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Collider's Diversity & Redundant Convos - After Thoughts


The following program is brought to you by your friends at podcast. One. Don't forget to download our new podcast. One out. Hey, there your yard took a real beating the summer. Luckily Scotts turf builder. When a guard has your back, just feed your grass with Scott's again, this fall when the Air's cool and the soil is warm, it's the perfect time to give your lawn boost. If you do winter guard, we'll give you yard the nourishment. It needs to help weak thin grass recover and support root growth. Giving you a greener more resilient lawn both now and next spring guaranteed grab a bag of Scotts turf builder. Winter guard today, you'll be back to barbecue in no time. This is a Scott yard. I miss going real j just go. Let me do it. All right. Really, I was super serious are really go. I was going to say that miss John snap, oh, we assume I been thinking about him all week because venomous out today and two things for one. Now that the reviews have come out, I mainly want to go see venom to see if he was right about it. John snap was so hard core, not the fact that the Schnitt Peter Parker was gonna be in venom. I haven't heard any more evidence of that. Right, but he was so passionate about that. I just can't wait and if he's wrong, I'm just gonna laugh and enjoy it because that's what we did when we had snow night was in. Yeah. Yeah, that's what we did. We enjoyed snaps. The snap zone takes as you refer to it and whether he was right or wrong, we always laughed at it and just thought it was funny that that's how he was wearing wearing his phantom on his shoulder. That's right. Wanted to happen so bad that he will. He will a a scoop that may or may not have existed. I wonder what his reaction would have been like. I wonder what he would have done on heroes the week after he would have just been. He would have thrown his arms to the sides. He would add that smirk tilted, his head to the man. I don't know what I wouldn't have been cool too. He doesn't have to take any. Yeah, I appreciate that. Sometimes we take this reporting on news movie news a little too seriously. There are no say, we I have nothing to do with it right. There are no repercussions for his actions at all. He just laughs it off and and that's, that's all we need. We just laugh it off right the the more sad thing about it though is we're running out of sh- nip takes, you know what I mean? Oh yeah. Like the movie space is going to catch up. Yeah. Like like he had his thoughts on Infinity war partout whenever you want to call it, whatever you want to refer to it as. Pretty soon we'll be out of snap takes two to look forward to. So that's kind of disappointing. But I have been thinking a lot about them all week because of venom, for sure. For sure. Berkshire. Was that too sad? Maybe maybe not. I mean, listen, we're still here doing the show. Are you Kevin Garvey and the leftovers? Yeah, we're still here in the bar at the beginning of the the premier. I don't remember. It's one of his, his big lines. We're doing the show. We took some time off. We cover that last week. It feels good is a lot taken the weeks off and then come back with reminded. There's a lot of collided to take in every week. People know this. I told you before I hit record. I was Phil lazy. Yeah, I feel like I'm taking in less collider than ever when right now there's more collider than ever and I think that's interesting and we'll talk about it. In just a second after this break. Okay. You are listening to collider apricots the show that examines the content and the faint of smack in your Matt collider. I am. I'm what to read a Terry. I should have done. My dad used to go to church with this preacher who every time does anyone who goes to church who every time we talked every time we spoke in between two. Yeah. And once he told me about it, that's all I could hear, please don't do it. I've had multiple Catholic priests growing up because you know they, I'm sorry, they get moved right, actually move around. We had this one priest cool because he wore sketchers, he will or not scheduled shit. My lease. Chuck Taylors. No, yeah. Using converse. We thought he was so cool because you Chuck Taylors, and you could see them under his rope. He was eventually removed. He would have been upset. The people were, you know, talking about his feet behind the scene. Well, I think about the kids excitement, right? Because you're like, oh, he's so that was his way in right. No, for sure. Speaking of. I could talk about this. I'm Catholic speaking of just this is a side note. We'll talk about clutter sports in a second, but. Big shadows to ace. He was on the show with this week. I came back preview in the Conor McGregor could be number met off, fight. We had this conversation about about, you know, like, oh, if you were going to bet on the fight, like what type of beds would you make and Dennis and I were going back and forth and the middle of the conversation. I noticed this as just quiet, and then he was like, oh, yeah, I don't. I don't gamble. I was like, oh, yeah, you're good. Boy. It was just like a really funny revealing moment felt that he might have been coming. Yeah, he didn't drink or anything like that. They didn't drink. He's a, he's a good boy. Yeah, he's kit good kid. He's like a year younger than me, so I don't know. Kid interests. I'm pretty much the same age as all of the winger with the show. I haven't even introduced this. I'm Ryan smelling Jay Williams. What's happening. That's me j. eight of the. Why did they. Easy. Got me a pair Yee's this week. You know, it's funny. I've always wanted to pair the shoes, but I've never never not supported the man. Currently. Jay is dressed as a bottle of Perrier pretty much. Yeah. You can't see it, but it's happening. Has anybody ever realized that you have in your name. Yeah, for sure. Somebody in my work calls me Gye really. Is it a Conde reference or is it like he's just making fun of the fact you have to one hundred percent near, okay. I didn't know that person new to. Jaya. I just always assume the people you work with for lesser lay in terms of music -nology. Nobody, Josh. Oh, is that him? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Well, he's a big Star Wars fan, but I can run circles around him with what is the site and ten weekly. So I'm glad you brought up base required. I wanna mention ace is more of a prominent figure on Kaleida right now. He was also on TV talk guess what's to happen, Jay. He lost his job and he's trying to get a job clutter. No, but he should. Is that right? Your mind. Like I if somebody starts appearing on clutter more, you're like, oh, they well, we'll talk about have a lot going on right talking about the diversity thing here in a minute, right? It might be a PR move. They might feel the pressure after this. No, we'll we'll talk about that later for sure. But no, as is. I've always thought so highly base we both have, and he's been a friend of ours on in town is well and. We are going to be recapping, DC, universe's, titans on on sight and sound so ace's going to be my co-host, and we're going to be doing the thing for twelve weeks and. I'm really excited. Anybody can be to drop a few sound clips in there. Well, that wouldn't be like bureau. If you're only drubbing a few. You'd have to draw a lot. Later, we'll talk about it regardless anyway. I don't know how titans is gonna pay out right now. We're doing that on sight and sound so you can hang out with me and as here next Friday a week from today. Yeah, that's right. Also, it was weird. We came back last week and we still had tweets as can wear this. You know goes, I can't. I can't do it for you. Figure it out. Okay. The internet is it's full of places to find out. We're going to talk about live actually at the tail end of the show, but there's something we had to bring up because this is sort of. It's getting personal. Someone's here, my house, hanging hills ringing your doorbell. So rarely, listen back podcasts, but I'm gonna listen to this to make sure you leave that in because when you podcast Jay Williams, zen studios somewhere in Kentucky, you gotta deal with madogre Barkan random people coming door to door to get me to vote for them. Oh, that was a. It was a Representative for Majer it. So Majer it. What is magic straight? Yeah, he's running for margarine. I don't know what magistrate is either. Oh, you don't. It's something they do. It's like where you have to do something. It's like where they tell people to cut the grass and stuff like that. I have no idea. Anyway, retention puns, regardless. The thing that I wanted to talk about, it's getting personal now what are we talking about? We touched on it last week. It's this whole dunk thing. Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's it's gone too far right now in honestly, I'm being serious like it's half of a bit, but it's also made like saying you're worried about it. So let me just tell people, but we need to talk this out. We wanna change my view on. I wanna I wanna give people. Your perspective through me. So you were texting me wildly all week. People are thinking, it's it's their thing, and it's hours. What are we gonna do? How are we going to sway their opinion this, right? You know, I'm a glasses half-full type of guy. I got rose sin and glasses like Elton, John. I'm also well versed in copyright law. Okay. I am. I know and it's one of my favorite things about you, hey. There you dare you come out with the shirt. See what happens. All right. I got producer, what's his name? What's I guess named? It's our producer now, Frank, Frank. Yeah, I got producer Frank, even though he's. In Israel for two weeks. He will issue a cease and desist. What's funny is when we were working out like how this would all go down. Right? It came to our producing relationship with Frank. I asked for I asked Christians isn't Frank like out of the office a lot right based on conversations that I had had with Frank. Prior to this, he goes, no, not really. Well, he's going to Israel for ten days or something like that. I have no idea for supposed to say that or not, but I think for name to said that he was going to be out because rule of to break. Yes, so that but no, the half glass full type of thing. If we didn't really give it away. What does that tell the fans, anything in this country? So the half glass full type of thing. Listen, it's maybe never as never been as popular as it is today. Right? So we're going to capitalize on that. We're, we're going to be putting out t shirts. Team Dong if you pay attention sight and sound, we've been talking about they while it's fine, but you will be able to get your team Dong shirts very soon, and we will be making all of the money from it. Yes, continue using it, however, you want, here's here's what happened. And maybe I'll provide a little bit of context site. The phrase teen dog. We brought it over to explain mccoo goes trash. People re whatever all the whole thing. We describe that as a dunk take, which is something that Jay and I use on sight and sound. I regrettably brought it over to collider afterthoughts. It actually came up because I use the word dung in a like a review, and you thought it was just day herbal, that's, but that's where that's not the road I wanted to go down, but it's a whole several argument or separate discussion too, because there's actually some confusion on what the word actually. Means when you bring that part in, but that's going to confuse this audience and I didn't. I was happy that I'm happy that Christian is is trying. He has never been. He's never been the one misusing it and Iraq. I appreciate it. My concern is that when Roxie is holding the phone with the collider video account and is using Dante on collider videos, Instagram video. That's kind of annoys me a little bit, and that's where that's what I was texting you about this week. I was like, okay, so we're, we're going to have you do. We're going to be calling the show and man splaine to her what I'm not touched on. Okay. I'm not touching that. Just like it's funny too because there was a moment of her being self conscious on the show she asked Christian. What do that through thoughts guys? Think of me, there's no way that I can say. She's annoying. I'm gonna do it because I'm, I think I might get that feedback like, oh, yeah. Oh, the wound girl in the office or I supported. It's show Perl Raver Tiffany Smith all people. But it's like the second I call Roxie and knowing I can't actually have in my well, we get into the live actually have some things appraiser about in. That's great. I'm glad I wasn't gonna touch with a ten foot pole so, but anyway. No. So that happened in somebody in Snowville used the phrase and just kind of like in God bless the people that love saw from both sides police. Well, they do a good job. They do. So yeah, that was my biggest concern is just it. Will it feel like felt like the term was getting hijacked? Right? That's how I felt about it. I want it to be hijacked. Christian is not at fault here. Be careful, we'd I got the number of the bat