Full Show (Browns and Baker, LeBron's motives, Hall of Fame boycott, Carson Wentz)


Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host, Johnny Taft. This podcast is the full show from today's episode of undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate, so skip, Shannon, let's get to it. Welcome to undisputed live from Los Angeles. I'm Alex Currie here was skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Good morning and Friday. Good morning. How you doing today. Shannon, jab your TV or maybe even turn up the sound for that. Oh, you, Alex. Our you on. You wonder where everybody's not nice to you. All I know is LeBron leaves Baker arrives. Here we go. The land is back in business. You know what? He's loved that. Yeah. Here we go. Let's get right to and start with the Baker Mayfield. He made his NFL debut last night late in the second quarter after tyrod Taylor left with a concussion and Baker did not disappoint in the third quarter. He connected on a twenty nine yard pass to Jarvis Landry the setup, touchdown and Baker, even he even caught the two point conversion. Then he led a game winning touchdown drive late in the fourth quarter. The Browns had gone six hundred and thirty five days without a win, but they got one last night twenty one to seventeen. Take a listen to Baker after the game. Anyone feels great. It's hard to do. You know having success at this level our to do, but the best part about it was that we were here at home. You feel the energy of the crowd, how badly they wanted as well. We got to play for life for each other. But at the same time, the city does his Irv, it. We gotta have that mindset of going to get it no matter what's happening. His felt great. I know you're excited about this one. How impressed were you with Baker last night? Showing the shock. We were sitting you're not far from Hollywood and what happened in Cleveland? Last night was beyond Hollywood. In fact, we're not sitting too far from LeBron James new home in Brentwood, right? And this was beyond anything I can remember LeBron doing in Cleveland as far as the most sensational debut the most electric debut ever. Imagine all my career of covering the National Football League. I don't remember anything like that, but in my eyes it was predictably sensationally. Impressive. Because I sat right here in this seat and I told you before the draft Baker Mayfield should go number one overall and he did, but then I told you if they start Baker Mayfield from the start, the Cleveland Browns will not be just a surprise team of this year. They will be the shock team of this fell season and go nine and seven. If. He starts from the start. I told you they would have beaten Pittsburgh at home in the opener. If Baker Mayfield had played, I told you they would've won drew Brees if Baker Mayfield had played. And after last night I'm here to tell you the Cleveland Browns would be three zero. Three zero is Baker. Mayfield had started from the start. I'm gonna say it again. You ridicule me for this, but tyrod Taylor is a really fine man. He is a solid NFL quarterback, but he ain't Baker Mayfield and we're going to get into this later. But I have lost respect for a Hugh Jackson that I have supported and defended for years for not starting Baker Mayfield from the start. He is a lightning rod playmaker with contagious charisma who creates urgency and energy and electricity because he has such extreme competitive volatility about, and we saw him at Oklahoma. Some of the things he did went over the line, but he nights his team. He nights huddles. He inspires in ways. Sam darnold cannot. I'm gonna say it again. Baker Mayfield his better than Sam darnold. I respect all the ability and Sam darnold, but he can't create the force field that Baker Mayfield created. You saw just instantly last night maker Mayfield create turtle. He can create Charles, but we knew that USC and I said it before the draft. And again, I'm not saying he's a bust, but he's not Baker Mayfield Baker Mayfield kin, Zing it and sling it. I think his arm velocity is underrated because he got a whip of an arm and he can be deadly accurate consistently accurate, and he's got high football IQ and he's not just making up on the fly. He's speed reading defenses and making proper throws to proper playmakers. I've told you before. He's that weird mix of careful gambler. I've never seen like this last year at Oklahoma, forty three cents only six interceptions. So what do we see? Last night? He gets thrown in cold into the fire. They're down fourteen to nothing and you start. The energy went straight up and the Cleveland Browns went straight north and all of a sudden fourteen to nothing is fourteen to fourteen and Baker Mayfield and little more than a half throws for two hundred one yards with three drops yet three big drops. Last night. He had a QBR scale of zero to one hundred of ninety five in little more than half of football. While tyrod Taylor had a QBR of six and Sam darnold QBR of thirty one ninety five, six thirty one just summed it up for me. The Baker Mayfield era has begun in the land and I say, congratulations, Cleveland Browns fans. I can't say that I disagree with everything you say, but I'm gonna push back on a few things. I thought he looked good. And less in this always the case is easier, I believe, and having come up the bench is easier to play the quarterback with any position because they haven't totally game plan for you. They did not intimidate Baker getting into this ballgame. I didn't. And so all their game plan revolved around stopping tyrod Taylor and his ability to run the football. Now, the the thing that I will give you credit for is that I believe Baker Mayfield anticipatory skills throwing the football in anticipation into those windows because we saw that when he came into the ballgame is better than any of the quarterbacks that was elected in this draft, but give a lot of times when a quarterback comes in the game. Like Baker came in everybody. I thought Todd Haley called a better game. I thought the receivers caught the ball better for Baker Mayfield agree. The defense played better did they gave a fourteen point in the first half. They gave up three point with two turnovers in the second half. So I thought everybody picked up there. Their game in what normally happens because we're here. He gave us a spark. Now what's going to be interesting to see moving forward when teams game plan? What does Baker Mayfield do? Good. How do we get to him? How do we rattle him? Because you look at if you look at that Jarvis Landry made down to the one or two yard line, they weren't making plays like that. Tyrod Todd Haley. I don't think offerings of land they didn't block, and that's what happens quarterback. I love this tip off is lying picks up their play rob receiver. They blocked better. They catch better. Everybody seems to get re a rejuvenated and maybe in no, maybe Todd rod, Taylor talent held up Baker Mayfield as long as he could. He did. Maybe this is all he had a three games, grit skip. Now we're going to push back on your on. Is that when you say if they had started Baker, see Hugh Jackson within a