July 7 Hour 2 Fate of College Football | Greater Rockies Potential: Story or Arenado?


Our. Own. One nine six, three one. Nine six. Power play sports question of the day. Who's going to be the greater rocky when it's all said and done now again. This is just kind of looking at WHO's going to be the leader for this team. If Nolan goes by by if the rockies don't make the playoffs this year when there's sixteen teams in. Sixty Games. You think Nolan's GonNa stick around. Because last year we in the off season, we were already debating what this team was gonna look like because Nolan said. I was promised that bright at company again. Not exact quote at this is along those same lines would make this thing right and we start building around this team. And we'd add pieces. I that didn't happen this year. That did not happen. I mean the rockies didn't add any Matt Kemp. Which I'm actually excited for. But, they didn't really add anything that kind of just their banking on David Doll being healthy, which if David dolls healthy thrown him in this conversation and he was, he was, he owned that new stadium. You know they're they're banking on trevor. Story to take the next step as a leader. They're begging on Charlie Blackmon, coming back in full force for a long season they're banking on. On Murphy to be a solid solid player. McMahon struggled a bit so. They're they're looking at those guys. They're banking on that and I think Nolan was frustrated, so if the rockies don't make the playoffs in this season where they're allowing average teams to get in the Nolan's not even a good team. You're an average team last year. You're a bad team and I think a lot of us are willing to say all right. Let's see if that was a year. And you're much better than that. How do we feel? After that three game series between the Texas Rangers in Rockies over the weekend. I series in. Keep this in mind. Mark Mark Mark Knutson was on moments ago and he's I. Think he's kind of looking at the glass half empty on saying it's not a great weekend I. Thought it was a great weekend. You're adapting to a new stadium brand new I mean. Baseball is the only sport that the stadium like the actual structure of the stadium matters figuring out how far it's going to go. You Know How oh. Man, what? What could have been a home run? Run in this park is not going to be a home run in this park. I mean that that's a difficult thing to figure out and not just know. Practice is one thing, but in actual game cardboard cutouts it sounds ridiculous, but that the fan base being around the stadium is pleasing to the eye, and it is a mental thing, and then hitting it into an empty stadium. Is that different? Not crowd noise knowing that there's virus out there? Where some of some guys are wearing masks? Some guys are some guys are spitting some guys. Some guys are high fiving. Some guys aren't. So I mean there's a lot of adjustments so I'm willing to look at the the strikeout situation. For, the Rockies who did they had a ton of strikeouts over the series. As, maybe that's just the first weekend. And again if you WANNA, look at it that way, you have to be fair and say well in fairness then. Maybe that's why the Rangers struggled on offense as well maybe so. I figured. You know I mean there's there's two schools of thought. That okay, it's going to be the bad as that. come out a little rusty because they didn't have the full full lead up to the season, or it's going to be the pitchers. Truth is probably somewhere between depending on the team depending on on the current situation, but I will say this is also a confidence booster, and Eh, you one five to two yesterday. You carry that you only had seven hits. But Trevor Stories to home runs were pretty damn good. I mean. He had a huge game. He had the two home runs. He had the what the three RBI. I mean he was? He was Kinda Kinda lit that series on fire especially yesterday. David Doll was to me. The Best Player on offense throughout the series didn't get hit yesterday, but it was the two games before that. And then on the pitching side, you gotta be I mean overall. You gotta be fairly happy with what you saw so I I'm very happy with my thirty eight prediction. I saw that they. Their best start to sixty games would like two thousand seventeen I think they were thirty seven. They went thirty seven games so. Take that with what you will, but it's possible that they could still turn out that thirty eight season thirty eight win season. I think this is a decent team. Yes, I I am not. I'm not sitting here. Saying it's guarantee that they're going to win. Thirty Eight, but Colefax I'm ready to kind of guarantee. You gotta go to the playoffs. If this team can't go to the playoffs, and that means everything just breakdown. Way Davis was shaky on Saturday, but he looked great on on Sunday. So I mean I saw some really great defensive plays to? We're talking about trevor. Story, Nolan that's Nice plays Daniel. Murphy had