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Ep. 629 - The Kavanaugh Comeback


Brad Kavanagh fights back with alacrity. Lindsey, Graham shows his teeth and Republicans pushed forward with Kavanagh's nomination. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show. Unless we left our story on our podcast yesterday, I was very downbeat on the possibility of Brent cavenaugh getting on the court because we recorded the podcast directly after Ford's testimony. But before cabinet actually got testified today, we'll get into Kavanagh's testimony the overall effect of yesterday and what comes next. We'll get into all of that. But first, let's talk about your impending death. So I know you think all this politics stuff really matters a lot and it does matter a lot. I mean, it makes a difference to your life, but at some point here you're gonna plots and then they're not going to care about politics anymore. In fact, you may not care about much of anything anymore. 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If you care about it, they can cover it. So whether you know a lot about life insurance or nothing at all, start your search policy, genius dot com. And just two minutes. You can compare quotes, make sure your family is taken care of policy, genius, the easy way to compare and buy life insurance. Righty. So the big news, obviously the continuing fallout from the Brett Cavanaugh hearings the Senate Judiciary committee today voting on Brett Kavanagh's nomination. Senator Jeff flake has said that he will vote in favor of red cavenaugh for the supreme court. It looks all, but assured they Cavanaugh will enter the court. It looks also like some Democrats are going to be peeled along with some Republicans. That means Joe Manchin of West Virginia, maybe Heidi Heitkamp from North Dakota. It looks like Brad Kavanagh probably ends up on the supreme court by early next week, which is as it should be because yesterday, Christine, blazey Ford gave testimony about what. Allegedly happened to her thirty six years ago at a party, not a single witness. She has named his verified her story from the party Brett cabinet denied it entirely and cabinet was extraordinarily fiery in his denunciation of how the committee had handled its business, which is perfectly appropriate. Remember these accusations. I came about July. Thirtieth Senator Dianne Feinstein of California saw them. She did nothing. Shouldn't report them to the FBI shouldn't start an investigation. She didn't do anything. She'd nesper Cavanaugh a question nothing. Instead. She just sat on this stuff or weeks and weeks and weeks. And at the very last minute launched the allegation in an attempt to push this entire sham hearing beyond the election. That's all the Democrats will want here. When Democrats say that they want an FBI hearing, then one in FBI investigation, what they really mean is they want a months long FBI investigation that pushes them beyond the Senate election in the desperate hope that Republicans will lose the majority in the Senate, and then Democrats will hold a seat open until twenty twenty one when they hope. President Trump is defeated by Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren. That was their big plan here. It didn't happen yesterday. Mostly didn't happen because Brett cavenaugh fought back. He fought back by really coming out strong and we'll get to the media response to all of this democratic response, which is just egregious and disgusting. But we begin with Brett Kavanagh's actual comments yesterday, Brad Kavanagh started by saying that his life has been destroyed by the committee, has been destroyed by allegations without a scintilla or a iota of corroborative evidence as was predictable. And as I predicted my family and my name, I've been totally and permanently destroyed by vicious and false additional accusations to ten days away. It's been harmful to me and my family to the supreme court into the country. Okay. So he is exactly right about all of that. And this hearing was turned into a farce. As he made clear said this, you guys have replaced advice and consent, which would be all about the political views of my judicial philosophy. And you replace that with search and destroy an attempt to destroy my life, destroy my family, and Brett cabin is exactly right about this. The reason this resonated with so many conservatives is for their really a couple of reasons. One, the metoo movement has been militarized into an allegation is made. We destroy your life, not proven allegation, not multiple allegations, not credibility of allegation. None of that an allegation has made. We destroy your life. A mildly credible allegations made your life is over, and there are a lot of people conservatives and non conservatives we're looking around and saying that could happen to literally anyone. I was talking to a female friend last night, somebody who's lead a pretty rough life actually. And she was talking to me about the fact that such acusations could be leveraged against anyone. Literally anyone I'm as had said before the cleanest person in American. Public life when it comes to matters sexual hate. But at one point I went over to this woman's house with her husband for for dinner. She said, you know what I could say theoretically is you that my husband left the room from an and you try to make a move on me, right? Anybody can say anything about anyone at anytime. Now I'm not saying that Christine, blazey Ford. The accuser in this case is completely making up the story. I don't think that she's completely making up the story. I do think that it's quite possible that her memory is wrong, but regardless you need some sort of corroborative evidence and in just a few minutes, I'm going to discuss why it's so necessary to have corroborative evidence for these sorts of allegations. That's reason. Number one, why so many people are uncomfortable with what's happening here. Reason number two, why? So many people are uncomfortable with everything that is happening here is because for years and years and years Republicans have been ripped as racist, sexist. Bigot homophobes they've been ripped as everything that is wrong with society. Everything that is wrong with the world. And Brent Cavanaugh seems like, and his record shows him to be a fundamentally decent person. There is not a hint not a not. The mildest reference to any sort of serious misbehavior over the course of his life until two minutes before he was supposed to be confirmed for the supreme court. And a lot of conservatives went, somebody has to stand up in the face of this. Somebody has to say no to this sort of character assassination and break Cavanaugh did that yesterday and it resonated with people. It also resonated because Brad Kavanagh wasn't just angry and righteously. Indignant Brad Kavanagh demonstrated a fundamental decency even in the midst of his anger. So here are some of his anger talking about replacing advice and consent with search and destroy this confirmation processes become a national disgrace. The constitution gives the Senate important role in the confirmation process, but you have replaced advice and consent with search and destroy. And of course, he's right about that. The moment that really made this happen for cabinet that really saved his nomination. I don't even think was him coming out so strongly against the committee, which was perfectly appropriate. It was when he talked about his own family and he talked about his daughter because this was the moment when I think a lot of people look to break Cavanaugh and they said it's not the the anger is not fake the hurt and the pain and the and the rage that he must feel are enormous. And yet this is a guy who has the decency to talk about with his daughter what was going on, and his daughter has the decency to pray