unattainable situation because. Stars Baker and Baker falls, let them face. Then everybody to see the exact same thing that happened with him couch, he shouldn't started. That's the same thing that happened with Brandon Weeden. He shouldn't have started. So Johnny Manziel or get it. He couldn't. He couldn't win. I think this is the perfect time. And I said, if tyrod Taylor doesn't play where I'm not so sure skip the way tyrod with playing that Baker Mayfield was not gonna come out in the second half and start. This ballgame also said, I would agree with that. I felt that Jackson bit win the game. I'll believe they're gonna move into different direction. I believe they, they cannot afford to go to in one. So it was. It was good on. Everybody's on everybody's have, but what was impressive about me that I saw Baker Mayfield, Alex throw for two hundred yards and basically half football. I know a guy in his last eight or ten games important quarter. Let me get up beating. You've been talking for a long, Noah guy that's a quarterback over team in the NFL the most popular team in all the sports, their quarterback in poor court of the football in eight of his last ten games hasn't reached this number that Baker did and a half I call this, isn't that the team you think is going to annihilate. We're gonna talk about that. People home can talking about the Dallas Cowboys quarterback most valuable team in the world. Four point, two billion and my Cowboys skin. The cat and very differently than Baker Mayfield does because bakers going to fling it, but he's also going, he's got underrated escape ability. You can get out of trouble in the pocket. He can't run it down the field four eight forty. So we can't run with tyrod, but he can escape. So it's hard to game plan against him because you think you got him. You think you got him. He slips out and he throws one on the run for a big game, but also a lot of things on the other team have to go wrong. But when you get fam- darnold and Baker Mayfield because he did a good job of taking care of the ball in the first half those interceptions that I, I don't know. I don't. You tell me what he felt skilled because I have no idea in. This is why you have to be careful anointing. Someone we saw him against Detroit. Oh goodness, you're what about those hobble pick and that touchdown that Matthew Stafford gave up. So we have to whatever you're about Sam darnold pro day in. In the rain right here at USC from us, he was dealing in the rain and he he agreed to go out and go on and go through with this day in the driving rain in his receivers are trying to hang onto the football and Jimmy house. Lem there the owner of the Browns and Todd Haley, the offense coordinators. They're standing next to according to Troy Aikman on the telecast last night standing extra Troy, and they are wild by this ROY loved him. Everybody loved what we you're the next day. That's case closed number one overall, right? He's going to the Browns. Well, somebody decided differently. I don't always John Dorsey. Hugh Jackson was John Dorsey. Let's give him, but let me have this put it. I wanna show you what tyrod with dealing with their the play thing. The second sack of the game when tyrod got sack. Now, I believe that they gave a Roger or rip call, which was going to fly their line to the right, and you watch, we'll call us. Got you. Here ripple Roger. The line is going right. That means you go left. You got the guy. He goes up inside in the guy combs. Got free. They didn't have that. They didn't have those kind of blow to sign with Baker came in. So a lot of things have to go in. A lot of things went wrong for tyrod. Tyrod was not playing well, I'm not gonna say that was the only reason because tyrod Mr. bliss by BUSTER scream, the do came from Youngstown in tyrod didn't see. So tyrod was not playing well, even though the offensive line in the running backs weren't playing well and the receiver weren't playing well. Again, I said, say against maybe this is as far as tyrod talent could take him to whole Baker Mayfield off, but let's be fair that offensive line looked terrible with tyrod. In there. The running backs were blowing assignments left, and right guys were not getting open like they were getting open and when they got open with Baker Baker put about put the ball in a very small window. So there are a lot of blame to go around. Now this you said. I won't Baker, you believe that the Browns, your take breaker number one. Overall, he's in there, but skip them telling you. It's a lot different being game playing four then coming in because we've seen a lot of guys coming off the bench. Paxton Lynch came in daily. We're Paxton Lynch now. Okay. I agree and look, I'm talking about college football, but TCU last year I had a really good defense in two straight times. They got to go up against Baker Mayfield. Do you remember this regular season and big twelve championship game? Remember this. He torched them twice. He's so disrespected them that remember in the pre game worn up warm-up, he fired a pass and drill the guy in the learning across the back of their end zone during warm. So let's go back to the play that you brought up about the Jarvis Landry this throw and catch of the night. This is the plight. This is the longest play of the night, went for twenty nine yards. Remember they're down fourteen to six at this point and its second seven from the thirty yard line. And almost the end of the third quarter in Jarvis Landry lines up is the inside receiver and just runs go round right up the scene. It's Baker Mayfield. It's careful gambler because it's a pretty dangerous throat because Doug Middleton safety is just perfect. There can't be in better position and he is fighting for the ball, but it's a, I'm not going to say good though. It's a great thrall because it had to be right on the button, right? But it was a great catch because you're going to have to fight him for the football. You're going to have to rip the football out of Doug Middleton's hands and he did. It puts them on the goal line and call us hired, hide, reinspired Rams at home on the next play and all of a sudden they got offsetting penalties. Then they go for two. Again and what happens. They do a little Cleveland special little Nick foles right? Everybody wanna back and catch except the suppose rated quarterback in NFL history, everybody down, but they got receivers who can actually throw passes because that one completely over Tom Brady's throw. Even the great Shannon Sharpe would a muffs yield. He'll Ugo say that with a straight face. What are you trying to be little Duval out disaster? You feel quiz banker called it, but well, did it hit him right in the hands? You should have caught it light. It hit him in. But here's the thing though. When a new quarterback comes in the game, it gives you this Bart. I'm not so sure if tyrod Taylor throw that exact same past Jarvis Landry comes down with sometimes skip is just your time in winners your time guys make plays around you. You look at that offense lines and you look at the spark, they got you. Look at Todd Todd Haley, kept getting them in and out of the huddle and