Local Hour: Roy's Birthday!


The Dan Le Batard podcast is brought to you by Iino the capital one assistant that catches things that might look wrong with your credit card sends an alert to your phone and helped you fix them. What's in your wallet? SEE CAPITAL ONE DOT com for details paper Straw takes here. We go back back again all right so I was delighted last week what I went to the coffee shop ordered my eyes pay and they actually handed me a plastic Straw which was an exciting development because it's right here on the beach. It's almost exclusively paper. Straws draws went back this morning back to paper shrouds. I'm almost finished with my friend pay. I am on Straw number four now. I do have right here next to me and my cubby sustainable metal straws that were sent to us but here's the deal. Do you ever tried to wash a straw. Yes not easy no not at all easy not at all these it's not difficult shoot watered down a put a little soap on the end of it and then let the water shoot water down do all that here in this office in which I have none of those things to do. I have to go to a public restroom. Put My hand underneath a soap dispenser and that's GonNa wash something so this hasn't really work here also if I use one of these metal sustainable straws I'm doomed to only make it a coffee straw because it's gotta taste like coffee. That's okay you don't drink oughta drinks. Let's all right. Let's start this. Thank you for the metal straws person who said metal straws go on that was yeah. Thank you thank you you're sending thoughtful gift very thoughtful and these are actually very nice because they have the rubber tips on them which is incredibly Nice because I read this story. I know you did to Roy about the woman that was impaled by one of the sustainable metal straws yeah she fell and a Straw went through Harare piercing the brain causing her to die. I mean fairness like a plastic Straw probably would have gone through her. I to think are sharp man. I think she'd be alive today pointing at the end of rubber tips. I don't think that a rubber tip Straw would rather your I I think the plastic shroud probably Benz the moment that it hits the guy the other day I was like I got out of the shower and I was like driving myself with a towel and the Tau scratched my eye and it was so annoying like in hurts so bad so I would imagine that you know obviously. She didn't have a metal struggle through my that's probably hurts worse than a towel but a little bit I can relate is what I'm saying. You guys have carpet right outside of your shower so you don't have to take any steps onto tile when you get out of the shower. Yes I hate tile step when you gotta go from shower too carpet. You know it's been happening me. The LAST COUPLE OF TIMES I've run out of body. Wash was that get in the shower and I realized damn it. Damn you just like shaking that thing trying to get the last drops out of it. I forgot the body wash. I had a new one. I've said it aside for the past few days and I've been like okay. Let me just use some of my wives but I wanNA smell like my wife. I WANNA smell like old spice yeah. I've given this life pack for hand soap. You can do it with body washes well at the very end when you're struggling to get some out of it. Screw the TAP off. Put a little water in there. Shake it up. It's a little watery soap but it's plenty so I subscribed to this life hack. This is when you've exhausted all those life hacks and you have to wrap your brain around the fact that okay it's time to get the new bottle of body wash and you leave it out on the sink that you purposely took out like next time. I won't forget but you always forget then. You've got to leave the shower and you put the feet on the Mat and you try your best to dry yourself off but the next set is going on the tile hang on for dear life. It's it's it's always interesting. It's just like damn I feel so I feel extra naked when I'm taking those couple steps out of the out of the shower too get the body what the worst is when you just forget to grab the towel in general and you have to yell to your wife or your other. Hey can you grab a towel or else. You have to go out into the hallway all wet right or when you have to go after the shower. Oh it's criminal and yes. It's easy to make fun of but sometimes it just doesn't hit you until after right yeah. That's also pretty biggest shower again. You should take. Is that what you you would do. Do you ever find yourself in that situation where I poop after taking a shower yeah because sometimes the nature calls that you don't unforeseen. I've probably hop back in the shower. Yeah I got a day so I don't WanNa go through the whole pomp and circumstance of a day is pretty clutch one day you'll never go back right. I gotta come up with a Clever Ryan for that. Never go bedeck developments on Russell Westbrook and I've seen this thing I've seen the feedback you guys are sick of us. Having the same Russell Westbrook conversation totally ignoring the People's listening habits when it comes to radio yesterday only mentioned that Russell Westbrook average a triple double once are people complaining. People are complaining. It's multiple people. It's you know it's a read it gets me go on their need to avoided. I mean probably but sometimes they have some good feedback of criticism of it. I liked his better. I don't get void read it. That is not all winners. Happy Birthday Thank you oh seven seven eight six four five six eight thousand seven. If you WANNA causing happy birthday the Roy slurpy you don't have to do that. What are you doing for the nation at large? How are you celebrating your birthday? Are you sending them the seven eleven insane slurpy on me <hes> you can do that go to seven eleven and <hes> so generous thank you we do have some developments on the Russell Westbrook thing obviously pick people picked up on the reports from the local hour yesterday in which we spoke to heat insider Dan Le Batard and since then we got them no don't do that anymore. Yes full by. I mean that that was the question so obviously the Miami Heat. Don't