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Daily Podcast: MacGruber TV Show, Trevorrow's Star Wars Script, Mindhunter, Green Lantern, and More


Hello everyone and welcome to slash daily for Thursday January sixteenth. Twenty twenty on today's episode. We're GONNA be talking about the latest film and TV news. My Name is Ben Pearson on the senior writer at slash home. I'm dot com and I am joined on today's episode by Slash Home Writers Quite Turn Buoy. Everyone and Chris Evangelista. Hello folks are I guess this is going to be a TV. The heavy episode of the PODCAST. Today let's start off with some unfortunate news. Hd Give us the latest on mind hunter. Yes minehunter I season three has been put on indefinite hold by net flicks and the contracts of the cast members have lapsed with the streaming giant as David fincher has it just focus to producing the second season of love deck and robots and shooting. His upcoming feature film make so there is no news yet from net flicks likes are on whether we will get mine hundreds and three or one we'll get it or Even if it's canceled or not it's kind of in limbo right now but the hope right now is that it won't STAY ON HOLD AND WON'T BE CANCELLED And the cast members have told deadline that they would be willing to return to the series if they are available gullible but for now. It's just been put on hold indefinitely Chris. How devastated are you at this news I am? I'm very upset. Yeah my one of my favorite shows. I think it's like the best show on Netflix And I said this on the other day and we'll recorded the most anticipated list even even though I'm excited for a new movie I'm not really excited for Manque. I would gladly trade manque. And the other thing he does that love and robots or. It's called show for another mind hunter season and I. I'm really bummed out about this. I really hope he just comes back and does another season eventually. I hope they're serious areas about it not being canceled on. Hold but this is A. This is a major bummer. Yeah maybe they can do something like Like they did with sherlock that. The BBC show with Benedict cumberbatch. Maybe where like the you know they sort of come back and get the gang back together as soon as they have enough time to put together a worthwhile wile season kind of thing. I think there were several years between seasons that show so or at the at the very least maybe they could do like a like. They did with deadwood where they like a movie you to wrap things up on Netflix. I'll take anything at this point. Give me something might alter allergies. Feel if they brought mine hundred back but it wasn't under under the hand of David Venture. Like do you think it would still be successful. I mean I I want to say no because because I don't like the idea that like one man is responsible for everything but it really seems like he's like the driving force on that show and the fact that like this is happening sort confirms that but I don't know if they brought back all the usual writers and stop and cast. I'd probably be fine with it but I don't know. Yeah that's a good question Russian because so much of what he does is set the tone for that show and since they've already had two seasons that you would think that maybe the tone is like already well established enough that somebody else could possibly possibly pick up the baton but yeah I think everybody would just be a little bit more comfortable if he was there sort of steering the ship so we'll have to see what the future of mind hunter has just for us but Let's talk about another TV. Show that is experiencing some trouble and this is a show that doesn't even exist yet but one that a lot of people were hoping to see hd what's the dark tower show. Amazon is reportedly not moving forward with a dark tower TV series after being disappointed by the pilot that they were shown own And it's a serious from executive producer Glenmore Missouri. We've heard about this for a while Sam Strike was set to play the protagonist Jesper Paco. Pat Conan was set to play the foil. The men in black but We had really heard much about this other than some casting reports and Some set photos service last summer but it seems that the pilot has been shot and has been a little bit of a disappointment for Amazon And that will probably why not be coming together. So Glenn was Ara who was executive producer on the walking dead was behind the show and it seems like I don't no this means that like the entire concept of a dark tower. TV show is done or if it's just that this particular pilot was something on Amazon wasn't interested in. I wonder if they might try to give it another shot somebody else because this is such a recognizable name brand property Chris. I know you're big Stephen King Fan. Obviously and I think he. We're pretty significantly disappointed with Dr Tower. Movie where you looking forward to a TV show. Do you think that story is that. TV is a better medium for that a story and you think there's potential there I mean. TV is the right medium for that story but everything is like the behind the scenes images. I saw look really cheap looking and I'm one of those rare Stephen King Fan doesn't really love the dark tower that much. I know it has a lot of Love out there from his fans but I I I could never really get into it so I'm not totally