for the woman who's accusing her father in his view wrongly and falsely of attempting to rape Raipur thirty six years ago. I intend no ill-will sadaqa Ford in her family. The other night Ashleigh in my daughter lives us said their prayers and little lies all ten years old. Said to Ashley, we should pray for the woman. A lot of wisdom from ten year olds. All of this really did save break, Kavanagh's nomination. Now what happened next is that Lindsey, Graham came into the room and tunder stand how monumental this was. You have to understand Lindsey, Graham is the Senator from South Carolina is not exactly known for being firebrand that is putting it mildly Lindsey. Graham is about as milk toast human being as it is possible to find on planet earth. It's one of the reasons why the Republican base has never been fond of Lindsey, Graham, they've always thought of Lindsey, Graham as the very soft spoken gentleman from South Carolina who sort of wanted to go along to get along with the other side of the aisle. He voted in favor of the nominations of Sonia may or for the supreme court. He voted in favor of the nomination of Justice, Elena Kagan for the supreme court. This is a guy who has a reputation for bipartisan work. Well, he came into the hearing room the Senate Judiciary committee hearing room yesterday, and he launched into what is going to be seen as one of the great all-time Senate speeches, really. I mean, this is one that people are gonna remember for quite a while. He launched into Democrats, and he said they have destroyed the entire process here, and it is disgusting what they've done to this man which you wanted to destroy this guy's life. Hold this seat open and hope you win at twenty twenty. You've said that not make. You've got nothing to apologize for this system unethical sham since I've been in politics boy, oh, won't power God, I hope you never get it. I hope that Merican people can see through this sham that you knew about it and you held it, you had no intention of protecting Dr. Ford, none. She's as much of a victim as you are. Hey, it's and this was a moment. I mean, it certainly was a moment because the fact is that this was mob Justice being brought to bear against Brad Kavanagh and Lindsey. Graham serpents said, no, there has to be some sort of process that has to be some sort of corroborative evidence. President Trump tweeted yesterday, and this is clearly written by staff, and it was a good tweet. He said, judge have no showed America exactly why nominated him. His testimony was powerful, honest and riveting. Democrats search and destroy strategy is disgraceful. And this process has been a total sham effort to delay obstruct and resist. The Senate must vote k. he's exactly right about all this. Now, how will the Senate vote in the end? How will the hell the Senate vote when it comes down to it? There's some rumors today that that that Donald Joe Donnelly from from Indiana, who is a democrat is going to vote against it. The rumors yesterday that Donald, he was gonna vote the same way as Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine and Manchin of West Virginia. But none of that is clear at this time, so it is. It is just not clear at this time. What is clear is that the democratic. Outrage over all of this is just insane. It is just insane. Joe philipovich who is a feminist. She's a, she wrote a book called the feminist pursuit of happiness. She literally wrote a tweet this morning. This has divorce, you'll Republican husband's divorce your Republican husbands. This is where the Democrats are going there. Actual implication here is that if you want corroborative evidence, it's because you hate women. You don't care about the accounts of women and you're fine watching a rapist enter the supreme court. No one is fine. Watching rapists, entered the supreme court, but we must have corroborative evidence for allegations. We can't just say that an allegation on its own is enough to destroy man particularly when he gives credible evidence on the other side. It's not that this woman is not that clear, seem blazey forward has evidence, and then he has evidence that she has no evidence. And then he has evidence shows no evidence. Every witness she says was at the party denies that it ever happened denies remembering says, we don't remember this ever happening. Her best friend Leland Kaiser came forward and said that she doesn't even know Brett cavern. And when asked about this, Christine, blazey Ford basically impeached her own best friend said as witness, basically said my own best friend doesn't know what she's talking about was a health problem. We that's pretty amazing stuff, and we're just going to ignore all that. I also wanna talk in just a second about why corroborative evidence is necessary and why the democratic line that you must be leave. A women is basically a load of tripe. We're gonna talk about that in just one. Second. First, let's talk about the possibility of emergency. I saw video from Indonesia today about to NAMI hitting the small Indonesian city is pretty shocking and frightening, and that's certainly true. Emergencies can hit anywhere natural disasters, manmade emergencies. And when that happens, you don't wanna be left without anything in your home. 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You need to be prepared and your family should be prepared as well. Go check it out right now. Eight eight eight eight. Oh three, fourteen thirteen or prepare with Ben dot com. So the left is basically saying that if you don't quote unquote, believe all women, this means that you're a bad person. They don't believe all women. No one should believe all women because women are not inherently more credible than men. They are not and victims by the way are not always remembering things properly. So even if Christine blazing Ford is telling the truth, we need corroborative evidence because there's just no way to tell there's no way to tell. She made some statements yesterday about the way the brain chemistry works in the way that memory works that are just flat out wrong, and it's actually important to note these things. This is why we need corroborative evidence. This is why we need some sort of detail. We need something that we can latch onto because witness, testimony or victim testimony alone is not enough. It just isn't why? Because the data don't back that Alan Dershowitz pointed this out yesterday said, there's no empirical evidence supporting the gender based political view that women who claim to have been sexually assaulted alleged acquaintance, rape situations, tell the entire truth more often than men who are accused and denied the accusation. One report from the US National Research Council explains eyewitnesses are notoriously unreliable. Quote, unknown to the individual memories are forgotten, reconstructed updated and distorted. Elizabeth Loftus who's a psychologist at university of Washington says, memories are quote more easily modified. For instance, when the passage of time allows the original memory to fade as thirty six years later, false memories are quote constructed by combining actual members with the content of suggestions received from others in a small-scale, studied the Loftus performed fully twenty five percent of respondents remembered false events constructed for them. What about the notion that. Ford was promoting that indelible impressions are left. When you experience a trauma research, doesn't back that idea according to a well cited paper in nature findings from basic psychological research and neuroscience studies indicate memory is reconstructive process that is -ceptable to distortion. Furthermore, the commonly held belief among the general public that an eyewitness, his confidence in the accuracy or of his or her memory is a strong indicator. In the actual