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It is time for the Academy Awards. So let's meet the people who star in the year's best movies. I didn't want to feel comfortable. They are somewhat the most unlikely feminist. That you will find why you're making this movie and why you called me to play you somewhere along the line. I had to find myself as a person person who was inconsistent and couldn't sing live Cynthia. A revolt Charlene's Thera Antonio Banderas and Renee Zellweger are with us plus many of the filmmakers makers behind this year's best picture nominees including little women's Greta Gerwig and Joe Joe Rabbits Tyco Ytd. I wanted to pleased every single piston with at this film. It would not be this film and it would be one race you you you picked up all the cards I put down. And we'll parasite make academy awards history. It's the frame Oscar special from KPCC in Los Angeles. I'm John Horn. We'll be right back. We are ready. Let's do it. Welcome to the frame Oscar special from KPCC in Los Angeles. Welcome to the one million breath and the Oscar goes to and the Oscar goes to and the Oscar goes to get anybody. I'M GONNA find you're GONNA give you. Massive snow snowed. Everybody who bought a ticket told somebody to buy a ticket. Thank you I love you if I may be so honored to have all all the female nominees and every category stand with me in this room tonight the actors Maryland you do it everybody else will come on all right all right all right. I'm John Horn host to the frame and joining me is Jacqueline coli editor at Ron Tomatoes Jacqueline. Thanks for being with us. Thanks for having me John so I know we're only a couple seconds in certified fresh so far. I think you're doing great. You're certified fresh and honestly I would say all the best picture nominees are also pretty awesome. It's probably the highest average on the tomato meter of best picture nominees. We've had in a while so I'm excited to talk about these phones. So let's start with probably the top story. I think of this year's Oscar race twenty acting nominees. One person of Color Cynthia Revo who stars as Surrey Tubman and Harriet. Yeah I'M NOT GONNA lie was extremely disappointed. When I watched each array and John Show read out the nominees few weeks ago? But I wasn't surprised actually just wrote an an article rotten tomatoes discussing this when you talk about the ninety two years of the history of the academy. There's only been thirty. Five Black Women nominated and twenty one of them have been for playing a slave a maid or woman in abject poverty it is an alarming and slightly depressing trend. I would say in the academy's Tastes And when you have performances from Octavia. CBS Spencer and loose Alfre woodard clemency. Jaylo in four inch heels giving us all she could for Hustler's and Aquafina further for well. It's really really alarming for you to say to yourself that this is where we are at the state of the academy. I'm going to hope that this year. We can have parasite as a moment if it wins. Best picture that we can say. We're moving forward. But again Cynthia being the only nominee it's It's a bit depressing parasite. I think has a legitimate chance to win the best picture. Oscar Oscar Think Bong Jun ho who directed and Co wrote. It could win director as well if it wins. The top prize the first foreign language movie in Academy History to take that prize. That is important in its own right regardless of the fact that none of its actors were nominated for performing in it. Yeah and it's also again a trend unfortunately with the academy there have been six previous best picture. Nominations from Asian cinema where none of the actors were honored with an acting nomination and unfortunately parasite kept with that trend this year here however We keep a track at our wars leaderboard and rotten tomatoes dot com of all of the winds of all of the films that are in the conversation and parasite has dominated with over a hundred in twenty five wins and to give you sort of a relative idea. The next winds is at seventy one. So parasite has been dominating with critics groups and with these these various guilds so it's poised to maybe take home the top prize but it really depends on the academy's taste and what those nine thousand members feel about the film later in the show. We're GONNA talk talk about the best picture race. We're also going to hear from some of the directors of some of the best picture nominees including Greta. Gerwig made little women was not nominated for best director. Sam Mendes from one thousand nine hundred seventeen and Bon John Hoult from parasite. But we'll start this Oscar party with some leading actresses three of the five nominees in this category had add the particular challenge of playing real people on Screen Cynthia Rio sharply staring and Renee Zellweger. Who Plays Judy Garland in Judy Yukon? There's an audience other ways. It hears you sing my mouth driving. It was judy takes place in the late. One thousand nine hundred sixty judy. Garland's career is floundering. She's struggling with sobriety. She goes to England perform at a London nightclub and Joplin one thing that surprised me. was that renee. Zellweger wasn't convinced that she could actually pull off as part. I wish I think is so crazy. That's Texas girls for you as a Texas girl I can say we're like deprecating on our talent and always like underestimate ourselves but she absolutely murdered murdered this role I remember. I woke up right in early at the tyrod film festival to watch. Her sort of embody. Judy Garland for this role and it was so I would say mesmerizing. You In me love. I DIDN'T WANNA DO I. I didn't want to do in a and all that somewhere along on the line I had decided to find myself as a person who was inconsistent and couldn't sing live and I was a person who is who had a tiny voice and