The Kist & Solak Show #36: Tate's Role, Nelly's Worth, & Film Review


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So I think I what is yes. That is going to be the answer. Well, and just to clarify what I'm talking about the if you've been living under a rock he was recently. What was it arrested for nearly hitting a cop going the wrong way twice in traffic in two consecutive days? And on the second day nearly hit an officer who is standing there. So things are looking fantastic in New York as always. But Ben, I'm not sure if you're doing better than Kylo that it because you have a correction and a mission to make okay, I have sixty five percent of a cartoon emission. It was it was pointed out to me that philadel-. I said, you know, Philadelphia should've waited to sign Nelson. I if you're option, and it was pointed out to me Philadelphia could not have waited much longer than they did the fifth year option deadline passed in may and they signed him to in April. Yes. But then just don't sign into the fifth year option. I've thought they would have the ability to sign at this year. They don't but still obviously hindsight's twenty twenty but still they're clearly at a point where they should not have signed to the federal auctions. So just don't take the fifth year option. Right. Like after. Season. He's currently having eight games in right things. Let's say things don't really change for Aguilar using age it would be able to negotiate a nine point five million dollars for your contract, Mike. I mean, that's a good question. But you're also taking taking the risk there that knowing what we know now maybe not but the wide receiver market is weird dude than they would be in the ballpark. I guess here's here's all I'm saying, obviously, hindsight's twenty twenty obviously Agla orca came out and could have been just as productive as he was last year. It is worth noting that the only player the eagles really lost was Tori Smith as far as receiving option goes, right? And you would intimidate that. That loss would make Agra's depth of target increase deputize across his first three seasons. Average at ten point six it is currently at like eight point one or something. Right. So we've lost over two yards. Okay. So you assume it would make it increase. It has decreased Adler been good for one season in three and a half years as an NFL player. But what what what happens now with gold with golden Tate in the building? Okay. Don't dispute that things could get better with golden in the building. But are you gonna pay a guy nine point five million dollars to be good? When there are two other good receivers all your team is that like you're also saying better, this is this is what the eagles are clearly asking him to do from route depth perspective. What they want him to do is work. You know this short the short stuff when really he's better down the field working those intermediate areas of the field. So it's not necessarily that we get we get caught up with this idea that galore is bad. Because of what the team is asking him to do or isn't as good. Because of what the team is asking him to do is different this year. So, of course, was numbers are going to look a lot different. I think Adler still a dog on good football player that could work the intermediate, the feels and I think you're gonna see that golden Tate. Let me ask you this. Don't look how how many yards did I go overseas for last year? How many cameras receiving let's say seven hundred and eighty yes. Out hundred sixty eight. What was his catch percentage? I'm gonna put it at sixty seven percent sixty five percent while I'm good. Okay. All right yards per reception. Eleven point nine twelve point four. Okay. Ten million dollars? How many touchdowns eight? Okay. Eight touchdowns in is other three in his other. Let's see he had twenty first two seasons in eight game. So in thirty six games in twenty fifteen sixteen eighteen he has three receiving touchdowns cone come on. And then, you know, no don't do with the with the two years. Situational punched John's touchdowns to me are not a sticky statistic. Yeah. And he was awesome in the red zone last year. I mean, he is a red zone threat. They aren't target in there that that much this year 'cause they're they're really zero in on on Zakar DHS, and and Ron Jeffrey, but he's a threat there too. He's he's a threat from twenty to twenty n inside the red zone. So him nine point five million to be your third best reds on threat because L Sean, Jeffrey and Zakar Zakar is like one of the best red zone receivers in the league. Are you? How are you gonna put him up to that? You're really saying with what wide receivers are getting right now, I'm gonna pull up over the cab. I already have an hour to have it up already have it up. How many how many how many receivers are getting paid more than nine point five million this year go to two thousand nineteen because that's that's where the nine point five when he would get it. Right. Twenty one wide receivers next year that would get over nine point five mill his range is around what Michael Crabtree. And devante Parker are getting not counting any new free agents that signed next year. He's better. He's better than all the dudes like right around him. Although I really love is better than devante Parker. Get out of the building. You're saying that Nelson or isn't better on my God. Dude. If you're gonna throw stand there, we we everybody stop, everybody's not. I thought we were saying Davante Adams Parker. I take everything back. Everything back. I thought it was divided atoms. Monte Barker, I was I was about to. Adams Adams is only like five more until I looked at Adams while you were saying Parker. Away. He tried to convince me now Zagladin Montana. I read that everything I I agree. A lot of the people on on top of that list are better than him. Are I would agree with that? But I think that price range for for what you're looking at in that price range from those wide receivers is completely reasonable for next year. Albert Wilson eight point three Marvin Jones, eight point one Muhammed's new seven point four. Travis Benjamin six point five Taylor. Gabriel six point five rubber woods six point. One rubber woods. I would say should be compensated more than than that. Like, that's the one name that stands out to you can tell me that you like Agla right around that figure where Crabtree where Parker are. And where stills is. But here's my end Markey's leonine. Right. So the two above him are still nine point seven Parker at nine point three then is do blow or Crabtree had nine point three Markey's leonine. Here's my thing. Mike, I think if you were to go to dolphins fans and Jaguars fans and say, hey of the Kenny stills Parker Markey's lead deals. Good all of them would say, no. And then Michael Crabtree. The ravens you and have a debate. So we're looking at okay, you think aggo is worth that much. Everybody around him. I would argue overpaid. What's the what's the cost of doing business? That's what the market is. Ben, you can't change the market. And I like the Wilson deal. Unfortunately, he's out for the season. But he's a dog on good football player at eight point three million dollars. That's a solid deal. If I were dolphins fan. I would say, I'm totally cool. Definitely not. Devante Parker at nine point three. That's your stupid front office making bad contracts. Michael crabtree. At this point in his career is not worth nine point three. I would agree with that. But at the same time, what are you gonna pay him? You're going to pay 'em like like Taylor Gabriel at six point five or Allen Hearns at six point to like what what do you want us to gonna pay him? That would keep him in the building. You know, what I'm gonna pay him. I'm gonna pay him less than what I would be paying golden Tate. If I could just release Adler this year, get accomplished for them and keep tail roster. That's what I would pay him. What are you seeing as the the Detroit Lions did not expect Tate to resign with them? What would you expect the two thousand nineteen number for golden Tate's number to be in? What range are we talking like Doug Baldwin rains like because look Baldwin is that like thirteen mill would you say that's a fair arrange for him. Now granted he's he's going to be thirty one. So there's