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Dorothy Jane Scott


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Enjoy the show. I remember stay safe. Stay healthy and keep laughing. Welcome to murder minute on today's episode. Dorothy Jane Scott but I your true crime headlines in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. An Amish Bishop is facing felony and Misdemeanor. Charges for failing to report suspected child abuse to proper authorities sixty three year old Levi. Senior is the Bishop of two Amish congregations in the county which is home to the largest amish population in the world. A member of one of his congregations forty-one-year-old John Beyeler allegedly confessed to the bishop that he had sexually assaulted three girls sometime in two thousand twelve or twenty thirteen. The bishop instructed Beyeler to confess the assaults to the girl's father and excommunicated him from the Church but did not report the crimes to police when other members of the congregation questioned ash about the Church's handling of the assaults. The bishop told them that it had been handled internally and that they should let it go. The Amish are adherence to a separatist Christian sect that focuses on simple living forgoing. Modern conveniences like cars and cell phones and limiting contact with Amish. Their religion focuses on forgiveness and repentance and serious crimes like sexual assault are often regarded as sins by church elders. Many of whom choose to administer disciplined through the church rather than involving police. Esh remains free on twenty five thousand dollars unsecured Vail Beyeler who faces multiple charges of indecent assault of a child corruption of minors and unlawful contact with minors is free on seventy five thousand dollars unsecured bail. According to court records a southern California doctor is facing mail fraud charges after selling corona virus treatments online claiming to offer a one hundred percent cure and immunity to the virus. Forty four year old Jennings Ryan Staley a licensed physician and owner of Skinny Beach. Med SPA in San Diego. California was selling concierge medicine experience packages online which retailed for three thousand nine hundred and ninety five dollars for family of four and included access to the doctor. Anti-anxiety pills for stress and the drugs hydroxy chloroquine and Zithromax in which had been touted by president trump and numerous conservative media personalities. As a possible treatment for the virus authorities received a tip. Last month about the doctor selling the purported cures through his office which generally focuses on services like Bo talks and hair. Removal an undercover. Fbi agent spoke with. Dr Staley on the telephone who is alleged to have claimed that the drugs were quote curative and preventive and could not only cure Kovic nineteen but also offer six weeks of immunity from the virus. Dr Staley's attorney said that his client was following the example of the president stating that quote the same executive branch that has been touting. These two medications for weeks has now turned around and criminally charged in Iraq veteran. Dr Staley no criminal record for doing exactly the same thing that the administration's been doing this whole time. Dr Staley could face up to twenty years in prison if he is convicted. The prime suspect in the double murder of a Utah couple has been apprehended in California after attempting to evade officers and resisting arrest. Thirty-one-year-old Albert Enoch Johnson was arrested in Stockton California and we'll be extradited to Utah to stand charges for the shooting deaths of Tony and Catherine Butterfield. Who were shot in their home? As their three children slept police have said that Johnson knew the couple and that the attack was targeted. Isolated incident in a booking photo released by the San Joaquin Sheriff's Department Johnson's right. I appears to be swollen shut and he has multiple injuries to his face. Police said that those injuries were incurred during Johnson's apprehension as he attempted to evade and resist arrest. Johnson's wife twenty nine year old. Tina Johnson was arrested for obstruction of justice. Tampering with evidence on Monday police have declined to release more information about the crime and the connection between Johnson and the butterfields at this time citing the ongoing murder investigation those who your true crime headlines up next Dorothy Jane Scott but first a quick break. Corentin can get pretty lonely so now more than ever. I need my best feeds best. Fiends is the APP that engages my brain with challenging but fun puzzle Games. And lets me get out of lockdown in my apartment and get into beautiful world of desert's frozen hills and cute animated characters? The game is simple. 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At her aunt's house in Stanton California every day Dorothy drove to nearby Anaheim to drop her son off at her parents. Vera and Jacobscall. Taus for the day while Dorothy went to work. Dorothy worked full time as a secretary. At swingers psych shop would used to be owned by her father and custom Johns had shop. The two businesses were run jointly under the same management and although the clientele may have liked to party. Dorothy did not a kind hearted and dependable devout Christian. Dorothy was as one friend. Put it as dull as a phone book. She almost never went out and rarely dated but despite being a homebody for several months Dorothy Jane Scott had been receiving phone calls from an unknown male. Sometimes the man called and declared his love Dorothy others. He threatened to kill her. The man said that he was watching her and knew her routine. Dorothy was terrified. She thought she recognized the stalkers voice but she couldn't quite place it over time. The calls intensified. The man would call to tell her that he knew where she was and describe to her what she was wearing on one occasion. The man called and told Dorothy to go and look outside. He had left her a gift on the windshield of her car. He had left her. A dead rose. Dorothy was so afraid for her safety that she started taking karate lessons. She told her mother Vera that she was even considering buying a gun on Wednesday may twenty eighth nineteen eighty Dorothy. Jane Scott dropped her son off at her parents house and headed to work. A team meeting was planned for after work that day. Dorothy and her fellow employees gathered as her boss was talking. Dorthy noticed that one of her coworkers. Conrad Boston didn't look well. He was having trouble staying in his chair. He was sweating wincing in pain and his arm appeared red and swollen. I've got to get him to a hospital. Dorothy told her co workers. He needs medical attention. Another employee PAM head offered