we shouldn't try to hissing big belter songs and who would never perform live in front of living human beings because that would be a terrible idea but I just sort of trusted the process and to to start working and started working with local coaches who different techniques and taught me different? Things began with contorted my body to try you know somehow on how make that sound come out is terrible it might have been. There is a fascinating review that we found of the original concerts in nineteen sixty eight in the observer and this is what the critics said in part. She doesn't really give a concert. She conducts a seance. She evokes pity and sorrow like like no other superstar. I mean this is her bliss. We're talking about performance and connecting with audiences. And obviously it's her gift and it's also what she relies on for her her freedom and financial stability and her ability to take care of herself. She was in debt and she didn't have a home place to live She was having difficulty difficulty finding work in the United States because her reputation was not one of of great reliability and then there's this addiction The chaos I suppose is just what you see on the outside is usually a manifestation of what's on the inside and all of those things one of those things that she he was experiencing at the time would have been enough to To break a person and I think that that's what so interesting about talking about this time in her life. I don't I don't think that there's shame in it. I think that it just really highlights. How exceptional she was that? She was able to overcome all all of this mess and took form. That was renee. Zellweger nominated for her work in. Judy you're listening. Ascended the frame Oscar special. I'm John Horn host of the frame on KABC in Los Angeles. And I'm here with Jacquelyn coli editor at rotten tomatoes. Let's now turn into. Charlie's Thera in bombshell which she also produced theran plays former Fox News anchor. Megan Kelly who partners with other women at that network to take down the founder Roger Ailes. It's like we're telling women go on. Speak up for yourself just know. The entire network is with Roger. No one will believe you. They'll call you a liar. Oh and as for your career you want the Simon's airtime go ahead hall the Paranoid Man who decides your salary pervert and do that. On a anonymous hotline. He controls on on a phone. has a contractual right to record. Jesus Christ you Think Women Are Idiots. Honestly I was completely mesmerized by bombshell I was actually one of the biggest fans ends of the movie. It was kind of a bit critically divisive. I think not a lot of people liked giving some humanity to Megan Kelly but I personally found shelley's performance to be incredible and just kind of had to say about the balls it took for her to take on that role to produce it herself and to say that she wanted to tell this me too story I did talk with Charlie's an end. She told me why she wanted to make the film and why it was important to make it now. The script was written pre. Eh Time's up pre Harvey Weinstein. There wasn't any of what is out there right now in our culture as far as this conversation it's it felt else somewhat like a story in its own silo But but people were definitely kind of whispering about a lot of what what was about to come out and so you could feel it you could feel there was like this kind of like under this bubbling that was happening in the pot was about to boil over. We definitely felt that and so when we read the script we were aware a little bit. I mean nobody could predict how big all of this would be but we were aware that there was something timely about the script. How would you describe I bought? This movie is about it. It's a movie about a group of very unlikely women who if you were you know writing the fictional story you would not necessarily cast as your central characters to tell a story of taking down the biggest media mogul And yet if they did why were they unlikely. Do you think we'll because I think a lot of them You Know Gretchen. And and Megan had made some comments comments prior to all of this about sexual harassment that I found not necessarily helpful to the cause of a lot of women who are experiencing sexual harassment. I think there there is a conservative conservative view on sexual harassment. As how do you believe women. How do you know what's true how the emphasis is always on doubting the victim victim doubting the woman and I just thought it was interesting that they had had those views before in the past about sexual harassment? Megan Kelly Famously Asli Refused to be called a feminist. You know they are somewhat than most unlikely feminists that you will find. That was Charlene Charlie Farren. She's nominated for her. Lead role in bombshell. This is the frame Oscar special from KPCC in Los Angeles. The other nominated lead actress. Chris plane a real person on screen. Is Cynthia revoke she plays Harriet. Tubman inherent rescue and slaves requires skill and careful. Planning it requires weeding Harry. Can you read a sign or map. Can you read it all attention on China head. God's voice more clearly you know what would happen if you got caught. They would torture you until you pointed them right to this office. You Got Lucky Harry and there's nothing more you can do. Don't you tell me when I came to Cynthia's actually a double Oscar nominee with also for best original song for the song. Stand up which she co wrote for. Harriet and I honestly would be happy to see if she One for that one should be the youngest winner ever e- God of course is Emmy Grammy Oscar. Tony here's my conversation with Cynthia Rio recorded around the the time that Harriet came out the most important thing for me was really about trying to to bring her to life. You know people. People don't know that she had emotions