WanNa give any assets young assets. It's for this. The preference is just make this money for money. All you lose taking on Russell. Westbrook is money which they don't mention any names specifically but if you look at I don't know the Trade Machine or SPO- track you can kind of figure out that the contracts <hes> that would probably be discussed would be the likes of Goran Dragic James Johnson Dion waiters. If there's a young asset you can probably make the argument for Justice winslow just because there's some redundancies and skill sets. Aren't you need more shooting but I would hold on justice winslow if I could because not necessarily for this deal to get your Russell Westbrook but you need assets to get the next guy to pair with them right yeah and they'd sign hero yesterday so they can't move on. That's the news that I wanted to share. We got thirty thirty days. The Tyler hero signed his contract kid a straight ball and in summer league yet his field goal percentage probably doesn't reflect how good it feels when you're watching yeah there are things with the catch and shoot that might be a little concerning kid can obviously work on that and improve on the catch shoots field goal percentage. I'M NOT GONNA flip out too much about because it's summer league generally shooting down in some early anyways it is in line with what we saw in college but give the kid room to improve. He's been pretty impressive especially with the ball handling he'll surprise you put on the ball on the fourth. Thank you seth Greenberg Tyler Hero K._p.. Traded for thirty days puts pen to paper signs that contract. It's a member of the Miami Heat and he can't help but watch this summer league team think of a couple of things tyler hero fits in well if you have a team with Russell Westbrook and Jimmy Butler obviously because you can shoot the ball Dunkin Robinson who knows if he'll he'll be on this team because I think <hes> is at the fifteenth is the deadline to guarantees contract and now the tyler hero has signed that deal the right there with the hard cap so some decisions have to be made the other thing that I watch and not to do this thing because it's a losing position for me but none is the kind of player that I point to and I say if you want you don his house them on this roster for what he brings in terms of intangibles and leadership and intensity and that stuff I think even has more of a value if you bring in a guy like Russell Westbrook into that locker room and Jimmy Butler these. These are dynamic personalities and it could be a little ornery at times. You need that leadership. I can be totally talked into you. Donnas has them but you see none balling out there. He finally lose a first summer league game but he made an unbelievable defensive play in the clutch moments that you're you're ready to sacrifice. None is what I'm saying and then he just playing the G. League. It's not that easy because other teams are going to have cracks at him and yeah. There's a there's an argument. Why have number fifteen on your roster waste raced away if he's not going to get game time have them in the G. League? It's not that simple and let me tell you something guys like Hassan whiteside Tyler Johnson when they came up even Josh Richardson when he was working stuff out into the sky force came back and started shooting like Steph Curry. They were considered the fifteenth guy on your roster. You GotTa start somewhere. So if you want you to honest has them on this roster it's GonNa come at the sacrifice of potentially someone who has a high ceiling like none. I don't know how high is stealing but someone who's performing. Well like none so just take that considerate. I'm not saying no you D- in fact I'm even coming around on keeping you D here if the Westbrook thing continues to gain momentum and actually happens I'm not saying we don't really know on this thing. I just got just like we don't really know on hero. I mean it sounds Nice. All the numbers he's putting up on one was a very good player in college a tremendous score or yeah he's he's obviously committed to defense and he fits he's. You can't help but get excited understanding. You have to take summer league with a grain of salt because talent all around you just sprinkle some salt there did that for for you. sprinkle some Salt Bay so bay but I don't really know what to do with some early quite often. I've fallen for the Summer League stuff a bunch of times where I'm like. Oh you got to build this again around Marco Bell Anneli well back to that. That's how old I am. I want has them on this team like let me just say that front but I could see where like let's say we got Westbrook <hes> baller and Russell Westbrook within kind of the leaders of the team and I could see there being this friction of has lem being like my team and Butler and Westbrook being like now my team. I don't really see I don't really see that friction. I think Donna's has sort of commands respect league-wide always has always considered tough. He's one of those. Oh Jeez let if you were looking at guys in the League who in the League guys that might come here here and like you know put a little friction on that relationship being guys like Butler or West but latest reports. I think Adrian Watson around ski was <hes> who we should credit. Here's not a lot of teams are looking at that Russell Westbrook contract saying it's a fit and a lot of teams. We're looking at that personality saying it's a fit dude is a bit surly like I've gotten on Kevin Durant for how he is with media but you talk to media people and maybe I should apologize a little bit too Kevin Durant because when you talk basketball with Kevin Durant according to Nick Frito Oh he's the most accessible superstar he's ever encountered. If it's just about Basketball Russell Westbrook is three words out he doesn't give a damn about the that famous back and forth with the guy from the Oklahoma and it was at bury trammell gay. He wouldn't give up the Mike. He's like no. He has an answer my question yet yeah. He's he's straight ups has a disdain for the media