phone. I can make a call Mark Fernandez about this, and I thought I thought to part of the relationship that we would I with Frank is if I texted Frank, hey, take care of this. I want Frank to bust down the door on air. There was an off air conversation. You can hear the conversation. It's like, stop. They're upset about it. They do the show. See, that's not. And I'm glad you brought up the t shirt thing. That's the route I want to go down. I don't want to turn on collider live. I don't want this to happen. I don't wanna turn on collider live Monday and Christian. Having put a leash on everybody. Now the guy said they don't want you to use the phrase anymore because I don't wanna be that guy. I like the t shirt, right? Yeah. We're going to send them shirts that Marcos is gonna leave in his car for a year. Maybe. Maybe Robert Meyer Burnett will wear them wherever he is. But maybe he'll wear the shirt. That'll be like thirty sizes too big. Yeah, yeah. So expect some sort of care package. Right this. I'm have the address so I can take care of it. Why do I feel like I'm watching less Kleiner than ever before because last week I thought, well, last week I thought I had an excuse because I was. Just out of commission. But this week I told you what I watched it because you know, we took some notes here. We, we have a guideline here, but just I mean, you watch, do you do you take in every episode of live? Yeah, that six hours of content live is the one show, and I think this is interesting. Live is the one show that I feel like if I miss it, I'm missing out on the most. Whereas if I miss an episode of movie talk, I don't feel like I'm missing out on it as much as I do with Collado. Live. Yeah. And I mean, the, you know, well, I'll save that for another part of the conversation. Okay. Because there's a whole other discussion. We're gonna have about sort of repeating conversations on air, and I think it's it's not just a, it's not just the collider theme not even gonna. I was almost going to call it a problem. It's on a problem. It's just the movie community. And now it's we're talking about more than movies, right? We're talking about new podcast coming up. We're talking about. Sports and games and everything else, like anything like that. If you're buying into a niche or a bubble, you're going to have to have similar conversations. When big news stories comes up when big news stories appear and that movies are the worst about it because it's a collective consciousness all having the same discussion at once sensually. So once you're already having it, especially when the heat meter, so low with news, in my opinion, with stuff, it's coming out. It's just like. What is there to tune in for? Right. And I don't mean that in a negative. I just mean, like for the conversation, I think like just vol the collider programming for me personally collider live is what could be labeled as like the quote, unquote event. Television doesn't make sense event viewing by the way before we go any further. I didn't mean to say that I literally thought Roxy is annoying. I was referencing her saying that in the I could never say it comfortably or make that clear before I get a text over for people misconstrued the point I was making 'cause I get in trouble for things that I say into, but but anyway. Thank you so much. Care of that. So what's the you you have the notes been in front of you had to do forgot to bring it up. My phone here was hoping to see them. Can you see them? What is it when you can't see far away? Near-sighted far-sighted have great is let's see. I'm gonna put one paddle in front of my ride. I believe that first word is Dong we already addressed that. The second word is titans. Okay, good job. Good job. I told myself, good job that was weird. Titans just wanted to mention real quick that I caught this earlier today as a matter of fact. And I like this. We've been kind of talking about TV, talk Moore's as a name, not just the show, but what that podcast feed can and. Will do in the future. And this was just interesting today. They put out a titan premier review. It was Perry, and then a gentleman from the website, which I forgot to write down. I can look it up here in just a second, but I just thought it was great because they were. It was the first time that I can remember that they were like a head on something getting the premier review out. The Bargo was lifted because it came out across the board TV's usually good about that tea. Like, I'm not a huge fan of it personally. I'm not a huge. I don't like treating television like that. But a lot of the review community get screeners for sometimes as much as like half the season actually caught her on the past. They've got all Netflix screeners for TV shows and whatnot, for sure. Clutter dot dotcoms Vinnie main Cousteau I believe is his name. So not only was it the first time that I can recall that they were ahead on something in that way. In this era. Of course, they were in the previous era in this era. But it was also the first time that it didn't revolve around Thad and Mukuba, which kind of reminded me. It goes all the way back to when we spoke to Perry on this very show, and we were kind of pushing for more people to get involved in every aspect of collider and it seems that this was an example of that not only did they bring somebody in from the dot com to do it, but Perry was the one watching the show, whereas I don't know why mccoo Thad didn't do it. It's fine. But it's, it's encouraging that other people are looking out for the TV feet to tributing. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's again the more. Regardless of how you feel if you're excited about TV talk and clatters TV coverage in general, if your, if you're you're not happy with it, whatever the case may be you've gotta get used to because this is a landscape, especially with the announcement, you know, now this Star Wars TV show is becoming even more realistic. It's a space that they have every business being into and upset at once, say it again. It would make a lot of sense for one of the next YouTube channels to pop up would be a standalone TV thing, but they have a lot of work to do though that they have a lot of work in a lot of ground to cover before they can actually make that happen. And I just thought of a test here. The test is for me to go to the collider dot com article that reviews titans. And I'm going to see if they put the podcast in the article. I would hope they would do that. Yeah, the the twin thing I haven't really haven't been paying attention to as much as sort of cross promotion stuff. We've talked about that a lot before in the past. I think they've done a better job at doing it, but there's there's certain small steps. I think they can still take in. This is definitely one of them. So the written review was done by the same gentleman of Vinnie, and the podcast is nowhere to be found. Yeah, that's unfortunate. It just makes sense. Like in needs to be done it, you know, if you're having that sort of content that written content, it would only make sense to put that there as well to let your readers know that if they wanna further the discussion further their their deep dive in the stuff on an already trusted site and resource. Let people know that you have this content. I don't know when it was timed. I think it was published at six AM this morning, but at any point they still could've updated it with you. Absolutely. In they might have even pre. Recorded that video to the point where it could have come out the second that he published. But yeah, that's that's just gotta happen. Just streamlines things. Right. I mean, I like I actually don't go to the dot com. Really ever. I mean every now and then I might for something particular. But I mean, it would be great if if I'm there for something and I'm reading something else, and you know, maybe I had no intention of of watching the video prior, like just as an will, use this titan thing. As an example. Let's say I went there to read this article and I just wasn't interested in watching video. But if it's there in front of me by the end of the article, why not hit play it just it just makes sense. It just makes sense to have it there. You always referred to that time when you went to that article and found that podcast. That was Connie is until it was on teams e. and I would have never in a million years even known that that podcast existed had it not been for being at the end of that article. And I said, yeah, I want to hear more about this even without that example. I think that's just something that we've always had an idea for we do it. Yeah. I'm just saying you made the statement so we do it. Yeah. So there's that. Before we move on, I want to kind of elaborate on something you brought up in. This is something we talk about offaire a lot, and I asked you to bring this to afterthoughts and you said that you would. We have a lot of listeners. I have no idea you're talking about. We have a lot of listeners in the movie key. They wanna see my easies. No. Okay. We have the movie community listening to us right now. We've had many conversations off air about revoking. Your membership to the film online film community, you kind of like dipped out, like a month ago, we have some other friends of ours that wanna leave as well. I'm kind of in. I'm in a gray area right now. Sometimes I think people clutter wanna do it to you know, I mean, Chris have been very vocal like is it's been like, I don't fucking wanna talk about well to tell me what it is because I think you have an interesting. You always have an interesting perspective for our listeners, and if they don't know you very well, you. You never felt like you belonged to the movie community, right? You always spoken on the way that it exists. So I love movies, right? I do. I watch movies all the time. I try to watch at least one movie a weekend, right? But there is no way in hell that I am at the level of movie fandom that exists in the quote, unquote online movie community. And I'm talking about the ones that exists on schmo Ville the ones that exist in a lot of the collider audience. A lot of the Twitter community and film Twitter's film Twitter, and it's just not the same. You couldn't catch me dead at a movie theater watching anything that would get below. I would say, I don't know an eighty percent on rotten tomatoes. There's just no way Justice league was an outlier. I can't because I trusted market Christian, which is fine, which is fine that like, and that's, that's the thing like you, you should. Actually, that's a great transition into this conversation. You should be able to trust your movie reviewers. And in fact, I consider myself a casual individual in this space and as a casual individual. And I talked about this music all the time you. You can't just dive into it like it's too much. It's too much to take in and you have to find resources that you trust in that you've value in order to point you in the right direction. Luckily for me, I have you and you do a pretty good job at letting me know what's going on collider in general, is that source and there's other. Reviewers on YouTube that also pay attention to value their opinion. I like Christoph. Obviously, I like marking Christian is as Moses and and this and that, and you can attribute the same thing to people in their even more niche phantom, like Star Wars at truly truly value. Mark Christian and kidnaps ox -pinion on Star Wars. I just do. That's where I go to to learn more about it. So what I want out of this community is I want to know what good movies to watch is that is that hard? That should be the bare minimum. What good movies should I watch that exists? I was looking for something to watch yesterday. I was on itunes, I rent and buy a lot of movies on I tunes and I stumbled upon a movie called leave. No trace. Are you familiar with this movie? Well, because you mentioned it to me earlier. Okay. I watched the trailer. The trailer looked cool, and I saw that the movie had a one hundred percent on rotten tomatoes. I was like, holy ship. Why have I never heard about this movie? Okay. That's a whole other conversation. So I said, I tested this because I've done this before. I've gone on YouTube defined, not just the movie because there's a bunch of reviewers on YouTube that that are big. Reviewers are part of the community that I don't pay attention to. So I, I went to look for review for this movie. There is no review to be found from any of the bigger outlets here on YouTube or did You Tube on YouTube? There's there's one, I'm sure like t. h. r. variety. I'm sure there's people out there that review it, but this was at a festival. This is one eighteen and people like to take in content on YouTube. It's big, not big business. It's business to put video reviews out for movies, and when I couldn't find this, I have had enough of this horsh it. This is not the only time this has happened. This has happened a lot and the community, especially the YouTube review community has fucking failed. It is an absolute failure. Like we get the same conversation. Nations all the time about superhero stuff about Star Wars