disappointed by this but yeah yeah I know there are a bunch of fans ends and I think you're just seemed like maybe this wasn't the maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Maybe this wasn't the configuration of people that we wanted to give the the dark tower. The justice that it deserves especially after that movie which had a lot of really great people involved in front of the camera but End Up being. Yeah Yeah Pretty. Pretty huge disappointment Well I want to say I wonder if Amazon is kind of was kind of throwing a bunch of money at the epic fantasy shows that they wanted to Sort of have to be the next game of thrones and decided that the doctor wasn't worth that time and instead chose to you. Lean into Lord of the rings which is Coming together quite nicely. Yeah that's a good point to and I'll I'm going to add this to our show notes D. Lord of the Rings cast was announced. I think a couple of days ago and it's a lot of Mostly unknown faces. But a couple of people who you might recognize recognized from game of thrones actually and from a couple of other things homeland I remember one of the cast members was a major player in homeland and twenty four and stuff. So I'll link to that if you Get the full. Rundown of who the Lord of the Rings cast members are if I read their names. You probably wouldn't recognize them so it's not GonNa do any good in this. Context cast is quite doc diverse too. which is exciting? Because the books by Jared Cook and have never traditionally been a very diverse except in a way that racially coded very problematically So I I'm hopeful that this Amazon series. It's doing something a little bit different with Lord of the Rings and we'll see a little bit more diversity along the lines very excited about the possibilities bility's for that. I'm also excited about the possibility of a mid gruber. TV show. This is something. I guess it's been in the works or in loose development for a little while but Chris it seems like this thing is actually happening right right. It's it's being developed by peacock which is the streaming service from NBC universal because everyone has their own streaming service now will forte is coming back. Obviously and in the plot gruber has been imprisoned for over a decade for some reason and gets out of prison and he goes on a mission to take down a villain from his past. And that's that's enough for me I will we'll be watching this so hd what's your relationship like with Gruber. This is a movie that did not make very much money at all at the box office when it came out but it's developed developed something of a cult following the year sense. Are you on the mcgruder trainer. What's your deal? I think I've actually talked about this before on the podcast but I haven't seen Gruber Gruber. Okay all right. I don't really have much of a relationship with it so but I might check out the movie before the TV series to see what all the hype is about. Because I know everyone really really loved it. Yeah I think it really for me. My love of Macabre is tie it goes hand in hand with my love of like nineteen eighties action two movies because that's really what is really like sort of poking fun at and a Lotta the references. I I wonder how well it would play for somebody. Who is? He's just sort of like well. I guess that's another question. What's your what's your relationship with? Nineteen eighties actually. is that a genre that tickles your fancy I mean I enjoy them and I enjoy. How over the top? They they occasionally get. I've seen you know some of the core classics like top Gun robocop etc us. Oh I I mean I'm sure I would get the references I haven't seen my gruber so I can't really say I for now but It it seems. Yeah I'd be down to that. Yeah it's not necessarily a movie that That references anything in particular. It's more just like the tone and feel and like a general poking cooking fun at that genre as a whole instead of like a specific thing where it's like a blink and you miss it kind of. Oh Wow that specific thing was from die hard or whatever but anyway yeah. I'm I'm very excited about this. Chris are you. I mean you must be as exhausted as I am at the concept of all of these different streaming services and I was really hoping that. NBC Universal would just be like doc. All right we're doing reruns the office and that's pretty much. It and I could just ignore it but it seems like every single one of these has something one or two big properties that I'm actually actually genuinely interested in and I therefore I cannot ignore it in good conscience. What do you what do you think about this? Yeah it's it's rough because I don't want to have subscribed to all these. He's Goddamn service so I don't know I mean you know I'm privileged in the sense that I in the media so if I really really really want to request a screener and get around it that way but if I weren't I'd be like just so like I I can't I can't afford to subscribe tried to all these services. Yeah it's like a real A good news bad news situation. You've got like I'm excited about this concept of this show existing but I just don't want it to be on something that I'm already paying for dammit. Come on helped me out a little bit but okay well speaking of streaming services. Let's talk a little bit about HBO. Max which is another one. That is