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What's going on? I take Sam chicks. Weekdays, ten AM eastern on ESPN ahead on today showed the warriors, beat the blazers again without K D. But can they get the chip without him? Blush Deontay wilder be punished for his talk of killing his opponent in the ring, and while the raptors even the series tonight against the bucks. Let's get started. What's going on? Everybody. Welcome at the first take on this feel Good Friday. I feel good. Molly Kerr max Kellerman out here in NYC Stephen a Smith on the road, you boy, how villain. I'm getting there. I remember walking for the night's game. I'm getting my, my voice is a little slightly better. But I'm working on it, but I feel good. Good morning. Steve naismith. Molly, I was just shocked moments ago on get up. Stephen a Smith's comment was I concur with max Kellerman. Oh, I was shocked. I mean one subject out of one subject out of a million look a debt clock is right twice a day. He's just like our audience, usually sitting there watching, I concur with Mexico. Can we get started plays? The warriors take a commanding two only the defending champs defend home court with how K D but this was much closer than game one Portland losing by just three points max. What's the biggest reason for the blazers loss? I hate to say this. Damian Lillard with the game on the line. We've seen him shoot and hit with the game on the line from one million miles away. Three points down final possession. Get stripped by Andrea would dollar a great and clutch player. He's done this before you saw sportscenter AM it to LeBron James. Right. Famously has a great defensive player. And I think the, the unsung hero of this warriors dynasty, but, and I know we would dollar just beat them and Damian Lillard after the game was talking about, hey, I thought there was contact, but they're not going to end the game on a whistle like that. So you know just a good play. But Damian Lillard has got to be better. He's got him make a better play. That was a game. They had to have member. I predicted the blazers would win this game. I have faith in Damian Lillard. They were almost there. He hits that shot. They tie the game who knows if they win, but they have a chance and Igwe dollar picked his pocket with the game on the line. Stephen there is no way the blazers can win this series now not that there really was much of a chance before. But when they had a chance. To steal a road game and the ball in the heroes hands. And he's simply defeated. It's like the end of ventures like Thanos every you just they just disintegrated. And that's really what it comes down to. I hate to say it. Mask Kellerman, right? Person wrong reasons. You pick Damian Lillard because of the final play. I'm gonna tell you Damian Lillard and a fourth quarter if you recall they had a lead. And then all of a sudden, it will evaporate it in two and a half minutes because Golden State goes on a blitz. Here's what was transpiring during that process. There was a lot of over dribbling on a part of daily Lilly, and even though he made a couple of nights baskets in two included. A three from the parking lot for crying out loud. And a nice little lies little left handed layup, the reality is because he was driven the ball so much. He didn't get the ball to. C J, McCollum, CJ McCollum, then went cold, when you finally decided to come back to him because it had been so long that he had gone without touching the ball, and I think that, that was one of the things that inhibited them because what happened is you couldn't stop the bleeding once that started because danger Canaan CJ look if the him to make one of those big shots. Like we all know he is capable of doing, but you didn't get him the ball in rhythm nearly as much as you should have that as the responsibility of guy believed to be first team all NBA Damian Lillard didn't have a bad game. You didn't have an awful game. But we know he could be better yet. Twenty three points in the second. He was coming on strong make no mistake about it. He's trying to pull a Steph curry for crying out loud. What Steph curry did against Houston in that close out game six? But in the end when they when Golden State amped up its pressure as they can. He didn't do that. And let's give credit to Steve Kerr. For example, Jordan bell comes off the bench gives you eleven points played solid played really really solid. We know the defense that Andre Iguodala as played, I can't say enough about Draymond green, and what he was able to do st- Klay Thompson had somewhat of enough nights. You ate a twenty two from the field. Kevin Louis Kvant looney hit all six of his shots. And we saw how they were little gas. And how Steve Kerr had to maneuver his way through that to make that run. In the fourth quarter and for me when I looked at Seth curry, I can't say enough about how proud I am with a little brother. The little