accuracy of the memory is a myth. It's just not true. It's not true that because you believe that you're remembering something accurately, you are actually believing something. You're remembering something accurately. Now, again, maybe Ford is remembering this accurately. I don't know, but you don't know either and to simply say that Christine blazey Ford's memory is enough to impeach and get rid of and destroy the life of judge. Cavanaugh requires you to throw out due process entirely. That's what it requires requires an entity process, and listen Democrats were never interested in due process from the very start of this. They were not interested at any point at any point in due process, and you can. The proof was in the pudding. As the Democrats in the committee hearing yesterday were just abysmal. First of all, if you thought this wasn't a circus if you thought that this was folks taking things seriously, why was listen Milano there there only about thirty five seats in the audience apparently and yet right behind Brad Kavanagh. There was actress Lozano from charmed there. She was sitting right behind Brad Kavanagh, look at her and she was sitting there making faces the entire time on camera behind Brad Kavanagh. Why was she there? Because Dianne Feinstein invited her the same woman who quote unquote did not leak. Christine blazey Ford's testimony and her letter to the media, the same woman who held that letter for six weeks without actually asking any serious questions about it, invited a famous actress to sit in at the hearing specifically for publicity purposes. No, this wasn't political at all. Wasn't partisan hackery at all. Speaking of partisan hackery, Sheldon Whitehouse, making a complete acid himself is the democrat Senator from Thailand. A c. starts asking judge, Brad Kavanagh yesterday about his yearbook. Because this is what we need to know. We need to know whether there's evidence from a yearbook that judge Brad Kavanagh was a serial rapist back when he was in high school. What is Sheldon Whitehouse as evidence that judge Brad Kavanagh in his yearbook, use the word boof k, which means to fart. Apparently this is what has become of the world's greatest deliberative body, Sheldon Whitehouse, making a complete fool themselves on is center. What do you have you? I don't know if it's booked or beefed. How do you pronounce that. John refers to flatulence. We were sixteen okay. And so when your friend Mark judge said the same, put the same thing in his yearbook page back to you. He had the same meaning. It was flatulence. I don't know what he did, but that's my recollection. We wouldn't talk about flatulence age sixteen on a yearbook page. I'm game. You mentioned, I think the Renou Tae or Renate Renata. I don't know how you pronounce that. That's that's the proper name of an individual. You know for Nata, Renata. Okay. And then you just continue with this line of questioning, making a complete idiot of himself, but didn't stop there. Dianne Feinstein yesterday was put on the defensive by Cavanaugh. It was one of the great moments I've seen in American political life Feinstein who's been slandering Cavanaugh basically from the bench in the legal sense. But she's been saying things about cavenaugh that are unbased with vindictive force. She she had to confront cabinet and cabinet basically shredder because there was one point here at which Cavanaugh was asked Pacific about the Julia sweat, Nick allegations clip five, and she was asked about he was asked about the allegations, brought four by Michael avenue that he was a gang rapist and here's how for Dianne Feinstein. And what you're saying. If if I understand it is that the allegations by Dr Ford, miss Ramirez and misfit sweat, Nick are are wrong, that that is emphatically what I'm saying emphatically. Sweat, Nick thing is a joke that is a farce. Which would like to say more about it? No. Okay. Okay. And good for break. Cavanaugh Feinstein came out today, and she said, I've never seen a nominee for any position behave in that manner. Judge Cavanaugh used as much political rhetoric is my Republican colleagues because you're all political hats who tried to destroy his life. That's why it is perfectly appropriate for him to fight back in preservation of his family and his life finds by the way, ended up dumping her own witness under the bus. Shouldn't it up dumping Ford under the bus. She was asked yesterday about how did all of these letters ended up in the possession of the of the f. b. i. in the media, how how did the media get a hold of these letters? Because remember originally, Christine blazey Ford sent a letter to Diane Feinstein. Instead, I want you to keep this anonymous and Dianne Feinstein. Then somehow magically disappears in the media and try and find sense. It wasn't me. It wasn't me who was it if it wasn't fine, send their only two other parties that had an issue of California Representative and Christine blazey for herself. But Ford has said that she didn't leak this to the media. So here's Feinstein dumping Ford under the bus. Oh, I don't believe my staff would leak. I have not asked. That question directly, but I do not believe that. I mean how in the world that get in the hands of the of the press, the answer is no the staff. Have you asked your staff or others? Death, the judiciary committee. Pardon me? Well, Jennifer remind me I've asked her before about it. Well, that's true. Well, somebody leaked it if it wasn't you. Well, it was. I'm telling you it was not. I did not. I mean, I was asked to keep it confidential case. So she says that she, it wasn't that it wasn't. It wasn't her, which means that it was somebody on Ford's team. So there she is dumping her own witness under the bus as politically motivated actor, who wanted to get this stuff into the media. Amazing, amazing stuff on just a second. We're gonna talk about the rest of the democratic response, which it just got worse from there. It just got worse than there. This is a political crap show of the highest order and we'll talk about the rest of it. Why it's sham why they should hold the vote yesterday while this should be done already. But first, let's talk about your second amendment rights. If you trust these jokers to protect your second amendment rights, you are out of your mind. These are folks you don't give a damn about any of your rights, but you should. And that's why you should be a member of the US CCA right now, the USCCA is giving away a free critical self-defense survival guide. You can finally learn what to do when the smoke clears. 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And again, to get that free critical self-defensive guy, the deadly force checklist, and the shocking truth stories of self defense audiobook a lot of good stuff. Plus you should be a member of the USCCA anyway, they're doing great work. Text go to eight, seven, two to go check it out right now. I, I've never seen a spectacle quite like what we are seeing today. We've seen protesters inhabit the. Halls of the Senate. We saw protesters screaming at Jeff flake, Jeff flake is one of those moderate members of the United States Senate. He said that he is going to vote for Brett cavenaugh specifically because there's no corroborative evidence to wool break have not f- out. He was confronted in elevators and told that he hates. Women doesn't care about women doesn't care for him and get raped. Absolutely ally. Absolutely sham really disgusting. And you can see the democratic rhetoric escalating. Now you can see it happen yesterday. When the Democrats it turned out had nothing. It turns out they had no actual facts to back. The allegations made by Christie, blazey Ford, they'd know specific questions that they asked Brent Kavanagh none of that instead they just kept begging cavenaugh over and over to call for an FBI