that I don't think golden Tate gets double digits as an average. Per year. So you think he's around? Can I still remember Mike when I was projecting in the Nelson piece when I was projecting. Tate's Compaq, I'm projecting fifth round. Right. Which means he's not getting a huge contract. So something like Mohammed to new around lake seven point four around there. Yes. Oh, man. If I could choose between Tate at seven point four and at nine point four, and I will get a compact, regardless. It's Tate ninety five ten times. Now is this based on? Okay. Let's let's say that Nelson galore is producing at the same level that he that. He did last year. Let's call it flat across the board. Yes. So that's that's like twelve point three yards per -ception currently at nine point one yards per reception. So let's say that production is consistent from last year to this year. Because I think he's I think he's largely the same player being asked to do something different. Would you still prefer that? Because I know. Yeah, nellie. If Nellie was bad for two years, and then he was good in twenty seventeen. And he continued be good in two thousand eighteen. Absolutely. Gimme the younger player who looks his. Game more several. He's still good. He's still good how Mike okay? I don't. Okay. I tell me tell me tell me what he's doing at a lower level this year from what he's being asked to do other than not being as dynamic consistently after the catch. Right. But it it's not even that. It's not even like, what is he doing worse? It's obviously Philadelphia used him in twenty seventeen we believe, and we'll go back to the tape in check that he was used more as an intermediate route runner, and he was used more as a as a guy who could get depth of target. And then you could hit him in striding continued run with the football. He was used more in the red zone. Okay. Let's like that's how he was using twenty seventeen. Even if he still has that capacity if Philadelphia's not gonna use him that way, which they have not used in that way yet in two thousand eighteen then he's not that valuable on nine point five million. Right. He isn't right. If he's going to play the Josh huff role. I don't wanna play him nine point five million dollars. Now, if they get him back into that role and things moose back up again. Okay. I still would love. To see them. You know, try to make incentive like one year nine point five million. Give me like three years with an average of like six million like how much prefer that, you know, give him longevity in a lower capital because it still feels like too much to understand. We're talking about one year at nine point five million. We're not talking about an average life of a new deal at nine point five million. It's one year absolute. So it's one year nine point five million in which either a he underplay underplays. And then you've got to accept the fact that you spent nine point five million on a guy who didn't return to value or be he plays to that value. And when you sit down with him at the table, give started figure is five million. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I don't know about that look how he's awesome at these contracts that you gotta think about that. To look we are for what we wanted to talk about a less, you have a closing point. But this is the last thing I want to look at is. And over the cap is it's loading. It's loading the producers of pulling up over the cat, very slowly. I think I'm out of accidentally just add to so now. Our screwed. Okay. We're fine. I wanna see the percentage of their cap Philadelphia currently has allocated to wide receivers because this team has put good amount of money now into why receivers Agla stays in that point five mill I do think it's either or situation with Nelson Aguilar Angleton tape bringing them both back together with als on Jeffrey on the roster is well would be very difficult. The only avenue I can see Tate really, and the this'll be a good transition into the actual film on Golden State, which is the topic of today's the first half of today's. Yeah. Tae really just didn't get aglet. Didn't get downfield. Looks take religious. Didn't get downfield logs, right? Like Tate was used. So it's okay for tape. But it's not cool for nearly. We know. Yeah. Sorry. Go ahead. Okay. Well, that's that's just not the point. That's being made right now when I made it with Marvin Jones and Kenny golladay as the two receivers on the primary outside receivers for the lions Tate was very frequently used as a check down. Mike Tate was simply. Listen Ron cross the middle of the field. And if it's man keep running and if its own stop running, and if there's pressure mass apps gonna throw to you and pick up four yards, but sometimes Brig attack when pick up like twenty like just like that was his primary deployment. And so the only way I could see Tate being retained is if tape recognizing that he's getting older than thirty comes to a locker room that players have been very clear that they love right on a quarterback that that a lot of players love to play for right? A stellar quarterback. A great offensive mind. Let's not forget the eagles. Current offense coordinator is an ex wide receiver coach. So there's a lot of love for that in the building. And I was talking with Brad Kelly the other day break is wide receiver guy. But how Sean Jefferies just releases route running drastically improved to plays where set the Jaguars tape with with Jeffrey route running, but will the that's different matter. So it's good place receives his older guy. And Philadelphia's very successful with him and Tate starts to get more. Like interesting routes and more dynamic plays. And he gets the ball in his hands. Actually downfield born he enjoys it. Then perhaps we're talking about a situation where he's a veteran discount player the twenty nineteen free agent wide receiver class is not that strong. And so taken probably go make decent money out on the open market. But if he wants to stay in Philadelphia, and he's willing to take that veteran discount than that's the only way could see all three of them staying if that were to happen. They absolutely would have to come to camp. And be like, hey, then I point five million is not guaranteed. We'd like to negotiate that figure down and extend you for multiple years, obviously, they don't have a ton of leverage there because the threat would be. And if you don't negotiate it down, we cut you. But if we cut you don't get a Compaq from you. So it's very hard to there's no not a leverage there. But that's the only way see Tayag or stay. That's the only avenue if that were to happen. People would say, oh, well, Philadelphia's not going to get the Compaq trade a third for Tate will if they signed Tate it's harder to write number one. You're keeping Tate number two. It's harder now because you put. Money into Tate to recite Jordan Hicks, ran Graham, while Darby and when those guys walk you get context, right? So kind of it's not about getting the Compaq from Tate. It's about introducing Tate to the pool of twenty nineteen free agents will lead to more complex and potentially more high priced complex in the twenty twenty draft that that's kind of the best way to look at it tastes. Now. A piece of the puzzle like the umbrella in which you put that under anything else on take a new you have a great piece on bleeding greenish dot com where you broke down his games, his his strengths. How he was used was anything specific that you saw that Detroit. Did that you feel translates to what the eagles might try with him and Nelson galore coexisting together along with Sean Jeffrey, of course, a absolutely contacted as how many slots are there on the field. Mike like going Tate is a slot receiver. How many slots there on the field from you can typically get like two on the field unless you're going? You can get two slots that by the definition of a slot receiver. He is. The innermost receiver in the formation. But what makes a slot receiver valuable? What makes a rob from the Slough valuable? We always have to go back. Like, what's the what's the origin here? What's the reason? And what makes the slot? Interesting. Is that you have to way go from the slot when you're outside receiver and you're lined up three yards from the sideline. You can't go outside. There