your why and then have folks come around you and publicly state what your goal is. Don't keep your goal. Keep your dream of yourself. Say it out loud so that other people even some of your friends might shame you. You know they might. They might be negative accountability. But I'm doing this and then that what happened near deal. You know that's coming at you if you've said it publicly but if you've not told anybody then that's the other thing so really good question. Mark is with us in Phoenix Arizona. Hi Mark How are you? Hey Dave on great. Thanks so much for taking my call. Sure how can I help? I am question. I never heard directly address A lot of questions about loans graduate school loans but never this specific one We got about four hundred thousand dollars in investments. And we're on baby step five with the exception that I still have fifty thousand of about one hundred. Seventy thousand dollars in student loans left that I specifically haven't Haven't been paid off completely Because of the fact that the interest rate on there's only two point seven five percent the only other debt we have is our house at three percent and right now yes. Fifty thousand student loans used to be one seventy paid down from one seventy correct. Yeah Okay and the money. That's in investments. Four hundred thousand. Is that in? Retirement accounts only know About two hundred thousand dollars in retirement and the other two hundred thousand dollars in five twenty nine plans for my children. Okay so on your premise. Then you actually have heard me address this like every day but anyway. Assad from that on your premise. If you could borrow fifty million dollars at two point something percent and invest it would you if I knew that the no no no no not yet I this is in the real world. There's no I if I knew this is in the real world where your scenario is your scenarios in the real world if you could borrow fifty million dollars invested the way your two hundred thousand dollars invested would you and I i. It seems like neat answer is no but in my mind it seems like yes you got at least. I got you move in a little bit here. Here's here's the purpose of my bizarre scenario. Okay when you are doing math with your head what I did with a bizarre scenario is I made you feel it a little bit rather than just have the intellect because you are somebody that has a strong intellect your bright guy okay and you tend to think things through only when I made you feel for just a second there and you were like confused but okay I get it. I'm I'm not I'm GONNA bite okay. No I wouldn't what happens. There is your heart is where you measure risk and you are leaving risk out of this scenario and the risk is acceptable to you because you have the money to write the check that I pay off the debt and so it doesn't bother you that you've borrowed money to invest effectively. That's what your balance sheet shows and so it doesn't bother you but when I try to put a couple Zeros on the end of that it all of a sudden you feel the weight of it and you go. There is risk here and you've left risk out of your mathematical equation. So the borrower is slave to the lender the millionaires that we have met with. And we've studied ten. We've started ten thousand of them recently. Tell us that they get out of debt as quickly as possible. One hundred percent and they stay out of debt and they use that lack of risk not leverage and they use just simple cash flow to pour into their investments. So all of that having said Mark what I would do if I woke up in your shoes before before the sun sets tonight I would be very that fast. This is the Dave Ramsey show talk. Usa saves you money down from Minnesota said we switched from horizon. Appear Talk. Thanks to Dave Ramsey. I was skeptical but after leaving the big city and traveling to a rural areas service coverage. Never lapses guys pure talk. Usa has the same great coverage for less and no contracts. Try it risk-free. Today call pound to fifty. Say the key words Dave Ramsey and receive fifty percent off your first month pound to fifty key words Dave Ramsey Find out for yourself. Why BLINDS DOT COM? Is the number one online retailer of custom window coverings free samples free shipping new promos all the time? Use the Promo Code Ramsey. They give us our question of the day from avery in Georgia. I'm seventeen years old. I'll be graduating from high school in. May every time I get a paycheck. Pay For my bills then. I put the leftover money in my currently fifteen hundred dollar merchants refund when I get my car service where it's a simple oil change or unexpected needing transmission replaced should pay for it out of my emergency fund or a second savings account. Your Emergency Fund should be for emergencies. Which would be an unexpected car. Event tires don't wear out unexpectedly. Oil CHANGES ARE NOT UNEXPECTED TRANSMISSIONS. Going out are unexpected. Gas is not unexpected regular tune-ups or not unexpected. And so you put a rhythm in your budget for For Car Repairs Normal car maintenance and then you usually emergency fund for big items that surprise you and are unexpected. That's how we determine what an emergency is so going on vacation for some of you need to remember is not an emergency. Peggy is in Cincinnati. Hi Peggy welcome to the Dave Ramsey. Show Hello Dave. Thank you for taking my call. Sure what's up well. I am retiring at the age of sixty six. My husband is sixty eight and I was talking. I'm retiring