giving Baker Mayfield throws that Baker Mayfield feel comfortable with and guy Jarvis Landry fighting for the ball. I'm not. Now let's just say for the sake of argument's, give tyrod Taylor hits Calloway on that deep past, maybe we're having a different discussion. Maybe tyrod maybe under through the thing is he was so wide open. The one thing you don't wanna do you don't wanna over. He like tyrod. The guy wide open. Why would you overshoot him? But but tyrod misjudge the clothing speed and then how fast Calloway was. And then he probably thought Calloway instead of waiting for the ball to come down would go up in high point. That's neither here nor there. That's everything changed. Yes, to the point that Jimmy has lem and his wife or in the locker room after the game, and MRs has loan goes and gives Hugh a kiss on the cheek. What if they had lost that game? What if it kept going the way it was going? What would happen? I don't think he's gonna get any kiss on the cheek from the owners that they're not being. They're not going to be in the locker room and maybe you're not going to be in the Loughrey. And that's the thing you know, I believe people in the community know who she is. They haven't won a game in a very long time. That's a very bad feeling you go in nearby looking at like. That's why I got it. I know I got it. So everything changed to the point. I'm going to even make this conjecture today. You know how much I love Josh Gordon. I believe Josh Gordon would still be a Cleveland Brown if Baker Mayfield had started from the start because they had a good relationship, a good 'rumour. So maybe Josh would have been a little more locked in a little more plugged in. Maybe he wouldn't have drifted the way he drifted to go to some promotional event of his and accidentally pull his hamstring, whatever happened, maybe he'd still be a Cleveland Brown. That's how much Baker Mayfield can change your life. Skip, Josh mind in heart. Wasn't there normally get when you're injured and you have something when I was in just I might have had something to do on my update, but it got cancelled because the most important thing for me to get treatment and not make sure I'm not on my feet or aggravate the injury that I may have Josh for him to like, you know what? I haven't played on a very long time they were. They were. They were counting noth- and they're respectful enough to like, let me go deal with my demons, not have a problem with it because you understand, look how patiently bend with, but this is baker's time. He's earned it. He'd sat patiently he did all the things right, what he was supposed to do, but I believe I'm that if either to come off the bench and your first fill in because they haven't gave land for you, they had no idea. And we've seen this before guys come off the bench Ereli and especially it's really easy when you're at home because when you're home, does. They started. I guess they started a boo birds early close catching. I hit a new they. So they started doing tyrod early and that home crowd booing your skip his entire raw. Do they move raw will they were three point as for the first time in forever a year. Okay. So I believe the Cleveland Browns are now poised for lift off. But Hugh Jackson says, after the game, I gotta look at the film. I gotta look the film, decide whom have always. Yeah, yeah. Well, outrage, while while skill you don't have enjoy this, you remember the last time they had had a win? Yes, been that long. I can't eat. I can't remember that. Maybe like week, sixteen, I think in twenty sixteen against the chargers. So enjoy this. You gotta get a couple of days off. You can probably be off Friday and Saturday. Enjoy the soap this. You don't get these often. Okay, so here's what's coming up at Oakland. I think they can win win that game Baltimore at home. I'm going to give him a shot to win that game. Greg Williams defense is legit. It gave them a chance to beat the Steelers, and it really gave him a great chance to beat drew Brees at New Orleans. Right? Who coordinator in New Orleans when they won the Super Bowl. So who knows a better way to deal with you very much, then you're LA chargers visit. That's like a could be interesting. I don't know. I give I give Cleveland shot in that game. Then they go to Tampa. Bay will fits magic, have come. Back to earth by. I don't know. I'm going to give them a shot there and then the Steelers visit Cleveland. I'm going to give Cleveland or shot in that game because they play Cleveland tough with or without Baker Mayfield. And I think with Baker Mayfield they will rise to that occasion. I could see them winning one, two, three, four, five. I got him winning maybe six straight games. Can they get to nine wins this year? That's what I'm saying. I don't think they can get denied scheduled just gets tougher to be drinking smoking. Got. Really real good at Conor McGregor. He's promoting his new whist where you might behemoth number twelve. You must be sent you a couple of bottle. I don't, but I know what I did. I want me about three gallons of that yet. No. Twitter? Yeah. Picking the jazz. Really? Yeah, I got a feel for Moheli. Yeah, got a Baker Mayfield one use some yet. Right? The guy had no use for one use of yak. Right? Look, he knows he, he even changed your world Bengal scale. Would you have won your bet without him? No, no, no. I didn't need him, but I could use it. You don't need something, but you can use it. So I need to use them to gaze of this. I need that yet. But I want you to hold down scale because see the thing would you skip you fall in low quick and you'll love hard. He's in the first day and he already talking about marriage, Dow no knows slow it down. Let's go on a date. Let's go to the movie. Let's go to one of these nice restaurants offer you like, let's go there and have a nice meal. Get to know each other talk. You just meet somebody. You wanna marry while you already want to get married to Baker slowing own slow at now. I'm married him two years ago. I did. I did. He led the nation QBR two years in a row. How impossibly our knowledge that's college. This, the big board up here they don't play for. They don't play for book. They don't believe for meal plans. They play for college tuition for kids. They play for mortgages. Yeah, for keeping up here, Baker Mayfield. Sure. Look professional to me last night, didn't he? Is that a pro football. Football slowdown. Now he's not a relief pitcher. In fact, I'm gonna make the case. He'll be better if he can prep to start. Okay. Okay. Ask you, I, I'm not one of these guys say I told you, so that's not what I am. That's not who I am. Things happen. Even if I said, I told you, so I never sat told you so, except I did. Yes, you do? Yes. You do. You cannot deny with the energy shifts jailed and in the state of the moment came into the game, and that was exciting. Football was fun to watch. See we're going to move on. So the Cowboys get upset and saddle. No. The Cowboys are a small one and a half point underdog in Seattle on Sunday. Dallas bounce back from their week when laws with a win against the giants. But that Prescott still has only thrown one touchdown, pass