about this and that and I get it. I'm a business guy. I understand why you do it. I've also heard arguments conversation, especially in Christians made it very clear, and I agree an, I understand his point of view. You do a lot of these indie films and this and that and they don't do numbers on the YouTube. I don't wanna hear about numbers collider ever again because you now have all these properties that are doing way smaller numbers wise. You have Mantas movie show you have a whole podcast channel. You have videos on games on clatter, quick that we've taken that bar that standard about where they should be performing numbers wise, and we've lowered it right because they're so the blanket is so big. I don't expect you to do an hour, long review or it could be something super small, but it is inexcusable in my opinion too. Have a movie that apparently is this good, especially and they're not be a movie a review for it. It just doesn't make any sense. I've never heard one person mention it. It's it's a failure. It's a huge failure and the and the only reason this isn't towards collider. They're just part of it. The whole community is at fault for this like fucking do better. It's just not right. We've had a version of this conversation before, and I've made a couple of points that just kind of sort of playing devil's advocate to you. You kind of addressed the business aspect of it, and I know that we have a conversation later where you're going to play that role as well when I have some questions, but there's also just the fact that when I have never heard of something and I know how this might come off, but when I when I hear something like this that I've just flat out, never heard of. I just kind of talk it up to the fact that nobody would. Ever know to even ask for this, but that's also kind of what's so valuable about your perspective because you're disappointed that movie the movie community online represent what you wanted to be. But the reason shifting the reason for what you're saying in my opinion, and I agree in because there there have been, for instance, I've still heard no mention of of what's what's it called. Hold the dark, no mention of it at all. Where's review for this in? That's a problem and but to be fair, I, I'm pretty sure they addressed it on the witching hour and that and I was aware of that too. And that's perfectly end on movie review talk. That's that's. That's what I'm thinking of. 'cause I listen to movie review, talk last week and they mentioned it right, and all that's totally fine. And again, this isn't this. I'm not trying to focus have laser focused towards collider like that's, in fact they're probably less. I mean, you can. This is collider for sure, and and they can be the company that does what you're talking. This is a great. This is a great discussion for them. They're also less culpable because they're a bigger now. They're not just collided the movie YouTube channel, their collider, the entity that covers a wide blanket of things and that that's totally fine. And to your point about the witching hour and even move your view, talk these things exist. There was another one that I watched. I can't remember exactly what it was. Another review was looking for and actually to be fair to them. The only thing that came up from a lot of these big spaces on movie, YouTube was movie review talk, but it was still buried inside of this longer form thing. It was fine. I watched a checked it out. No big deal, but it just, I mean, man, it was. It's just so frustrating and it's such a bummer. And I think to your point about things being so maybe outside of the conversation, even when you don't have a knowledge of. I think that speaks to because the conversation around movies is so and I'm not saying anything new here. And in fact, sometimes I get annoyed by people who say what I'm about to say. It's like the collective conversation is so redundant. It's so with with Star Wars with with superheroes when you double down on that as a community, everybody's saying, well, let's get away from this stuff, but nobody's doing it. Nobody's doing it except for people with magazines. It t h over all these places that people don't pay attention to. I'm sorry, like peo- outside of the bubble. They don't pay attention to these. Here's my version of this conversation where the net flicks movies are just completely under represent-. Hold the mother, I'd do library. Oh, I'm sorry. There was a an interview on factory between Perry and Jeremy. Sonia. Yes, directed hold the dark. So that's what I was thinking of in terms of hold the dark coverage, but movie like hold the dark a movie, like to all the boys, I've loved before the fact that none of those are even touched on collider. That's where I, that's what I think is an absolute failure because I don't know. I don't know if they're aware and if they are, I think maybe like someone that cops her would be more in tune with this. Some of the wingers. I don't know if they're aware of how much of a conversation there is around those movies. Like of course, people label net flicks movies as lesser than, but you can't ignore how many people watch them like the fact. It's one hundred hundred to elaborate on this point. Like I get hype from to all the boys I've loved before or hold the dark from conversations. I have personally with movie fans, people that are all about these movies, but I get it from them when I should be getting it from collider. But. And I get it. I get a hundred percent, especially. I think. I think for me, I, I'm just I'm hungry. I'm hungry to know what to watch them. What to look out for and movie review, talk is a place to find a lot of that information. And if you're tuned into that, you can find out about a lot of stuff the the Netflix discussion and belief. I think Christian actually touched on this that that that's an area that they do wanna move into could be wrong. Maybe I'm, I had a dream about that, but. I know I'd, but, but you're right, you can't ignore the numbers. I mean, to put it in perspective net flicks is a company that is about to do battle with some of the biggest companies in the world. You're Amazon's your Disney's, your apples, and we'll probably know they're probably going to lose. They're going to net flicks net likes. Have you heard the plans yet? Apple's original program net flicks cannot compete with those companies. There is zero. They are the mom and pop compared to those Amazon's Jeff basis, a richest motherfucker on the planet. Apple has more money than the whole by like there's and and Disney has the properties. They all the properties to take away for. That's a whole other conversation. Say, I, I don't know that I agree with that. I think we, it's, that's a different conversation for different jet books. We'll be bought within the next five, ten years by other company. I mean, okay, because they can't compete. Doesn't other conversation. For different podcast. Yes. Yeah, that's a whole. Good. Should be. To be fair. There is a show that we have talked about on here. I just haven't been able to watch it the for your consideration show there mainly watch any of them. I have not. I should. And I, I think I will because. Now, especially because we are gearing up for what is my favorite season for movies the fall, so it it's a show that I wish was more consistent that they seem to only pop up randomly, I might be wrong. I don't think it's only gets weekly thing. I could be wrong. Somebody could be like, no, you're completely wrong. They went up today or yesterday. Yeah, Esau that. But anyway, there's that. Is that the book end of your conversation, is that all you had to say? Yeah, pretty much. The other only thing I really want to throw out there is clutter sports still chugging along in a. No, this'll probably be the last time I bring it up unless something just crazy happens, but clutter m may take down the show that I do with Dennis and sometimes Roca we had ace on the show this past week, the spite, and it was a fantastic conversation. It's a import. Time to bring up this show because one of actually probably the biggest UFC fight. Maybe ever is about to take place this weekend between Conor McGregor and could even number medoff and they're doing some interesting special things. Dennis is basically hosting a watch party at collider studios on Saturday people. I told Fernandez gas up the jet, but he didn't give a message because it was at a range because of the country. Yes, that's exactly right. That was what he told me. He Dennis is having this party's. They're gonna. People come over and watch the fights. I asked him on air said, Dennis, who is the least likely person that you could get to come watch this? Who do you think he said in the clutter studios least likely. Trying to think of whenever you do this always trying to think what's is it the most obvious thing or the least obvious, I would just say, don't don't think don't think super hard twist. Well, we always hear about Christian, not being able to have a life of collider. You're thinking her if they do are the last per- didn't think about that today? Like Christian one hundred percent should come and watch his fight. He can get of the house for just a little bit. Three hours, but. But I thought, I don't know if he's going to be able to watch it. I don't know. Just tell me. Just play my game. Haley fout. He said he said that just has no interest in watching this at all, which is fair, but it's on TV thin. That's right. Is on TV this fight is going on. It's it's a great card. They're going to be doing the thing immediately after we're going to be doing a podcast sort of reaction, not a reaction, I guess, just a post fight discussion. And what is that gonna do. I mean, I don't know if you're invited, but you're more than welcome to sit right next to me. Are you coming to watch the fights with me? I thought I was then yeah, come over because that's what I would like you to do and you can sit right next to have your safe, you'd like to. I think it's important to have a cat. I don't think I want to be on the set. I think it's important to have a casual fans perspective. Simply because it is a crossover fight, even though it's been incredibly under promoted, and I think it's going to underperform, but I don't wanna obviously have so little to say to the point where it's like, I just speak for like play. The Ryan could play the Roxie on the show like, what's what's this? What's I mean? I definitely want to do that either. Bring a screeching halt all of it, but I don't wanna do or just go home. I could go. You're right. I have. My car will have is saying. On collider. I mean, do you have to wait? I thought this past the microphone and they never thought about it. It's actually a really great idea, but it'll never happen since they're taking a week off of rule of two. I was like, it'd be awesome if Jay and I did an episode a role too. It'll never happen. Of course it will, but we would have in amazing conversation about Star Wars. No, for Nida's is a fan. We'll take that a second. All right. That's all. We'll tell you have a thing. Go ahead. Do you the one quick thing I wanna mention before the big conversation here is the event of the century, Richard Dreyfuss on one on one with Christian Harlow. It's right. That was a much disputed episode. Yeah, we talked about it last week, but we didn't get a chance. Well, it wasn't outlets week what we got a now. Did you listen? All of it. I got about half of it in before I had to do some stuff today, but I didn't get through all the. But did you watch or listen a watch? I'm sorry. I was coaching ice in the micro. There's a lot to say about it in the sense that you and I actually had the exact same take off air. You text me that it was the most Rogan episode of one on one that it's existed. I actually had the exact same thought and people. I think people have wrong idea around impression of what that means like saying something as Rogan s doesn't just mean it's somebody's sitting down and interviewing somebody like, that's that's what Rogan is, but it's more than that, Joe Rogan has the ability to. I mean, it really does. It doesn't feel like an interview. It feels I can doesn't pilot interviews, really. It's a conversation that can go I, it's it's a very fluid conversation that can go in a million different ways, but it requires a very astute host in order to. Listen and be attentive, but also continue on, you know, spur the conversation long and I thought Christian did a fantastic job of doing that. Those conversations that they had it was a special episode. They were very unique to. What we've gotten up to this point. It's nothing against his other guests, but it sometimes requires the guests to be really in on. It felt like we were sitting in a room where there were no phones. Right, right. It seemed like when it comes to like Christian handling the interview. There's no way in hell I could have done that interview. That's, and that's what crazy about it because it was so it was lacking in show business more so than typically not that it was completely absent. I just show business commerce more than any other conversation