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Motoweek - Offseason MotoGP News: Iannone, Rossi, Lorenzo and more!


from Moto Dot net. It's the motor week. podcast with your host Wilson. Why Hello and welcome to Mota Week Week? My name is Wilson. Thank you so much for listening to the only motor. GP Show on the Internet that will go out and buy an old DESMA quattro and then admit it to everyone in public. All right I might be being a little bit over dramatic motor week. Bike is actually running. Great well it is now that of swapped out every single one on the old leaky colon hoses on it And I haven't gotten to ride it as much as I've wanted but you know. When do you ever get to ride as much as you want? But so far I got to admit that title nine hundred six is pretty sweet so far it's been fun but we'll talk about that on another show along with a bunch of your comments and I do apologize it. It's been awesome. We've done the last show. I think what we're going to do is to shows this week one. That's just all news. Nothing but news and then the other all comments because I kind of been saving up things that I wanted to talk about. And you know lining up the things that you wanted to talk about But there's some interviews and things that I don't want to wait any longer on and and I want to have some time before succumbing to talk about what the teams are looking at what they're working on heading into winter testing so I figured it will just do a couple of episodes. We'll do one. That's all news will do comments in the next and then we'll do a third where we preview the winter test in Japan which will probably be next week. I'm also kind of waiting on some sort official word about the whole Andrea. You know a situation with the B sample tests and everything but the FAA has been notably silent in the matter as has Dorna. So we're just left to speculate so that's all we can do. We'll talk about what we think we know at this point and what might happen from here on out for both Andrea and for them. I'm so before we get started. I do want to invite you over to the website if you haven't checked it out yet at Moto Week Dot net all of the latest episodes. Are there if you miss the year end awards while you can check those out to follow along on twitter and Instagram at motor week. There's not a whole lot going on now but trust me. I'm going to crank that up as we get closer and closer to the beginning of the season that if you wanna when Leyva comment to places to do it facebook facebook dot com slash motor week dot net demy favor click the like button right below Mark Seaman. Shelly when you get there then overarm read it are are slash motor week subscribe first and then diverted into the conversation. Start Your own conversation. Post a photo posted video. Anything you WANNA DO is fair game. There aren't so here here. It is the rundown everything we're going to talk about on this episode of the program which is dedicated to the news from say last week and a half or so in the world of Mo- GP of course the the biggest story the Andrea. You know a saga. The B sample reportedly comes back positive. What does it mean? And in addition to that what what are appropriate options for the Sapang test potentially for the rest of the season and then the third thing I want to talk about when it comes to this holding you own a saga is should should Modo. GP Change How they test riders for performance enhancing drugs. Because I will say if Andrea known a made an honest mistake believe it or not more testing could have helped him in his case. Now I'll explain a little bit later but just keep that in mind for now but I do promise we will move on from that story. We're not going to spend the entire episode just talking about Andrea. We got some other big name riders to chat about to hail. Lorenzo is a test rider for Yamaha. Would it work well. It might happen in fact. It looks like it's very very likely that it's going to happen. Valentino Rossi has asked yet again about retirement but this time his answer is a little bit more interesting would he actually actually consider a satellite ride motor. GP should he consider a satellite ride and motor GP. We'll find out what he says. And then I'll tell you what I think about it as well. Paul SPA grow talks about. KTM's interesting new frame and the impact of Dani Pedrosa on that organization heading into the season that will wrap up with a couple of announcements Michelin making their announcement about their twenty twenty tire offering and multiple Modo GP teams have announced when they're going to do their team presentations including every every single factory squad. So we'll talk about those at the end of the program all right. So that's what we're going to talk about so let's start talking. What do you say we'll kick things off obviously with the biggest story of the off-season and one that is not gonNa go away any time soon? So I'm sorry if you're sick of it like I said we're not going to spend the entire episode on it but they're certainly something to talk about here because we're on the verge of something unprecedented in the modern motor. GP Era and we've got no official word yet from the F. If I am or from Dorna about the testing of Andre is sample how it went what the results were what they're gonNa do from here but our good friends at log is at the dello sport. Apparently we have some sort of inside line on all things Andre you know now. And according to them the B sample in his drug test did come up positive for the same substance that was reported boarded the first time draw standalone but according to log as to the amount of that substance found in the B sample was very small So I'll I'll start with the same exact thing. I said the first time we talked about this I think is is being quite optimistic overall. And that's understandable. I mean they are in Italian media outlet and they're talking about a popular Italian rider. They got his back. It makes sense and in all honesty. Nobody wants any writer suspended or the have something like this happen to them. I mean in motor. GP There's enough interesting stuff going on that we don't need this type of drama and it makes the sport look bad too so I don't think anybody should want Andre did test positive But obviously there are a little bit biased in how they're viewing things. I thank and I still think a lot of online outlets are kinda following their lead and just saying hey you know. Steroids