from the postal service. I was talking to the federal retirement counselor and I have three hundred and eighty thousand in my thrift savings plan for you and I know that you always say do a roll over so you don't pay taxes on it and you talk about good growth mutual funds. She said I need multiple. Ira's you I need multiple IRA's. I didn't think so. It sounded like you were just talking about one. Ira well I mean. Each of the mutual funds might have a separate account number on my best possible. But it's just one I are. There may technically be four by the time you do the rollover but we are going to roll it in the four types of mutual funds growth growth and income aggressive growth and international if you want to be a little more conservative At your age you would replace the aggressive growth with a balanced but something like that when you sit down with a smartvestor pro and yes I would do a rollover into traditional not roth because I don't WanNa pay the taxes on it now at seventy and a half. There is an R. MD a required minimum distribution required to start pulling money out. And so just be prepared for that but One that I have now. I'm sorry my savings plan is traditional. It's IT'S NOT IRAQ. So it would be a Roth when. I mean it'd be a traditional when you roll it over. Don't do a Roth just let it. Just let it be traditionalist taxes on that let it continue to grow Do you need money off of it? Now No Our income will be about fifty eight thousand a year between Social Security and my pension plan to live on that we plan to live on that nominal. We own our house. It's worth at least three hundred thousand way to go drive on used cars. I love it. So does he have a nest egg in his plan No he does not okay. You know that we do have a thirty thousand dollar emergency fund. So you've got a seven hundred thousand dollar net worth. You're almost millionaires way to go. Thank you well. It's partly due to you because listening to you. We've finally decided to get serious and get. The House paid off before retirement. I'm glad you did. They put you in a real comfortable position. Doesn't it feels pretty good. You can have a pretty good life on fifty eight grand with no house payments or anything right we are hoping so we think so and see. Here's the thing if you leave that money alone up invested well in about seven years. It'LL DOUBLE WOW. Well how much do you say they will make Me Take out when I'm seventy and a half. What do you think formula? It's not much it's not gonna it's not gonNA damage it severely but there's just a certain amount what her masters they don't want you to die with all that money in there with no taxes. They WANNA get their tax money so therefore they force it out. That's all it is but it's not that heaviest. It's not that stringent a schedule. And so I wouldn't worry about that. I think you're GONNA end up some you know. Let's say sixty six by the time you're seventy three. You're going to be have well accessible million dollar net worth I if you live on that fifty eight. That's what's going to happen. You have done very well. Congratulations I'm proud of you. Open phones at triple eight eight two five five two two five. Caitland is in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Hi Caitlyn how are you? I'm good Dave. How are you deserve? What's up okay? So last January did something dumb and I leased a car and then I started watching you and I learned that I wasn't supposed to do that But about three months after at least the car I did another stupid thing and I accidentally back into my dumpster with it And this is what I was inbetween. Insurance Insurance couldn't pay for it Luckily we have insurance now. So that's covered. I don't really know what to do with this car because it don't really have the money to replace the bumper. It's not a huge damage but I also don't know the lease ends in two ears so I'm not sure what the Dent I say like basketball's is I mean. It's not a big dent. That's pretty good sized in basketball softball. Okay yeah all right. Have you gotten an estimate from bodyshop on repairing it? No not yet. I'd tell them you don't have insurance. You're paying cash and you need to repair it as inexpensively as possible and go get an estimate and put that in your budget because if you turn car in on a lease with a basketball sized dent. They're going to leave them. They're going to leave a basketball size dent in your checkbook right. So I'm not sure if I should just by the car after the lease or We don't WANNA have to. We don't want to buy because of the dent but if I wanted to buy it and it's a good deal you could if you've got the cash. So what do you think what is the? What was the sticker price? On the time you took out the car. The it was a twenty seventeen Nissan rogue and I wanNa say it was like twenty thousand dollars per now mayor twenty or twenty eight maybe twenty eight okay that sounds about right so twenty eight and at least eighteen or I don't know just a little over a year ago and releases. How long a two year or three year leash years? Okay and well I mean are you GonNa have fourteen thousand bucks or fifteen thousand bucks or whatever to buy the car if that's the buyout at the end of the lease probably not. I'm in Babysat two right now. Not Ready to buy it out. If you're not ready to pay for it at the end the leash GONNA be turning it in. And you're going to be getting you a beater that you can pay for definitely show so that means