and she had feelings and she could get angry and she could be joyous and hope broken all of those things that we we as humans experience and so I I wanted to be as fully emotionally available as possibly could MHM Not every actor gets to go right his or her theme song but Cynthia you wrote a song called. Stand up with Joshua Campbell Bobbin Robin walking with my face turn to wait almost. Show the Music is I like to think is my second language so I I use it a lot to communicate to tell stories. I write my music that means I. Can I get to speak things. I probably couldn't speak out loud Three music and so to get a chance to I guess use my voice for her Myself out the way and find a voice that felt right for for Harriet to us in the pure sense for communication was really special and where we were just felt like it was A A little bit like hallowed ground. We WanNA plantation so to be able to sing those virtual Z- For people to to call to people felt really empowering. Cynthia revolt has to Oscar nominations for her work in. Harriet lead actress and Best Song. This is is the frame Oscar special. I'm John Horn hosted the frame on. KABC in Los Angeles. And I'm joined in studio by Jacqueline Coli editor at rotten tomatoes jacqueline. What do you think Joe Rabbit? The World War Two satire from TYCO. YTD I loved this movie. I know it as a divisive film and not everyone when got its humor but put me in the camp of Mel Brooks who made the producers and a whole bunch of other people in Hollywood and a lot of people in the KADEMI. I might add who love this fell. Well I think this is a really remarkable film. I also thank even though it said in the nineteen forties. It's really topical in terms of what has to say about how hate is taught. And how we marginalize. I other people Joe Joe. Rabbit has six nominations including best picture and best costume design by. Maya's Rubio the frame contributor Andrea Gutierrez. Gutierrez has this story about the woman behind the costumes in Judge Rabbit. This is a mecca of costumes in America. Mayes Rubio is giving me a tour of Western costume a massive costume house in north. Hollywood look good thank you. Thank you Taylor in the whole town. who was a costume costume designer? And this is not a store. It's an archive western costume open. More than one hundred years ago. And it's been making renting out and cataloging costumes ever since I mean. Look at this this one the tag. It's very old so one this is what they marketed but about this a lot earlier. Nineteen probably this is where to bail. Did a lot of research Joe Rabbit now they call me a scared rabbits that some say whatever they want people used to say a lot of nasty things about me. Oh this guy's would lunatic Rubio's second film with writer and Director Taika. YTD The look. The film was key in establishing child's viewpoint but do vale worked with Ytd the production designer and the director of photography developed the film's Vivid Color Palette. Especially when when it comes to Joe. Joe's mother Rosie played by Scarlett Johansson Intentional Colours where to show How a child looks looks at? His mother is Rubio's love and extensive knowledge of textiles. That really put her in the head space of the characters they have this. You have peace. That'd that'd be today for Rosie. Wha what was the piece that meant the most to her. I think that they're brusies. Sweater Looks Cozy Z.. Linden it's got a bold zigzag pattern and brown and blue against a mint green background wearing it. Rosie stands in stark contrast the Joe Joe in his khaki uniform of fictionalized Nazi Youth Group. I wanted to sink that she got that sweater. Because Sony Delinea- GEICO The the exhibit. And say Oh look it gives you wear this. There's no bigger inspiration for Rosie style than the Ukrainian French artists Sonia. You did Loney hurt bowl. Textile Designs of the Early Twentieth Century Miedema known to an artist. Type like Rosie. Google mapped out an entire backstory rosie. She was an actress in an important theatre company. Her friends were all artists and she liked to go dancing and her distinctive of two tone shoes until the day before showed the the first time. The shoes were undecided. Indecisive of like what do we do then take us it. That's it we're going for. The Red Shoes Rubio collects textiles. Wherever she travels? It's that knowledge. gave her the tools no which pieces to rent in which to to make this is the most creative Part of Within cost him this is why all these like Nancy. And how these uh-huh said they all have been in western causing for such a long time. This sensibility of constructing and deconstructing is something Rubio has cultivated. Since that she was a child growing up in Mexico. City was about five. You know when we were like playground so we were group of little girls and we'll play anything but I always wanted to say yes but first we're gonNA drop for that now we'll have time for eligible splitting off. We have to get into the costumes. Breath mice gus. The animal as she was then known was only twenty when she moved to Los Angeles in the early eighties she ended up in Italy because of Bruno to bail her husband and an accomplished production designer himself who passed away in twenty eleven and no doubt revel in her current success. He'll be organizing parties and make making all kinds of crazy wonderful things to celebrate. He will be very proud proud of her Academy Award Nomination Nomination for the frame. I'm during his. Yes coming up on the frame Oscar special nominated leading men. Men and Tonio Banderas and Adam driver. Plus how the composer for Joker Channel The adult line of the Joaquin Phoenix character. In the film score stick around. We'll be right back. Welcome back to the frame Oscar special from KPCC in Los Angeles. I'm John Horn to host the frame and I'm joined in studio by Jacqueline