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Bonus Ep: Gayle King and Epigenetics


Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of Capela Hunters podcast. This is a bonus episode and I really appreciate you coming along. The reason for this bonus episode is because I along with so many other people were very What's the word enamored by this conversation? That has been going on between Snoop Dogg Gayle King the Gayle King interview with Lisa Leslie Everyone chimed in on it and I wanted to kind of chime in on it as well but I thought maybe I shouldn't or maybe I won't but then I watched this brother. Felipe Matthews Felipe Shock. Mathews has his youtube channel been following his youtube channel for quite some time now and I really liked the way he did. A monologue breaking down what was going on in the mind of Gayle King obviously He did not interview Gayle King He's just going off his years of study and research and trying to understand what caused Gayle King to Ask Lisa less lead. These very vital question. I'm sure that everyone out. There is very much familiar with with that particular interview. So Felipe Shock Matthews does. This monologue does a great job in my estimation of breaking down what happened In the mind Gayle King what I liked especially about. His analysis is that he came in an approach from a very empathetic and sympathetic manner. He did not attempt to Bash Gayle. King or Oprah Winfrey He attempted to get an understanding of the trauma. That is behind Her framing of the questions their willingness to do these interviews and for so many so many people protecting in the black community is so upset with Gayle. King and with Oprah Winfrey in particular because they continue to at seems go after black men who were accused of rape or accused of sexual misdeeds misconduct. Now we understand that there's been numerous people gayle king herself work with one. Charlie rose Did she get Oprah Winfrey ever go after? Do a documentary about Charlie rose or Matt Lauer or Harvey Weinstein whom? There's numerous pictures floating around the Internet with a Oprah in in in Harvey Weinstein. No they did what they did was. They went after. Robert Kelly. R Kelly did a whole week. Long Documentary and other documentaries about Michael Jackson Russell Simmons and so here's just another case of them going after Kobe Bryant. The man is barely cold. Not even in the ground yet. as we released this and It's just a shame and a tragedy. that We continue to do this. So there's been a schism that has Has Arisen over this matter and so many people that looking at it from that perspective so? I don't WanNa talk too much more about this but I do want to read you Phillip Matthews Bio and. Then we'll get right into it. Reverend Philip Shocked Matthews a minister of Metaphysical Science and philosophy in the founding of Minister of the first frequency of oneness science manifestation of prosperity. You can go over to his website. First FREQUENCY DOT COM. That's the number. One S T FREQUENCY DOT com. The word shock stands for seeking higher omnipotent consciousness or cosby knowledge. He's affectionally named by the community as the metaphysical morpheus because he has unique ability of shocking. Our people out of their false racial identities and back into the mind their original first frequency of Oneness Reverend Shock a social entrepreneur and member of the International Metaphysical Ministry and host of the Felipe. Matthew's show dedicated to featuring content on the subject of Disruptive Economics Digital Wealth Creation Critical race theory social justice anti-racism historical intergenerational trauma African American mental illness genetic memory otherwise known as EPA genetics axiology comedic science metaphysics racial socialization in Healing Racial. Is Poverty the Felipe? Matthew's show has over four point seven million youtube views and thirty five or thirty six thirty seven thousand subscribers. He's the founder of the shock. Metaphysics virtual kinetic wisdom school. That's a shock metaphysics that calm and has often more than seventeen. Amazon books and seven best sellers. He's been hailed as a marcus. Garvey of our time by hint colors one through five star Kaba Hiawatha Committee and Co author chicken soup for the soul mark. Victor Hansen called fully opera of the Internet. He's got a number of websites the PM show that TV Shock Metaphysics Dot. Com can follow him on twitter. He's out facebook's the PM show Youtube Philippe Matthews Block Talk Radio. Instagram Reverend Shock. So just make sure you check his brother. I'll give him some love. Go over to Felipe Shock Matthews on Youtube search for the making of Gayle. King in Oprah the making Gayle King on Oprah. It's really really powerful video concerning all this type of stuff and as our posted this as I'm doing this I just learned that After the viral or vitriolic viral and vitriolic response by Snoop Dogg. He has since apologized to gail. I mean he should not have called her out of her name. Let's just be honest about that But so he has apologized to gail Nonetheless wanted to try to understand what in how miss king and Oprah Winfrey Are Processing the world in which they live amd up so. I think he did a really great job at that so enough for me going on. This is a bonus episode. I remodeled his brother. He emailed me back and within about an hour to got up on the phone and This is the result of this of this brothers knowledge. All off the top of his head and Just before we get into what we spent despair. What's if we're going to spend the first forty forty five minutes or so talking about police trauma and things like that if you want to get to gail part of it skip ahead about forty five minutes nevertheless I think that the police his breakdown. The police analysis is somewhat correct. His specializes in trauma. So he's tempting to break down and give us an understanding of the trauma that happened between Oprah Winfrey in the trauma that many police officers face from the childhood Bringing up until the time in law enforcement and what happens on their time law enforcement whether you're black police officer or white police officer. He deals with trauma. So without further. Ado Ladies Gentlemen here is the interview that we just. Kinda did off the top of our head. Ra captain all right man. I really appreciate. You would drop a such such bombs on me man so I just need to get this recorded but even if we do it again another time but but what you're saying is so deep man so I really wanted to get. Yeah Yeah so just continue talking about the police officers and level of trauma. The four stages four stages of of respond. Yeah okay so going back. So so police. Officers are are bombarded with trauma more than any other human being or any other industry in the world military people For the most part they get an opportunity after after engaging in theater to come home To have some level of debrief And this is why When they go over there traumatized when they come home this is why they call it post traumatic stress disorder because coast police officers. There's no post. There's no rest period because you have to get up the next day and do this and go back into combat again. And when you're a rookie. You have to do things and see things that the human body the human mind the human eyes and brains are not supposed to sense and see and so that trauma then gets embedded and locked inside of you and then you just have to chalk it up and go to work the next day now. There are a four four trauma response as most people know of three. The you know they know about fight flight freeze But the fourth trauma response is to annihilate or destroy so a police officer You know most people They might fight physically police officers. Don't have that option. Necessarily because it could be a threat to their life or they could be injured which will of course affect their family and their and their livelihood. They damn sure can't freeze because that's that could kill you You you you so you can't you can't sleep you can't fight And so What happens is that you start to build a trauma. Response Call Annihilate. This is why you see police officers. You know pumping twenty thirty forty fifty bullets in someone because they it's a trauma response. What happened with the Landau? Casteel as unfortunate as it was was a trauma response. It wasn't necessarily a racial response was a trauma. Response and trauma is reflexive is not something that you control when you go to the doctor. The kid remember when they dr. Hits you in the knee with a rubber hammer and kick the shit out of the doctor. Well that's that's that's what trauma is. You can't control that. That's a it's a reflexive thing and so if you don't know that you are being bombarded every day with trauma That that that's your job is is really. You are a trauma response unit. You're not a response unit. You Are Trauma Response Unit. And you don't get the opportunity to debrief so what you'll end up doing is going with your your boys and blue going drinking This is why the domestic violence level and Policing is so high. The suicide rates are so high is because that trauma gets to a point where in nial late to host Which is the is the individual. Because you just don't know how to deal with what you have seen what you have done There are So with a black police off. There's difference between black and white policing When you're dealing with all police officers black white Asian. Plc's Po people whatever. It is all deal with that trauma on a daily basis. African American police officers also have to deal with racial is battle. Fatigue institutionalized racism within the force