we have to get the bumper fixed. Yeah Okay I'll that then it's not emergency but we do need to put it in your budget. You can put it at the end of your debt snowball if you wanted to. Because it's not really a dad but it's something you gotTa do before you know that September sneaks up on you because whatever you whatever the body shop tells you the dealer when you turn it ends probably going to double that right because you're above what the lease would call normal wear and tear basketball size. Dense don't fall under the heading of normal wear and tear sound but again it's not an emergency. The good news is you can just kind of put it in your plan. We're going to drive the car through the lease anyway and turning the keys at that point. Don't run your mouse over. Don't be over on your wear and tear which means that this thing has been fixed. This is the Dave Ramsey show from thank you for joining us. We're glad you're here. This is the Dave Ramsey. Show where we give you the same financial advis your grandmother would only we keep our teeth in? Kyle is with us in Austin Texas. Hey Kyle how are you? I am often day. Thank you so much for taking my call. Sure what's up in your world. Sure so my wife and I just started dating step three B. We're saving up for a house down payment and hope to have that ready in about fifteen months in line with our lease timing. We're very familiar with how much how should I buy formula? And it's awesome and that's our goal but we have some income fluctuations coming up through the next several years up and down. I'm going back to school. Can explain in more detail. I wanted to ask. Kinda which income numbers you think. We should use to help determine how much house we should get. Well if you use the highest income number and it fluctuates for a period of time down is GonNa put you in a strain right. Sure absolutely the current situation is basically or one sixty five now down to one hundred wine and law school. My firm will help pay for it and then up to over two hundred post-wall school that we're kind of not sure where to us what to use in their law school two years law school. Three years Plus I'M GONNA have to put about ten kate for myself for the school itself wild out right but I'm saying terms of time that we've got a sixty five thousand dollars drop from one sixty five down to one hundred and then three years later back up to two hundred. That's exactly right so I think I would want be heavy on the savings if I was basing it on a one fifty or one sixty income. Because you're basically what we're saying is you're in your your house. Payment is going to end up being about fifty percent of your take home pay for three years if you based on one sixty five and that's you know that's that's a formula that's not going to cause disaster but if there was a problem on top of that it could really cause you to have to sell the house. Yes so is there something to be said is i? Guess what you're getting at like. There's something to be said for really putting the money in the bank to float during that period of time if we that one sixty number as threshold. When do you start law school? Yeah I would most likely start law school in about two and a half years from right now. The plan is to be in the house about a year before starting law school. Yeah just I think one sixty five you could make it if you based on one sixty five but that three years is just a real you. You've set yourself up for some risk. It's not a guaranteed failure but when you got a High House. Payment as a percentage of your take home pay while you're trying to get through law school. I don't want you to have financial stress. Sure no I hear you completely. And we debated literally just waiting until after the bye but that's like five years from. I almost said that is why I asked when you're GonNa Star but yeah so I'm going to buy something like based on one hundred twenty thousand dollar income sure and then I'm gonNA move again five years from now after making two hundred. Yeah perfect going back and forth between those and that sounds like a great option. We really appreciate your insight on that just somewhere in there. I mean I'm just trying to figure out why so. You're not pinched and in stress while you're in law school tough enough without inviting financial stress by decision that we had control over so good question. It's an interesting discussion. Chris is with US IN INDIANA. Hi Chris how are you? I'm good Dave. How are you better than I deserve? What's up well My in laws approached my wife and I Thinking of giving us a large percentage of what would be inheritance from them here in the next couple of years or sooner I guess their fear is that You know if they go into a nursing home or some types. Some situation like that that that would soak up a lot of those resources and I just. I had some calms about you know. It's their money I wanted to get your thoughts. Doesn't work okay. When you cannot make yourself look broke when you're not broke in order to get the nursing home provided by the government on Welfare government free nursing home from the government is for welfare. It's for broke people. And if you if you move your assets out of your name the Gov- The government can look back five years on some things and ten years on the other end disqualify you from getting free nursing home care. You don't qualify from for welfare because you gave all your money away. That's what amounts to. It's it's