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I do a you know you asked me every time and never ready for it but here it comes. It is playing cupid a modern day. Emma finds david martinez being secretly setup with his daughter's teacher when the young girl begins a matchmaking business for a school project. Hey i think that's a pretty good synopsis. i don't think so. Oh tell me why because the synopsis suggests that the daughter sets up the dad and the teacher and that doesn't really happen. yes they just. She sends them the secret admirer. No no no no no she. League require no. that's not matchmaking. Well how is in matchmaking. She's like behind the scenes trying to get them together. That's all like emma. Storyline there where she's like trying to make things happen. she's not saying. Hey joe meet susie. You guys should date just trying to like them together. So they think it's their own idea a story honey stinger. Yes do watch that show. Of course i did. Of course i did. I just heard her on in an interview the other day of surprised to hear she's still in the game. She still matchmaking. No yes just not on reality. Tv correct interesting. What happened to her show. What was that called matchmaker. I think it was called the millionaire matchmaker. It that's it that's it. I wonder why they canceled that. Show i who knows okay. Let's jump to first impressions. No news and notes. Google didn't give me a whole ton of news and notes on this movie. No like many many many many many others. it was filmed in canada. Yup and it was based on the novel. Playing cupid by jenny meyerhoff however the synopsis of that novel. Leads me to believe that the story is more about clara storyline. And perhaps the others are incidental. It i did nothing more than look at the amazon synopsis. But the image on the cover i kind of thought. It was like a tween teen focused novel. That was then adapted for hallmark. It is published under the hallmark imprint. No no no scholastic a hallmark channel now. An original movie like decal on the front of it but it is it is a scholastic book which means that it. It's it's audience is tweens and teens. No i agree with that and jenny. Meyerhoff did get a writing credit on this movie along with. Then who is a prolific hallmark writer as well Okay so i just had. This is what makes me like not irritated but annoyed when they take like. I know you say this happens all the time. But they take up book and they took like dash of the book. You know because this because obviously more about claris storyline but the movie is is obviously central around the budding relationship between david carey so they took a dash of playing cupid. The book and a dash of emma and whatever and mixed it all up in the hallmark blender. Yeah i think it's very very loosely. Based on the book. I mean they do have the same character names but other than that. I would agree. They just took inspiration from it and then a diet to be home arche. it doesn't honestly bother me I don't like it when they say it's now a hallmark original movie because it's not really right. It's not like you're watching. You know what. I love the jenny han all the boys. I loved before series where those are adaptations of the books. Like there's some creative license taken in the movies but they're very true to the book. I would say that's not the case here and as a reader who then watches movies. I find it really hard sometimes to watch movie of a book. I've read 'cause i'm like the whole time. I'm like without how it wasn't the book. Was that how. It wasn't the book. And i can't focus on the movie itself so i understand what you're saying. Well and the other thing too is. I wonder if these characters have david and carey exist in that book I doubt they do. I don't know. I think i'm more interested in watching an adaptation of the book rather than a Inspired by yeah. I liked clara. Storyline a little bit better. I kind of liked the younger actors and they're cute little like matchmaking business. When i was in middle school we had. I wish i could remember what it was called. But there was the you filled out a survey and then you were given life. Your compatibility matches done valley yes. It was done around valentine's day. And i can remember like being that. It was seventh and eighth grade middle a lot. I was a so inappropriate. Thinking back is so weird. I can't remember what we called it. But i know that It was run by the pep club. High you know. We were like cheer skirts. Even though for no good reason and we. I can remember like a inputting information as obviously it wasn't on a computer like we didn't have the ability to collect google forms so people filled out surveys and we input them all and then their compatibility with spit. I don't know honestly my memories. Big but i do know that it happened and Seems odd that that was allowed at the middle school. I'm pretty sure it would be allowed. Now yeah that sounds like a carnival game. It doesn't sound like you know like a legitimate middle school project so weird. It was like a fundraiser. It was like you pay to get your anyway. I go so wrong. don't you think so honestly thinking about it. now. I'm like god. I have second hand embarrassment imagining myself on. Someone's list and then thinking like oh i don't want match with her totally terrible fire. That teacher who's ever i did that kit anyway. This movie claims to be a remake of wendy. Apparently has some issues with that statement but because