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Good evening thank you for joining us. Election day has come and gone but the big question remains who will be the next president of the united states. Majority of states have answered. But they're still not enough information in five for the very latest in one that became a projected win for the biden campaign. today go to on nightline coworker. Juju chang reporting from michigan juju byron know. There are only a handful of states. Left to be decided in here in michigan. Only a handful of votes left to be tallied with ninety nine percent of the votes counted. Joe biden is projected win by a margin of about one hundred and twenty thousand votes now. That's roughly ten times the margin that candidate trump won here in two thousand sixteen of course. President trump responded by filing a lawsuit alleging among other things that his team was not given meaningful access to vote counts centers across michigan but michigan's secretary of state tonight telling. Abc news that that does not really line up with the facts within hours. Protesters showed up at a ballot counting centre though in detroit shouting stop. The count turns out a michigan county. Gop official had emailed supporters urging them to stop by and quote all hands on deck now. Despite all the drama michigan is now firmly in the win column for joe biden who is inching ever closer to becoming the forty. Six president of the united states of america byron. Thanks jude you. And now to the nail biting race for electoral victory. Here's abc's trevor fault. I'm not here to claire that we've won. But i am here to report account is finished. We believe we will be the winners. A country hanging in the balance and unprecedented and divisive elections still undecided former vice president. Joe biden breaking the record for most votes of any presidential candidate in the us history now less than twenty electoral college votes away from the presidency. There will no blue states and red states when we win. Just the united states of america the constraints of voting in a pandemic resulting in record mail in ballots in early voting method. That take more time for an accurate count. People with millions of ballots left to be counted in the middle of the night. President trump declaring victory. Frankly we did win this election and alleging without any basis that the election was rigged asking for vote counting to it states where he seems to be ahead despite not having any authority to do so. This is a major road on our nation. We want the law to be used in a proper manner. So we'll be going to the. Us supreme court. We won all voting to stop. We don't want them to find any ballads at four o'clock in the morning and add them to the list okay. He won't decide who wins the states. That are certifying. The election ultimately the electors are going to be the ones who elect the president. It's starting to feel like the best that president trump is going to be able to do is simply undermine faith in the systems so that he can say i got cheated and my supporters got cheated even though there's no evidence to support that this election as tumultuous as any american history election nights starting out. Predictably candidate picking up expected states. Joe biden is going to win the state of colorado and it's nine electoral votes kentucky. We'll go to donald trump but as the ended not enough information to project. Multiple battleground states as ballots are still being counted. The trump campaign today filing lawsuits in michigan pennsylvania in georgia and demanding a recount of the tally in wisconsin this is not bush versus gore in bush versus gore. It was so close. A few hundred votes in one state here. You're talking about tens of thousands of votes in multiple states. You can't overcome that with a recount or a claim that fifty three ballots. Put in the wrong place. It's just not comparable the governor of pennsylvania pushing back this afternoon. The trump campaign filed a lawsuit to stop the counting of the ballots in pennsylvania. That is simply wrong or election. Officials state and local levels should be free to do their jobs without fear without intimidation without attacks. These attempts to sa- verb subvert the democratic process. Or simply disgraceful. I'm gonna fight. Like hell to protect the vote of every pennsylvania president trump prematurely proclaiming a win in pennsylvania this afternoon but on the ground and wilkes barre pennsylvania. Some folks have domino's pizzeria aren't so sure i think he takes lucerne county. I don't think he takes it. By as much wilkes barre in luzerne county a consequential county that flipped read for trump and twenty sixteen helping delivered the keystone state game the white house it previously been a democratic stronghold this year it seems to have stayed red. Ted walpole says his home is divided. He voted for biden but his wife and son went for trump and very conservative. I just see a lot of my Personal values in joe biden. I just have a tough time with the way that the president has conducted himself and that just turned me off personally. He's literally on the frontline of democracy. Working for the county as it conducts. Its count of crucial mail in ballots. We know we're playing a historic role in the outcome of this election. And i think luzerne county is shining at this particular moment in time as the nation anxiously awaits results. Nightline heard from voters across the country. Feeling nervous. I voted back in september. I voted for joe. Biden voted for trump in two thousand sixteen boy. Show not my president nervous. Who knows what's about to happen so worried. I didn't think the selection was going to be as close as it is but it's closer than it needs to be poor lighting. Because i am an educator. And because i believe in my heart that he will do the right thing for children were feeling cautiously optimistic at this point excited to see trump on the board and most important changed. And i want to see if the into corrado virus and my daughter was one of the two hundred and twenty thousand americans lost their lives khurana. Virus i voted for joe biden and kamala harris for a number of reasons first of all. I'm an environmental attorney. So obviously championing climate change policies and green energy. Policies is really important to me. Abc martha raddatz criss crossing the country over the past few weeks. Talking to dozens of voters excited for election day. Yeah very impersonal. What was most encouraging. Is the civic engagement of this country. There is no one who didn't know about this election. There was no one who wasn't interested in some way about what was happening. The problem is the divide is so so great. History made in new york state mondaire jones becoming the first openly gay black men who elected to congress. I was never running for congress to make history. It was always about running into to deliver tangible results for the people that raise me for the community that lifted me up out of poverty that always believed in me and that and that continues to believe me in ritchie torres. The first openly gay afro latino man elected to congress it's surreal. It's overwhelming and i never thought as a poor kid from the bronx that i would become a member of the united states. Congress nightline was with torres in the public housing project. He grew up in days before the election of the mission of my life has been to advocate or the people who live in public housing advocate for the forgotten city. We're not asking you to fill democrat. Cory bush won her congressional race becoming the first black woman to represent missouri after launching her political career during the august. Twenty fourteen ferguson protests. This is the police for this show up for the protest. It wasn't until after. Michael brown was murdered that i realized that there has to be more to