some Nice. Plays Tony Walters how to play thrown out at first as a as you know as a catcher of course, but you kind of set movie. Were Angelina Jolie's in it and they like. Bend the bullet. The bullet goes around. That was totally Tony Walters. If I could have thought of the movie, I would have tweeted that out but I'm just not that fast. Was it wanted was that what it was called? I don't know there's thing was they could turn. They could curve the bullet. Terrible movie but Walters. Was it. It was weird. It was fun. It wasn't memorable, so maybe that's why I think it's terrible, okay? Walters did that for sure. Give third round pick. We're still working on that by the way to. Are we going to keep doing? It's hard to move your views now that we have stuff to talk about so much to talk about. I mean we've talked for almost an hour and a half here and. I don't even know if I've hit on everything on my game notes here on all my notes from the from the weekend. That was and the NBA. They they only went with eight guys again too I, think joker. There's little frustration in his voice. We don't know what we have yet because we've only played with a guys, we don't know what we look like yet. there was a lot going on over the weekend certainly. And then you have this situation with the marlins today that has things up in the air and you knew this was going to happen. We knew that there were going to be cases. So I'm not sure why. People are freaking out was is that was that too much? I I events text line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six. I will say this. I don't know. I don't know that college football is going to happen in conferences like the Big Sky Conference UNC. I don't know. Again will the mountain West Conference happen. I mean again the higher you go and conference the better chance because there's just more money, there's more ratings. There's more popularity there. But I just I don't know that we were the voice of the bears, and the more we look at that situation you have to wonder. This is a program that doesn't. Live. By its football team this is so UNC has a lot of volleyball's big for them. Basketball on both sides is big for them. You know fairly bad considering where we are. Here last year, I said UNC under Steve under Nazi smile. Jeff Lender but Steve scalise assistant coach said the UNC had the best basketball team in the state. Guy. That strongly about you and seeing what they were doing. It's not the same with this football program. This this program ever since they joined d one has been awful laughable. I mean there's no other way to put it and I loved Ernest Collins Junior, as a man, but as a football coach. They just could not figure it out. Is that going to be the case with Ed McCaffrey? Again I have my reservations about that. So there's a lot to unpack this morning. Will College football happen. And if so, on what scale how many how many seasons actually go? And I wanted to. It's it's nothing like that. Sir Charles. You shut your dirty mouth. There's going to be I. Say Football, listen and I'm not one of those guys. That's like hey, you know what just just shudder all down. We need to be done here. No. If, they ask my opinion I'm going to say listen go for it. But I'm not in that position. You know yes, you have to have all of your backups in place. What happens if this person gets it all right then? Everybody tested again and again and again and again if we have unlimited testing now. Which is why the cases are skyrocketing because we're testing every day. Pretty I mean did they can anytime you want now? Apparently they go right up the all. Right up. The all knows their Colefax. Now and that's least invasive one. Oh Yeah. NBA threatened that. Is that going to be like an easier way to? Is that more. Is that like? More, bulletproof or something as an easier way to figure out if you have, it has to go that route. I can't answer that I'm not a doctor. I don't like sticking things up my nose. Or anywhere else for that matter so that the testing idea, but listen the players signing up for it. The player and I've said this. If you're uncomfortable with corona virus situation around it and the testing, and all that then then Dole play. Going to make fun of you. In people shouldn't be made fun of for that. You go home. You do what you do. But if you're comfortable with playing sports, and you know that you're going to have to get tested every day, and then you're probably GonNa have tested twice a day. If somebody turns up positive, then yeah, you gotta be comfortable with that. But I I'm not one of those guys on either side here. That's condemning you for going out and going to the grocery store. I'm not going to condemn you. You stay home and. You order. It's a tough spot. It certainly is, but I am more of that. I'm on that belief that we can't roll up and die and I've said that from the beginning when this first happened. A lot of businesses and a lot of