equals muscles. It doesn't make sense you must acquit it kind of their version of the CHEWBACCA defense. But I won't bore. All of us myself included rehashing. What it said on the last show on how there are other uses for steroids remember? They're not testing for steroids. They're testing for performance. Enhancing drugs now muscle-building drugs performance enhancing drugs in those come in all all shapes and forms now according to as legal team. And if you WANNA know why I'm saying that just go back and listen to episodes ago. I explained it all there according into these legal team. They're playing defense here is that he must have eaten some sort of tainted beef while in the exotic unexplored wilds of Southeast Asia Asia. And that's why he tested positive. It was all just a misunderstanding and Andrei should immediately be let back on the bike. Okay I'm being a little bit sarcastic. There it is it absolutely is possible to ingest. Steroids threw me it enough. That it'll show up in a urine test and there are definitely places in Asia that are illegally using steroids in their livestock to boost production makes bigger cows right leaner cows but with that being said. It's kind of tough. I I mean you have to eat a lot of meat from the right part of the cow where it was injected in to really have a good shot of it. You know getting through your system and turning up as a positive test and that's evidenced by the fact that so many athletes in so many different sports. Oh no no I ate some meat some meat and how many of those have you know. Gotten out of their suspension or gotten gotten out of their penalty because of it hardly emmy and and from everything. I've been able to find when someone ingests steroids for meat meet in the cases where they have proven that the meat was tainted in one way or another. It usually confined to specific types of of steroids. And there's a reason for that because they're only specific types that are commonly used in the livestock industry mostly because they're cheap and remember the farmers that are doing. This are trying to artificially boost their production so they can make more money than trying to spend more now trying to make instagram cows. Here they're trying to make cows with a lot of beef for people to eat right eight and then on top of that dress Stan. Low Master on whatever you WANNA call it from everything I've found then again. I'm no expert on this and I'm certainly not a doctor but from everything. I've found what what does that too is saying that Andrea tested positive for. It's not something that's cheap. The high quality stuff is kind of a bit of a designer drug and because of that it's almost exclusively used by athletes. Not necessarily something they'd be. You know buying in bulk to inject cows with you know so. I don't know if that defense is going to be terribly effective and I tried. I really tried to find instances where an athlete that tested positive for this drug. Just antelope had successfully used accidental ingestion. From food as a defense and it wasn't that it couldn't find anybody who successfully I couldn't find anybody who even tried let alone succeeded when it comes to meet. There was one case of an athlete that was being given a liquid supplement that had that drug inside of it. And so you knew do that. He that's where it came from. You know it was going to test positive because that's where it came from. It wasn't something he was accidentally ingesting. He claimed he didn't know what was in it. which is what everybody so? It's not I an officer and I know what that is so again it all comes down to what Andrea actually tested positive for and whether it was this drugged your standalone or not but with the B sample. Testing positive is well for whatever it is. The outlook isn't good and the amount whether it's the lottery little it doesn't matter I mean that's telling the police officer you're only a little drunk right. It's not GonNa make too much of a difference and we've seen in other cases most notably with Nori hauge where where it was accidental. He was taking supplement and he genuinely didn't know her claim that he didn't know what was in it but in that case being an accident dim prevented from a penalty. And I don't think it would in this case. Certainly his legal teams request to put him right back on the bike. That's not happening and not just because I don't think they're going to be able to prove that it came from meet even if they could prove that there's going to be a penalty. There will be a penalty. It's just a matter of how long and honestly I don't know I. I don't know how long it'll be on a how it's GonNa work out. I mean seeing as how the recommended penalty is four years. Then I would imagine that even a really good defense would you may be. Cut that down by half maybe three quarters even if they get seventy five percent of the penalty reduced. That's still a year and of course by half his two years and I think either one of those would pretty much doom. His Motor G. P. Career and if it's four years I mean that's it anywhere if it's one or two years. I think that there would definitely be some interest in world superbike if he stayed in shape. But I mean come on. He's going to stay in shape. It's Andrea No. He's got his cell phone cameras to think about here and then as as long as he stays in shape without any artificial help then I think he would get looked at by world superbike. I'm but at minimum minimum. Even if everything should go right for you known days legal team he's looking at at least a forty five day process for the various appeals which are allowed and we'll certainly be filed and for some strange reason season. He had the opportunity right when this was announced he had the opportunity to appeal the suspension. Right away pending testing of the B sample in all of the you know further processes that go along with that and if he had done that then technically from what I understand he would be allowed to participate in the Spang test and a couple weeks but because he didn't do that then he's there's no way I mean he is certainly going to be sitting out for the test and most likely is going to be sitting out for the Qatar test. Fast as well and then. I'm sure there's going to be a penalty. So he's going to be sitting out far beyond that so the question then becomes who replaces Andre for the season in my money is definitely Bradley Smith. I think that's their guy. And it makes