even more so than Kevin Durant and because he resigned there in Oklahoma City and he's beloved over there never left them high and dry. You don't really hear much about got it. You have these awkward encounters. It's kind of go viral down here. The Miami Heat have throughout their history been very media friendly even when the superstars come in yeah. Maybe some different rules for Lebron James here or there but you gotta go to the podium you gotta do the things everybody sort of conformed so it'll be interesting to see from a media standpoint all right and is that enough Russell Westbrook is it we'll probably bring in our heat `insider towards the end of the the end of the hour who's sitting there silently coming up next segment visit tease his billy. Do you get excited for these live action Disney movies do I I yes sure I haven't seen them but yes but yes. I mean your your nineties kid obviously so you've seen all those Disney animated movies. There was a huge like I don't know if it was a real controversy twitter controversy about the Black Ariel for the Little Mermaid but I- specific. What did you know you into the Mike Oh? You didn't especially if it's going to be one that land is work shopping here yeah Larry Al Cheese but specifically. I want to talk to anyone else think that it was Halle Berry at the beginning. No a lot of people did my wife's like. Why is there an old Ariel Ariel Ariel Ariel? I think you said at a different way to the area would have an e at the end. It'd be like double l. e. wouldn't it what do I think it's Ariel. Ariel Ariel like it sounds like aviation -Tario Areo more on that in a minute okay but specifically I'm going to risk my job and take a chainsaw to this upcoming Disney picture. Oh boy the Lion King Stugatz here one. Do you WanNa spot that burglar casing your home or after he's in s John Who's blinked camera alerted him burglars trying trying to break in while he and his family were home or Shannon. 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This is Lebatardshow show with Stugatz on the ticket seven eight six four five six four eight three seven today as Roy's birthday that is the number to call into either sing roy or tell us your favorite Roy memory what your memory right. I think that's how it works Chris Cody is that how you game works wanted to throw on the same kind of people that sent us a medal sustainable straws eighteen no thank you. I think it is no I know but I don't think you're supposed to be saying you can't say hi all right bobby line two welcome to the local hour have word Roy verdict to or happy birthday. Hey Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to rolling beautiful bobby those lyrics interestingly enough. Normally we'd have to a couple of years ago. We'd have to cut out that song from the podcast but it recently became public domain house. My bobby had an N._B._A.. Idea Bobby called bagging bobby call callback because we were actually talking during the break about the N._B._A.. Rule changes with the challenges and how the coaches actually have to swallow their finger yeah the instant replay which is a great motion. Almost as good as the box I feel like we do better than that. Though because like that could be misinterpreted he could be. I could be pointing to a player on the baseline. Go run around and then they think I'm wanting to challenge yeah but see when you were doing that you were pointing it to the side like directly like right like can arm outstretched. This one has go up in the air who wanted to that's up in the air like more draw more attention. They just had to do three jumping. Jacks up down Burke's right. Yes burpee. He obviously wants the challenge. I saw someone now. This is a completely ridiculous idea but we do this in baseball all the time. When we talk about rule changes? What do you think about the <hes> the twitter notion that the coach should have to make a free throw if they wanna get the challenge? I didn't see that emotion what they missed the free. Throw no challenge coach okay so this is where code ear becomes Super Important and Competitive Kerr Ray Allen would get a coaching Allen. You Got Ray Allen as your as your head coach depending on the shot. Jason Kidd all of a sudden yeah. Take that wide open three. Let's see you do get out of here. Frank Vogel Man Jason Kidd. Who else should we go to on the line? Well okay. Here's the thing a lot of people online WANNA which Roy happy birthday but we also have two people that are upset. One is upset with me and one is upset with you. So I feel like we should get the negativity <music> out of the way now and then we can get back to happiness with Roy upset at me because I don't know how to weigh contracts work in the end. The one with you is Chelsea related. Okay what the line is one dear lie. Hey how's it going the what's going on. What's good what's good? Hey Hey <hes> just WanNa let you know that <hes> Roy Happy Birthday my man thank you and <hes> I love that idea with the free throw idea I'm from Toronto so I'm picturing Nick nurse shooting a free throw and that just kills me so <hes> Chelsea Football Club. Why do you support that Michael why well there's actually an article on Chelsea's official website as to how I became a Chelsea Fan but I became Chelsea Fan in two thousand and six which was <hes>? I fell in love with D._A.. Dramas game now. It's it was a different time in terms of being able to watch club soccer in America teams that would only show up weekly would be the glamour squads nowadays you could be like Burnley Fan and watch him every week on an APP back then you sort of had to pick one of the top six clubs if you wanted to see your team with any sort of regularity on television so out of all the teams. I like drag a lot so I picked the one that was on. I fell in love with those kids. They were good. Yes but my options were limited. That's the way that I see it but yeah a bit of a glory hunter now. Do you feel a little bit embarrassed at Franklin. Central attacking midfielder has more than D._J.. dribbles no I mean Franklin part was an unprecedented