Three-Time NBA Champion Bruce Bowen


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You weren't supposed to Miss Inada Antonio baby do buffet. Everything about San Antonio's if you come in for game you don't know what I'm talking about. You make a couple of wrong tyres. Zeke is clear real fast. And that's where you understand that you need to follow directions or or listen to the right people like people listening to the right time you see what I did there. He played Well all right. I like how you did. You enjoy the All Star game. I`Ma tell you I enjoy the fourth quarter of the All Star game and and I'm only say this Bomani from the standpoint. I know we have all these individuals talk about. You know all the difference scenarios as far as the way the game has changed what I saw that gain continues to allow me to understand that it is truly about having a big man that can do some on that block. Because if you do you change the scenario of the game we saw Joel embiid late in that game. I mean who going guard him. A. D. couldn't guarding the BRAS. Schorr couldn't guard him because of the size but at the same time use around that guy with a couple of three point shooters you have the making of what the NBA has always been. And I'm not talking about Golden State. Everybody this is a Copycat League. Everybody wants to try to copy what someone else does. But you can't copy. What Golden State does they got two of the best shooters in the game so take that away and look at how the game is transferred from the standpoint of having that big to slow the game down but also to change up the scenario what goes on late in Games. Always so interesting for me to hear you say that because it's something I've been saying. All the time as people went toward the revolution two or three point. Shuna stand the math on it but the warriors have two of the greatest shooters of wall. Time I've been like if you're going to get two guys that can do all the other basketball stuff that you need plus you forty-three percent from three then you can make this work but no one one team has ever done that. No and even if you look at the Miami Heat they still had Chris. Bosh who could go down low. They have Lebron who you know. He's just he's a free nature and the fact that he's been able to do the things that he does is truly special. But prior to that Bomani I give credit to what golden state has been able to. They've never had a big man. They've never had a big man has been a dominant force there. It's always been about perimeter in that organization. You go as far back as Christmas. Mitch Richmond. Tim Hardaway senior. You know it was always about the perimeter. They just continue that model along where next thing you know. They happened to get one of the greatest players in the game. As far as Kevin Durant is concerned and now it makes them so much different but now look at things people are talking about. Well you know. I'm I'm watching. I watch and Dan Tony. Talk Hand Stephen as talk about what transpired in Phoenix. When we would go play Phoenix Bomani? We knew that they couldn't guard us. And we could guard them so in essence because they don't pay any attention to the defensive scheme of things which kind of looks familiar now with Dantonio again and Houston. We knew that we were going to be able to score but it was about getting stops. You shoot all threes. You want because percentages in heated moments. Go down from three as compared to on the block and mid range area. Yeah you know that is interesting to me about Phoenix into because I always thought the reason that Phoenix can make it work and this is what I wonder about what the Rockets Phoenix can. Make your work as well as they did to me. I WanNa know what you think about this because they s Shaw Marion Right. Like you had adequate guard point guards. 'cause Nash couldn't and a guy that could guard to four. Maybe five right like that was that. Was There Hill there war? We don't stop it could okay. Okay okay I'm sorry to interrupt you. Continue Want Beaumont but I don't know how this rockets incarnations go and do that. I've been surprised offensively. Because they've brought like Russell. Westbrook is back apparently from CNN. But I I don't know how this would as teams get a chance to adjust to what they're doing how they're going to be able to guard. People you know during the regular season is different for special players Obviously Russell. Westbrook is a special player along with James Hard but when when we get into the postseason teams play a team for for more than three games when they all they have to do is focus on you see when when they went with this small ball deal. I mean man you talk about doing everything but the kitchen sink into something. That's what they're doing right now. And the Gimmick works in the regular season regular season games for once. I got to see Wallace in a game and we won and we did it again. Next game we still one but they started to figure it out after two games. Put Bruce in in a situation where you'RE GONNA have to guard received on the block and I couldn't do that. I mean I'm too small. Same thing was at Randolph. But gimmicks work in the regular season. Because you don't have team that's necessarily focused on this game for a week. You have team focused on that game for that evening. An preparing for another game coming up the next couple of days. So that Gimmick a plan small ball it looks good right now but Bomani I and if I'm wrong I will tell you in a few months when we're on air again that hey I need to apologize because this working small ball doesn't work quite like that. You need a big out there to to to do things and so the other opponent down and the warriors is worth noting really only go small ten or twelve minutes a game right because they always have bogus. They always had Z. Had somebody wisdom size about it there you go and Matt Sustain Curl understand that you know Steve was able to do it without a big a dominant big but you still had Luc Longley. You had car right now and that you have a bison daily down there so when you have somebody that can do something down low when you force a double team now. You get those opportunities to attack wants. The ball moves from one side to the other. I hear these guys trying to do it from the wing standpoint and for outside only know you gotta be really special and then what happens when say Russell Westbrook when the team says okay. We're GONNA LIVE WITH. Russ taking all the shots we're GONNA live with. Russ doing what he does. And we're gonNA limit everybody else. We're GONNA deny James Harden the ball. Now let's just put it on us now. That sounds fine. And Dandy to Russ but after a while those guys standing on a perimeter waiting for the ball from time to time and they don't get it they start to lose their rhythm. They don't have a rhythm so when they do finally get shot even more pressure on them. Whereas if you have cappella and you go through him a little bit. I'm not saying that you just come down and dump it all the time but give the dog a bone every now and then and see what happens when a team