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It. Hello marla. Welcome to this week in marvel episode number three hundred eighty three I'm Ryan ak- age, and I'm Jamie, aka agent. Oscar, very nice. Yeah. That's going to be. We're going to kick this episode off because for your consideration. We have wonderful news marvel studios. Black Panther took home three Academy Awards for best costume design goes to Ruthie Carter best production design going to Hannah Beechler Jay heart and best original score going to Ludwig Goodson really really cool stuff there and Spiderman into the spider verse swift up the Academy Award for best animated feature film and that had digital this week. I got my. Gloria there's a spider him like bonus. Yeah. That's the correct reaction. We should all have also also we are one week away from marvel studios. Captain marvel hitting theaters on March eighth get show tickets now and Jamie. We just had news drop right before we came in. Right. That's true. It was just announced that Marvel's runaways. We'll come back for a third season. So come tomorrow dot com to see what the crew has to say about the thirties and coming back find out if it's going to be an all old Lee season. Probably not probably not. But we can dream totally for this episode. We're combining big talk and interview because we've got the dynamic duo of Frank teary, and John Zarrella talk about funny, animal comics, really, I'm gonna be honest with you guys it's mostly me talking about funny, animal comics and having John teary react. But it is hilarious and wonderful. But we are here to specifically talk about Ziggy pig and silly seal the comic that they wrote which will. Out March six it's really good. It is one of my picks for that week as really fun. We're gonna talk about that a little bit later. But now onto things were hyped about this week, comma, including news, oh, man. If you missed the livestream with goose the cat, then you're in luck. Because there's a livestream link on marvel dot com where you can watch it over again and relive it forever. And ever totally the luxury was a delight Samuel Jackson making cameo a very brief cameo was so much fun. I loved it. I mean who doesn't wanna watch Samuel Jackson interact with a cat. Everybody's watching that. And are this week in marvel limited reading club with editor in chief CB. Soboleski is live video and audio for that one to get into your face. That is up on marvel dot com is a very fun discussion. Also, celebrating morals eightieth anniversary as we are all year long all year all year in forever. Really until it's the ninetieth. I guess. I've been here for the seventieth and the seventy fifth here for the eightieth I'm sticking around as long as I can until I kicked me out. You're gonna get here to the two hundred the bicentennial cyborg Panov's. Anyway, for a limited time beginning in March guests at select Disney parks around the world will have the opportunity to encounter, captain marvel. It's beginning March at Disney California adventure park, escorted by team of agents, captain marvel will make her way to hang twelve in the northeast corner of Hollywood land in an armored shield vehicles on March eighth captain marvel touches down at Shanghai Disneyland at the Pepsi, east agent tomorrow and before heading to Disneyland Paris a March twenty third I know we have listeners around the world some even in France, which be cool. Check her out there if tons of our listeners in California, so please check it out and a big shout to our friend, Sean Maguire who has been asking me about this for literally weeks. She's like, you know, carols gonna be in the parks. And now, I can finally share this information with Sean. It was really really great. Okay. No guarantees at the cat will be there. But well, so here's the thing. I do you know this the Disneyland cats I have heard of the Disneyland cats. Yes. The Disneyland cats are a real thing there has that live at both of the parks for the Disneyland resort. And they're they're taking care of. They are there to sort of help keep the place running smoothly. If you understand, and they are great they're door. Yo you can often see them in California adventure park outside of where the grand Californian comes into the park. And there's like a water ride. I see them all the time. When we visit. It's great. That's adorable. It's so funny. I haven't thought about those cats in years and now delighted to be thinking about them again. Because now, I just like to think they're all carols. Carols cats, of course, so good. Also just announced this week is the big epic livestream for marvel studios, captain marvel that is going to be the big epic wonderful star studded premiere from Hollywood on Monday March fourth and you guys can watch it on marvel com- YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It's going to be everywhere