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We hope you enjoyed this episode from our series famous fates. It's about the impactful lives in shocking. Deaths of history's most influential people to hear. Even more episodes each week subscribed to famous fates exclusively on spotify. And how will I know when it's Alexandrian Andrea on horizon. You will feel it in your heart CLEOPA. You will feel that God in your soul rise up they will welcome us. We Return with the forces of Rome at our back. Alexandria has no home to their kind. Bernice will not be pleased. The pleasure of your older sister is not my primary concern but she is. Our family is contingent truly necessary. Your mind of such youthful fencing. We're of the PTOLEMAIC line. We are no family we are a battleground of Gods. We Guide beautiful Egypt with only one another as competitors. There is no room there is no other realm as far as we must concern assert ourselves the fate of Egypt is in our hands and if we must bloody our own to keep it safe saddens me. Their niece was always kind kind to me as a child. Yet the moment you began to walk to speak to learn you became the enemy. Cleopatra we cannot trust our own blood only judge them and sometimes find them lacking God king of Egypt. Hail a loose caboose. Do you ride well very well men to experience the majesty of Alexandria and reclaim it in your rightful name and your Roman men will always find a home there as long as my true who line rules. Where are your sons should not return to her carriage? Dust cannot be good for a complexion. How dare you? The girl must learn in the ways of war. Lewis would sound like madness to my ears but who am I to question a God. Do you know what the name Cleopatra Means Noble Guinea's aeneas only that many of you women are it. It means the glory of the father. When I was born a sliver of my father sold passed into mind? It made me into the dodd. Who now rides before you? I urge you to reign in your beast for sure right ahead of us. Is that a front and a bad omen for your future and Alexandria Korea telling me a great federal. Of course I meant no disrespect. Alexandria will soon be yours again right. Well God King and you as well Cleopatra. Glory of the Father Indeed Hi Vanessa Richardson. And I'm Corduroy. Welcome to famous fates a par cast original exclusive to spotify each. We'll release five. Fresh episodes centered around a common theme such as Hollywood icons influential women or music legends in each each episode. We'll take a close look at the remarkable life of a different person with the help of voice. Actors will dramatize their incredible lives reimagining. Their greatest list and weakest moments then will examine their controversial deaths. Some deaths came too soon. Some remains shrouded in mystery and and some changed the world forever today. We're covering Cleopatra. The seventh fellow Potter empress of the NIHIL. Her death is memorialized memorialized in Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra but her life held an equal caliber of drama. You can find episodes of famous fates and all other podcast cast originals for free on spotify to stream famous fates for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type famous fates in the search bar. Famous misfits is a spotify exclusive. So you can only find it on spotify at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Then let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at par cast and twitter at podcast network. Now back to the life of Cleopatra aw after years of exile from Alexandria due to the interference of his daughter Baroness telling me to twelve twelve and Cleopatra returned home in fifty five BC but before we return with them. Let's backtrack a little further because to truly understand the story of Egypt's last Ptolemaic Pharaoh. It's best to understand the strange world of the PTOLEMAIC LINE in its entirety. It all began with Alexander the great the legendary Macedonian Indian leader who conquered much of the known world by three hundred twenty three B C upon his first visit to Egypt. He founded the city of Alexandria as his promised. Land only dies soon. Afterward has his empire fractured at the seams. One of Alexander's greatest generals took charge of Alexandria told me the first seeing seeing his chance and taking it he defended Egypt from outside invaders and took up the mantle of the Egyptian Pharaoh. This was an interesting tactic. Although Tony we had no connection to the past pharaohs of Egypt in terms of bloodline by adopting the traditions and imagery of the role. He reclaimed it for himself. And the coming toll AMAC line. One of those traditions was in naming. Most men were called told me and most women took the name. Arsenault baroness or Cleopatra. Over the years too key motifs developed the tolmie family would marry their siblings and they would kill their siblings like