Women have to deal with That plus sexism and so there's a trauma level in a buildup that is deadly. And so you either kill yourself slowly over time through drinking and and and maladaptive behaviors and very different types of addictions Or or instantly in terms of the situation of suicide Or you're going to be in a situation where you're going to overreact over. Respond that in relation trauma response is going to happen and somebody gets killed And you you you. You see this happening all the time now. Sometimes that is a racially Sensitive Issue But is always a trauma issue is always a trauma issue? What happened Ed Gardener? What happened to the Landau Casteel and I know some of the people out there listening might say you know. This is hard to receive but you have to understand what trauma does too. And I specialize in my ministry Dealing with black trauma okay and so black trauma Is something that is embedded in us. Now I have. This concept called The Trauma Triangle and before I get into the Trauma Triangle remind me if I get off on a tangent to remind me to bring back to that to come back to that okay Police officers for the most part are fleeing trauma. That's why you become a police officer. You don't wake up and say oh I WANNA go out here and be exposed to the worst of frigging humanity. That's what I WANNA do when I grow up. No you do it. Because there's an out there's there's out for Poverty most of them most police officers that are are born in an impoverished environment. socially inept environment That's also one of the reasons why you only need a ged or high school diploma to become an officer and in some cases. It's a buddy system you don't have to have that. Just need to know somebody particularly if they're in the family so you're coming from abject poverty now in the white community No that was black leaf. You're saying does Blackley. Well you know I'm I'm I'm GonNa give you the dichotomy between the two so white. Police officers coming from impoverished communities are called what poor white trash? They don't WanNa be what poor white trash. Nobody wants to be that. So they're going to come out and they're going to. They hate everybody they hate themselves they hate quote Unquote Negroes niggers and and they hate everything actually anything because you have not been educated right. You're coming from an academically and economically oppressed community. So you have been socialites to hate. You have been socialized to have complete and total disdain for what you were born into that. You didn't necessarily ask for but you have been socialized in racism. I I had a interview. One of my Experts on my show Dr Liu and Brisbane Dine Showed us that hard. We had a show called hardwired. Hate when you were born in a family and the family is what we has a white. Supremacist mindset or attitude that becomes hard wired in your brain. It is a hard wire of hate and you hate everybody. It'd be and the more uneducated you are the more detrimental you are to yourself to your community to your family. Then you look around and you say well. I don't have education. I can't go to college. I can't get a high paying job. I don't have the academia for it. I don't have the economics to pay for it. Oh okay law enforcement okay. I have to take this test which is a difficult test but nonetheless you you have enough reading writing comprehension skills hopefully to be able to pass and get on okay now here. You are this Racially socialize White supremacist now with a gun. And a badge and the right to kill people and we all know what is in Herod and policing policing was created and invented To keep slaves the line. That's when policing really became a thing before that it was the church that was actually the law enforcement in this man. And and so you. Would you know the Minister of the priest? Or whatever would reprimand you. The Church would reprimand you but then when There were slaves who were trying to escape rightfully so even developed this thing called. Dropped a mania where you know running from somebody with mental illness. That's crazy this shit got but So so so the Church said we need a force. We need something else to to to make sure that these this is where the papers and all that stuff stuff come from. Show me your papers. Show me your ide- You know when trump's in I wanna see Barack Obama's papers that was the trope that was what was deeply embedded in that same. We were really upset about that. So this is where it comes from now with black cops african-american cop both male and female also coming from social inequity coming from poverty coming from An academically oppressed community. But they're also coming from racism. So you have that. And all of that trauma that has been built up stored up from birth to whatever age you decided to go into the forest or force to go into the force. Because you don't have any other options you're able to have a job have a healthcare for your family able to pay your bills but then African American cop on the force has to deal with not only the baseline trauma bad. They come from and that they're to as rookie. They gotTA deal with racism that is entrenched in the policing process in the force. Also now. That's the racism. Then there's a class issue so classism you are the lowest ranking officer. You are rookie. You basically shit you get treated like shit anything you do and say. Can you can reprimand you. You're on you're walking on eggshells you've gotTa Cross Your T.'s. Dot Your I's which is why many offices have learned a lie on their reports. Because they know if I put the truth in I could be either sued bring lawsuits to the To the the To the city. And so there's just this incredible pressure. And so now. You have these police officers. Who are out here. You know what happened in my city Sacramento Steph on Clark. You had a black COP. You had a white cop and say well. It wasn't racially motivated. Because he was black and white cop well the blackout has no power In in law enforcement because the moment they do they're going to lose benefits pensions promotions. They're going to be targeted. And it's just it's it's the worst thing and they have nobody to go to complain too because you can't step outside of that. Blue Line so that creates another level of trauma. You feel trapped. You can't get out so you have to do what you have to go along to get along so you can survive and hopefully get to a point where you can become a captain or higher ranking official within the system. But you're fucked up. You're mentally. Ill literally you're mentally ill and you're trying to do the right thing. The right thing and most coming into the force are trying to be good people. But it's not designed that way because of the Massive amounts of trauma from so many different areas in angles that that body is being Tormented by so you have this African American. And then again. If you're female you have to deal with The racism and then the sexism that is inherent and so You know it's one of those things where you say. I'm just going to go home and kicked the cat because if you have to anybody got you got pets pets. Catchy Puckett Hell right now because you know I can't You know some of you hit your wife but you don't WanNa hit you if you don't WanNa beat your kids. The dog has gone catch hell. There's all I'm saying and the Goldfish is not gonNa make you know you gotta figure out how I'M GONNA deal with this trauma that is built up inside of me and you don't whatever time you get off of your shift. That's not enough time to decompose. Decompress from the trauma that you've experience on that ship you've experienced racism you've experienced bigotry. You've experienced sexism. You've experienced People's heads blown off stabbing children dying Decomposed bodies fit the smell of all of that crime and trauma. Guess what I gotTa Get up and go to work the next day and do it all over again right right. You're bat shit crazy. It's a trauma response. It is inside of you. is overwhelming. So let's go back to what I call the trauma triangle. The Trauma Triangle. starts with what's known as genetic Trauma the mini different terms for it Dr Joy to grew When we're dealing with it from a racial perspective it's called post traumatic slave syndrome. P. T. S. So we have a genetic memory is another term for it Epa genetics is the scientific term board. And this is trauma that is transferable is transferred from the egg and the womb and it goes back fourteen generations so that's about three hundred fifty years of trauma so white bodies have the trauma back. They've inflicted on black body three hundred and fifty years. So that's a genetic memory that is is conserved and brought forth. Black bodies have three hundred and fifty years of genetics trauma from being abused by these white bodies and So now you come out of the womb And you already have certain proclivities and personalities a trauma that is within you know how you see a kid and they act a certain way or say a certain thing and you say that kid has been here before. Have you ever heard that term right right right? That's genetic trauma that you're looking at. That is a EPA genetics. That is a genetic memory that that child has passed on carrying on the manifest different than each body so now that child that black child born into what we call racial battle fatigue. There's a constant signal wrote a book called the Hidden Signal. The hidden signal is racial battle fatigue. Where initially the black child is exposed to your mother father. Hopefully they're supposed brothers aunts uncles in their community. And it's mostly a black identity community so that child is beginning to have a black identity until they're exposed to Media and they're exposed to education whether that's in kindergarten or in. Grammar School The cartoons that they they view Are Quite a European People with European voices. They don't see themselves in in the cartoons that they're laughing at and and enjoying the dolls that they're playing with or action figures they're playing with or white the first concept of a deity or a god or something higher European bodies And so they start to lose a sense of self and so Probably around the ages of five six seven. That black child begins to dissipate deteriorate depending upon The understanding of of their family situation particularly if there's not a male figure in the family Father is not there or if there's domestic violence or if the father emotionally unavailable of the mothers emotionally unavailable their dysfunction. That's there the child then starts to identify as they were. Where can I go? This is what trauma does trauma is the the first programming Of all all children. How can I not feel trauma? The body does this automatically. 