people came to me and said Hey man, are you? Are you worried about us? I mean obviously I'm worried, but am I hopeful. Yes, because we can't roll up and die our only option. Our only option is to press on and again we do that hopefully responsibly, and hopefully with we safety at the top of our minds, but we're still. We're still living and we're still grinding. We're still getting after it. Colfax! You're not a doctor so I'm guessing you didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Is that true? I did not. Well maybe next. Time thank you that way. You can answer some of these questions. Okay I remember that actually I'll stay at one tonight and then come back. Tomorrow then you'll have it. Yep, they'd. You'll have I, mean that sounds like. From the. People that actually that's what they do right. Like. They make these the the guy dream of Jeannie. Ever see I dream of Jeannie. You I know what you're talking. You know what I'm talking. She just kind of. Blinks make stuff happen. Yeah, that's I. Think sometimes the people that are making the rules and regulations. Just Kinda Kinda just. Blink hope. Why did you do that I? Don't know. What are you doing over there now? Over here now? Focus on this area. Bo County. Swamy I'll be crying. If the baseball season's taken from us, here's the thing you can't. You can't go back and less. Again, we're talking the very worst case scenario here. And what is the worst case scenario everybody that comes in contact with any of these baseball just drops dead. I mean that's that's the worst case scenario. But the best case scenario is, there's GonNa be a dozen or so players from each team. That's going to get this. And you're going to have to figure it out. and. You're going to have to say okay well Nolan. Arnaldo you're out. You're out for two weeks. Charlie blackmon plan some. He wasn't amazing, but he did get hit yesterday. He had it what four five weeks ago. So. He wasn't even playing baseball. Players are getting this and they're not playing so. What do you propose here? Says, that's called Congress. Oh, the I dream of Jeannie thing. Listen I think again. We all have questions about all this right. Ask! The question. Why are we shutting down? Drinking glass calls at ten. People will tell you on the other side. We'll say we'll because your inhibitions or lowered after ten o'clock because waiting because you're going to drink till midnight. You know what if you're there to just watch? The rockies finish game and you know what L. have that second beer or I've got a DD I'll have that fourth beer. I mean. What happens then because I? Don't know about you when I again I know we're also talking about nightclubs and stuff. which that's how they make. Their money is past ten o'clock. Twenty mid twenty year olds don't even go out till ten thirty right so that's done But why is there this idea now again? Nightclubs I don't know that's a tough one, but the be. The sad thing is is Bruce's that don't serve food or falling into the same categories nightclub. Which is interesting. Restaurants though, too I mean I. Don't know about you even if I've had a few at a restaurant. I don't usually get from chair and go around and hug people. Yeah I guess. Go Round. One point hug strangers right you. Know. Weld County Swamy. How does that affect tiebreakers when they continue to have cancellations? Well if you're the Miami, marlins which I don't think they're going to be in good just going to be a loss anyway. I! Don't know I. Don't know that answer. I guess you just if you're baseball, you just hope that crappy team. Stay crappy. Don't put us in a position figure out a tiebreaker. You'll probably have some kind of a play game. You probably have some kind of a play in game. You know if you get to that. If you get to the point where? Miami has three. They got cancellations and they played three games, but they're. They have the same amount of losses or what it may be. Have them play a little mini playoff or something? That's what I would do. You know that that's how they baseball's done in the past wildcard, game. Might as well. Just go back to that because they were going to go off of regular, humans do when tiebreakers head to head. Okay, that's tied. How'd you do in your division Oh? That's tied then you just keep going, and then they're going to do like their last ten opponents, or whatever, but that's that's what you do. I events text line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, very interesting times. We're in for sure our power to play sports poll question of the day. Who will be the greater rocky when it's all, said and done with who you got. Colfax Nolan Aeronautical Trevor Story. I. took the road less traveled and voted for story on this thirty three percent of the votes, okay? I mean I don't know I mean he's A. He's still got listen. He's still got a way to go to be better than troy to whiskey at shortstop. No one as the best third baseman to play, he