Coli editor her at rotten tomatoes. Welcome Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph Bender and Amy Poehler. Okay John. Let's pause for a second and talk. About the telecast it's self for the second year in a row the Oscars will be hostess. We are not your host but we're going to stand here a little too long so that the people who get USA Essay today tomorrow. We'll think that we hosted. What do you make of the new trend of award ceremonies without hosts if they could only short in them to under in sixteen hours or fifteen whatever they came in last year? That would be great. I would say it work last year. They just got to move this sucker along though I mean. They've tried lied. Different things moving. Some categories to televise commercial breaks. That didn't go over very well. Be Doing awards during the commercials but we will. We'll be presenting commercials during the awards. I'd say it's still doll. I just wanted to move along faster. I mean I think last year I think they were not ah far over. But it's still it's a three hour word show and nobody. There is actually happy to be there unless they're going to win so I don't think it's going to be a fun time for most folks. I don't know how you you make. These award shows any more entertaining. I think the last one I really really really enjoyed was the ellen and then before that Hugh Jackman Yeah and the problem for the Oscars. Unlike the Grammy's where you can have show-stopping musical numbers you can't do an Oscar ceremony where he's like here's how cinematographer works or here's the art of of visual effects. It's just never going to be as interesting as performance being the grammy ceremony. I you know. Every ceremony comes down to the quality of the speeches. which is the speeches are always so bad? They should all get. Brad Pitt's speechwriter. Because he's been doing it pretty well. This season from Quentin Tarantino's feet to to being a single dad and tender. Everyone should hire whoever he hired. Okay let's look at some of the male acting races. We're going to start with a couple of actors who are nominate for movies. They made with longtime collaborators. I'm talking about Antonio Banderas and Pedro Almodovar's for paint glory and Adam driver and Noah Baumbach for marriage story. Can I just say there was any justice in this world. I would rather see either one of these to win on Oscar night I loved both of these performances immensely mentally and I think they're both better more actually performances. But I think I don't think the Oscar voters are going to go with me They're probably going to definitely go with Joaquin. But I loved both of these particularly Antonio when I saw that at Cannes where he won best actor I thought he was a shoe in for the Oscar. But then I'm David interpreting. Nearly excuse me when I spoke with Bandera about pain and glory. We actually started by talking about how he and Almodovar's I met in the nineteen eighties. I was at the National Theatre I was. I think it was nineteen years old Karadzic is nine years older than me. I was with a group of actors outside of the theater in a coffee shop cafe and this guy came I always remember. He came with a red briefcase on he took over the table. You know in a kind of a monologue. He very funny. I don't remember what he was talking about but it was. It was funny. It was fast. It was very ingenious comedy made and by the time that he was leaving he just looked at me and didn't know me. He says you should may movies. Because you've got a very romantic face. And he left a native Suri or whatever and so I ask. Who's he's this guy and then some very you know bright mind of the moment? He's name. Is Pedro Almodovar and he just made a movie where he will never do another one walk. He'll do another dozen or twenty one one of the major themes of this movie is reconciliation about trying to atone for mistakes patching touching up differences forgiveness. And it's a story about an actor and filmmaker in the film who are reconciled thing and it's also about a filmmaker Pedro Melbourne. Over and an actor Antonio Banderas reconciling. At what point. Are you trying to figure out if you're making a move you're telling your own life story or you actually have already seen line. It's very very difficult now and very special especially with our because a federal breath sima each cinema. Everything scene is cinema. How much of his life is in this domain? Where was he in his own personal life when he made Pentagon side of him on in the movie? That is very clear. which is he's physically better who suffer These are beautiful moment in the movie. They're almost very fast. But it's very beautiful as he's he's just about to be in surgery and the doctor cabinets salutation he says. So how are you on. He said to the doctor. I cannot die here I am providing again all great. So what did you doing a comedy or tragedy says life. I'm doing something about Life Bong and he'd lose consciousness inches knit so in a way. He's sending a message that I won't leave. Antonio Banderas is nominated for his work in pain in in glory. That film is also nominated in the newly renamed category of best international feature spoiler parasites going to win this is the frame Oscar Skar special from KPCC in Los Angeles. I'm John Horn. The host of the frame and I'm Jacqueline Choline editor at rotten tomatoes. Adam driver and Noah Baumbach have made four movies together their latest one marriage story has six Oscar nominations including one for driver. I honestly could not believe how incredible Adam driver was in this film home as a child of divorce. Personally this film hit me in places that I didn't think I was ready for when I first saw it as a married man it hit me and places. I really really wasn't ready for. It's a difficult movie to watch. I like my father but I am not like my mother. And