is no outside. Right. You're going downfield or inside. And that leads corners play you in different ways. They play you with leverage using the sideline as help from the slide. You can go inside or outside. That's why you like your quicker guys there because they can really maximize that inside outside versatility. Well, nobody said you have to put your outside receivers all the way outside. So while they're only two slots one on each side of the formation. You can really have four receivers with inside outside civility at the releases. And this is something Philadelphia has frequently done. Philadelphia loves to come out in their twelve personnel. And they'll make sure that they're running bunches in the running nasty splits in the running wings and essential. Giving three receivers usually galore Erz and daughter the potential of both release inside outside. Now, when you're tight end is on the line and inside release isn't as much of a threat simply because he'll be inside releasing into linebackers. So he has to get through that to get to the other side of the field. But when we're talking about a two man stack Mike so take the slot receiver. And then just put another dude behind him will now you've got two releases for both of them. Both can go inside both new outside of they can they can alternate. And it's very difficult to get hands on that back receiver the behind receiver in the stack. You can't press him because there's a body in the way that's a great opportunity from look screens, right? Where you just throw that screen. If you read high loci ridge, what we call cap coverage for this one corner way up there, and then there's one safety way back opportunity for those quick read screens, and then a lotta route concepts something Detroit used a lot of Philadelphia will use a lot of out of those situations. Detroit ran gonna take on multiple out nuts right in this route. The eagles have loved to use was Akers. You. Take that flat defender and you pull him in by lining up in a reduce split by lining up in the slot with your outside receiver going out receiver. But in the slot lined up close to the formation you pull that flat defender in. And so when you run that little out route he has to react, and he has to come outside. He's not outside already waiting for it. Yes. To come outside. Right. He has to move in so's momentum gets going outside. Trump things backup field the important thing with golden Tate. He's not as quick as used to be. He absolutely isn't. He is still very quick. He is still a swift little bugger, but because Tate's been doing this for a while. He's very very savvy. He's got fantastic instincts. There are multiple plays the touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys on the slot comeback route which another outfit off you should integrate. You can find on my time. Find host touchdown against the twenty plus yard game against Miami. On a little sit rally. I was talking about just check down. He was just checked out in the middle of the field on both plays. Golden Tate makes defender Missa tackle with his back. To the defender, and he makes defender Missa tackle because he's been in those situations so much that he knows how that approach is coming. He knows the timing of he knows where it's week. He knows how to how to scoot outside of their how to duck underneath it. Just really great savvy is the work. He's a thirty plus receiver. Who isn't what are you physically used to be? But he's very savvy. He's very very top dog. He's a dog he loves to break tackles. He always gets dirty yardage. He's very aggressive. He celebrates literally every play I loved him to death. He's he's a ton of fun to Washington regard. So I think going to taste better tackle breaker than Nelson Agla. Oh, so I think going to take one hundred I think I think golden Tate warrants more of the jet sweep touches and the short yards in the quick throw touches ball in his hands. He's a better yet guy than Adler. I think the reason is better tackle breaker. Avatars probably more explosive on a straight line, but adults should still get those touches because he's very explosive space. Absolutely. Certainly tate's. Gonna bite into yours short yardage touches Agra. Gotta jet sweep against the against the Jaguars. That should probably be Tate's Adler got like three bubble screens against the cold. So she'll probably be taints on. Yeah. That's going to open up Adler to do more of what he did against the Jaguars. You know, thirty plus yard completion running a depot around a levels concepts. That's where I go or should be getting more looks. And that's very exciting. That's what will boost up as numbers. Mike will be very happy. We'll pay too much money. Yeah. No. I agree. I fully trust this coaching staff to be able to fully utilize the skill set of to quote on quote slot wide receivers because of all the condense sets that we use and type missions to that point. I know I've talked a lot so abusive. I said this earlier, and I still believe it. I'm not gonna say that like how he wasn't into the trailer. He didn't wanna do it this to me feels more like a Doug trade a how he trade. I think we're both on board. I think they collaborate as Jeffrey Loria told us jillion times very collaborative and they worked together, and it's great ends a positive environment. I think how about it. I don't really think you need a much convincing. But to me, you know, just the general manager is gonna look at Tate and say, I don't really see how Tate solves our offense. The problems in terms of like takes a slug is underneath guy allies a slug is what would you here to me? That was the situation. More Doug probably looked at Tate looked at tape on whether grow or to brewer press Taylor, whoever it was. You know, and somebody in that offense of coaching staff or they had the idea where they said, listen, if we do this that and the other thing we deploy him in this way. And we use these causes that worked really well for us said at a da. Yes. Take in solve a lot of our problems that that to me the office of coaching staff really had to be the driving force behind the straight. So I have full faith that they selected Tate with a clear plan in mind for him. That's kind of the overarching point there. Yeah. Yeah. No, they're not. They're not picking him. If they don't have that plan in mind for for sure, they're not going after him in that case. They already know how they wanna utilize him in what that means for the rest of the offense. We just need to see a play out because right now, we're in that period of the unknown where a lot of it is conjectured. But I do see it playing out very well for the offense. Obviously a win now move which is encouraging. You can make that move because you'd be the Jaguars go to foreign four and you have five divisional games left to go. So at this offense can get rolling and start to give some pieces back than it's going to be very fun. What this offense can be at its height with golden Tate in one of the reasons is. You've got a quarterback Carson Wentz points really dog on football. And it's not showing up like it should on the scoreboard because some of those lag the lack of weapons at the wide receiver position the lack of a true to number two receiver. And I saw a lot of people talking about, you know, like we needed a deep threat will, you know, what place shelter Gibson more suit that looks like that's the that's that's a non starter from you can get explosive plays in the intermediate area. Not everything needs to be a fifty yard bomb. All of that's good for me. I fully trusted this coaching staff is going to make the most out of golden Tate. Ben, let's get to the all twenty two film reviewer a little bit late on it this time because of the Tate news dropping and also the coaches film for the eagles Jaguars game was really weird. The broadcast version we couldn't click on the place to to navigate through it. And then when the coaches film drop they dropped half a game. Luckily, that's been fixed since then game pass is made by the devil. So let let's talk about this game. I actually wanna talk about Schwartz. I want to talk about Jim Schwartz on out result. Douglas. On the defensive side. There's been a lot of talk about how gyms dialed up some heat. We talked about Schwartz shying away from the blitz. And