perfect sense. He's got motor. GPA experience recent motor GP experience. He's got plenty of apparently early experienced now and he could help the organization in their main goal this year which is advancing development on what should be an all new bike with an all new motor Heading into the season but that's only one aspect of it and that's actually the easy part because remember in these two tests. They were expecting three writers on track to help test this bike. They were GONNA have Allah that we're going to have Andrea and they were GonNa have Bradley Smith so Bradley was already going to be there so when it comes to hang then they had a third spot plan Dan and they're thinking we should probably take advantage of having the equipment and having the personnel on hand so the candidates to participate in those two tests Are Pretty much slimmed down to the recently displaced corral Abraham World superbike rider Lorenzo Salvatori or former world superbike rider Lorenzo Salvatori. And I believe it or not Max Biaggi not making that up but even though that would last sounds pretty ridiculous. Each one of those guys is has an upside and downside of the trio obviously carell Abraham has the most recent Mona GP experience and full-time experience at that. But he's not terribly fast and he has no experience at all riding in Australia. Then when you move onto Salvadorian while he has done some motor. GP testing and he raced Moto e last season although his premier class. Experience isn't anywhere near being in the same ballpark as the other two riders. Then you've got Max Biaggi she. Obviously the guy has experienced despair. We know that back in his day he was certainly the fastest of this trio buddies. Also forty eight years years old he makes Valentino. Rossi look young and it's been fifteen years since he's raced emoji. p. m. five years since he's raced competitively in world superbike and even that was only a couple of rounds in his final. SBK season In that kind of comeback effort that he had very short lived one now. A police say that Salvadore has the inside line and of those three riders. I think he's probably the preferred choice. But I do not think that he's is the best choice for that job. In fact I think none of those. Three riders is the best choice to test. That apparently a believe it or not the writer that I would pick if I were them. I don't think this would ever happen though L.. But the writer that I would pick Scott reading I mean he's got way more confidence now and outside of La Spargo. He's pretty much in the best position. Position to compare where the new bike is in relation to the previous spike. And I know. I don't think that they ended things on the best of terms. Then in well nobody ever ever anything with Scott Reading on the best of terms But if I were apparently ah I beg him off and do Coty for a few days. I mean he's already signed he's going to be in world superbike full time so I don't think he would or could or should go down that route for the season but remember we're just talking about a couple of days testing here and I don't think that you know do Khadijeh reading have any plans during that test. So why not ask if he can borrow for a few days. I don't know if do Qadi would say yes. I don't know I really don't think Scott reading would say yes but I think he would give them the best shot of extracting the most and the best quality data out of those couple of days of testing which is strange because one of my digs on on Scott reading in this time with is he was a terrible test rider but things through different. Now you know he's he's had a year to mature he said to take that step back and be a little bit more humble about things I don't know I think that will be their best option And then okay last thing and then I promise we'll move on from this the last aspect of this. That's gotten some discussion but I think deserves a lot more. And it's only the really good sites that have seen this discussion really get dug into is drug testing in general because this whole thing with Yuna has brought up this issue of testing again again and Kudos to places like gp one or crash dot net for shedding a little bit of light on. You know I thought I haven't paid much attention to it now. I thought things had kind of changed over the ears but they really haven't. I mean if you thought that they test every single rider every single round or every single writer on a regular basis that will be a natural assumption in the making this day and age when we see so many sports with so many athletes that are involved in so many scandals but no they still had this antiquated system. Believe it or not where in in any given round. They will test three riders at random but they only do that for select rounds of the season three riders. Out of the entire field right. They did thirty three tests all year in two thousand eighteen and motor GPA. And when I say Gee I don't mean the Premier Class I mean the the Premier Class Moto to Amodeo three so spread out between all three series. They did thirty three tests all year long in two thousand eighteen eleven per series. That's not even the entire grid right down in two thousand nine hundred eighteen ramp things up a little bit. There were seventy two tests done again covering all three series. They did it in eight rounds of the season so when you break that down that means that all year long a rider or was tested twenty four times throughout the entire season. They did twenty four individual tests. But remember it's at random so that doesn't necessarily mean a rider would get tested at all let alone all of the riders being tested one time and considering that you don't know what round you'll be tested at and I'm assuming they didn't tell them what rounds they were going to do testing if they did they're just idiots okay so if you assume that the three writers are picked at random and then the eight rounds are picked at random what we can do a little bit of math here and find out what your actual percentage chance of being tested at any given round this because we know there were twenty two full time teams James. We're not going to consider over field with wildcard or anything like that twenty two full-time teams. There were nine hundred rounds in the season. That means there were four hundred eighteen grid slots there were four hundred and eighteen starts okay. There were twenty four tests. That were run so that means that in any given