investigation into himself. The real reason that he won't do that is because he understands as everyone else. The only reason Democrats are calling for an FBI investigation is because it will take minimum a couple of months which brings us beyond the election, which is all the Democrats want. They just want this pushed off beyond the election so that there can be a new Senate that is impaneled. Old at which point cavenaugh doesn't get approved even if he's innocent, and then they just hold the seat open until after Trump is president. That is their entire goal here as Lindsey, Graham said, but he was Kamala Harrison, dick Durbin, pretending that it was really all just about why won't you ask for an FBI investigation. Here's why this is so stupid. Here's what enough investigation does they ask a bunch of witnesses, a bunch of questions. Those are sworn oaths right under three, oh, to, you know, who else can do that members of the Senate. They can get people to testify and they don't need majority help. Kamala Harris can ask for the testimony of Mark judge. Now, in fact, they were lying. Yesterday, Democrats said, Republicans haven't talked to Mark. Judge lies. Republicans did talk to Mark judge Democrats boycotted the actual hearing with Mark judge not hearing, but the actual interview with Mark judge because they didn't wanna lend credibility to the actual interview with Mark judge. This is all political gamesmanship of the most disgusting magnitude. Here's Kamala Harris Stowe who wants to run for president in two thousand twenty. She walked out of the judiciary committee vote this morning, and she held hand with maisy Hirono because. Women unites here was Harris yesterday, pressing on the FBI investigation point. The FBI would gather witness statements few women. It's it. They do not. I don't wanna debate with you how they do their business. I'm just asking, are you willing to ask the White House to conduct such investigation witness testimonies before you know witness, who was there? Supports that? I was. They're coming to take that as a known we can move on, hey, I'm gonna take that as a no that you're not gonna call for an FBI investigation. He doesn't have the power to initiate FBI investigation. The Senate has investigative powers. The Senate Judiciary committee has the power to investigate. That's why Ford was there yesterday under oath. This whole thing is ridiculous. It got even more ridiculous. No, because it didn't stop there. Breath cavenaugh responded angrily when he was accused of rape, woo, that's bad. He can't respond angrily when he is accused of rape. Instead he's supposed to respond with completely placid demeanor at which point Democrats call him robotic and a fake. That's how this is supposed to work. Breath. Cavenaugh gets. Angry, it's because he's guilty and if he doesn't get angry, it's also because he's guilty. Ted lieu essentially tweeted that out yesterday are execrable congressperson from here in California. He tweeted out if Brett cavenaugh can be this angry on national TV. Imagine what he's like when he gets an abbreviated. So in other words, I accuse you of rape. You get angry. That means you're probably angry drunk. That probably means thirty six years ago. You raped the girl. That's the chain of logic there. That is the chain of logic being used by sitting congress person, and it wasn't just Ted lieu is ridiculous. Disgrace, Brian Schatz the Senator from Hawaii. He tweeted out. It's hard to imagine this person being objective and fair on the supreme court. Is it though he's been years on the DC circuit court of appeals? Is it possible? You might be pissed if I accused you of rape, is it possible you might not appear objective and fair fi accused you of rape, and you came back at me and you said your your bleep. What you're not being objective and fair to me. Right? Because you just accused me of rape. It's probably that it wasn't just those Senator Jeff. Merkley is twenty six, Jeff Merkley tweeted something similar out said Brent cavenaugh showed himself today to be a partisan hack in a robe, utterly lacking the temperament to be a Justice of the supreme court and his repeated refusal to request enough. I investigation speaks volumes, a partisan hack in a robe. Again, you'd have something in his actual record to support that if you cared to look. But instead you're just gonna call him a partisan hack after. I mean, this is this is gas lighting at its finest. This is when you have a younger sibling and you take your younger siblings hand and you hit your younger sibling in the face. They go stuff hooting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself. This is exactly what Democrats are doing here. Democrats are saying you are a gang rapist. You are a, you are a an alleged rapist of a fifteen year old girl thirty six years ago at an unnamed party an unnamed location, an unnamed date. That's you. And then if you get mad that you're shows your partisan hack, if you say you're only that I'm only doing that for partisan purposes, will that shows that you, sir, are the real partisan, you wouldn't want people going nuts because your gas lighting them, which is deliberately designed to make people go nuts. That's what gas lighting is gas lighting is where you tell somebody something not true. And then when they respond to the truth, you blame them for responding to the truth that's going on here. I honest to God, Democrats stoop pretty low sometimes, but to protect abortion, which is what this is really about. This is as low as I've ever seen anyone stoop anyone. Kirsten gillibrand comes forward who as you will recall, said that if Brett cavenaugh doesn't call for an FBI investigation of himself, that means he's guilty. She came forward and she says, shoes, offended how cavenaugh spoke to Senator. So she proclaims that he is basically a rapist. And then she comes forward and says, she's offended by his response, honest to God. If I've been Brent Kavanagh yesterday outcome come in birds flying. I mean, I would have just flipped off the entire. I would have walked in there and flip them off. I would have dropped eighty thousand f bombs, I would. I would have been so much more colorful than Brett Cavanaugh was yesterday. The fact that Brad Kavanagh is contained as he was z. shock. It's a shock it. But Kirsten gillibrand says, no one should treat senators this way in a high behind that Senator title after slandering amount amazing stuff. The way he talked. He was so arrogant in how he spoke to set. Hitters and dismissive? I was. I was really offended by how he behaved at the hearing. Oh no, we're not offended by Kristen gillibrand, not offended by Dianne Feinstein, hiding a story of rape for six weeks so that she could get away with pushing Brett Cavanaugh off the court. Just absurd. Just absurd. The the most absurd of courses from Senator Barbara Boxer who used to be officially the stupidest woman in the United States Senate and she, she now, she's no longer in the United States Senate. She's been replaced by Kamala Harrison to nose running gun battle for stupidest women in the United States Senate who may not. In fact, stupidest person the United States Senate, Sheldon Whitehouse is definitely up for that honor. But in any case, Barbara Boxer who used to be the stupidest woman in the United States Senate. She says that Brett Cavanaugh you could actually see him attacking woman because he was sitting there getting angry that people were accusing him of attacking a woman. All of a sudden we see a man transformed from a choirboy who up to now has said after hours in front of the committee, he lived this very perfect life. All of a sudden his anger is triggered. And what we saw today is someone who you could now see attacking a woman it, it's very frightening. Yes, that was clearly what happened there. If I