this seat. That's what my eyes started to open that something is missing. There's a disconnect and we should have more rep bush helping the democrats retain their majority in the house although that number narrowed with republicans actually picking up seats republican women capturing more seats than they ever have in a single night the gop so far seems to be staving off efforts to overtake their majority in the senate and as the country moves closer to learning the presidential election outcome. Millions of americans are still out of work struggling financially as deadlocked congress is unable to deliver another round of pandemic relief the country still as divided as ever. You how you heal a nation like this when one side thinks the other side is is basically. The devil is an enormous problem. We are all americans. We want this country to succeed. The nation is going to have a lot of healing to do no matter what staying informed has never been. More information is coming at us faster than ever. So how'd you make sense of. It'll start here. hey. I'm brad milkey from abc news. In every weekday we will break down the latest episode in just twenty minutes straightforward reporting dynamic interviews and analysis from experts. You can trust always credible always solid start here from abc news. Twenty minutes every day on your smart speaker or your favorite podcast app. Welcome back early. This evening. i spoke with barbara comstock former republican representative from virginia. Amanda renteria ceo of code for american the former national political director. Hillary clinton and tara set mayor senior adviser with the lincoln project. Thank you all for joining us tonight. Tear i start with you. How would you describe where we're at twenty four hours after election day. Well i would say that we're a lot closer to a president elect biden than we are president trump continuing on in a second term. And you know as close as it is. I think the american people need to have patients. They need to keep faith and we need to keep counting votes and any any attempt to stop the legal counting votes. I think is something that the republican party not have an appetite for despite donald trump and the misinformation. He's putting out there because he's he's staring down the barrel barrel of defeat and throwing a hail mary with these legal challenges which i suspect are not going to have standing moving forward so that patients have vigilance and let the let the system work. Amanda as you know we are not a patient people right by became out to say. He believed he was on track to win the electoral votes. Will you agree with this assessment. And why or why not idea. I mean last night. Twenty hours ago we were hearing. Milwaukee wasn't counted. Detroit was having mira county wasn't done and when you look at all of those areas that's where buying was moving and pushing his votes in addition strategy of. Oh by mail that they've had in the very beginning. They knew it wasn't done yet and so he came out with his steady worries. Let's do this keep buffet. And even though it's difficult you see. The the slow trickle of votes coming in going towards biden does help everyone. Keep the right now. Even though it's hard barbara the president has taken to twitter claiming he has one stage that no one is called in claiming there's a lot of quote fraud involved in the county. Is this the way to win an election. No i don't think so. I'm part of a bipartisan group. That's really focused on counting the vote. And let's calmly and carefully and soberly let the states go through their processes and get the vote counted fifty fifty country. We knew this was going to be a close election and a lot of these states and we need to have our people have confidence in the whatever the outcome is and that will come about soberly in seriously getting this process done and i think that is what you're going to see our senators on and to see most of our leaders and i think events but ultimately would happen and i don't think i'll take too long as usual. The exit polls put into focus certain segments of hidden america terror and amend. What were some of the things that stood out for. You wing seeing the voter breakdown for the candidates. I was actually surprised at florida going for donald trump as much as it did. And the collapse of the latino vote for for biden in in south florida. I think it was a missed. Opportunity there florida's. But to see the latino vote a particularly latino men break so much for trump. This time around. I think it demonstrates that the democrats have some work to do in that space. But we're seeing what's happening in arizona which was traditionally a republican state looking very good for biden different dynamic there so the regional differences were clear here of ended. I think what we are seeing is that trump brought out people to vote He did increase the number of folks who came out to vote for him. was expected before on the latino vote. I am excited that we're having these kinds of conversations. I think anyone that has been studying. Latino goes a really long time the differences with in the community itself are really important understand and you are now seeing that truly on display. As in many cases they are the tipping point in one state or the other. But i gotta say one million more latinos turning eighteen year. This discussion is just the beginning of what we're going to continue to see across the country and barbara final question to you. There are many republicans who are hoping for red wave many democrats who were hoping for bluewave. Neither of those things happen. We remain divided nation politically. How do we bridge this. Divide regardless of who the ultimate winners and who do you think might be better than i think. Ultimately the american people are really sort of a centrist people where either sort of center right at times are central left. so i'm encouraged that. We have republicans retain the senate. But you also have mitch mcconnell someone who will be able to work with joe biden is president. Be able to work with them. People like i'm susan collins. Who won her race. Who is well known for working across the aisle. And i think what i'm really excited about is to see We're gonna have the highest number of republican women who are elected of one some of those tougher seats. We'll have twenty eight or twenty nine women and have more diverse with latino women. We also had several latino men who won their races so we are seeing a little bit more diversity in the republican party. Certainly not enough. I'd like to see more but one of the things we also had on the state level. We did very well and winning. Sixty percent of the state legislator seeds and they're having more diversity. So i think as you see people come up candidates. You're going to see a more diverse republican party. So i think as you look post it's going to look different and i think our policies are more popular. Perhaps than our current spokesperson might be. And i think that's reflected in how well republicans ended up doing but if either side gets pulled to the left or the right far left or far right or this populism. I think the american people reject that they don't want corp packing they don't want radical policies. They want to stick with these centrist policies. And i think you're going to see the next congress working outright. Democracy is a complicated thing. Barbara abandoned. Tara thank you so much again for your time and your insights. finally tonight. it was a light medgar evers of n. Double acp in mississippi. Who said freedom has never been free. Stay with abc. News for the latest election develops throughout the night on world news now america this morning and good morning america nightline for this evening. See right back here tomorrow. Same time thanks for the company. America good night.

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