I specifically remember saying that with Tampa Bay game. I play the game. He comes with some heat with a linebacker in a corner, and they got beat and then the rest of the game. Healy blitz five times in this game. The first blitz that they bring third in eight with ten seconds left in the first quarter. We a little bit for it. But the Jaguars hold the ball too much in the first quarter. They're double mug in the Jenkins's threatening off the edge of the right tackle, he comes clean Bortles has to step up which leads right into Chris long for the cleanup sack that for me made me think that it gave Schwartz the confidence to continue to bring the heat. And I'll tell you a Borrell's, of course, does not deal the heat. Well, listen, I love the fact that you brought that blitz because the second I saw that blitz. I thought to myself all this is that on this is that pass rush lane retention thing that Mike wrote about when Schwartz clinic, right? Because you've got the potential mug with the linebackers. You've Jiang extra guy coming off. And Jenkins extra guy. Winds off the edge, Chris long. I believe it was Brandon Graham on the interior stunt and in stunting, it frees up Chris Law to kind of act as a quasi spy in that big app. Right. So you're the scheme is generate pressure in the D gap. But Schwartz made sure with that little twist that he's got a a player who is currently disengaged not being blocked because of the twist in that big apps when Bortles steps up away from the gap pressure. Chris long waiting this is the thing. So proud of him. Yeah. They did a lot of that too. But they're only to blitzes in the first half, and there were two sex and that second one that they had here that was second quarter second nine with four forty one left. The Jags driving to the eagles forty-two. They bring Malcolm Jenkins again off the edge. And they're bringing him off that that right side where which is the the ball hand for like. Portal's? Now, he gets a one on one Carlos Hyde who is what you would call stout in as a pass protector and that aspect actually landed him in the doghouse McConnell Shanahan in San Francisco last year. So Jenkins wins that and spooks Bortles and it gets cleaned up by Hicks and Bennett. So they were bringing those blitzes. Yeah. Two places in the first half two sacks. Now, how did that impact? His play calling in the second half. Third play the second half six band blitz. Jenks and Hicks to the ball hand side again. So going back to a word Bortles want to escape to where do we want him escaping? We want him escape ING away from his ball hand. We want him escaping left. That's gonna come a big later in this game. When when we talk about Rousseau Doug Douglas specifically. So that's Bruce Bortles early throw. Great job on that play by resold. Douglas's work relationship with a wide receiver to turn up feel from coverage. Steer and widen. Limit that window on the side. I thought I thought if I turned early on that play the second I saw that. I was like man I'm coming back with deep comeback next drive. They didn't hit it. But I had heard early. I think if like Douglas has a slower transition phase than a lot of corners. And it's because he's he's a little tight in the hips on. I'm saying that with distinction the first post over bleeding nation was. After he was drafted right said, yes does a little bit tight in the hips. But also, he's got a huge stride. He's super high waisted, right? Like, he's six two. But a lot of it comes from his legs. And so it just gonna take him longer to transition in general because he's got more distanced a pole with his hips to pull those legs and move. Right. She's like a bigger circle. He's gotta draw. So you could solve a lot of that issue. You could tamper it down. If you let them play closer to line of scrimmage hands on people. I'm just saying. But yeah, we're gonna talk about this because I definitely agree off coverage there he may have turned early. But I think he needed to when he was able to execute play. Anyway, a big note on the next play, and this may be a whole conversation. Ben they land up with five on the line in one linebacker with what's called the double eagle front. It's called that. Because it's a ridge Nater is Earl greasy Neale who coached the eagles from nineteen forty one to nineteen fifty quick history lesson fans so in that front and this. Has been. So you know, it's second ten fourteen one left in the third never also for those playing at home. So with double eagle, you get a three oh three with two wide so nose tackle in the middle of three tech to each side of him. And what this does is it just makes the middle of your offense like garbage and teams are doing a new form of this. In college called tight, t I t the reason being is that spread teams want to run through the be gap while three three plugs all of that up in the safeties come late to fill in spill, the C gap now with double eagle the eagles are using it here the way they use it. They don't use the safeties like that. Instead, they have to why'd nines so zero tech to three techs. And then you get the two nines. What they do is they they drop both nines. So Brad him and Bennett drop those three interior players the two three techs widen. And they bring Hicks in the middle that widening action gives Hicks a one on one with the running back to the ball hand side of Bortles again, you're. You're getting a theme here. Now, he actually gets blocked up by the running back, but Bortles sees this coming get spooked gets rid gets rid of it quick will pass in drop by keeling coal. Go figure. I thought it was a really creative design and not a blitz per se because there's only four coming, but man to disguise and deception that they use to get a linebacker one on one with a running back while only rushing four is excellent. With the angle of those dropping ends that you get to your taking away slant, you're taking away curls. You're taking crossers. Which is all the quick hitting stuff that the Jaguars wanted to hit and one last play just finish that drive out. Ben next play on third and ten they bring five with Hicks sugaring, the b-. He drops random comes delayed on the other side one on one with the running back. Again. It's panic city Bennett starts to drag them down. Jenkins tips at Hicks nearly picks it off they were getting after it. And I thought that shorts was really creative with his blitz packages. And we're they got beat was the blitz with the classic covers. Zero Maddux comes off the edge. Brandon comes up the same a gap on the same site. So they're over loading the ball hand side of Bortles again with four the jazz leave in tight end in a running back. So the block was seven boroughs gets a clean pocket through eleven yard touchdown de Westbrook on Jenkins, which of course, was a double move. And you understand why Jenkins wants to jump that? Because they're bringing big time. He and then it just keeps happening. Like these double moves. They just keep happening the situations. And I don't know how you fix it. And I didn't think the Jenkins had to jump in. And here's why did he gives an inside nod? Well, the tight end is staying into block on the other side. You got your quarterback to the nub side, which is the close side. So there's no wide receiver outside of the tight end there. He's running an inside route. You've got that corner that can close on too. But Jenkins is playing the sticks with the blitz in mind, and he gets beat still overall what you saw after that was they were starting to give give some of those more classic covers your looks than they were. They were dropping. Is all over the place, and it was really confusing for Borrell's. I thought this was a very very good game plan by Jim Swartz. I'm very happy. You brought up this sequence mbappe Uber. The D for touchdown. So and yeah, they came out with that fantastic. I wanna go to the second sequence in the third quarter, Mike so the very next drive for the Jacksonville Jaguars what you'll notice on that play that you talked with me about is that because Philadelphia's kinda got that veil. Look with those ends ride. The you show me on that second in ten it allows Dextra McDougal the slot corner to kind of act like he's trapping there on the outside. So he moves into the flat. And then once he recognizes that boys is going