this season and he's yet to throw for two hundred yards. Shannon who wins on Sunday. Alex, Alex, you hater. My size day, just the truth. That was that was harsh that cruiser. My clothes earlier wouldn't feels really. I got the Cowboys by ten by ten, twenty four fourteen tend not that I think the Cowboys are good because clearly I don't. I just think the Seattle Seahawks. Are that bad? Skip this matchup. It said a perfect for the Cowboys. Seattle's offensive line is terrible. They lead the league in sacks, allow twelve the Cowboys. The second in fact, gotten. So who Seattle defense giving up twenty five and a half points. Again, when if you know the last time you've known to Seattle defense, did you have that kind of total game the twenty third rush defense twentieth and pass defense Taylor me 'cause that Prescott over there a holiday. And since they're five yard, what is this? The wing t. Going four hundred sixty five yard the game there. Your quarterback. Oh, yeah. You a little. Y'all have your little conversation every morning. He tells us skill stop by, you know, we talk about the Cowboys, Derek, the security guy, I'll. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You know de well, he's a hard core hard like most of the security guards here. They're all cowboy. They'll worry about it. They suffered Holo l. did you mention how many tests down this year world? I mean games they play too. Home. Got ten. Ain't got into us, but that was some touchdown pass. Uh-huh. Not set the tone for game in which you picked the New York Giants to win idea. Phreatic could be without their starting guard. The thinner k. j. right, steal. If Doug Baldwin is probably if they do get bad, bear Wagner back bother why I played against skip. What does what does the outta do really well. Can you name one thing they do? Do they run vents? So give him a twenty five points a game and playing defense on well, they sure made it hard on Mitchell Trubisky and you probably think Mitchell Trubisky is better in back Pratt. You know, I would do. He does me. You have? No, you have little to no respect for Mitchell Trubisky. Me, yes, I know a little, no, no, but I think you believe he's better than backsaw Scott. Well, you say deck, Prescott, garbage. I've told that you're picking him to win by ten at Seattle. I've coming here and told you the more I see the less I like milk brisk say no, no, no, no richer business. It'll doesn't do anything really well, offense or defense skipped. This is not the same team and I know they're going home but skip. They've been playing at the link for a long time in that crowd with just a rabbit guess what? When they didn't have good players, they took that ale and I don't believe they have enough good player to deal with Dallas and Dallas and Seattle is Taylor me for what Dallas does. I believe they should get Zeke after snide. Let him get him about thirty cares. Let him go and get that book. Fifty. One eighty you'll be happy. You'll come in here, pound the table that about Cowboys. That's what you do, but that's what they need to do. So I got the Cowboys winning twenty. And four fourteen? Okay. So all week long I have had to sit across from you listening to you disparage the Seattle Seahawks as garbage as legion, of whom right as the see who's who have no chance to win this game against my cavalier. Oh yeah. You have little to no respect for my Cowboys. But you have less than zero respect for the what's left of the Seattle Seahawks. That's that's okay. So this is what I'm gonna do use it. I can Cowboys by ten. I say, give me Seattle plus nine. I'll take Seattle nine and I will bet against my team if you'll give me not why not. Also you have no courage of your. That's why I picked him twenty fourteen twenty four fourteen Jimmy thirteen dude. How about nine point put your do where your mouth because I put my do in my mouth every morning. I don't. I don't champion. I wouldn't feel comfortable. Why making you bet again here. I'm completely calmly comfortable with that. I thought about it all night long. I thought I'll take that bet because I think I could win both ways on that. I know you can't really hoping you try to know it's not gonna work, so I'm not. No, you're not in fourteen win about ten twenty fourteen cowboy, then you don't really believe what you just do it. Well, if you believe it just go ahead and give me nine actually I came, he fine. Gonna win by point. Actually. I thought it was going to be more. I just came down. Okay. So again, I'm taking an even worse better than I deserve. I deserve what? Oh, I'm not doing this. I not why it's not bad. I'm trying to win. I'm trying to. I'm trying to win. I'm not trying to give you anything. Here's the thing, rob Parker one, but he actually laws because nobody thought the giants we're going to beat the patriots by double digits, nobody. And so he actually, he'd like, yeah, they're gonna win by fourteen. He ended up giving you thirteen. Yeah. No, I'm not going to do and I want, and I felt really good about losing and winning. I know you great. So radically you want on both fronts but happen. Why not go away as I think you believe which I do believe, I absolutely believe so. I believe this is going to be a very difficult game for my Dallas Cowboys because Bobby Wagner is no joke, and he is back in full throttle Sean Lee. Well, he's in the ballpark because he's in the top three or four top three or four. He's too behind key thing. He would be three behind Sean Lee Keithly. K. j. Reid is if he but I'm going to bet just because it's the Dallas Cowboys. I'm going to bet he's gonna play would just be playing become. Got to play against the cowboy arthroscopic surgery. He's gonna play. He'll suck it up and go, Michael kendricks. I have no idea how he's eligible to play, but he played really well. Last week. I was shocked how well he plays the camp. He was in Cleveland scale. I know I know, but he's a good player. He's flair for the last year. So he's eligible and Caja can't go. He's going to be in there and then the cowboy who wasn't Earl Thomas. He's still a Seahawk. He's going to be patrolling centerfield for the Seahawks, not the best safety in full. Yes. Wow. Okay. So there we go again, so you got the according to you. The second best linebacker in Bobby Wagner. And the first best safety and Michael kendricks and van. I'm looking at this defense, they're credible. They're not twenty fourteen. They're not the legion of boom. Okay, we're, we're, we're gonna read that off. So. Let me keep going on that defend. My only hope here is I'm a running football team. That's what you've taught me. You're the hall of Famer. We run the football. We set up the past with the run to be that way that they used to be by the book in the NFL. Now most teams they pass to run right. The running is is the divert. Receives a break from reading down the field of quarterbacks arm arrest. Okay. So I believe my team can go for a hundred and twenty five yards rushing. I think Zico go for eighty-five. Dako go for forty. He's got to get forty yards. Rushing. He's got to run some read options, some rollout. Some quarterback draws, they'll hit him, but he will hit back and he remember his coming out party was in the stadium in that third dress rehearsal, preseason game. Remember that and his rookie year. What happened that night? What happened? Tony Romo once again, right on schedule yet. Collarbone broken. Well, that's right. He was abandoned. Cliff April yet. No longer Seahawk thankfully. Oh, so what do we see that night Dak Prescott took. They were blitz Neetu kitchen sinks at him every play. And he said no more stand tall in here, and I'm gonna keep firing and Zeke Elliot on one Kerry broke free in the secondary. And who do you go looking for was Cam, whereas Cam, Cam, whereas Cam now he's gone. Okay. He's retired. Okay. God bless him. I'm knocking on wood for him that he's going to be okay going into his second life. So I believe my my defensive line can get after Russell Wilson. 