that not not that it wasn't a parent, right? So there was less show business in the episode then a lot of them which I welcome, and there were a lot. Sure. And a lot of references to things I didn't even know what he was talking about half the time just because it was of a different time more. The politics. He was kinda speaking to things like that in the fact that I was not that I think Christian is dumb. I just never hear Christian involve himself in anything other than movies until squirrels. So that was a nice apprise. Again, like you said, it was a nicer prize that I haven't read the comments yet. Not that I really want to, but I'm curious how people are, what the hell would you do the absorbing this because. I'm curious if people are disappointed because I'm still fascinated with the conversation around show business. Like I love hearing people have interest just talking about the show business. So I think if someone were to expect him to talk a lot about jaws they, they might just kind of that was that was going to be my question. When you say disappointed, you mean because we've seen in the past that, you know the YouTube comments are straight cesspool, but yes that we that it seems like from time to time the idea that we have of the comments that they're, they have a very narrow focus. I'm speaking to the same question speaks to when he talks about the people who complain that collider live just isn't a two hour conversation about Kathleen Kennedy, signing three or deal like the we're going to get to it kind of thing just because and the version that we've had on here before is like we just don't think a lot of collider fans take. Anything else like they just can't get used to just a conversation about anything? I think baffled us, one of the most fascinating things depit tension to about collider overtime overtime. I think sometimes we watch things that happen at collider and examine it and see how it does, but there's just not enough sample size of time to make an an astute observation, but I am fascinated when you, you know, like to festival things about. The Evelyn of the phantom and how whether or not their meaning to do this or not, but how they're sort of molding and shaping and educating and teaching them how to watch collider. Right. I think that's something really worth paying attention to overtime and I like it. Absolutely. I mean, this is kind of the direction that we've been wanting for a while. Now, let me ask you another question. Simion topic. Apologize if I'm jumping around too much, but. We've talked before how we think it would be great for collider to have these town halls. Like maybe I think twice a year is a great thing, like every six months do one, not just every time there's an announcement which seems like that's what it was both times we've gotten it, but. If they were to do another town hall like early on your maybe around February. Remember around February was when they do the first one when they announced the separation from complex. Like, what? What do you think we would get out of that town hall? If it was just an assessment of what's gone on, how things are going, maybe no announcement, but what do you think the conversation would be about? Like if it came out next week or something, maybe in maybe maybe wary or something. Just that it's so hard to say just how things have gone up until this point. Well, I think about the things that were kind of teased in the original town hall that really haven't been heard from materialize until today. I was gonna bring up the VR game briefly here in a second, but that's an example of that. We've been hearing about their game projects, Fernandez kind of drops those nuggets on things that he's on. So I think about that kind of stuff. And I wonder if they, if they had another town hall, would they give us more on that kind of stuff? Because I don't know what else there is to say about. We don't really. And maybe this is because we're paying attention to a lot more these days you and I, but it's not like we have any like specific criticisms for the collider video. YouTube channel like that's about afterthoughts is like for while week, he kinda dwell on like maybe there's too many videos on the Kalat. It just feels like there are bigger issues now we don't have to worry about that kind of stuff so much. Yeah. I mean, everything's a lot. It's just bigger picture in general, right? And I think they're moving in a direction that I like, and I enjoy and I appreciate. Yeah, I think I would like to hear about if I just if I could hear more about their plans, I can't remember what the announcement was something about original content that made me think about when we did our hall reaction. Yeah, there was something about producing original content. I remember you bringing this up and I thought at the time that you had not necessarily misheard it, but you had extrapolated like, I don't think I in a Ryan smelling way where it was still mentioned whether they meant to say it or not, right. Maybe they meant something else entirely, but they did talk about that. I think in general, their premise was we're in the business of creating original content which. They do everyday, but if it was something like that, I would have thought anything of it, but to be fair. I mean, I do remember, you know, Fernandez talking, it was such some more memorial about sort of being in the business of of producing some of his works and some of his IP that he had. Yeah, maybe that's that's a follow up that I had forgotten to to that point. I think I would just sort of like an assessment of what's gone on since this expansion. Maybe talking about some future ideas that they might have like materializing potential side TV type of channel. Is stuff like that. I mean, because it's not enough time year without a doubt is not enough time for a company to assess where it's at and be like, we need to maybe put. Put it is enough time to make small changes, but like a big grand scale change of we're hiring fifty more people that's way not enough time. It's just not enough time. Whoever's listening to this. The upper management, the higher ups at collider. I have a Manila folder sitting beside me that sealed with the business plan for you. I've told it to Frank. He loved it. I've got it right here whenever you want it. I don't know if I would call it a business plan. I think it's a, it's a great. Fuck it. I did. It's an endeavor. It's an investment. Yeah, but I'm keeping it to myself until you realize that. I don't know it by these easies with the clutter, check came in. So I didn't get a check cut the check. All right, let's move on. Yeah, I wanna have. Mentioned the VR thing real quick. Just sort of a it was announced, not a whole lot of details and less. There was an article I missed or whatever, but we found out today that the first original game that collider has been working on is a twin peaks VR. Right? Which is interesting. I, I don't know what virtually do anything with. Absolutely, I and it's funny too because I don't even remember the kind of conversation we had on here about it other than what you just thought. It was funny that for named is was dropping things on podcast, but it makes rule of to like a Muslim when they announced it today saw the an image on Twitter. I was like, I don't know what I thought this was did weren't we under the impression that it was like a mobile game or something? No, I could've sworn Joey talked about it. No, I'm phone phone into the snow zone. No, that happened your mind your mind, like takes things in. I take that as a compliment because it's like, snap, it's yeah, it's overtly ambitious. It's only cool. It's does it. That's what you should overly ambitious. It's fun. It's okay. I don't know what maybe it was a mobile. Your big dreamer. Thank you so much. So I'm hoping that speaking, I'm coming from a place where this is my twin peaks fandom coming out, not so much. My collider phantom coming out. I have no twin peaks fan because I just don't like the show, but I was sort of the things on my mind, kind of went to places. And I'm wondering if this is like an Alan wake, are you familiar with that? I'm thirty one. Alan wake is very twin. Doesn't matter. It's a very twin peaks esque kind of it's about a writer who goes back to the small town to solve a mystery and I, that's what came to mind I I was. I was wondering and kind of hoping that it was that kind of game because I'm a big fan of Alan wake, but I can't really speak to be are in any way, shape or form. I don't have a setup. I don't. I don't know a whole lot about it. I've seen some videos Mukuba pretending to be scared. So it's interesting property to sort of being in bed with. I mean, again, like Ryan, I have no attachment to it. I'm not a big fan of twin peaks, but regardless it has its followers. It has its -solutely niche fandom, and I think it's really cool and you know what to cool property to align yourself with this. That's actually what I wish I started with. I purchase conversation as a fan of twin peaks. Actor of, but the fact that I never thought that it would be a known intellectual property. I just didn't know that was possible. I mean, EMMY nominated, I know. Yeah. And that's just what do they do like three thousand votes, even though I'm not a fan of the show that has nothing to do with conversation. I don't know why keep bringing that up, but that's one of those big baller moves that we've talked about in the past. It's like that's bigger than I thought it ever could be. Well, I think the interesting thing about it in maybe bigger than that, first of all, it's not completely. If you think about it even deeper, it's not that shocking for the sole fact. That for an end is not only has a background in developing video games, but he also helped develop some sort of mobile game could be incorrect. But it was for Dexter Showtime show, and other Showtime, probably somebody's using his links there, but I think what it does, it's especially if it's acceptable. Even if it's not whatever the case may be the fact that they're just doing it period gets their name out there in a totally new place. It's yeah, it's a blank. Canvas is sort of work in into have that property attached to it. I mean, even if your just developing something and your somebody that could attach any IP to it, it's good. It's positive and I'm all about it. It's not for me. Obviously it's not. It's something that I fully understanding wrap my head around. But from a business perspective, it's great. You know who works for Shota me Brennan shop. True. It is. The the big conversation that I kinda wanted to have here before we recap Collado alive. I want to kind of talk about, and I think we've had versions of this conversation before I wanna talk about the redundancy of conversation going on Kaleida right now, and we've had this conversation before. Yeah, it's been a while. Yeah, it's been a while. It's just funny that we're talking about redundancy conversation. Thank you for putting that out. This week, I was struck with multiple conversations about the same thing and I just wanted to wrestle with this a little bit because it wasn't. This week sort of triggered the conversation that we're about to have. But I've kind of been thinking about this the past few weeks and it was kind of prompted I buy jet jet. I council over the past few months. The fact that I don't know if it's because there's just a lot less to talk about now that so coming went, there's just not a whole lot of Star Wars movie news to actually discuss. I would carry that over beyond stores. I think there's levels to this movie news game, and obviously when you're talking about Star Wars, marvel DC even greater. So for instance, I would argue that there hasn't been a lot to talk about with marble. Now somebody might say, what about kept in mar will that was, yeah, it was big, but there's not. There's only so much you can say about a trailer, right, right stuff with vendors, four, there's just we don't have a lot of knowledge about what's going on, which is cool. It's it's, like you said. Star Wars stuff. When you talk about this new exciting thing like the Star Wars TV show that people are really amped for it's, it's just uncharted territory, and then the Kathleen Kennedy thing is some behind the scene stuff. It was. It was the first time in my opinion is somebody can correct me if I'm wrong or they can agree to disagree, but. Think it's the first time we've had movie news of this caliber in a in quite a while. Yeah. But I, I guess what I was speaking to before we get to this week, it's like I remember going to jet council and it seemed like there was always a point where they had the same conversation where out here. Repetition and Christians takes like Dave baloney, or there's just particular conversations. He would always have episode by episode about day phony running creative or that might not be the literal take, but you get what I'm saying. And I couldn't even tell you which episodes that they came from. But just whenever I happen to listen to Jeddah council, there was always that bit of repetition, and I never really thought it warranted a