has to rotate. Because what he's doing to me. The moral of the story is eighty two and seven not the same thing right and what you can do for. Eighty two is cool and this is to me a little bit shortcoming of the analytics revolution is that works in the large sample for eighty. Two with all the numbers tell you is one thing but when it comes down to seven most of that stuff goes out window it it added. That is so true because wants to come down to that symbol. You don't have you know two weeks two. Oh it's okay. We'll figure it out. No there is no figuring it out. Then it's about figuring it out right then and there because you don't have tomorrow to necessarily depend on. This is an interesting year. Now that we're like coming to the other side of it like I look at the east. Milwaukee fascinates me. Because they've they're gonNA Probably Win Seventy Games. They're wild impressive. Do they have anybody who can get his own shot and in? Janas Kim get shots. But he's still not as much as we say he's a better three point shooters like a couple years ago. We said that about Tamara. Rosie you look up. And he's still shooting thirty one percent right you don't want to take him out of his element and I see him with those two airballs in the game. I mean to shoot an air ball. Three that happens. You know I mean you know you just get. But he's a high value shooter. He shouldn't be shoe near ball threes. It just goes to show for me is that he's still not confident in that shot. No matter how much you work on it you have to be able to transfer it to what you do. I I know we're not talking about this individual right now. But look at Simmons Ben Simmons in the fact that Brett Brown came out early in the year and he said I want him to take more shots. If you are not confident in some Bomani you are not going to do it now. Let's take it into account where when it gets hot in the battle is is getting going and you need a shot. You need some from that individual. What teams are going to do? They're going to pack the paint against the Milwaukee Bucks and what happens is now kind of similar to what happened. Last year. They got stagnant. They didn't know what to do. It was no longer ball movement. Look this attack and the gap is hard to move the Baugh win the opponents saying hey go ahead shoot it go ahead shoot the jump shot. We'll live with that as compare to you getting into the pain and I know they got Kyle Korver. Now we're talking about cal. Korver being a little long in the tooth now whereas as soon as he ball would like get on him now. He's not knocking down those shots quite like that with further lets me know. About how important is that? We have still the specialist and the game. You can't have not full of a of of Macho guys or or Alpha males on the same floor. Everybody wants the ball. GotTa have guys that are willing to do their job. to a T. In order to fit the team which in which will allow the dominant player lack of to have open gaps to penetrate and do things in a game and none of these other casting and get down shot like that. The thing that gets me is Janas has a uses like thirty six percent of possessions or something like that. He's taking all those shots. They seems like he's almost in an older bras. Asian where I gotTa make all the shots and I gotTa make all the passes and he wants to make most of rebounds there you go and I think is a lot of responsibility to put on one player. Now I know you we have. Chris Middleton Chris Milas a very good ball player as well. I like Chris gain but I need. I need consistency from others. Maybe that means you know 'cause I'm not a big fan of a guy. Take Him Twenty Six again. Bomani because I think in those twenty shots. There were three or four bad shots. You remember the year where Lebron and Dwayne Wade had the best statistical Shooting percentage in their careers and And I think it was more or less because they took away the bad shots for better shots so now. They're not just jacking up a shot and now they're moving the ball. They're doing things and allowing everybody to have the flow. But if you remember Bomani even on those teams Lebron and Dwayne we're on. They had specialists out there. Shame Betty who can knock down threes. You had Mike Miller who can knock down threes. You had another player. Who could possibly do his own thing in Chris? Boss so we go into this I I love. I love the twins the Lopez twin. You know I love them though because they're from Fresno so but with that being said I don't want them always out on a perimeter shooting at three that you know what gets seven foot down on a block. That's what I want to see both and win. Oh when Robbins on that block. He looks good. He's hard to defend. Because he has a slow fullness in his game but he always seems to get where he wants to get. And it's a plus now what they're saying right now is that well. He's calling up the lane for for Y- honest you know what? Sometimes let's let that get caught and put Yonathan the dunker spot and let him go to work. Sometimes so that you can change it up a little bit. As compared to just shooting three point shot and quietly brick Lopez not making those threes. This year. Like he did last year. Yeah you and and see they twins and I call it. I said Robin I meant broke. The you know the I look at this is such a different game and and I don't have any fault with is just different where there was a time. Where if you miss threes in a row you knew that shot was going dictate whether you were on the floor. Next to the coaches see now. It's like hey keep shooting bounaphol no. Let's get to the point of being more efficient or get somewhere on the floor where you can be efficient. Because ultimately that's what the game is about you look at what Toronto deer with Golden State. You'll see Klay Thompson shooting a ton of threes. He was being run off the lie getting to the mid range area. Same thing with Steph Win. The game becomes more about possessions. The defense is GonNa take away the other street to the best of their ability. And now you're going to have to do what shoot mid range. I will be back in a minute with Bruce. Bowen but first hiring is challenging. 