'cause I got Randy Gregory back. I got Daytona Jones back to go with DeMarcus, Lawrence Taylor coming from the other day. Right. So we can rush the past and cross and Jan Crawford? Yeah. And you didn't talk about taco. We're gonna eat some tacos too. Well, I got that. We can rush the past. We'll get after us, so we won't get him six times. We might get him four. Nope. Nope. One about on that more than five more than five get more than five times more than five sacks. I'll take that bet. No. Okay. Thank you. See, I'm trying. You know you so will Russell Wilson still make some place you you will because he always does, and that is the home opener. That's what's going to happen on Sunday. This is the home opener at CenturyLink, and you know what happens when the Cowboys go anywhere the hatred goes off the decibel meter. That's what's going to happen. It will be as loud as it's ever been for a playoff game because they hate Dallas in, they're going to try to roar their team back to life because their team is dangling from the cliff right now. I don't want to if you lose this game and lose it the way you're saying that they're gonna lose it. They're just kind of waiting down the cliff and guess what was coming to just give them that push cliff. You know, you wanna all take one push the snowball on top of the hill. Yeah, it'll need a big push just a little. And so the last time I always played a regular season game there. It was Tony Romo. It was DeMarco Murray and they pulled off a huge upset. It might have been the upset of the year in the National Football League because they went in there and one thirty two. Three against the legion of boom and it resounding and Bobby Wagner will remember that. And Earl, Thomas will remember how bad that hurt to have to go home and sleep on. We lost at home to Dallas. They remember like, man, we clear for we weekend, Michael man. We can't chance lament we will loaded back then we have bees mold. Oh man, we would daily what happened to that team. Yeah. So I think my no offense, Dallas Cowboys can put up twenty one on this defense. They'll grind it out with long Dak Centric drives things of beauty, good old days drives back from twenty sixteen as we saw last week against the New York football giants member that that sixteen play eighty two yard day. I remember. Yeah. Well, you're gonna see three of those get no. Hard database be skipped. Do you know how frequently that were actually happened? That's what he did all through twenty sixteen. That's what he did for the first half of the year last year until Sean Lee got heard. Got to do with him driving the ball by the way. I'm not sure. Sean Lee is going to play. If Sean Lee can't go, he's got a bad hamstring. He says, he's going to go. But if he's gone early, I'm done. I'm out. I can't win without him. We're not doing that. I don't think we're not banned. Arash can get me over them. We're not doing that. Skip Bayless here. We don't want do we don't hate here? Well, we don't have. No, at least I'm on the record. He's the best linebacker in football, and if he can't go, I'm in via bear. What do you mean at what you know, von Miller is a linebacker. So is Khalil Matt KiKi? They're not linebackers there snot. What about TJ? What. They're not linebacker Bobby Wagner and Keithly. Those two are lines unless you play the middle Sean Lee can play the pass as well as the Ron Sean leak and blitz from the middle as well as though he, yes, he can and he will if his hamstring have you seen? I bet he has more mistitled than any lab back in football does. Did you see that clinic? He put on Carolina's how to miss a tackle. He did not last week. Yeah. How many times they say Kwan spin on how how many times saquon get loose for a sixty eight yard touchdown. Like he did against the giants opening? Nope, not because Sean Lee corralled him every time. How hard in check, how many, how many sixty eight yards rose you think run about having his career. I dunno Cording to the Dave Galvin the GM. What was it? He's touched by the hand of God, you'd think he'd have at least one a game. He had none against my guy was he was he supposed to say, we drafted a bowl, of course, ego hyping give Jacob because everybody's saying, why didn't you draft? Sam darnold and maybe after last night they're saying now I see why in-draughts Sam darnold right. Will all I'm saying is that Dallas, you want to win this game. Let z get this thing started for you guys. 'cause the party started, he eat. It went to get that thing jumped off, not okay. So you convince me I'll take Seattle plus eight eight. Nope, I'm not gonna be able to do that scale eight. Unfortunately, at this time I say no, Seattle's carb age. The legion of who wrote down. Yes, the doesn't really do anything. Well, I can see this team winning four, five, six games maybe. They don't have their sinner or their guard against my pass rush. I'll take eight. Sale plus say, I mean Arabic. You just got exposes having no courage of convenient, Aaron, the cardinals, the only team I see that's worse right now in the NFC. Okay. All right. All right. This is gonna be a tough game, but my Cowboys are still going north. This is where they earn into a playoff contender, which will horrify you. And we'll see what happens on Monday morning. Found out earlier this week that LeBron is going to star in Space Jam to now this added speculation that he joined the Lakers and the off season just abuses. I am db page. Well, LeBron told the Hollywood reporter. That's not the case. He said, quote, it's like, oh, LeBron sign with the Lakers, boom, all this stuff starts happening. Hell no, this stuff has been in the works Shannon. Do you believe LeBron reloaded Ben in the work skip Bayless you manager side with the new league Sal in July. Second here we are in July ninth officially signs, and here we are September the twenty first and all this happened to in a span of like two and a half months, you believe? Absolutely not. This is a by product of him being a greatest basketball player of all time and everybody wanted to touch it. So a LeBron what about this project? If he has this many projects all. Already in the fire thing, about how many he's still aimed cooked yet. Well, that's a good point. Keep going because because you know now know now that's why you have math. Why have