the story is not about clara. The story is about david and kyrie. that's she features pretty heavily. You know a lot of these movies that have kids in them. I think she gets a bigger role than we see. Many of the other movies that have kids. She's not incidental. She does have a fully fleshed out storyline. I think yes agree agree. I may be read. Emma in high school but i i know many adult women have a strong affinity for jane austen novels. And i haven't read any of them since i was in high school and i'm starting to feel like maybe i should but they remade the movie emma and twenty twenty and it stars On you taylor joy. Who was the star of the gambit. Which makes me want to rewatch it because i find her so fascinating to watch. Hang on just a second. I think she was nominated for a golden globe for emma o. Let me just look here. Because i think she was nominated for both the queen's gambit and emma. That'd be that such a good golden globes wire during that there a great episode of the podcast at talks about the golden globes. And why they're actually kind of garbage. Aside from the fact that there picks were totally racist like the people that get to vote is such a small insular. Group does not really representative of hollywood itself. I highly recommend it will lincoln in the show notes. It's very funny and very informative awesome. Here we go best performance by an actress in a limited series on yet. Taylor joy for the queen's gambit and also for best performance by an actress in a motion picture musical or comedy for okay. Yeah that's awesome. Wow stellar year for her. I really enjoyed her. She was kind of brand new to me. Not kind of. She was brand. New to me in the queen's gambit but she's also in peaky blinders which i started and honestly fell asleep in the first five minutes which is again not a judgment on the show. I fall asleep easily watching. Tv in bed. But i would like to go back and watch it strictly for her and the accents. she's also like a horror movie. I can't i know. I can't remember the name of it all link in the show notes. Somebody's scores mary now. My personal favorite remake of emma is clueless one of my all time favorite movies. I'm a to hardcore alesia silverstone fan site in the movie theater. I don't remember if i made. I've seen it hundreds of times. I love that movie. I used to watch it over and over. You know. it's still creeps me out. that like. She gets together with her stepbrother. At the end however i do love everything else about it. Yeah i mean. They're not related though. I know but it's still weird. You know. I went to college with her. Her you would busy silverstone and you all went to the same college. Yeah at the same time. Actually because she and. I took a lisa and i took photography like in the same semester. We weren't in the same class. We were often in the dark room at the same time and that was my college claim to fame was pre or post clueless. It must've been po. This is one thousand nine hundred eighty eight ninety nine. Okay host winded clues. Come out before ninety nine thousand five. Yeah you those. My besties celebrity college at you want to write. This isn't tom. Hanks the sun there to call when a call. And as louise girl i. I went to college with the girl who played Dylan mckay's younger sister. Beverly hills two one. Oh she was in one of my Chemistry classes at school. Yeah but what was your first impression of this movie and fortunately this movie fell super flat for me. I was very excited for it. And i thought it disappointed big time. I didn't like it as much as i liked a beverly hills wedding. I didn't hate it. It was just an okay movie for me. It was fine. I didn't hate it either. You know there. I have a visceral reaction to some movies that i cannot stand and we have talked about them here on the pike. This was not one of them. This was like super flat for me. Like i was like my okay. Is it the winter getaway movie for me. Like i didn't hate it. I was just like okay. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Exactly exactly all right. So what did you like about this. Is there anything you liked. I do have a short list of things that i like to. I'm i ap. I thought the sets were vibrant and bright and beautiful. And i know this is like a stupid thing but coming off of all those christmas movies and the winter movies when everything is cold and bleak and whatever. The christmas movies were cold and blake but the weight. So i just thought these were like beautiful. The restaurant like all these like vitamin colors. There was this one thing to. They took like the candles on the table. They were in a jar but then on around the jar they wrapped like colorful tissue paper. And i thought what a great idea. I've never seen that before that. Did you notice. But i did think the ratings beautiful. I love the restaurant. I thought the middle school looked like a business office really. But then i thought they did a great job of like making it bright and vibrant. Like what you would see at school. Yeah i like the dance up at the dance. Look great the decor for that. I agree i agree Tell me some things you like to have a few more. But i'm curious. I love the ain't now mountain high enough dancing like i watched partisan while i was getting ready and was totally dancing. Love that song real. Remember the titans moment for me. Anga like no i need fun. I loved it. I will not be brought down from this moment. I loved it. I'm gonna talk about that specifically