curry because I was going to tweet what the hell are you doing? He needs to shoot because he came out there max and Molly. And he was just passing a book. I'm like, yeah. You're curry your father was shooting shots from the parking lot. Your brother is the greatest shooter. We have ever seen your last name is curry when you are in a game we expect to see her shooting the damn ball and he wasn't doing. And then all of a sudden he came on and hit, four three pointers. He was balling here really proud of him. I hear what you're saying about feeling the game for Damian Lillard when you're the star and you have the ball on your hand. You gotta feel the game. And we saw Hawaii, Leonard trying to get his teammates involved early against Milwaukee and then didn't feel it properly at the end of the game like Hawaii. Now you have to take over, you can't shoot three times in the fourth quarter. You gotta take over now and Damian Lillard your argument here is didn't feel. Well the game properly in this respect had to know but that happens to everyone that's happened to Michael Jordan. Kobe bryant. Magic johnson. Larry Bird, everyone has missed read a game at times even in the fourth quarter even in a playoff situation. My point is this. However, you got there you got there, and I hate to reduce it to this. But how can you avoid this? Like you can't really get around this one, however you got there. You've got there. You're down three. You have infinite range practically the ball is in your hands. You're on the road. You've a chance to at least send it to overtime to steal a road game. And you get stripped with the game on the line. Stephen, you can talk about. He's not call. It wasn't hot and Lillard had to feel the fourth quarter a little better. I'm not going to argue with you, probably right? No one's perfect. But in that moment, you got the champions come through in that moment. And the also rans do not. And I believe, Lillard has the heart of. Champion. But this series is now over this, like I didn't I go in the series anyway. I thought that they could take it six didn't taken it six first of all, less than number one horse voice at all. I don't need you to explain to people what I mean by what I say they understand exactly what I said about basketball. That's number one. Number two, the final play distributing. There have been plenty of plays star players in NBA history. The final moment, whether it's a missed shot. It's a key turnover. Whatever the case may be it happens. But when you look at a point guard, particularly when we're judging a point God, it's not just your job to recognize what you need to do in terms of your own individual production. You're your extension of the coach of floor. You know what CJ Ken do he was hitting some shots earlier on to go away from him because you had this benching for dribbling, a basketball, a bit excessively was not something that you need to do, particularly against a Golden State squad that can resent. Able, a bunch of piranhas when they amp up there deepens and they start trapping. You Damian Lillard. This is not the finals, where you're going up against the team in the east that you face twice a year. Damian Lillard is incredibly familiar with Golden State what they like to do and what they can do. So for him to make those mistakes is something that he has to clean up outdoor that have more of a profound impact on the outcome than the last play. Let me just translate what you mean by what you're saying. Guys, whatever you say, Ken Curren. Obviously, in Portland's a must win for the blazers max, just admit the series is. Hopefully resolve because that's a demoralizing loss. And listen they weren't gonna win the series anyway. But I thought they could take six maybe seven games without K D. Yeah. They needed and I thought they were going to surprise people and upset them. And I was that close to being. Right. Because I believed in that situation Lillard hits the shy day. No, he didn't even have a chance to get it off. That it's a wrap. Maybe this goes FIS games if they play out of their minds six I think it's a five game series. This, this Dilip possibility. It could be a six game series. But I think that Golden State is going to go to Portland and probably still get for Portland will win game three Golden State wins games four and then they close out come back to oracle and probably close things out and game five. Yeah, this is demoralizing loss. I mean on that can just sweep 'em. And now our phone from Geico motorcycle took fifteen minutes to click on the banner ad entitled, you won't believe what these child stars look like now. Now be dissatisfied and kind of sad about how the child stars look and now your computer is plagued by incessant, pop up ads on that's can't be to add insult to injury. You could've used those fifteen click bait minutes to switch your motorcycle insurance to gyco. Geigo fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on motorcycle insurance. Good Friday morning with sportscenter right now. I'm Phil Murphy tonight. Goddess in the bucks to go up to on the rappers yesterday. The Greek freak was asked whether LeBron vacating the east opened a door. Former walkie Yana said didn't. But it also kind of did. The Brian is a good player, but. When he led the east group. Player going to the west not on to win. This is gonna be visit found some not let you just know that he's tough player that we always problem against. It gives the Cavs and nine up like with the gap. So he's going to be a little bit easier. I used to open, but now that I look back and that's really went is definitely opening now, having LeBron days, not trying to go through him. Milwaukee is seizing that opportunity so far, they're nine and one this postseason and a win tonight would match the best eleven game playoff start ever burnt Eastern Conference team. That's it for your sports center right now. But send you back the first day. No question. Phil happy Friday. Do fear. The king part of people. Yawn is talking about LeBron's impact when he played in the east, Stephen, you're up. I talked to me about those comments. About what which, which is about Greek Ron. Yes. Yes. Yes. Talking about LeBron. Listen, listen. The bottom line is, he's acknowledging what everybody knows that the east, there's a path is less a pass path of resistance to, to championship contention, or to the Eastern Conference crowd without LeBron James in the Eastern Conference. We all know that a whole bunch of folks looked like a bunch of petrified puppies, or let me take that back. It was really the Toronto Raptors that looked like a bunch of petrified puppies, whenever they went up against LeBron James. When you look at the Boston Celtics, they Ford valiantly when you look at the Indiana Pacers day try to fight them when land Stevenson. And this is even after land, steph's was blowing in this. There's plenty of people throughout the years that have fought the Toronto Raptors looked absolutely positively petrified. But that was pre Kawai limit era of. But if you had a Greek freak if you're Jaanus, you look at the dominance of a LeBron James, you, see what he's done to these two company went to h NBA financial completely. Owned the Eastern Conference, and then a couple of cases, people were absolutely, positively petrified that wasn't going to be the case with Janas. But what you heard from him was just a realization that if LeBron James was in this conference, it wouldn't be a we wouldn't be sitting here is comfortably as we're sitting here right now, believing sniffing entity finals berth. We would be a hell of a lot more worried about getting past him. It was very obvious Jaanus. It's not that he's not telling the truth. He's just a humble dude. It's one of the reasons he was replaced Westbrook. Stephen is my favorite player in the NBA. You know, we all know the story told it on the show many times of Molly he lives in a two bedroom apartment with his family. I told you about how he sent the first game check back home. So it didn't have any money even to get to the arena had start jogging to the arena. When a fan spotted him. Drove him there, how he doesn't wanna play outside of Milwaukee not looking to like leave somewhere wants to get guys. They're believes in his crew. I was teammates love him, right? Won't work out with the opposition in the off season. That's the enemy. I'm not buddy buddy with these dudes love me some Jaanus in addition to all that he's just a humble thoughtful, honest guy. However, if what you're take from that is that Yonkers saying thank God LeBron's, not in the east because then we wouldn't be sitting here so comfortably. I'm tell you then you honest is wrong. They'd be playing the exact same team. They would have been playing because LeBron and the Cavs meeting him even if was still there with Kevin love would been beaten by this raptors team, which is deeper. And right now in Kuwait has a better two way player. And they would have been beaten by the bucks team. I think handily, because it's not clear that LeBron James is better than Kawhi Leonard or Janas. Enter the couple anymore and these teams play together cohesively as unit they defend they shoot the lights out the bucks do from three. I'm telling you right now. If Janas believes he would be in any different position than he is right now. Lebron is in the east. I believe he is mistaken. This was going to be the Eastern Conference finals the team preseason pick the raptors. And then my in-season pick the bucks are playing for the Eastern Conference finals right now. And it wouldn't matter if lebrons, by the way, I know it's not fair, Stephen A, because the Lakers didn't really have anyone any got her say, wouldn't be heard at he stayed with the Cavs. Yeah. But he didn't even make the playoffs in the west didn't even make