'cause the child doesn't have the ability to to thank to reason. Their nervous systems are not fully developed. And so this is why Anthony Robbins says that the body is designed to seek pleasure and avoid pain. So how? How do I avoid pain if I Am around White people if I am around a and surrounded by Europeans then in order to do that I must smile. I must show my teeth teeth. I must crack jokes. I must make them laugh so they could feel comfortable so I won't feel any kind of way they won't harm me. They won't threaten me. And this is how you start to create what I call the concept of the Negro or the third frequency and my metaphysical frequencies framework. Where Where you know you start to go along to get along and but if you are impoverished then you are being shown That it's it's good to be a Nigga Which I call forth frequency and that nothing has Nagoya Real Nigga Syndrome starts to kick in it so this child now starts looking at the community that they're in the family that they see the drug dealer. They see the PIMP. They see the music videos. They see you the hip hop and listen to the hip hop music and so they start taking on that identity because they're rebelling against The the white supremacy where they're not accepted and they don't WanNa be quote unquote the Negro. Because that's what we call the sellouts and Oh you that proper nigger and so you don't WanNa be reprimanded for that you WANNA be able to it in so you end up with these two identities and talked about this when I was doing the piece on Gayle King. What happens to the black body when it's born And I'll get back on the police officers in a minute but I just want to kind of take a deep dive into this so you can understand What is happening to you? Because there's there's three bodies that were doing we're dealing with white body supremacy police or blue body Blue bodies and black bodies and so those are the relationship in those three bodies as it relates to The African American Child This African American child is trying to find an identity and they're only given two choices. You either be a good Negro Go to school. Get a job get a good education or you out here in the streets and become a real ethnic or saw or you know the woman becomes watch bitches hoes. Baby Mamas baby daddies every we we know. All of the EPA chat when we saw snoop dogg coming out calling gail or no good dirty dog bitch. That's coming from the streets. And that's where he trump snoop. Dogg is not a scholar right to go to college family. I'm just saying I'm not saying what he did was right. I'm saying what he did was he is And if you're going to hate him for calling gail of bitch you can't listen to another his music Because that's what his music and hip hop and Gangsta rap was about. He's coming from his own personal experience. And so the problem that we have is that we can't judge the lens that we see through. Give you an example. You know one day. I was looking for my glasses. I told my Damn House up looking for my glasses my glasses. I'm going into the car and I go. Look for my glasses down under the seat. I look up and I look in the rear view mirror rear and I have my glasses on that one time in another. I'm like man. I'm really bad crave. You'll hear so my point is you can't see what you're looking through so You have to step outside and ask Yourself Quinton become a Negro or how did I become a Nigga because those are the only two choices that was given to me? I never had an opportunity to be human I never. I don't even know what that is racial battle. Fatigue design for you never to find out that you are a human being and what that looks like you never know peace you never have a sense quote unquote of self police officers. Who are lucky in the sense that they are able to get some level of higher education that higher education and socialization allows them to have a level of space and agency. They're still traumatized. But they're not as What's the word I don't WANNA say literate? But uneducated from the perspective of coming into force with just a high school diploma. So because you're going to college you have to interact with certain levels of scholarship and other people and you have to learn how to socialize and so that's socialization In many cases this is one of the reasons why some of the advocates are saying police officers at least two years of education so that they won't come out and be so triggered trigger happy because the lower your education the more trauma you're going to have so the more people you're going to kill inadvertently Just because that's just your your bag of trauma Walking around with a badge and a gun. You're not a human being anymore. Your bag of a bundle of trauma responses so when we look at this trauma triangle so the first one is genetic. That's what we are born born with. The second type of trauma is called decontextualize trauma. Decontextualize trauma is trauma. When you don't have a time stamp or time date win. That trauma was imprinted into your body. And so maybe you were molested. Maybe you saw something Maybe you Were abused beaten Maybe your parents left you. I was just watching Tommy Davidson and his book and his story he was left in a trash can trauma imprint. That's a trauma. Imprint of abandonment and betrayal. Where we come here with this sense of abandonment and betrayal. Because if Mommy doesn't Love Daddy doesn't love isn't around. The child blames whatever's wrong in their life in their community in their family. They blame it on themselves because they don't have a nervous system and brain that's really developed and functional so now you have this sense of abandonment and that's a decontextualize trauma now. What happens with trauma when it's stored in the body decontextualize and you don't know if they're if starts to look like personality and this is the work of Resin Minimum Who wrote a book called my grandmother's hands? One of the best books ever on black body trauma white body trauma and Law Enforcement Trouble decontextualize trauma looks like personality. And so we all know and have said all. That's just the way that's just the way. Captain is that's just the way he is. He's always been that way. Well when you say something like that that's when it becomes personality. It's really the trauma that had become personality win that personality becomes family members. It starts to look like culture right right. So now we have We have the European culture. We have the African American culture. We have the Muslim culture. We have all of these trauma bodies crashing in crashing into one another and whoever has the most amount of trauma always win the write that down? Whoever has the most amount of trauma always win? So when you're dealing with police officers gas who have the most amount of trauma they do? You have trauma to as when they pull you over for whatever reason or even if you're targeted but they have a gun and so that trauma is always going to win. They're gonNA take you down and take you out so you must know that going into any type of conversation with police officers that they have the most amount of trauma it ain't about a good or bad. It's it's trauma you're dealing with trauma and it's a response and its reflexive. You can't think in that moment that's why it's called agency or space when you do trauma work. It gives you a sense of agency in space but when you are in a trauma event or traumatic event where your life might be on the line. Police officers life might be on the line or at least they think they are. Even if it's not you might think that your life is in danger and so both of you are trauma responses coming together but someone has a higher level of trauma and a trigger. That can take you out so you have to learn what you're dealing with. I could be for you deal with law enforcement because all law enforcement regardless of how many years they've been on the force have th they they the the initiation going from a rookie to whatever the next level is is. How much trauma can you take? That's really what it is. How much trauma have you been exposed to? How much trauma can you handle? And can you do your job and if you can and go along get along if you can deal with the classes on the racism the sexism then get promoted k sat decontextualize trump. Go ahead brother. Certainly all your you kind of painting. Wh broad-brush police officers are dealing with this or majority or To say that all white police officers grew up in impoverished homes. I mean it's not true and I don't mean a great deal you're absolutely right. That's not a This is not a either or it's something and But when