GONNA be debuting later this year. There's a green lantern. Show coming from producer Greg Berlanti. We knew about that but During the television critics Association Winter Press tour which is going on right. Now still I think and has been going on for what seems like a week at this point Berlanti and and some of the people who run. Hbo Max and DC Universe streaming services and all that stuff gave a couple updates about what we can expect from this green lantern show. Since I know that's a character that has gotten his own movie movie and has a very successful comics run and all that stuff. I figured some of our listeners might be interested in what they can expect from this green lantern show somebody who is involved involved with HBO. Max said we're in the early stages of talking to Berlanti about it. But he did say that the series so far is going to span several decades and focus on the origin story of the two major green lanterns on earth We don't know exactly which versions of the character. They're talking about yet. But also this show is going to eh venture into the story. In space of green lantern favorite character of sin- Stroh and that is the villain character this play mark. Strong in the twenty eleven movie Greg Orlando of course was one of the writers behind that movie but has since gone on to create the air over on the CW and has his own zone success success with superheroes on the small screen so I think people are a little bit more excited about this version of green lantern than the one that started running. Renton was sort of a famous bomb. So yeah anyway. I don't really know much about green lantern personally are either of you Closet Green Lantern Fans that I don't know about somehow closet green lantern I have I have a pretty just you know general relationship with it so I can't say I'm a huge fan of green lantern. I know the basics and I've watched some of the animated films films from D. C. A.. You as well But I do want to add that there was a A nod to the green lantern sort of world and TV series in the most recent Crisis on infinite earths crossover episodes so I think that Berlanti definitely seating in the green lantern series. Already interesting Chris. I suspect you're you're probably apathetic at best when it comes to green lantern. Yeah I don't really know. Much Japan Green Lantern. So I know he has a lantern. That's about it and he's green. I guess that's another thing I know that's really I don't know. HD isn't even accurate to say that he has a lantern in he just has a ring. What powers is ring like? That's the thing that's the green energy or whatever. Where does he talk show at home? I don't know I signal from the Lehner and that gives them the power. I mean. Probably like like you know one of those chargers that you can put your phone next to charge your phone calls all. Yeah yeah that makes perfect sense. I do what say I want to say. So that The most film the millionaire how Green Lantern is through the Justice League animated series. When they had John Stewart so every time they try to bring grant back? It's always Hal Jordan and I'm like I don't care about this light on Jon Stewart's I I would love to see a like Jon Stewart of here again. Because he was great and That's the familiar. I have with that character in the Jon. Stewart the black green lantern right like African American character who is also a part of the Green Lantern Corps core. I guess just. He's not like a green lantern that is actually a black lantern just to clarify for anybody who might have been confused there. Okay so one more thing. I wanted to mention here is we don't really know and I don't even know enough details to be able to concisely. Explain this to everybody because it sell it so still very much up in the air. But in terms of DC universe subscribers the show is supposed to be on. Hbo Max but there's been a lot of back and forth about like what is going to happen to DC universe which is its own separate standalone streaming service that Warner media has where a lot of DC content is on there and they have their own original shows and all that once Hbo Max Happens. How are those things going to integrate? And the answer is we don't know yet. They're still sort of working out. But you can read some quotes from the people involved in that same story in the Shona. If you WANNA get I was going to get some more clarity on it but I really don't know if you're going to get much more clarity on it than what I just said so anyway. We'll keep you updated when HBO and Warner Media figure out exactly what the game plan is going to be there. I think they have a few more months to figure it out because h Max is not supposed to come online until sometime. This may think so all right continuing on in the TV realm. Hbo gave a the green light to a game. Ame of thrones prequel. Show called House of the Dragon This was last October when this happened and surprisingly passed on a another game of thrones prequel series that it had been in development for a long time that one was developed by Jane Goldman. WHO's one of the kill writers of kick ass and Stardust Naomi Watts within that pilot? There's a hold old. They did like a whole thing where they announced announce all the cast members and it seemed like it was going to be moving forward and they ended up passing on