race of the year any given race you had a five point seven percent chance of being tested because any writer could get tested at any race five point seven percent. That's it that's pretty small chance. Is that chance small enough that somebody might risk it. Well cal crutch low seem to think so in some of the comments. He made this week. And you know what I think so too because think about it this way instead of thinking about your chance of getting tested thinking about your chance of not it getting tested because the flip side of that five point seven percent chance of getting tested means that in any given round any given rider has a ninety four point three. He percents chance of not getting tested right so I know some. Riders probably aren't the best at math but they have people who are and if every rider on the grid understands that every time they get on the bike. They've got a ninety four point three percent chance of juicing and then getting away with it and then give him round then somebody out. There is going to willingly take that chance. Somebody out there is going to say you know what but there is such a slim slim percentage that I'm GonNa get caught that if I just do it here and there because think about it if you're juicing every single week if you're taking something think performance enhancing every single round. You have a ninety four percent chance of getting away with it and if you don't juice every round if you spread it out during the season as an only using those parts of the season when you really really need the extra boost or when you're you know increasing the intensity of your workouts or something like that then that means you're reducing that chance even even further that you're actually going to get caught because in some of those rounds you know one hundred percent you're going to be clean and we don't know I haven't really suzette maybe Andre. Yana a got selected vertes earlier in the season and he passed it. I don't know if they release those numbers if anybody knows let me know. Because if he did if he'd taken can attest earlier in the year any passed that test I think that he or anybody else in his position would feel pretty much invincible. Knowing that you're five point seven percents chance came up the chance of it happening twice technically. It's five point seven percent again because you don't get eliminated from testing once you've you've passed the test but still. I would think that anybody in that position would be certain that they weren't gonNA come up again. That'd be like lightning striking twice. So does it creating creating atmosphere that encourages riders to take those types of risks. I don't know I don't know the answer to that. Because it all depends on the writer themselves you know somebody but like Calcutta you listen to what he's saying. I think that even if you told them he had a ninety nine point nine percent chance of making it through that he wouldn't resort to something like that based on his comments but there are other riders that you know they want that edge. They're going to be willing to do it. And you know a while back. I remember Ben sees talking about drug testing. And this is where I thought something may have changed between that point. The ben speeds point and now Ben Spy's was asked about it because at that time Lance Armstrong was having all of his you know toward a France. Medals is taken away from him for blood doping since Ben from Texas Lance from Texas. They asked him about it right and he said Hey Dorna has this all wrong. He said pretty much the same thing. That said that you've got to change. How you do this? You have to increase how much you do it. What Ben said is he thought that Dorna should ditch ditch the random testing and ridiculous system that they have right now? We have to kind of check in everywhere you go and instead you test every rider at every every round at some point every round and I think that would be the ideal situation. I'm really in all honesty. That's what they should be doing is testing every single rider. Her every single round and if they didn't want to do that then it should be mandatory to at least test the podium finishers along with three random riders from each each class per round so in every single round of the season. You're testing six ride unit test all twenty two. That's fine or more than that emotive motive three but at least test the top three finishers and then three other riders at random in the field. Then you know you may want to spread that around before the racing starts whom I wouldn't have the random test happened before the race as opposed those two after. Okay then you pick three random riders and then you always do the three podium finishers afterwards if there's a duplicate there will then you only test five riders or four riders or whatever but the plan the ideal plan is author of the podium finishers and at least three other riders with the ideal being what ben suggested just test everybody. Would it cost more money. Yes sure but you know what I don't think Dornan the F.. Im are really lacking in the money department right now. Would it inconvenience the writers more. Yes sure absolutely. It will but you know what that's the price you pay to race at the highest level in the world in your sport there's GonNa be inconveniences. You know and trust me. You're getting compensated fairly early in your paycheck to deal with those types of inconveniences. And Heck if Andre Union a really did do something by accident then I would argue that having been tested every single round could actually help his case right now. Why will because if he had tested in every single other around round negative negative negative negative negative negative negative all the sudden positive pops up? That would stick out as the anomaly. That would naturally make you think that. Hey why would somebody who's been negative. Every single round of the season suddenly choose to do something now when he knows he's GonNa get tested right. It would make you think that maybe there's a really good chance that something did happen by accident here. I mean because really if you know you're going to get tested and then you test positive the only two options Shinzo there are. It was either a mistake. or You'd have to be an absolute idiot to try and get away with something when you know. The test is coming so in that respect if it was an accident if then it would have helped you known. As