the playoffs. Well, first of all, LeBron James average, twenty seven like you always does number one number two. I think you're getting something that's very, very important. So I'm going to bring it up to you right now. You can't say for once definitively at all. I mean, all of hypothetical because obviously, he's no longer needs to conference, but there's no evidence that we've seen from the Milwaukee Bucks that says they would beating the Cleveland Cavaliers for this reason, Macs. More than anything. We worried about Cleveland offense, ably after kyri left LeBron James carried them to the NBA finals. We forget how stellar they were defensively. The one thing that JR Smith, George hill Tristan Thompson, Kevin love. And all of those guys did collectively was played defense compla- off Tom offensively. They leaned heavily on LeBron James who utilize his basketball. Bruins to create mismatches for himself and everybody around him. But defensively they were locked in. In. And when you look at how Milwaukee has struggled from time to time throughout these playoffs in terms of putting points on the board. Yes, they play elite defense too. So it comes out to what would you have been able to do with LeBron? That's a question, and we can debate that, but let's not assume that excuse me, they would have taken Cleveland out because Cleveland's defense was no Joe the no joke. Okay. But Milwaukee's defense, brogden willing defender, if not a good one, Middleton's good defender, Marich is underrated. He's athletic. He's just not very strong. But quick. Narod to- what he's doing to have a good defense last year. The free into clinically Lopez is not a great defender. But he's an excellent rim defender lend, so's an excellent defender off the bench hill off the bench. They got in defend on this team. But real quick, I'm you real quick. Before we get to Milwaukee, you talked about how now they got Kawai. There's not going to be the scared puppy team. Right. My point is I don't think Milwaukee would've had to play. Cleveland Toronto could've played traffic cop for Milwaukee. Anyway, I still think there's the Eastern Conference finals. Well, it's totally possible max that Milwaukee could've ended up leading Cleveland before Toronto did. So we don't know that it's all about seedings but what I'm saying to you is this when you picked Toronto to beat Cleveland last year. Why did you pick Toronto? It wasn't because of their offense you were raving about their defense to and how they had a collection of bodies that could really cause problems for Cleveland. And then LeBron just took over and snag your heart right out at it. You know out, no doubt my whole question last year is could derozen be the best player on at least the conference finals team. The answer was no, but I know Kawai could so if you if you take the Rosen off last year's team and drop Kuwiat healthy Kawai on it to take into I take Toronto all over again. And I believe they would win. We see the difference between a real MVP caliber player who can lead a team to a championship and just an all star caliber. Player. They got that dude now in Toronto again they had. And not feel different because I believe, Cleveland would have still be in them except the only difference is they would not have sweat recall. Why members welcome in lower. No, Kyrie on that. Cleveland team I'm not remember Clayton better than Boston and Philadelphia, but Toronto in Milwaukee mosque than Philadelphia and they get in here, guys obviously when LeBron was in the eighth dominated, right? No one could get past him. Do you feel like Jaanus is going to rule the east in the same way? Now, I would say, yes, I believe it starts this year. I got to see him get pica. Why Kawai at least temporarily is in the east, you probably won't be in the east next year's my best. Guess it'll be with the clippers. But, but right now he's gotta get by Kawai. No. They're up in the series that is no easy task after this year. And I even believe now starting to see the answer is, yes, I believe the Greek freak will run the east. And by the way, if he was crewed up in the west, I think he'd run the west to my suspicion is he's the best player in the NBA. I'm not ruling out. I'm not gonna say that. And because I'm not ruling out the resurrection of the Philadelphia, seventy Sixers, or the ascension of the Philadelphia seventy Sixers after suffering the devastating loss in game seven that they did to Ronco, I want to see if there could ever, be a healthy Joel Embiid, and I want to see if somebody is going to get all up in Ben Simmons, face and get him to attempt some parameters shots. Those are two tall task. I do understand that. But if those two things were to happen in an elevated on proved fashion, I believe Philadelphia could take Milwaukee. Welcome into your sports center right now. I'm Phil Murphy Golden State math to get through Portland entirely without one of