may be the best third baseman ever. So it's going to be tough to do it, but could Trevor Story. You know the next three or four year all it takes two to three years in baseball to become a really great baseball player. So and the rockies have done this in the past. You know we were having this conversation about Troy thoat Sqi. Anybody ever going to be as good as him as far as like new. Age rockies. and. Let's let's calm down here. You ask a question, not own story and you get people so mad. They're like. Why are you doing this? They're not even close to the guys Walker taught. How let me just be very clear? The rockies history is not extremely rich. They're not amazing. Larry Walker the hall of Famer. But that's it. And taught Helms Damn good ridiculous, and I get it, but I'm sorry, not to me has passed Todd Helton. Do does that mean? I think Trevor Story could someday pass our. Not Todd Helton. It's possible. We're not talking drew lock versus John Elway here. John elway was the franchise. You know and I know that's where you're at. Maybe just the contrary, if you stay on the show for the next ten years you're. GonNa find out if you're right. Heard. Colefax said it drew could be the next John elway. Somebody's got to go there and you went there. The Path is there and I think it's Kinda the same thing for stories that the path is there like his future. The rockies, maybe a little more certain than. Aeronautics which could be over after the. Yes, exactly so again. Longevity plays into this and. Part of why I mean Todd Helton was. Amazing it his position, but he stuck around. He was Iraqi through and through. That makes you go there. county Swamy says you can't go. Story are not already one of the best players of all time. It's the prediction game though. Aaron auto might be gone. Anti might bring some negative judy with him. And then Trevor Story. He becomes the leader and the next five years. Maybe the rockies go to the playoffs. Maybe they even go to a world series. I've said this from a for a very long time. The rockies will not go to a world series. They can have the best third baseman in the world they can have the best first baseman in the world and have the best center fielder in the world. They have the best pitchers. They gotta have one great amazing Pitcher, one really good one and one pretty good one and based on the weekend kind of looks like they have it now. That's on three games. Short story will never be one of the best shortstops of all time. You don't know that. We're not talking about all time we're talking about for the rockies organization. Well I, guess. Yeah, but I guess he's saying that like Nolan's the best third baseball time. He's done it all with the rockies. Talent was yeah, but again if he's gone next year, his his story with the Rockies, chores cut short so then he plays his next eight eight years wherever we're not gonNA use that. No back with Trevor Story. Let's say they signed him to a long term deal. And then they go all in on the Rockies, or he goes all in on the Rockies, and he becomes a legend, and they bring him three world series in a row and. We'll see that's the thing there isn't. If the rockies have never won a world series if Nolan's gone and trevor is the leader of a team that goes to the world series in wins it. What does that mean that doesn't that put trevor there? If drew lock wins three Super Bowls in the next ten years, then are we we're. We're having that conversation John Away. We're having that conversation. I mean it is. It's worth talking about. It's worth looking at because again. You! Have you have trevor? Story, whose? He'll be a free agent in two thousand twenty two, so he's got this upcoming year. They're going to have to pay him some big money soon and they're to decide if he's going to be the guy that leads organization. What if he does because Nolan if they don't make the playoffs? Right, your work work well cards because he's gone. You can't make with sixteen. I do think they're making it though so I don't think we're GONNA. Have that discussion and then you're just going to have to figure out is Nolan because again. The Best of both worlds here is that Nolan stays finishes his contract. And signed trevor to a long term deal. And you have the best short one of the best shortstops. You have one of the best third baseman. In baseball. Succeeding prospect and listen I for one love these conversations right here because we're talking about to rockies that have potential for greatness. The rockies have like five greatest player great players. Doll Day. You can sit here with this older, but there's a few only the playoffs five times so even if you WanNa tell me that they were these great players. What did that greatness really achieve? They've been to the world series once the middle class five times. Since what ninety four? Thought good. So you should be very excited that we're even talking about the future of this. This rockies organization