on, you know, all the marvel places we're gonna make sure that's front and center for you Lorraine sync will be hosting along with honestly crochet Tamara Krinsky, and we have new host joining us. JD Heyman deputy editor at people. It's going to be a lot of fun usually have some really cool interviews and moments come out of these premieres. I can't watch this one. It's going to be a blast. And you'll get see all of it on marvel dot com. As I already mentioned we released February to see in me complex Boesky talking about our nineteen. Fifties tales are March to our see is again, it's going to be about the nineteen sixties. But. If you have suggestions or request one more time tweet me at Asian and at CBC Boesky use hashtag twin you are see for those nineteen sixties books. More importantly, right now, we're talking about March first through seventh for this week in marvel history part of the show first up is March first nineteen forty one sub mariner comics number one by Bill Everett and Joe Simon comes out which is just too 'cause name Oreo. He's the best does your boy March first nineteen sixty two. So it is a twenty one years later. Incredible hulk number one by Lee and Kirby you've got hulk Rick Jones under boat Ross Betty Ross one of my faves Garg oil all making their first appearances. It's interesting because August of sixty one is when fantastic four comes out. That's first superhero book, it's not until March sixty to believe the next superhero, title, really comes out. Well, that's interesting. And to think they they would go on to become members of the defenders non team defeat. Defenders tied so closely together, so March fifth nineteen sixty three Nick fury, and the howling commandos are. Introducing sergeant fury number one by STAN Lee. And Jack Kirby Freya first appears cold Frick in journey into mystery number ninety two and she has a huge role in war of the rooms this year. So look back and then look forward tales to astonish number forty four gives us the first appearance of Janet van dines wasp that was all March fifth nineteen sixty three I love. There's you'll see a couple times like one week just things happening March fourth nineteen sixty five in the pages of X men number eleven the stranger debuts, and he's cool. He's a cosmic elder, but also quicksilver and scarlet witch quit the brotherhood put this one on here because it's important because of something we'll talk about next week do AT's how TV March second nineteen sixty seven the living tribunal first appears in strange tales number one fifty seven. I love the living tribunal basically judge of reality somehow being both above and below eternity. Who is the embodiment of reality? Here's three faces with a curtain that goes down depending on which phases talking you sometimes sits in a cool chair that is an chair at all. Also in that issue. Cho's strange tells was sort of divided between two different stories. Strange tales. Also debuted baron von struck, Satan claw. And now we're talking which is the name of the gnarly glove of death that he wears oh, imagine if someone had a pair of an Infinity gauntlet with Satan claw too much that's too much March seven hundred sixty eight the grim reaper debuts in vendors number fifty two by ROY Thomas, and John Rousseff. I bring this up because we talk a bit about the grim reaper. And his brother wonder man in a future episode of this week in marvel with Travis McElroy. Yeah, that's a fun. One March second nineteen eighty two. The first part of the legendary Spiderman vs juggernaut story in amazing Spiderman number two twenty nine comes out. Go read it on marvel unlimited. If you've not read it yet. It is one of those like deeply influential Spiderman stories I've heard a lot of critters put it up there with Spiderman lifting the rubble off of himself Spiderman like against all odds, overcoming something that he should have no chance against and just pushing himself. It's just terrific. So classic Spidey. Yeah. Just why we love him. Yeah. March sixth nineteen Eighty-four the big. Head of the summer's war. The realm story Malakoff debuts in Thor number three hundred and forty four during Walter Simonson landmark run we're gonna be seeing a bit of this guy puck. Yeah. March fifth nineteen eighty five silver sable who recently a big part of marvel Spiderman for PlayStation four she premiers in using Spiderman number two hundred and sixty five in March seventh nineteen Eighty-nine west coast vendors number forty six introduced us to the graves of interesting with the Great Lakes. Ventures mister, immortal Flatman big Bertha dinosaur and doorman tell me about these guys please their door or just they're exactly what you think. The Minnesota accents the Great Lakes of injures, depending on who writes them. Yeah. Oh, jeez. Squirrel. Girl was a member of the GLA back in the day. But they're fun. I