player. He's all time clubs. Leading score. Franklin imported Franklin part is a brilliant talent and drug. I drug was gold. Total doesn't actually reflect how great I thought he was. He was just amazing not just amazing and cup final semester eligible. I don't use it years an amazing record ten out the ten okay. I just believe that Chelsea will probably be lower than wolves this year just because of their transfer Ben yes in in in the rumors that the cost is going to wolves which kind of hurts me a little bit because I love Diego. He's great yeah. Is there anything else with it not birthday Roy and love the show thank you who's upset at you billy trevor from Indiana's online for yesterday so shadows to the fore wing five next Thursday this Fort Wayne Five Day. Hey essentially I mean it's like Dan. Le Batard show fan day at the ten caps and not not officially sale on unofficial but <hes> you know I'm sending some support that way and trevor was kind of the first person that called in from Fort Fort Wayne to Kinda back us up because Indiana does not like us and I'll just say it again. Trevor was a bit of a disaster when he called and we needed Joe to call in and kind of really organized things and get things on track and trevor was not thrilled that I call them a disaster so trevor ever Indiana. Let me have it okay billy high number one. I forgot the DASH on my <hes> twitter handle. That's another. That's another thing hold on a second trevor. That's another thing so when we spoke to both of you last we grassy all three of you there okay. What's the matter yeah? I actually have a nine month old strapped to my chest italic backpack thing baby bjorn. What's your baby's name Ada Jane Ada the Jane all right anyway? Is that hyphenated. Are you forgetting it. Now James the Middle Name Okay good so trevor gave us his social media handles to get people to follow him so we can also kind of like coordinate with them unofficially Ashley on this whole thing and he gave us the wrong thing apparently because no one could find him so trevor. You forgot a hyphen in the middle of it somewhere. It's T- dash sway ninety one okay so yeah a little nervous. I don't think I've actually ever given anybody my twitter handle so I mean we'll lay S. L. A. Y. S. o. e. what what's going on S. l. e.. I G. H.. I thought you were going to let billy habit. Where's the where's the vitriol Israel? What does the intensity this organized disaster was the word you yeah? That's probably a bit harsh. I think those are two words two words okay. Are you going on yeah. I'm going next week okay so I don't Wanna Rep Joe too hard. <hes> it's a good thing he called because he's gotten a lot further than I would have but we're forgetting. I have three kids. He doesn't have one yet. He's a teacher. He's not working right now for getting I'm just learning yesterday right. Well continued letting billy had it yeah no. I mean he's making some good points has responsibilities. Joe Seems to just be you know clowning around all summer long waiting to come Joe's expecting right now. I just realized that Joe is going to call tomorrow angry. I mean I need to stop taking all right trevor. I'm back on your side. Are we anti Joe or what No. We're not anti Joe. I just wanted to clear my name as far as little process but it seems like you've done very little except I have three kids. You've done a great job yeah. That's really I'm just really fertile. Are you doing anything in this game or you're just attending because this joke kind of homemade this about him and he's throwing out the first pitch somehow now. I'll let him have it. He earned it all right all right we'll have are you make the ability you know you want to tell Roy happy birthday or you don't like Roy Yeah Yeah Happy Birthday Roy. Thank you trevor by so I teased a takeout of Disney's. The Lion King Live action remake as nineties kid. I'm excited about any of these nostalgic live action remakes. I saw that critically Aladdin was sort of a divisive film but I saw it and I enjoyed it. I have a problem with live action by the way why because it's not it's like computer animated. I'm not watching a real lying. That's I was GONNA. I was wondering that would be asset like I live. Action makes me think that this is like real things like if beyond say was running around like in a costume that would be cool but instead. We're just hear her voice. It's basically like a computer cartoon. Live action is a bit of a stretch but that's how they make the distinction between the animated film which is very popular very well known one of the greatest animated films ever made the Lion King Pitch Perfect Lion King Great on the <unk> watchable watchable scale amazing musical numbers really grabs you emotionally and emotionally key here because here's what I notice about all the the clips and Disney. Please stop putting out footage from this movie. I just I would rather just gone in and you just show me like a title font. Fertilize the entire days leading up to its release because I'm seeing these clips yesterday. I think Jimmy Kimmel released a clip of a KUNA Matata. I didn't see this was a good lions. Don't and moat guys. This is a huge issue. They do know lion. Do Lions don't moat row now. I mean Lion Sing in Lyon language. You just don't speak lion language. You're watching a lion. That looks like an actual lion ending singing hakuna Matata but he doesn't look happy while he's doing it. He just looks like a lion whose mouth is moving because you're saying in the cartoon symbol so happy heads smiling. He's smiling and you can tell when scar is is angry. See like Donald Glover was on Jimmy Kimmel. He was wearing like a onesie if he was doing that for lion king that would be awesome. Yes I would have preferred that. I'm also all in on this live action thing because Disney pays me so all right. I'm all about it. I love the the Aladdin one beauty and the beast was cool. I'm excited about Little Mermaid. It's just lilac scary. Scarlet does look scary. Scarred does look scary in this one and they have to do certain in things because that