told me. The Twelfth Taught Cleopatra the seventh the toll of make line was a crowded one and if you wanted power you had to fight to make your voice heard well. Both kings and Queens were held in high esteem. Only a few women were ever able to rule alone. Death or imprisonment quickly found them. Such was the story of our Cleopatra's older sister baroness the fourth. When told me the twelfth and Gabinia stormed into Alexandria? They ended her rule and executed. Her Cleopatra was baptized by fire. Into this tradition of family really warfare. She became her father's Co regent and deputy at fourteen years old during a particularly rocky period and ptolemaic history their rule was spread wide across seas to Cyrus and Cyrus and the influence of the Roman republic spur discord as famine and floods wreaked havoc on Egyptian lands then in March fifty one BC Tola may the twelfth fell gravely. Ill father can you still see me any of course little Isis my glory. I Will See you until the heavens collapse in on themselves. Father you must stay strong. Egypt is not done with you yet. Were your brothers your sister. They fear the state urine. They cannot face you as you are. You stir me down as if I were twenty years younger. I know your soul remains a fire. You taught me the strength of the Ptolemaic Soul. You Have Great Ability Ludi Cleopatra Power of words and will it is the quiet power of women. The Unseen Force beneath beauty is in training. You always said Ed and father. I have a request for you. Today told me the thirteenth. He readies himself to lead those. Who should is your brother and ruler yet? I am the one you have raised for the position. Am I not while not in my original plan. Yes Cleopatra you are my true air but in the eyes of Egypt your brother is a necessity. I don't understand father. He's too rash. When Ptolemy the first founded our dynasty he founded it on the tradition of the gods before him to every horace there must be isis and for each isis? A Horse in turn would this world in its current state. I believe too dangerous for you alone in your mind. Truly isn't the same as it once was odor you you're still my daughter and I obey as I always do father but I know that Egypt who one day be mine alone. This family grows weaker by each generation. honoration it is my blood that leads us into a true future. I will not mingle it with my brothers. Take this as my final lesson then. Rises is as far as you can daughter but keep your eyes from drifting to the sky for it leaves you exposed rest and rest assured my rain will be the last insecure one in the history of the world. I would bring our Egypt to the sky with me. mm-hmm within days Tola May. The twelfth passed away and Cleopatra and her Middle Brother Tola may the thirteenth were declared joint. Regents of the Egyptian Kingdom Kingdom Cleopatra was right about one thing. Generations of incestuous relationships did lead to health and mental problems in the family and told me the thirteenth gene was a week and rather ineffective royal presence. While Cleopatra Married the thirteenth they produced no heirs together. It didn't take long for her. Little brother to realize said Cleopatra didn't plan to share too much of the spotlight with him. You've gone to foster. What could it be this time? Little One how dare you disrespect me like this. For eons. The face of the Pharaoh has graced Egyptian coin. Now all that remains is your womanly visage. You left me no choice. Does tradition means so little to you. The Citizens Ben the neater us you must bend the knee to meet. I am the male heir of the Ptolemaic Reign. I am the chosen son of Alexander and just Egypt. Have Your eyes been closed your entire life. We memorized tradition. But I at least have learned. The world is a very different place than the texts. Give us hundreds of years have passed since the founding of our line brother. Even you must admit. Do you even want to be ruler. I I don't I don't care for the insinuation. Do not try to simply talk your way out of decorum you cannot remake the world in your image by removing mind observed me and you'll be proven wrong. While Young Cleopatra managed to raise herself above toll may the thirteenth in the public eye. It only urged him to go further into revolt. He turned to the legions of Roman soldiers left behind by Alice. Cabanas known as the Gubkin. Yanni you see Cleopatra. Oh Patrick had given up Goblin. Yanni soldiers after group of them murdered a Syrian governor son. Their Roman pride perfectly matched Tola may the Thirteenth Tola May the thirteenth kindled the anger of those who opposed. Cleopatra's Feminine Dominance and soon her enemies came home to roost Sister is that you keep your head down. My guards have checked these passages but one can never be sure of the shadows in Alexandria brother aims to have your head. At least he's learning how this leadership role actually functions. Only