its former MVP's Kevin Durant status for the rest of the series. Is in jeopardy as he continues to get over a right calf strain. The warriors robust playoff experience brings calmness and confidence. There's no mental adjustment. It's just you just play. You just, you know, you go out there with what you have. And this is our third game three and a half games really without him. And so we're just trying to hold down the Ford we're confident we can win. But we would much rather have him, you know, playing so we're gonna hold before down so they gives back and, and go in another j with what are full squad. Golden State's won twenty nine of their last thirty one curry plays and Durant doesn't be stats. Explain it more than just holding down the fort this postseason Curry's averaging over thirty five points per game. And the warriors are three no more points for curry often equals wins Golden State's thirty one in four in playoff games when the baby faced assassin drops at least there. That's it for your sports center right now. Let's back I take. Thank you kindly, ship career with the show as a series shifts to Portland, Kevin Durant expected to miss games, three and four. Then he will be reevaluated maximum. Ask you this is this injury worse for the warriors or K D, clearly K D, how because the warriors can win a title this year without him, by the way, they may not without him, but they may not with either. This is clearly worse for Kevin Durant who I know they're reporting that it's a calf strain. But it seems like well he won't be ready for game one or two or three or four don't know about five and believe me, it will be six, and if there's a seven, and then there will be one two and three and I don't see him. I don't see him coming back this place. But if he does it just was looked to everyone in the world who watches sports, like in achilles. So if it's not a rupture is it a strain? Is it something more, whatever it is? Stephen, it is something that a guy. Heading into free agency that we're with hundreds of millions of dollars on the line and the rest of the legacy of his career on the line in injury. Like that is much more significant than the team. That's already loaded in his won a championship without them. It's more much more significant for the player than the team. I said when it happened this now, reminds me a bit of CCC Tabatha when he was heading into free agency us traded to the Milwaukee Brewers, and Britain and really heroically took the ball, every three days to try to pitch them into the World Series and risked his health going into free agency very few players. Do that. And didn't have an arm injury coming into that series Kevin Durant has a leg injury right now. More serious for. K. D. Make up your mind K D And I'm sorry to warriors without K D. They gonna wanna championship with without them or not. I don't think the more with what a business. Well again, you know what I'm saying is you sat up Dan said, they could win it. But it could it won't win, which one is it. Well, I'm sorry. In other words, my prediction on one hundred one hundred percents, who's gonna win the final none. None of what I'm saying to you. Why watch us? Let me challenge you on something. I'm asking you because you went on the air two days ago and defensively said to go to Milwaukee Bucks a winning the title. It don't matter whether Katie comes back now. All right, then. So I'm just saying if that's your position, I don't wanna hear you saying, oh, they could lose. No, you said, you got Milwaukee. Yes, where we are charisma. I'm bringing that up. The reason I'm bringing that up is because let me tell you something. I'm very clear warriors can't win this title without K D. They beat Milwaukee than not beating Milwaukee without K D, if the warriors, don't have Kevin Durant. They are losing the championship. Period. And because of that. That's a big reason why this injury definitely affects the warriors more so than these. Secondly, let's go. Let's talk in the free agency. Let's, let's move forward free agency. Why is that relevant? Kevin Durant is expected to be a free agent. You know what we never bring up maximally? He's got a player option. He's gotta play option if Kevin Durant decides excuse me, I got if it's an achilles, or it's tear that so bad and the calf whatever it is whatever people believe if it's so bad, that he is hinted from playing next season. What's to stop him from exercising his option as a player, you understand and taking thirty one and a half million dollars on the books for him next season as a player option. He ain't gonna sit up there and be a free agent. And then, you know, I think that anybody will give them the money. Please don't get me wrong. But what I'm saying is that we forget, he has the option as a player if any reason he cannot play. Next season and he thinks that's going to compromise him in free agency. I don't you don't anybody