you're like my father. You're also like my mother. The bad things about all of these people. I spoke with Adam driver about his collaborations with directors that he's worked with multiple times including Noah Baumbach. It was recorded in front of a live audience at the telluride Film Festival. Where marriage story premiered? There's there's something that we are way of working. Our work ethic is similar in that. They don't take it for granted that we're making a movie. It's has the potential to reach a a place that has a far away and either give language to a culture that's completely different than ours and someone's paying a lot of money for us to be here right now for this amount of time to do this thing that will last forever and labeled the feeling and how powerful that is you know why take that for granted why show up and kind of wing it you know or Not consider what it is you're saying and that no detail is is too small now. Obviously there's traps and all of that you can get so worked up and details that you're you're trying to control everything and don't leave room for you know something. That's more abstract with those people. They're brilliant writers and create a set an environment onset. Where you're free to to get all those things that you hope from from people? You're free to get it wrong and you're free to explore you. Were recently doing. Burn this and I'm wondering when you're doing doing a play and then going into film or television. What are the things that you might miss but retain as an actor? WHO's doing a show in front of a different audience every night when you're not able to replicate that on a film set yeah? It's a totally different thing. It's working with Noah for example. He likes to do a lot of takes and that actually it feels more familiar to working on a play because the lines of the lines. There's no there's no Improv. This is what it is. We're blocking it out. But the intention can be a a million different things and he structured the day smartly so we have enough time to explore all the possibilities of what it could be not just arbitrarily but I mean sometimes sometimes you have to rebel against him than a and just do it the way you want to do it just to shock yourself and shock the system maybe come up with something better but you know it's like a whole run of a rehearsal truncated into a day. which is I think rare with someone like that? Was Adam driver. He's nominated for lead actor. It's the frame Oscar special from KABC in Los Angeles. I'm John Horn here with Jacquelyn coli editor at rotten tomatoes. So John The man that many Oscar predictors believe will win. This category is walking Phoenix for his role role. In Joker Thomas Wayne ever think what it's like to be someone like me to be somebody but themselves they don't they think that we'll just sit there and take it like good little boys so joker. I think unbelievably has the most nominations of any film with eleven including waiting for its director Todd Phillips but it's a very divisive moving. What's your take? I think that joker is the most two thousand nineteen in movie that we could ever make it is a movie centered in on a white man who feels that he's being sort of marginalized in society and he's lashing hang out at that In a sea of faces that do not look like him. I mean that is simply the story of joker both the box office the critical reception and everything about it simply states. This is a movie of our time whether some people didn't like it or not you cannot deny that it hit in on something that a lot of people resonated with among the nominations for jokers one for its score by composer Hilda Guna daughter. She's only the ninth woman nominated in the music scoring category and she told the frames. Jonathan Jonathan Shift how she went about making music director. Todd Phillips Experience Music Music Very physically as I read the script. I have kind of physical reaction to the story. And it was kind of very focused on the chest area and the and the the hand movements and then They used a lot of music whilst they were shooting and it was just there was one scene in particular alerts. That was just incredible to see how Joakim without us talking about it. All I had no dialogue with him about it but he did exactly the save movements that I was feeling as I say you know wrote wrote the original themes it was just such a magical process. I thought it was really important to kind of feel like we were like in his head and it's really close to him. It's all kind of his inner landscape basically the music. It doesn't really underscore much but it's really a present as his inner character and that's kind of what I was trying to do with the instrumentation of like in the beginning of the of the film. Almost like you're listening just a one incident plane but at the same time. There's there's this kind of huge energy like there's actually like one hundred people playing this lex Brodie's melodies but you can almost not tear them. They're almost like kind of hidden energy. That's like his aggression and the feeling of this kind of underlying something is about to kind of burst from out of the out of the shadows and it was hard to have two hundred people like not full time. Oh so it was a bit of a constraint for people basically not play not to make Crisanto is like really interesting energy through the themes kind of you you know stay largely the same but the orchestration and the you know the size and the scope of heaviness of the of the music just kind of gets larger. She's kind of you you just Yep getting more frustrated than aggressive and then in the teachers like explodes. That was Hilter Guna daughter. She composed the score for joker. You're listening to the frame Oscar Special Special I'm John Horn hosted the frame from KPCC in Los Angeles. And I'm Jacqueline Kelly editor at