to that quick little curl route he closes right back inside right on that on the next drive its second to it's the play right before restore Douglas is gonna get smoked by David Greenwich right into the twenty four yards on a little tight end wheel route Philadelphia's in a similar look where they've got a bunch of people this time it stand up linebackers in between those big apps like. Four guys were threatening between tackle tackle this time. They bail everybody in the middle. Fletcher, Cox is dropping into copyright, and they said, they send a nine tech, and they sent Dexter McDougal the slot corner on a blitz and you watch Douglas received Douglas gives up his responsibility, right? His outside receiver who is responsible for he releases free because he comes up to trap that quick little curl route. That's of in the same way Dextra McDougal that earlier the ball is inaccurate. If that ball was complete his right there to level of big hit potentially drug that ball loose right on the very next play. That's the third in to receive Douglas again plays tight as if wrapping against that little crow route little set route and he lets the wheel route get way behind him. Right. This was something that Philadelphia was doing we're because they knew Bortles needed to get the ball out quickly on mesh and curl routes because that's what Bortles need. They did two things game. They they let those outside corners track inside come inside on crow routes that they could see in their vision, which is. Daring Bortles to throw the ball down the sideline which doesn't like to do. And the second thing is they aligned Malcolm Jenkins. I don't even know what you call them linebacker or safety. Just like, you know, like like, he look straight at the center, right? He was on the same line as the center unless your back. Yeah. I mean, so he's he's like he's just sitting there like almost like you would play a triple option team like a to middle linebackers one behind the other. He's just like that back middle linebacker. You know what I mean? So he was sitting back there. They're trying to take away all those shore areas in between the numbers a lot of what it was. And it was a great play. Call in that situation third and to to hit David Greenwich to get the ball into the red zone. And then you get to the touchdown. I hear you. And I know you don't like the covers Eero blitzes, and I think that the red zone is a great opportunity to have those droplets you drop random guys into coverage of. But when it's third and seven, you know, you imagine they're going touchdown or nothing right at the eleven you imagine they're going to least pretty deep, and so you don't know how valuable those underneath droppers would be on first and ten. Of that red zone. So third and seven on the first and ten for that series. Malcolm Jenkins and Jordan Hicks have words because there was a little cross or going from the field side to the boundary side. And Jenkins released him gritted ends up opening up could have been hit boroughs misses a throw. And then join Hex to them and says like yo you gotta follow that guy when he comes across that. It's third and seven Dede Westbrook gives inside move. Jank is eaten alive. Probably because he's worried about it, which you know, he he he gave up across her first in ten and Westbrook heads off the back. So there was a lot of gains ships in back and forth. Little chess moves if you do this I do that. I think Douglas generally played as I would've expected him to play especially in relief, which was not great but still impactful like Douglas had the pass break up on the attempted to point conversion great use of length. Good job keying on a quick little set route from Dede Westbrook and close right down. Get your hand in there. The two points ends up mattering a lot when you're late game scenarios in teammates ring within a field goal score. Yeah. Douglas for me headed up and down game. He did have some nice plays player. I yeah. That's true. And I did attribute that that third that third into that you mentioned I didn't like the fact heating, I don't feel like he needed to trap there. Because unlike the other play he had McDougal on the inside for that. And he needs to get the debt because you can see door be on the other side. He gets to fifteen yards into the sideline with his cover touts on. That's where you can get. He went hundred percent got suckered in it. Absolutely. Did I don't mean to disable? It was a fine play by Douglas previously. Because Douglas have been allowed to play aggressively into that look previously. He wasn't playing with the right was the discipline. And that's why there's a conversation kind of going on right now on on Twitter. She'll capacity of the posted a clip of a late fourth down where anonymous was it. Was it a fourth our third down. It was a fourth down in one with four twenty six left in the fourth quarter, their standard covered three boroughs ends up. Scrambling for for yardage on ping, the fourth doubt that being said, you know, the kind of argument is if he had seen this route that you know, he would have hit it yet Sewell cover cover three responsibilities and the outside receiver to his are me the slot receiver to his side takes this little curl route in front of him and restore Douglas starts driving on avant. Matic's the free safety. Also, drives on it. Which leaves the outside receivers running the boundary pretty wide open. And then it's unclear Douglas kind of goes back to go handle it, and then Maddox goes back to go hand leads. There was a miscommunication between the two miscommunication. I've done. Thinking that I think that's Douglas going old crap and the same thing for Maddix. Yeah. Once once once Douglas releases that route they don't know who Doug was goes to pick it up and the magic picking up. My my point here is that there's a conversation about you know, is Douglas just not like mentally super. I think that was a super aggressive. I think Douglas wants to close on everything that's in front of him kinda why people want to move them to safety, right, which Lieven press. Pure man coverage is to worry about that. Just follow a guy when you're running him in zone. He eats up. I can be a lot. I will say this. When Bortles turns on skates, the scramble. He's at a twenty five yard line. His receivers with momentum heading down the field at the thirty at the forty five into the forty. This is not a throw. We anticipate a lot of NFL quarterbacks making like Bortles is a bad NFL quarterback. But I would not expect any quarterback currently starting in the NFC east to make this throw. I would not expect any dull intimate this throw and not expect. You'll flacco to make the surround not expect like any of the rookies to make this right? This is a. Bananas throat. It's a it's a Patrick Mahomes. Carson Wentz throw. I mean, it's thirty five yearning to your left as a right handed quarterback. And put a ball. We'll we'll have to end up being over fifty yards down the field. But you know, he can stop. He has room to stop. Okay, he'll up. It's also fourth in one. And he has very clear space to go pick it up. Right. I mean as clear that he didn't see it. And what his what his thought process is just watching his headgear throughout this play. As soon as he breaks the pocket. I'm looking at the end zone angle here. What does he look at? He looks as he looks at yielded. And he looks at the defender, right? And then he looks at the sticks. And he goes, okay. I got this. And that entire rollout is spent worrying about okay, I can take this to the sticks. Look at him real quick. And then boom, okay. I'm at the sticks. He does not once look downfield if he does and he's able to stop his feet. That's touchdown. Here's what I have no clue as to what Douglas's doing what do you know the distance between the hash. And I'm honestly asking the hash and the numbers. What is it like ten yards? I would guess little bit less. So maybe like eight yards third. What is Douglas doing? When he's got an outside guy. That's in line with him vertically right on the numbers. And he sees a cruel route go directly behind a hook zone, and he's chasing something eight to nine yards inside that's running away from him. What do you? What's the decision there? How is that? Being. You're not making play on that ball. You're