conversation because there's the side of the argument, which is what else are you going to do when there's a lag in movie news and I'm accepting of that. There's plenty of other things to talk about a collider. So I just never felt like I had to bring it up, but I wanted to bring it up this week in particular. That's why I thought it was relevant because we had a version of a conversation on collider live. And then we had a version of conversation on the rule of two. And then we had a version of the conversation on jet. I counsel and I took. Took in from from Christian is what you're pointing out specifically. I mean, Chris, Christie, because because there were other, there's probably a conversation on movie talk as well about it, but the only the only reason why I would. Bring up Christian for the sake of this conversation. And this is the point that I was going to make a point that we've made before whenever there were crossover. So whenever something big would happen in the new. The way that the schedule used to work out. Whereas there's a heroes on Monday and Wednesday and move talking like you would always have the same conversation exists on two different shows. And whenever we will talk about that, we would talk about how it was important to have a different point of view on each on show or just a different type of conversation about the same top about the okay, that's a good point. So if you wanted to bring up Christian and we want to talk about the idea of having a different perspective or different type of conversation, I would bring up. The idea of just not having Christiane rule of to like that's, and that's not even on Christian necessarily just, right. I mean, they wanted to listen. I mean, but that's where we're going to go. I, if we're gonna talk about, look, they talked about this three times and they made the same point three times and Christian was the common denominator of all three conversations because he's the host of council in collider live in the happened to be Star Wars stairs story. Yeah. I mean, I think the thing that I find the most fascinating about this, so I, you know, I pick and choose when I come into Johnny council rule of too. I think both shows are great probe more than any show that come well. There are a lot of shows that pay attention to unclutter obviously because I do the show, but the ones that I come into as a fan quite frequently are rule to and council, but at twin they're having conversations that I'm I'm interested in as a the type of fan that I am of Star Wars. So because we had to just massive new stories that I knew were going to get great conversation. I elect, obviously we're going to get it on live because that's where that's your first impression. First reaction type of show absolute, right? It's not so much and it's a great conversation because it's a room of people talking about. Right. So it's not that I need to be explained. I don't need to be told why. They're doing it right. I want like I don't need to of course the biggest news of the week. And again, it's it happens to be a Star Wars story, so it's going to get covered across the board. What we want to talk about here is how do you sort of alleviate right? The exhaustion if there's a collider fan that listens to all of. So that's the problem we wanna all. So again. Christians formulating is to come live, right? It's impossible in possible in my opinion to not go into jed eye counsel, which is your flagship store show you. He has to go in with the most ironed out version of his take possible in my opinion, like it's simply because now it can go, it can evolve, obviously can evolve into something else. But I think as the hosts and I could be wrong, he could correct me. But as the host of jet, I counsel you have to go into sitting at that seat being the host being the voice that he is of Star Wars, giving the most ironed out take. And of course you're going to get some repeat points of view. Rule of two is interesting example, because first of all, I found it refreshing to listen. First of all, I was fantastic deceit to fans of our show, sitting there doing the show Mark Fernandez and Kushner love, shut those guys. I'll be sure to sign a headshot Senate your way. But regardless I found that that refreshing to hear cushions take on for the sole fact that. We actually don't get to hear him talk about Star Wars like that. A lot in an open long fo-. Interesting. Conversational setting. Yeah. Now, of course he did revert back to the takes that you're talking about, and that was conscious of it and he got some new perspectives in there. But yeah, how do you alleviate from it? I think it's just what you said and what I said, it's it's going into the conversation trying to have as different of perspective of talking about as you can. You can still make similar points and maybe he's doing that, but it just it was it. This is something I, if. Oh, Qassam now, because it hasn't happened in a while. I right. So I wanna give some credit to jet. I council too because you know, when by the time Jeddah council rolled out, they were talking about additional news tidbits that they hadn't addressed on Collado live like their reporting of Pedro PASCAL rumored to be the. Into law, had no idea about the exact. So they were able to touch on that on jet. I counsel whereas they were only reacting. Well, I'm getting getting. I'm confused. There's the mandatory news and then the Kathleen Kennedy news. So they're still they're still different versions of the conversation, but the same points keep getting brought up, and here's maybe more of a superficial example. But like Christian has to constantly make his like eight-man comparison, and there's just always a way to weave in the same take over and over again. And I was just curious if it was if this was a me thing or if this was I'm conscious of it, but I, yeah, I mean, there were times especially with the ant man just thought to myself. You know, several examples of that. I, I would never just come to this podcast and complain that I kept hearing that in using an example of several or even smaller things like the opinion that Kathleen Kennedy is a great producer, but she shouldn't be the head of creative. We've talked about that and that she might not see out the the three year. Extension? Yeah, I, I really don't have a lot more to offer to the conversation outside of just I think I get. I get why it keeps coming up. I, you know if there were other collider podcasts that talk about what we do and they wanted us to come on to, we would probably give similar takes that we've given in the past. Sure. It's it just so happens that. It's the biggest new store. It's a big new story, and we both agree. I don't want to downplay how big the news stories were and it just so happened. That's a whole thing. You have to keep in mind with the rule to episode. The men. Orien- news hadn't even broke full. That's right. So right. Actually, and we didn't get that on live so it it is actually more about the Kathleen Kennedy. That's exactly right. So, and there's probably less to talk about that. Right. I mean, there's a lot to say about it only so much. You can say, if I can purely speak as a fan of this and not just somebody who. Has to kind of comprehend the business side of it because we, we have to use both perspectives when hosting this show, but if I can leave the business part away from it because I don't feel like that to be explained. But as a fan, I feel like if I tire of that kind of stuff, it might be a problem. I think that's where I was mainly coming from. So as a fan, if I love council or heroes or movie, talk in the same stuff keeps getting brought up. I get exhausted by it. So when I was thinking about is especially when there's a lag time and I don't need to tell Christian this because he knows this better than anybody. But if there's like a lull in in content, this week wasn't alone because we had this big, but to alleviate that I think if there's a lull, you can maybe design the show differently, like maybe take a week to sort of expand on the things that you typically ignore Reich episodes of Jeddah council that I've seen. Gene, they skim right through comic books and it's just like maybe one person telling the other two about what happened with the comics, but it's not a discussion, right? So maybe make maybe focus in on this week. We're really going to explore the comics that have been coming out and then like an all of them give it the proper treatment or on live, just let letting everybody else have their say and responding to them and sort of saving his his take for right for council. The only reason why I think I'm putting my fingers jet. I counsel is because that's, that's gotta be the show you go to. Right? I mean, the has to be that's the flagship star were show. Well, Jeddah council is also currently right now, my second favorite show on video, so it's one I'm more in tune with, and I've been pretty open about it too. I caught movie talk on Wednesday, but I haven't been watching heroes. I haven't been watching movie talk as much, but we've had previous conversations similar to. This, and we've come across many of the similar examples across those shows as well. Well, the thing about movie talk is that you're getting different people's perspective. Even even the Mark was on clutter live to sort of talk about that. But like I don't know, just signed her to say on it. Actually haven't seen in a while because I haven't been. Movie talk as much either. Right? But the one of this is can depart from this whole discussion now, but I do have to be remiss if I didn't bring this up. One of the fascinating things that I found from listening to rule to that I thought was hilarious to me was the fact that they treated Christian like he was a guest coming onto the show from an outside place like it was like, you know, joining. And this isn't like, I'm not making fun of the hosting or anything like that. It was just fascinating to think about like host of jet. I counsel or bringing in this guy who is one of the most trusted voices on the internet talking about Star Wars from a fan perspective. And it's just funny because it made me it. It almost seemed like even though rule of two features, the owner of collider, it seemed like it was a fan podcast outside of collider, but also it made me think in realize we brought this up before, so apologize for conversation. But it made me realize that a lot of these people don't appear on a lot of other people's content. Now there's some. There's some that will appear on stuff like you can go to the wingers and they'll have stuff or even why people on titan town from time to time, but even like other bigger shows in, yeah, maybe some screen junkies crossover, but. It just it seems to me very rare that you will get a lot of these people coming and making appear appearances on places when actually I think it's it would be beneficial to the brand to go on a little bit of a media Tor, and it certainly happens less like I remember when like Christian and Ellis would be on like movie fights every few months, and we'd do it point out Christians on Honey and Frank like weekly. So that's a separate sort of he's still doing it. I think he does. I could be wrong, but. Yeah, because I think he does. They do council live. What does it want? One o'clock hour. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, you're probably right, but, but yeah, I mean, it would be, you know. I think it would probably be a good idea to go on different sub. We saw Roca appear on like soccer. YouTube was going on like harp high Fijian stuff too. And I remember him going on nerd alert, which Kim Horter from narrow it was on movie talk on Wednesday, which I thought was a really nice addition to the show, and obviously they're familiar with each other as well. So there's actually two sides that conversation to there's going on other people stuff as a freelancer to further your personal brand. But there's also something to be said of appearing on things as a collider personality to promote collider on collider's time, whether it's sitting in the putt guest duty, oh, to Skype into another podcast, you're promoting collider or. I don't know. Maybe it's after lunch one day and you go over somewhere and doing other that I've always wanted. I've always thought about what it would be like, and I don't even know if this is even possible. I've always thought about what it would be like if they were the movie guy for another big radio show what I was with. 