rotten tomatoes. Next up we can talk about a film with three Oscar nominations including best adapted screenplay and the two performances from Jonathan. Pryce Anthony Hopkins two popes. Did you think to Pope John. So netflix has a couple of movies. He's in the Oscar race. This is the one. That's not getting a lot of talk. The Irishman is. I actually think this is a better movie. I'm sorry but I feel that way. I thought it was really well directed by Fernando Mariah's and I thought it was really well acted I mean I love this movie and I was a little bit surprised. It didn't get more Oscar attention you know. I think I'm one of the reasons for that. I also saw this film at the telluride Film Festival. I enjoyed it. I thought it was incredible and I love the actually performances but I thought it was going to get lost in the conversations. I was was actually surprised. Even though I didn't predict it what happened that it got three nominations that it did but I was still very happy for it especially for the screenplay which I think it was from a play it was adapted apted from a play originally and that is what I love about it if felt like movie theater in like the best way shape or form I think Anthony McCartan should honestly honestly be further in the conversation this year for the screenplay unfortunately he's going up against two powerhouses in Georgia Rabbit and little women I talked with Anthony McCartan about the two popes. Here's here's what he had to say. This whole thing started with me. I was in Rome and My beloved cousin died and my sister said. I don't know if you're anyone anyone Eric Church. Which Apple could you light a candle for her? And I thought I'll go to the Vatican so I went to the Vatican and there was a lot of security and I went into some Peters Square. It was a mess and he was up on the super screen Saturday and the roster Quality of this guy was palpable. I mean more than my eastern quarter and I was with my girlfriend Eva. Her father had happened to work work under Pope Benedict when he was bishop in Munich and so she knew quite a bit about benedict and I knew there were two popes coexisting existing. And I said to a we're so there's Francis where's benedict and she said. Oh He's sequestered in a convent Way Back in behind the Vatican Wall. I started the thank heaven a minute. Seven hundred years since this happened the last time. What therefore would have made need the most traditional pope of the modern era do the most untraditional thing you can imagine and retire and I thought they must be a story here? Your style and your birds are entirely different to mind. I don't agree with most of the things you say. Think of who but Some strange reason now I can see and assess differ a goalie. I cannot do this on the said they suppose ability take you might be chosen. It could never be me. So it's a statement. Rebuttal Rebuttal Statement. It's a tennis match between the two and and I'm leaving the known statements. These two people together and emitting touches of humanizing detail. which are all true? Anthony McCartan is nominated for best adapted screenplay for the two popes coming up on the frame Oscar. Special we get into the best picture race. We hear from the director of Parasite Bond June hope. Greta Gerwig who made little women takeaway. Td from Joe. Joe Rabbit and Sam Mendez from nineteen seventeen. Plus how Quentin Tarantino turn in present day. Hollywood back in time. It's the frame Oscar special from KABC in Los Angeles stay with us Welcome back to the frame Oscar. Special thanks for joining us. I'm John Horn host of the frame from ABC in Los Angeles. And I'm Jacqueline. Choline editor Keratin tomatoes. Okay John Let's talk the big one best picture. The nominated films for best picture are four versus Ferrari Joe Joe Rabbit. The Irishman richman nineteen seventeen little women parasite once upon a time in Hollywood joker and mirror story. So we've got nine nominees. The academy could have chosen up to ten And there's one film in our best picture nominees that's unlike any of the others and that's little women. It's the only nominee directed by a woman and the only one fronted entirely highly Bhai women the writer director is Greta. Gerwig she loves little women by Louisa May alcott. In fact she was hired to write the screenplay for which she's nominated for adapted screenplay screenplay before she got the Gig to direct the film but it was really after her success with Lady Bird which was nominated for best picture and which she was nominated for directing this this time around that Sony asked her to direct little women. Little women has been a book that I have loved my whole life in very deep way to the point where my memories and the memories of the March sisters were intertwined in that way that I think books of your youth can mean something even beyond being books. Because they're the they become part of your family I think that's that's the magic of Reading when you're a child is the distinction between fiction and reality is thin for you or it was for me anyway. I hadn't read it since I was about fourteen or fifteen and then I read it in my early thirty S. I think when I turned thirty and I All the stuff came out at me in the book that I it not. When I was a child child John It seems to me that the big test of the Kademi efforts to diversify its membership hinges on this next film parasite the movie will be has six nominations and it's a near Loch to win international feature but if it takes home best picture too then it could tell us something it could could tell us that for the first time the academy picks foreign language movies? It's best picture. And I think that would represent kind of the diversifying of the membership in terms of beyond North American boarders but also parasite is daring film. It is challenging in terms of its narrative