covering grass. You're not doing anything in that situation. You got a guy right in front of you. That's getting vertical. Just because you have an underneath guy under you think that's McDougal on that mistaken. Does not mean get out of your deep zone in go to the middle of the field. Like were you chasing this guy? I have no idea at all no answer feel again like to me. All right. My only only thought is that the instruction was play aggressive into stuff that you see in front of you. Because we don't think boys gonna go down field and be it's fourth in one. Like, you know, the if you look at all the eagles underneath defenders. They all close super heavy and everything that's in front of them. Which leaves the intermediate crosser behind them that Douglas is attracted to like open like very clearly open. But look a look if okay so gullible further when when when you scrambles in at the twenty five in the scramble drill drill is on the linebacker start. To react words, Malcolm Jenkins is in the middle of the field. If Bortles has the stock price a threat is that across his body. He makes them play on that ball very easily probably. But this this goes back to the salient point of the eagles defense of Jim Schwartz is a coordinator, which is Brandon Graham collapse the pocket up against the left tackle Seventy-three, whoever's, Josh or whatever awful, and we we should talk about Brennan brand Graham, I think Brennan, grandma's Lawson, juice, man. But anyway, yeah. Graham has collapsed the pocket. The Jim Schwartz defense is predicated on if I got pressure with four and I just felt the quarterback then I can give up stuff on my second. It'll be fine because they won't get their. You know what I mean? Like, if is a clean pocket for Bortles the navy. He sits in there, and he he he reads Maddox closed down 'cause Maddox initial actions to close down the crosser. And so he listed at deep ball sees that the guys toasted Douglas and Anson, but he the pockets not safe he had gave the bucket, and that disruption is what takes away quarterbacks ability to make those plays within structure. So like this play is a is a great example of you could go to the eagles Super Bowl win against the patriots. You go to their win against the Vikings game. I promise you can find plays like this where somebody was clearly open. But because pressure disrupted the pocket the ball was able to get there. Right. So this is this is how Jim force defense works. You know what I mean? Look, I don't know how. I mean how much are we burying Jim Schwartz. Bortles finds that sets his feet hits it for six Schwartz killing. We're killing Douglas as a fan base. Do think that's worse is getting off the hook for that happening on his watch with this fan base. I'm not saying me new menu. We tend to sit back watch and process things before we start yelling fire Schwartz. I'm saying as a fan base. We are murdering Jim Schwartz. If he finds that that would put it at twenty likely put it at twenty five to twenty four with four minutes left with Jaguars lead. It changes the entire landscape of the game. And fits the narrative that Jim Schwartz can't close games anymore. Thanks to remain bug Lous. I think as we've been saying at like I against the titans. I had a lot of complaints about Jim Schwartz in the way he put his players out of the field. But I think since we've been saying we said after the Panthers game. And I think now we've said it here a lot of this more has to do with execution than it has to do with anything else on this has to do his job. His job is that don't stop trying to do somebody else's job. Also fits the narrative that the players are are pressing trying to do too. Are you ready for the sentence out loud? Am I ever Munna eagle eagles fans? Just like Batten down the hatches and keep your britches on Jalen mills. Probably doesn't give up the third into cash today would grant is sold. Douglas. Does he probably is in coverage on that? And it's fourth too and Jaguars kicking a field goal. There's no way they're going for it. They haven't gone for it all game kicking field goals forth into from the forty for like the entire year because it's Doug Marrone. The enemy all Jim mills makes a play mean. Probably because that's play. That's more about remaining in your deep third and understanding route concepts and mills always been nice understanding how route concepts overlap that's always something. He's good at news. Good. The titans game. He was good. At that time game was the main game. He was criticized and he was doing a great job over lapping a lot of it was Darby's fault. So, you know ball Jalen mills, obviously, it's very easy to say that 'cause bills wasn't in there. You can't be wrong. But. It's the thing. It goes back to when when people were calling for mills to be benched for Douglas like we said does probably makes more impact plays for you Douglas as a better playmaker on the football. But Donna says a very high variance player. He's gonna give up stuff if Jila mills just giving up stuff every week that mental, but that was still gonna give up stuff, but he's gonna at least make some place for you. There you go mills had not been giving up a terrible amount of stuff. Really like, we've we just call it as we see they're absolutely execution problems. But you know, you're probably at a point where with what we've seen from Douglas thus far. He was put into starting situation. You didn't know he was gonna be in. You know, I it was he really it's really gonna be a high impact player a hiring by player than bills. I don't know yet. You know, it's tough to say I'd love to see us play a full game where he knew he was gonna start insurance knew how he was gonna run coverage before I make the claim there. That's I mean, we wanna we want to transition the conversation here a little bit trade deadline has now passed so we can officially say this is the roster. Was was bigger weakness right after Philadelphia. The current healthy Cornerbacks the current healthy offensive tackles. Excuse me. Dude. I've message makes you feel a little bad desert. I message do and I said dude look at C Amalia tackle on this play LOL. He's so this to you. And I'm wondering if you can confirm this better with bio mechanics and all that stuff than I am. But he looked so uncomfortable and his in his kick in with everything moving backwards as a tackle in space. Just to me looks like a mess. I would so much prefer him at guard. I feel he's he's so a better utilized in that position that fits his strengths. Even though he's not that strong of a player. But you know, but you know, what? I mean, if we got to it, dude if we continue on in God vibes bad by tight was bad. Dude. He can't sustain a block from more than second foul. Ince's awful. It's all terrible. He's so back. He had supporters. He had supporters Tova. He was good. Where are you? Now. Sorry. You know, I had. It's so here's what's so frustrating. Corson does some soup. Good stuff that I can't abide by he did. I can't stand that the title dirty secret that third fourteen voted during a Matthews. I'm not one hundred percent positive. He was throwing it to a Matthews. I told you that when I told the Bill de that in the in the tell me that. No. Yeah. I I told you that unlike I wasn't one hundred percent sure that he was throwing it for Matthews. I do believe seeing it again that I'm pretty confident that he was. But it's a question. I'll put it to you this way when he starts climbing the pocket, it's so Sean Jeffrey, and then he looks back to Matthews, and in my opinion, he gets his head back to Jeffrey. And then starts to throw it. Yeah. That's. I'm not one hundred percent. There's a decent chance. I'm saying I'll put it at like fifteen right? He was throwing it to alshon hedge. Anyway, he end it's very funny because he makes that play and people go bananas. And then he with his backup against the goal line makes an incredible allusive move in the pocket gets outside puts a relatively good ball. Jordan Mathews with Quinn Meeks. Coverage Quin Meeks who played on mazing. He was awesome. Nobody nobody nobody involved Lee has matched up Zac earth's this year. The on drafted corner out of Stanford did Meeks had the best game against I have seen all season. I had I headed we've got to go draft on draft here. Yeah. I had a day to