'cause I've thought a lot about about specifically with Dan Le Batard. Right? Like what it would be like if there was a weekly segment somehow if lebatardshow called Mark Ellis as the host of wider movie talk and gave the ESPN audience, some movie news tidbits or what to look out for that week at the theater. This is a big example, and it could potentially be unrealistic and I apologize and essentially what Christian doesn't hide. I hate when people bring this up sometimes when they're like, why don't you just go Joe Rogan like a little bit smaller of an example. I would love it. Absolutely love it. If Mark or Christian. Could get into like a fighter in the kid and talk not just because of my fan of the show, but in not just because I think they desperately need it because. They, I want them to school them on pop culture's especially movie stuff, but just because it would be a great thing to promote themselves. And yes, it's a big show that might, but Mark Ellis has connections with them, especially the Bryan Callen and I'm sure I'm sure Christian does in some way, shape or form and always friends with Krista. Leah annoys Christians friends with Krista. Leah. Yeah, they are. You fucking talked about this before? I don't remember them ever bringing up crystalline. Yeah. Are you fucking? Yes. Delina. And are you fear? I mean, I know that I just never heard pretty. I thought he he can text me tell me if I'm wrong, but or tell Franken. Franken. Tila. I thought that Christian. I know Christian are a came up in the same comedy store class, but Kristalina was a part of this. Well, because I took a picture Christian's name at the comedy store rhino. It's beside our shift here, but I think it's in the same vicinity as delays will be wrong. I wanna have more of a Ryan j conversation real quick. This is as suited for after you want me to hit this, this is what it would sound like if we weren't recording collider afterthoughts, but, okay. So you and I obviously listened to Rogan and fighter in the kid. And I listen to current, congratulations with Krista, Leah and sort of piggyback off my point with lebatardshow. I have always wondered what it would be like if somehow they could dissolve the boundaries between those two worlds because I've heard bits Christian knowing these people Ellis knowing Bryan Callen. He mentioned that to us earlier in the week and it's like, why is there a separation? And then I think about, well, when you look at Rogan and the fight. During the kid. They're just like guys doing some stuff where it's like Christian and collider. They're talking about movies on the internet. It's not really. And that's that was a similar point to what I made a few weeks ago when I was like, I just don't think Joe Rogan would be interested in the smoke down. It was kind of like that. It just just because of two worlds and feel it feels like the. But then again, there's an exception of like Andrew. Tina santino. Is it Anthony? Santino? It's Andrew. I was gonna say, what did it sound wrong? When I said Andrew, the fact that he is on all of them, I thought, I think that's interesting, and I would be curious. I think they should have more of those guys on like collider live. Like how fucking amazing would it be to us if Brian Cowen was on collider live talking about his upcoming shows and shit, like Debbie, so sick talent in there to talk about the joker next year, maybe maybe he'll. Yeah, maybe we'll have to do something like that. He's got a TV show coming out as well, and I would you love Brian Callen on when I'm one pile of. Are you fucking kidding me? Yeah, right. Like I avoid that or cushion talking boxing with with shop. I forsee in like three years, maybe when collider's blown up and take down as a big show and I get fired because you know. Purna jobs going to take my place, wouldn't I? I'm curious probably wouldn't be mealy. How smart would it be right till like capitalize on in audience that doesn't know about the movie community? Does that make sense? It'd be great. Listen, we're kind of having a conversation. I get annoyed with when I see it in comments. Again, when people like. Khruschev over, they'll going on ROY. I'm not. I'm not touching that. But hey, if that's ever cross your mind if you ever have lost or if you've ever left that comment, please just take your hands and cover your face for like maybe an hour. And then or like once you get Chris Hardwick for this mood down like that before too, like, well, I mean, sure, but that's not so much. What I'm asking is just cow-like, wouldn't it be great if they capitalized on people that we think they know because of the comedy store connections and the fact that all of those people had their own like crazy audiences. I mean, I just as a fan boy, 'cause I'm obsessed with that corner of comedy podcasts and things like that. I mean, I would just freak the fuck out if all of those guys became friendly with each other and it would actually benefit collider. Right. I mean, I agree. Let's move on about collateral. So where are we at with the stream of consciousness notes? I've got him, but they're shorter than. I would like them. The be people would like them to be. Did you just do it as a collective, or are you still going to separate it day by day? All announce when it's, I mean, we kind of already know what we want to talk about. I, but I didn't want to take these. Are your collider lives to conscious notes brought to you by sight, sound music dot com. This week, new new sponsor for this the same day, one. Britt drinking that tasty cherry lime LaCroix God bless you. The stitches out of my mouth. I don't wanna be friends with most of the people who consider me friend. I would love to be the Simon Cowe of this collider karaoke thing. Cushion was never culpable for the improper use of Dante. We establish it. After the their little tiff Bret has fallen asleep. And then he was never seen from again, I think it's actually refreshing to hear perspective from someone who doesn't care about stars. Day two. I agree background music is essential to a gathering. Not. I don't know why not focal point music. What the hell's EMMY? Why was Ellis in Christians bedroom. I agree with mccoo goes musical take, but yes, it bordered on a dunk take musical, like musical movies day three kicking off the episode with some breaking bed. Talk about it. Never mind. The breaking back talk didn't really go anywhere. I think in a weird way, Christian kinda wants the squirrels there. It's a weird masochistic relationship end. The joker reminds me of phantom thread which I just watched last week. I enjoy mccoo Danish accent. I also enjoy Danish Christian Harlem. And those are your collider live stream of consciousness brought to you by sight, sound music dot com. I think you just kind of gave up on the word consciousness in there. I know I almost said collider after thoughts stream conscious notes, which that is what this is, but very good, make the bread Sheridan thing. I wanna dress because we talked about it last week. I was upset that Brett missed out on some episodes last week. I think all three. And he should allied on it. And I don't think I'm ever going to address it again because I was very sympathetic. Yeah, he's a hard worker jobs he's got to provide for his family, and I am just from here on out going, assume that whenever he's not on, it's because he's doing right by them, pick on some of them with collateral of working hard. I namely, do you notice did that yell that I turned away turned away from the microphone? They never do that. In fact, they lean into it and. It's like causing all types of Brown. Not beer, does fault overall, the sound is way better. I think what's interesting. Do have another nitpick though. What's interesting about the sound now though, for whatever reason, all of the Mike's sound different. One hundred percent. Why not? Why. It wasn't like this when it started when cops are talks in it talks like, or it sounds like he's on the telephone like you've got your, oh, one hundred percent. It's like way the frequency is way higher. I, it's, I mean, turn your e q down, turn your treble down on it to give him some more base. It's it's ridiculous. I don't know if that's. Filter on it. That's not so much what I was speaking to, but it's bothered me. So I don't know. Sorry, because the wall behind the main camera is concrete, right? The flesh so it well, no, behind the camera that we is this concrete can't remember. I think it is. They touch it when they do the Instagram stories and they show it from the door. I think I see a concrete wall, but regardless of that, it's weird that they have it mad soundproofed the the foam on the walls, but it's like some Mike's sad a little bit more echoey than others. And one, Mike always sounds like it's off, but you can still hear them, but it just sounds weird. It's I, it sounds like it's off. I don't know that's I was thinking more of inside the studio actually notice actually notice it during the Dreyfuss interview, but it was partially because Dreyfuss was talking. He was talking away from his microphone. Yeah. So it's like they turned it up and it was. Was very, there's a lot of reverberate of echo. I agree. I agree. As of late, it's been strange like when Ellis's on he screaming and I know that thing, but he is like he's like one step below Ryan Cetin and he's absolutely screaming. And what if they, what if is Mike is literally like all the way down that could be the inputs all the way down. Turns turn the game. The Mike is overall the sound situations way better than it was. It's opening two weeks. I talked about a friend that I had when when I was expressing my concerns about the sound, I told the story on here that idea of the show to my friend and he didn't even he couldn't even listen to it because he was annoyed by he texted me the other day if her live ever fixed. That's what I said. Yeah, it's better. You could check in for the most part. It's been. It's been good. One thing that I will pick out out that I noticed every now and then this will happen, but it seemed to have happened quite a few times. I feel like this weekend specific examples, but there were times where Christian was informing people. If things that we brought up on the show like when beard beard, oh, played a the, the slurping sound clip beer. No, no one can if people listen as they have no idea what that is. Thought it was funny. There are few other instances the dog take thing obviously, but. And that's the show. So. I can't believe this is the conversation that we're gonna be talking about just because you and I talked a lot about this the past couple of weeks in private, and we didn't dare bring it up on this show, but now that they sort of opened up a little bit. I'm glad glad. It's kind of a, we have the freedom to do this. I think we really give our opinions. Yeah, I wanna talk about this whole. Twitter, PR thing going down this whole conversation about diversity at collider again, Jay. And I have been talking about this privately for weeks. As we see everything. Yeah, we, we literally see everything. Except I'm not sure if that's a concrete wall behind the camera, but. Clutter games that never pot. That's right. Yeah, we thought about that too. So. Let's talk about where they're at because I think the conversation you and I had we defended collider not because we kind of work for collider, but because we just think they don't get enough credit for what they're trying to do in the realm of diversity. Now, what I will, what I won't do is call particular person out by name and I'm purely doing that because I'm following the leader Christian, never divulged into this particular individual's name. I am ninety five percent sure are know who's talking about or at least aware of of people or that having the mess having this conversation. Yes, we're, we're, we're aware of that and let me let me just say one thing to this is not the conversation I feel like is Warren. I think it's needed. It is needed conversation. It's a good conversation to have, but this to my knowledge, at least from what I've seen, I can see a lot what's going on. I could be wrong. It's not. This isn't people are out with pitch works here. This isn't a large conversation. This isn't in terms of, you know, this isn't a an issue of multiple multiple people that they're having to address. But I do think it is a warranted conversation to and Christian spoke some words that I said to you. When speaking to the, the idea that the fight is somewhat righteous the and we spoke the individual who won't be named. We had a conversation about the set person and one of the points I may to you winning. Yeah, yeah. One of the things I said to you was that the fight is still righteous, but it's it's the fact that it's not being done in the most constructive way I think is where we arrived at. There's some. Details of execution that we don't agree with. Right? So, but again, giving. I would like to give collider credit because there's just some factual truths about collider in terms of diversity. The CEO is Latino of Latin descent, a Latino we have Dennis, who I believe is Taiwanese. I believe he's Taiwanese. I might be wrong about that. An Asian American. Yes. He's an Asian American and we have John Rocca whose Latino we have cops or two of the wingers are also Brown people. I mean, it's just it's just a fact Latino we have. We have Dorin who's African American when you when do you leave as your? It's it's. It's their Jewish people on camera as well. Roxie it's, they're just not her so so it, it's there. And then. These particular individuals fall back on the point that whatever Jack is some sort of British. I think he's just caulk Asian. He's not Brown English. He's Caucasian. So contributing the diversity? Definitely. So then when you make