you could find something admirable and such treachery. I must be impressed. He reigned in his foolish impulses enough up to unify a force of more intelligent men against me at least to give us a game to play a game. Sister were fleeing for our lives. You could say unfortunately you have not made it very secure for the Tomac women. Have you noticed that we're the only ones left then. Let it be known arsenault. We won't be the only ones left for law still l.. You cling to hopes of victory. Where will we go? How will we return? Our little brother. Thinks he's the strongest man in the world. He's very very wrong. You know stronger not yet but I will will return to our story in just a moment. podcast listeners. We have a special treat for you our entire back catalogue of historical figures episodes are are available for you to listen to right now. That's forty-seven classic episodes of historical figures. Ready for you to unwrap this holiday season from the Ardo Da Vinci and Marie Curie Marco Polo and John Adams you can access all forty-seven exceptional stories whenever you want. And here's the best part you. You don't even have to do anything these episodes are already in your feet. And don't forget you can hear new episodes of historical figures every other Wednesday checkout checkout more podcast shows on spotify by searching for par cast in the spotify search bar or by going to spotify dot com slash. PODCAST now back to the life of Cleopatra as Cleopatra Cooled off in exile Toll Oh Lemay the thirteenth tried his hand global politics. He had his chance when Rome descended onto. Its first wave of civil war with would be dictator. Julius Caesar Aligned Aligned against the lauded Roman General pompey Caesar pushed pompey out of Rome and the generals retreat landed him in Egypt. Cleopatra had predicted correctly likely thirteen-year-old told me wanted to play with the big boys so when pompey got off his ship Ptolemy the thirteenth arrested him and then in front of pompey's vs wife and children the Pharaoh ordered the beheading of the infamous Roman Ptolemy thought. Such a bold move would win favor with Julius. Caesar it did the opposite also while pompey had become his enemy. Cesar was a Patriot in his heart and found the foreign execution. Distasteful and heartbreaking in response. Caesar himself stormed armed into Alexandria. Easily assuming command in the wake of Cleopatra and PTOLEMIES power struggle with a new man in charge one freed from petty concerns about Tradition Cleopatra devised a way to make her way back into power as Caesar took up residence in the Royal Hall of the Pharaohs Cleopatra Found aid from her old loyal servants servants rolled herself up into an ornate rug and was hand delivered into Caesar's chamber and place it there. I'll set it up myself. What Cory I figured you might be pleased leased to receive a gift such as me roll the content is surely welcome but the motivation must be questioned? Helped me stand. At least I trust. You have no hidden blade. Look Look at me Mighty Caesar where would I hide such thing. My Name Cleopatra. The seventh the laboratory rightful ruler of Egypt the exiled queen. I come and go as I please somehow. I doubt this shouldn't I as a Roman you of all all men should understand the struggle for viable leadership. I assume you've met my brother. The killer of pompey boy without a head took a true Romans for his own. Unforgivable forgivable bet is still under consideration consider no more Julius. Caesar I bring you your answer in the form of woman. Your words carry little logic. Hasn't as of yet but still. I feel purpose radiate from you as opposed to the cold sweaty desperation of your kin. You need only look upon my little brother to see weakness. Tell me do I carry any of his look in me no I see fire it solidifies. My core I've been told by many men I was born to be made into monuments assured self fluttering has never rung so true to my ears. I know the secret of Beauty Caesar Without Him Bishen without passion that wisdom there is no such thing as beauty. Life is not lived for statues or stone stone can barely really captured true essence. The greatest among us have so many monuments made because artists cannot help but attempt to capture if liquoring second of our lifelong fire and do you see such essence in any but yourself that is my final wonder I was carried here in a bundle of dust. And would you believe someone like me would be subjected to such treatment. If I did not believe that together my Caesar we could make such fine monument. It was nothing but charm. Cleopatra seduced the greatest man in Roman history to her side in forty eighty seven BC. Exactly nine months after first meeting. Cleopatra gave birth to Caesar's son Ptolemy Caesar the merging of two great families. His nickname was cessarion. Which meant little Caesar? She was twenty. One and Caesar was fifty two but