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Are you hiring with indeed you can post job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash David m that's indeed dot com slash David m tonight several developing stories as we come on the deadly. Whether outbreak several reported tornados slamming through the south blizzards, causing crashes across the midwest and the dangerous conditions expected for millions in the east tomorrow morning. The Amazon crash mystery the cargo plane slamming into the water near Houston. One body recovered. Two crew members still missing are David curly in a helicopter above the debris field as investigators probed. What went wrong failing to make bail? The Aren be singer R Kelly mode of the best selling artists of all time. Spending a second night behind bars. His lawyer says he doesn't have money with the Monday court date now looming on the brink. New bloodshed on the streets of Venezuela as the national guard. Open spire on opposition protesters with tear gas rubber bullets and firebombs the US secretary of state say nNcholas Medeiros days are numbered and Oscar big night. We're live on the red carpet as Hollywood stars align. Why tonight's show will likely be full of surprises eating seen? This is ABC news tonight and good evening. Thanks for joining us on this Sunday. I'm Tom yomas. We begin tonight with extreme weather. A one two punch already turning deadly. Take a look at this video tornado churning right there across Burnsville Mississippi, one of at least five reported twisters tearing across the south in hard hit Columbus, Mississippi one woman was killed when the building she was inside of collapsed at the same time in the north blizzard conditions paralysing travel on the roads, dozens of cars to see them. They're involved in this chain reaction pile up in Wisconsin, at least one fatality reported and. As the system pushes out. Winds will rapidly intensify with gusts up to sixty miles per hour in the northeast that could cause Monday morning travel, headaches, ABC's, Marcus, more leads our coverage from Mississippi. Goodness. Mary tonight stories of survival emerging after at least five reported. Twisters tore through parts of the south the violent wind striking parts of Mississippi and Alabama, ripping away roofs, toppling massive trees and knocking down this building in Columbus, Mississippi, several people inside taking cover the only known fatality from a reported tornado outbreak, a forty one year old woman. What for God, I would be here today. Henry Neal scrambled to take covering his bathrooms that storm Royd through his home. And I was fighting insulation does Ryan turning it down the hall that same system. Drenching parts of Tennessee Nashville seeing its wettest February on record more than a foot of rain turning roads into rivers this residential street completely underwater. This is the first time that it's looked like a lake here in Washington county, first responders canvassing flooded neighborhoods to evacuate residents this family carried on a rap to safety. In the midwest. It is snow that's causing concern. This is what drivers are up against in western Kansas blizzard conditions causing spinouts installs and in Wisconsin. Whether it's suspected in this multi-car accident backing up traffic for miles. And we want to go back now to Mississippi. That's where Marcus Morris tonight. Joining us live from one of those communities hard hit by that severe weather outbreak in the northeast part of the state the roof and walls ripped right off that church right behind you, Marcus. Yeah. That's right, Tom. This storm destroyed the sanctuary and some of the only things that appear to have been left. Untouched. Are a few pews behind me and the pulpit and tonight, Tom, you can see members of the congregation just beginning the process of cleaning this up so many churches across the south destroyed this week and all right, Marcus. Thank you wanna get right to Sam champion now. And Sam when it comes to the weather so much action out there, Tom we need to remind people just how massive this storm has been three quarters of the state beneath it for more than three days, and look how strong it is still. So here's this low now pulling into Canada, we've got blizzard conditions in states where it's not snowing. Now because the winds are snow stoats oh strong. They're picking up the snow on the ground and blowing it so we'll take the rain out of the northeast and the wind becomes the big story. Look right around. We've got about three hundred thousand without power around the Great Lakes right now with a fifty five mile per hour wind in Detroit fifty in Green Bay and then tomorrow morning, we'll have those same wind speeds fifty in New York forty-three in Harford fifty one in Albany into New England. We'll have power outages in New England as well because we've had so much rain the trees will just come down in these strong, dangerous winds. All right Sam, thanks so much. We turn out of the mounting questions after that deadly Amazon plane crash outside of Houston aerial footage today showing the debris