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This message comes from n._p._r. Sponsor xfinity some things are slow like a snail races. Other things are fast like xfinity x. by get get fast speeds even when everyone is online working to make wifi simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply live from n._p._r. News in washington. I'm shay stevens. President trump says he's no longer thinking about pushing for new tax cuts. N._p._r.'s asia roscoe reports that it's another reversal for trump who said only days ago that he was considering lowering payroll taxes and other options president trump now says the payroll tax cut is not necessary because the economy is doing well on tuesday though trump has said he was considering the idea he also said he would love to do something like index capital gains which would mean taxing only profits that are above inflation but now trump says he's not a fan of that option. I indexing is really probably better for the upper income groups. I'm not looking to do that. The stock market plummeted last week on fears of potential recession. The white house has downplayed. These concerns concerns arguing that the economic outlook remains strong eissa rasco n._p._r. News the white house the trump administration is taking steps to end a twenty two year old agreement on how long migrant children can be held in detention. A court settlement now requires the federal government to keep children in the least restrictive is setting and for the short time as possible. The administration argues that current restrictions have led to a surge in mike lynch trying to enter the u._s. while president trump says he seriously considering ending birthright citizenship for babies born to non u._s. Citizens a coalition of animal and environmental groups is suing. The trump administration over changes to the endangered species act. N._p._r.'s nathan ross reports that the changes are facing many court challenges. The lawsuit alleges among other things that the interior department's new changes violate the language and the purpose of the endangered species act itself by making it easier for federal agencies to comply with the landmark law without insuring species. He's protection. Many ecologists and policy analysts said the suite of changes the trump administration announced last week do weaken the endangered species act and could lead to fewer fewer protections for imperilled species democratic lawmakers and blue state attorneys general have also promised to challenge the revisions which the trump administration says we're done. I'm to promote transparency and boost industry nathan rot n._p._r. News a former india finance ministers being held on money laundering charges as is n._p._r.'s laura inferior reports from by the suspect is a key opposition party leader who claims that the case against him as politically motivated the allegations date back to the two thousand six when pizza dom was india's finance minister in a government led by the indian national congress which is now opposition. His son is already a defendant in a forty three million dollar money laundering case now the father has been arrested to both deny any wrongdoing and accused the government of prime minister narendra modi of pursuing in a political vendetta against them. That's lauren refrain reporting from mumbai. You're listening to n._p._r. News the u._s. Commerce department says it's reached a tentative agreement that would avert a proposed twenty-five percent tariff on tomatoes imported from mexico commerce secretary will parole says the deal which has to be signed by september nineteenth meets the needs of both the u._s. and mexico the u._s. Imports around two billion dollars hours worth of mexican tomatoes each year a new study shows why drugs that work in mice often fail in humans n._p._r.'s john hamilton reports on research urge published in the journal nature scientists compared brain tissue taken from the cortex of mice and humans in both species there were seventy five different types of cells and overall the cells were remarkably similar but a close look found some important differences one involved the way cells respond to serotonin a neurotransmitter that affects mood and christopher cock of the institute for brain science says the receptors for serotonin are on different cell types in mice and people you want to develop drug the target specific receptor. These differences really matter cox says the new research should make it easier to do studies on mice that hold up in people john hamilton from n._p._r. News federal and state health officials are investigating more than one hundred and fifty possible cases of vaping related long illnesses in sixteen states. No single single product has been linked to those cases and infectious diseases have so far been ruled the u._s. House energy and commerce committee says it's looking into the four dominant in east cigarette manufacturers research on the public health impacts vaping and their marketing techniques. This is n._p._r. News in washington.

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