case had they changed the rules a long time ago to make it this way but because they don't then yeah we may have previous tests in the past that showed that he wasn't juicing that everything was negative but nothing recent you know we don't know maybe he was taking one time. Maybe you said all season long and he just never got tested that ninety four percent chance comes back in there where he thinks you know. I got really really really good chance of getting away with this and I really need to up my game so I'm going to try and up my game. I don't know so. I really honestly think that testing every rider every round would be the ideal situation but at the very least. You've gotTA tests riders some riders every round. Whether it's three whether it's six it's gotta be more then. Just you know a five point. Seven percent chance of getting caught. If you're juicing one hundred percent of the time I mean that's crazy all right so with with Andrea now. I'm sure we'll find out more in the coming days and weeks. What's going to happen next with them? Let's talk about some other riders and rumors instead starting with or. Hey Lorenzo Enzo Oh and by the way if you WanNa comment on the you know nice stuff for the big comments show coming up next facebook dot com slash motorway dot net or read. It are slash mode week. All right so let's move underhill Lorenzo. Because he didn't interview with Modo San a little over a week ago where he confirmed that a test rider gig with Yamaha is quote one of his options options that he currently has on the table. Now he didn't say what other options he may be considering. But I would imagine that it's only a matter of time before before a deal is announced because I imagine that a Yamaha Test Roger Deal is probably the best thing that's come down the pike for him so far now who went on to say that one of the main reasons that he retired was to have more time to devote to other endeavors and being able to continue to have that time now to these out of motor. GP was one of his main concerns. I'm not quite it. Sure if he was suggesting more a Casey stoner style schedule because Casey was legendary for wanting to test specifically when he wanted to test not not necessarily when the manufacturer wanted him the test and I kind of added to some of the friction especially between him and do county near the end there with the whole poster boy comments that was one of the components. Opponents is that Casey really wanted to kind of keep his own schedule and I imagine Yamaha would want something a bit. More focused a bit more organized than that but believe it or not. I think Lorenzo probably would like that same thing too. I don't think that he really wants to go into a test role and not make progress me and especially if it means that he could take that Yamaha and make it more competitive behind the scenes because it's strange as it sounds. I think he would consider it the same as a win if he gets on. The bike starts developing it. And then all the sudden Valentino Rossi sticks around and gets better and better and better and eventually gets back on the top step of the podium but only because of the input that Lorenzo had because let's face it where Lorenzo in Valentine Ross. You're never gonNA race each other again and Lorenzo a lot of people a lot of people out. There pointed Lorenzo as one of the keys to Rossi's later success and then they point to the effect that he had on do Khadi after that. It's more evidence of it while trust me. If Lorenzo comes back the Yamaha and the bike suddenly gets better after his presence is felt then. I think that he's going to let everybody know how much much of a role he had the play and it actually would be a bigger win for him if his direct input was the key to getting Rossi back on top. You know speaking speaking of the doctor. Let's move onto him now. Because cycle world did an interview with Valentine Rossy where he was asked about Lorenzo as a test rider and he said he thought it would be a great idea because well it would be and I don't know how he would react if he started winning again and Lawrence tried to take credit for it they would probably be a little bit of friction there but in the end I think that he would be more accepting of Hillary's contributions when it comes without the chance that beat him on track with those contributions because I think he could then turn around and say well you can't prove that it was just him because I went out there and rode the bike so Valentine Rossi's no dummy especially in his old age and so he knows that if peaking get somewhere if he can use toll to be able to get himself back to where he wants to be. It's worth that. Especially if he can then explain it away because he's a master uh-huh positioning things in just the rally framing things in just the right lane to make himself look the best. But of course in that interview cycle world it was inevitable that the retirement question in came up and it ended up being kind of the bulk of the discussion for the most part Rossi pretty much told the party lines stuff. We've heard out of before that he still has the same level of motivation now that he did years ago that he'll keep going as long as he feels. He can be competitive and that he's expecting to make a firm decision on twenty twenty one by sometime mid season although he's already already kind of feeling the pressure because everybody gets stuff done so early when it comes to silly season Although I did find it interesting things interesting. In his answers I and one of them was a big deal. The other one not so much the the smaller thing is I did find it kind of interesting that he said his family was all in agreement that he should keep on racing and that he had to remind them that everybody has to be realistic about his chances of being competitive against the field of continuing to perform at the highest level. Now I would think that they're only saying that because valley brings in the big bucks but I mean let's face it money isn't going to be a problem for anybody in the Rossi clan. So I guess that means they really truly one to keep racing so but the interesting part the real interesting part the quasi suggestion that he be okay riding leading Peronist by cycle world. Kinda bent this a little bit in some other sites. Did I think they more out of these comments than what Rossi actually meant. Because he didn't really say. Hey Ah I would like to ride a bike. That would be