would sense wouldn't think it's gonna compromise him. But if he were to believe that there's nothing stopping Kevin Durant from San I can't play anyway, but I'm of exercises player option, and at least getting short, and it's thirty one and a half million dollars that I'm all for next season and do it that way. So if you're the Golden State Warriors think about it, even if K D, K, D stays a right. Your four million about four million dollars over the cap salary cap is projected to be about one hundred and nine million for the twenty nine hundred twenty twenty season. If I remember correctly there at about committed to about one hundred thirteen million, so it is not so much for plus they got assigned clay to amac's deal in all likelihood. So they're not gonna have any room to go out. But that's good for the warriors anybody else. And when you're on point, that's good for the warriors, because because if the warriors can somehow retain K D like you've been talking, the whole time about will they can just replace K D. What about AD? My point is you pay Steph and clay, it's going to how do Ford, another max guy, especially with dream on on the books and where you're assets to make a trade to bring in a guy of AD or someone like that caliber be very hard. So they really need to retain K D to remain the dynastic warriors, my point, if this allows them, retain, Casey, it's good for them. No, no, no, no, no, no. Max not. If he can't play. Well, let's say half the season or let's to hide twelve. He has to see how did wait a minute. I specifically stated that if he can't play that twenty with exercise he could exercises player option. There's no way he would he would would opt in Italy. Right. Their way. So stay right there. Let's say he doesn't play next year. So he exercises his option now. He's on the warriors. Remember, they're the only ones who can offer him the supermax. Anyway. Now he's getting a little older. Let's say the warriors don't win the championship as you claim without him and don't win it again as he kind of proven his point that they need him. Now, he's looking at his own mortality, as a player and says net. I'm thirty two thirty three before I can get back to being K D. I don't have a lot of time left on the clock. I gotta win championships. I wanna stay right where I am. In other words, I believe that this injury if it's worse than they're claiming is actually good for the warriors, long-term good for the warriors. No, no, no. Because I'm saying you're gonna lose the championship without him. That's what I'm saying. I'm saying you've got to lose the championship without him. And you're not gonna have him next year. That's the claim I'm making. I'm claiming you're gonna lose. And not only that, if he's engine next year you wouldn't have him on the court if he's healthy. He'll be gone. That's what I'm claiming question. Why would they give me why you making me? Explain it three times, when, you know, my voice is compromise. Why are you doing? It was very clear. The question would you rather? Get to the finals and lose this year. If it meant retaining K D going forward, if it up your chances of retaining him going forward, or would you rather this year, and then lose K date? No, no, no, no. I'm trying to win the chip because I know I'm going to at least be a contender without him as long as I keep splash brothers and tack. So I'm going to chip now who I'd rather have him for the chip right now understand what you're talking about. They're not gonna win without him. The bucks were probably only gonna get better. The league is getting better. So if you don't think they can win it this year without K D, And they're going to be capped out anyway, how they're going to win without him going. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. See, that's that's u b. Being slick, that's a different question. That, that's a different question. The question that I address that you want K D. Now, if you can have him to win the championship. Now you can be a contender that comes up short in the future. But you need to win the chip. Now if I had a reference I would want him now and I'm not worried about next year. About worth two in the Bush. I'm saying then there might be a handful left in those bushes. If you keep K D, if I was the warriors. That's what I'd really be thinking about, and you have a punchers chance even if you think oh, you could say, well, they can't win without him. They've done it before. They still have a punchers chance now K d affects them in a myriad. Myriad, ways Stephen, especially with respect to depth. They had to sacrifice depth to get them in the first place. Then they have boogie cousins. He's gone now KD's gone. So they're really thin on the bench. But I will remind you Steph champ, clay a champ. They've been playing like it Igwe dollars champion, as you know, with all their players you as you say, religiously harp on this is