think in this issue Hawkeye and Mockingbird might actually join the Great Lakes of unders for a little bit. It's it's a lot of fun very little bit. Probably they're real fun team. Probably. Makes a great hot dish March. Second nineteen Ninety-three cables first ongoing series begins with cable number one. And I put this on here specifically because also in the same time period, March fifth two thousand eight another ongoing cable series launch the ladder. One has hope and cable travelling through time you have cable with little baby hope strapped to his chest. And they go through time, and it is such a good series. It's like lone wolf and cub it's a lot of fun March fifth nineteen Ninety-six. I don't know if we talked about this during our sad, sad wolverine talk a few months back, but in wolverine number one hundred he devolved got more feral kinda lost his nose almost and killed cable, son. Genesis it was a whole thing that is a whole everything was will renew as a whole thing. They're trying to give him as advantium back at all messed up. And then. Yeah, if you look at images of ovary and right after that you like what's happening with your face kid. We'll bring you got it back though. Yeah. March first two thousand six we often talk about captain marvel in two thousand twelve but to me the Carol renaissance starts with house of them, and then got big in the proper moral universe with this series, MS moral number one debut in this week by Brian Reid and Roberto dilatory, so it's really influential succeeding carols sort of upward trajectory e very cool. That's the diamond the yellow and black costume. Yeah. Classic MS marvel March seventh two thousand seven is the fallout of civil war the death of captain America and kept American number twenty five and mighty vendors number one with a team led by none other then Carol danvers. Yup. March six twenty thirteen the age of ultra event started which influenced movies, and so much more got no strings. March second two thousand sixteen re-really Williams makes her debut invincible iron men number seven by Brian Michael Benda's, and Mike Diatta and black widow number one by Mark weight and Chris Sam knee started in if you miss that go back right now, you're gonna wanna know that issue. It's real cool March third twenty seventeen Logan hits theaters. Holy for holies. I love that movie. If you've never watched the black and white version of Logan. Ooh, it is incredible. So good. So that's our this weekend marvel history for this week next week will be talking about plenty more more history because they just kept going. They didn't take any weeks off. No our top books from this week's episode of Marvel's policed are daredevil number two invaders number two, given you that double chip dip superior Spiderman number three and west coast vendors number eight, make sure you subscribe, tomorrow's pull wherever you get your podcasts and video versions on marvel dot com. Little teaser, it's me and Ricky. Coming up like a week or two doing the video version of Marvel's police than it is fun. He puts his hand in my water. And I still drink the water. Oh my goodness. That is friendship. It really is. That is true. Friendship are big talk interview. This week is all about Ziggy pig. Silly seal and funny animal comics from marvel with writers frontier, Ian, John really, particularly because they have Ziggy pig. Silly seal comics number one on sale next week, and we wanted to get you guys hyped up and ready for it. I will give you a spoiler for morals. Police for next week. This issue is one of my favorites of the week. Probably is my favorite of our eightieth anniversary sort of like throwback issues. It's our comedy focused issue at his really funny. It is very dark. It is got a parental advisory on it. And it is amazingly drawn by Jacob Chabot. It's just so good. It's a lot of fun and. You know, I get into a lot of silly stuff with Franken. John because they've been friends for twenty odd years back back back in the day. John really was sort of managing the old marvel dot com when it was you know, like. Well was like the big thing. Like, this is like the mid nine mid to late nineties, and Frank was an intern back, then, you know, used to work on dot com with John they became friends. Frank was great writer is a great writer and got more work on that side of things. So they've been really close ever since a humble Jia city site. Jesse's jesse's. Yeah. All good stuff. Check it out right now. Frontier. John's really talking about Ziggy pig and silly seal. How y'all do I'm doing great. And you might wonder why I'm dressed like a refugee from Sesame Street. Okay. Because this okay supposed to be Ziggy silly Qasr play. Okay. So you gonna cover, and that's I mean, you know, because John's big idea was, hey, let's have a stress ciggie and silly foot thing here. Right. Okay. His big idea was