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What is it reminded that the BBC interview with the Duke of Windsor has coming up soon? We understand the duke is no longer in the best of health. Might be worth visiting when you to. Paris certainly not Gila Mountain. It's just a slight concern that if the BBC interview where to go down well following the successful visit of Emperor Hirohito. The question might be asked if the Japanese make the effort to visit his family. Not because he didn't cause them. Offense didn't advocate. The Japanese thrown all kill the emperor's father for the last time no that man is shame stench of livestock in CBS' into the woodwork. Never goes away. Welcome to the crown. The official PODCAST. I'm Edith Bowman. And this is the official podcast for the third season one of the net flicks original sees the crown taking you behind the scenes speaking with many of the talented people involved and diving deep into the stories. Today we're talking about episode eight titled Dangling Man in His nineteen forty four book Dangling Man American author so Obama describes him on WHO's waiting to be drafted into the army whilst he faces death in World War Two. He believes that this is the only way to give meaning into life in this episode of the Crown Prince. Charles Likens himself to the character is he describes what it's like waiting to become king whilst at dinner with his new love Camila at the same time the dying Juke of Windsor contemplates. His life's meaning having given up the crown. Nine hundred thirty six choosing love over Judy. Pretty we'll be talking in depth about the events in this episode. So if you haven't watched it yet we suggest to do so now or very soon coming up later we'll meet at an dougherty who plays princess on in the crown a never played anyone like him before in my life and she's taught me so much check out the woman I WANNA be. She's genuinely I think just made me a better person. We'll also hear from costume designer. Amy Roberts said my little trick is to look and look and look all those people and then could it all away and just do your the thing with it but I I talked with Sam Donovan. who directed episode eight unknown of season? Three of the crown I asked him about working with acting Woolsey. Not Geraldine Chaplin on Deck Jacob to portray the elderly and Duchess of Windsor in dangling. Man Phenomenal so I worked to them. a few years ago on a show called Tango and Halifax so we had an experience of working together and when I knew he was casting I was just like this is absolute dream and it's a different situation. We see them in the post when we back in seasons one into in terms of this old couple who almost Levin this museum of the Crown Away do you know what I mean kind of extraordinary to see them how they are an Geraldine Chaplin as well as our gelatin chaplain was wonderful. We list together of people to play. Wallis and Sheldon was top of our list so she lives in Switzerland and she flew over to his in London to have a maid and and turned it with these big Chunky. China's on these skintight leather Trousers this really funky colorful Bomber jacket baseball cap and big dog glasses and she looked like something out of a salt and pepper. You know the coolest seventy five year old you've ever met in alive live and carried it with such confidence in really didn't care and then when we sat down to chat with Oh she was really lovely and understood the character and You know and she's kind of American royalty. You know with the Father Being Charlie Chaplin. She is she has that and also she spent time in France. You you know Which is why the windsors ended up after their action so felt like she understood the world and understood my Kinda party a greatest? Everybody and concentrate only unhappy. Everything's to that end. Let's cancel the Japanese Emperor Hirohito. No we can't do too much planning go into into it besides maybe my only remaining opportunity to restore my reputation reputation. He's an idol and most false imposition off-court without merit and lost without deserving. So did you have windsor as important rulings within this episode where he's almost like a mediary between Charles and the Queen. It's known that Hemin encharged wrote to each other will actually very similar characters really I mean and this is what the threat was for the Queen. But you know he was very much a free thinker He was curious you slotting rebellious and then today he looked before juicy. We put love before the crown and I think the the thing with the Queen was she kinda on a hat to give permission for Charles to to meet him. Because how often do you get to me a former Prince of Wales and a former king you know any advice that the the king white and can get from somebody that's been. He should take. We all just watching some real footage of of the Duke and Duchess and and I think it's only a few years before he passed away these interviews at the BBC. Did you know there are upon online and stuff and it's incredible