rape and you get mad, then clearly your personal kind of person who would attack a woman. I mean, this is legitimately a witch hunts kind of thing. This is legitimately a, if you throw you in the river and you sink, that means you are innocent. And if you float, that means you're guilty and we burned you at the stake. That's what this is. If he gets mad, it's because he's guilty if he doesn't get mad because he's insincere, what's even worse than the Democrats you can expect to do all this sort of nonsense are the members of the media. I mean, the media coverage of this was just agreed just they are so partisan. They're so open in their partisanship. It is truly an astonishing astonishing thing to watch and and the mask is off and you wonder why I hope Republicans out is amazing. In six weeks. I hope Republicans turnout is just unending. I hope you bring all your friends to vote because these folks cannot have power. These folks cannot be given power. If these folks have power, they will use it to run you and your rights off the ground. That is what they are doing here. They were willing to destroy a man's life and family based on an unveil. Viable allegation. What do you think they're willing to do to you for political gain? What do you think they're willing to do your rights for political gain? The most cynical, partisan disgusting have ever seen in my entire life. It's just abysmal and the media complicit in it at every step of the way because the media have demonstrated that they are in fact democratic outlets. I'm a guy who's criticized President Trump for saying that the media are fake news, but to this week, they proved that they were partisan hacks in objected news, journalist, sheep's clothing. They showed it over and over again. I'll explain in just a second, but first you're gonna have to go over the daily wire and subscribe for nine ninety nine a month. You can get a subscription to daily wire means you get the rest of the show live the rest of Andrew claybon show live. The rest of Michael Moser show live. The rest of Matt Walsh show live all sorts of goodies. Plus you get to be part of the mailbag yesterday we did a second live show. I took questions from our subscribers only. You can do that sort of thing. If you are a subscriber. So go check it out right now. Also subscribe at YouTube or itunes, and that ensures that you going to be able to actually get our Sunday special, which who is Cameron Cassie this Sunday. Then we have a bunch of great ones coming up as well. To go check that largest fastest growing conservative podcast in the nation I'm gonna show you some of the media treatment of all of this. Now we're going to start with some of the quote, unquote objective media, and then we'll get to the non objective media because the non-objective media are democrat hack are basically democrat hacks, and I wanted to the point of view, but let's start with the folks who are supposed to be objective. So we begin with John king of CNN. So John king of CNN yesterday he comes out and he says, Brent Kavanagh went full Trump, which is the worst thing can say about anyone on CNN. He went full Trump or alternatively, Brett Cavanaugh was legitimately defending himself against charges that he believes are false against him. But if you're angry at any point, then you're Trumpian and if you're not angry, it's because you're not authentic, authentic emotion. My favorite meeting this we today was was Maggie Haberman over at the New York Times, Maggie Haberman at the New York Times tweeted something out. Like if you've ever seen a democrat, get angry and upset and yelling and crying and being mean with senators, if you've ever seen a democratic woman like that, they would have been run outta town on a rail. Really. I remember someone in Hillary Clinton who went in front of the Senate. Committee on Benghazi and and and said that she didn't really matter. Right? What difference does it make? How things went down in Benghazi? What difference does it make? Why the protests happened in the first place yelling at senators being as militant and nasty as humanly possible. And the Democrats cheered her stew. She persisted. It's just nonsense, but here's John king doing the same routine. Brett Cavanaugh is obviously just like Donald Trump. The implication being, of course that he's just as guilty as Donald Trump matter. Sexual Brett Kavanagh went full Trump today. And as that appeal to them or does it repulsed them? And if because they don't like Trump, they don't re- of those four key senators. They are repulsed not only by this president by how he conducts himself by history. So does Kavanagh's embrace of Trump help him just just insane. John Bresnahan of politico, a supposedly objective journalists over political. He tweets out this indignant angry attitude is not good for cavenaugh, really isn't it? And then we had the Washington Brian Stelter rated supposedly objective journalists on CNN. He quotes a piece from the Washington Post today in America. This was men against women right against left to cascade of recrimination. Explosions of anger, hours of tears and sobs wasn't meant against women, or is that the narrative the media wants to portray my producer send you turns out she has a woman. Okay. And my producer send ya. Was miffed yesterday. I mean, angry yesterday over the treatment of break Cavanaugh and I honestly, I've rarely seen so many Republican women angry at the treatment of anyone. We have a lot of women who work in this office, a lot of women who work in this office. They were glued to the screen and they were indignant at the way, Brad Kavanagh was treated yesterday because it turns out a lot of these women have husbands have sons. A lot of them are looking at the way men are being treated by the militant feminists and the and the radical members of the metoo movement. And they're saying, I can't live in a country like this. I want people protected. Yes, I like men and I want men protected to. They're still American citizens even if they have penises. It turns out there are a lot of women who still believe in due process and the rights of the accused. There's still a lot of women don't like to watch partisan hackery substituted for any sort of knowledge. It's just it's an amazing thing. The Washington Post had this headline Kavanagh sexual assault here, interns, partisan as Republican senators, lash out at treatment of supreme court. Nominee wasn't harder than before that it wasn't partisan Dianne Feinstein. Hell. Up an actual accusation of alleged rape back in nineteen eighty two for six weeks for her own purposes. Now, it's partisan only now got partisan. You know, this is the famous Republicans pounds that you see from the media all the time. Every time Democrats do something bad when Republicans respond, it's Republicans pants and NBC news tweeted this. This was their headline conservative media dedicate blanket coverage to Ford hearing, how is that? Even a headline, thirty million people watched the hearing yesterday, everyone's indicated blanket coverage to Ford. Hearing. I, for example, was watching some of the coverage on MSNBC. It turns out everyone dedicated blanket coverage to the Ford hearing. These are the objective news media, and then we get to the complete fools in the quote, unquote, non-objective news media's people be like Luke russert. Luke russert tweeted this out, say he tweeted out, oh boy, Cavanaugh is going full angry, belittled marginalized white man, tough sell for today. Or alternatively, he believes he was falsely accused. Of an attempted rape, and he was mad about it. But no, he's white. We can't talk. He's a man, so he can't talk. Basically he's supposed to sit there and take all this. I can't wait to show you what Jennifer Rubin had to say, get to that in just a second. So Jennifer, Rubin is the