not what he was Livingston's not what he was. But it's the same thing the fight game great players like fighters. They can't sustain it forever. But they can still when you need it most those flashes of brilliance, as you saw last night from this Lillard with the gunman. I'll tell you this people need to start showing their. Bench a little bit more respect Loney? Mckinney bell. When cook these guys have come off the bitch over the last three games and produced for the last three and a half games and produced for this team. We, we can't forget that you got Steph clay Igwe dollars. Ray you got a shot. Well, every pro golfers going to tell you, especially when it comes to Tiger Woods. And especially when it comes to majors when you have a long lay-off the last thing to come back as your short game. That was golf analyst, Michael Collins, Wednesday, predicting what might stand in the way of back, back majors for Tiger Woods. And unlike Tigers putting Thursday Collins was right on the money in the PGA championship. First round woods went over five on putts between five and ten feet, his minus point four eight strokes gained around the green brink. One hundred eighth eighteen holes putting rate, ninety eight tiger what went wrong out there. Not that hard to make bogeys out here, but it's hard to hard make birdies. And, and I found I thought it was going to be hard to get the ball close to the holes. And when I had a few opportunities air with short irons played aggressively, and it was they give them get in there, where I had makable putts and otherwise. Thirty forty feet away and move on entering Friday. Woods trailed Brooks kept by nine strokes Tigers largest comeback to win a major after eighteen holes seven shots back at the oath five masters. That's it for your sports center right now. Now back I. Out of the woods, not so much Michael Collins, with us now from the beautiful sunny, green. How are you Michael on this lovely Friday? Nostra vita, Nostra, Collins was what it looks like when you leave the north. Tyrone plus Santa's cousin. Come on twenty seven. Yes, you can't say no, I don't have a jacket on today and I am wearing shorts. So there's that this was beautiful about being up here right now. Best life. All right. Guys tiger sterling as you just keep it together people trailing by nine strokes after day one. Michael Europe, I gimme one word to describe Tigers first round. Expected expected, even though it was Tiger Woods. This is what happens when you don't play golf before weeks and show up at a major championship. It's gonna be like a roller coaster ride. Keep all hands and feet inside of the vehicle. We saw the start with the two double bogeys and a birdie makes the turn it three over par. But then when he goes on that berry, run and makes the eagle everyone's hands up an air here, it goes again, we're going to do it. And then that three putt happens, and it's hall, and even tire you saw little shrug at a shoulder a little bit of chin down on the chest. Because when you fight back that hard to get back to red figures and feel like that you might have a chance to get into contention three putt for bogey all the wind goes out of your sails. And we saw late with tiger. He looked like a guy who was a little bit beat up. But that's what this course, does, if you make mistakes, I Stephen. The, the word that comes to my mind is disappointing. And here's why and listen. I'll defer specially to you Michael in this regard, because I watch golf, I don't play it much. I'm gonna stop playing a lot more match. You'll be proud of me. I'm actually gonna stop playing a little bit this summer. But I yes I am. Say I'm getting I'm getting I'm getting clubs. I'm getting clubs. Gossiping hold up saving. Got in Trump. You what's your tire going to be like out there when you golf, I'm just curious? Well, I'll handle it. I promise you, I will look good. My outfit will look a hell of a lot better than my swing. I can tell you that, but I will tell you also this, Michael Collins, I got some tips on some clubs to get from the one and only Steph curry. He gave me some tips, some clubs the by so I'm on it. Having said, all Noah guy heels we I, I know a guy. That's right. Guy, I'm which you, here's the deal Tyrone some clubs on the twenty-seven. Don't worry about it. Help me out max deal. The word disappointment comes to my mind and I could be wrong. So help me out here, Michael, I'm disappointed that his short game wasn't there that is putting wasn't there because although you want to monitor your health and make sure that you're okay, I don't think it's taxing physically go out there. And putt. If you hitting stuff off the tee. If you're hitting stuff off the driving range, that would be different, but physically, I'm just I'm just deducing it logically, physically, as somebody that plays miniature golf and has fun doing that just putting I don't think that it's taxing enough where