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Ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire see. Why ziprecruiter's effective for businesses of all sizes try Ziprecruiter for free at our web address ziprecruiter dot com slash Bomani. That's ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM slash B. O. M. A. N. Now let me ask you this about each so you feel good about coming out of there. I do feel good about Milwaukee but also feel good about Philly if they ever get them set and maybe it's my love and affinity for Brown that I feel this way because you look at that team. They have the pieces. Bomani is just. I wish that they had the leadership on the floor to go along with those pieces. I still look kid at at at Joylin bead and what he can do. Bomani a glimpse of it in all star game when it got when they got tight down low. You got buckets or foul with him so my obviously I'm thinking like come on. You can do that during the regular season two but it it just I just wish they have more of leadership on the floor because the coach can do it all and then I. I like Toronto. Still because people are still talking about everybody else and talking about the departure of work wise but you look at that group. They are still playing at a high level and they're doing against quality teams. It's not like they're just you know us. We we drop this drive. That one got Kyle lowry that has been big in this facilitation getting others involved. So now you have that up and down style of play with them and with crm. He's able to get to the COP and again he's still. He's not selling for jump shots but he's getting to places where he can be more of a threat for his ball club whether he murther scorn in a lane or get into the free throw line or taking those wide open shots. Yeah and Philly. Simmons is so big dogs were Pablo. Who just like ignores the Simmons faults in you know. I got to like fight against the fight that I'm always having on that because because I think the things that he's exceptional at he's exceptional ad but he doesn't try to do any of the other stuff it's like. He only seems to want to do two things that he's really good at and so would shooting to me is not even. You don't shoot threes is that you don't shoot from outside of ten feet and I can't. I've never seen a player like him. Who's just like not shooting? I'm good well. It's not that Beaumont is because his skill set is what it is and whenever we get pressed in certain things we're creatures have habits and his habit is being real good attacking that Ram and finishing with either hand. I don't I I I used to hate it. I hate it when people would say oh so and so needs to add a three point game to his game and he'll be better you know. Maybe he's not a three point shooter. Democracy rose not a three point shooter. I like the fact that he didn't necessarily start seven for those threes and still did what he did. This is what makes them special. They're special because they're able to do something that looks relatively. Maybe normal that others should be able to do but they do it at a higher level so if you are good at something. Don't don't take away from that by trying to become something else. That's what happens so much with today's youth in the game is that you might be very good at doing something. But they don't spend time on it year after year or I should say summer after summer. You look at my baby. When he first came into the game he was a very good mid range shooter and he got to that mid range game when he was with sacramental early on then. He started progressing to getting out to that three point line. That's how it works Chris Paul same thing. Chris doesn't take a ton of threes. Because that wasn't his game he knew where to get and where to be successful. You have to stick with what you do. You cannot fall in love with what somebody analysts are saying. As far as what a player needs to do especially when his former players saying that when they had an ambitious as well because I remember spree and see where see especially that boy luddite right hand. He loves his right hand so much. He drove his car in the circle so he didn't necessarily stop going left. He stuff what he was good at. Yeah but you gotta be good a shooting something. That's my thing. You gotTa be good at again. I don't need him to be a three point shooter. But you have to be willing to take a jumper because as you talk we talk about. We honest they going back off that dude and they're gonNA be playing four on five on everybody else so you say that and it's about the development of individual you have to continue to steal that confidence which I believe. Brett Brown does with Ben Simmons. Now it's up to been been has to get to the point where he's comfortable now where he's put in a mini hours at that. You're one Tony Parker. I came into Lebeau Mani. What did they do when he ran a pick and roll? They went under and and a lot of times. They still wasn't quick enough with him. Getting over that screen but what you saw. Eventually by his second and third year he started knocking down that shot but he worked so hard at taking that Shopper Amani and sometimes when these guys get into the gym and you know I remember the video that came out this summer. We've been shooting jump shots and you look at the defense. The defense in looked like they were playing to did things. You GotTa do it against me. That's one of the great things that Stan Van Gundy told me. When I was in Miami he was an assistant. There he was A. Hey it's gotta be gained speed man standing gundy with sweat passing meet Iraq and my thoughts were these if that man is sweating Mike that and he's just passing me the ball. I better do my part as well. So it's about working out game pace as well because so many times guys go through the motions Bomani. I'm constantly reminding guys how important is gain speed gains me because when you're coasting out there and then a game skis up next thing you know you go back to your old stuff and you don't even want to try the new stuff and I worry about with Philly and I'm curious your thoughts about this because you know bread. And he's been there for a while. Now I feel like them taking three or four years where nobody cared about winning like their markets still kinda. They're like the questions that people have with embiid about his conditioning and some questions about entitlement and stuff. That's what happens when you spend three years. Not Caring about winning you. That's a very very good point. You bring up there but monitor but I'll tell you this even though they didn't necessarily as you say care about winning they were still getting after they were still building that culture and once they got the pieces there. Now it's up to them and and and what happens in this in this in this day and age right now you know. There's not a lot of guys that that understand what it takes you know and I believe that's why they brought him. Horford you know. Give some veteran leadership there. But I haven't been to the finals so you you try to bring in guys. You had J. J. Redick there last year and jj they're group never accomplish the goal of representing the West in the Western Conference Coming out of the Western Conference for the finals. So you know it's still about building that building that culture and I think you know to phillies credit. They done a tremendous job building a great culture there. Now it's the onus is on the players now I know coaches get fire when players don't produce and I remember. I believe it was del Harris. That was in la or Before the whoever it was before feel jazz. Okay but I felt like you know. Y'All quit on him but now feel comes in. Everybody WanNa play now see. That's the other part you know and I'll say it right now but Mani those players and win championships after not making the playoffs that have been there for a few years. They need half a salary cut because they actions do cover. Buddy Buddy Bruce Man. That's the only way you motivate them. Now how many guys say you know I? It sounds odd game. This