with players that could be considered Great Greg rockies twenty five minutes after the take a short break. This is the whole show powered by PD energy when we come back where the nuggets eight players still not everybody's in full force. What are we doing with this group? What does his team look like? We'll be right back. No coz home for the Rockies is thirteen ten KFI K. catch her taste studied right with up-to-date news, weather and sports mornings with Gail Six am to nine am weekdays on thirteen ten KFI. This is Jordan Davis from the University of Northern Colorado and you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten KFI KFI. Thirty now on like all in on Trevor Story I. Still Want Nolan to be here. But. I'm like the guy. This is fourth year. This is Nolan's fourth year. Now he listen? He has to do a lot of big things in order for him to even come close, but this is why it's the prediction game asking if drew lock is going to be comparable to John. elway is laughable right now, but someday the broncos. We'll have a quarterback. That's better than John. elway someday if the world continues to go. If football continues to go the world. Will I mean this is what happens? Great quarterbacks. Are eventually passed and then there's another great one coming up. That's just the way it goes baseball players. Nobody ever thought someone would pass Todd Helton. Some of you still don't. But Nolan did in my opinion owns the greatest rocky of all time he is. Just Trevor Story have that kind of it factor where you look at them and say. Maybe. That I think absolutely maybe listen I'm not I'm not stamping this thing. I'm not saying right now. Trevor Story has that path, but or he right now. It's going to be easy for him, but he's only in his fourth year. That's what's kind of crazy. When you look at his career. He's going into his fourth year and it's a weird here. So. It's a excuse me. Is this his fifth year? This is his fifth year. Sorry one year off Colfax, my goodness. But I mean you know Nolan sign a contract to play until he's like thirty seven thirty eight, so they're still. If you gotta look at you, look at Trevor Situation Too and he's probably going to play until his mid to late thirties to. There's a lot of thirty year olds out there. First event, text line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine six. Well, it impacts his career. Nolan leaves. People will blame Jeff Bridage, but in two years he'll be gone. They had issues with Troy Lewinsky to and some people will tell you that. It was too low that he was a bad. He was bad in the locker room. He's bad in the clubhouse. Some will just say no that that whole thing was screwed up by the rockies front office and he was done. Listen! I known and I was twenty nine years old I. WanNa see this guy play his career and finished his career with the rockies. Make the playoffs this year then there's a good chance that he stays, but if they start out the next year. And they're bad or they're even just mediocre. He wants out. He has made it known that he wants to battle for world series. He doesn't want to battle for wildcard, so he has to look at the organization and again. You're looking at the dodgers. That's you're gonNA look at the dodgers. If you're a rockies player, you're constantly looking at the dodgers. How are you going to the dodgers? And if you can't get past them, you're not GONNA go to a world series typically. Yes, you can go. You can go the route of being wildcard and going all the way up and again we'll see if this playoff situation stays the way there were predicting it here. You know if we have sixteen teams that are gonNA, be in it every year, then maybe so I, text line three, one, nine, nine six. Who will be the greater rocky when it's all, said and done Nolan Aaron Auto or Trevor Story and listen like I said when we first posted this question, people were very upset because they said we'll. Those two shouldn't even be in that discussion. And I so I. We had an edit and instead of greatest rocky when it's all, said and done and again if you put two guys up there, it's between those two. Turner Stories Not Greater Than Todd Helton. He's not greater than Larry Walker who unfortunately we're GONNA. Miss his hall of fame induction and all that this year, but do next year. He's not greater than those guys. He's greater than he's not even the best shortstop of all time for the rockies yet to there were not there. Could he be? Absolutely could be i. mean let's just. He has a monster season this year. Let's say he comes back the next year and has a monster season. This rockies team continues to get better. then. Then you start looking at it. Nolan's the greatest rocky of all time. That is a hard thing for me to say that anybody's going to pass it, but the question is legitimate. Now where am I voting right now? You went to road less traveled, and you went with trevor now. I'm I'm saying Nolan right now, but if if Nolan