we are dealing with a community that is not necessarily educated not necessarily economically viable. You're going to have more trauma in those communities quite black Asian than you are if you come from a well to do family now but if you are a well to do family in America and you are European you have a certain bias against the other. Right Dr Battle Jacqueline about a lawyer who wrote the book bursts of a White Nation says quite people do not think about race until until someone of color is in front of them otherwise they're oblivious to the impact of their whiteness that they have on black bodies for people of Color so this nation was designed and created For Quite if you watch my any of my interviews and I've talked about this in the Gail interview. Sixteen eighty one between sixteen sixty four sixteen eighty one quinn. Quite people were invented now. Imagine you think you're white but you're not but you've been born into it and it's generational and all the institutions support this concept called whiten whiteness with design and develop for two reasons to protect the one percent and to divide humanity and sixty sixty four sixteen eighty one. There were laws. That came down In the colony From the lawmaker call anti miscegenation and there were three laws and then there was a cluster of laws but there were three laws that put us into the conversation that you and I are having today ended responsible for Your career as a police officer your idea of being a black man your understanding and your podcast and everything. Then you do. Those three laws were one and a half person of African descent could no longer vote or run for office. Second person of African descent could own guns gunpowder so you couldn't protect your family and you could eat into person of African descent could no longer Sue take legal action against this new designation of humanity called White and so the black man was targeted. African man was targeted and taken out of the role of patriarchy. Now imagine that from sick. This was before one hundred years before I meet First Meeting of Congress before the US Constitution written before the forefathers were bored so this was we call institutionalized and it was generational in store. So when you're born you think you're white you're not you're European but you think you're white but you're not so you have a certain ideology that you're going to act and say this is right. This is why when Black Rob Black lives do that. I remember listening to one of your podcast and the COP Through many white cock I think he had a T. shirt said Black Lives splatter and blue lives matter so that comes directly from a white supremacy and whiteness concept. That's the ratio about fatigue that That black bodies within law enforcement and outside of law enforcement has to deal with because those anti miscegenation laws Women Black Women the African woman although albeit being raped and and and and molested on a daily basis had the right to be a woman. Black men African in this country never had a right to be a male patriarch because it would get them killed because a direct threat to white supremacy so you might be male but you might not know what it means to be a man because that's something we have to figure out because the moment we are Are Men and act like men We are dealing and and so we have to understand what has happened to. This is why I say nothing wrong with black people. Something happened to black people. So you fast forward When you look at the Anti miscegenation laws where you know. The casual killing acting was okay to kill somebody who was who was misbehaving or trying to escape. We see that in law enforcement with a COP killed a black body predominantly they get off These are the things that that we don't understand have not only a historical Connection but it has genetic an EPA genetic connection as well those Virginia lawmakers that created this concept of anti miscegenation and invented this new designation called quite created white supremacy at that moment. And that was what this country is finding finding a four and fighting against all military all policing all law enforcement is to protect that one percent. Because it's been policing you know that they are going to send you to the poorest communities because the poorest communities cannot defend themselves. They can't take legal action because they don't have the money they don't have the education to fight Whatever the situation is so poverty in America was invented. That the only way that you're able to have a job and and and Law enforcement that you go into the because if you go into a white community. That's that sells drugs and does drugs far more far greater than any Marginalized community You're going to have those people know the judges they know attorney they have money. And they're gonNA fight your case as we know in policing When you knew the case you get a demerit so you don't want so you don't want a case loss when it goes to the DA so you wanna Stack your cards and put that as a comedian and you WANNA put a hundred on ten. So it's it's the system is not the fault of quote unquote the individual if the systemic historical concept that was created prior all of us being born? And we're being bored into something. That is a lie for being born into something. That is false. We'd being born into a trauma that we didn't ask for and we have not known what peace looks like what it feels like in the body. The human body is designed to seek pleasure and avoid pain. The third type of trauma in the trauma triangle is known as vicarious trauma by or Secondary Trauma Secondary. Vicarious trauma is when you wake up in the morning and you mind your own Damn business you turn on your own If you have facebook or twitter or whatever social media APP you have on. Uc Falana Casteel being shot to death In front of a four year old child in the backseat of the call You work there. You don't even know where it happened or when it happened. But you feel some kind of way Trauma imprinting imprinted in you and connects to your already stored genetic trauma and your decontextualize trump. And so now when you see this happening over and over again you see how black lives matter. can be formed that this is that your black lives matter a trauma response to the trauma that they are experiencing vicariously because they weren't there when those. Eric Gardner was choked to death or Alcyone sterling was was was. Shot to death and Sandra Bland was was was was found murdered or or should I say a suicide but we know that she hadn't been in custody she would be alive today. So that's a vicarious trauma as it relates to law enforcement when you're a rookie and you'll tell me that if I if I'm correct because I don't know all of the inner workings volunteers but when you're a rookie you get assigned someone who becomes your partner that teaches you the ropes so they already have their trauma. So you go in and you get connected to somebody who already traumatized but has found whatever aspect of how they're gonNA deal with the trauma of the day and you have to go along to get along you you you you go out on a call and you see something that might make you literally throw up you you. Because police officers law enforcement are not supposed to a human body is not supposed to see somebody's head blown off Somebody stabbed to death open. Wounds blood guts. All of the worst of the worst of humanity. You're not the body is not designed to see that you weren't there you you were called and said you have to go because you were a cop. You can't fight you can't fight you can't trees And the annihilation has already happened when you arrive on the scene and so now by carry slee you have been traumatized and that trauma is stored and now is in that triangle. And you have to deal with that the best way you can so you might go and drink you might go and drug. You might go and have sex addiction. You might go and have a domestic violence addiction all of this and then at some point you just say enough is enough and you take a guy he blow your brains out. This is what is happening to law enforcement so I know some people listening to this will think that I'm siding with law enforcement. I'm not fighting with law enforcement. I'm siding with trauma to help. You understand what happens to you when you are socialized to particular way and trauma embedded in your body and this is how you respond. Trauma does not have a thinking mind. It is reflexive. It's a reflex it's like when the doctor hits you on that me and you kick the doctor and the ball that's trauma. It's a reflexive response. It's the trigger when you are given a badge and a gun And you're coming from Particularly if you're coming from a marginalized community you are a danger to yourself in a danger to others but you are protected by the what they call the Blue Wall and the other thing that people don't understand About law enforcement is as I said I kind of mentioned it earlier. You have so much vulnerability dealing with the classism of laws within the system where you have to go along to get along. Because if you don't you'll be marginalized ostracized and your family could even be targeted. You could be set up The the worst of the worst can can happen to you but one of the things that nobody really understands in terms of law enforcement and the legal aspects of it is that if law enforcement continuously loses their cases law enforcement loses its power and it loses his level of authority and now you have a situation where nobody's protected and so this is why they era more on Lying cheating doing well doing what you know. False police reports whatever they have to do because