with the birth of Caesarian. Cleopatra Sealed her alliance. Julius backed her claim against told me the thirteenth. This was the final violent reckoning of the PTOLEMAIC LINE PTOLEMY The thirteenth the raised an army against his sister and the Roman Cleopatra's last surviving sister arsenault fed up with her sisters plotting and perhaps fearful for her own life down. The rhode chose to stand with Ptolemy and the tradition that entailed with Arsenal's leadership a great aid to Tolmie. Caesar's forces became trapped in the city during an event that became known to history as the siege of Alexandria. It took Caesar some time to rally reinforcements. He captured Ptolemy. But the other side traded did the Pharaoh for Arsenault. Cleopatra promptly threw her traitorous sister into confinement while Ptolemy went against his word and continued the conflict when Caesar. You're finally broke the siege. He faced off against Ptolemy the thirteenth on the Nile. The site of Pompey's murder in defeated him once and for all as is is ships burned in the river. Cleopatra watched her brother drown. Caesar declared Cleopatra and her youngest and final brother told me the fourteenth eighteenth core regions yet this time we patras dominance was guaranteed in forty seven BC accompanied by both. The infant's is sorry on and Ptolemy the fourteenth followed Caesar back to Rome for the first time. This was a scandalous decision. On their part as Caesar was already married to California Yeti still housed his foreign mistress in his country home. Caesar went so far. As to erect a statue of Cleopatra. As Isis in the temple of Venus in the middle of the Forum Julian Tantamount to declaring her a Roman icon. She would continue to come visit him over the next three years solidifying her status in in Roman Society and angering the senators like Cicero and Cassius. Who Oppose Caesar's growing control and influence? This was already a momentous time with the defeat of pompey Caesar send it to another level eventually becoming consul without any sort of CO console breaking Roman tradition and establishing himself as essentially dictator for life. Cleopatra still held some power over him for instance after she introduced him to her astrologer. Caesar updated the Roman calendar is a hybrid with Egypt's creating what is essentially our modern Western calendar yet. Not every sweet. Nothing Cleopatra whispered in his ear worked its magic. Her primary concern was directed towards Caesarians Future Cleopatra. My Love I received word but it was locked in ceaseless debate with the tiresome. CICERO CATO's demise has only urge these fools onward in their campaign against me. I received word of my own regarding your nephew. Octavian do you choose is to oppose my decision. Making I come from a land where blood flows from the gods to the rulers. I only assumed the same would be true under the leadership of a man such as yourself octavian Venus my nephew cesare on your son a ridiculous name for a boy. He's already enough of a controversy as is. Would you like me to name you Queen Green of Rome as well. I've never asked for such a thing you know I haven't wolf you're with would eat you alive and I need to breathe it sometimes. I you get the feeling I am little but a stepping stone to you. Do not pretend I am anything but an after thought to you. I do not mind it Julius. I know I can never truly live in Rome but why would i Alexandria is Migrate Kingdom. I only seek to unify empowered. Both you seek a world order that the world is not ready to sustain. Do not not plan to wait on the world to catch up. My job is to lead is not our purpose or if you lost that too in the fog of your own power woman woman. Do not leave me here. That's why I'm leaving this empire. Julius and taking our son back to the one. He is suited to Cleopatra broke. Caesar's hard heart but before her carriage had left Rome her ex lover was assassinated by his own. Senators perhaps feeling inspired when she returned to Alexandria. Cleopatra proceeded to poison the final brother Ptolemy little fourteenth eighteenth died before he even reached puberty in all honesty knowing the reach of her ambition. Such a quiet fate was probably a mercy to the boy doing what Caesar would not ought Cleopatra Name so sorry on her co region the horace to her isis she prepared to raise him as the ultimate successor to both the Western and eastern eastern worlds. It was a perfect arrangement for Cleopatra's ruling style. Her Co regent was still swaddled in babies cloth and was completely under her control so she began again to make some big political moves. And the I was siding with this Assyrian side in the renewed Roman civil war while brutus and Cassius raged against the status this quo the new Roman triumvirate controlled mainly by Caesar's best friend in general Mark Antony and his heir apparent Octavian thought to hold onto the old Rome in