ranted? That's why have Rich Paul. Y'all handle that right now, he gearing up with her for where bread is really, but now so he's saying, don't bother moves thing. Those Hollywood deals, right? No, they can have that. He's given he putting people in play. You see all those people that you put in place. He put people in place to do your job now about to do mine, don't bother me. He in the gym. You heard what magic man we're talking about aid. It will gain point. We already knew O'Brien. We're gonna take this thing. Say he gave Oku Lord up from three. Everybody knows that LeBron most important venture is basketball because he's still carving. He's still he's still skill. Painting this portrait. He's not complete a lot of the pantheon grace. Their campus has already. He's still paying masterpiece touch on an atlas. I'm here orchard size at the Hollywood sign, you stop. He should change those letters to lumber on wood. There's no sites thing is that when someone takes job, if all that job, do you think when people take a job at Google apple, it's all about Google Napa know not. Yes, it is. You don't stop this foolish. Retards yet. 'cause I know amick you're out a bullet, Alex. I know a guy. They had a great job. Great job at another plate here we, but it was in Hartford, Connecticut there. No beaches in Harper is knows. It rains issued really, really hard and humidity is terrible. And then somehow about two years ago he came, he like jed clampett. He loaded up the car to move the Beverly Hills, move Beverly. Swimming pools and movie stuff. Wait a minute. So nother words, you tell me you came out here for the weather or you work harder. You work on this show. Something else I worked with often in Bristol, Connecticut came with me. He's an across the table. I did, but I'm not gonna. I wouldn't tell anybody that the weather is more important to skip Bayless than this show because I know how much time he puts into it and he won't even return my call out. He returned my takes falsehood. But when I call him on the phone, I know he's not doing anything not doing. I'm working on the show. He's not. I'm not making any commercials. I'm not making any movies. I don't have any deals. I have no Hollywood, no endorsements. I have nothing except undisputed. So I did come in part for the weather, but that was in very small part with the weather really likes though you do it worked here right out of college at the LA times. And I said, if I ever get a chance, go back, I'm going back, but it had nothing to do with Hollywood and I have. I'm not on the cover of the Hollywood reporter lead. I've seen, I know, but I'll never be on this cover. I can promise you that you'd never know. It's my turn. Now turn here. We go. So I got at least four big laugh out loud. As I read this story last night and my I laugh out loud was that cover. So think of the irony of this LeBron is saying, I'm not about Hollywood. I came here for basketball yet. He's on the cover of the Hollywood reporter and it says LeBron takes LA really. And then the small print says, King James steps up as one of the town's hottest hottest producers, the star of the new Space Jam and a Laker as in as an afterthought a Laker. And that just made me laugh out loud right there really. So the next sub head says, LeBron James is already winning Hollywood. He's not winning a championship. He's not winning overlay basketball, right manning Hollywood. So it's not about Hollywood and then the great irony. Number two was he's doing this interview at his office on the Warner Brothers studio lot. He has an office that he had gone. Two on the Warner Brothers lot, join the basketball or on the war of Glock and he was getting ready to do Ellen. So he's he's not. He's not about Hollywood. So here's, here's the line from the writer of this article. Typically at this hour, James would be at the Lakers training facility and Elsa gun dough near LAX. That's a long ways from that Warner lot butchers out in Burbank. He gets to practice an hour and a half early each morning, then hits the basement gym of his Brentwood house in the afternoon. I am calling baloney statement. I, I will bet you. You can count on one hand how many times he's actually worked out at the Laker facility and Elsa gun, which is not the easiest place to get too early in the morning rent would go on the four or five south. You got no other shot, but to go four or five south and I detailed his, I tin ary his off season. I ten right for you. He was in China. He was in France. He was in Germany. He was at fashion week in New York. I know he's been in Vegas at least three different times. And then I keep reading and I'm just laughing out loud. And then I get to this quote from LeBron I don't do the celebrity move around. I'm not that type of guy. Really. I go train and I go home. Sometimes I'll take my wife to dinner period. Close quotes, laugh out loud what he doesn't do the celebrity. The first thing we saw was he was going to offer and Beverly Hills with Pacino into Capri. Oh, to have a meeting, take a meeting. He took a dinner meeting with those guys murmur in the backroom. Mave was there, were they not talking deal? I think they were talking to Hollywood deal so he doesn't do any of that. He doesn't do any celebrity move around. And then I told you, I hear the other night. He's shows up at the government club in West Hollywood because Dave Chapelle having all star stand up comedy, band of, yeah, everybody to live their lives into little your that you train and you go home eight. I'm calling bologna on it like to call something else. But I can't say that when he goes to Lakers training facility. He showed up an hour and a half early and say, he did it every day. He said, when he does, this is what he do. So skip by that. You need to stop. First of all your question, do you do you not think they could have done space jams to when he's playing with Cleveland? Sure. Yeah, you could do that one, but I told you look at his, he already has eighteen producer credits and there's an article out yet before he got with the Lakers. The ESPN article about this or one of the articles about Space Jam to the announcement is in the Hollywood reporter, but it pointed out that he spent weeks pouring over different scripts. Yeah, that thing's been through the ringer of scripts. Yeah, Space Jam tube because remember going back to twenty sixteen Michael Jordan recommended that Blake Griffin play the lead role, not LeBron Blake Griffin would play the lead role in space you. I'm just telling you what happened and in the project landed and LeBron slap, I'm sure he had to pull some strings to do. To control it, and God bless him for that because he is really good at this. It takes time. It takes Enron and focus. Nothing you're. He read all the scripts Bank you. He had to say, I'm going to pick this director and that producer. So he had to pour through lots of resumes and say, okay, would this would that work? Bank UK this Hollywood. He has gone Hollywood. I don't blame him. He's could do some of it from Cleveland, but you can do a whole lot more of it rent would, but here's the things get. He's here. He has homes rear