the cartoon can couldn't do well the cartoon just getting made them have like a black mainlines on black means. You have to make them look like an actual lion reddish dark when it also looks like there's a film over for it all because there's so much C._G._i.. I'm not really sure what the live action part is because even like the vistas and the sets that these guys are running through. Don't look like real life things. It all looks the opening soon. That's it the the the the mountain some bang. I always thought that they were talking about food finder arson banger. It's GonNa be good. I do the more I see about it the more concerns I have now I'm going. I'm definitely going. I'm going apprehensively because I'm so nervous I want this to be good. Because I love the cartoon the cartoonist perfect and ultimately the good sinking feel the love tonight and a Kuna Matata GonNa like Harken back to the days might youth and be tapped into some nostalgia astrologer. You really can't miss with these but like when Simba is innocent and sad about Mu Fossa you could see on his face lions real lifelines or what you're trying to portray Israel lifelines. They don't have the emotional capacity capacity. They can't a moat. I saw the preview where he's looking like. He's sad after move faucet pass away. He looks sad so a live action line looks at you. Don't have the same concerns I will admit the more I've seen of it because the first preview preview were they barely showed anything. It was just like Oh goosebumps right Simba. I was going to be like this is going to be the best movie ever. I think all this happens with all movies though the more previously you're just like Oh. Don't show me this much <hes> so I think it's a normal feeling I think it's still going to be good. I'm all in and Roy you excited about the lion king that really that's actually incredibly excited for Roy. Nah Not really probably going to be their first week online for as a favorite Roy Memory Justin. You're on the Air Hi hi yeah <hes> just the first time caller <hes> my favorite memory is hidden talking about how he was his daughter Clinton. I was doing with visit transaction. He doesn't have a little baby abi nicknames for his daughter. He's just like Hello Claire. Hello Claire Join Me. How was your day today context that they have you? Have you changed. Have you found any little nicknames for you. Know come on man. You're so full of it. We know much Prince Roy. We we see these videos you put on your very adorable with your daughter and you come in here and you act like you guys are just friend. Who a soccer game with you and Claire? You're such a cute dad. You absolutely have pet names for your kid. I don't go all right. He also had a princess themed birthday and he said it has nothing to do with the fact that we call it Princess Claire on the radio show. Is that correct. You're like it's just a coincidence. It was man this guy all right. Thank you for the call unless you have another thing to say. Do you want to sing happy birthday or Roy memory memory. Thank you thank you for the call down to play this game Roy Memories yeah well. That's what I don't have either sing. Happy Birthday or you have a remedy back on none and this heat Rosser and yes. I'm just calling him none because I'm not entirely sure what his first name is. I don't WANNA say Kendrick. Kendrick is a Kendrick Kendrick Damn. That's why just went nuts. There's another guy we can get rid of of and keep has them so we can have an has right so they're right there as I say that guy's name because I don't know as I understand it the right there by the hard cap right now and if they add if they guaranteed Dunkin Robinson's contract they'll go over if they bring you down his has whatever ever number I think they go over. The bottom. Line is made nick. Mayo has been impressive. None is obviously been impressive throughout this summer league. You Got Janta Maidan. I think that's the guy is meaner Vermont. I watch these Games dammit tyler hero Duncan Robinson whose Houdini dockage was really weird too by the way. I don't know if you saw this so this is one of the few times that I watched with the sound on Dan dockage for an entire tire game was trying to get Duncan Robinson to date his daughter very weird and in the post game interview he once again to the full court press pain doc. It's really wanted Dunkin Robinson today the daughter and then he was like hey you're <hes> you you might be unemployed. In a couple of days right didn't have some connection than like his wife worked with something related to Dunkin. That's what I was hearing them. You need to look to saying Dunkin his N._B._A.. Player that was his thing that guy could is it should be on an M._B._a.. Roster I need to look it up but I think Dan dockage my. I have a friend that always refers to Dan Docket has the last guy that helped Michael Jordan under ten points so I have to. I have to fact check. That's because that is an incredible sad if that's true or if he just did it in general Dan Dockage is part of the reason why we're not popular in in Indianapolis because this goes way back Dan you remember this. This goes way back. This goes the pacers heat days while Indianapolis doesn't like am I honestly you guys have tapped into something here that it has made me wonder whether we should actually go to fort wait. I was looking at flights not have to yeah. It's not he's well. This is the thing it's probably multiple flights and stuff but I well how about I was trying to think if we can move the operation actually try and and fly and take the day before like go there and do a remote from their man this next week so we need to get the wheels with. I WANNA do remote anyway. I feel feel so bad for them. Now because this isn't going to happen and now they're going to be crushed. Wait a minute though but how can we make it happen. Let's talk it out on air. Usually we don't marching band into the corner before we've actually started marching like I. I have thrown <music> seeds that you guys have okay. Here's another big project. We will fail to accomplish