your phone a shirt with his on. That was the beginning. This is this is what what what what is wearing the comic. He doesn't we have black. I doesn't wear black shirt. He doesn't have Zee on his shirt his Smurfs hat on. We have none of this. Okay. We have me with a black shirt with Zee on and you this redshirt silly hat on the silly wears red. I was even going to wear. Okay. I even had the idea I says get one of them pigs. Now, I'm gonna came here and made an asset of myself, and we're pigs now I went on the internet yesterday. The crack staff over here could find out. Okay. Striped shirt, right? And this is what I'm dealing with two. Now that that's out of the way for viewers who aren't familiar with the legendary characters who are you picking Salil? Where's their classic comedy team? Like, you know, been caused being Bob Hope and. Blah, blah, blah. You know what I mean hardy? Yes, we're in the Louis, we got it, really. So classic team in like classic teams. We play at that. They had some sort of fooling out there. You know what I mean? So Ziggy kinda hates silly. Because as little as money, he drinks a lot. He's kind of like a bomb and silly is the zillionaire he has rich rich. He has hey, I could have you kill the money. Chose these costumes is more fitting to your personality. What do you think? Anyway. Yes. Silly is wildly wildly rich. He opened fish canneries at some point in his life wanted Ziggy to come in with them. But Ziggy decided that he didn't want to and he's been living a really happy life. But the two of them haven't spoken in forever. Because Ziggy blamed silly for a lot of things. Silly as oblivious. He's just a happy. Go lucky dude that's been very fortunate in his life for things to have gone. Well, he married. Well, his wife is the CEO of silly enterprises. She's run all of his business dealings, and he's like bees owes wealthy. It's pretty good. I wanna get more into the comic and a little bit. But I want to get a little bit of background hardawy. I wanted you guys here for this episode was to obviously talk about your new comic. But get into some of this weirdness of all our old animal comics, Frank you been writing marvel comics for like twenty years now, right? Leno by. No, my age old exactly an old guy appeal to let us see on his chest. Yeah. It's really you've been moral for a long time. But he's older than me about a little bit Zinke pig. Silly seal first appeared in crazy comics number one, which I actually found the specific day came out way twenty first nineteen forty two. Wow. Yeah. They were the actual leaf features in the book, and it was drawn by Al Jaffee, Al Jaffee legendary. Edge magazine comics, but also in that issue, Tuffy Tomcat snappy turtle Chester chipmunk, poopie, the poetical pup. We not use to make the cut I pooping to make the cut. We got Tuffy puppies in their Tuffy. No, snappy, start turtle or whatever else. And we have reached the best ones. Oh, yeah. This sixty four pages law is packed with stuff. Posing animal on every page pretty much post. You the pelican and Lally the elephant Baldy, which I don't know what the is there's no reference anywhere on the internet some ball. Dude might be an eagle who knows again as an eagle another one called little pan. No info on that. But the best one in what I'm very upset that you guys didn't include is ding Ling the little bellboy. Oh, my genuine Golo Bobo. So all of you. I don't go by number one. So we can do number two. Yes. Singling he needs to be back in back in the spotlight. But you guys did this number while how did this project come together? That's actually a great story. I also wanna point out. It's very fascinating. Because if nineteen forty two was when they debuted they were gone by nineteen Forty-six, and those comics that had all those funny animals in it, and we were not marvel at the time we were timely publishing. There was all the rage looney tunes on the screen so timely was publishing these comics featuring all these funny animals, and there was a brief media of just shining. They were selling like crazy. And then all of a sudden they're gun. So says. Where he says like four years. They their last single issue is nineteen forty six their solo tie their own book. But they actually kept appearing toll nineteen forty seven. But yes, specifically, you know, how they came back into being was and it took me a while to figure this out, but it was a decade ago. Dan, Buckley, who's the president of the marvel we were just having a casual conversation as office one day, and he comes over to me. And he's like, you know, we have all these old characters that nobody's doing anything with which really do something with them. And he kind of like flips through this book is like these guys Z pigging silly seal, and it was the covered tizzy pixel CO number six which was issued in nineteen forty six now is their last