that show and going straight to series with House of the Dragon Dragon. Instead and Casey boies. WHO's the head of programming at? Hbo Soda Explained Why they ended up. Going with this. Other House of the Dragon Show instead instead of picking this the The original one. That was sort of like in the works for a little bit longer. It seemed that show the Jane Goldman one that was canceled was set to take place ace thousands and thousands of years before the events of the game of thrones show that we saw but this new one is only going to take place three hundred years before that and is going to follow all of the members of House Targulian so Boys was basically saying it was a big challenge that Jane Goldman took on. There was a lot of world invention because she set her pilot. Eight thousand years before the current show it required a lot of thinking about what it would look like back then how people talk and relate to each other and what was the mythology underneath. It was a really big swing thing. He went on to essentially say that like the pilot. Just didn't really gel there wasn't anything particularly wrong with it but it was easier for them to go with House of the Dragon Dragon. Because it's based on a George Martin Book He said we had text from. Georgia are Martin and had the tar Gary in history there was a bit more of a roadmap. It was an easier decision Asian to say. All right let's go straight to series so the book that has the Dragon is based on. It's called Fire and blood. It's basically like a history of the targe Aryan family. Emily so if anybody has been sort of Jonesing for some more game of thrones since that show went off the air. That's the latest update their house. The dragon is going to be run by Ryan. CONDAL Randall who is responsible for the show. Colony and frequent game of thrones director and Gals Potch Nick and George Martin himself is going to be one of the CO creators of the show. So the latest is that it's supposed to debut or expected to debut sometime in twenty twenty two so we have a little little bit longer to wait until that show actually comes on the air so one more show I guess. I'm glad that we have this configuration of people on today's episode of the Puck. Because I want to give a quick update. Also on season two watchmen and all three of US talked about watchman for all of season one and rush past. We really love that show as anybody who will listen to those episodes knows There's been a lot of discussion about what's going to happen with a potential second. Season of watchmen and Damon. Lindelof has been very clear about his reluctance to come back for a second season of the show because because he really felt like he put everything he had into the first season but Casey blaze again the head of programming at HBO said it's so much from Lindelof brain obviously I know there was underlying Ip but the reinvention and the world is so much from his brain. That's hard to imagine somebody else doing it not to say it can't be done but right now I'm just giving Damon the time he needs to think about what he wants to do. Creatively next so there was some discussion that maybe I note lindelof himself said that He would be okay if somebody else came on board. And had their own idea for watchmen and sort of like picked up the baton from him and he would step back and somebody else could run the show because it's a popular property in the show did very well for HBO and he sort of I guess was under the assumption that the network would not want to wait around for him forever ever but it seems like Saying we you know he's basically saying I can't imagine anybody else doing it so he's just giving Lindelof enough time. I'm to sit back and see if he is struck by inspiration for a second season so I assume all of us think that this is probably the best approach here or am wrong about that Chris what do you think I guess I. I don't know I am I remain. I mean yeah. It shouldn't happen without when the off so I don't know I I guess I just assumed that because HBO because the showed performed so well in its first season HBO. Hbo Was not going to be willing to to sit back and wait and they were just going to be like all right. We gotta get more of this on the air like sort of like a true detective season to kind of scenario. Oh and I personally think the second season that show is a huge disaster. Some glad they're not going that route but What do you make them all this? I think that the first season had such a great complete league arc that I can't see them continuing that story that being said I did. articulate my dissatisfaction with the way that the series as end up Exploring the legacy of American imperialism in Vietnam and the sort of The lack of fleshing out of like the refugees who would eventually become like lady true and so. I think that if there were to be a second season I I would really be interested in seeing that story be told or that beak San expand upon and I think lindelof if he were to like hand off the rains someone someone else could be a to a showrunner or a producer of color. Who could explore that kind of story in a in a great way I do think that is very much like Lindelof. Spe The but If that were to happen that's how I wish it would go But Yeah I would rather it be like sort of a different story and something that tackles more