torture us. Even even the way they sit on the cob get close enough to each other. They need this almost even just the angles of their bodies are constantly directed towards. We looked at that video. Even though it's not in word for word is on version of it for the for the good of the stories that we're telling we did look at the the body language with Joe and Derek. We watched those interviews together. And look time she would reach over to him and he would show and the big confer moments mm-hmm and you know this just longing look from her. All the time is he's as he's speaking in he's opening up about how he feels beautifully beautifully done everybody. Nobody wants to know how much of what's in. The crown is true and the way that pizza rights. A- sake you believe everything because because it's within the confines of the stuff stuff that we already know Joe and particularly I think in episode eight that meeting with the Queen and the Juke. Yes which happened but we don't know what we say we don't always said I can only guess what was said. I hope he said he said and always falls finds. Its weeks an an an and it does he. You know he wasn't right to be to be king. He's you know at that time when he abdicated. Whereabouts go into war when they needed a strong sensible head of stay which they got with? The brother does always find his way to the head. And if shooting that same Derek's performance now in just doesn't hold back even directed rehearsal Mama turning over and these is one of those moments where I live. You really had to fight back the tears and all and then we did a cruise show afterwards which is basically everybody comes in and what she's saying and then we tell everyone what we're what we're kind of into for the for the rest of the day. That's yeah so kind of how it works is is that we have directors rehearsal. I which is basically me the pay the first I. Id and the script supervisor and we will block in has been the same then. I'll talk about Angles we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA shoe How we're GONNA cover the same essentially we we map out from a visual storytelling view? We then told I I did to make sure we've got enough time to do what we WANNA do. we figure something else out quite quickly and that can be either changing the shot so asking the act is to change the blocking and little bed and then we do. What's called the accrue show which is which Joie than everybody piles in the way? Everyone's kind of squashed in cones. I mean on the crowd is not so bad because the Williams generally massive everybody But we all kinda squeeze in and watch the watch the the same and there was not a dry in the house without rehearsal. I mean the way that it coughs and splutters and really struggles that saying. He knew that this was going to be the last of meeting between the two of them and then we grab and in a weird way the respect they have for each other was Yeah it was it was just breathtaking. And then there's that that moment is well how when which we know happen as well as when he actually died in his dog jumped off a blast extraordinaire black dom the Pug Walsh knew that he'd passed asked when the doctrine of the bad animals success. You know he was really important. I account gather in a new size of as a visual muscle. I underestimated you. Who did with the crown always finds its way to the rite aid? I father my brother you and one day. Go to willing your son. You don't think he's up to it and is it anything of the sort that you think it bike and read you every allies you can read me and I know why using you can often feel weak indecisive but was the right woman as I say you'll make a good king and his thoughts have already termed assumed to Lameta introduced to this dilemma. Then this love dilemma between Charles and Camilla before we get to Diana so it's almost kind of like go back to fact check by things which people about the nature of the before. Diana was on the same thing. Everybody thinks thinks that Camilla wished snaffled fatal. I it's because she really wanted to become quyen when that is not the truth. It's all I think. The Camillus of being Queen at the time was the last thing she wants it. You know she was going. She liked to go out and have fun and was intere- contributes roots and actually was happiest when she was a country home partner by it in the garden riding horses alone and Avenue. GNC that was one of the first things you show. It wasn't pull zoe had so I was supposed to stop prepa thinking October and they. They called me in earliest early as To shoot the polar much so so that was quite challenge because because we have Jussia looking like he could play Paulo. Connie he trained very very well. Here quarter sessions with the polar. Plunge you can ride a host before so we might even write a horse. Wow never even been on a horse. Thinks he cokie okay on horse. Isn't that exactly. Yeah and she was okay and then and the book and who plays Andrew Pocket balls on the other hand had just had a baby. He's