solo booked together. And it's remarkable if you haven't seen the cover should see it as a beautiful beautiful cover, and I'm like, wow, that's really cool. So I just kinda got to like thinking about it. Frank wasn't in the picture yet. Thank goodness. Yeah. He comes in the fixing. And I'm you made a good. I I had this basic structure what we were just laying out before that something had happened between the two of them. They were this very famous comedy duo, something broke them up and Ziggy was just miserable out of Kenyan say human beings, a pig miserable out of a pig. And silly was just as happy. Go lucky. You know, everything went right for him. No matter what he touched turned to gold. And I went to Franken. I'm like as we're kind of thinking about this. The magic happens you understand when he can't the Feick. Okay. And that's where one of the things that we had both discussed. Okay. We had bought most seen the movie the wrestler. Yes. This is key. This is key. Okay. And that really came into focus of how we want to portray z. Starring the the incredible Mickey Rourke who I still love to this day. And there there's a specifically a scene in there that really lent to this. Which was Mickey. Wherever it is characters. Name was and the rest of I don't remember. But he's at like this really kind of low-grade fan convention, and he's there signing autographs, you know, taking a few dollars to get, you know, the take a polaroid and sign autographs and had this fanny pack on. And I'm just like that Ziggy what we have. We have a version of that. When do we never got the fanny pack, though, we didn't know sent me. There's no fanny pack in comic. There's enough in there though. No, I've read the book that the whole scene like I just looked at a black and white of it, and I can't wait to see the colors because there's so much detail not seen so upsetting. Yeah. Well, it's it's the convention comic book convention. It's called the the alley behind closed down laundromat con. Okay. And that's that's where and it's basically. Cain of losers. Not your clown. We have yet. No, it is a great scene at this point. We have to give credit to Jacob Chabad who really the book, you know, there's a script that goes out to the artists and one of the great things about how this art form happens is the artist will likely put his own thoughts into these scenes that he's drawing and oh my goodness. I mean, he killed it. Every coming back Franken, I were like just texting back and forth to each other. Like, oh, my God that scene. The concierge is fantastic. Visit lot I XE for a lot of crazy things I expert, but even then he had a lot of his own stuff and it matched perfectly Israeli stuff. Like we much mad magazine. It very much has a mad magazine crazy magazine field to it. Especially those scenes and the scenes later dooms castle to go back to Jaffe for one second Al Jaffee is ninety seven years old, Jeffy still works. He still does the fold into man. Magazine the fact that we have some sort of to that sort of art is huge. I was curious about how much of that was from you guys. How much of it was from Jacob just because it's so packed like every inch of every panel. He's throwing jokes little gags. Again. A lot of stuff we added in that. But last stuff he put his feet put in. Well. I'm like, oh, that's great. I mean, there's a lot of that in you know, and you guys have some classic characters in the book alongside Sealy cameos aplenty cameos aplenty along with a thick there's at least one new character for this title. Right. By the end of the book was at a new character that isn't character. Yes. That is a brand new character. There's actually a couple of new characters in there not to spoil anything, but ziggys mom plays a huge role in it. She's and we would be remiss without we have to acknowledge the fact that this is not the first Ziggy pig and silly seal. Project since nineteen forty six. Scotty young wrote an issue of that poll. I think it was number eight that was just out about a month ago any included Ziggy and silly in that where we find out that it might not have exactly bins against silly in this book, but since that existed, and since Scottie that such a great job with that book. We wanted to honor the fact that it existed, so we kinda tied in. You'll see when you read it. We'll tie in directly to what happened in that book. And plus we have. A couple of. Yes, we had a couple of curve balls thrown at us. Like, you know, when we first saw the art that was solicited beautiful piece of art. And I don't remember the artist name did that cover Klein, right Nick line. Did the does deadpool. I think he did the did he do. So, but there's a fantastic shot of Ziggy and silly in a canoe like going down, just a, you know to their their demise. Let's say about going over a waterfall, and they have a map, and they're kind of looking at