leaves next season because they're gonNA have to trade him before the trade deadline next year. Then then May, and then you see if trevor has two good, because that's the plan, folks keep in mind. If Nolan leaves or doesn't leave whatever the next big contract coming up Trevor Story. They're going to make this deal work. He will be a long-term rocky. First event is text line three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six thirty four minutes after the hour. Your thoughts there I got to get to the NBA gotTa talk about this Denver Nuggets team. And where we go from here, you're going to get to this first eight games and yeah, they're still. They're already in the playoffs, but. They're still seating to be sorted out. Do, the nuggets care in. I'm not saying that they care about season. Do they care about the CD? That question. Would you rather play Houston? OR DALLAS? Do the nuggets really care. And if the last year they played the game to member they they kind of lost a few games so that they could match up with the Spurs in the first round. Do. They not care and they say you know what maybe we should just match up with a Dallas type team and not worry about it because they're only went with guys. We'll talk about that coming up next first. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash thirteen ten KFI PREPS. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage. Tuesday on mornings, Gail, another trillion dollar corona virus stimulus package on tap. Are you eligible for this round? Join US six nine thirteen ten k. f. k.. Got To. Tool To make sure is right. Thing I think like a love tool. I do, but their songs are like fifteen minutes long everyone of why are they so long? I don't know like if I'm in that mode. And and I have a two year old, so I'm never in that mode, where if I'm in that mode I can sit and listen to a fifteen minute tool song, and then get ready for, but you spend like six hours listening to one album. I think it's for me. It's like good road tripping music like set it and gets you pumped and he could just keep driving driving in driving. Tool in the background, sometimes I like to play like work I have to pick sometimes what late night I like to play video games like Madden or something like to mute the game and just stick. Like Pandora let let the music go rock and tool. SOM- come on. It's great. It's awesome, but there's times where I'm like that thing still going another still happening. That's crazy. He's got a lot to say. He had a lot of nothing to say. I have vantage text line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six, other actually game of the week. From big tops and brewing at Loveland, the Rocky Mountain pills pickup selections from big, Thompson, or any of your favorite adult beverages news the drive through open until midnight. Man I didn't think Trevor Story. Thing would get people heated so much. But I just had to come out and say it. Apparently. You voted for story I did you're going all in? And that's I love that man. You have to go all in. People hate you for it. You know I would South Carolina years ago. I loved you Davey Uncloudy, and I went all in this guy is going to be the greatest pass rusher we've ever seen. So I'm just telling you sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes I want to say that doesn't mean I don't think it was great. Of course like and like you said earlier right now this day he is the best right is going to have to have a hell of a career right? He's GonNa have to have a special career, but. Do? You believe that Trevor Story is a special player. That's going to have a special career. Yes, and if that so, if your answer is yes, then why not? I can't get that close to Nolan, canny I mean. possibly. Yeah, I think the potential is certainly there. That's why the questions up their back. Is he going to be again I. Think Nolan's the greatest rocky of all time. Todd Helton Larry Walker mean those guys. They're? It's hard to argue, but. This is what it is for me. I think that todd also gets the hey. He was here longer. He was here his whole career and there's a loyalty factor that goes there. I mean La gets that to. Sports fans are much more inclined to love a guy. You know and give that loyalty if they finish their. If they started their career and finish their career there, jake plumber never really was accepted as a Broncos, even Bronco's quarterback, or as a great Bronco's quarterback, because he was a free agent signing I think he was a free agent or trade. Even though he he was in a weird time for the broncos he was in between. You know this is when the broncos were never going to the playoffs and suddenly plumbers there and they're. They're at least a playoff team. You know they were never great, but they were pretty good. And, but he just wasn't. He wasn't accepted as much if he would have been a long-term guy. Maybe he would have been accepted I would have been curious to see how