this is my thing you know. Blood sweat and tears man please. You didn't even die on the floor for a loose ball but you mean blood sweat and tears come on man we gotta get that hunger with these guys today. It is bad but east. I'm getting warm to Boston. I'm really getting warmed Boston. And what and what for me with Boston is that I don't know if you can do it with that. That style of play that they have without the big. You gotta I know in this. Cancer is doing a fantastic job there but I I need to see less jump shots and better shots. Let's let's take away seven of the Baz shots from the young core. Get better shots. You know what I mean. So that means okay. Just pay them when you don't want your jacket that three. I want you to continuously stay on on on the attack and see and this is where you know. This is where coaching especially. Today is a lot like parenting. You know as a parent. You don't WanNa be your child's friend that ain't show job. Your job is to raise that child to the best of your ability so they can succeed in life even after. You're gone long on so I need more more fervor on them. I need more disciplined on now. I need you getting on them and letting them understand that. Hey man look here. I'm the coach. You do your job and we will succeed. I just don't feel like that. You know Stevens is that way enough. Because what's transpired in the past there so this is my thought on them. I worry about a team whose best players six one right like if your best player if your best offensive option is six one. I worry about that but if your best option is six eight now. We're talking about something. Different and tatum gets himself to a place where he's a guy that you can really lean on late. So we got. We Got Brown. I look at Gordon Hayward really as a high end complementary piece rather than being a guy that you can truly lean on no you can't lean on him and s okay but you you go back to that. Six one piece. I don't know of any you know that that's where it gets a little tricky. Because what happens in the playoffs. They start to pick and roll with the one and for a one in five. And you're not getting around that next thing you know it say switch and I love his game but at the same time on the defensive side. You don't ever see any dog and hand like like Chris. Paul Chris Paul switch onto somebody. They still know that I all. Hey I've gotta be careful around him because he's GonNa Fight. That's that's just who he is. And when you have those scenarios now. I Know Marcus Smart People. Say Oh well you just put Marcus smart on him. Well no it. Don't always work that way because Steve. Nash ran into this problem as well whenever the game gets tired. They will seek you out just as you've seen in the playoffs with Steph curry everything whenever guard. Let's go get him. Let's go create the switch there so from that standpoint. I I don't know if you can do it with with that style With that small of a guard. And what transpires there do? Marcus smart fascinates me because the one thing I feel like he's good at his stuff. You know what I mean like like like like I like I hate that. I mean we are like Oughta flopping but you know gotta eat right right gotTa do what you gotTa do? But he makes me makes every team. He's on better whenever he's out there. You are better in his just because he goes hard right strictly because he goes hard but you know what he plays with a plays with it and and you need it on the floor because you see what happens. I you mean to tell me. He's the only guy that can play it. I don't think so but he just goes to show you that. He's a role player. He's a role player that enjoys his role. Whatever it might be that night it might be shooting threes at night And I still think sometimes you can say hey. Hey Martha's not a good one. That's not a good one. You know when you got when you when you have at the time Kyrie Irving on the floor and you choose to take the last second shot. That's where I'm talking about the the line of order guys you know we always say Kyi. Ip or no. You're personnel. Is You gotta understand what's going on and whose hands the ball needs to be in. I just think there's still not enough discipline with that Boston. Team right now. In order for them to continue to advance and once they get to understand the value and the importance of having that discipline Bomani. I think then you can talk about them but they just don't have it for me right now as far as the discipline is concerned more with Bruce Bowen. In a minute but first tired of that too thirty feeling. You're not alone. In fact research shows that more than seventy percent of US hit the wall after lunch. Let a five hour energy shot. Help you leap over that wall? Instead of crashing into anyone who travels frequently knows how tire and it can be whether you're on business are on vacation five hour energy shock and help you stay alert. Energize wherever you may be headed five hour energy helps you get through your crazy on the go. Life was zero sugar four calories convenient portable size. It's the perfect. Pick me up for busy Now comes in two extra strength tropical taste. Strawberry Banana and tropical birth rate. They are delicious and can take you to a tropical on the go experienced. Try them both then go online to shop. The number five hour energy dot com and use the CO Bomani to receive a one time offer of ten percents off your order that shop five hour energy dot COM. Use The code. Bomani go to shop five hour energy dot com and use the code Bomani to receive a one time off route ten percent five hour energy energy on the go. I feel like every team that we think who went to championship has one of those flaws that we normally don't think that a champion is going to have right like the Lakers don't have I don't know if death is the right way to put it but there's there's a couple of things still left they don't have. I don't feel like the clippers. Have the play that you need to have their and then Denver is always feel like. I'm being unfair to them because I don't have an answer for which is why they not gonNa win it but they not now just to go. You talked about the Lakers and the clippers and then Denver I. I'll go with you on this. But what the Lakers have. They have a big. That can finish down low and a big that you can dump the ball in late in the game. You know you saw that against quite a few of their games here late in the game they can dump the ball into the get some solid. Get a great shot get wide on the shot or get to the free throw line those other different intangibles that. I'm talking about that. Creates when you have a big man you gotTa Lebron James. You take the Lebron James I and I know the broncos play with Kyri. He's played with Kevin Love but Kevin. Love is nothing like a d so career was nothing like a d as far as what he could do. See Lebron still able to facilitate and then get to ad whereas it didn't work as well as far as Lebron coming down facilitating in giving the Kyri. Even though you have those moments where he could swing it to him and get something really good. You don't want the Bron James on