3 Powerful Techniques To Turn Your Chaos Into Opportunity - Dr. Robert Richman


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We'll bring you the greatest teachers and thought leaders on the planet discussed the world's most powerful ideas and personal growth for mind body. And here's the interesting thing. Though the dark side of it i believe is that with a lot of change comes a lot of chaos right. There's a lot of chaos. My friend dave logan and author showed me this. He said the reason. It's chaos chaos. What is it. it's complete disorder and confusion right. Yeah but here's the catch. Here's the trick. Here's a hack is. The chaos only appears to be chaos. When you're in it. In retrospect the patterns it makes sense it becomes controllable and you can use it to your advantage. Yes yes so. Those who recognize patterns capitalize on chaos. Do you notice the way you hear. Vision speak the way. You hear eric speak. It's they're capturing so many different patterns. It's obvious once they present to us. What was chaotic before they set it. They capitalize on patterns. Who here's flow states so this pattern recognition of flow states. It's not necessarily the truth. But it's one definitions of how states happen discovered by kotler in his book. Rise of superman so it starts with this phase of struggle in beta brain waves. Then you go to alpha into a release date and then finally into flow and then recovering. And i actually experienced this this entire time. I've been here. I've been struggling with what to say. Because i have this speech done but it didn't feel good and then i got to the release stage actually this morning in meditation. Emily fletcher's technique sitting there. And i got this download of this new. That i'm telling you about here so first starts with a struggle. Then it's the release then you get into a flow state and then kotler found is really important. Is that you get into this recovery. Stage that we don't like going out to flow but if we try to stay in flow too long without going into recovery there could be damages. In fact he found that stunt men and women actually get hurt more when the stunt is done because they think that they're still in the flow state when they're really out of it need to go into recovery so this is one example of pattern recognition. I'm going to talk more about that releasing flow but for now back to cast. How would you say that. We work with chaos rather than against it. This is a bizarre counterintuitive. Answer found but this is it is. It's more chaos. It's more chaos. Because the people who actively consciously create chaos are going to be the ones who lead because changes happening whether you like it or not so the question is are you going to be the one to create the changes and thus create the chaos and now mind you this can be used for good or evil because there is a certain political candidate. Who is stirring up. A lot of chaos. A lot. a lot right and he's winning. You can't argue with the scoreboard. He's really shaking things up shaking up the american public and he's winning so the first hack i wanna teach you is how to create chaos how to create their too and these are going to be weird. This isn't like stuff. I'm stealing from all of these self help books like this. This is stuff that just coming to me in the most random ways because the first one is to get awkward now. My mentor said this to me. We're walking to business. Meeting were not everybody was going to be showing up. And i said what are we gonna do. Not everybody's going to be there and he goes. We've got to make an asset out of the awkward and awkwardness is an asset. I'll give you an example of this. That i think all probably experienced this little name here. I'm going to wing it me about to do something. I most definitely should not wing right when we wing it. That's inviting the chaos in. We don't know what's going to happen. That's part of it if you can create situations. How many times a day are you entering a situation where you have no idea what's going to happen but there's going to be something to learn from it. So here's the second hack for how to do that. Is you be number driver be neutral. Because you don't know who's going to come into your car you have no idea but there's enough safety there that you're going to be okay. You are. They got ratings. Don't take anybody four stars or below you get the five star people in the car. You can have a conversation that you would not have had otherwise and when you go to the market. It's awkward to awkward to talk to people they don't wanna be bugged but in the uber. It's a chance for a conversation. It's what i've heard of. It's called his entering the quantum field. The place where you don't know what's going to happen. So these are two conscious ways to create chaos in your life and now the second. Oddly enough is destroy. Chaos paradoxical perhaps. But you've probably heard of this taking out the chaos. And i said it was get awkward for create chaos in order to destroy chaos. It's get relevant. It eliminate the irrelevant. It is dragging your resources your time your energy. I teach us businesses. I share them. The enemy is not the competition. The enemy is distraction workers. Everybody can have so many distractions out there right facebook. You can't watch everybody all the time. There are so many opportunities for it. But it's irrelevant. Get relevant. here's the second hack for how to destroy chaos in your life. Do that thing explain so my friend renita is a woman who's done every kind of self help program out there and not just taking it and then go to the next with methodical notes and plans and strategies and action items going to program to program and then all of a sudden it seemed on facebook. She's got the career she wants. She's got the man she wants. She's finally having a kid like all the major things she's wanted for long to accomplish with those programs. I sat down with her for dinner. I said you gotta tell me. Which program was. Which is the one that. Finally got you the breakthrough right. She says you're not going to believe this. She said this is all. I did differently. I just put the other the list of everything. I have to do everything that i have to. Of course you eliminate the irrelevant right stuff that you just don't want to do or not committed to do but everything i had to do. And she said. I started with the ones i didn't wanna do. And i worked my way up and i just started getting rid of those things that were on my mind that were dragging resources that were creating this chaos in my life that i didn't need that created the space for what's truly relevant for her so the third is maintained a culture of equilibrium and it'll equilibriums defined as a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced maintain a culture of equilibrium. And the way to do this. We've seen get awkward. We've seen relevant this. One is get context when you really experience the power of this. You'll see just how easy these things can be and context is nothing more than right people right place right time. The when the where. The who. Steve jobs has said that his number one talent is recognizing talent in others and surrounding himself with those people. And it's no coincidence that he was in silicon valley in the computer industry. At the time the microprocessor was shrinking down to that he was in the right place at the right time with the right people who he feels. They're at they're in the right place and the right time with the right people. Great move on your part. You already get this and there's opportunity for more of it. I was talking to the heads of one of the most famous coaching schools and they put out a lot of books. A lot of words. Mind you and he said to me he said ninety. Eight percent of transformation is body and environment. It floored you know how much talking coaching schools do. But he said ninety eight percent is body and environment so think. What does the environment that you're going back to. What are you surrounding yourself. Who are you surrounding yourself with. Because here's something really interesting. It's not so much about believing in yourself as much as those who believe in you when you're surrounding yourself with people who who believe in you that makes even more of a difference believing yourself kiani and this is the mind valley podcasts. Podcast sign up for mine valley. All access simply visit valley dot com forward slash. Now every mind body program will then be unlocked. You learn from all the greatest minds in the world plus connect with students and globally using anew private social network where rapidly innovating platform with new teachers. New subject matters new topics and new technology to create powerful transformations in yourself. And your left ones visit mine. Daddy dot com forward slash now to see the latest additions to mind body. All access and enrolled for less than two dollars a day visit mine value dot com forward slash and w.

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