his wife just had a baby so he's a busy looking after the kids. Look enough to new ball and was just not in any kind of state to be learning how to play Polo. So he's tried but he just wasn't at the level that we kinda needing to be to make him look like he's going fast so the clever people at the hose company of got a a horse is a sense of Acosta's on a quad bike laser. So yes the undo on this horse and had to change the half were as well because Paul opponents of different has Montana panic in this getting this horse kind of dressed properly and as the quote bike. He's going along the horses kind of moving up and down as as if he's riding it so we could all close coverage on Andrew and we all are close coverage on Josh was doing house host real but they can play a quick speed which we needed so we got good doubles in. But I just watched I Tanya that Don Omar always vice replacement for the ice skating toss at the Ben Resolve. Fa Scott what are the chances of you know in wide shots mid shots can we. You know we can be able to replace this. Yeah I mean may not con sooner the way how we can sell a sane without without your help and I knew after head scratching and research. They yeah they didn't the main say my pulled it off yet and it works really well and also You Know Second Committee for the first time can now ask. Apparently Bentley am rules loved series one of the crown. Thank going search with or agent touch with Nina and Robert Acoustics and said if Camilla ever comes up no way I absolutely Adore Camilla and I would love to be. I would love to be being the win for it so we you know we. We auditioned listened a lot a lot of people with Josh slowly. But surely Amro's yeah 'cause it's wonderful because we also get to see this site of Charles's well this kind of practical joker site event. It's very playful size really playful. And I think that's why they fell in love the shed the same sense of humor. Yeah the really into the goons. They're really into practical jokes. Camilla apparently has got caught. Filthy mouth with her jugs which compared to the the straight jacket That Chelsea is usually in in those kind of Stuffy Environments Have Someone Lot Camilla just tells our is and he's quite rude and coursing and hilarious and witty not all at the same time is just an absolute delight for Charles thing to be able to persuade him to have Decree to I'm not kidding. Wanted then just say please please. There are many hugely talented creators behind what we see. onscreen in the crown and most of them are based at L. Street studios which is where the custom made sets and carefully source. Crops are highest. It's also whom to the impressive costume department. Who I was lucky? Enough to spend some time with costume designer. Amy Roberts a thank you for being here to talk to us about your wonderful world of costume. I think if I had to choose one department to spend my time in it'd be going back to your costume department because I had the absolute joy of spending a little bit of time. Woken up by. It's it's my favourite an alleged terrific the work in the have the regular team. That a making or pretty much. All the costumes. That you see Queen Margaret's don't everybody's made it's kind of smaller roles that you'll source or get made outside but those guys are making all that to every time you see not a major character female cars. It's literally made from scratch with season three. What point did you start working on the season? And how did you start. Probably started about three months before we actually are. I shoot date which sounds like a lot of time. You kind of want to double that so I started by endless research because you do have with the royals which which is a gift and also a worry. CEO Much visual reference semi little plan trick is to look and look and look all those people and then put it all away and just do your end thing with it. And hopefully you've got maybe essence of the Queen or Margaret. Otherwise I just feel we're not bringing anything fresh new view to it. There are moments where I think you need to recreate the look like Queen Aberfan or wedding all the jubilee but even with that I think stuff like a not to. Yeah you have to think about the actor as well now in terms it being you know almost been tools for them to find the character and find their performance. Yeah Yeah just because Queen Looks. Great in orange doesn't mean to say. Libya Coleman looks great in orange. Yes employees that really. Yeah it's just finding your way along with the actor citing and a wonderful opportunity as well to explore characters over a time take time laid and see some one and two. You had thought which is done so brilliantly by the two designers on that but it was a kind and of war. Post War Pallet. She's always like IMO SAMBA. And then suddenly I'm the job of the sixties which are all right. It's a sort of Syklla version than carnaby street. But the colors are. I was very struck by when I did my research search the pinks and orange pastels and was so