the wing just waiting for someone else to do. Things is because he creates so much. That's why he's facilitating you. Talk about the clippers. My biggest issue with the clippers right now though is that who the role guys that will play with the stars. See we talk about Williams. What look what he's able to do. He's a scorn about mantras. What he's doing he's scoring the only one right now. Is Patrick Beverley that you can say okay. I need you to focus on this guy and let's take that person out defensively but other than that. I mean you got Paul George who can score you. Got Quiet I can score and then when you talk about bringing Lou Williams in or mantras how will they say okay? I'M GONNA take less shots so that he could shine or if that guy trying. How's that other guy's GonNa stay in rhythm to be able to steal attack and do things if he's not getting the ball so much and I don't feel like they have enough guys get shots for other people because Leonard is handling the ball more than he ever has got more assistant ever but is in large part? Because I don't know who else on that team is supposed to do it like I think we overrate Lou Williams just because we kinda like them like we like the idea of him. Bends Guide Vinnie. Johnson over. He's you know that year that I did. Color commentary with them. I saw Liu and I remember who as a player in what he did. He's definitely evolved as the score to becoming a better playmaker. But now what we talk about Lou Williams that he's older now. So now he's not that young Lou that was coming off able to give you instant offense right then and there now might take a few possessions before he gets going so I I think he's I. Just you know what I haven't seen anything as far as fluidity within their offense. I haven't seen them come down past ball from one side of the floor to the other other than after a time out. You know it's now okay. He'd Go Paul. Okay here you go here you go you go Paul. You know. There's a guy here you go is just sometimes when you have that type of of I think offense the power you really have to get even more creative in your schemes in the process of getting easy baskets whereas you don't want coli facilitating so much now. You want him at the Max. I want quiet to take more than three dribbles before he goes into a shot. See when you take that away now. Standing looking goes away now. You don't have that. Now you've got guys moving because you don't know where the shot is gonNA come from it's Kinda like Sacramento back in the day when they ran their so you had to play it to a T. In order to try to limit what they do because they had so many counters within their offense their two best players always right like Paul George. It's a different injury from time to time and Kawhi Leonard. I just feel like this isn't discussed enough right. I watched him at the end of the postseason last year of those games in the finals and watching them over and his knee is always a problem. And so I wonder if they go deeper into the postseason like durability of your top two guys Madison. Laugh all the time when people are like well. I don't know can you trust? Abc's body Lebron's body. I'm like dude. You're talking about. Trust the client. Paul George. Yeah and you look at ad. Where I think it's because of have more for system for him and now he's not as required as he was say like in New Orleans to do so much bringing the ball up creative soffer someone else. Oh by the way. Go Post up here just past the cell phone the block and see what happens. I think now it is more of a conscious effort taking care of his body number one. I think it was a huge scare for Lebron James last year with all that time. He missed injury because that had never happened before. You also got the naysayers talking about. Well he is getting older. He is getting older so. I think you have more of a team. A group there that is understanding about taking care of their body. I think Colwell poke has developed. He's continuously developing into a better fit guy on the floor. That's not just looking for the ball to do his thing. And when you have an avery Bradley able to knock down shots now and also not losing. What Got Avery? Bradley two where he was when he was in Boston. And now is that too nasty on defense? If you have that those are all good things especially with the length and range of what the Lakers have it. No no one. No one ever thought savell McGee would be such a great asset for this ball club. They just put him in the right spot and you look at front line with him in a D. Lebron. Come Oh man. That's length right there so I talked about those others. Those other pieces learning the gang getting caught up on the game. I I've said this before but I think the worst thing that could have happened for the National Basketball Players Association. The Players Association was that they took away the month of training camp. Because now you have teams after the All star break. They're gonNA play better because they've had time to do things you know. I think sometimes you just need to put the body in in a in a physical Tough situation when it comes to two days so that you prepare for. This eighty two game season but not only prepare for eighty two game season. You also preparing your mind. See now they can't do two days if you do one practice. Then you've gotta follow the film session and I think that hurts the game because of the developed now you got kids coming into the game that don't understand the game and you can't necessarily teach them the game like you would like to because you have games going on now at broad Denver a second ago. I Love Yogurt his game and like he's he. He is a monster. I feel like whenever I go up and down their roster. I can name enough dudes where I feel like. This is a team that could slash should compete for a championship. And then I think at the end I'm like but nope they're gonNA lose in the second round. Well I think part of it is because of the U. At the at the guard position. I mean you look at what. Murray's able to do now talking about their guards. Their guards are they. They are good when they are on. They are good when they're on. But now well Mani you understand this because you follow the game for quite some time. Sometimes it's not about that guy doing his thing. All the time sometimes is best for that guy to now play off of what they can with Yokich see. His yoke is I think you and I have discussed this. Has Its bad game style. So he could have played in the seventies eighties nineties. I mean just he he understands it and if those guys would just I think would truly understand what they haven't him they would understand. They don't have work so hard to get shots. Because what you have is this is stems from a lot of. Au stuff as far as players. Breaking guys down one on one as compared to let your kids getting there. Because he's a willing passer now. The difference is he kicks it out to wide open guy. Who's either going down to three or attack is coming off. A pass is coming off a defense now adjusting and closing out. I guarantee you. There's so much better against a team