of the social issues more than dislike The eventual sort of doctrine. Manhattan's plotline that contract over the latter half of this first season. Yeah definitely I'm right there with you and I think I saw somebody on twitter suggests that like maybe they could do dan driver in jail and prison industrial. Oh complex kind of an exploration of that as a possible second season so maybe a combination of those ideas would result in something really interesting so you you know if you need me ideas Dama Lindelof. Obviously we're the people that come to. Okay so let's move on to our final story of the day and this is the only movie related story that we're really GONNA be talking about on today's episode Chris. Colin Travolta's star wars script has leaked online. And what do you think about this thing. Tell us what the big differences dances are between this and what we actually got with star wars the rise skywalker right so the script which is called dual of fates. It's out there. It leaked in the sense that some people have it. But it's not like you can just like go grab it off the Internet not yet. I'm sure it will eventually leak but One person listen you who found it pretty much gave a rundown and a video and then that rundown got summarized on read it and there are a lot of details I'd advise you know the people to read the right of threaten us with the story. wrote to get a lot of them but weirdly enough. It's sounds a better on paper. You know I it's it's easy to say This this would be a better movie. But we really don't know that and nothing against Colin trevorrow. But it doesn't exactly have the best track record. When it comes comes to two movies I know Jurassic rose a huge hit but a lot of people pretty much agree that it's not really that great movie? I hate traffic real fallen fallen kingdom even more. I think that's a really bad movie so I don't want to jump to conclusions. It'd be like This would have been a better film but on paper. It sounds a lot better in terms of it would have continued not just the force awakens story but it also would it continued. The last Jedi story It gives all the characters a lot more. Do you know rose is actually a character in the story unlike the righteous guy worker where she just like hangs out at the base and does nothing the entire movie At best of all at least in my humble opinion is that it keeps Kylo Ren as you know the the big bad of a piece there's no emperor there's a seamer there They find a Hologram of the emperor. But it's like an old recording. It's not like he's still alive and hanging that with his bone fingers attached to stupid ass crane or whatever he was attached to what it was But you know the plot is very much just about array trying to stop kylo Ren and also return back to to the light away from the dark side and I I still think this would have been controversial because a lot of people really wanted that. Kylo Ren Redemption which we did get in rises but it was done very poorly The the tomorrow script doesn't do that at all. Basically there's a big battle at the end and force ghosts of of Luke and Yoda and OBI WAN or all air with ray trying into turn Kylo Ren back light but it doesn't work and he ends up dying and Meanwhile there's all the battles and the resistance winds and You know I it. It's not like a great alternative. There there are still based on you. Know what what what I've read. There are still a lot of problems. It still sounds really really convoluted and really needlessly complicated. And they're still a reliance on macguffin which I really really hate like tires support where they're trying to find some sort of thing to on jammed their their broadcasts. So it's like I don't I don't I don't care so but a lot of this sounds a lot better than what we got it. Sounds you know thematically it continues what was set up at the end of the last Jedi. I it gives the characters a lot more of a more closure You know I don't know so again we will. We will never know if this would have been better. Because the movie's He's never going to be made but at least on paper it sounds a lot more promising than what we actually got which was not good. No offense. No offense to our editor in chief Peterson. Who thinks this is the best movie ever made? I don't know if even he would go that far but I know he does a lot of this moving. We know that a lot of our listeners. Love this movie to. Ht What do you make these differences. Do the sound like something. And again you know th there's no way we can make a value judgment of what the eventual movie would be but Just based on what little information we have about this Does this story intrigue you more than the one that we ultimately got. Yeah for sure. I think it's it's a much more challenging film than what we got with the rise of Skywalker and a film that like Chris said picked up on the themes of both force wiccans and last year I as opposed to ride our big which basically ignored everything that last year I did And I think that This I'm one of those who really really hated hated Jurassic world. I think it's a trash movie and was not excited about trevorrow but this script or the details of the script have a let warned me a little to what he was trying to do with this with this movie and while I do think it's kind of messy. I think it could have been like a