structure it has very gothic ending but it is a movie that I I think plays a little younger. The question will be if all of the younger members of the Academy get behind it that sets path to win. Best Picture agreed that it's not necessarily for sure that everybody who is one of these new members going to get behind parasite but the one thing I will and can tell you Bong Jun Ho has been essentially a rockstar in every single little room that he's walked into since the film premiered. I actually met with Bond Jun Ho and his interpreter. The telluride film festival. Where parasite had its North American debut? Yes yes someone said. They're just lying for parasite my movie crazy. Look at that and shouting to the movies. Very voting's outings of please don't waste your time and we talked. He was watching filmgoers filing in to see the movie. When I think about parasite I think about the host? I think about snow piercer about Okra. There are so many fantastical elements to all of those films and they're difficult to categorize and yet they all seem seem to be about real world issues they can be about consumption they can be about class struggle they can be about families. Ju- find a storyteller that that sometimes the more extreme story becomes more real it can play. That's home to jobs. That was an animal so it's not as if I intend to make particularly political film with propaganda. My effort is always to delve into the really mundane in small daily issues. That surround me but once I delve into those issues I find myself ending up in a dark cave of capitalism and so it doesn't happen because I wanted to but I just end up dealing with those issues like my goal is always making funny movie. You're listening to the frame Oscar Special Oh from KPCC in Los Angeles. I'm John Horn to host of the frame. I'm Jacqueline Choline editor at rotten tomatoes. I think it is really coming down to parasite site in one thousand nine hundred seventeen nine hundred seventeen with Roger. Deakins kind of single takes Matala. Graffiti is an achievement in film production. The question Russian is one thousand nine hundred about something bigger than what the story is about. I think parasite has that in. Its favour how people react to nine. Hundred Seventeen asks the craft of the film and then about what it has to say in a broader context and I think the technical achievement is what most people sort of like latch onto. Remember the marriage between clean the director of the cinematographer visual effects and the actors. This was seamless. They had to rehearse it like theater and I think people are going to resonate with that more. Maybe maybe than what the film has to say. I think the message of the film if we were going to say one and it's kind of hard to even look at it is the idea of Continuing futile journey to you sort of journey against all the odds. Because you feel this need to carry on a message I talk percent Mendez. The director of the film who also won the DJ Prize for directing this year and Roger Deakins weekends who I think is going to win the cinematography Oscar about their collaboration. The key is that you don't want to feel audience manipulated so that he's tricky because you you are aware that this is a real historic event and there's a certain amount of respect needs to be paid for the people who lived through it and it's not an entertainment attainment but at the same time you want people to fear what the characters are fearing and Tara and adrenaline is exactly what they lived through. The one shot helps with that at because I think you feel in a weird way. PA- LYNN CLAUSTROPHOBIC Roger. You're trying to make this immersive and yet their requirements for the story worry in terms of what have to be in the shots and I'm thinking of animals rats birds. How much of that are you able to shoot practically so the actors are reacting to? What's around them? And how much by necessity do you have to add through visual effects toward the end. I mean some of those obviously. CG There's a real baby. I was just GonNa say when you think oh well the baby's CJ was one particular baby Semedo dish or whatever came on it was like the fourth both one thing and he was like puffing every every test. We've talked about nineteen seventeen. We've talked about parasite I'm GonNa say if I were voting. I would vote for Judge Robert for best picture. Yeah I would definitely vote for Joe Joe Rabbit. I absolutely think that it's the one to that. I think if if you look back later we will say okay. This is the message we wanted to send in two thousand. Nineteen Nazis are bad. Kids are good and we all need to have a laugh and let's talk about degree have difficulty. This is a movie that if you get it wrong. It is springtime for Hitler. And it isn't it is a movie that is thoughtful. It has movie that is sweet. Beat movie that's funny as movie. That is moving and if you look at the math of it that is almost impossible to pull off. I absolutely agree. and Ah honestly it's to me the best part about it as a steady wine to make. PG thirteen phone because he wanted kids to see this movie because he was disturbed that a lot of children. I think he read a poll in the Guardian where the vast majority of millennials did not know what Auschwitz was or anything about the Holocaust so the fact that it's become this educational tool now where USC and the show is center. We're going to use it as something to teach about Intolerance and hate the legacy of this film is something that should be honored by the academy. It's already being honored by folks in the education system. Here's what tiger by. Td had to say about why he wanted to make this film. I always knew the people who embrace the film and there'd be racist and if either or No I mean it's in America. People see the wood divisive is is is a very negative thing or polarizing. The rest of