in our next segment of what i would've wished for but okay. Yeah not a faith. I also enjoyed all the food talk so much food top and it wasn't like let's have eggnog and sugar cookies boring right. It was like unique and he was talking about family recipes and it made me want to go to that restaurant and have the and given to me now. I love. I like when they make food almost a character in a book or a movie. I like that. I feel like that's good writing when you can like Make your viewers want to eat what you're talking about. I love that. I love madam. Okay what else. Oh goodness okay. That was not true. I did love nicholas gonzalez. Oh i thought. He was corroborate packed. Him he was great. I have some notes about him. Okay so what else i liked was with the exception of the main female lead. I thought the cast was pretty diverse android that i appreciate that. I liked that there was an early kissing. Wasn't not only at the end but it was like almost an hour and a half in when they were in the was it. Where were they there in. The restaurant immediately ain't how night i've seen. Okay hold on. I liked the cassim. Hold on. I have thought i will get to those who i thought that tortilla seen when he was like you need some more oil now little bit of flower i was like this is almost sexy but it didn't quite get there but it was there breathy talk. What's quite a bit. Yes real heavy in that moment i. That's what i was like. Hello nicolas gonzales else can find. You left him. So yeah. that's that's how i got for like okay. Shall we talk. Roadblocks place in the way of our movie couple is that no. I don't have many the only one i have is. The ex wife seems to be a problem in the expert shows up. I have even is back. I also have very early on. Oh carry a long term boyfriend that we're going to have to get rid of where move onto the real story will. They're also t was the she might have to move back to where to her mov. My gosh but we've talked about this before. But this is a hallmark where we were. The families are like you need to come home like you went there and it didn't work. What part of it didn't work. She broke up with her boyfriend so now she can't stay in. This city has an adult employed woman. I don't understand that so a noisy has a full life there. She has friends and a job. she's obviously great at. I know that could have been cut out of the movie for me. I also have a and david are at odds over a school project. Oh gosh now that to which was manufactured drama for me because all of his objections seemed completely absurd. When he's like this isn't going to succeed. I wanted to be like dude. It's a fake school project. All she has to do is go through the motions. She doesn't actually have to make any money. I know well the whole thing where he was like. This is not going to succeed. I was like dude. We have e harmony we have. These are matchmaker services. That people are making a ton of money off of so. Hey maybe it is going to succeed and the middle school level. What happened allies on all those raging hormones. Come on right all right. I have a feeling you have several in this next category. Which is what we wished for is. I'm gonna let you just hop right in okay so i. The two leads lacked any chemistry for. I just thought they were so mismatched. Okay no way. And plus like she's a couple of inches taller than him. And i didn't like that. I thought it was a very obvious. Just bugged me. It just bugged me. I would have rather seen. And i even wrote this down. I would have rather seen alexa pano vega as carey in this role. Do you remember alexa. Vega from scherf from taking a shot at love but i cannot believe your height shaming him. I'm not high. I mean i'm really not it's just it's it just bothered me. Sorry it's so funny to okay. But but i heard right down here. I thought nicolas gonzales who played. David was believable. I cared about his character as a single parent You know i really liked him. I just thought it was a mismatch between him. And laura vandersloot route. Who played kerry. I wanted more of the scene. When eva the long lost mother arrives to find david and carey kissing. All we have is. What do we have here and then cut to commercial and then it come back and it's the next day that story just lead to know where it was like not even relevant that she came back it didn't it didn't even matter as a whole it didn't even matter well. I liked that there was some resolution there because they have her offscreen the entire time and up. Until you know the last fifteen minutes and i had wondered. Are we going to see her because she was just kind of this invisible conflict happening between david and clara and not really between the two of them. But i think she was creating conflict where it didn't exist And the mom also was like. Why are you letting her do this project if it's you know. She's going to be embarrassed when nobody shows up at the restaurant which was so. I've never seen two parents link invested in supporting their eighth grade daughter in their fake business last and it was in the daughter was okay with like she's back. We're a family in a different way. Now i don't know i liked that. There wasn't that like trying to tear them apart anymore when she moved back to the area. Listen i just did not care about that character or her coming back. I didn't like her when she answers the door to carry. And i felt like she had that moment of like. We're having family time right now. And i was like