so different and I think for me like a lot. The design is probably it's all about color It's a huge project and so so many of the characters cycle makes all the light little Dullsville maced and the other layer of people like your mom's Mums Aberfan and politicians or the smaller people in less. Yeah aw aw as valuable and important and maybe I maybe I quite like doing them etter. Probably that's interesting because doing Margaret. All the queen it's lovely fabrics is great. It's fantastic. Don't get me wrong but it's I don't know how deep to get into it whereas Alice all. Yeah Not van mum. That's caught together that right. I should've let let in down here. Yeah totally but it's weird is I've been. He just thought about that. The levels pulls all the characters in the crown. Yeah Yeah and it's interesting because there are so many big female characters have the drama and I wanted to ask about when you're approaching dress in the men and looking at the design of the male costumes is harder artor or is it easier than than the women. Because like you say with Margaret. You kind of know where you can go with. I guess but with many slightly more restricted in a night night. Like men's clothes very much in a way you feel with men. They had the uniform best suits that beautiful impeccable suits search again of all be made shawls light rail fashioned Snai. But it's even just using Charles in the way that his suits designed to start your Washington flair. That's a real subtlety. But it's really important those. Yeah I think that can make the powerful empire. I hope so little things things like just for Josh. When he's goes to Wales and we found an amazing Thai was suffered ills on again? You probably wouldn't see that. But so he will definitely tie whether he was Wales. Yeah Yeah it's a look back and look at little secret. The things I think are nice. And that's the brilliant thing about. It is how enormous this project is but how intimate and personal the performance as on on the emotions that you have as viewer to them like Geraldine Chaplin who plays Williamson. Geraldine is this delicate. Tiny hiney little creature and of course. She's a very fine actress and she will embody a Wallis but in a different the way do you. I guess there's an element is well even once you've fitted and the you know the costumers Pathak for for that moment for for that scene once they get on and there may well still be adjustments to be made to things or is it once. They're on say that's kind of like it's time to sit ups quite I two story because one of her dresses was going to be wet. She lies on the bed with him. Yeah and done a sleeve which which was like a dragon's fin on I in my head. Imagine she would put up like around his head so you would see the seven bays shape of this league lead to look amazing and the light and everything that never happened size very very kind of course about and said to Sam. He was missing a trick. Sam being the direct to missing trick here just looked at me and laughed. What is it about my sleeve at all so you have to stop it not being dolgin? Sometimes it's incredible. How much of it is made aide though and what happens to after? Oh now this is amazing because most jobs in you it makes me laugh. The angst worry worry you put into a costume and then I see the I do know what happens to it either. Goes Soul to Costume House and ends up in the fifth person in the tense thrown a big film with the crown that all stored and they go on display away in museums and exhibitions. So what's so brilliant. Because the what chrome goes on might upset. It's chirs standard it so there were will be seen by loads of people. That's amazing close up. All sids buttons some some fabrics. And it's all vinegar another life which is so rare another car. I absolutely love in season. Three and I'm really excited to see where that goes into. This is on his goal is Shay. She's great but again. It's almost I. I feel like I've learned more by on in season. Three of the crime line then I knew about hard as a person. A wonderful exploration of heart is a person of all the royal women. She's the surprise isn't Gi. Yea both what she wears jeans peajackets to really amazing hats and sixty. So we'll silent says says Yeah Your Highness. May I present Captain Andrew Parker Bowles Blue Andrew. Shaw staring at you on how much you advise you to choose the next one very different slugged. Oh Oh you mean the dress. SA- Queens like I had drained I mean Evidently I've gone from invisible too visible. You're always visible somehow. You'd never seen me now. We'll hear from someone. I've been dying to meet Princess on herself actor. Aaron does not I asked about getting the part I was. I was doing a play at the time. Go phone call from my agent and I was like okay. I got off the phone house. Find the crown. A new crown was but I had no idea who prints hours genuine. He was a bit like I don't know which ones enchant talking about. So I went away and did research on Youtube. There's loads of stuff of her new watcher. Morgan now. That was one it was it. What was it Parkinson Parkinson okay? She tells a joke at the end of it. Basically and it's the best thing in the world. She's funny yeah. I think that's when I like probably fell in love with her. 