closing out than they are when they're trying to break somebody down one on one that comes with age as guys start to get more mature in this game. They start to realize that they don't have to do all that to show their worth more than anything else. All they need to do is just play the game. Now where are you on Utah Where are you on Utah Vertebras? Well right now I I. I liked that they Oh Goodness San Antonio Kids Cleveland Carson. I think he gives them a different dynamic. He gives More dependability from the guard. Position and I I doubt of the Mitchell hasn't had that kind of year right now and I don't know is it. Because he's maybe a little fatigued or shot selection. Sometimes I just. I don't feel like he's having that type of year that we've we've seen from him last year. No and a lot of that has to do with more awareness on him this year and what he does but now from him going from score to facilitate. I think he had to do so much and then he wasn't getting any help from the point guard position. And you know rudy go. Bears not a guy even though he's a big he's not a guy that you can dump the ball down to each and every time. I think bengals has been. He's been solid for them and continues to be solid. It's just you know you don't you. Don't fear playing Utah especially when you'RE IN UTAH. Now there was a time where you have to go to Utah. You okay man out too now we gotta deal with these players and Carl Malone and Stockton. Now it's not necessarily that way and and I'm still trying to figure it out as I watch games there's moments where you're saying a high there it is then there's moments where you just. Kinda like man could it? Could this be it you know? Do you blow it up. Do you break it up. What what goes on. I've always felt like at least it's not Aaron. I think Quinn's really good but everything they get comes out of skiing right like like. I don't I always looked at them. And this is my criticism hayward when he was there is that can you go get a bucket right. Is there anybody that we got and Mitchell can? But if you're the only dude who can we know how tricky is and when he's going to get a bucket? How does it make the others? Look do they watch. Are they still moving? Think part of that is because what we seems. For so many years we Utah and Carl Malone and Stockton. It was a one four. Say You knew what was going to happen. Tacitus DOT stabbed. They're gonNA pass over there. Hornicek my spot. Oh He's going to set a legal screen or home alone. I know I know you know that was that was no extra. No it's just. It's one thing that people don't understand is that I'm GonNa go from the development standpoint of players today. You know you get a kid that goes to college for one year and then he leaves after that one year now he goes to the NBA draft. He's he's a high pick. And now you WanNa you WANNA teach that kid. What's your schemes are and what he can do out of it. Well the young man didn't develop so much in college. Which is what you're supposed to do. You're supposed to get better in college. And maybe he got better at one thing. But what about the other things? Expecially with you being a go-to guy. Now you need to understand how to read defense. You need to be able to think you know sometimes one or two plays ahead to see where the ball needs to go and how it will get there. You'll hacking a lot of that right now with. I think it's it hinders the process of what the NBA team can be and they have to deal with those because they have to reteach the game to the young guy coming in now. And I think you're starting to see a lot of and I think that's affecting the Utah Jazz right now. I think it affects everybody around the League. And then you take you know. Players have been traded their now they have to get their mindset for that and and it's not easy with Quinn and what he does as far as the scheme of things but at the same time you know you have to. 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No more worry that what you don't know peculiar company why next week customers grow three times faster than the S&P five hundred and you can to schedule. Your Free Demo. Right now. Received their free guide. Seven key strategies to grow your profits. Netflix DOT com slash. Bomani set up your Free Demo and get your free guide today nets we DOT COM SLASH. Bomani as we dot com slash. Bomani switch gears a little bit on what you talked about because it really just reminded me of something that just about like that development guys getting better and figuring this stuff out. What's your read on Andrew Wiggins? Oh man if you don't do a good job at ESPN Bomani you keep your job. I probably not. No you get a raise unlikely unlikely and I think we see we have seen that transpired with Andrew Williams now Andrew Williams make sure he's going to be phenomenal because Steph Curry's on the floor as well as Klay Thompson so now the onus is not on him the focus is not on him here. It is a guy that when he came into the game he couldn't shoot. I don't know if you can still say that. He's he's he's an improved shooter but he's still not a knockdown shot kind of guy he's not a guy that can come off screen and swing. You're right in there because he read the defense when you feed guys constantly. Yes they look good or when they're able to take all kinds of shots that they want. Yes they look good but Andrew Wiggins is is not that he's not that dude that you say oh man. Minnesota's just got worse because they lost town. No I think they got better because now you know if you obviously you look at players you look at what what Russell was able to do. He can put that ball in the hole. But that's something that Andrew Wiggins never developed. He never became that guy. There that can put the ball in the hole and then on the flip side. I'm a defense because he's athletic as all get out but he's always been that. So what is it about Andrew Wiggins? He is who he is. It's not that he's a bag is not that he's a bad player. He's just not the player that they hoped he would be and a lot of times when a player is not the player that they hope that they would be. They ended up getting traded. Later on when now you can look back and say man. What if we would have did this a long time ago? He'd been a bus hiding in plain sight right like he does. He's be does the stuff that if you watched USA site because you'll put up those points per game numbers right like you'd be out there. Like scored twenty four points a game. How could you say that? He's a bus and be like yo he didn't he literally didn't do anything else. Had No impact on the game. And that's where this is where the whole some with some people the analytics and with some people what they think about the analytics. This is what happens when those things get going on. They get to talk about those things. And you're like wait yeah. He scored twenty. That's empty twenty four points and people say. How can you say someone had empty Twenty four points. Well if you lost by twenty it really don't mean that and if you're not having impact so marcus. Smart has an impact on the game whether he