fine by me. If it extends my career. No Problem No. He didn't really say that at all. The context was actually a discussion. Shen about maverick. PENOLA is not about Rossi himself. But Valentino being Valentino was pretty much suggesting that Fabio quarrel is going to be a a big part of Yamaha's future and him riding a monster Yamaha to valet was more important than maverick Daniela's routing amounts to Yamaha so Rossi was saying. Hey if I choose to stick around. I don't see why maverick should be upset with being banished determinist because hey after all that bike is is just as capable of being competitive as the one. I'm writing right now. So the discussion really started with Valentino. Saying I'm going to do what I WANNA do. Fabio kwacha Ro is the second most important thing to me. So if I make the decision to demote Malvo he should be okay with that kind of feeling he was going for there. But then when the interviewer very wisely turned back around on the doctor and said Oh well if the Petropolis bike is that good would you be okay going to that one. He said Well it wouldn't be so bad but then he qualified that by saying but you never know maybe five. You'll go somewhere else. Maybe Maverick goes somewhere else. Probably won't have to deal with that one way or the other now. I think that what he meant in that entire conversation is that it wouldn't be a bad thing to demote maverick violas. I don't think he was really referring to himself at all in that line of questioning but he kind of opened the door for it to I mean he really stuck his foot in his mouth by saying it was so good eh shouldn't matter so he kind of had the begrudgingly. Say Well you know. It's it's a good enough bike and wouldn't be so bad to have to go there. I don't know that he would really do that though. Because because on one hand the series is so competitive right now. There's so many factory backed current your bikes on the grid that there is going to come a time when a top Tier Ryder. Maybe even a former champ will take a satellite ride willingly most likely so they can get on a more desirable bike and heck that's evidenced by the fact that we're Lorenzo was seriously considering arrive with patroness or arrive with to Kati because those bikes are so close now and when the team already signed at the factory level. It's like you said it's it's not so bad like valley said it's not so bad necessarily so that would be the plus that would be the thing the reason I would think that more champions now in the future we consider it down the road but on the other hand it is still a satellite team. And this is Valentino Rossi. We're talking about here. I Amine Ego definitely factors. In fact only one rider ever has written the satellite bike after winning a Premier Class Championship Championship in the motor. GP Aaron that rider. Of course nicky. Hayden a guy who you know is one of the most humble guys in the entire garage. So it's a completely different story aury from someone like Valentine Rossi or Marc Marquez or even where Lorenzo for that matter I mean yeah who are considered Petronas. Yes he consider pre-match but did he actually do it no. He retired before he had to go down to one of those teams. So I'm not quite sure that Valet would want to be the one to set that precedent on a longer term basis of being a champ that steps back to a satellite team. But I don't think I think that a satellite team would actually be the worst thing really. I mean in a twenty twenty one scenario that would allow him to stay in the sport which is really important in terms of Dan interest. I am marketing and merchandising. Those are big things for both Yamaha am for door. Not In the pressure would be off. I mean if he finishes on the podium great but if not well he's on a satellite. I'd like it's not the end of the world and he wouldn't be holding up a seed from another young rider. Like Fabio quarrel and it would ensure that stays with Yamaha. Offi knows that he's going to move up but that being said I don't know if Petronas would be the right place for him to ride a satellite bike because like I said a second ago what is Valentine Rossi. You've got the ego the worry about here I think the only way the Valentino Rossi could move to a satellite bike emoto GP and still kind of satisfy his ego would still make sense is if that satellite bike was with his own team. I mean that would make sense to fans and it would feel feel justified in the sense that hey I'm stepping down. I'm offering my own services to launch this. Vr forty-six team make sure that they start on good footing with good results. It's and the best development right now. Of course the way the Petronas immediately establish themselves in this series and specifically with Yamaha. I think that could actually delay A. VR Are forty-six. Move to the premier class while Yamaha kind of figures out the best direction and if this thing is going to be longstanding or not and that may in turn influence how long Rossi Elsie sticks around emotive GP because instead of riding until he was ready to bring his team up to the top class now he might actually end up riding for Yamaha Alma high till they decide that it's time for VR. Forty six to come up to the big leagues. So I don't know. I don't think it's going to happen but I generally agree with Valentino. That there isn't as much of a stigma attached to the top satellite teams. Now as there used to be we all know. The primary bikes are really really good. We all know that the patroness bikes are really really good l.. C. Our bikes there. Okay but at least with Yamaha and Takada. Oh you know you're getting equality bike and I think that down the road we are going to see at some point either champion or winner or perennial winner. A top Ryder. Somebody elect to take that step back in prestige to be able to get themselves a better overall bike. Would you rather ride a factory. APPRECIA- or factory. KTM or beyond the best satellite Yamaha or the best satellite Takada. So it is going to happen at some point. I just don't think it's going to happen with Rossi. There's actually more of a chance. It could happen with Maverick genealogies because while Mave is racist obviously he's never won a motogp championship. And that's a big difference and I know they're massively different places in their career but it does definitely make a difference not so much that Rossi has won so many championships but that maverick has been given the top