forty one BC. Cleopatra is called before Mark Antony in Tarsus a city in Modern Day Turkey Console Antony Cleopatra of Egypt comes before you today Gods are excused. Lethal with me yes please gods I see so you come with Your charm in tact not to mention a grand parade at your back did I. I do not even notice such things anymore. I was very very prepared to dislike you. After everything I am always prepared to be disliked. Triumph here please. Julius was friend to us both let us dismiss the formality. I sense that your invitation was more of an order than anything else. Excuse any formal preparation. I may have taken in the public eye. I wanted this to be recorded. Quarter doesn't accusation. But there's little doubt in my mind that you're on the side of the Syrians. You need not look further than the name of my only son Lovely Cleopatra my true purpose and asking you here is request your help. I intend to make war against the Patriots. I must display skill above the sorts of my fellow travelers. I fear it would be the only way to hold room together. I am and always have been a woman of unification power must be held by the most responsible among us yes. There are rumors that you do not play well with others. You're dead brethren husbands. Speak to this. I did say I believe only the most responsible should hold power by any means. Forgive this digression. Julius always spoke of your beauty but I saw you at his villa. I thought perhaps success on his part but yet say I already know it myself. You are radiance incarnate. Nothing so complex. Mark Antony any I am a goddess and a Queen I simply know it to be true and so it is so it is so began. The partnership of Antony and Cleopatra Patra both in Love and War will return to our story in just a moment and now let's continue the story In December forty BC. Cleopatra gave birth to twins from Antony Alexander Helius the second in Cleopatra. Go Patrick Salim. The second while the two parted company for four years the next time Antony came to Alexandria on route for his war against the par theuns. He called halted his home and Cleopatra his wife without even annulling his marriage to Octavian Sister Octavia minor. Cleopatra had finally been able to wrangle a Roman man into her empire soon after came their third child tolmie Philadelphia's and with a few words Cleopatra destroyed the last of her our toll AMAC rivals off her command antony executed arsenault for her treasonous involvement with the siege of Alexandria. There were no more siblings to challenge her rule rule that is humorous only far from the Republic of Rome. Do I actually feel free. Calls calls itself Free Alexandria always has been says the Almighty Pharaoh. My people know what I have sacrificed for them. Of course they do my beautiful Isis and you will have to sacrifice no more together. We've created the family of a new civilisation. Tell me these plans. Let me hear them from your tips for Alexander. The lands of Armenia Media and Partha for Selene serenade perhaps Libya for little. Philadelphia's was Syria Korea Phony Shia and silly see of course all of these lands will be hours they already are but they have yet to realize if Caesar was our times. Alexsandr you and I shall be Ptolemy and what of Rome. What if that fall smelling place? You are a Roman man after all will you leave it to Octavian we. We already have our disagreements. It's only a matter of time until he turns on us. Then we will crush him too and I will give that city back to my son true. Caesar this I will do for you and the Isis and you will be above all the Queen of Kings never met a man who could match my words. It's before believe you have a few languages on me. Don't you good thing. We have all the time in the world legitimised in a way by Antony's presence Cleopatra and Cesario on rose to their highest level of recognition yet Cleopatra as Isis and sorry John as Horace Living Gods to the citizens of Egypt Cleopatra was determined to diverge from the line of Ptolemy insignificant ways creating her own dynasty honesty who hush my child. I've only come in to look on you. I'm a grown man. Mother barely twelve. My uncles uncles were dead and gone by this time in their lives. Your uncles were not. You always remember that I will leave you if my presence to Stir Ono beloved mother of course not I was not even asleep. You cannot find yourself in dreams. Nights are not restful for me mother ever since the grand ceremony with Mark Antony and your other children I feel as if there's too much for me to be thinking of. That is an admirable trait for a ruler. But you are not a full blooded one yet. Leave the worries for me for the time being. But if I'm your horace King of all civilization how can I ever sleep. It is a question I often asked myself when my father would keep me up late with my studies telling me endless tales of the bloody history of our line but that is