if the system collapses we're back in the dark ages we're back in the we're we're back in the time when You know the individual became their own law enforcement. I know some people say I wouldn't mind that. Yes you would. Yes you do not want that to happen. I know you feel gone away. But we you know there's moments when you need to call the police officer and just deal with that and and and thank God that they're there because if they weren't As I said you go back into the dark ages so imagine the level of psychological emotional and physiological pressure that a law enforcement person is under twenty four hours a day and they never get a chance to read like I said in military. You have something to look forward to where you say okay. I'm not going to be in theater forever. I get to come home to my family and I at least get to experience post traumatic stress disorder. Police officers never experienced the post. It's always traumatic. Because they had to get up the next day and do it again. Psychiatry and psychology does not work and police office in trauma work. This is why when they say well. You need to go and debrief and talk to a psychologist psychiatrist. That's the dumbest Shit. You can possibly do couldn't a band-aid on an open wound. Trauma is stored in the body. Not In the minds. Psychologists and psychiatrists deal with the mind. And if the drug you. Then you're really screwed now. What did he say trauma? It's still embedded right. So if it's not in the mind the whereas you're talking about this trump stored in the body you feel trauma you feel your chest tightening. You might have shortness of breath. Your heart races Your can you get tightness in your body your muscles flex intense up. That's the trauma response in the body. It's called the vegas nervous system. V. E. G. US VEGAS NERVOUS SYSTEM TRAUMA stored in the body. It is manifested through What's called cognitive? Bias like confirmation bias and Halo and horns by if I can. That's a whole nother. That's called decision theory. That's another level of understanding of how the brain the mind Tries to deal with the trauma. Trauma is trying to protect the body. The trauma is actually a response to protect the body away from pain and seek pleasure. It doesn't give a damn. How does it? And it's usually maladaptive. And so when we're dealing with racial battle fatigue There's going to be maladaptive behaviors as I told you on the phone when we talked earlier. That Dr William as Smith WHO and doctor Thomas J curry who wrote the paper a peer review paypal ratio about if not the black body particularly black men when they're exposed to quite spaces For an extended period of time in their career their morbidity rate increases as their income rate increases. And so the more money you make. Which is the goal for all of us trying to move away from poverty. We end up becoming sicker mentally and physically because there's a whole list. of of the psychological physiological Problems that occur. High blood pressure diabetes. All of these things that we think are just natural to black body know it comes from trauma and it comes from being exposed to white spaces And having to suck it up having to go along and and get along and that is not natural normal and so there's when there's no escape no trauma work that can be done to anesthetize an unoccupied late. You you just take that shit in you suck it up you deal with the best way you can whether that's whatever the maladaptive behavior this that's where your addictions come from diabetes. And all of this. That's not natural to the human body. There's something that happened to you. But we make it look like that. That's necessarily natural proclivity cancers and certainly levels of cancer that we get all of that comes from some level of trauma built up and stored up In the body powerful stuff man I was I was certainly a mouthful and so we were on from police officers. Let's get to Gayle King in the skull just existed like Bernie Mac Lord. Then you're you're a breakdown of her I like I said I talked before on the phone. And I I really watch that about four or five times and It was really just powerful your analysis of her now. You spent a half an hour talking about that. Just give us a brief two three minute synopsis of the problems that Gayle King and you talk about snoops response to that to break that down forces. Well okay so The work that I do and I call it the four metaphysical frequencies in the hidden the hidden cigarettes four frequencies and I call Perch frequency as our direct signal original signal to our creator second frequency European signal of quiet diplomacy third so white supremacy created to other frequencies third frequency a second frequency created the third frequency called the Negro When white supremacy was Installed in this country the African which was originally African could no longer be an African in order for an African to after slavery ended We became Negro Negroes. And that's the only thing that we can do and there was a certain boundary And certain attitudes characteristics and behaviors that you had to have In order to survive and even some of did not because as we Try to thrive and survive under a white supremacist regime or of Jim. Crow We were still Negros. We were never allowed to be Men and women particularly the black male. The black male was never allowed to be a black man or an African man. So you had to be a Negro. You had to go along to get along. Yes or no S- And so there was a level of classism that came with that but also obviously a great great deal of level of racial pain and torment trauma. That came with that when Jim Crow ended. You know When when when civil rights movement we I'm you I don't know what your age is my age. I'm fifty I'll be fifty five this year. I was the first in my family to be born with all of my rights and so my generation generation X. We look at what the characteristics and behaviors and traits of the Negro Instead on I don't WANNA BE NO NEGRO. I don't WanNa be no Kun. I don't WANNA be sell out. I don't WanNa be like that. And we created the forks frequency. I call it the Nigger nigger nigger too hard because again we're dealing with and responding to operating within a white supremacist regime. Now that's how it works with the black male with the black woman The lower frequency For Three Quincy She thought She's a bitch she's a she's a baby Mama. She's ratchet When you're dealing with the female Negro who have access to education Is able to make Money They then and say. Oh I'm better if I align myself with My white counterparts. Because I don't want to be a Nigga because a Nigga female Nigga is going to be that bitch that hold that thought That ratchet whatever you the lowest form of of of of humanity In that regard but this is where snoop dogg comes from new dog. Not a Negro. Snoop dogg straight. Real NIGGA. Dog is not a scholar family so I understand. You might be feeling some kind of way about him. Calling gale of a no good dog bitch. Whatever the the sequence of the words work even it doesn't matter even in any secrets fucked up but You're asking snoop to be something that he's never been You're asking to be Something that His ENTIRE LIFE IN MUSIC. is surrounded by and developed by being a real NIGGA. 'cause that's the only way Some of us are able to survive. Because we don't have the ability to be negroes and have education and have money in the family and get a good job and go along together lauck. And that ain't right either. When you look at Gail or an oprah or you look at Eric Eric Dyson. You look at these people who are scholars what have you. They are good. Go along to get along Negroes because as much as we don't necessarily like The negroes or but the Negro in particular is a survival mechanism so that they can at least have some level of space agency. Where I'm not nothing ASS Nigga but I'm not you know European but I'm going to align with European because it's a level of safety where I get an opportunity to breathe and not have to face my trauma of really what has happened to me. So now you think happened to Michael. Eric Dyson. You think you think he's like that. I'd never when you saw when I saw the piece. Michael Eric Dyson a fad. Everything he said was right but it was not what he said. It was what he didn't say everything was talking about had nothing to do with with really Kobe. Bryant losing losing his wife and his daughter's life it has nothing to do with Lisa Leslie. It had nothing he was talking about. You know we gotta to support Black Women We gotTa Love Black Women and Yes we do but this had nothing to do with that. What GAIL DID CURRENT SALT Kobe Brian His dead body and his dead daughter he that wasn't assault. That was an attack. Yes you have the right to ask a question but you do not have the right to dig in and become bias when you say when she said Well how do you know Lisa? Yeah that was the shit that that was the other question bringing it up with journalistic. I can see that. I don't agree with it now. Understand but it's when you dug in and said how do you know for now? You're attacking she just lots of friends. There was no right answer to that question. Either agreement with no right now. I see with my own eyes. Yeah Yeah Gail. He did it all the time or when she said He. I don't know well. How would you know there's no right answer to the question? No right answers. So that was the setup and that was the concept of the Negro. That's when now understand. Gale Gale is unconscious to this shit. Man She didn't know she thought she was doing what she was supposed to do. Because that's who she is she's been raised and she's been proselytized and she's been