that one worked out then again Jay was. Drafted early, and we were all excited to see, but Josh mcdaniels change that for all of us. We never got to see that thing workout. See people hate you when you when you start, I love to Jay, cutler tune. People didn't like that. It's coming mini mark. Can Knutson marquess people going at him to he really does. New. New `B. He's trying to get in some like trying to suck up. Before top techs, Tuesday, the Philip Lindsay Jersey, fresh painter South Platte, hooking up. Man Like I said Dude they could have just brought us a signed Philip Lindsey Jersey just like here's. The Jersey, but if you've seen their work and what they do. You know that that's not how they're. They're going to go above and beyond they. They got a shadow things in a shadow box. It's going to go perfect in that man cave. And, we start that competition tomorrow. Wow Philip Lindsey signed jersey. When obviously we're GONNA. Give away and everything, but I'm curious why all these. I guess memorabilia. Pieces end up in the same office and that offices. Not My off guy that works with fresh coat gets tanner. Our good friend that we love. All the steps in his office hoarding it. It doesn't get spread like. Should we have it? Maybe like we call him a little bit just hanging, you still have the I lost the marksman man. I love that because that's what everybody notices when they walk in. And they're like. Why are you still have that on your? Own You gotta be proud of it, but the deal was a hanging on my wall until the next. Oh, you win! You beat me. We didn't have march madness this year dupage. Go Yeah stupid covert. Is that okay to say stupid Cova? Can we say that? We can all agree on. Can All agree? We don't like cove I don't like nobody likes it. Okay News says picking between Nolan and Trevor's picking between Dan, Patrick, and Brady whole. You won't be wrong in your choice, so my I gotta be Trevor in that story then story. Trevor I was trying so hard not to go there. I I did his rookie year, and I think I hit my quota, so I'm trying not to at all, but every time he does something I'm like so storied not as storied homerun. Five historic has just begun I could do this all day. Please all day. Yeah. I don't know about new by appreciate it, but. The Weld County Swamy. You're right. This is a prediction game, but I don't see Nolan leaving. Because I think this team can win some playoff games. That's tough because I do I actually I agree with you. I, think they. They go to the playoffs this year. I think they're okay team. Does that mean they can win this again? I gotTa Get it right the playoff structure, but I think they could go in a series I'm glad that we're not doing you know. The dodgers Red Rover Red Rover. Send the rockies right over. We're not doing that bullcrap. We're actually going to have a series. You know the first goes through. Just like just like the NBA just like the NHL. That's the way to do it. I'll be curious how that structure works so I guess I kind of am excited to see it. But with baseball. You're more inclined to get. Guys with bad records football, though added so now do we have? How many do we have now in football? Do we have? With twelve before twelve before now have fourteen fourteen, so see like that I don't. That doesn't make sense to me. You can figure out a lot about our football team, even through like eight weeks, and we're GONNA. Know Baseball. I don't I'm not crazy about getting teams that you know three four five teams in there. With below five, and that's the crazy part about adding and again. We don't know if this is just temporary, but I think it's going to be long term. That's the part I don't like about adding three playoff teams to each each league this quickly. Let's see how let's add like one and see how it goes just at one to each league and see how it goes. Angry Baseball's there. The all or nothing crowded. When I tell you, what did he tell you don't put up? Trump up the all or nothing crowd. If you're an all or nothing, person, stop it. Stop It. I finished text line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine six. No there's no doubt. I mean all the best rocky he's. He's the greater rocky right now. trevor has a very long way to go very very long way to go, but. I was he looked good on the over the weekend. And, he was rolling. And I imagine in Mark's worried about the strikeouts and. Got To. Give it a few weeks here, but because I think that could be your first game back. We're in a weird situation. The were a nuts overall so i. think you gotTa give it time there, but I think trevor. There's some life that was injected here over the weekend and and Trevor David Doll sensational to. I events text line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine six, so we don't have guards playing for the nuggets. The guards aren't playing for the nuggets. They're playing with only eight players, and they did it for the second consecutive