cleaned up a little bit to you. Have a really strong story but I especially So I was always skeptical of a Kylo Ren redemption especially after the some of the more heinous crimes kreindler commits at the end of force awakens and I thought that So I was not really against it. I didn't think that it could be pulled off very yeah well and it wasn't pulled off well and I actually quite like the idea of him not achieving redemption at the end I also really enjoyed the more of a presence. Thousands from both rose tico she going on her going on adventure with bb as well as the greater presence from Luke skywalker as a force. Ghost who Basically spends the film like kind of pestering and tormenting and haunting Kylo Ren I think that would have been a really interesting dynamic and would have picked up to on the line that he says in the last Jedi where he says like a few around kid and I think it would have been that would have been such a great movie. Just see Mark Hamill against you know being continuing a great role and See I I was really intrigued. I liked the script a lot. More than what we got with. skywalker felt less fantasy and I think that it paid more respect to raise arc as well As opposed to just kind of making her I don't know L. Hunt even know what she was and Rice Skywalker. She's she's a Palpa Tyne obviously and that was the other. That's the other huge difference in this script. Script is that Tra Varo and his co writer whose name I don't have it from Derek Connolly right. They flat out say multiple times in script. That Ray really is descended from no one and that such a better idea. I don't I I. I'm willing to concede a lot of things to people who like rises skywalker. But I will never be okay with this idea that oh it turns out. She's actually palpitations granddaughter. Like it's so stupid it's it's just really dumb and it should not have happened. Yeah I think I agree. HD with your description era assessment. That this it would've maybe been a more challenging movie I think that is something that just interests me on on a level that is a little bit more than what we ended up getting My understanding is this this version of scripts going around to the summary of it. That's going around. I think they said it was written a little bit before. Just before. Carrie Fisher passed away so some of her involvement with. Obviously it's dated. I think eleven days before Carrie Fisher died so this was basically turned in right before she died which is like no one's fault he's got handed a bad head basically. 'cause Yeah Leah has a major presence in this script and obviously they had to change that yeah and who knows what would have changed you know in in the rest of the story with the reconfiguration that would have had to happen. Because of Carrie Fisher's death too so you know not not. I just don't want people to be to draw it as like a a clear line in the sand of like this thing could have been better and this thing thing is obviously worse because they're so many Extra factors that go into making a movie and this is clearly an early draft of the script like there are several time. Look at J.J. Abrams himself. He's like one of the most famous filmmakers who relies so heavily on finding the movie as he's making it and re shoots and all that stuff to really hone in and perfect perfect things and I think I don't know there's something slightly unfair about Comparing these two this early script and the the final thing not that not that what. I'm saying that we're being unfair. I just think the Internet large. I just don't want people to To Yeah just draw that line so firmly and jump into camps. I think you know it's a little bit more nuance than just one thing. Great and one thing is trash so as with most things on the Internet but I don't know maybe I'm preaching to the choir or maybe I'm shouting into deaf ears here because I don't know if if our society is at a point where we're willing to operate that way and an acknowledged that nuance exists but Anyway what a great note to go out on guys That's GonNa do it for today's episode slash daily. Let's tell people where they can find more online issue with you. You can find me batting every day at slash film Dot Com on Twitter H.. Tree and you can find my podcast blending falcon on itunes Google play and soundcloud. Let's Chris I am also dot com and on twitter at sea of angels for thirteen. I am writing at slash dot com to you can find my stuff at twitter and instagram. I'm at Ben Pairs and can find more about all the stories that we talked about on today's show at slash dot com and linked inside the show notes. This episode slash film daily is published every weekday. Dave bring you the most exciting news from the world of movies and TV as well as deeper dive into the great features that you can find them site. You can subscribe to the show on Itunes Google. PODCASTS overcast spotify. All the popular Taylor podcast APPS. Send your feedback questions comments and concerns to us at Peter at Slash Film Dot Com. And if you do that please remember to leave your name. And General Geographic location in case as we mentioned your e Mail on the air. Also don't forget to rate and review the podcast on itunes. Tell your friends spread the word and we will talk to you tomorrow.

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