6/10/19: Later is Now (Gabe Grunewald Mantra)


Hey, listeners wanna share your opinions give feedback or till me in coach Sarah, what you thinking, send us a voice message voice messages aren't easy way for you to send us audio that might end up in a future episode of the mantra pod, there, the latest feature from anger the platform, we used to make this podcast. You can share Zinger that you hear cool phrase that we could use in the mantra, open. We're tell us how a mantra helped you move through a tough moment. We'll see all of your messages, and we might have them into a future episode because anchor makes that part easy for us as well. You can send us voice message right now from wherever you're listening, just tap. The Lincoln my show notes. I can't wait to hear from you. It's tied month and I'd like to invite some LGBTQ. I a p voices two guest host the mantra pod. They don't have to be runners. They don't have to be famous. In fact, that they are they probably will want to be on this podcast. All I ask is that they identify as not necessarily straight or not necessarily since gender or not necessarily gender conforming. I get that our format is a little as their teric. So I'm totally happy to help them craft their message if you know anyone who has a message and who may be interested. Please connect us, the info at coached and love dot com. Kristen and chill is a comedy podcast that gets real about depression, therapy, and daily struggles often Reverend and light-hearted conversations range, from minor social anxiety to mental health and everything that happens in between Christian and chill. Also covers topics such as having friends with depression, weight gain suicide prevention, adult bullying, and more. So if you're looking for a more lighthearted take on these things, go, check out the show. Search Spotify, and wherever else you listen to podcasts to hear more than eighty and during episodes of Kristen and show. You can also join the conversation find Christian on Twitter at Kristen Carney. Wise woman, once said, fuck this shit, and she lived happily ever after. Hi, this is coach MK, and this is the morning mantra. Hi, my name is MK Flynn. I'm Ren coach based in Denver, Colorado, but this isn't a podcast about running. Exactly don't tell my clients, but we're never really talking about running. When you know crap testing event is coming it helps have a mantra to keep you centered and focused as you move through. You don't have to be an athlete to be hashtag coached, and loved by coach MK. And if you are here, then you are hashtag winning at life. Today's mantra is later is now. Later is now. On friday. I realized that I'd forgotten to communicate to everyone that fall racing season is upon us. Prep starts on Monday June the tenth. Meaning if you aren't yet starting maintain you should you will not be ready to use the ten week marathon ramp in August. If your race is at the end of October mind blown. So I decided I needed communicate this better. Susan took one look at my later starts Monday ad and suggested we make one small change to later is now which, of course, made it brilliant earth, just like your suggestions. Always do I loaded the ad boosted. The post and walked away. This afternoon. Just in Grunwald posted an update on his wife gave many of us have been following her since her first rare cancer diagnosis in two thousand nine. And this afternoon. She was moved palate care. The end is near. It's pride week in Denver. And I had really wanted this week to be upbeat and celebratory. And I hope I can provide that tomorrow. Today, though. I'm donating to the brave light gay foundation that funds rear cancer research. And I'm letting my heartbreak. When my husband tells me he will do something later. I tease him that later means. No, because we have four kids and get distracted. It's never intentional. Thanks creep up on us like started the training plan. New York City is twenty one weeks away you guys, it's not long doing Joe. Don't join maintain later. Join it now later means no. I wonder what cave mitt to do later? I wonder how much she was able to do when she realized that for her for sure later means now. Actually, we do know she told Sports Illustrated in two thousand seventeen interview. After learning that ACC her rear her type very rare cancer five year survival rates are very high. And she attacked his five years. Justin was away at medical school in Duluth says she stayed out a little later drank a little more beer and a little more red wine escaping experiencing a life sheet avoided in the past. Sometimes those nice ended in tears and drama, she said, because I would get emotional about everything. Emotional. That one thing women are not supposed to be because hormones. When I hear that I hear grateful, I hear gratitude, I hear appreciation. I hear someone understanding that later is now that it needs to be now. So. The mantra. In honor of Gabe, if you catch yourself at any point saying, you'll do something later. Hear my voice in the back of your head saying later is now. Into being emotional means I'm being grateful. The net means I'm being hashtag. Brave light Gabe and I'll take it. But I think that a wrap this up and snuggle, my babies now brother than later. Coats. He went knives. And you are winning. And you are definitely winning at life. If you subscribe, my Muslim newsletter. Follow me on Facebook or following on Instagram feel free to do all three.

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