scrimmage. They struggled against the PELICANS. They looked like a team desperate. For for something, and they just don't look right know Jamal Murray Hamstring Gary Harris Hip will Barton. MILLSAPS missed his daily Cova test on Friday, therefore, he had to quarantine during Saturday's scrimmage. The game meant something. This would we'd be in trouble here, so it was clumsy is cute. At first last week. It was cute. Right off seven footers. But we're getting close to the game. One and I don't I mean we're almost there man. I kind of feel better about situation I mean. I picked the nuggets to win the championship. So I wanNA feel better about forty eight minutes after the hour, we gotta take a quick break. This is the whole show powered by PD energy. And It's a party northern Colorado's voice, thirteen ten KFI. The Block party. As from four to ten PM. The Best UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI. Hey this is mark. Newton woody, page, Dot, com and rockies rundown you've made it to the bigs, 'cause you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten Kfi K. Northern Colorado's sports station. Welcome back! Games on tonight. No rocking. No marlins, but no rockies because it was designed game. Oh No marlins because of. You guessed it. The Rona that one's been postponed the Yankees phillies game. That's been postponed as well. You have just starting right at two o'clock on ESPN. Arizona's San Diego let me see I'm trying to find the national network stuff where you can. Yeah Espn tomorrow you got the mets. You got the red sox tonight at five thirty so or getting into a man ratings have been really good really good as we figured. But we're going to keep our eyes pretty close to the situation and find out what baseball's going to do. If anything I mean they may just bring the players up. What is it forty thirty five guys? In that at that. You know that they can bring up and actually get Roland first advantage text line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six I was talking about about Corey Kluber to for the Rangers coming back after the broken forum last year, so rubber match yesterday between the rockies and the Rangers. You're thinking Oh. It's Kluber. First freeland and Kluber only pitched one inning. He threw eighteen pitches before departing and his first start and almost fifteen months. The thing I worry about these guys when you're thirty four years old and your mid thirties, and you break an arm, and then you come back to play. That's tough. City had tightness in his first few pitches, and it kept getting worse. He didn't look bad when he walked off the field, but Obviously, they didn't want to chance it. So I thought that was interesting, and then the rockies of course. After that Palumbo came in, and they took care of him in the third fourth inning, and they struggled for a bit, but. His his delivery started to started to shake a little bit in the rockies took advantage. Worried about the nuggets Colfax. Weird situation. Here I Kinda WanNa make sure they are practicing together for the most part I mean. They're get never back. Everybody back in, but where? Were a few games or a few days away here. Colefax I mean it's. It's right upon us here. Bubble life has been all negative with the positives. Positive. They've been all negative with the tests. They've been great. We got what wins the first. Is that Saturday? Dairy Oh. Wow, that's nuggets. First Game One two, three four. Four five four or five years I. Don't know Tony One. Count it because it Saturday Saturday! Played eleven o'clock in the morning. And I mean I'm a little. I'm a little skeptical at this point in time, and maybe there's there's part of me. That thinks all right. They'RE GONNA use these regular season games to jail 'cause they don't care where they're. Sit there sitting. Because they don't care if it's Houston. They're playing I. The thunder or what that looks like Mike. Malone's been known to be catastrophic when it comes to playoff seeding. He did it last year leased. So when I guess is kind of funny. When I say Malone's been known to do this well last year was the year he made it to the playoffs, so based on his playoff pedigree. He's known for losing. Maybe quote unquote losing. Games to help the seating out for the nuggets. It happened. It did it did happen so so far the history that. I guess we'll see. The rockies have the third rockies. The nuggets have the third spot right now. Does that mean anything to them I? They're trying to get guys healthy and ready to go and I get that but. KINDA WANNA know that they're ready to go. They were they were a five hundred team or so when they started with the last ten games after the All star break, they were not great, so. We'll see. We're not that far away in the rockies. We'll get back in action tomorrow. We'll have it right here. On thirteen ten KFI, good night, northern Colorado. Okay.

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