grade on Meeks day to I'm pretty confident. He may have been right around my top fifty. I have I don't know a lot of people on the big board. Why he wasn't drafted? Let's see here. Mid forty fifth overall. Really? Wow. Oh, yeah. I had him. And is as Oliver Renick's each other give me smart corners. Oh, do he's super smart. Like he popped for me. When I when we were watching them just in just in read, the safety is fun because it was the opposite from AL's watching me sounds like who's this number eight thinking, but anyway, I'll finish my point. I'll finish my point than you can time aid Quinn makes. Okay. So that Florida Zach ertz nearly pay or that sorta Jordan Mathews Quin Mason coverage nearly PECS backed up in the even territory course, got flame. They Carson can't he's pressing wising making these decisions, you know, he's trying too hard. That was a much better decision and higher percentage. Throw then third and fourteen but it works and everybody's fine. If it is we haven't been very like both of those are in our very aggressive one of them. You're being tackled is a bit more risky than the other one where you're just got a guy in front of you. And he's coming to hit you. But at least you're you know, you're not currently. In the grasp throwing the football. So Carson does some things that I can't buy t he definitely is too risky in the fact that he doesn't have more interceptions. Literally shocking. He is he's either due for aggression, or he will forever. His greatest strength ever for will forever. Be being a nutcase with the football. Just not turning over center to luck. Yeah. Yeah. That's interesting, by the way, what we're British have makes again forty five mid second. All her forty seventh. Get add this how how are we both? So high on Meeks in the NFL is like, and then he comes out in any covering Zakar. It's like that one of the best route rang titans in the league anyways. Greg game Greg courses playing so well, but you can see and it was it was like a late drive with eagles ended up kicking a field goal. They deep into Jacksonville territory. He is so frustrated with the amount of pressure. Yeah. He gets immediately. He is even just tell a he like Carson is a Carson was brought up in John D Filipo school D flip ahead. Would they call it a body language penalty? Mike where view showed bad body language after a play in training camp? You got like penalized. You had to delight pushups you pay a fine or something right D, flip of I was very important for the quarterback to always have positive by language to communicate his team that they were still alive and everything was going to be cave against the next play in. And you can see Carson get so pissed he so down with the amount of pressure. He's getting and it's so frustrating because Matt Pryor's not active and was in his kind of guard tackle hybrid because the idea was that sale Malo could kick out the tackle. If we needed into right? And he can't he didn't play tackle Mike can't like maybe he can't if he knows he's going to and they'll spend a week on his past sets. He'll be better prepare for it. But when he went from guard, a tackle he could not gain depth in his bath, set big gains FM's pass Zet, but still can't deal with speed on the outside because he lunges. So Carson I was calling for more rollouts with Carson because Carson can't stay deep in the pocket. Immediately asked to climb up when he's got vital oncein Sam on the other. You've gotta get him outside of the pocket. And the only way you can let him have depth in his past sets need be able to see what he's looking. He's not right up against his center in his guards. And the other reason it's frustrating 'cause they should have drafted attack earlier than the fifth round with Matt prior which I just we said for. The entire drafts have been saying for the last two years, actually, a Ben I I know there was a play that you looked at that a lot of people were criticizing winds for. But you went in looked at the thought process that went had gone through that led him to that interception in the red zone. That was picked off by Jalen Ramsey people. Saw that window Smallwood was uncovering on the wheel there and was fairly open. And he could have made that throw do wanna dig into. Why that play happened the way it did in the process behind double post wheel, Mike double post wheel? Let me why. Right. Double post is awesome in the red zone. You throw wheel in. I'm in. Right. So like post real is awesome. The red zone. Double post awesome in the red zone. Technically, not Philadelphia Oakland in two thousand sixteen. Bill must brave was like, yo what if we did both at the same time, you can find this time line. And I didn't get to talk about how excited I was about. Double post wheels have fit into minutes. Twenty seconds took. Six tries kept on talking too much in the beginning. So you're taking a deep half of the field, and you're putting three deep routes. They're right. And and in the red zone, obviously, the deep area of fueled is limited the N line is there, and it's gonna stop it. But when your quarterback can read a half field one two three and he can read that space rows of the quickly. He can be in line to make the throw at anytime because his body's already played in that direction. He's got throwing hallway set up against cover to you're going to have the interior route and against cover three. You're gonna have the outside post. You're gonna have the wheel dependent with the cover three corner. Does so really cool. Philadelphia runs a real out. We'll route with Wendell small at the backfield. And they've got Josh Perkins. Running the inside post and Nelson Agla running the outside post at the snap. It's looking like a to deep safety cover to Sivalingam for the inside post. But Philadelphia's got jet motion come across the formation to the place side. So as that do it takes that deep safety in polls him up writes a jet motion coming from Carson his white. Carson Wentz his right to his left, which means the safety to his left has to get dragged down into the box in cases jet sweep sort of a look. So now Carson gives the little play action fake the jet sweep the jet motion. And now he's looking at the four CS coming into the middle of the field and the corner the cover three corner is staying where he is because of the threat to Nelson aga- Mawr everything up until this point went exactly as it was supposed to on the truck board. Josh Perkins is going to have a mile and a half worth of space to throw this ball. Jalen Ramsey is the deep corn on the other side. The really what you had was a cover four quarters situation from the the defense for the Jaguars. Jim Ramsey's all the other side of the field. You're not even really worried about him. The offense played is either mentions him like when they're going through the end of the planet. Like, we have to make sure that this corner doesn't come overlap, but really we should be fine. That should rarely does will be late. You'll see it a throwaway mentioning doesn't have Jalen Ramsey member. People want him to be a safety out of college. Wjr athletic instinctive, rangy ball, hawking player serandon already starting to sneak. But they're still tons of room. Of course to get this ball. Josh Perkins is exam Milo playing left guard surrenders quick pressure to class Campbell goes back to the point pressure disrupts the pocket solar secondary. I think it was at me. Jackson Jackson Carson's forces step up and reset is throwing hallway 'cause he got like affected. His body got Chuck a little bit. So he goes, and he knows he's getting late. He's late to this throw. He knows he should have already releasing those already wanted to. So he tries to put this thing with all armed like thirty yards down the field. Right. His mural of his feet. His when the bulk of his hand, he's like office feet. His hips. Like, you want your hips to be in a line? Effacing your target. Rightly back hip in by your front hip to the target. Carson Wentz hips are really facing the target. He's a ninety degrees. We should be like there's just no power gonna come from the rotation of his hips at all and he's like half jumping. And so he tries to all on this thing and it sales on him and it flutters a little bit late by the time. The ball is released you'd like for the ball to be