yeah well. This one's not really our fault. This one was sort of organic and it took a life of its own. We didn't really throw the C._D.. Use did not throw anything in fact. We've disagree heard about this today. We were like you know. This has to be unsanctioned because we can't make this happen and it's really taken off but they say it's taken off. I don't know if it should legitimately like five people just super vocal. I really hope that we go up. There like everybody goes out. There and there's not even five in the Fort Wayne Five. It's like three people worst case scenario. Is Somebody reels in their grandfather to just stand. There doesn't know anything to try and allow the five and now now the Dan wants to do this dance. Go take a flight to Fort Wayne Indiana and being credibly disappointed what we haven't planned it is the dollar beers that are lowering receivers yeah coming up next. We talked to heat insider. Damn taught Donlevatar Stugatz remembered today that seven ninety the original incarnation one of the options was seven ninety. The Shark was the ticket the ball the shark and the wave seven ninety. Away was also another option. I think one of four three the squid was an option stugatz. I mean think about that. Seven ninety the octopus rocking your pull us. This is ars show with the stugotz on the ticket or we have Dan dockage update so one of the reasons why Dan Dockage was so creepy Duncan Robinson insisting that Duncan Robinson date his daughter is because apparently according to some dude on twitter which is those two guys on twitter is Duncan Robinson and Dan Dockage is son Andrew dockets teammates at Michigan and they even had a podcast together called the Deccan dunk show so that's why now Chris you have updates on what the dockage did Michael Jordan yes in the one thousand nine hundred four for Sweet Sixteen Indiana versus North Carolina he held Jordan to thirteen points six of fourteen shooting and there was a thirteen minute period in the second half for Jordan was scoreless versus docket. Shut them down shut. I don't think we should be messing with him. I am I am now scared of him. I thought he's a clown and loud for a lot of his life but now that you place that Morsel in front of me I've regained one percent of my respect and you know Dan can't refuse a more so that's in front of him speaking. I am morsels. Dan noted He'd insider we get number. What so what's happening here? That's interesting is you've got a <hes> M._v._p.. WHO NOT A lot of people want gaunt and so what Miami's doing is driving down the price because the more it's out there that Russell Westbrook doesn't WanNa be in Detroit? The more Miami Ken wait it out and they do not want to give up something that is too valuable for him when they know that the third piece has to be better than the first two like what whatever this lures has to be better than the two that they've gotten if they really want to do something thing with this and they gotta do it within three or four years so the price has got to be low because they're not going. They're not going to start. I'd be interested to see how this plays out in terms of other pieces like. Do you want Stephen Adams. He's fun. I know I becomes with Russ. You're saying when I know I it caught. I'm saying that Oklahoma City what you have there in order to make all the contracts match up. I'm not I'm not saying they're interested in Stephen Adams. I'm asking asking the totally hypothetical question of if that's what it takes to make the contracts matchup because you've heard building Chris on this for three days all it is is bring him here. Bring him here bring Alliot Stephen Add. He's lying and I'm telling you that all of you people who are doing that who are getting mad at the people that he may you people who are doing the inefficient stuff with Russell Westbrook just know that that is something in their front office they also know all about his inefficiencies and are scared of those inefficiencies and what you guys are doing is interesting because it's a public pressure now. I don't know this organization to bow to public to public pressure now to me <hes> but it's an interesting public public pressure because a lot of the audience would get emotional about this and look at it and be like what do you mean. You're going to turn down a M._V._p.. From two years ago who's a star whose an electric player. What do you mean? You're not GonNa make that happen open but I will see I'll be interested to see how much of a mess Russell Westbrook makes because in the power dynamic league where the players have taken it and Stugotz and the next collective bargaining agreement these owners are going to take it back. They are gonNA stop this nonsense percents. Adam silver has already told you like he didn't tell you like this. He told you this is a concern now what he should have said is hey all my old white rich guys who signed my checks. They're not real happy with the young black guys getting all the money and the power and destroying these teams all over the contracts not mattering anymore and these guys are not just waiting for free agency so this is the thing that works in the favour of the Miami Heat the most in which it actually somehow. I don't know how we arrived here gives them mm-hmm options when they arrive in a place that they have an m._v._p.. Available to them and they could be discerning about it but Russell can make a mess. He's the most popular player in Franchise History Street you know not to upset Him. You know the players have the power and now you know and this is not a coincidence that this leaked publicly now you know he wants to be here and you cannot be the the Oklahoma City thunder no matter how great prestige is and send this guy to Detroit if you're doing it reluctantly and he didn't sign up for this. He signed up for loyalty. He signed up to be the only guy standing there as everyone else betrays you. He's the most popular player in franchise history. He's been paid a law for that loyalty and I thought I'm looking at it through his eyes he actually do if they sent