to assist her and the two women took Conrad Boston to UC Irvine Medical Center on their way to the hospital. Dorothy quickly stopped by her parents home to let them know what was happening and that she would be late. Picking Up Sean. And she quickly changed her black scarf for read one and rushed back out the door to take Conrad to the hospital at around nine PM. They arrived to the emergency room. It turned out the Conrad had been bitten by a deadly black widow spider pam and dorothy sat in the waiting room flipping through magazines and idly making small. Talk Two hours later. Conrad finally emerged. The doctors were releasing him and had given him a prescription to collect on his way out. The doctors were releasing him and had given him a prescription to collect on his way out. It was now after eleven pm. Pam stayed with Conrad as he waited in line at the pharmacy while Dorothy went to get the car after they collected his prescription. Conrad Boston and PAM head went to meet Dorothy Jane Scott near the emergency room entrance after waiting for several minutes near the entrance. The pair were about to head up towards the parking lot when they saw dorothy car. Fast approaching PAM and Conrad waved their hands so that Dorothy could see them then. The headlights out. The car suddenly turned to the and sped off into the night. Pam Conrad speculated that Dorothy may have rushed off to pick up her son in a time before cellphones. Dorothy CO workers decided to wait for her win two hours past and Dorothy still hadn't returned. They informed the security at the Medical Center and called Dorothy parents to see if she had returned to the house for Sean she hadn't. Dorothy would never leave anybody like that at the hospital Dorothy. His Father Jacob Scott told police if she took them there she would not leave them she would take them back even if she had something to do she would take them back or take them with her. She wouldn't just up and leave them. That wasn't her way. She was the most caring person I've ever known at four thirty. Am The next morning. Approximately ten miles from the UC Irvine Medical Center. A vehicle was found abandoned and set ablaze in an alley. It was Dorothy station wagon but there was no sign of Dorothy Jane. Scott without physical evidence. Detectives I turned to the most likely suspect Dorothy ex-husband. Dennis Terry Terry had been living Missouri but police found evidence that he had recently been in California in the days prior to Dorothy. Abduction but Terry was quickly ruled out when phone records proved that he was back in Missouri. When Dorothy was taken police questioned all of door with these co workers multiple times but found no new leads. Dorothy appeared to have no enemies in since she worked in the back out of public view. They concluded that it was unlikely that her stalker would have been a customer in desperation. Dorothy his parents even consulted a psychic then on June fourth. A week after Dorothy Jane Scott went missing. Vera and Jacob Scott received a phone call. Are you related to Dorothy? Scott a male voice asked yes. Dorothy his mother Vera replied. I've got her he said and hung up. It would be the first call of many almost every Wednesday afternoon. The man would call. Police advised the Scots not to talk to the press. But it wasn't long. Before Jacob had had enough he contacted the Santa Ana Register and they ran a story when the story came out on June. Twelve Santa Ana Register editor Pat. Riley received a call. I killed her. A male voice. Said I killed Dorothy Scott. She was my love. I caught her cheating with another man. She denied having someone else. I killed her. The man then recounted details about Dorothy disappearance that night that hadn't been printed. She was wearing a red scarf he said and her coworker had a spider bite. The caller claimed that Dorothy had called him to tell him that she was at the Medical Center. Pam Head however said that this was impossible because Dorothy had only left. Her side wants throughout the evening and that was to use the ladies room at the hospital right before she went to get the car and Dorothy his parents and friends had never heard of or seen her with a boyfriend. She was very compassionate. If anybody had a problem dorothy would sit down and talk to them. Try to help them. Jacob Scott said maybe this time she was compassionate with somebody who took the whole thing wrong. Maybe they have a twisted mind and perhaps they felt she loved them. Those things have been known to happen for over three years. The man called Vera and Jacob. Scott sometimes he would say that he had killed Dorothy other times he would say that she was alive and that he was holding her captive. We had the line tapped bureau. Scott told the Santa Ana Orange County Register but either didn't stay on long enough or called when it wasn't tapped just before she disappeared. Vera said her daughter received a call from the Stalker. He said he'd find her alone and when he did he would cut her to bits. Vera recalled. He tortured me for three years. The calls continued until April of Nineteen eighty-four when for the first time it was Jacob who answered the phone. The caller quickly hung up some have speculated that perhaps the man hung up because of Jacob had heard his voice he would have recognized it on August. Sixth Nineteen eighty-four. A construction worker came across some partially burned bones off Santa Canyon road in Northeast. Anaheim among the remains were a human skull. A- pelvis an arm and two side bones. Investigators believed that the scorch marks weren't from an attempt to burn the body. But we're actually the result of a brush fire in October of nineteen eighty two that had destroyed one hundred and twenty five homes in the area meaning. The body had been there for almost two years. Maybe more dental records confirmed the identity. It was Dorothy. Jane Scott Among the remains were a turquoise ring and a ladies. Watch dorothy mother. Vera confirmed that they belonged to her daughter. The watch had been broken and stopped working at exactly twelve thirty. Am On may twenty ninth nineteen eighty not long after dorothy vehicle sped out of the hospital. Parking lot leaving her co worker stranded and waiting. Dorothy is cause of death. Could not be determined two days after the news came out the Dorothy Jane. Scott's body had been found Vera and Jacob Scott got another phone call. Is Dorothy there Dorothy? His Father Jacob Scott passed away in nineteen ninety four. Her Mother Bureau Scott died in two thousand and two her son. Sean continues to search for answers. This has been murder minute for true crime anytime. Download the murder minute APP or follow us on Instagram at murder minute.

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