scores. Eight fifteen or twenty. See even when eight points you can see. You still see the. He's effective on the floor. There are many nights where Andrew Wiggins. He's on the floor and even when he scorn you like. Yeah but it just. I don't I didn't I didn't know he had eighteen points in the first half. Those are the things that happens with Shooters but also guys are just. Don't impact the game and I don't know what to make of as mayor Karl Towns I. It's all there exist is not so I you know we talked about this earlier. Let's let's go back a little bit now. This is the same organization who draft a two point guards who can shoot the top Tan. I believe yes you know whereas flat now good question see. Rubio has continued to develop. But Oh my goodness it took years before. Rubio could you know? Now get to a point. Where he he? He's not thinking about shot. He's always been a great facilitator on offense. He's a true point guard and it's not saying that you can't it's it's just a it's a bad thing if you can't shoot as a point guard but it's such a necessity. It is such a necessity. I remember Eric Snow Eric. Snow can shoot say anybody but he was effective on the floor. So you look at the organization and the character guys that they're getting you know I if I'm a GM and and I'm building. I guys that care about the game and that don't want to leave the jam and that play with certain like a Marcus smart. I need that because there's going to be dark days. It's not always the most talented guys at that are going to get you to the promised land. Sometimes it's the most limited guys but have the biggest hearts out there on the floor and that will get on the floor for a loose ball and not leave it to someone else. Say That's what you have in a lot of the game today. Is that guys more concerned about self more than anything else as compared to how can we build this? They brought in post gives who. Who's a no nonsense kind of guy? Now you got sanders in there which is fantastic. But you you gotta be able to coach guys you gotta be able to get on a guy. No I coach Izzo Kozo. You think he less stuff fly with his guys at Michigan State. He loves his team but he is also understand that he needs to stay on those guys because they don't they don't have it yet and you have a lot of guys right now that have been in Minnesota that feel like. Hey I'm here this is me. Yeah no man. It's about continuously improving and it seems right and and I don't know if you agree with this Bomani but a lot of that life left wing. Cagey left Cagey learned it from Kevin. Mckell right care work with him and let him know. Hey man no every single night you gotta bring it see. I think this is one of the biggest issues that a lot of the players that played in that era they look at they look at players now and the first thing they say man these guys are soft and a. Lotta people get upset at that. And it's not the soft aspect of things but when they came into the game you had to try out for teen. Bomani don't about a trial for games anymore. Nobody child for teams no more. They're placed on a team. They're placed on the team. So where's that aspect of man? I want that position I need to work. Hard for that. Position doesn't work that way. You must work. And if they fit law if they feel a bump or they feel a little soreness somewhere they shut it down. What do you may? I kid at this Nike Elite Camp one of the top fifty top the top twenty five dollars twenty five high school and this. Gar did work. The first two days boy sat out the next two. I said my man. How come you're not playing today? I got a little elbert. Besides I says you know I play with a guy on Iverson. He had that and a list of other things going on with his body for a whole season. So you gonNA sit out because of that. And he just looked at me like oh here with that man. I ain't trying to hear that that attitude onto the floor now with a lot of today's you. I'm not saying everybody is built that way. But think about those things when kids don't have to trial for stuff and you're just giving them things and then we wonder why they don't have no hunger or no desire to get after it. Marcus Smart Status School another year to work on his game. Marcus smart wasn't scared of that. He wasn't scared of improvement. You must love these Miami. He then with Jimmy. I couldn't wait you to say something about that. Hard work contains Jimmy. Jimmy like I look at all. These are people saying that Jimmy was the problem. Auto sees a terrible now that he's gone and every team he goes to his bed when he shows up man. Jimmy Lee for forty years Jeevan that long. Now the thing is it's the culture they get that you know but Monica's you spent time there you know it's the culture now you take young guys come into this game and you put them in that culture. What happens there? They develop they get better. And you weed out all others. Oh No pun intended on the week. But that's the case man you look at them on offense. They run it with a purpose. It Ain't no isolated. Okay do your Thang. Do you know is movement back screen re scree. Skip the ball here. They attack the basket. Bam Outta Bio. Oh my goodness I love him and Kentucky. I felt like in the ball enough of Kentucky. But you look at what he's able to do now because of development they're going to continue to work with him and he's an environment where you work. You work you work and through work. That's where you find. Success is somewhere hidden in the work. So if you don't put in the work then you can't expect to have the success but what you have with a lot of other spots. Oh man we gotta get this work in. But they're not working and his shows as they play but you look at that man hero hero act like he'd been F- ever and I made you look at how they they vied they jail on the floor. But it's because of all the work that they're doing with one another and even with Jimmy now. Jimmy's not the one working. If everyone now you got someone who can take that leadership role and give them some type of accountability on the floor. Which is what you're missing in Philly now. I'm not saying that he was that in Philly. But I'm just saying you see a difference. Now you see what what what Miami has compared to what Philly doesn't have and I I gotta go to this early in the year somebody ass Joel about his diet and the first thing he said. Oh no no no died man. Do you realize if you take care of your body? Now you knees would be better. You carry too much weight on the knees. We're not talking about his skills that because even with that he's still good but just think if he truly loved it like man i. I don't know when Kobe decided to stop eating certain meats and I'm like I. I love me a steak. He went to fish because he was concerned about his body. And so when we talk about how guys get to certain places in life it is no it is not by accident that the Miami Heat has a success that they have now my I I've been there. I understand what goes on there. But it's it's through the work and so when you see it team that works hard when you see a team that puts in the time it just makes it for me. It makes me