and so on plural. Yeah, homes here. So and not at this juncture of his life. When you make a decision, especially at this juncture, you gotta y if you got a kid. Okay. When I make a decision. Okay, mama. What you wanna do what's in the best interest for the kids, how the lifestyle? What when you take a job skip in Philipon valley, Silicon Valley is not for everyone. Everyone might not wanna live in San Francisco. Or the bay area. So you gotta factor. All of that. In LeBron James took this job, you had a basketball. That's the Laker gold standard organization LeBron James like, okay, this juncture this point in my life. Like if it doesn't make me better, doesn't make me happy. Doesn't make me money. I don't make time for it. Oh, Lakers make him better. They make him happy coming here. Go make money. He made time. When did you have time to do small food? He had to voice. I'm sure it took several guns oil time. Yeah. Yeah, you could just do it now. Probably. Okay. I don't think you let another hour, but I'm telling you take time, but I like boys over that a couple of times. Voice more more. You should go Holly. Ron darted thing in Hollywood? No. My first priority is undisputed. Once I master this LeBron's master basketball in a master this while, you know, I'm getting there gonna take some tab. I'm only two years deep into this. So yes, we hear from Magic Johnson, a little press session. Little media j. Lonzo ball has been there every day. Shoes did film session shoe Ondo sat in film session with Lonzo and magic and rob Pelinka. You're right. He has a whole lot to prove LeBron not so much the burn sim. I retired basketball is now a hobby. He does sort of through the winter months. I give you prime example, Tom Brady's accomplish everything he could possibly. But what is he saying? I still have something to prove. I still feel I can get better LeBron James, if the same way, although he is a mount Rushmore player, I believe he's. Basing on believes person, but that's not the here. No there that's not every day this off season. He is tried to get better, help his new teammates, all of the new help. All them get better. Skip, hold on MSU. Thanks. So when Tom Brady was on that Campbell in Monaco, Morocco, when he was doing entity, say, I'm to the point in my life. I need to be there for my kids went on a couple of vacations, but LeBron went, I didn't. I left this out of the right. He went to Italy with his kids. That was for a couple days. Yeah, I'm not sure it's where too. I'm not sure as kids see much in the day. FaceTime him. No traveling with it. Why can't travel AM school? Okay. Yeah, that's what you gotta know summer some skip, you know how to animal kingdom work. A lot of times when the parents go out and hunt, they leave the kid and the dean, right? So LeBron gotta go gotta. Go make paper. How they go to that thirty five thousand dollars. That's how they live have to house the Brentwood and that forty thousand square foot mansion. Yeah, their fathers, Hollywood mo- don't have been actor. He's an Ambi all grade the all time. Great. Is he player he used to Hollywood due to? He's in final Michael Jordan, do commercials. Gatorade, commercials, bottom h-have, commercial hit one movie one. I'm talking about all these commercial. He did a couple carpal our coffee. It's gotta be the shoes. Yeah. No, what what about Gatorade? Everybody wanna be like Mike Haynes underwear. Okay. LeBron he's outdone. I'm that way LeBron do draws no. Living in definitely got help his his post playing, but as long as he's playing basketball playing great basketball to number one, it's gotta be LeBron I gotta meet witty right. Jackson, Alan. I'm Baker Mayfield. The Baker Mayfield era started in Cleveland last night. The number one draft pick came in for an injured tyrod Taylor late in the second quarter and led the Browns from fourteen points down to win their first game since twenty. Sixteen after the game, Hugh Jackson was asked about baker's performance. Take a listen or you guys apprise. I'm laughing because at one time people said, boy, we shouldn't have drafted him. Now everybody's saying he can really throw you laughing up front. I like to not you. I mean, I'm just saying in general, when we took him, boy was too small. He couldn't throw it is couldn't throw that. Now, boy, what throws he makes this Friday today, but I'm not surprised by any throw. This young man makes I told you guys, he does things in practice. I go my gosh. Obviously, I like to watch the tape, obviously, Baker this great things. I mean, again, we don't play until next Sunday. We got some days. Let's not get into those debates tonight. Obviously, what he did tonight was outstanding for the football team and force teammates and just the way he competed. But again, I have to watch the tape and and we'll go from there. Shannon, I think a lot of people were surprised, but what do you make comments? Were you doing it the right way? You know this. This is coach. I got to watch the tape, but I believe about it in hard knocks. What did he do now? You and I both. Like what the hell you tell him bigger. Maybe he's the, he's the backup quarterback. I believe you'll have this conversation with tyrod birth tyrod obviously, you know, we drive to the number one. Overall. We're gonna move bakers going to be starting quarterback. Moving forward. I believe that's a conversation that Hugh Jackson, we'll have with tyrod Taylor in the very near future. If not today, probably tomorrow call. Mm. In let him know. You're not gonna hear from the media. You're not gonna you know, tyrod got engine have a concussion if you were going to do this right way, but we everybody knows that Baker Mayfield is the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns moving forward. If you doesn't know John Dorsey and Jimmy has lived knows they haven't conveyed that Hugh yet, but who knows how business works get. This is what normally happens. When you're going to have a quarterback change, you go to the quarterback, that's being replaced. You tell him what's going on your thought process behind it, and everybody's happy. You don't want him to hear from anybody else. You don't wanna hear it leak out. Tyrod Taylor being benched in favor of make Baker Mayfield we know what's going on. Tyrod no knows what's going on, but he just needs to hear from you. And I thought he handled it really well. It's been a long time. They had a victory. Let's not get into who starting a week from Sunday less. Enjoy this win. I'll get back to you. Okay. I'm gonna say this one more time for many years. I have been a supporter and defender of Hugh Jackson, but I have now lost some respect for him and last night after the game, he completely lost me. He opened his media session with, are you surprised? No. No, no, no coach, are you surprised because you are the one in camp who kept saying? No, no, no, no, no. It's not even a question tyrod as our starting quarterback. Right? You did. He wouldn't even allow the number one overall pick to compete to even acknowledge he's going to get to compete for the starting job and to your point. I don't know if it was a stage seen or not for hard walks. Hard