that point, the contrary, you fall back on, well, they are hosting, said, shows which you can get into Roca Perry, and that's the point that Christian made. You're just simply not taking in all of the content. You're only looking at. It wants Pacific instance, right? So I mean, I would even say that that's an nit picky thing in general. Right? Like it's. In my personal opinion, I think it's. Inclusion inclusion as a blanket thing, something that people should strive for. Right. I mean, employment, employment of a diverse group of individuals is something that people should strive for. Now what they do in those roles like that. We're gonna figure that out one way or another. Just as an example. Honestly, kind of annoyed me the whole discussion around Star Wars. I get the conversation around. There's all white males directing things. I get it, but to say, Star Wars isn't an inclusive. Diverse group is complete nonsense, right? So in to hell. Well, to be a part of this conversation as well where you're going where we agree, I think diversity in general, something that people should strive for. I think the Twitter community that typically pushes for this and wants people to think about or be conscious of diversity in in gender and race. Whatever the case may be. It is a good thing. It is something that people should consider. People should think about however, and listen, we, regardless of our. Involvement with collider. We've never hesitated once in being critical and holding their feet to the fire and questioning things, and I try. We both try to remain as objective as possible, but I have looked at this from a lot of different angles in so of you. And I just think that collider one hundred percent does not have a diversity problem. Especially with ethnicity, could more women work there. Absolutely. However, I also have faith in the people that work there. I, I think I've, I think we both have good hold on their character and what their ambitions are, that they are good people that they are company that wants to change that. I mean, I think I just trust, especially if the CEO's of minority. I trust that a gentleman like Mark Fernandez would have have already in his head like, how can we include other people other than white people? It's like, I just I trust that he's already considering that, and it sounded like his standpoint was just budgetary. I, but it's a whole other part of the conversation we can. That's so interesting about the conversation is that I one hundred percent agree with Chris and Mark. Like I think we've talked about to that. We miss the inclusion on movie talk. However, I understand the reasoning that it's like I miss having the daily Fernandez. I haven't seen heroes in a while, so I'm not sure if like people like more Kia are coming in their wash. Ignorant ignorance on my part to Washington, things like that. But I do think overall, they are included less and I think that that's something that they could dive deeper into as well, but it's like, but to save. I mean, I mean, sort of that's when you have to consider the business out of things that listen, I, I've sort of explained how I feel about diversity champion of it and this and that, but I'm also a realistic individual in terms of the capabilities of business. One of the things that was thrown out in this conversation that I've vehemently disagree with, and I think is honestly kind of a dog take is the fact that collider being a pillar of whatever sort of community because they are a quote, unquote big company and they should have this or that they are not a big company. They are a small company. They have very limited resources and from a realistic perspective, I'm sorry, there are times. When budgetary restraints and the size of your company, what you can and can't do, can't stand in the way of trying to achieve the goal of what you wanna chief of being a diverse company like listen. Even, let's say, afterthoughts collider afterthoughts like we're not a business of course, but what I want to have a group of people that work for us. That's as diverse in in in both if misty and gender? Absolutely. I would. We don't have any money to that. We can't. We can't even begin to do that and somebody could argue what you're not a collider. That's right. I'm not a collider collider's not a Star Wars. They're not. They're collider is such a small company. And we know now because it's come from their mouths that they have cut back on on things. They've cut back from freelancing and stuff to revive us what we have now more content. Right? So if I can come from a place if somebody who'd like once a piece of that pie, right. I have aspirations and dreams to be apart of collider, and I'm lucky to be a part of it the way. That I am now, and I dream of more and what might come. Right? So I think if I can share that mindset from the people who are. Sort of begging for a platform. I just want to be part of it, but I understand how some would could see collider just bigger than they are for sure. Like it's just it's still prime real estate. You're absolutely right. You're justifying the budgetary stuff in that can't be disputed, but I think that's what people see when they're they're just pleading for that representation. What I will say in terms of now that I can speak to somebody who all of this could be taken away from me at any point. They wanna move in another direction if they don't want after thoughts on the thing anymore. It's like, what else is Ryan smelling gonna do if I don't have a piece of the collider pi, I'm going to make my own content, but and that's why I respect the shit out of people like Jay Washington. A Julius decided who have decided that if they can't get it from collider, you're going to do it yourself. It's the whole, it's a whole. Thing about. I mean, I remember I'm gonna tell the story before on here, but I know somewhere else where I remember when I was a kid, I came home from school crying in my dad s me why I said, well, I wanted to play best or I wanna play football with these kids. They wouldn't let me. And he said, we're there other balls. I said, yeah, so what it you start your own and it was like, you're right. I mean, that's that's what I would like to. That's what I would like to say to the people who are bitching about collider, not just about anybody, anybody that wants something go and get it. It's never been easier to start your own business start your own company, especially in the digital space. I, I can't be on collider movies, right? No matter how badly I would like to, you know what? I'm building a name for myself in other ways and it's not. It's collider might be real estate, but it's not the only way and I heard. I saw an argument recently about this same perspective and same. Take a. It was to the extent of that. People don't like hearing that because what people need to realize it's is it's a lot harder than that. Yeah, guess what it is hard. It is really fucking hard, but nothing comes easy in this life. Nothing comes easy. Things come easier for certain people, one hundred percent. Certain people do have additional privileges than other people, but using any of that as an excuse, that's on you, right? I mean, and yes, there are systematic things in place that become barricades that people can't breakthrough glasses and stuff like that. That's a whole other conversation. But as long as you are trying and as an, I'm not saying that people aren't trying, but I'm saying that as long as you're doing everything you can to try right then. Well, I think that might be hard. It might be hard for someone not that they're hearing this. They don't mind listen to clutter afterthoughts, but it might suck because again, I am a white male and I get same. But. But. One ex girlfriend's mom thought one time. That's weird. I need to hear that story, but it's like, I think I've told you, but like me getting this gig, it was just an it just happened like it. It was just like you asked, I raised my hand because I was the only one that raised my hand. And if you didn't get it, you'd still be creating content? Yes. Striving to achieve a goal. Yes. And I would figure out figure it out another way. Right? So that I think that's what just disappointing about that side of it. But for those of you who follow me on Twitter or have no me for an extended period time I can. I could be labeled as far left like I'm very socially conscious empathetic, and that's why I agree one hundred percent. I think these people are fighting the good fight, a hate, the execution of it. Yeah, that's a whole thing. A lot of points that we've made in for this individual as Christian said, could have been made and. And more light. The reason why it's sort of a dog take in general. The whole approach is because all all they, they had the number of the bet phone. All they had to do is write all they had to do said individuals. Yeah. All they had to do was ask. Right? And I mean, I and and I listen, I'll say this, then we can move on. But I think the thing about the the thing about the crusade that goes on social media about, I think some of the intentions original intentions are good, but there is never never ever ever has has there, or will there ever be a good constructive conversation to the best of its ability that will take place on social media, especially on a platform that limits the amount of characters you can use? Right. It's just never ever gonna happen. So he kind of spoke on, how do you feel about the aftermath of the discussion? Because I, I. Did think that they struggled in the room? I did think I think they all had a different conversation in mind as if like. It seemed like they all had their own version of this. And then they just kinda brought like I was thinking about Brett and yeah. In what I will say is that I don't. I think Brett was trying to have a different conversation and I don't know. I don't know if Brett's words can be valued by the individuals that going up against because I think it's the last thing that they wanna hear. But what I will say is I- Brett's. It sounded like bread sounded like me, I think, whereas sometimes I can be sometimes I'm just being defensive. He was a little overly defensive, so I was I actually, I don't think any of it even though I think maybe he was thrown into some of it. I don't think any of it really had to do with him part of the conversation. He had his own version of it that was actually being addressed, but he was bringing it up anyway. Right. So part of this conversation to this is sort of where all leave it, and you can do whatever you want after it is actually some that I wanted to bring up last week that stems from a few weeks ago. Actually, there was a point on the show where Christian mentioned getting off social media and he did bring up on the show that it came from a conversation that we had with him sort of an and that's true it. It did have that and I didn't have my take on air and that's fine. But what I will say about. So I've upset before. Once I left the collider studios when I went out to Burbank, was that I realized because of the conversation with Jeff Snyder is I think a lot of people in that office have a problem was not with social media and the conversations that they have effecting their day to day life. One thing that bothered me a couple of weeks ago and I'm just gonna put it out on the table when I was so proud of Christian. When he got off social media, I could see it. I could tell that it, it changed him. He felt better, and there was a conversation. It was like people who decide to give up drinking while the rest of their friends drink and they're like, well, it was almost like him getting on social media, him quote, unquote, not drinking, made them feel bad for continuing to do it, and they were putting him down a little may not putting him down. That's not the right word for it. Mark Ellis, for instance, kinda swayed. I'm back in to doing it. But the thing that I need to point out and I realize this from watching Harlow Ellis episode. Christian and Ellis their places. Their mindsets in this space are completely different, and that's what makes him so great. Ellis's able to get online and get off line and never think about it. Again, Christian is online. He's locked into it and he gets in these spats people ended affects how things go this issue. I'm not saying that it shouldn't have been addressed or whatever it should have, but this issue would have never come up if he was still not online because it was such a small incident where it happened and man. No, you're listen buddy friend. He's not your friend. Yeah, he's offering, but. Guy boss, listen bug Quainton, just get off the social media. Again, man, I'm telling you like it's because you care that you put so much effort into it that you put so much time and paying attention to it, and I get it, and it's a great tool to promote things and you can use it for that. But because you care so much the shitheads the fucking idiots, they get on this intimate calmness person fucking that did the stuff, but there's other heads. Yeah, the people that exist in the cesspool like they can get to you and they can bother you. And if I