field where the Boeing seven sixty seven cargo plane carrying Amazon prime packages went down breaking up on impact. Authorities confirm all three crew members were killed. But the cause of that crash still remains a mystery. Here's A B C's David curly reporting from the shore of trinity bay, but muddy Marsh south east of Houston tonight holds the clues to this unusual and mysterious crash of the Boeing seven six seven flying for. Amazon it is low tide. Now, we are getting a better sense of the debris field. You can see wheels. From the landing gear pieces of the fuselage on the surface, we flew over the wreckage with our station. KTAR? K it is a compact debris field reinforcing. The fact that this aircraft came in at a high angle into trinity bay, but why would the Twenty-six-year-old atlas air cargo jet descending normally abruptly at just six thousand feet start a rapid deep dive hitting trinity bay in just nine seconds out of the corner of our on. We've seen a plane coming down at a forty five degree angle local boaters race to help late today. The announcement that all three on board are dead. The remains of one recovered. There's not much of a plane left to 'til it's actually airplane. His packages closed shoes. Stuff. Float neverwhere, the F. B I is on the scene assisting the NTSB Amazon offering thoughts for the families and atlas one of the two contractors. Operating forty aircraft for the IRRI Taylor. This seven six seven is a reliable aircraft all its previous fatal crashes were intentional or caused by pilot error those images, absolutely devastating. David curly joins us now from the scene of the crash. David. I know you've reported it's likely they will recover the black boxes from the plane because of the shallow area where it crashed and they'll need them. Because still no answers. Absolutely, Tom often. There are obvious clues the weather or the type of the aircraft. None of that. In this case. That's why those black boxes are so important to explain what happened just six thousand feet above this March, Tom David curly for us. David. Thank you. We move on now to our Kelly spending his second night behind bars. The arm be star is facing ten counts of criminal sex abuse involving at least three underage victims. And despite being one of the all time bestselling artist. He still has not posted bail. Here's ABC's Diane Macedo, acclaimed R&_B singer R Kelly is still behind bars tonight two days after. Being charged with ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault. The three time Grammy winner has yet to come up with the one hundred thousand dollars bail needed for his release. His attorney says Kelly's finances are a mess. You're on and and bad contract. He really doesn't have any money at this point and expressionless Kelly appeared before Chicago judge Saturday, he's accused of sexually assaulting four females between nine hundred ninety eight and twenty ten three of the alleged victims were minors at least one encounter is allegedly on tape in the video. The victim repeatedly repeatedly say she is fourteen years old the lifetime documentary surviving R Kelly is pushing allegations from Kelly's passed back into the spotlight, including his marriage to the late singer Aaliyah the marriage certificate shows Kelly's age at the time as twenty-seven a Lia eighteen in reality. She was just fifteen Puerto wreckage. You are how all that secret. Kelley's attorney says he didn't know Elise age, and that there's no reason to believe the newer allegations against Kelly right now is presumed innocent. We haven't seen anything any reason to believe that these allegations are credible. Okay. Diane Macedo joins us now live and die in. We're just telling me, even if he does make bail it may not be enough to keep them out of jail. That's right. So Kelly owes one hundred and sixty thousand dollars more than one hundred sixty thousand dollars in back child support, and it's due March six so even if he makes bail he'll go back to jail if he doesn't make that child support payment time. All right, Diane. Thank you. We turn out to Venezuelan, the crisis deepening. Their with violent clashes involving Venezuelan troops breaking out along the border against protestors attempting to bring in humanitarian aid at the same time. Vice President Mike Pence set for a meeting Monday that couldn't testify the situation. Here's ABC's. Julia McFarland tonight and nation on edge off tensions in Venezuela than porta towns erupted into violence soldiers loyal to President Nicolas. D'oro he'd been blocking humanitarian aid sent from America launching Tig as an opening fire on civilians in some clashes hundreds injured a fourteen year old boy among those killed but more than one hundred troops defected crossing into Columbia. Whether your position is struggling to count to that blockade. And now with the crisis deepening the focus shifting to what lies ahead US-backed opposition leader Hongo welcomed in Columbia with full military honors as he prepares to meet leaders from a dozen Latin American nations and vice President Mike Pence, but Maduro is standing his