'cause I'd never seen I've never seen Royal Tele Joke I'd never seen it. I was like. Oh she's different. Yeah I really felt for her as well. 'cause I was like I'd never really grown up and I wasn't really aware of the royal family. They'll just kind of I won't. I didn't expect to have this strong reaction so I went in I. I mean in in January and I found out I got it at the end of April so it was like a long way time. Yeah it was not relaxing. Yeah I was very relieved. Lived right away. It's been great talking to you or your colleagues about us whether it be Jane lepretre grabbing the cigarette I stray kind. That was her she was like. Now do you think she smoke. And also I've never thought about and she was like I think you should smoke. I was like okay Communist. Jane let's do it. She literally took me. She was like we're GonNa do this. We're GONNA do this and I was just happy. She just took the reins she made that same. And then there's there's I mean there's so many we could literally name them all but there's even bits it's she doesn't she doesn't say anything. It's just annoy sometime. Says so much more than words could say oh more yet disdain deigned for some. I've never played anyone like this woman. I honestly like I love it. I love the scenes like when I get the scripture and everything I I loved those group scenes where I know. I have no lines because I'm like this is great for me like a free for all for like rose and grunts anew noche can be doing it so I'm like bring it on. I love those things voice. That was well. The first search is easy. Easy do know. It took me a long time. Like I've never heard anyone speak like this. She doesn't move She doesn't Move Aso. Josh always always laughs at me for this. He's like I'm going to do and I'm like yeah. Whatever he takes piss out me all the time and I'm like I'm being an it's such allow? It doesn't it doesn't feel natural. You can see the kind of odd control over this voice so in a way when I do it. It gets me into her psychology because it makes me really angry. Basically put bluntly like whenever I do I feel really like controlled and really we like. I'M GONNA explode. I WANNA scream. I want to do something but you just can't and it's kind of like the epitome of the royals like. She has to be this way. You can feel that. She has something else to say but she's not allowed to do so. It manifests in this weird swallowed. Low not moving lips voice and I love it. It's like its own character. Made made like it was the it was the key to getting into her and understanding. Carville you can tell about someone by the way they speak so I was like right. That's all I need to know that I can see perfectly clearly who you are and what this is and I can assure you. I'm not going to get hurt now once again to be a resumption or a cessation errs option. Reggie gets it from at your age. But I'm not confident tough. How important are all those other departments as well be it? You know you're avian costume and K and makeup and the props and all that kind of thing important is all that to have this kind of I kind of refer to is like almost like a toy books of things twos to help. It's it's everything briefing. It's everything Bill Buckingham Palace. Like the whole of the outside of Buckingham Palace is like there with a big massive green screen like okay. Someone's done that like Chrysler and then you go to a costume thing. And instead of there and they've they've built these suits and dresses from scratch dislike. This is the these people are incredible and the fact that they have all taken so much time. I'm putting in so much effort to do their job as best they can is the most inspiring thing you just want to be the team leader. Lovely chart with amy she She was very sweet and she talked. So so highly of you onto a great story about Kashmira Kashmira. Oh my God. Oh my God right. Have you ever worn Kashmir Jesus. I'd never worn it on my God. Okay okay let's try this one. They didn't they didn't preempt it. They just it was very casual. I was like okay. Fine Blue Jumper. Wherever put it on? I lost my mind like slid slid on my body. Like what is this heavenly material. It was amazing and it was until his. Well there's there's always like just covered in it. I was like this is amazing. I can't not ask you about the hate is well. What does that involve she? Is that hair. That harassed her and it's a magnificent thing but it is like a magnificent thing to harm them aware though. Well when it's on great what I'm doing the scenes great. The prices sources of getting it done here is so intent. Took me through it you just so you like most of the time you're upset and it's like five in the morning and you sit down and they start back combing your hair. Honestly arming like like is no