quote, unquote conservative columnist over at the Washington Post, which is just absurd. I think recently finally changed that because it is obvious that Jennifer Rubin is the half of all hats. If you go back and look at what you wrote about Mitt Romney in two thousand twelve versus what she has written about Mitt Romney today. She's reverse herself on virtually every position because Trump legitimately drove out of her mind. And she proved that with this tweet yesterday with him screaming and interrupting senators. I could imagine him putting his hand over someone's mouth. Yes, you see, he was mean to senators, calling him a rapist and that means that you can imagine him putting his hand over woman's mouth while attempting to rape her weird. Because after reading that tweet, I can imagine Jennifer Rubin ranting in an insane asylum. If someone tries to catch with a butterfly net, she runs around in a straitjacket doesn't think much of a leap for me to get there actually. But this this was the entire stick up and down yesterday over and over yesterday. And then you finally get to the real nub of the matter. And then of the matter I think was brought forth by Stephen Colbert. So Stephen Colbert has given up comedy. Now he just does unfunny political commentary. I am a, I am a political commentator who is at moments. Funny. Stephen Colbert basically is now in my lane for he used to be a comedian who sometimes political. Now, he's a political commentator whose occasionally funny here he was yesterday being completely unfunny about the Cavanaugh hearings, but still in the beans on what the real agenda here is for Democrats have the wind was sown when Donald Trump had nineteen credible allegations of sexual assault against him. Bragged about sexual assault on tape and your Republican buddies up on that committee said, yeah, but we want our guy on the supreme court, and that's you. Brett. That doesn't mean you're guilty, but please save your indignation that finally, someone is taking one. Woman's accusation of sexual assault seriously. Okay. So the I mean, that's an amazing statement. So breath cabinet has no right to be outraged none. No, right. To be outraged because people didn't take the allegations against Trump seriously. So in other words, Republicans voted for Trump despite the allegations. That means that if we leverage completely baseless charges, evidence free charges except for the allegation itself. If we leverage those allegations against cavenaugh, he has no right to be mad because Republicans weren't mad when actual charges were levered leverage against Trump understands what Trump was guilty. Therefore cabinet shouldn't be mad that he's being railroaded. What in the hell is that how is that? Even remotely logical isn't and he got sheers. Ford, he got cheers for all. This is a petty revenge play. People are angry that Trump is president. People are angry, merit, garland isn't on the court. People are angry that there will be five Republican people who Republican appointed conservatives on the court. They're upset about that and therefore they are fine with anything that gets. On these guys. Anything is a show trial, this Dreyfuss affair type thing for folks who don't know the Dreyfuss affair back in eighteen ninety to France. There was an attempt by French nationalists to railroad, a member of the French military named Alfred Dreyfus. Jew is an anti semitic attempt to suggest that he was documents the Austro-Hungarian empire. He was not, but it turned into a cost lab anyway, eight political purposes infect infect situations like this, and it is obvious that for Democrats, it has infected situations like this. It's just it's maddening. It's maddening, and that's why Republicans are saying, here's vote on this thing. You know what done. Let's vote on this was done with this. I'm sick of it. It doesn't matter what you do. You can have enough be hearing tomorrow. Everybody could testify to exactly the same thing. They've already testified to everybody could already come forward and say that cabinet is completely innocent. We can do all of that any of it and all of it we can do and it wouldn't matter one damn for these Democrats wouldn't matter. One one. I iota for the. One atom for these Democrats, nothing they would not care. All this is about is petty revenge. And if they have to tear down a man based on a bunch of fraudulent allegations and a credible allegation with no corroborative evidence, they will do it. They will do it. They will do it to anyone if they'll do it to break Cavanaugh, they'll do it to you. They'll do it to me. They will do to anyone. It's amazing the there's so many people out there who are saying, we need a new unity in this country. You can't have unity when you don't have basic remains on standards of due process. I mean, these are the basics of western civilization and we are seeing them thrown out in favor of sheer partisan brutality. On the part of the left, I've ripped it when I've seen it from the right, I ripped it when I saw the association's that the alright of the Trump campaign and I will rip it when I see it from the left and today what you're seeing is the mainstream Democratic Party embracing the worst instincts, embracing the worst angels of their nature, the devils of their nature in order to get what they want, and it is. It is disgusting on spy ring to watch it is. It is just incredible. No matter matters. No wonder so many people are angry. Vote on Cavanaugh, put him on the supreme court, and let's be done with the sham. Let's do it now already. So it will do a few questions from the mail bag since we sort of ran out of time on the mail, but we'll do a few questions for for our subscribers anyway. So Alexandros Shalom is the intellectual dark web. You Rogin Ruben Harris hot summers. Brothers Weinstein, sufficient to develop well rounded worldview after watching your take on the cabinet on hearing, I wanted to get another viewpoint from the left just to balance things out. Unfortunately, what I've found that was that every left-leaning source him deeply pretentious, thumbing their nose at factual championing subjective feelings, specifically NPR pod, save America. The young Turks, basically, I feel myself becoming more and more partisan, and I wanted to know if I should just let it happen or keep fighting for some kind of middle ground. Thanks for everything you do. What you know. This is an interesting question because they're a bunch of people on the intellectual dark web, particularly Sam Harris and Eric Weinstein who disagree with me sharply on cavenaugh. I actually had an exchange with Sam Harris on Twitter yesterday about cavenaugh what the intellectual dark web is good for is the idea that we can actually have conversations about difficult topics, but it does not mean we agree on things. It doesn't mean we agree things not by a long shot. I have significant disagreements with Sam Harris, have significant disagrees with Weinstein. That's fine. All that is good. All that is, okay. The purpose of the intellectual dark web is to provide a forum for well reasons and argued conversations and that I think is useful. Does that mean that partisan. Differences go away? No, but the difference between the partisans of the ID w I hope and people who are outside the ID is the people inside the idea w are trying not to make intellectually incoherent arguments with that said, if you're looking for a coke, your worldview from the idea w I don't think that's, I think that's asking too much. I don't think that's what this is. I think the the dark web is like any other forum. I think it is more of a forum with a few values in common like belief in free speech and a huge variety of differences on matters, substantive. And I think people ought to keep that in mind. It's not like we all get together and we