ground warning the United States to stay away that warning met with heightening rhetoric from US officials secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, declaring Medeiros days when numbered options on the table Senator mockery beer, signaling that Maderas. Use of deadly force has now changed the game tweeting the dole was now open to various potential multilateral actions. Not on the table twenty four hours ago and later cryptically. Also, this an image. Of Moammar Gadhafi bloodied after Libyan's rose up ending his regime with parts of as Boorda. Now closed the outside world, the is the chronic crippling food and medicine shortage inside Venezuela could grow was Tom Julian McFarland for Julia. Thank you. And at the Vatican today. Pope Francis closing a summit of bishops to address generations of clergy sex abuse, declaring an all out war on what he called quote evil, but critics still want to know what will actually change ABC's David Wright is at the Vatican today. Pope Francis called predator, priests tools of Satan and declared all out war on sexual abuse. Need that Busey in abuse? He said we see the hand of evil speaking at the end of the Vatican's historic four-day summit Francis. Also, condemned those who had hush-up abuse noting the cover up favors, the spread of evil an adds a further level of scandal. Not enough. You're saying not because as no framework that is no frame book. No concrete plan concrete plan, nothing survivors of sexual abuse say they've been clear about the reforms David and hoping to see their tolerance for preset abused. Children zero tolerance for bishops had covered up and the opening up of the archive in the evidence around the world. So we pressed the conference organizers at a minimum the new standards that you will adopt will include those three things. Essential. My take is did they are essential the conference organizers, tell us they will be announcing some new initiatives in the days ahead as one of them put it this is a big ship, and it's slow turn. But survivors have run out of patience. Tom David Wright. Reporting from the Vatican tonight, David thank you, not of the second summit showdown between President Trump and Kim Jong UN just days away. ABC White House. Correspondent Terry Puhl? Mary joins me live now and terror. The White House would likely have one eye on Capitol Hill where Michael Cohen is expected to testify next week at the same time as this high stakes summit, Tom President Trump will try to keep the focus on his attended. You know, US president has done before denuclearize the Korean peninsula. North Korean dictator Kim Jong UN is into the second day of his train ride to Hanoi. Vietnam, where the two leaders will meet after their first summit in June, President Trump declared that North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat, but this morning secretary of state Mike Pompeo said there still a danger because they have not taken significant steps to. Mantle their nuclear arsenal. As you mentioned on the day of their summit. There will be a political distraction. Trump's former fixer Michael Cohen will be testifying publicly on Capitol Hill and just days ago. President Trump was already lowering expectations for this event saying there's no rush denuclearize for him. The fact of the North Koreans have launched a missile is a sign of success. Tom. Tara tara. Thank you next tonight to Hollywood the Academy Awards now just hours away. And while there may not be an official Oscar host this year. There is no shortage of storylines ABC's. Kenneth Whitworth is on the red carpet. And they ask goes to the school goes to and the Oscar goes to tonight, there could be several Oscar firsts Glenn Close may finally have her Oscar moment if you're traveling for nuggets bitterness, you'll find none here. The seventy one year old actress has seven nominations the most of any actress with no wins. But it's possible. She's upstaged by newcomer Roma's, yell Lita, upper recedo satisified, a seven flirty who could become the first ever indigenous Mexican woman to win best actress in a leading role iconic director, Spike Lee could also be the first African American to win a directing Oscar and with no clear front runner in the best picture category. For the first time in years. Anything could happen Roma and the favorite. Lead the pack with ten nominations apiece. A star is born and vice both up for eight awards. But Black Panther already a big winner at the sag awards, and it could be the first superhero film to win it all after a roughly up to the ninety first Oscars the academy without a host for the first time in thirty years. There will be several celebrity pairings and not all of them are straight out of Hollywood. Serena Williams rumor to end the show announcing best picture along with Barbara, Streisand and many others can't wait with joins us. Now live from the red carpet and lots of new ideas at the Oscars tonight. Like you mentioned tennis star. Serena Williams, presenting just one of those examples and the academy also tighten up how long people can actually give their acceptance