equipment and has not WanNa the championship yet. I think that works against him. More than Rossi's overwhelming number of championships works for him in that respect now the other interview over the last week or so that I I wanNA talk about instead of with these huge name. Riders instead is with Paul Spago who talked to motorcyle about the state of KTM because those guys akiem definitely made the biggest guests splash technically in the postseason tests. Valencia Perez by rolling out there kind of hybrid. We aren't abandoning steel on principle. But we know we need to inspire chassis chassis. If that make sense basically they're trying to do what the other guys doing while on principle sticking with steel and it's intriguing in fact until until we can find out exactly what really may have come up with and Sapang in terms of their radically revise motor until we can find that out. KTM's certainly has the most potential. Take a big jump forward this season. If if that is they got it right and Paul said he thinks that they are on the track to getting it right mainly because they now have Dani Pedrosa in their corner pointing the his cooperation as a test rider and feeling that now that Danny is passed. His surgery from last seasoning has multiple testing delays to the weather and everything that they should be able to make a lot of progress with the new frame although he did specifically say that we could expect improvement quote throughout twenty twenty. So that gives me a little bit of a reason for pause. I mean I kinda take that as at least a sign that there's going to still there'll be a learning curve with this new frame philosophy with this new chassis that they're working on with the bike as opposed to like say an instant jump forward to where the rivals are if they had simply cut bait on steel tubes altogether in gone to a traditional twin spar with aluminum or aluminum and carbon fiber like everybody else does But with both both cates inappropriate taking big swings heading into the season. It's definitely going to be interesting to see which one makes more progress and how quickly they do it Apparently I would say has an advantage in a more conventional design and an upcoming engine that aims to be more Honda like more do Khadi alike along with the boost behind the scenes of Massimo. Rivolta mean because now after coming over from the world of Formula One. He's got an entire season under his belt. Emoji p guiding that team and let's face it it's already paid off. Yeah not necessarily in performance on the track in two thousand nineteen but they shockingly have a a new bike that is going to arrive before the season and that in and of itself is a giant accomplishment for really how many of the past couple of years have have. We gotten down to the guitar test. And we're like yeah well you know really. It doesn't have anything new yet. They're going to roll it out race weekend or they're going to roll it out and urging Tina or they're going to roll it out in Texas I mean they're actually going to have a bike on track. They say we haven't seen it yet. So let's not hold our breath or anything like that. But they say they're going to have two full tests with their radically reconstruct bike with their brand new motor configuration. That is a huge step in the right direction for. I mean yes. It remains to be seen how it's going to affect on track but from an organizational standpoint. Their light years ahead of where they were just one season ago but I would argue the. KTM has a better budget on their side massive budget as well as far more and better-quality riders than would appropriate brings to the table. I mean even with Andrea known in the equation for APPRECIA- they still have three riders. And you know it isn't known for being a Great Development Ryder and in the meantime you've got five guys including Dani Pedrosa over at 'em and you know pull spago tons of experience on that bike. The other three guys massive talents right and then Dani Pedrosa incredibly experienced and a good rotter at developing. And and you know those three young guys that they brought up all came into the KTM system they've all ridden KTM bikes before. And so I think that gives them overall developmental final advantage over what the guys had probably have so even though it probably is made a step forward I think. ATM IS GONNA make a step forward to the interesting part. Which I can't answer then we're GonNa have to wait until the season starts testing? Start to see it as which one of those two is going to take the best advantage of that and how much of an effect is going to have are they genuinely going to get closer to Suzuki closer thirty Yamaha and then eventually do county and Honda or are they basically just fighting with each other right now. No we'll find out in a couple of weeks okay. A couple of quick stories to wrap things up starting with Michelin and they're twenty twenty tire. They confirmed that the tired that they tested at various points throughout last season as well as in the Valencia and harass tests will be the official tire heading into on the twenty twenty. The big difference here is construction. The compounds are going to be very similar. Or even the same to what teams ran in two thousand nineteen But the construction construction underneath is what's improving the idea here. Being to improve performance and stability in all conditions while maintaining the reliability that Michelin is known for now. They made ADA clear that their goal is to see more track records with these new tires. The getting more aggressive and considering that there are still track records that are held on Bridgestone tyres. There's not a lot but there are some left. I'm sure they went to erase that. I'm sure they want to have the top times across the board although I will remind them and everybody for that matter that it isn't isn't just the Bridgestone tyres that made the difference back then. With those track record laps there was an open electroncs in that era as well and that had to factor in all but the big question here of course who is this best for who could benefit the most from this new construction and when considering that question I find that the best course of action is to ignore any kind of internet message board that you might come across where they're discussing this topic thicke because for as many people as respond to a thread about you know tire construction and Michelin Emoji. P YOU'RE