groomed to be a good Negro right. She allies with Charlie rose. Now she worked with Charlie rose. I don't know how many years he he was. He was left and people all of that. Goddamn time he didn't see it. You didn't see it but you come out on Kobe. How to the Noise Whitney Houston was saying she was here right now. So so you have to understand that we're dealing with A fight and clash between the Negro and the nigger consciousness and mindset and false racial identity negroes and making a false racial identity does not who we are but that's what they give us. That's what we are allowed to be in this country. And then when we look at Oprah now I can go back to when I come from. I'm in California but I'm from Chicago. I wrote a book I had a dot com back in the day and I got an opportunity to interview Stedman Graham. His first book came out. Bilger for build your own life brand and he became a mentor of mine and I would go down to. Nbc Towers and sitting just He would just tell me. About how the Oprah brand was built and how he was part of that that institution that built over. Well what made Oprah when she came from Baltimore to Chicago there was a show called? Am CHICAGO That was hosted by Curly haired redhead kinky hair white dude was really weird and and And and another person. And and and then Oprah came in and it was part of that. Am Chicago but she had this what they call a genus. Say she has some kind of Thing about her that really resonated with the Chicago community and She decided when when she got her. Show That at the time Phil Donahue the number one talk show host on the planet Soap operas was the number one day time Activity for quite women but black women as well but predominantly white women because at that time the white male was able to make enough money to support an entire family and the wife stayed at home to take care of the kids and and and and and do all the whatever. The job duties of that is and white women were. Just you know lost in soap operas. And so when Oprah said I'm going to show that speaks to all of the things that basically white women suburban women are going through because they're men are not there And that was the beginning of. That's why why. Women Love Oprah Oprah was never designed for a black audience. She was never a part of us in that level of community. If you will not taking anything away from Oprah because she had to go along to get along and she had to become that that thug and thought or she has to become a Negro and so she became a Negro and said how can I make white people. How can I make white women in particular? Feel safe how can I make them feel secure? How can I make them feel like they matter? How can I make them feel good about themselves and give them something that they can look forward to on a daily basis and that was the creation of Oprah Winfrey Gayle. Her friend was part of that process. But you have to go. You know. There's a concept in African psychology. Call San Cova where you go back to come forward so in this situation. We have to go back to come forward. What made a Gayle King? What makes an Oprah Winfrey so if you are designed to do to do a show that supports Women particularly White Women European ideals. Of course the black man is GonNa Catch Hell. Because you have never done. I've I I was an oprah I I I was in the Green Room with Oprah I have met Oprah. I've been to Harpo. I know some of this stuff intimately and she's never done a positive show about black men ever in twenty five years of being on the air that was not the market that she was trying to get to. She was trying to get to How black how men abused women? And what? What can we do about it? And Black men. In particular Was on the lowest scale of the Totem Pole. So when you see a gayle king go in on Lisa Leslie. All of that You remember I gave you the triangle on trauma that trauma is embedded in us and when we saw gayle king who we weren't necessarily we should be declared. We didn't necessarily like gale in the first place. We all have come off family. We all have people that we like. I'm just GONNA put your Paul's I'm just deal with you but I don't really necessarily like your ad you know but when you go in so we were kind of looking for a reason. Because we've already pissed off at Oprah about what you did with Michael Jackson And then what she was going to do with. Russell Simmons And what she had not done with Harvey Weinstein not. Yeah I think that would that would appoint we. We already had some. We were already feeling some kind of way and then gail was the nail in the coffin when sheets when she said. But how would you know? Lisa I even. I didn't say it verbally but I is this crazy. I did a snoop Dogg. 'cause I came from that mindset. That's come up so I'm keeping it real with your family. So you can understand when snoop dog that was a traumatic reflexive response from being that real the nigger in the streets. You are not going. You should not expect. Some type of cogent articulate intellectual live Bachchan from fucking snoop. Dogg com on says never going to happen and so So he did what he felt Reflexively it's like how could you do such a thing you know good? Dirty dog died the DOT DOT. So this is happened to guess. I feel some kind of way about gail because I understand what happened to her and this is why I say nothing wrong with our people. Something happened to our people but you have to take as I use the analogy earlier. You have to take your glasses off to look at. When did you become a Negro or? When did you become a nigger? And what does that mean? What does that look like? But you can't see yourself if you're wearing the glasses in which you are searching for and looking through. Where do we go from here? This idea has been tearing up the community apart. I really think that this whole situation has really sparked a lot of debate sparked a lot of interest in this whole male Black Man. Black female dichotomy. That's going on. People are still arguing about it. We get any better from here. Where do we go from here? And he's is can we SHU? We forgive gale and Oprah today are are they ever GonNa get. We're coming from. No no no. They're not the system in which they're in there. What I call a ratio battle-fatigued bubble so as I said racial about Petillo happens when you were in predominantly white spaces and so in the female ratio battle fatigue In order for the black female body to be secure And to have left trauma. Because you have to understand Gail Oprah Have and are dealing with on a daily basis sexism classism and racism and so that's an affront to their female blackbox. That's almost hard to fathom. I mean these I understand the Gayle. King gets eleven million dollars a year. Oprah's how they still cycling from that because somebody wrote them to check right. Whoever wrote them to check on the billionaires that made oprah the billion the millionaires and billionaires that are able to write a eleven million dollar checking year so you just as you are law enforcement. You have higher up that you have to be accountable to and they might treat you like shit and so you and you know not to even say that They're black men who are dealing with sexism From European and European with you have to deal with it now. Men are going to deal with the differently than women. But you have to understand that that when when Oprah say she's owned she's home because the moment oprah comes out and starts to talk about real issues and the black community those European sponsors those European companies European networks those European syndicator. Those European billionaires are going to say hello to the all and so she has to go along to get along. You don't get I remember It was Eddie Griffin Comedian on TV. He says when you're black In entertainment you don't get out clean. Yeah I remember him saying when you were a Negro or Nigga you don't get out clean and so all of us to buy matter of degree Have had to coach which have had to go along to get along to survive and some of us do not and when we see a gayle king it reminds us of the abuse the assault the betrayal the abandonment that is deeply embedded in our black body that we have been born with that we come here with and that we have dealt with our entire lives and so yes ricky slowly San Gail. There's a point where you have to say. Yeah. I could've asked a question but now I don't think I'm GonNa go in Jeff yet. It's too and she didn't do that because she was trying to do. An R Kelly interview. Okay right and we had nothing when she did. R Kelly because there are Kelly Shit so egregious. We're like yeah fuck it. We can't even. Do you know like like Chapelle when he did his piece about pleading the fifth you know. We couldn't plead the fifth but for our Kelly. We like you know dude that was fucked up and so when Gail went in on our Kelly that was acceptable but when she did the same tactic on Lisa Leslie. Oh Hell No. That's not going to fly gail. You should know better and you should have a barometer with. End You to know better than to do that particularly because you've never said anything about someone you consider your friend. Charlie rose who has raped and molested so many damn women allegedly and then Harvey Weinstein. And you've got photos with him. You don't say anything about him and Matt Lauer Right. Oh you don't say anything about so. Two wrongs don't make a right. Gail you in this. In this new culture with the millennials you have been cancelled and Oprah. You have been cancelled to you were already. On the periphery. You were already kind of as the kids say suspect but now the shit is out in open. It's been hit the fan and you got some as we say in the community you got some with an S. Not not the expert wouldn't have you got some splaine to do and I don't know if they can explain their way out of this because once our minds are made up because of our trauma. I don't know if we can trust you again And I don't know what we can do to trust Gail Oprah again and I love those women. They're they're they're traumatized women there. Beautiful women there goodhearted women but they are in A cage White supremacy is a chorale. It's a cage control that at that level and I've been around millionaires and billionaires. I have interviewed so many celebrities that have been around so many highly highly successful people in the European Community and in the black community. I know exactly the the fear in the upper echelon black community is. I don't want anything. I have worked my ass off. I have sacrificed and suffered immense trauma to be a Negro to get to a Negro. 