the map and on the map on the front says like Varia letting we didn't know about that until we saw it solicited. And then we're like, okay. We can't just let that go. So there is into what we? Yeah. Very will be involved. Jacob draws a map of urine I've ever seen a map with areas. So pro like so that was so clear how the geography was I don't remember ever. Actually, like the Indiana Jones. And even that little nap. There's little things that Jacob himself. Put in there that are brilliant. We'll get back to this a little bit. But I wanna run down some of these other books and characters because this is part of what we're doing on this week in marvel celebrating Marvel's eightieth anniversary. And so they were a pretty big deal for time. They as we've been talking about in the forties Heather own book. They showed up a handful of other titles. Some of the other funny animal books at the time where crazy comics, of course, Ziggy pig and silly seal comics, which actually launched seventy five years ago this month on February first nineteen forty four found the actual date comedy comics, super rabbit comics, which launched the same month as is again silly. It was like days later, he's a guy with a little Cape of rabbit and it just inches. Regular texture says super avid like kind of low-budget great. He's great but Ziggy and Scillies show up in his book a ton. They're very much connected. Some of the character. So if you guys do. More. I wanna give you some of the names of other characters we had in the forties and fifties as possible fodder for future stories. So it super Rabah we talked about which would be a lot of fun. We're gonna put thing we'll get to super rabbit Percy penguin super squirt Bill. I was going right? I was driving. I had a stick your head of the window. But what was the penguin Percy penguin? Love that already billion buggy bear. This one's real cool. The gin and Claude penny grabber which were they import fiction sound like they could be it's a dog. And maybe a FOX I think I couldn't really tell. Petty. I saw at least one story that was written by STAN Lee with art by Jim Mooney way back in forty two forty three. Wow. Lester, the lion Montague pigeon more team? Oh, lord. I know pigeon, more t- monk and buck by Boone monk being monkey. I believe WALDO wolf skip. O'hare puffy pig pig pig. There's more there's more pigs. There's more pig fluke and Skilley boo, which I have no idea what it is the one. You were you were asking about Frankie was what was his name. Pook. The poetic. Politico pump this casper cat, crazy crow. Crazy Crowe actually showed up tone with Cillian Ziggy Homer, rabbit Ossie ostrich wacky. Duck sharpie FOX buzzy bear squeaky mouse, tubby pig. So we got another and another vote that the pigs wonder duck, and this one that you like this want to see some coming together. Wellington. Mutt? Was so good. Started Percy penguin itself. Montagu pigeon Montague pigeon. All those three that's gone. Ventures of the. Cosby so good. But so we were talking about the end of Ziggy and Scillies run. I believe it was silly tunes number seven which came out March fifth nineteen forty seven that is I believe the last golden age appearance, Ziggy and Sealy, and that's after over fifty appearances in five years and think about we weren't publishing eighty comics month, we were published a lot, but fifty appearances in those five years as huge it's a lot. Yeah. Especially comics were coming out every other month or quarterly quarterly, whatever it was. So by August, nineteen forty seven funny animal comics were almost all done Nomorza gin, silly super Abbott actually goes into August, a forty eight and then there's really just sporadic releases at that point even titles that had been funny animal books like crazy where they showed up in and another book that's again silly. We're were in called ideal both of those turn into completely different books. Same numbering saying they're just like have humans in them. Most of the line at that point becomes teen titles. Westerns little superheroes and crime. We have one character wonder duck, and we have a bunch. Ducks pigs Yeltsin pigs in butter. Yeah. Wonder duck carries over from the forties into the fifties. At this point his book becomes it's a duck's life, which is terrific title for which features buck duck and super Abbott that lasts until the end of fifty one but buck actually launches his own book in fifty three only lasting four issues and Ziggy and silly. They actually show up in two thousand nine in marvel adventures fantastic for number forty six by Paul Tobin and Perry Perez, which is an interesting when you read it on more limited also in the issue. Tuffy cat super rabbit crazy crow and wonder duck. But only Ziggy silly are named super shows up. You can tell super because shirt says super and Tuffy Tomcat is like a monster. Who turns back into