why. I've done what I've done to end the violence of our family to make it a true family once again only from there. Do I see any peace. He's for civilization any true benevolent power. I shed blood in hopes of draining all the toxins from the world so that I may hand as you something pure and beautiful yet. You rely on Rome as your father did. Though I confide in you do not mistake it for subservience. Keep that blade from your words to not try to cut me with them. You will fail but I- excuse your perspective. It must seem that way to you. I promise my son. I am beholden to no Roman man. No Caesar or and I hope you know they all underestimate you. Everyone always does my son. They always have then. I will dream tonight. Mother of the day you stand before the burning fields of Western men and they beg you for gentle rain. Outside of Alexandria is Andrea Antony neglected relations with Rome and Octavian resulted in a final breakdown between the two final triumph hours in thirty three. BC Octavian in rallied the Roman Senate against Antony by appealing to their fear of Cleopatra and her desires to absorb the Roman state into her own by thirty one. BC Ed TV and had amassed an army with which to invade Egypt. Antony and Cleopatra prepped for Final War to fund her Army Cleopatra Dug into the long unguarded gold vaults of Alexander some decreed. This is a sign of weakness. But in Cleopatra's mind she was simply using the last of the resources left to her by her now impotent Tint ancestors. Her duty was to present day Egypt. That Summer Antony's navy sailed against Octavian off the coast of Actinium Cleopatra's. There's own fleet approached the Malay from afar my goddess spoke rises on the horizon. DO VISORS GIVE clarity. Who is burning Octavian in or Antony both sides where Roman colors and both sides take fire? The line is breaking in our direction. I believe Octavian has triumphed on this this day but Evelyn caught us. What shall we do damned food signal to him? We make a retreat. This will have have to be a ground war true. That will be achievable. I will not let Alexandria stent unguarded as that Roman ingrate rapes her shores. Turn the fleet. Antony has failed us. We're Cleopatra was no fool fool she would not be making a romantic last stand with Antony on this day not when her true love of Alexandria still remained her grasp. Her support would have been useless anyway away. The military minded of Octavian was too great Anthony's fleet broke and he too fled toward Alexandria with Octavian hot on his tail when Cleopatra tre reach her home the realization dawned this would have to be her final bastion truly accurate records breakdown here with multiple variations on the same basic a history Cleopatra along with her two handmaidens. Iris and Charmian took refuge inside of Cleopatra's giant monument to herself as Isis Day barred Lorde the doors behind them. Smart as Cleopatra realized that whichever Roman man reached her first Octavian or Antony neither would be pleased with her. At the moment it was true Antony was devastated at her abandonment but he had bigger problems when he reached dry land he could not rally his remaining troops to his cause on August first thirty. BC Anthony's army deserted him and joined up with Octavian Antony arrived at Cleopatra's figurative doorstep broken broken and alone. I know she awaits the end here. where else would she flea? She's used to fall. Her bodyguards led let me into destruction. where else could he go? Remi- any speak to me wealth boy seemingly the last true believer in Western civilization. I come with unfortunate news. She refuses to see me. Is that it. I give her an empire and she will let me rot on these part streets. I fear I fear the Pharaoh's dead. Impossible I fear she has passed from us. It is all gone gone. Can plutarch tells us that Antony then took a blade to himself in an attempted suicide. While again sources diverge plutarch's narrative continues tin us that even this could not kill Antony p lay in the street begging for death for anyone to finish the job when Cleopatra heard this still alive and well L. in her monument. She altered her plan. Perhaps a shred of love remained in her heart. Antony was brought before the still doomed Pharaoh as Octavian closed in on the city he was literally hauled up by ropes into an opening on the side of Cleopatra's monument. You you are too clever Isis Isis. Much too cool look at him. I get him water for the sake of Rome. Get me wine. The last cask belongs to you. You will not split it with me. I must keep my head for the false Caesar as I lay in the streets hurt his legions approach. I was almost thankful you're dead. Cleopatra you cannot allow him to capture you flee while you have the chance I will not leave my city to this barbarian varian. You're right about that. It'll be barbarous. He plans to parade you to the streets in a gilded cage. H He'll