'cause I came from the Nigga I wish to a Negro you understand and so I'm not GonNa do anything to rock the boat. I'M NOT GONNA do anything to mess that up and I'm not GONNA do anything to go back to being that nothing else and in the white community Most white don't want to go back to being poor white trash so they're going so there's a level of Amnesia and silence that comes with This trauma response of racial battle fatigue that affects both sides. Certainly no one is buying a gale kinks explanation that CBS did it in. She didn't know what was going on which is called dirty pain and and clean pain and trauma healing so I would already know shit right. You've been in the game now for for how many years you don't know about editing. You don't know about what are you. What are you saying? One hundred percent hundred percent one hundred percent. I I said that on on on my teeth. you blaming this on the network if they didn't have anything to edit it wouldn't be shit for them to put out right right so in in the concept of trauma. Dirty pain is when you justify your wrongdoing. And you blame something else you deflect and say oh I am and she came out it was it was laughable. I am appalled. I was just so disturbed that they did this then. I woke up this morning and I saw what they edited. What they did and I was Ju- It was agreed yes And this is where snoop dogg would say bitch. Are you out of your Goddamn Mind? You? This is what we feel. And we're like come on gale. That's a dirty paying cleaning. Pain is just taking ownership and saying like Rickey Smiley said and I think Steve Harvey even said Gail Come Out and say. I'm sorry I was wrong. I fucked up and we'll be cool. 'cause we're forgiving people? We'd be cool with that. But you can come out and blame some shit on the editing of the network you had to submit the shit to network to be edited Gail Right. Come on gale you know Betta. But she's now fighting. Well if I come out and say I was wrong. What does that say about me journalistically? Because I have to appease these white people and keep that eleven million dollar check coming in so she's in a quandary. She's in a really really bad. Space Oprah has enough money where she can literally wake up tomorrow and they talk it. Go TO EGYPT SOMEWHERE. You never see again. Galley got that eleven million can run out. I'm just saying so. We got to figure this shit out. That's the problem I had oprah is that Obviously I don't know her but I would think by. Now she's made as she should be writing the checks and she should have enough gumption to say this is. This is what I think what I feel. Okay maybe her network fall but at least you can put it out there. This is what and it just lets me know and I agree with a lot of what you're saying that I mean that whole battle fatigue and where she is mentally maybe it was her past Childhood Traumas or whatever that she just doesn't feel this way about black men in will not defend them possibly believed that were no good. I know the people of coming to her defense and saying that she's put a lot of people through college and yeah that's Great. I'm a check from a distance to help people but when it comes to that those intimate spaces particularly this instance where it's something that is so near and dear to her own heart about trauma and sexuality and says she just can't bring herself to cross that hurdle in too much pain for her. But I I but I really am disappointed that that she continues to put out these hit pieces in into defend this kind of stuff. And it's really just inexcusable. At this point. Yeah it is and and to your point you know There's a concept that says if you knew better you do better not necessarily because when you have Whatever has happened to Oprah whether it was again direct trauma from black men or a black man or vicarious trauma in terms of how maybe her mother her family members were treated black by by black men who were broken and traumatized She hasn't healed that she. That's a deep level of trauma that she has yet to heal and that allows her to stay on point. The other piece. Also have to deal with this if I am able and get to a point where I can drive a Bentley. I don't WanNa go back to driving a lexus. Now both are luxury vehicle but there are some about that bit me baby that you are separate from the world. You are insulated. Isolated and you are inoculated from the the the daily Trauma ratio battle fatigue from white supremacy and from the lower frequencies of What we call the the the NIGGA frequency and so even though you could go and retire and live a great life her level of success and how European women make basically have made her a modern day. Mother Theresa. That's a drug that she can't give up. I'm sorry you just. She just cannot give that up. She can't go away from that. That is it's like my. This is Kgo tickle some people and maybe piss some people up but I'm from Chicago. I remember when Michael Jordan started playing baseball and we were like what the fuck are you doing my hell dude. You can't play no Gat Damn Baseball. You are a basketball player but the drugs of competition and why he was gambling in all. It's an addiction and once that addiction which is based on trauma is in you. You can't go back. The hardest thing for athletes to do is to retire. Yeah it's it's the hardest thing in the world to do Even though they know it's GonNa Bang up. Bodies abused them and hurt them in harm them. They can't let it go because it's the one place you know. It's like people who are addicted to religion people. Come down on people say oh. You shouldn't be all that church stuff. Let me tell you something. Every seven days where black people can go for a moment for a few hours and have their trauma suspended because the moment they in the parking lot they'd get sometimes you even gotta get to the Goddamn parking lot and you traumatized in the church parking lot before you just have to serve so you have to understand that that that church that community the music the message gives us a temporarily a re a temporary relief from the trauma that I have faced the previous seven days and the trauma. I am about to face in the next seven days. So that's what's happening is that we are responding. The best way we can to our genetic trauma are decontextualize trauma and Iraq areas trauma. Now explained to me. The dispute last explained to me. Susan Rice coming after and threatened. Snoop Dogg with an army. Did you crazy okay? Now you trying to make legal right now after that. I can't even. I'm pretty damn good. Where in the episode? What's ahead right? You are retired. Nothing government no more. What you're going to go out to snoop dogg. No offense. I'm just trying to tell you. Snoop Dogg might win that. Damn fight. I'm not saying nothing you know. I know about these streets. We got some shit if you came to came after. Snoop Dogg. You don't have to level up there's GonNa be some bodybags counting. I'm just saying you know but really on a serious. If you can't be such a thing as a you know how people say you just need to mind your own. Goddamn visit your little asset Al and let these people work out they shit. You Ain't got nothing to do with this conversation so so Then you again. You have to look at what. Susan Rice represents the Negro The the she is married to a white knit And that's it she. I don't think she did anything in the Obama Administration. She she. You know so so you have to understand that one percent concept you know protecting that. One percents White supremacy is when it becomes embedded in the body and it becomes embedded in a black body You get a soothing right. We becomes in bed. When I say a black body it could be just a person of color threat It's embedded in a gayle. King embedded in an Oprah Winfrey. It's better than Eric Dyson. We've seen it in Steve Harvey and we love some Steve Harvey he goes. He goes back and forth fighting with this thing. That's inside of him. He doesn't know the difference between me groaning. And he's a he's worth fifty six bill a million dollars Fifty seven Whether he works or not. So he you know at that level you also have to deal with the classism aspect of what money does to you and what it surrounds you with quite people smile at you when you have a million dollars in the bank They they even though they might say things and do things but they don't come at you as if you are a poor black person And you have to deal with that and you have to understand. Most of us have never and never will know what it's like to have a six figure life or seven-figure lives most of struggling at five figures or less and are the result of that. We can't even understand the classism issue that comes with the money and being black or Negro at the same time we we most of us don't know so Nigga