a cartoon by the end. Two thousand nine that came out. But that's that is really a Ron because we could talk about spider ham, and sort of how that came out of the inspiration from Ziggy and silly. But so different these comics are so fun, and John you, and I were talking about some of the covers these comics and how the one today was like a motivating murder. Yeah. It's yeah. So these comments can be really fun. If you can get your hands on them, check them out. But Ziggy pig and silly seal comes out March sixth by John frontier. Jacob shaybah. And it's terrific. You guys by go. Check it out level copies. She monkey spunk aware of his name is it's monkey monkey spunk. The monk whatever you wanna characters. Okay. Percy whatever and flute. I don't wanna see these guys go buy several copies. Yes. If you don't have the money going to pockets when he's not around. This is not the worst thing. For sure Email 'em heroes at marvel dot com. Let us know what you think of the book. It's really terrific. I read this morning. And I it is because you were talking we were talking a little bit about Ziggy and Scillies kind of having came back into being, and it really was sort of tenure process. We had talked to Dan, he Buckley, he had really liked it at the time. And then me being in the new media group over the years, we discuss maybe animation. But for whatever reason now voice, that's right as as rich Herrera video guru here at marvel actually did a test of Ziggy just at a bar wonderful little test I've ever seen that now Ryan has never seen that. How about that? You saw. All right. Josh OT anyway. So here we are in twenty nineteen and the lunar new year is happening. Guess what? You're of the pig. So Ziggy came full circle his his time was right. That's the only thing. I wanted to say I like it. That's good. Hopefully, we'll see more of them very soon. John Frank, thanks for being on this model laid up. Thanks for having us. Big big, thanks to Frank Jon for taking the time. And I hope you guys enjoy that as much as literally everyone in the room enjoyed it. We had people who are watching who had no reason to be there. They just wanted to watch the interview. And it was terrific. Yes. And if you think that they were fun to be around in listen to you will also love reading them because we have a great interview with them on marvel dot com that we did of wild back, and it is just as fun to read. It was so fun to edit such a pleasure. I hope they do more. This is released first comic book severe. It's a big it's a big fun huge deal. We love it. We're gonna get him a sign my copy. All right. Our question of the week is tied to that. If you guys have listened to that interview, you know, I listed off so many wild animal characters. So I wanna know which characters sounds the most fun, which one you wanna see come back. There's so many, you know, you can pick. I wanna go with Tuffy Tomcat just because I love cats. He's a tough. Tom cat makes me happy. Yeah. I mean, I love the cats, but I'm a dog person. I so I'm going with poetic pup. They're poopie good old cookie. He's a bulldog. So you guys let us know which of these animal characters you are most excited to potentially question Mark ever. See again tweet you're using this week in marvel the hashtag Email them to twin podcast dot com or send a message to our Facebook page. Facebook backups, just we moral. Please feel free to include pictures of your very own marvel pets at home love to see them. We have a slack channel here. Moral journal one of marvel pets, anyway, really good stuff. Now, it is time for our community section where you guys have sent in your tweets, and your emails are first up is Email from our friend Jason in Hawaii. Yeah. He says dear Ryan and Jamie Aloha from Hawaii this past weekend. February twenty-second through the twenty four th was the amazing Comecon. Aloha. It was awesome. They had the following guests, Neil Adams, Chad hard. Marv Wolfman LaRussa page who's ecause player. David Nakayama, one of Marvel's cover artists specifically on the wasp that Jason points, but he's done so much and the also works on our some of our games and other stuff. He's great David is wonderful, and Jason says to his understanding the first time ever the entire Infinity gauntlet creative team was at one convention. Jim Starling, Joe Rubinstein, Ron Lim and. And kicking off his farewell tour. The legendary George Perez has all of them are so nice. And it was great meeting them all and this is one convention. Jason will never forget. He shared some photos. I don't know if it shared them to our full to me so from blowing up your spot. Jason those were the greatest photos. I was so excited for you to George Perez. So neat. Awesome and Twitter. Let's go to Twitter. Stephen Oris says agent. Am always wondered what the deal was with cover dates now relegated to the credits page