Saturday, November 16th, 2019


Good Morning Aries. Today is Saturday November sixteenth. Two Thousand Nineteen Mars at twenty the eight degrees libra sex tile Jupiter at twenty six degrees Sagittarius. You have gravitas and clout today. Use it to your your advantage. This is ares today. A podcast original. Let's begin begin your day. Your ruling Planet Mars Sex Tiles Jupiter filling you with courage energy self confidence and a little luck. You'll have the resolve to tackle any project. Just be careful of spreading yourself too thin. Now take a moment to reflect on. Your relationships under this alignment ooze charisma. There's an irresistible notable glow about you. This is one of the best astral transit's for dating so get out and about if you're hoping to meet someone new. Have confidence in yourself. You are marvel whether single or coupled you might benefit from night on the town with a High Energy Sagittarius. Yes they can help manifest. Whatever you're looking for contemplate your path to personal growth growth? Take a moment to check in with yourself. When we're riding high? We often follow the fun and ignore those small impulses says that. Ask us to take care of ourselves. That can lead to a big letdown when we cross the finish line. Make sure your self care is not suffering from the thrill the chase you can find balance if you make it a priority areas today. We'll be back tomorrow to learn more about your horoscope visit California psychics and connect today horoscope. Today is a podcast original.

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