can't see negroes and Negroes campsie mega you understand right. And that's what's going on but Susan Rice. Please sit down somewhere and and and you ain't this you ain't even got a dog in this fight and I'm sorry I gotTa side with my boy snoop on If you if you go ahead and bring an army to Snoop Dogg You will see what hip hop really means he. He will understand the power of the HIP hop community. You're not GonNa win that fight. You might win and bullets but you lose everything you thought you had if you can't judge somebody for being passionate about the loss of a friend. Snoop Dogg lost a friend. We lost an icon. Somebody that we like an admired. He lost a personal friend. I don't even know if if Susan Rice even likes or cared about Kobe Bryant. So you're not even in the conversation man. Thank you so much man for breaking that down. I really really appreciate it. I really want everyone literally check out your video man and all you videos really but The making of Gayle King and Oprah which I saw and I I'm GonNa Watch it again because you really were very profound breaking down. I really hope that people thank you. I really appreciate you coming on and just doing this or no. I just emailed email me back. Just got distinct popping in. I really appreciate shock right now. Like well go well. I was going to try to schedule for the future man but but the thing is hot in and let's talk about this whole thing. We can certainly talk again. I'd love to have you back on. And just talk about this whole men and women in how we get our community together and we really got a break decide. I have a whole thing about that on relationships and marriage relationships and misogyny and then cheating and Oh man you have to understand what happened to us man. Nothing's wrong with black people. Something happened to black people and I love his word that men because a lot of people will try to put us in this box and it was particularly those on the right was a you know it's your culture to do you. Would you would agree with that but we gotta figure out why this has happened not that there were air inherently because of some abundance of melon melon or African DNA. That were problematic. Now it's something has happened to us in. Its response to this. We gotTA FIGURE IT OUT. And you can't be you can't be accountable. You can't be accountable For somebody shooting you and they say stop screaming and stop bleeding. Somebody shoots you. You're bleeding. You're hurt your screaming and they tell you don't screen. Don't believe protest quietly right. That is the ninth during a football game or not. I got a whole thing on that. Don't get me started because we had another hour just alone just what happened with the NFL. Deflecting black lives matter and and this whole thing would capture knicks. What they're to do with they all. I know what we'll do. We'll get a person of color so we'll get secure and we'll get J. Lo we so now they can't say we're racist because we're working Hispanics and late next people and so as a result super bowl ain't ain't ain't racist no more. We're not racist. Look at that. We got secure. But you don't understand on the sense of. They don't put down maintenance. They put down white late next people. Get to be white in this in this country and that is the risk that is between those two cultures between us and them and so you have to understand what they did is another way to silence the whole cabinet. But don't get me started because I'll I'll have to go in and go in all the details. We'll get into that. We're saying but go to go to Go Do our our youtube channel and type in The making of Gayle King That's the title of the of the video. You could also go to first frequency with the number four one s t frequency dot com. And you can learn about what we're up to and I really appreciate it man. WanNa have you shared your brother you. You're not you didn't get a chance to exalt you. I read your bio and what you're doing in the community and Connecticut and your your your life and law enforcement What you're doing is amazing because just by you doing the podcast is helping you release and relieve your trauma that has been built up and stored up of the twenty four years that you were in service and now you're able to give some of that back and have a level of agency in space to give back to the community In a in a much greater way you got your masters degree You got your associates and your bachelors. It was amazing. What you have done With yourself to continue your level of education as opposed to succumbing to the the stress and the pressure that you have been exposed to in your life brothers so I commend you And I come in Anyone in law enforcement that is trying to do the right thing and I know what you're going through and I know what you're growing through. I know some people are gonNA think I am citing with the man I am not. I am understanding what happened to People in law enforcement particularly black people in law enforcement. What they are up against is insurmountable. You can't even put it into words. Sometimes what you are exposed to and a twenty four hour day and When you were a civilian not to say you don't have your own traumas. Of course you do but when you are paid not to fight not to fly not to freeze. I don't I don't know how you do it. I re- 'cause I know I don't. I can't do that. Shit I'm just saying there's certain Shit that I know I can't do that. I can't do because I would literally lose my mind. I would be in a mental institution and I know some of our Brothers and sisters in blue are but want you to know that as a minister We love you. We support you. We understand what has happened to you. Just as something has happened to people Something has happened to blue people. blue people Are Not bad people? They are traumatized people. And you have to understand what that looks like and what that means so brother. I really commend you on Your your commitment and the work that done I listened to a couple of your podcast from the time that you sent me the email and looked at your website and what you're doing and Bravo Bravo and whatever I can do support you one hundred percent matter of fact. I'm GonNa have you come on my show and we can chop it up and go in deep and we can try to help as many lives as possible Whether it's a blue life whether it's a black lives to be able to to navigate through This thing we call life absolutely love to be on thank you so much. I appreciate it and thank you think as complementary thank you so much man absolutely hundred percent all right. I've catcher along take care of him all right brother. Okay Okay Hotel. I want to thank the leap shock. Matthews for coming on Capitol Hunters podcast powerful powerful stuff. Please go over to the league shock. Maltese youtube page the making of Gayle. King and Oprah. You can search for that check it out like I said I watch that video number of times back to back in it was really just powerful his breakdown because it was very what got me was not that a lot of people have been mad. I have been acting under emotions and they have been tacking of Gayle. King and Oprah Winfrey but I heard the sympathy in his voice. I heard I could feel the empathy that he had while he was discussing and breaking them down a saying the things that that they were asking and the things that they have done D. documentaries that they've done the interviews that they have done really the result of pent-up trauma in an isolationism and a sense of not belonging to the community. That where you started from right remember would OJ. Simpson said. He said I'm black. I'm OJ right. So this is where this is coming from. This is where people forget about what happens until tragic events happening. Then you're all of a sudden reminded of the color of your skin so I really hope that this was informational. But you learned something today I'm looking forward to having his brother back to. We can really do some healing towards the community and I appreciate everything he said about law enforcement that he's not against law enforcement a he understands a lot of the trauma that people have and win some becomes a police officer. They become a police officer based on the totality of the circumstances in the environment that they have grown up in. Seth Stoughton who also had on the podcast before. Oh same thing that we need more educated police officers in even older officers who are more experienced in life and who have a lot of History behind them enter into law enforcement. Right we don't need broken people or people who are too young to understand too young to have any life experience behind them. We need people who have some wisdom and some knowledge and some understanding them and also a few years of schooling In which they have gone to a university or college and Allow themselves to be around people who are different from them right. That's the most important thing. If you are a blackhawks are going to white neighborhood for you. Go into a predominantly Muslim neighborhood or European neighborhood. Or what have you? You need to have that life experience behind you and understanding different cultures in the best way to get that is to exposing yourself to Different people in different surroundings. So what's again affect by special guests? Philippe Shock Matthews coming on. Please check out his youtube page but you can go over to his website. First FREQUENCY DOT COM. That's the number one. Tc THE WORD FREQUENCY DOT COM. So make sure you go over there. Check that out. Give Him some love and some support. And that's it ladies and gentlemen next time what's love and peace.

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