fuse to be away for four weeks. All right. Well, here's the thing, when it comes to putting him when it comes to putting for guy with that black one of the things that you can do. If you have a bad back is putt. Why because of the position that you're in your hunch over and leaning down? So hitting after put over and over again. That's the worst thing for golf professional and they're God. So practicing putting is a little bit more challenging, and difficult, especially in really cool conditions. And I think we kinda saw that, but here's the thing, Stephen a, you're right in the sense where it's disappointing. The reason that is disappointing is you can't simulate adrenaline in practice. And that's what we saw with those short irons when he hit long over the green the first two times he had wedges in his hands. The one thing that he can practice doing even if he's not hitting putts. It's making that grip soft. That's what you can practice and that's what was off, but it wasn't off until the back nine. But I would say, we're very similar savvy similar to yours. Michael's mine would be a predictable. You know you mentioned he hasn't been active enough. Right. The field is very strong. Kept good. By the way sets a course record that's unlikely to happen again. Tigers going to make the cut. The weather is warming up. It seems to me guy of his age his health issues. Right. Has caught a break here. He's gonna make the cut. He's always had a good long game tiger. So that theoretically should help him against some if not most of the field, I think tiger is gonna come storming back. I do not think he's gonna win. It's very unlikely anyone who ever played wins two majors in the same year. I do not think he's going to win. But I think he's going to make it more interesting. And so far, it's gone, according to the way, I figured it would go, it struggle a little early the in a position to make the cut, maybe make a comeback, but it won't be enough predictable. Predictable have good word. Here's the thing. You have to think about for today, though, max, the conditions are harder today than they were on Thursday. When it comes to plane with tiger and I'm a fan of tiger and a friend to tiger. But the fanatics of tiger, who thought after he won the master's, the intimidation factor is back all these young is going to be scared of tiger Brooks kept good played with tiger looked him in the eye and shot a bogey-free seven-under. Whoops. So much for that intimidation. The Bethpage Black long course you know there's time. Well, not just that not an ad in. Thank you know, I appreciate the explanation because I really needed to understand it because I did not. So thank you could explanation about the putting as it pertains to the intimidation. Listen chemical is the real deal. We all know that. So as Dustin Johnson, we get that Jordan speeches in the top six to seven. So who knows what kind of tournament, he's gonna have? But I'm looking at it from the standpoint, I see me, if tiger is coming, it's not a matter of intimidating them on day one two or three. But if he's around on day four, that's where I want to see how people will react, Michael Collins, now that he's one that major, if he can stick around until Sunday, I want to see what people do if he's right there in the hunt at that particular moment in time. All right. Get to see Tiger Woods play this weekend. Yeah. I think so. You think so? Yeah. Because of the conditions because of the conditions in the way they are out there today. If Tigers off just a little bit the cuts probably going to be plus for Tigers at plus two now, so anything slip up, big tarragon. But if you're a big hitter along courses to your advantage and tiger always has been. Yet, but a big hitter doesn't help you. If you're hitting it into spots in the rough, if you're not hitting the fairway then you're not taking advantage of the length yesterday. We're talking about Dustin Johnson, Dustin Johnson on his first hole had one hundred twenty four yards to the green, but he was into rough. He hit a shot that went forty six yards. It was forty six yards and it wouldn't have gone over my head. So that's what the rough around here. Does it takes length out of play? If you're not hitting fairways over your head, and your sleigh or on the ground. Either way. Michael, that was great insight, actually, the best line of this whole segment was, as a guy that plays miniature golf, but you can take that one max Michael, we appreciate you. Putting I can't wait to get out on the golf course. With Stephen name, man. I got some tips even coming this summer coming this summer. I'm coming this summer and I'm very careful. The nearest windows have gone on careful everybody because I know somebody window. Got off the park setting land courses. No. I'm yet your cameras themoth is coming to the course I'm coming up guys.

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