GONNA GONNA find a different conspiracy theory so if you're wearing your tinfoil hat by all means just start reading comments on the Internet but there is no grand conspiracy conspiracy here other than the fact that Michelin wants the fastest time at every track. So they can say they not bridgestone have the best tire. But there's no no backroom deal with Yamaha Takada your Honda Suzuki. Whoever it is there's no backroom deal with anybody for they're they're aren't designing the tire for one particular bike but that doesn't mean that it's not going to benefit one team more than the rest? I mean we know that. The tire got generally good reviews from a lot of riders testing including Valentino Rossi. Who is very optimistic about it? And then to a little bit of a lesser extent. Maverick Fan Yalla's but what's good had for helping Yamaha solve their issues. Could simply make Honda into coty that much better. You never know although if I had to go by their performance performance in two thousand nineteen I would say that Yamaha likely stands to gain more than Honda into Kadewe. And that's all because there's something you know suspicious this going on in the background. It's just because her bike is good to Qadi and Honda manage their rear traction issues better than Yamaha did and so that means means you put a better tire on all three bikes while Dukakis closer to perfect then Yamaha Honda's closer to perfect than Yamaha. Since Yamaha's further they're away from perfect they're gonNA gain more than the guys who are much closer to being perfect right so it's only natural that the worst performing teams this would benefit from an overall easier tire to work with because they've got more room to grow. They've got more room to improve right. He can only go up type of thing. But of course that's all contingent on whether Yama can come up with enough power to match other guys where else it doesn't make any difference in the world Last thing before we knock it off for this episode and The two thousand twenty motor. GP team launch dates do Coty is going to unveil their bike and their two riders Andrea video sell and Pechiney January. You worry twenty-third so next week in Bologna Repsol Honda's unveil date is just before the Sapang test. Everybody else's before before the Sapang Test Repsol Honda February fourth in Jakarta Carta with the MARQUESS brothers. That's going to be an interesting one. Suzuki February sixth with Alex. Ren's and Joanne Mir Monster Yamaha also February. Sixth in Spang with Maverick Daniela's and Valentino Rossi. And the only satellite team so far that's announced patrols Yamaha stepping team of which is obviously makes sense that they're going to unveil in paying That's also February sixth with Abiocor Rom. Frank Morbidelli so that'll do it for this episode of the program. What's up next? Comments will spend the entire next episode. Which I'm planning on for a few days from now maybe sometime over the weekend? We're gonNA talk about everything. Thank you had to say over the last couple of weeks about news stories the upcoming season. Maybe the team unveils how silly I am forgetting the motor week bike on. Also tell you the story behind it as well. I Haven't explained how exactly that bike ended up in my garage but there is a bit of a story of behind it and I absolutely positively did not intend the purchase. That bike I left my house. That day So we have all kinds of stuff to talk about and then after that we're going to preview the Sapang test by talking about what would each of the manufacturers and key riders are going to be working on as we head into the twenty twenty winter test season so I don't miss a single episode of the program since I'm not very good at getting out on a regular blur basis right about now so the best thing for you to do is subscribe that way. You'll never miss one and you can accomplish that on speaker. That's the best place to do it because then you know. Oh you'll be supporting the show but you can also find. I don't all the big ones I tunes played out. FM Google play music iheartradio. spotify can ask Alexa play. There's all all kinds of ways to get the show. Just go to your favorite podcasting site type in motor week. It shouldn't be a problem to subscribe. Of course you can always go to the website whenever you want Moto Week Dot net. All all of the latest episodes are there. You can follow along on twitter and instagram. At Moto week hit up the facebook page facebook dot com slash mode week dot net like it clicked like button. Rebel lamarcus Simmons Shelley. And then leave your comments and then of course there's always a discussion happening twenty four hours a day. Seven days a week on Reddit at our slash Modique and in addition to all of that other stuff all your comments talking about the bike and everything we also have to start thinking about fantasy mmo. GP Twenty Twenty. I know Adrian's looking at getting some trophy. Oh Fi started and speaking of trophies. Somebody asked about that on read. It and I haven't responded yet. I'm still looking for addresses for two two of the people I if you finish first or third and I can't remember your names off the top album ahead Then send me your address motor week. USA At or hit me up warm. Read it or facebook getting information so I can get those out to you and you can post pictures as requested on Reddit and show everybody what you want. And then I got to put my head together with Adrian we gotta come up for a really killer design for trophies for twenty twenty and then as soon as sports desk opens it up. Then we'll get the league going in everybody can join but remember last year sports open motor. GP until like the week before the season. We're all biting our nails hoping that they were going to do it again this year. I'm pretty certain that it's not going to be a problem. Them Doing League just a matter of when they're going to open it up so I'll try and contact doc those guys and see if they can open it up a little bit early for us So we can get everybody signed so we'll start talking about that next week or in the next program rather in the next week we'll start talking talking about paying test and looking forward to the start of the twenty twenty season so until we talk again just a couple of days from now. I want to thank you so much for listening. Look for the more your comments ride ride safe and I'll talk to you soon yeah.

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