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Whitman Massacre - November 29, 1847


Every day in our community tough breaks happen to honest folks. Layoffs happen to single parents. EVICTIONS HAPPEN TO FAMILIES WITH BABIES. An empty bank accounts happened to hungry people but thankfully everyday in our community. Good people happen to bad things people like you this Christmas. Your donation to the Salvation Army helps those facing the daily battles a poverty give now. It's ovation on me. PODCAST DOT Org. The day in history class is a production of iheartradio. Welcome back everyone. I'm eve and you're listening to this day in history class a show where we pill back. A new layer of history every day today is November. Twenty ninth two thousand nineteen. The day was November. Twenty ninth eighteen forty-seven members of the native American tribe. Dr Murdered Missionaries Marcus. Whitman and Narciso Whitman along with eleven. Other people. The Whitman massacre as it became known marks the beginning of the Kayak war a conflict between the people and the US government and American frontiers people in Eighteen. Thirty six. Marcus in Narcissus Whitman founded the Whitman mission among the KYW US near Present Day Walla Walla Washington it was the second Protestant mission in the Oregon country a region between the Pacific Ocean and the rocky mountains in the Pacific northwest. The Whitman's built up the mission over the years but it's escalated between the missionaries in the kyw use. The kayakers refuse to into Marcus will and become full-time. Farmers weren't interested in learning from the Whitman's and did not care about Christianity also maintained that since the Whitman's built the mission on their land there were obligated to give them goods but in the tribe members. Is Marcus arcus wasn't fulfilling his obligations aware of the Whitman missions struggles with Kai us and with money the American board of Commissioners for foreign missions and even ordered the mission to close in eighteen. Forty two though the board later rescinded its order. The mission soon became a place where immigrants on the Oregon trail. I'll stop to rest. Gather supplies and receive care and treatment. As more people moved West there was an influx of white immigrants in the area. The kai-shek were aware of the harmful effects. Arrival of white populations was having on native American tribes and other places they brought with them disease and in eighteen forty seven. An epidemic of measles killed half the people. The Kayak were hungry. Sick and unhappy with how Stingy Marquez was in his trading and Marcus was unable to keep the epidemic under control for the Kyw us even though he had been carrying for White and native American people who had been affected. They believe that Marcus as a doctor religious leader was essentially killing their families to make room for more white immigrants. This was not unprecedented. As native native Americans in the North West have been threatened with germ warfare and their beliefs about the power white. People had over. Medicine was exploited on November twenty-ninth eighteen forty seven a group of tribesmen attacked the Whitman mission which was sheltering dozens of people mostly immigrants. The killed killed thirteen people including Narciso and Marcus. They destroyed most of the buildings at the mission and held around fifty women until June captive for weeks thanks to children died and the other captives were ransomed historians agree that the keys were defending their tribe since the cayennes believed that Marcus was allowing measles to spread among them news of the massacre reached Washington. DC In eighteen forty eight and Congress responded by establishing the Oregon again territory that August the provisional legislature of Oregon and Governor George Abernethy authorized volunteers to go to war against the KYW I use and a unit of volunteers was dispatched to the Dow's fighting soon broke out and the war continued sporadically for several years. The war did not turn out well for the US army used coat and hopefully you know a little more about history today than you did yesterday feel free to share your thoughts or your innermost feelings with us and with other listeners on social media at td. I ate the podcast outcast and you can email us at this day at iheartmedia dot com. Thanks for listening to today's episode. We'll see you again tomorrow. Mara for more podcasts from iheartradio vis the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows did you know the air inside. 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