happy. Because that's what I've always known was. The improvement in life is the work that goes on before but can they win the east. Tricky right with with all that word. Just about Bruce. Can you know right now? The only only not for me with the inexperience you know and I know you got an all star out of bio and Jimmy up. But you know I it's not just about to Is is is the inexperienced right now and I think it's been a huge ask that a huge asset for them to keep some of the old hairs around you look at a lot of people on that side of the people that have been in that organization. That's had victories there so I think they can but I'm not I'm not I need a few more months. I need two months to see the constant improvement because I think it's just there. It's the inexperienced right now and their youth but I think this is a great star for them before we get out of here. I love this idea of having to guard. Rashi Wada's like that. I'm sure he was talking to you the whole way. She not man look here. She see used to do stuff. Like I've always had a relationship with him. And and and I mean this is a six ten bruce six seven with high heels on But you know when I was frightening all she's I go ahead with their bruce. You Ain't gonNA be able to do this. And then he catch it and any. He's shoot aside as sometimes you just. You can't do that about thirty days. Just gotTA run on down to the next in an an and yell at ten. Say Go jail you know. That's all they do but she she now we. We always been good and to know that. He's giving back to the game right now. He's coaching in North Carolina High School. She Wallace's coaching. So now. I I I know your next question is what does he do when his play? Technical Bomani wasn't my next question. My next question was about you. Know when you had garden impose wondering and if you had any like you know special techniques that she was in there using us a little undermanned special techniques specialty go with the Ler overtop since two thousand nineteen and this is what you WanNa do. You know what? Hey I'm good brother. I talked to my parents this. I told her that I was going to talk to you. Today told her and she says you know what Bruce. You have improved so much lifted way. You're not even sweating when you say that I said you know. But he's GonNa try calm flick. He's our just wanted to give some insight on what page you will. All all offense seeing this is something else that you see. See what you do all right now you compliment i. I'm not like I was three years ago when you compliment me. I didn't know what was going on. I just turn around right now looking behind me trying to make sure our see something coming at right now. I want to teach the kids. The Game Brose. This kids listening out here. I thought maybe they could hear from you. What you gotTa do you. GotTa Ghardaia do three inches taller than you. Good help side is what it is. You gotTa have good health and every now and then you need to push you gotta you gotTa push men make sure they don't dribbles now if they fall it ain't because they got tripped Bomani. You're right you're right. You're right not no. I'm I'm Oh right now. What you yeah I I took away your angle. Now well played. Well played one less day before we go. This is probably GonNa talk to. You is proud to be events cars last year and league and I was just wondering if you wanted to pay some kind of tribute to attribute paying tribute vis. I mean I mean now. Mass was amazing. But but my thing was number one I didn't want to be on the highlights and number two with with this. I don't ever want him to think I was friendly with him. I know this and so you know one time I happened to do some Score and there's a break in the play and he's standing there man. How's that was a good shot there? And I I had like he wasn't talking to me and so he looks at tearoom. Anybody Secure My. Hey did you hear me and just kind of always the And so he's like yeah man. That's that that was nice. Move all you got those new kicks on And I just adding daddy like your grandma statue in Church when you got a mouthful of candy and you know you as suppose had no canyon a sanctuary that look right there. That's what I gave him and he just went on down cord just kind of mumbling to himself and I know what is. I'm trying to be cool with this dude man I'm trying to. I'm trying to bury the hatchet. I didn't want that hatchet. Buries what is your. What do you Bruce Man? He didn't do what it wasn't about that. I just WANNA know friends with no guys on the car I had. That was the that I had to keep because he was good. He was so good. I mean I. I don't think guys understand. They only see the dunk contest. They don't see the guy that always played second fiddle in college with Antoine Jamison. You know they didn't know that this guy could do what he did you know so when he comes onto the scene and he starts doing these things if like. It's amazing what he did but at the same time. I think it all happened so in such a way where he never had that other piece and he could do a lot more than say like we talked about. What LEBRON'S CLEVELAND? When he took them to the finals in very see that who else was on his squad. I'm talking about Vince. Carter in Toronto that you could say oh man. They should have got to the finals right. I know that Tom Young Tracy McGrady when that time about that one you know but he was doing those things but doing it. Well I mean shoot. He shoot it. He could create shots. He creates shots for others. I mean we always saw about Lebron. He's working on this or the bond is work on nobody say that about vents. It was more or less about the fact that hey man. He's so talented. Why hasn't he gotten there so for me? It was about competition because I knew how good he was. Just see when you going up against somebody and you. You don't have that talent. You gotta figure out ways to keep them guessin. I kept from guessing. See like if if a lot of guys knew how I felt about them now. Back then man. You wouldn't be talking to me showing me no champion. Who That who they got that ball hairdo goatee like me and Buddy ain't on TV a lot is. Is that what you would have been doing that? Laser jet is by bad bruce. Bowen I appreciate you join it as you will. Always my favorite president have all the talk about. Who's I'm glad you could make the time at no Combo. Good talking to you too. Thank you bad. Ladies and gentlemen. Thanks so much for joining us here on the right time due to a couple of times a week. Mamane gave Bassein. Hannah's everything behind the scenes. Thank you sir. Also thank you to our sponsors. Thanks to my computer career. Thanks to Ziprecruiter five hour energy and also thanks to net sweet. Remember to subscribe to the right time rate as reviewers give us five stars. Four stars declined. Leave your hater and without you guys a couple of days take it easy. Thanks for checking out the right time with Bomani Jones. Podcast you can listen or subscribe on the ESPN APP apple podcasts. Or every listen to podcasts. The right time with Bomani Jones.

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