tomorrow. And then sometimes they'll put rollers in and then sometimes they might be a piece or sometimes that starts start but then they have to like smooth it into this like crazy lion mane's Scott honestly and you just have to sit there have coffee. It takes hours. How is it takes hours episode eight Dangling Mon- where you know it's it's it's that kind of weird entwine mess yes going on and stuff? I Love I didn't even know all that stuff on Endre Park. This is so zero but then at the same time I'm like come on. Of course like look at her like she's GonNa go out and have a good time she's deny job basically. Yeah just wanting to throw stuff at a wall see what break see what people say about it for stars like yeah what you're GonNa do. I think she's just so she's just willing to make a mess and see what her family to say about it. Because I don't think many people I think she sees her brother so frightened about the response to these people and she's a bit like well come on like they are also human beings. She's just so willing to push people to limit. How was it the candlelit dinner? Come on there. No secrets in this place. Lovely thank you Camilla. Shand inducing. Her Ex Andrew. Sure you can call what we're doing seeing sure you can call him an ex either committed told me he's definitely next Just make sure things remain the right around us playing with Camilla and Andrew about them playing with us. What you've got these brother and sister who who are each other's kind of soundboards for their life because they don't have that relationship with their parents? Yeah so and having to seek out her brother saying Don't get yourself into. It is here like you need to know what this is especially Wade because she's in the relationship that's making it so entangled angled the fact that she's saying look his situation whilst on the other side of things she's going out or having a good time with Andrew it just highlights highlights the weirdness of this family because I think ultimately she puts she puts her brother I and she's going to be worth about the thus. But you don't need to get hurt so it's great for me because it is also really it's A. It's an honest moment of showing how much she values her brother. Other brothers feelings over how awkward conversation would actually be. And how much Charles Tresser. Yeah I think they really do have a Special relationship kind of has to be created because of that lack of parental support. It again when whenever you see these people's fragility and real just absolute care for each other. It takes you back because you don't see these people you don't see that heart because they're just that this stone family but the moment you give them heart is really important. I think and you get to do that with on each of you be we besides to leave on behind. Yeah like something that I haven't I don't I don't think I will think about until it happened because one you kind of this so much going on the you physically can't but also I don't want to think about it. I don't WanNa let go of her. Because she's one she's meant so much for me in terms of my life I'm what she's given me but also as a character like I say I've never played anyone like that before in my my life and she's taught me so much about the woman. I WANNA be the human I want to be and what value in in human beings. She's genuinely I think. Just Miami about person so to think about letting go and going that deep into another character wherever it may be is a side that one. That's a sad thought. You must be so thrilled with the response that you in particular have consumed people have been kind of your performance and they can have the presence that you've you've really real impact that you've heard he talked about it. I I in a way it sounds really cheesy. But I'm I'm just tougher and I'm just glad that like people are saying these things about her. Because that's what I'm most happy about is that hopefully people appleseed and have seen her in the New Light because I think she's really bloody brilliant unlike especially for it to be on our screens in this day Diana the women in particular think is just is just really. Wicked I'm edith. Bowman and my special thanks to our guests on this episode at Daugherty. Hey Amy Roberts and Sam Donovan. The crime the official podcast is produced by net flicks on something else in association with Left Bank pictures. Join US next time when we go behind the scenes of episode nine when Prince. Charles get some poignant. Life advice from Wallace Simpson. Sorry not as your girlfriend girlfriend. She's picking me up after this spending the evening together before I returned to to secrecy. Not Official yes should they want. I think that that if I may offer two pieces of advice never turn your back on love despite all the sacrifices the pay David I never once regretted it. Thank you and the second. What shout via via found they mean? Well old subscribe now. And wherever you get your podcasts.

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