but you're not getting back together right. My whole problem with that scene was didn't they just spend the entire evening author restaurant and doing her singles speed dating thing and then now they're having family time at home. Like what time of night is this. There's a lot of time continuity issues. Yes she was at the dance waiting for her secret admirer. Seven o'clock and then boom. She's at the restaurant hosting the speed dating. There were a lot of am i wrong. Were those different day before valentine's day. I was confused. But i do think the dance was the day before they did not explain that very well. I thought i thought no i agree. I will get to that lip singing part in a second. But this is what i really would have liked from the story. I would have loved if they would flip this story upside down and made the single dad a gay man who meets his daughter's teacher who was also part of the lgbtq community. Wouldn't that have been a great movie. Yes but it would not have featured a gay man who was also not super white in the hallmark world. Oh you think. I i think i think hallmark is making baby steps. I don't think they're like i think. Whoa that's like we can give them one thing that we can't give him too many. I look. I d- i yes i i would have loved that as well like if if clara was trying to set up her dad who was newly single with her teacher. I would've love that. That would have been so cute. I like it somebody rate that we knew somebody. I'm gonna i mean just. Maybe you're just not going to see that on a hallmark movie yet. Hopefully in the future we will see ya have we gotten. I don't think we've had gay lead couple. I know we've had some same sex couples that are supporting even strong supporting characters. But i don't think we've had a lead main couple yet. I don't think so. Lifetime did hallmark is like dipping. Their toe in real slow. I wanna give more credit to the people who watch these shows. I don't want to think that homework is countered to their audience de now but they are yes and believe me. There are people in my life. Who feel who are very upset with hallmark. Not people that. I enjoy but people know who are upset about the direction. Hallmark is taking their movies and i think at some point i think at some point hallmark is going to have to say this is the world we live in. We're going to represent real people and be okay with losing people who are homophobic and reading and like is that the audience that you want at some point. You're gonna have to look at what the bottom line means to you. Yeah we're here for your homework. We want that okay now. Let's get to your favorite scene. Which was my least favorite scene. I can't my eight no mountain high enough now. Okay when they just showed him doing it. I thought oh my god. This is adorable. This is the music montage. That i love that i want from every movie but then when she jumped in i was like super cringe the entire time. It went like too long for me and i can't believe i'm going to say this. They used carrots for the microphone. And it was far too phallic. I am twelve years old. So i'm sorry. They needed to use a wooden spoon. Just was like i'm lacking uncomfortable with. It doesn't seem agree that it was long. And i was thinking like i wonder if they needed to make this to fill this. Also in the opening scene the opening moment where it's like the opening notes of the song or plank. Did it feel like it played more than actually does in the song he has ever going to get to the words of this song. Are we just getting instrumental totally. Because i would like came in to sing the first line. I was like wait. That's one of the first line goes. Why didn't they play it to a minute. They're not gonna use the actual longer is gonna get some like in mental of him dancing. I did think it went long. I wondered what they were going to do with those carrots afterwards. Like are we going to throw them away. Not in that sense but yes. I agree that is where my mind went. They were not going to be used for consumption that they were gonna go into the trash. I wasn't being dirty. That's what you were suggesting. No you know dancing around a restaurant. Kitchen just fills unsafe for me to mention hops. Up on the i was like the minute you put your. But where hoping on a service supposed to be sanitary. I agree it would. I don't know i. I was so uncomfortable by the entire thing. With the exception of his very solo part. At the beginning i was admittedly focused on him in that dancing. He had more of the moves than treat. She says so. I'm not china shit all over these movies and the actors and actresses. She's just it was a mismatch casting. That's what i'm going back to. I don't think that she's like a terrible accident. She was fine. I just think it was a mess. Matching casting that questions potholes and things we need to discuss. Okay i got a few shocker. I've a big question. How can a restaurant afford to be closed on valentine's day. How much are these people paying for this speed dating program that allows them to just say like not going to be open on valentine's day. We're gonna let you have your project. She should have. Did the project like at lunchtime and then the restaurant could have opened for dinner time or pre valentine's day right. You wanna meet. Somebody be four valentine's day. There's also a lot of times like There's a lot of continuity issues. I have not gotten any timing issues. But the tortilla making night. Clara is at basketball