make you into the horror of Oliver home. He will settle for nothing less than your authored decimation. This you have heard the lips of my own soldiers before they deserted me. I thought he would go quickly Antony or better yet. Surrender yourself to the forgiveness of Octavian. We're all long past forgiveness. You know this here console Anthony Antony drink not Roman but it will do I clip outdrew leave. Children would live takes US Aryan. He has no story destiny before him. Now only a short one one if you truly care for your family Antony Antony my goddess he's gone rapid silk my goddess Octavian has breached Alexandria. What shall we do? I will see his face he will see mine. Octavian will see the woman who should have brought him low when Octavian arrived in Alexandria. He was led to Cleopatra's monument and found her and her handmaidens inside her own mausoleum. Halt fault all halt. It has been years. Never have I seen your face so close. What do you think overrated? Get to know me as your uncle did as Antony did you will come to realize that everything in life is overrated. Except for me enough. Your words are magic. No More Cleopatra the seventh fill out a tour you are now a prisoner room you sound more like an emperor by the day way better than some foolish power hungry girl. I am a giver of life. I doubt your manhood even prepared for such a task yet. Antagonize Haggen is as you please. I am stone to your fire already molded against you fitting you found me here in your grave. Oh now mm-hmm you will be coming with me room. I have your accommodations prepared. Have you heard gilded baas suited for the Queen of Kings. The people of Rome will welcome you into city limits this time with great fanfare and much Dong to be thrown. I would expect nothing better. From Romance Wants Good Fortune in your own future rule. I thank you for doing away with Antony. Saves me the trouble. His children will be taken. Care of by Octavia Avia a true mother. Not a false goddess. I I am grateful for that and Cesario Laurean the Little Caesar only a babe when I saw him last he is a strong boy. Intelligent I purge the week toll make blood I have given the world. A true leader. Do not forsake him. Yes well unfortunately. It's not good to have too many caesars bastard usurper. This is how you honor your adopted father. I- murdering his kin. I hear it is the Egyptian tradition. visit not men when God every portal in and out of here there are but three women. You should be capable enough cleopatra. I will return with your son's son's head and your magnificent prison. No you bastard. No Octavian had caught the greatest prize as of Egypt but even in victory. He made the same mistake. Many men made in dealing with Cleopatra while under guard the Romans allowed Iris and Charmian to leave and return with a basket of Figs Cleopatra of final meal in her beloved Alexandria when Octavian and his guards returned. They found the two handmaidens. It's passing into death and Cleopatra Far ahead of them for hidden in that basket was what was called at the time and ask now known as an Egyptian Cobra as she ate her final decadence Cleopatra had stretched out her arm and allowed herself to be bitten. The Queen of Kings went out on her own terms. She would would be caged by no Roman ever again. The Tragic Final Act of defiance and one that did little to save her plan legacy as Octavian promised Celerion was executed after serving the shortest reign of any soul Ptolemaic Pharaoh and the final one Egypt was absorbed by Octavian emerging empire and Western culture dominated the Middle East for years to come one has to wonder. Sometimes if Cleopatra acquired such a legendary rule without even achieving victory in her aims. How much more renown would she be? If she had overcome the Romans her battle to unify and consolidate power would have spelled out a very different kind of civilization with less division between East and West. While it's impossible to know if we would be better off. There is no denial of Cleopatra's ambition and her incredible ability to operate as a female political figure in a male dominated culture without a chance of her post Ptolemaic ideal. Cleopatra refused to be taken into the Western culture she he had long to overcome but the fact remains the ptolemies were doomed either way. Cleopatra Refuse to let their line be washed away she empowered herself and sacrificed suffice her entire life to create a new type of society. She became an ideological monument. A sign post in history marking the path forward guiding guiding the way to the future. Thanks for listening you can find more episodes of famous fates and all other park has originals for for free on spotify famous fates is a spotify exclusive. Not only to spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but now spot advise making easy for you. 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