him to Detroit though because he'll threaten Detroit say I'll be miserable superstar there and I'll totally hijack your season by being surly and not one already surly though I understand but it's right but in terms of winning drumming and Blake Griffin isn't that the better option for them in terms of winning getting out of the ease maybe making here by Pairing Blake with Russell Westbrook because you actually don't have duplicity there like their skill sets Mesh a little bit probably more than Jimmy Butler and Russell Westbrook. If you mentioned Stephen Adams just hypothetically as part of the deal then you have to give up more money to make it work so you're probably partying. If it's just a two team deal you're probably Party party with the likes of Justice Winslow r Kelly clinic or you have to wait. What is it twenty seven days now for Meyers Leonard to be able to get traded up the part? I can't believe is at any point in the history of the last fifteen years of Miami he always the sports radio caller wants the guy for nothing. It worked with drag drag. Itch you got that guy for nothing and nick so but you got without you didn't make any part of your fan and base mad right by the way you were acquired Gorn drug yeah I mean you waited a couple of hours and then you realize ooh this doesn't make much sense because blood clots but and then in retrospect like Phoenix is really happy with the whole that the Gopher Gordon Drug Itch in Miami we can just point to being undone by blood clots. I think the rule is correct me if I'm wrong. I don't know all of the details of how that some of this stuff works but I thought the rule was that once hero signs that you cannot trade him for thirty days because I and win the way you're sitting there silently during the first segment <hes> that's right. I wasn't listening. I was doing it for the audience busy taking notes for you guys. There's no way to deal because the thunder want to get under the under the luxury tax so they need a third team involved because there's no way to trade all that money without taking that money back from the heat well. It's good job. Absolutely I do believe that they can get under the luxury tax apron if they trade Patterson Billy windhorst over here. It's Elliot what does happen. I know you're not in any of Mike good job. As if some sort of you know person incapable of I feel like you were treated right there pet with three legs yeah well it's difficult because they need to add with the Dunkin Robinson issue with the luxury apron yeah with the Dunkin Robinson deadline coming up. You may have to say goodbye to Dunkin Robinson that move away from being a hard cap right now. They're just asunder questions about you. Don has them. It's all very very confusing. There is certainly a way to make it one for one if it's just I think drug each no. I'm not talking about the heat. I'm talking about the Thunder WanNa get under the luxury tax. They don't want to take all the money back that they need to take. Eight for this trade to half right and with the heat potentially being hard cap that the key can't need a third team to facilitate that deal although with Patterson also being moved and you've already seen pressing make strides in getting under that luxury tax by getting rid of of grant it. It's not impossible for them to get under that incredibly insane luxury tax bill without invoking a third team in this deal. They can just move Patterson this is we need a third team anyways if you'RE GONNA bill which you said you want to. I won't be badly but you're probably gonNA need to get a third team involved. If it's it's if Steven Adams has also come off the book. Can we just allow something to happen here just to sink in for a second stugatz sits in the middle of this and watches it happened if this plays out. I want you to just think about this for a second. The New York Knicks entered free agency with all the money the heat had no money and no all stars to treat the New York Knicks get nobody and the heat got Butler and are deciding if they want westbrook think about that first second not that it's incredible. Maybe Stephen Adams ever that it's incredible and it's what I tell myself when confronted with the possibility of paying Russell a westbrook forty seven million dollars by age thirty four. I'm like what the he just did right now by having their hands tied behind their back with a cab situation people WANNA play in Miami and the Ellsberg is very good at his job they find ways to get the superstars especially with the superstars now being empowered but I look at the numbers they're super concerning and I think if we're counting on a superstar to make a mess I kind of want it to be Bradley. Peel Not Russell Westbrook. Not A lot of people watch Bradley beal because a wizard obviously Bradley beal isn't as sexy as rely with would you Bradley Beal Bradley. Beal is a better player than Russell Westbrook. Look at the numbers if I'm not doubting it I'm just I'm wondering why anyone would turn on their T._v.. And watch the wizard. If you just want to go counting stats Bradley Beal averages what close three more points on fewer shots and Russell Westbrook came make up those inefficiencies from the field by going into the line anymore because he's shooting very concerning sixty five percent from the free throw that doesn't even make any sense to me when I heard that middle last year they were talking about it and they're like Westbrook's terrible at the free throw align. I'm like when why how do you remember prime. Derrick rose where we were just like fine with Derrick rose shooting from the field and the only way he can make up those inefficiencies was by an unparalleled ability to get to the hoop only matched by that of Lebron James and he was good from the free throw line once he lost that part of his game once he lost that athleticism and he wasn't getting to the line as much he's he's sort of got phased out in today's modern era Russell Westbrook and still get to the line but he can't score as efficiently as possible so you're stuck doc with a guy. That's shooting