speech. Tommy academy saying that one of the most tastic things about presenters like Serena Williams is not only is she a cultural icon, but she brings a film lovers and presence to the show. But you have keep in mind that wants a winner's name is announced they have ninety seconds to get from their seat to the stage. Give their speech and get out of there, Tom. We might see people running to that podium this year. We'll have to wait and see Qena Whitworth. Biggest star for us at the red carpet right now. All right Qena. Thanks so much. We'll have much more from the Oscars later in the broadcast. Plus these stories still ahead on world news tonight. This Sunday details into the alleged Florida prostitution ring involving patriots owner Robert Kraft, and what we're learning about some of the other high profile suspects attempted hijacking military commandos on the tarmac the plane full of passengers and crew in harm's way and start tearing tower coming to the defense of his empire, son, Jesse spa. What he's saying next. Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash David m that's indeed dot com slash David m Bucknell with a major bust involving an alleged prostitution ring in Florida police say arrest warrant is imminent for patriots owner, Robert Kraft, just one of the prominent suspects named here's ABC's Zachary quiche tonight, new video of patriots owner, Robert Kraft. Did you have a message to you? Fant TMZ, capturing the seventy seventy rolled leaving pre-oscar party in California. His first time seen in public since being charged with soliciting prostitution by police in Florida more than two hundred have now been identified in this thing. Other high profile men include billionaire equity firm owner, John Childs, Johnny depre- the boyfriend of gopher Jessica Korda in former CitiGroup president, John havens. None of them responded to requests for. Common concern in this investigation centers around our possibility of victims of of human trafficking. Investigators say they found an operation that relied on Asian women being used as sex workers craft accused of two incidents of solicitation, the last one allegedly taking place in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. Does the video contain Mr. craft inside receiving the alleged the answer to that is? Yes, Kraft saying through a spokesperson we categorically deny that Mr. craft engaged in any illegal activity. Please could issue an arrest warrant as early as Monday, the NFL is monitoring the situation in could Levy punishment, Tom Zachary quiche for a sacree. Thank you time now for index and the attempted hijacking overseas this flight bound for Dubai forced to make an emergency landing in Bangladesh. Police say a mentally ill passenger try to hijack that aircraft military commandos killing the suspect in an exchange of gunfire. Everyone on board that plane. Safe tonight and the empire star standing up for actor Jesse small Ed Terrence Howard potion of video on his of his TV son small on Instagram and firing back at critics to stay in their own lane. Howard saying, quote, it's God's job to judge small at denies charges. He faked his own hate attack and up close and personal with the killer whale. It's a baby orca right there. Zooming. Zeroing in on researcher Antarctica, even bumping into her camera and that close encounter showing its teeth and some lunch, apparently, everyone seems to be okay. There was well finally tonight hitting that perfect Oscar note pulling the curtain back on this year's most memorable music. The Larry as we countdown to Hollywood's biggest night a look now at the revealing stories behind not what we saw. But what we heard? So he Mian rap city up. The best pictures. Actor Romney, Molly up for best actor in the movie, portraying Freddie, Mercury and telling Ben mates. He hit those high notes because he was born with four extra t. So how did Malik sound so much like the music legend? Malik Horley say at all thanks to help from Mark Martel, a former lead singer in a Canadian Christian rock band. Movies biggest invisible role as the voice of, Freddie. Mercury producers mixing his voice with weeds, original master recordings. A star is born is up for eight Oscars. And one of them is for the hit song. Shallow nominees. Bradley Cooper singing tonight onstage with his co star lady. Gaga Cooper talked about his regimented months of training with a voice coach Munson working on that voice. I think it lowered and like almost an octave. One all the song to the movie to be performed live test watching it become. It's been a pleasure and recently. Angus Cooper, lady Gaga gave a surprise. Shallow duet in Las Vegas. And the next time. We see them together. We'll be tonight at the awesome. Looking forward to that. And of course, stay tuned right here for all of tonight's Oscar excitement at eight like so much for watching on Thomas in New York. Have a great evening. Good night. Are you hiring with? Indeed, you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash David m that's indeed dot com slash David m.

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