which we know from our previous scene ends. It may be nine o'clock. What time are they making tortillas at the restaurant is completely closed and empty of people or is this the restaurant that they only open occasionally. Yeah see that's stuff drives me crazy too So this movie takes place in seattle during early february. I don't think they were dressed for it. It's a lot colder rainier in seattle during this time of year agree like she's in her beautiful jackets which i love every movie when they have the beautiful jackets on and they had that kid mowing the lawn before school like no no shiny day. Yeah not happening. There's a there's a day in the movie in the morning. The dad comes into the classroom and is upset with her in the afternoon. She and her friend out running and then at night. They're like at pta meeting and she's back in her work clothes. I was like wait a minute. Yeah is happening here when she because and the only reason i knew it was the same day. She's like oh. He came to my classroom this morning. They didn't need that this morning to make that. Pta meeting believable could have been any night just thought. How many hours do you have in your and why would you change back into your work. Clothes for pd meeting. I also noticed in that scene to either in the morning. Her hair was pulled back. And then at the t. pta meeting it was down continuity. I those those things. Drive me crazy and i don't know why not him like a dog. You know what i mean. I just notice this crap another thing. I actually posted this on. Our girls gone hallmark instigating this morning. Cinna hearts i login up. isn't it actual candy napho. Which is why. It's so weird that they zoom in on the name of them over and over again several time. Yes that was so bizarre right. And i swear. They were using hershey kisses in their candidate names. Oh probably but didn't sponsorship. So they're not gonna. There is a line there. They said that. The pta candy grams made enough money for field trips for the rest of the year. I was like holy crap. What are they chart meghan. I have both been integral parts of the pta and her children's respective schools. You don't make that much money. Bought all that candy and all of this applies plus with their selling them for plus. How big is this school. No fields are expensive. The buses are expensive. My kids are paying. No shit forty five dollars a kid for field trips last year which blew my mind. I don't know that seems like a lot for royal drip used to be like eight dollars. Yeah anyway. I'm just saying no. I don't believe it also who i know like he. David and his ex bought her a new laptop. Who bought a desk and a chair. They bought them with the fed raising money. That's supposed to go to school. But now the teachers getting a new desk and chair. I knew she makes a joke about it at the very beginning. But then there at the awards ceremony or whatever and they just like push out this desk and push out this chair. We buy you this furniture. Like how did you get it. They're like what you were going to win. Yeah exactly and then they give her this laptop. It's a refurbished laptop with a bow on it. It's not like in a box. It's not a brand new. So bizarre it was. I did think. I will admit though. I did enjoy that moment as much as tearing it apart right now i did think it was a sweet moment where they get for those things as unbelievable as i think it is. Yeah i mean it's because your husband does a similar program his own school no yes and he's been on the receiving end of surprise gifts like he was a helpful. Honda teacher appreciation week recipient which was up on experience. So like you know. I cry when i see teachers. Teachers need to be recognized. I absolutely sam behind that. I just thought it was. So i did and getting sense like where did the money come from the school supposed to get up by like no no. The teacher gets a new desks oregon. You can't have the computer saying that you don't know all right. Is there anything else at all. I have time to rate it. I'm a little nervous. I want you to go i. I'm giving movie two and a half stars. Wow perfectly average serviceable fine. What did you give me hills wedding. Three stars three meteo. I loved beverly hills in comparison to this movie i gave this one and a half stars their characters i mean not the characters but they acting the casting just killed it for me all right so next week. We have mixed up the mediterranean featuring jeremy jordan not all right and sorry. I had a A posted a poll on our instagram stories and the vast majority of people even though the majority were to annoy fans did not remember that line which i was disappointed because it's such a burned in memory. They're not true. Nine hundred zero fans. And you know you can search at hashtag on instagram jimmy jordan. Alright things come up. Sadly that clip does not come out. It just does not exist anymore. It's got it somewhere on the internet if you missed it. Yesterday we published an interview with julia. Sherman wolf the writer of taking a shot at love among many other hallmark. Release it with love. Give it a listen. She was an absolute delight to talk to you and we're looking forward to more movies from her. Of course you can catch our regular podcast. Every tuesday and while you're here if you would leave a rating or review we would absolutely love it if you enjoy us and until next time have a great week bye bye.

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