US feel feel at its sixty quite a worthwhile thing to eh have put upon a piece of art you making another. I want to have pleased every single person with this film. It would not be this film and it would not be Manama films. Do be someone else's film and it would be boring but yeah no. I always knew that there would be people who would not be an unfair enough. It's it is a hard subject to deal with and especially if if it's something that's very close to you did read somewhere. Someone is something. I don't think we've really food huma with the subject. Matter which is insane to me. I mean there was one movie in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine which the great dictator yet. So it's new. It's not a new idea. You're listening to the frame oster special from KPCC in Los Angeles. I'm the host of the frame John Horn and I'm Jacqueline Choline editor for rotten tomatoes. It is possible that there could be a lot of love for the Irishman or Quentin Tarantino's once upon a time in Hollywood. So Martin Scorsese's film film about Mobsters Gwen Tarantino movie about working in the film business. What do you think do they have a chance of picking up something outside of Brad Pitt? I think Quinn Tarintino has more than the fighting chance on original screenplay. I think right now the safe money's on parasite but don't count out quitting Tarantino's love within the academy They're definitely going to get Brad Pitt and I also think they're probably going to get production design When you can boast that you shut down a freeway as part of your production design? That is literally part of their pitch when they did the bake off. It's kind of hard to argue against. The production design is pretty good frame contributor. Tim Grieving drove around. Hollywood with some key members of Tarantino's team to actually she figure out how they transform the city back to nineteen sixty nine. I meet location manager. Rick Schuler and production designer Barbara Ling. At a very twenty nineteen starbucks bucks in the corner of Sunset and Gower we all hop in a car together and they take me on a trip through Hollywood back in time. Hollywood is a destination now and and it's it we he wanted to create more than that. It's like you get here. You go aware his Hollywood. What's kind of an idea and this movie was making it a place more so than anything else has done before for? We're right now in front of the. What is now the Aquarius Theatre? Rebirth on Sunset Boulevard we recreated at least one section of the building. This is were hair. Premiered in his sixties. We had painters doing this and they told me they said you know this has to be the most fun project because people stop all day long and just scream up to them. Thank you for putting get back. We drive down sunset and stop in front of the famous Cinerama. Dome Barbara surprised at how any of these places retained their fifty year old characteristics. It was a huge to do to turn back time. It's unfortunate that in La. We tear down as much as in this fast as we can of any of the old iconic of pieces the few that we have left like the CINERAMA. Dome the very facade the marquee is still the original and the golf ball top but of course in that timeframe there was nothing but parking lots on either side of it. So you have you know we did The premiere of Krakatoa here. But you could only shoot tied in because you had of course this whole world around it. Now that Looks nothing like the sixties but at least there's a little piece of something left but that was rare now or in the touristy heart of Hollywood on Hollywood boulevard tempted to go inside a famous restaurant for a mid day. Martini caboose Oh and francs featured in a big way in the movie. We repainted and did all kinds of things. They're the nice thing about that. That restaurant is that they've preserved pretty much the integrity of everything. That's there from the leather and the booths to all of that kind of stuff. So that was a wonderful gem to find mind over here or in front of Barbara this hologram place here. We used to be the PUSSYCAT theater and we turn that back to the PUSSYCAT. But the whole facade back on their people were like Whoa. What is the shutting down Hollywood Boulevard for two? Today's wasn't an easy feat to convince the city officials and business owners. Rick sure knew we need to bring in a big gun. Quentin Tarantino Egos will wreck. Do you think you can get Hollywood boulevard. Shut down nine blocks for two days in a row. I'm thinking I think I can get there seventy percent of the way but I think if you come and speak to your enthusiasm about having in grown up in Hollywood owning a theater in Hollywood doing a movie about Hollywood and that that'll probably be a tipping point and so he was willing to come and then they had us leave the room and a minute later I walked back in and it was a unanimous vote. They were like if he's GonNa show up you know we'll do it. Jacqueline we have come to the end of the show. The Oscars are Sunday night. How are we gonNA spend the night? Where do you watch? Oh where do I watch this year. I'm actually going to be broadcasting. Live to the folks in London on Sky TV So I'm actually going to be on TV during the event. But I'll be watching it from there. Always you from inside the theater you have to look up in the rafters. But I'll be in their wave frame. Oscar special is edited and produced is by Darby Maloney along with producers Monica Bushman. Jonathan shiftless and Julia Pascal. And Eduardo Perez is our engineer and the show's senior producer. Is Oscar Garza. The the frames opening theme music is by Taylor. mcferrin I'm John Horn from ABC and Jacqueline coli from rotten tomatoes. You're listening to the Frames Academy Awards special from Los Angeles Angeles. Thanks for listening.

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