subtexts thing, and why they bear no relation to the actual publication day bug me for years. Can you explain what they're about? Yes. Stephen semi this question awhile ago apologies for not answering it sooner an answer the best. I can. So when he says the credits page subtext thing that's the in DC, that's sort of the legal lines. That's information about publications stuff. Like that part of that goes I believed to library is tied with library of congress. What publication date sort of? That cover date is always roughly two to three months ahead of time. I don't know exactly why. But that's the same way it is for magazines for a lot of the like monthly or long-term publications. It's different from the onset date. It's always going to be different. They on Sunday, which even going back to specially the old old comics, we look at the library of congress dates because that's the only one that we have that's reliable, especially back. You look at the sixties. For instance, there wasn't like, hey, comics come out on Wednesday. Like we have now they were just released kind of whenever we willy nilly. Yeah. They could be it's really depending on the printer and the delivery system and all kinds of stuff stands would get them. When they got them. You couldn't go to your new stand knowing necessarily. Hey, I'm going to get on this Wednesday. It's kind of the best. I can do to answer it. I don't know why that happens. I'm sure if we had a historian historian. They could pinpoint that, but is always going to have a different covered eight from what the on sale Tate is. That's just the way it is looking for a couple months difference. Chris Burs with says, look it with my six year old daughter drew for this week in marble, and it is the greatest picture ever. I audibly went. I saw on Twitter it made me so happy. Chris. Thank you so much. Thank you to your daughter. Yeah. Seriously. It is wonderful. I love seeing art from listeners are fans and their family, and it's it's always awesome dec- kid art and really good kid art because I think it's always really fun to spider webs, as there are two of them in this very cool picture, which you can see on the marvel dot com post for this episode. Yeah. I- spider-man's not easy to draw and there's a lot of detail. And it's all there unless we questioned the week was super fun. We got a lot of great responses from you guys, we asked you what what was your favorite marvel toy roughly, wh what is your favorite more alive? You came back with pictures and everything Gygi crews says great question the week. It happens to be my marvel origin story. I was very close to my grandmother when she was alive in the Christmas of nineteen ninety. She introduced me to Spiderman with these two toys the rest is history. Good those is the best. Those are some toy biz Spidey toys right there, really really clicked. Lex Pendragon says the best toys. Other Spiderman Legos because my daughter's made me in them in his years pictures. I'm gonna throw up because it so adorable. All this. He's going to lovingly vomit. Oh, yeah. That's all. I know. How to do is lovingly vomit. Amanda age Francis. Says I know him a bit late. But this is my favorite marvel toy quote, unquote. I never had any growing up. But I am so happy to buy some with my grownup money now. Hey, that's totally fine. That's what I do. She says, I got this Kamala. Khan for my birthday last year. That's the could've be shows. You MS marvel it looks like from the quick glance. I took at triple Ps phone. She's notting. I did a guys. Good job. Yeah. Carris Pollard says so it's new comic book day today, or it was at least for her four for me this week and high quality week too. And she says her picks are kept in America. Number eight, west coast vendors, number eight avengers, no road, home number three and invaders number two. I read of under no road home number five or six this morning on the train. I no one's ready for it. Well. Oh, no one's ready. Leaving their last one by Carris. She says finally this week in marvel of the week goes to west coast vendors, the story is fun. And I love the characters. But was this be mean to clinch week? It is every week kinda is plus it has the best pets which is super true. And has a new artist who just happens to be the guy who made me fall in love with dark hawk? And that artists were beginning limb, just the most gorgeous art in this issue. I couldn't agree more Carris while while while Al wonderful way to end this episode by the time, we do our by the time you guys here. Our next episode. I assume everyone will have seen marvel studios captain mile because everyone who listens is going to be going Thursday night. Right. All right. Aren't ya? I will have seen it at least twice by that point. Anyway, gotta go. I'm ryan. I'm Jamie says Moore your universe.

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