agree on everything or even close to it. Nicole says, please enlighten me as to how you keep your emotions in check during this despicable, circus my blood is boiling, but I try to stay quiet because I know if I speak up, I'll probably blow with anger. Thank you, Nicole. Listen, I'm having a tough time. I'll be honest with you. I mean, this is the most emotional. I felt about politics and a time, and that is just because it is exactly as you call it a despicable circus a, I think that keeping your emotions in check is mostly a matter of of being at a remove. It's hard. To be a remove when you watch people make insurrection, not only intellectually incoherent targets, but morally despicable, arguments, Joe fil, Povich, delete divorce, Republican husbands. Honestly, gentlemen don't marry radical feminists in the first place. That is the proper response to that. But I mean, how do you keep your emotions in check? That's listen. I'm a human being just like anybody else. I tried present as many facts as I can. I hope that those facts are convincing to you. I'm not gonna pretend I don't get emotional about subjects, but I hope that those emotions are not as positive because I don't think that emotions should be just positive house Ben. What are your biggest pet peeves besides your wife, losing her phone? Yeah, I know I got a lot of play off of that story about my wife. Losing her phone I, that is definitely that that is definitely one of them. The truth is that most pet peeves are my own fault. I think I, it's mostly stuff where I have speculations of people and the expectations are unjustified on my wife. Using her phone is probably the biggest one. Honestly, I'm trying. I'm trying to think of other pet peeves. Obvious. Their moral pet peeves that I've just pet peeves with politics in general. I have pet peeves with Twitter. I have pet peeves with social media, but in terms of kind of interpersonal relations. Okay. So a couple of them when people say, can I just have a minute of your time? And I'm in the middle of work that's pet peeve because the answer is no, you can't because it's not actually a minute. It's more like fifteen. I've said this before it takes me seven minutes to get out of what I'm doing. Seven minutes get back into what I'm doing and it's a problem that one is not great. The the, let's see other ones into personally, if I. So there are times where I will ask my wife, I need like fifteen minutes to do something. Can you watch the kids and she'll be doing her best and she'll be watching one. And then my two and a half year old son comes busting through the door. Now Clinton sitting in the room, call the scene, my two and a half year old son, my two and a half year old son is a nut. Okay. My two and a half year old son. He's the most charming beautiful wonderful kid, and he's totally crazy. His totally crazy person Colt was on a flight from Sacramento to LA with me and my two kids and my wife because we just said. It just ended up on the same flight back the other day. And he watched as my son lost his bleep for a full thirty five minutes on the descent into us Angeles because he wouldn't sit his little down in the buckle. He just wouldn't. He stood up trying to stand because he was obsessed with the lights above the above, the seats and he and he actually would take down the tray table. And then he would stand on the tray table and then hit all the buttons. And then he'd get mad if you took him down and he would scream like a banshee and then and my wife would try to appease him by giving him chocolates. Now, he's covered in chocolate and he's got his hands awful of chocolate and he's struggling against me and it's a little sucker strung. He's like a ball of muscle and you're trying to muscle him into the seat as he is screaming said, he doesn't, and my kid, you're gonna. Like if we crash where you're gonna die, like to sit down, just sit them. You can't reason with two and a half year old. In any case, sometimes my wife loses containment of the children. The quarantine ends and I'm sitting in the library working and suddenly the could bust through the door and just jumps on my back and it's too cute. My wife to do anything about it, but I actually need to do something about it and it doesn't happen so that that is a pet peeve, but that's honestly not her fault. It happens sometimes again, most disappointments, in pet peeves come from having expectations of other people that are unfulfilled. One solution is to not have expectations of other people that are unjustified. Lee says, dear, Ben of Kavanagh backs down from the court position was found on fit. Do you think Amy Barrett, if nominated will be attacked like him for being a Christian and pro-life, or do you think people will back off because she's a woman? No murder, the murder her they'll send her to the murder hole. That's what will happen. Everybody knew this going in, which is why I said he should nominate a Conybeare. She was the most right wing choice that I could see the most constitutionalist choice that I could see. And I wanted to see them a tackle woman for her Catholic beliefs of mother of seven who sits on a federal circuit court. I thought that'd been a lot better objects that said, should Kevin obviously did. Of course you should be suitably says, hey Ben, you know to the possibility of civil war in the next one hundred years. Do you think the time line is sped up after these hearings? Thank you for all you do. God bless. It's hard not to feel like the time line is sped up, right? I mean, it looks white. Now, would you be surprised. What if tomorrow Senator gets shot in the Dirksen building? Would that be completely surprising to you in the aftermath of all these protesters who are showing up in screaming at people and getting in their face and throwing Ted Cruz at a restaurants? Would it be totally? I mean, we had baseball. We, we had a bunch of congress. People shot last year would be all that shocking. If somebody shot Senator or tried to take a at President Trump, would that be completely shocking? I don't think so. The real question is whether there are massive leftists who are actually willing to get violent, like real massive, leftist willing, get violent. My inclinations are is no that it's a lot of talk, but that sort of thing can change over time and it can certainly changed from the other point of view. If Democrats ever get in charge of power and they start trying to say, take away guns in Texas. Things could get violent very quickly in this country. If they started telling religious people that religious people have to shut down their schools shut down their churches because they won't buy social strictures promulgated by the left, things get really bad, really fast. So young, I mean, it's hard not to watch this week and feel like we're five seconds from chaos. John, Michael says, hey, Ben, not the Democrats are interested in anything other. Delay our are mechanisms. Are there mechanisms for delaying elections in the United States? If the elections were laid, would you support a more thorough investigation into cavenaugh? Not really. I mean, I don't know what more thorough investigation looks like. He said six FBI background checks at this point. All the people who have been questioned have been questioned. I don't mind more thorough investigation, but if time we're not a consideration would I have significant objections to enough BI investigation? Probably not, but it's also at this point a balancing act between the fact. I don't think enough investigation is likely to do anything in the fact that the reasons emigrants are calling for it is specifically so it doesn't do anything. Okay. Final question here Christopher says you said corroborating evidence at least a dozen times in the last episode, what exactly what such evidence look like in the