don't have a problem with per se, but like. I'm at the point now where I just don't like dealing with it, so I just don't pay attention to it. And I think you'll go back to the happy place if you just don't do it. Right. I thought it was interesting when Christian mentioned a Riley like, you know what, I'd like for you to stay out of the chat and and Riley's in catch twenty two that they wanted involve the the fans in the compensation. What are they saying? The chat room. I was thinking about that to the fact that Riley just kind of has his nose in his laptop. I would like I would like for Riley to have more of a presence on the show. I mean, I just think that everybody and get his reasoning for it. I totally get it. Yeah, that's just what I got to be like ready to. Yeah, that's what I like to see is maybe, but that was a great way of them. So we're working around it. I will tell you when I'm about ready for it. He did. So he started looking. I wonder if somebody in the other room could do it though to Cobb stir, what are the people saying the ever just real quick, Alex, Alex can do just taken off Riley and Riley could be included a little bit more. Not that he can't have the laptop open. He just would have his. All right. That was day one. Yeah. Yeah, I I wanted to talk about social media in general because I was a little bit disappointed with Alice. This week be doesn't listen to. L. nicest guy, I think Ellis. Ellison Christian, both their similarity is I think they are really. I think they've value our our voices, whether they agree or don't. They probably wouldn't be here. Yeah. So I think I don't mind that Ellis is listening to this and I don't mind if he disagrees, but I wanted to say that I, I was a little bit disappointed in Ellis and how they talked about the Instagram picture of his feet. I did. You expect them to maybe just have a little bit were humor about? Yeah. Yeah. I I know where they're coming from, but for some reason I just couldn't. I couldn't stay up that as an example of that, but it's also what based on the situation that I had with collider a couple of weeks ago, I was probably on the defense a little bit for that person. Right. And I think that's, I think that's part of where I was coming from because I just I understand that side of it more than his really weren't going in on him. It was is more just that they had a, they had a take. They had a perspective that you know the they, they were really upset about it, but didn't it caught me for Hong might be wrong, didn't it? You're only come up because they had a point to make that they didn't care for it. Like I don't remember exactly how other than to say they didn't like it. Honestly, my perspective of it was that it came up. Christian, it was. It was funny. And then what it seemed like Ellis to me at least was even a little hesitant to go there. But like you know, we've had some candid conversations with Ellis before and he I think he was kind of like, yeah, you know, it's it's out there is kinda funny kind of kind of wish. People didn't take pictures of me without me knowing I get that. I get it. I'm not misinterpreting where he was coming. I know I know that he wasn't overly harsh, I know that he wasn't calling anybody out. They didn't even address who it was. I totally get it. I guess I just thought that it went Roxie. Come on, let go. I'm gonna. Call them, let go. I just simply just, I all I'm saying is that I didn't think it was that big of a deal. I agree. I think it was that big of a deal, but if that's how it feels, it feels sure. I curious to know if ninety eight things in life, don't matter ninety. Only thing that I asked is how would he feel if anybody else did it? You know what I mean? Like is it different if Rocca does it? Yeah, maybe. But you know, it goes back to the whole thing and I get it to the people have different levels of relationships. It's again, the whole thing like I can pick on my little brother, but you can whatever they didn't on it. So we don't have to either, but it was something I was thinking about. So. I don't have anything really other than Mukunda on musicals. I thought first of all borderline Dong-, but I actually saw it on the fact that it's not. Yeah, Bordeaux. Well, I mean, first of all, I completely them, I think, are just the most awful thing on facing and this coming from a guy that likes musicals mainly down to the fact that yes can. I mean, I know I shouldn't be giving my opinion on this on the show. Ken most people that perform in musicals sing better than me. Absolutely. But are they good singer. Ooh. Would beg to differ. It's a little stores, Borna musical. I don't think it is. It's a movie involving music, but like. When I hear when something that was like one of those conversation, I was like, no, like screaming at my phone and I was like, no, it's not a musical. Like, I don't think star is born would be in the musical section of we should be having this conversation. Okay. So what I will say, first of all, you know, we've had our ups and downs judgment, but I actually thought he was on fire this week, just him singing. The musicals was hilarious to me like his impression of musicals thought was so funny and then obviously his. So one thing with Mukuka that I've noticed time said he can. He can. He can linger on a joke a little too long. Yes. He can't like my God. Like the the Danish Christian hall off I thought was great Dutch Danish Danish Christian Hala. Who are the Dutch Seinfeld from Holland also, the Netherlands they have three, literally, the conversation, it's I felt good for you. I'm shocked anyways. Yeah, I thought it was a hit two little long, long. How cool was the Michael Ironside thing. So here's the thing you're gonna have to inform me on this one because that's the last little bit. I got called into an emergency meeting about a major company so I could. I mean, it was just a, it was a fun interview. I think when notable, I can't remember exactly the line now and I wish I had written it down, but Mukuba made a dumb joke and Ironside called him out on it. So really? Yeah, Christian yelled at beer to keep the sound bike something it's gonna come back as actually pretty funny. Makusu just sets silly the out of place in my client said, stopped looked at said, what the hell is married or something like that. Hilarious, and I can't remember what it was. Now somebody can let me know what, but it was just it was just a really good, but it was just a good interview. And I liked how again, like with Richard Dreyfuss. I liked how they had another notable person, someone them a fan of on the show. So it was pretty cool. And you know similar to. Kirkwood Smith. You could tell that Christian was enjoying him because. Michael Ironside was a part of some of his favorite movies growing up eighty. So they talked about RoboCop and they talked about starship troopers and things like that. And so it was just the, I know that it was a fun interview for him. And so sticking again to the thing that we talked about last week, keeping the interviews towards the end of the episode makes things nice and streamline. Is there anything to say about them putting up the interviews from collider live on the one on one eight. Do you have anything for that? No, no, Michael irons. It's no good. Obviously, there's an audience there that the interviews, I think it's it's a good place. Similar move to doubling up on the video uploads sort of awareness movie ever. Sure there digestible, potentially, you know, potentially. What's the word I'm looking for viral. If that's the case now I like it, man. It's the thing that I've noticed, I think because I'm paying attention more to the podcast. I've been taking all of my collider podcast content and as video all of it, not not one. Why? Because I listened to my podcast at work and it's it's a fine step for me to just put the video on while I'm working on something in. It's funny for me because now I no longer. I mean, obviously I realized where one ends and another begins in terms of a collider video thing or something with the production value of something that just might go on the YouTube channel versus the podcast feet. But the my level of enjoyment is just, I mean, there's no difference. Like in fact, probably lean more towards the lower production, quality of something like that. Not because I like the lower production quality, but more the content that it's housed in. And it's again, it's cool. It's interesting. It's fascinating that. They're curing their audience in that direction. Did you hear the new version of the game. I miss the end of every episode this week I had trouble for meeting the new version is that they quit playing the movie clips. The wingers acted out. Yeah, so beard was the weakest link. They made a joke on bureau. Of course, he his voice, never changes like Dory and kinda like Adam logic. They monotone and joyless they, they just they don't have it done name voice in any way, shape or form. But. They have to keep that big going like next. The next time they play the game, make a bid out of you couldn't get anybody else, but beard. Oh, keep hammering it in in just going. I mean that Antic the hit more antics on the other than sound. Here's what I went from. I agree. Here's antics. He's what I went from Biro. I want like easy movie quotes in clips, but he has to act them out and is monotone joyless voice. Yeah. So we're like, if. I have nipples, Greg, can you milk me like just like, very, you know, you love. I, I, if cody's listen to this, I think Cody will I, if there was more of a lebatardshow kind of approach where they just had consistent bits always or segments of some kind like that's lebatardshow. Do you mean terrible? Shut day? Hell that's a dunk. It is a dog. Absolutely. Anyway. That's all I got. Is there anything else we're gonna be finding. You have no concept of a wind down. You just do this on a lot of the stuff. How to review the other day. I was like, well, if it's over now. Subscribe. But yeah, you could find me on Twitter and Instagram at one of Snell shut out to all the people who don't know this episode still exists and afterthoughts still at high eighties. Don't forget ace and myself will be recapping titans on the sight and sound podcast feed and YouTube channel. I've also started a brand new podcast feed called a shark tank nation with my boy, Austin bark, and we're just going to be two guys talking about shark tank because we love that show. So there's that for you. That's his own podcast feed. If you're into that kind of thing, you can find it anywhere podcasts or found shark tank commission. Again is the is the show and they comes out the Sunday. So there's that for you. That's all I got going on right now. A million things plug. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram at Jay Williams. Share the why the it's the same for both can also find me on sight and sound music every single week. I will be doing the show with Ryan this week, or they'll be talking about all the new music releases from the week. So if you're listening to this right now on the Friday that comes out, you will also be able to listen to sight and sound music. We also just launch a new website for music news. If you don't have a place to get your music news, you can go to sight sound music dot com. And also serves as a companion piece for the pied cast doing album reviews and all that stuff to imitate takedown clutter inmate take down every single Monday evening slash afternoon depending on what the country live on doing that show with Dennis, sometimes Roca and sometimes some other people. The last thing I want to announce, I guess I just launched a those that don't know. I am a graphic designer. I do some design work in my spare time. Just some personal works and personal art pieces just launched a new brand, new young Instagram page called j made it j. Wii MAD IT. You can go to it and check out all of my design work. There's some stuff up there looks beautiful. It's fantastic. Do say so myself, you know, he doesn't because of microphone isn't anywhere near him. We love you guys don't take everything so seriously. Get off social media. We'll see on the next one by by the verdict in Chicago. I'm Ed Donahue with an AP news minute. Jason Van Dyke guilty of second degree, murder, jury, convicted, white Chicago police officer, Jason Van Dyke in the twenty fourteen shooting death of black teenager. Look Kwan. McDonald's. And that is what it sounded like outside the courthouse in Chicago. It's the first time in half a century. Chicago police officer has been convicted of murder for an undue death foam arena. Andrew Davis, man, convicted of murdering five women over nine year period in southern California has been sentenced to death. Kirby wallets, multiple murder, suspect who led Tennessee law enforcement on an intense seven day manhunt was captured without a struggle this morning in it wouldn't area about two hours outside of Nashville. A man who was a sharp shooting, a Vietnam veteran ambushed police officers according to police coming to a South Carolina home to question his son, I'm Donny.

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