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And so parenting apocalypse. It's it's not the same way thing we would. Do you know when you when you live long enough. All kinds of strange things happen very right in saying that the Greek heroes where the original super heroes in part because of the whole nature of genes vision but also because of its message of diversity and inclusion. Dennis Taylor has written an audio drama for audible called outland a gateway to an alternate universe is discovered in one of our national parks. We chat about the main character. Richard One of the things that that I like to do in my books and and I don't know maybe it's a trademark or something like that is is actually consider those harder problems. I find that a lot of stories. They tend to just gloss over things. You know the tougher questions and stuff like that but those are the parts of the story that I've always found the most interesting and I've always been a little disappointed when they don't deal with them. Now you delete her is actually Richard and and I guess the interesting about him. He's been really kind of a loner. And now he has to lead so kinda describe him and is he up for this challenge. Well there's the question of course the thing about rich in the book. He was a foster child from the age of Eight. So yeah very much. A loner little bit of an issue with the socialization skills. He tends to be very self reliant and like a lot of people who are self reliant. He has trouble with with delegation and was trusting others and and a lot of his development in the book is about learning to become part of a group. Look for outland at audible DOT COM.

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