case of doctor? Ford's accusation. Okay. Here's what it looked like. It willingly. She says there were four boys and one other girl. They're like any of those four people saying this happened. That's what corroborating evidence would look like. It would look like somebody saying, yeah, I picked her up from a party. She was crying and and hysterical. It would look like somebody saying, I dropped. Her off at the party. It would look like somebody saying, yes, she told me about it the next day. It was really awful. It would look like her saying anything for thirty years. Any shred of corroborating evidence. If I heard about a party that happened in something really went wrong, her Ford was there and her cabinet. Is there like anything? There's not one shred of corroborative evidence, nothing we don't even know the house where this took place. I mean, this is that's what I mean by corroborative evidence. I don't think any of those things are too much to ask by the way every single allegation made about Cavanaugh to this point, supposedly happening in public, right? Supposedly happened in a public setting with other witnesses. Not one witness has come forward and said, they saw this stuff happen, not one that's kind of towing already so time for a quick thing I like and then a thing I hate and then we will break for the weekend. Now I gotta warn you guys next week, final Jewish holidays. I promise I promise God's calendar finally coming to an end. So I'm off Monday and Tuesday for the last time this year until Christmas break. I saw. So just the morning now. So listen to this episode three times because basically, I don't know that much. It's gonna change. It's up to, I think, have probably get confirmed, but we'll be back here next Wednesday. But here's let's do some things I like and some things. Oh yeah. And also you can check out when I think on Sunday because we're doing the Ben Shapiro election special on Fox News. So if you miss me that much, we have Sunday special on Sunday and the Ben Shapiro election special on Sunday on Fox News. So you won't miss me that much only be on for a couple of days, but let's do a thing. I like in a thing that I hate say, here's here's the thing that I like today the there's a, it's not a great movie, but it's a fun movie. The movie is sensible woman with Al Pacino. It is. It is Al Pacino at his Pacino. Easiest to Al Pacino started off as a good actor and then he just became out Pacino. So if you watch them in the godfather who's actually subtle and then about halfway through his career, he was like, you know what? Screw saddle. There's just not a thing I'm interested in. It happens with a lot of actors where they fall in love with the with the actor enough of them where suddenly they turned into Jon lovitz acting and Al Pacino definitely does that he want an Oscar for this which is kind of ridiculous. But the movie itself is kind of fun is really stupid, but it's kind of fun. The basic premise of the Chris O'Donnell plays a kid in a prep school and a couple of his classmates play a prank on the headmaster and he's asked about any won't read on them and he is tasked with driving around this blind general to to kind of his final wishes before this blind general is going to commit suicide. That's that's basically the plot of the movie. And there's only one scene that comes to mind this week, and that is there's a senior, the end of the movie where Al Pacino is testifying on behalf of this kid. They basically have a hearing into the prank and Al Pacino basically goes off on the school, and it's pretty reminiscent of kinda what happened in court yesterday with with in the judiciary committee with with cavenaugh anyway, here's a little bit preview. Mistrust about the weekend job. Come on. They put him in a federal home, hated it colonels gentleman, a real hero. Some guy down div command is absurd. Get in here. What I want. What do you want here. I want. I want a job. Job. Film, but you know, yeah, Pacino, it's it's the movie is fun. It's worth watching. Okay. Time for a quick thing that I hate because I hate everything this week. So. So a Hillary Clinton is irrelevant. No one cares about her. She was a terrible candidate. She is not a good human in my opinion, and Hillary Clinton is being brought back by the folks at NBC for a cameo on a show that never should have been remade, namely the sun CBS or NBC. It's CBS CBS the the show is Murphy Brown. I don't know why we are bringing back Murphy Brown. We've run out of all ideas. I so Candice Bergen who is now proximate ninety seven years old is back in the starring role as Murphy Brown. When in reality, this would never happen because let's be real about the news industry and CBS and NBC they'd fire every woman at sixty except for Barbara Walters. I mean, this is the like. First problem. I'm having a tough time with the believability. In any case, Murphy Brown is there and she and suddenly Hilary Clinton shows up to interview as her secretary. This is maybe the most spine chillingly boring segment of television you have ever seen and reminds you why Hillary Clinton is not president because my God woman is somebody who has no capacity to act. I mean, I an awful actor. It's joke around the office every time. He cut a promo every time we every time we do a bit. We have to cut around me. I'm like a child actor. We take like seven takes of me and then we cut it in right? So that that, oh, look, it's reaction shot, right? It's it really is that bad? I'm an awful awful actor so I speak from experience. Hillary Clinton makes me look like more Livia. I mean, she is just I'm like, Daniel date was compared to this lady. She is just astonishing awful. Here she is doing alleged comedy alleged comedy with with can't with Candace. Bergen Murphy remind. Goodness. I guess you've heard this is a pretty demanding job. I have your reputation precedes you, but I want you to know. I'm not afraid of hard work. I'm qualified and ready on day one. And I also assume you've had previous secretarial experience -solutely for four years. I was the secretary Kerry of a very large organization. And you have all the requisite skills, computer Email, emails. I do have some experience with you mail. Let me give you my car. Thank you. Thank you. Hillary at you coulda had me dot com. Okay. Worst cameo I have ever seen in my life like she, she has no sense of timing. It's not that the dialogue is bad because if she actually had a sense of timing, then it might be funny, but her sense of timing is basically she just says a line she is. She's the most mechanically. She's most mechanical candidates. She's mechanical actor reminds us why she's not president, which I'm very thankful for. I can't say our country is is in good shape, but I can still say, at least he's not president recommend. I, okay. Well, we will be back here on on Wednesday. Again, watch the Fox News. Sunday special are Fox News, Sunday special, which is the Ben Shapiro election special on FOX. It's at five PM Pacific eight PM eastern. Go check that out on Sunday in case you're gonna miss me too much over the weekend. I otherwise we'll see you back here on Wednesday. We'll see then try not to ruin things further. I mean, God, if I come back after the holiday and the world is just on fire, well, I guess that would be like a normal Wednesday around here. We'll be back there too. Then I'm venture. Oh, this is the Ben Shapiro show. The Ben Shapiro show is produced by send you Villarreal executive producer, Jeremy, boring, senior producer, Jonathan, hey, are supervising producers Mathis Glover and our technical producer is Austin Stevens ended by Alexandra. Audio is mixed by Mike Kerr. Meena Herron makeup is by just while VERA. The Ben Shapiro show is a daily wire Ford publishing production. 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