poorly from the field a guy that you're totally cool. Yeah you get your thirty points on twenty eight shots or whatever it's very concerning those free throw numbers Dan. You got me thinking we O'Reilly an apology. Not just this show the whole market billy especially early. I mean just for men there did not do that. You guys on my back everything. Dan Just said we had no money all they Everett Jimmy Butler but we're fighting among Westbrook. We have no money. The Knicks are sitting there. They got randall impressive. If we would have a month ago if we would have said look where we are now we would all been like yeah right. No we've been down this road before with the meetings that he has it amount to nothing close the deal and by the way this is Burg thing Riley's. He's not the one with the advocates and tell us if you want to sell anything gets done oh Pat Demo Apollo unless there's fighting and then they don't lose and then they're stuck with horrible contracts forever and they don't have any graphics. There's like Paolo Redo starring. I'm sorry the thing about Riley apology not apology for years from now all right Margaret on the calendar would they today seven eleven happy birthday Roy two thousand and twenty three. I'll I'll give you a response on this Riley and this off season. I'm not sure how much better the heat are also for waiting waiting on acquiring Jimmy Butler because they ended up giving up what amounted to what they could have given up the Minnesota Timberwolves in help their season last year however you didn't make the playoffs and got tyler hero who a lot of us are now happy that we have so. It's all these guys Riley. I'm sorry we're sorry you're still amazing. Adhere man this team that they're building. If it's just it can't just be those two really can't just be those two it dude last year was justice winslow in Richardson. You can't just I understand what are you talking about this. Eh a great point Chris Riley clamoring for livelier look I the tug of being relevant again they mesh really is really hard to say no to but they're real basketball reasons to be concerned by the basketball regions sneezing there you go right to try and rhinos easier. What are your reasons Sh- Mazen's lead the best here I'm done with this? This is amazing. We're in such a good spot now. We're back and we don't even have Westbrook Westbrook yet. Do like being the talk of town no money. We had no money through their own through forget that through their own doing there in this spot because they put themselves in this spot now. It's a credit to them for being able to dig themselves out of it but I don't. Why can't we just go back to bill guys? Come on. I we can get excited but let's go back to that available on well. They said they're not trading him well. He's not doing the necessary things. You got going orange rocket to do the necessary things. Russell Westbrook is out here playing ball liking stuff on instagram. Come on Bradley beal. Make stink make a massive. Everyone just throw temper tantrums so that they can come to the heat to make you happy because it works in today's N._B._A.. Because it absolutely works temper tantrums tantrums you think you think Detroit want any part of a Russell Westbrook. That doesn't want to be there. No that's that's what pushes them away. This is where the players have so much power because there is an example of a superstar. That's unhappy. That's ended up working out for your team. Why does is this works so much better in basketball than other sports like why can't Mike Trout right now? Just start acting mad like that. He doesn't want to be in Anaheim because the players have so much more value in the sport of basketball because you can only play five of them at a guy like chow probably could do that though you have it a track so the marlins the marlins you're still bad. That's the difference yeah. We we celebrate a guy. Actually I think the Marlins I mean the angels are paid. Look at the game sample just to get someone. Who's you know Oh look how much better he is than a replacement level player who he's so much better because he fails half like a lesson one time more out of ten it salute Mike? I hope you guys are enjoying this part of it right. I understand many in the audience are listening to this and you're like Oh my God these guys talking for four days about Russell Westbrook and some of these fans are out here saying get out of here with Russell. Westbrook is inefficient. Get outta here. It's Russell Westbrook. It is interesting to see how much smarter this market has gotten about basketball in the eight years paying attention into it where you actually have an argument between people who are making a good argument that you gotta get Russell Westbrook if you can get Russell Westbrook and your non playoff team and the people who are arguing against his his basketball weaknesses it once upon a time what what Russell Westbrook is now is what Alan Iverson was when he I mean a better version because he can do all the things but Alan Iverson we were just celebrating back then because we didn't know what numbers to look at when it came to valuing these <music> saying the heater in a position to get current former Prime Alan Iverson and you would pass up getting Alan Iverson and Steven Adams. Oh my fans are spoiled. They're not smarter. They're just all we want. Lebron Bausch and wait sorry. It's not always going to be that. Sometimes you're going to have to sell it for Jimmy Butler and westbound I think they're smarter and it's and it's pretty clear like would and it's pretty clear to me like which side of the line you are. If you're just pointing Gimme Russell Westbrook anyone who wants Russell Westbrook and doesn't care what assets they give up to me screams like I don't watch Russell Westbrook and I don't watch the Miami Heat anymore or at least it's closely. I think this is fake smartness. It's I want to be the word the person who knows analytics and says this is a bad calculator move for the team. Get The guy that averages.

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