pretty much already this balls out late, of course, could have and a more risk averse quarterback. Probably would have said I'm late to this. Let me go to my second read, which is the the outside post or or my third which. Smallwood which did open up and was like waving his arms guy. I'm open. He had already made the decision to throw that ball to Perkins before small Woodhead opened up right, right, which small what is the third 'cause it takes longer for the wheel to open up because small gotta get out of the backfield all the way to the boundary and then come up field. So he's designed to be the later read. That's very important. It's not like Carson had a choice to either one. If Perkins opened the bulge come to Perkins. Now, like I said once Carson realizes that he's late to that bowl because of the pressure on more risk averse and probably more veteran quarterback would have reset and looked for smaller. Carson did not Carson tried to force the ball in their still honestly had a window. Budgie ramseys. Also making a fantastic play overlapping coverage is starting you know, all the way to the right and basically playing middle of field safety just a stellar play. This put of even been completed against the worse corner on the other side. But Ramsey's just ridic a corner. So we've had two situations. Our course hasn't hit window Smallwood in the red zone. And he's. Forced middle of the field. Throw. The could have been picked this is your quarterback like like like Carson's like people's own Carson's regressing. He's not always done this because he's bananas in he's he's super aggressive. It hasn't gone. Well for him there. Another time he'll feed this ball in there. And it's an incredible catch by Zacher. It's up above the rim. Double toe tapping on the end zone. We'll think ours is amazing. So just be careful of your of your results based analysis. It's important understand. Why cars went to that ball second-half? I thought he played great. I thought he had 'em. So the mental and competitive toughness, the comeback have a great second half. Because he was definitely struggled in that first half. The final point is this Carson Wentz at a great relationship with develop Bo the Filipa likely would have tried to temper down some of this aggressiveness. We have the press Taylor's able to do it. We have to see how Carson calibrates his game. Now that he's had the same estate a couple of times. And what the new coaching staff will be able to offer him in that regard. I have a to make with you. Let's make a bet double post wheel. Right. They missed it for a touchdown. In what we do. They hit double post Wilford touchdown in. What week? Do they hit double post wheel for touchdown to Smallwood will will make it to parts O two small it? Okay. Why don't think? How about this list? Put the over under it at eight games left with over under at four and a half. Do they throw a touchdown two that double post wheel under Ford half games or over four and a half games from now? I'm gonna give you the exact we've thought. Yeah. That's what I'm looking for give it to me. Now. I'm not gonna go rounder. Okay. I like it like it. They're gonna I don't know what week this is. But they're gonna throw against the saints. I just wanted to pop up. Okay. Saints have a very instinct of safety, Marcus Williams, playing the deep third and the saints have been gashed by deep plays all year long because their secondary flies around the crazy. Also, Marcus Davin bore is going to be out of the toe injury likely offer that game Denver it's likely silent for about a month. Which means I'm not gonna that much pressure with these cars is gonna have time to get to small. What if he wants it? Double post Bill against the saints calling it the Washington Redskins have had communication issues on their back end, especially passing off routes and. Getting a line of does for them. Yeah. I think I think the perception around haha is different nationally than it is than it was in Green Bay who was who has said that yesterday that was Ben fennel, and I one thousand percent with him. I like I mean, pretty super consistent. Right. So that was my thing is I was like, oh Green Bay media must think ha-has good. And I realized that the the the disparity was a lot like national NFL network. Guys thing has good, and I don't I just see how missed like three tackles a game. All right. Get him out of there. I mean that's been the story for him since he was a rookie, and you see the three intercepts into go. Ooh sexy. You're gonna playmaker. Well, you know, you gotta look at the other side of that coin too. So I'm gonna go with the Washington Redskins. They've had issues passing off rows communication issues. Prese nephew thrown. That's so skunks eagles the Redskins twice heels. Only play the saints wants oh known all a specific. We got this December third base. Still do the other week. You're gonna be like look would is said Redskins. I called. You're one hundred percent hedging. I have I have good reasoning behind it. And therefore, I can hedge Ben obviously, we wanted to talk about more. But we ended up yelling at each other about Nelson galore for about fifteen minutes on the front of the show and had some pretty in dumb more. We wanna talk about this was everything man. We went crazy. I wanted to talk about Josh Josh Adams, you know, making some nice cuts and overperforming what I think he is as a running back in thought they should've stuck with him a little bit more as the hot hand as in any running back rotation doesn't make him a starter a permanent starter. But I do believe that you know, you get a hot hand and you stick with thought he made some nice place, but he does have his limitations especially in the past game. And he's run key. And all that stuff. That's one of the things I wanted to touch on. Obviously, we talked to we touched on the tackle depth as well. That's going to be an issue moving forward, depending on how much lane Johnson or how long lane Johnson is out. But yeah, no, I think we I think we covered it Ben let the gentle listeners know where we have on tap for the rest of. The week. Screw you. Thanks bye week. There's literally no possible way. I could know what's going to happen. Thank you as always for listening to the kissing Solex show here on BGN radio. We do appreciate you drop by like I said it is a buy week. So looking at the schedule coming up it will like we'd be a man I can't understand what you sent here. Sunday kissing Sola. Like that. No, that's the regular. That's the regular week scheduled bend. It's magic you. Are you going to record with me and John lead? You're on Friday, not might have plans 'cause we'll have BGN radio coming up next. That'll be Friday morning. And then we're going to have some draft talk. We're gonna have John Leger from the draft network stop in and talk some draft. And I know him being your co worker in a mutual friend. I wanted to know if you wanted to know that conversation, or if you secret, John, that's okay, too. I won't tell him. Now. You know, come on was okay. But anyway, yeah. So that's ledger. Coming in on Friday, BGN radio is gonna be on Friday. I didn't really listen to the dates leave his rate us. Tell us to go to this makes us feel good. And thank you for listening. This was a good episode item last really fun episode, and it's a long one. But this was a good time. And I think the eagles are good team side of going eight. We all we got we all we need. Why goes? Eagles fly. Hey, everybody how you doing? Well, that's good. My name is Bill Matt's. I am the director of fun games for broad street. Hockey radio podcast. I am Kelly the deputy managing editor of broad street hockey dot com. I'm Steph driver, the NHL editor manager for Espy nation. And I am Charlie O'Connor lead flyers writer for the athletic dot com. And together we make up B S H radio. One of the shows that you get at the SP nation podcast family. We have a lot coming to you the here, and we want you to listen to or show. It is just an all flyers all the time show so much content. I really hope you listen to it. It is a great piece of the SPD's podcast family along with all your other favorite sports. We all love hockey specifically the flyers. Let's go the flyers the hockey team of flyers.

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