called fraud. They call it unfair fraud. That's what the government calls it. And they will come down on their head if they find all of this and they'll look back five years and if they smell a rat thing go back ten years and so their their motivation for doing this is wrong. How old are they are just in their late sixties? Tell them to go get long term. Care Insurance okay. The takes care of their nursing home. Bill and here's the thing the nursing home bills or not. I mean they're bad if you're broke but how much money these people got. Oh I just think it'd be on the order of hundred thousand I'm not. I'm just speculating. They've not given me any time you'll numbers and they need to get long term care insurance immediate link and it's going to cost them you know twenty five hundred thirty five hundred dollars a year. It's worth every penny of it to protect their money. But no they do not need to transfer assets In order to falsely qualify for welfare. It's not only morally wrong. It's legally wrong and the government will come down on them if they catch them doing it and they do look at this stuff. In the average nursing home stay is only about three years so it would eat up one hundred grand okay if they did go into a nursing home and don't have long term care insurance but most long term care insurance policies now cover about three years of nursing home care so I would spend the money on long term care insurance and I would go get it today. If I was in this situation I would not try to hide. Assets to falsely qualify for welfare. You were right to feel funny about this. Lynn is with us in Chicago. Hi Lynn how are you? Hi Dave thank you for taking my call. Sure what's up in your world In my world. I'm trying to decide if I should be putting my twenty four year old out He still living here with me. And I'm trying to make that decision. Why is he still living there? number one. I didn't know any better until about three years ago that that I was supposed to guy them financially so I took your class while he was going through college Originally from college he graduated. Yes College Graphic designing job. Yes full-time Z. Live at home. Well he asked me if he could do his master's and a piece of the reason. Why thought about it. I'm calling you is because I had I had no savings I was About twelve thousand dollars each month in debt each month. I did my budget but I took the class and I told him what I think about it. He must take the class too so took the class also in out of class. I decided well maybe he could stay here to help me dig myself out so now make steps for by him being here because I make him pay his rent and everything we just split it But he wants to do his masters. So I'm thinking should continue to stay here while I start my retirement because I have absolutely not a penny in retirement as next month. I we start my retirement. thing there you couldn't make it in the beginning. I could not because I was so in the negative can yes. I can make it I. So he's not saying he's not staying there now for you and is in. Wisey staying there for him now if he goes and gets his master so he has a free place to live. Well won't be free because he paint. How will they be paying getting his Masters Well his job gave him a huge What's IT called raise? And it was too because they don't have a program where they pay for master's degrees so they gave him a huge raise so with this race. He plans to pay for his master's long ause. He's debt free He's a sixty two now. What are you I S? Fifty about fifty make less. I don't think there's any gency here and there's not any abuse or any really bad situation. I do think it'll be advantageous to him. Emotionally live on his own away from his mommy. He's twenty four. He makes sixty thousand dollars a year. He's working on his master's you're on your own. You can care for yourself. It'll be really good for him emotionally to have his own place maybe with a roommate or something and if you WanNa get a roommate to help your numbers work. That'd be fine but on there's no emergency but sometime the next six months with. I WORKED HIS DAD. I would have been moved for his good for his emotional growth. This is the Dave Ramsey. Show This james childs producer of the Dave Ramsey show. I'm excited to announce the we're now carry on six hundred radio stations across the country to find one near you at Daveramsey dot com slash show. Money isn't the only thing we talk about around here. Get life-changing advice on your career from my good friend and career expert. Ken Coleman all my Ken Coleman show. According to a recent Gallup poll nearly seventy percent of Americans are disengaged work if you dread going into work every Monday morning and you're just trying to make it to the weekend. The Ken Coleman Show is for you. Everyone has a sweet spot. Your sweet spot is at the intersection of your greatest talent. In greatest passion we will help you discover what it is you were born to do. And then we'll help you create a plan to make your dream job a reality you matter and you have what it takes. Join the conversation on the Ken. Coleman show hear more from the Ramsey network including the Ken Coleman show wherever you listen to podcasts. Hey It's james producer of the Dave Ramsey show. This episode is over but check the episode notes for links to products and services. You've heard about during this episode. Thanks for listening.

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