knocks the last episode final Tuesday night episode on HBO we had, or at least I had to sit and watch Hugh Jackson call in Baker Mayfield and drew Stanton the third quarterback. And announce to Baker, you have won the competition to be the backup quarterback, and he did it with a straight face like you're subjecting that kid to that after he was the first overall pick and he's the reigning Heisman winner. I know Heisman has no translation into pro football at all, but he does have a little dignity that he's earned at least to the point where you don't do that to him. I would not have blamed Baker if you've just gotten up and walked right out of the office and just throwing his hands. Well, I don't know. You can't do hard knocks, but you could do it if that was a real scene and I'm not sure it was real because you would do that to Baker Mayfield. Oh, you too. It was a great battle between you and drew, but you know Baker, congratulations. You're now second-string you're not third-string your second-string really. So let's get this straight. You're the one and thirty one head coach who cost your team in my humble estimate the first two gains because you did not play Baker Mayfield over tyrod. Taylor, that's the guy who didn't stands up there and says the media, are you surprised? I knew he could do this. You did well, then why didn't you let him? Why didn't you let him beat the Pittsburgh Steelers when you're defense played well enough to be Pittsburgh. Why didn't you let him out play drew Brees. Remember those comments from drew Brees before that game, he raved about Baker Mayfield and said he could be a better me. And I know you said that's outlandish exaggeration is just your basic pre-game talk just high all. Yeah, it's just a bunch of phony baloney what you say to the visiting team's mortars. But I think there was some truth to it. He does see a lot of him. Yes, in Baker versa because they're both short Bakersfield slightly taller that maybe half have a better arm little better arm and bakers a little better athlete than drew drew move around a little bit, but not like Baker can. So he's, that's what he said in his quote, look what he can do now again, does he have that stuff that drew Brees has? Can you read the way. Drew Brees can read and find open receivers. Well, if he had Sean Payton, Collins plays, I'd like his chances. You say you like halo, but he was calling for tyrod Taylor. Okay. But, but you blame Hugh Jackson for them starting going. Okay. Here's the point if feels like you are jumping on baker's bandwagon after that game, as if you've been driving the bandwagon when you have been undercutting, you've been taking wheels off the bandwagon. My right and it offends me that you get up there and take credit smugly have the Adesina. I knew this word you did then why didn't you let it happen? Why did you cost your he cost his team to gain? If you don't mind, maybe it wasn't his choice. Maybe it was John Dorsey or Jimmy has, I don't know. But Hugh is the head coach and he's going to have to live with what he didn't do. If you don't mind me asking, what role did they feel kicker that they replaced played missing two field goals against New Orleans and miss having having it blah, a crucial role. L think they would have been in that position. Baker would have made more play, but you would've won those games going away to know what I noticed the defense is legit. I don't know if you noticed this, but. A couple of years ago, there was a guy from greenvale field goal kicker, and he made a kick in skip Sadie duct. Now the Cleveland Browns kicker. Did the exact same thing that Mason Crosby did he did? You didn't mention anything about a duck because you know why? Because it helped Baker Mayfield and help advance that he was inspired by Baker. He actually willed home the king. I couldn't believe us in the game. He's never stepped on an NFL field. Trust him, all of a sudden he snapped hooks. It yell sudden it somehow fades inside the left upright. How could that be? I've only seen that one time before and it was from fifty one yards to win a playoff game indoors, at least who's outdoors. Maybe there was some wind. I don't know. I don't know what apple. Oh, the Mason code that the hand of God that what you're going to counsel you feel comfortable with that kick trotting. They're kicking exactly except when baker's the quarterback, everybody starts thinking, maybe we can. Maybe I can make this field, but hopefully Todd Haley calls the game. He called the second half and Baker as opposed in the first half with tyrod. 'cause you know, that was John hopefully the offensive line. They blocked like they did the second half of Baker. Unlike they've locked in the first half running back. Look, I understand that Carlos Hyde. His girlfriend wife was going into labor, but broth when you come out on the field tyrod like, hey, I was you have a healthy baby. I wish you wife is girlfriend. Whatever she is. I hope she's healthy, but bra you trying to say to the same hospital where you wise that? Yeah, you missing blocks. That back is don't kill me. So I love saying is I want them to play. Hopefully they play better for Baker than what they played the first half tyrod. Maybe that's the bottom line. That's the difference between those two humans, some, he's a lightning rod. What did you call him after the pro day at university of Oklahoma piper. He's got that quality that contagious charisma, my can't explain it, but he's got chip on shoulder. He's crazy competitive, and it rubs off. And everybody starts thinking, okay, maybe we can do this. What did you Jackson remember when they brought desert and hard knocks? Remember this and they had the visit. I don't know what happened. He was trying to actually recruit Dez Bryant. And what did he say across the table to death and hard knocks? You could be part of the greatest turnaround in NFL history. Well, that's what you thought. And now it's got a chance. He jump started it last night by accident. I didn't wanna see Baker get the job by injury. I don't wanna see tyrod king, Tom Brady got the job. All right. You gotta give the okay, but I wasn't campaigning for him to get the job because I'll be the first tell you, I didn't know that was going to happen. I did know this was going to happen. Yeah, I call this before. I didn't know watch Tom Brady play the Orange Bowl against Alabama, and he was really good in that game, but I had no idea would already be better than Drew Bledsoe at that point. So I wasn't rooting for that or campaigning for that this I was. And yet I didn't. I wanted to happen because the coach said, you know what we need to make this change and I didn't wanna see tyrod get her. He's all right. I didn't wanna see. Tyrod get hurt either. But the way he played in the first half, I would have been shocked had he come out in the second half, even though he got her heading not gotten hurt and Baker Mayfield not be the starter, I believe they were going to Baker Mayfield no matter what. I don't know. He's a stubborn boy. He wants his, he gets his backup on something ride. I just think he was trying to tell everybody we're better with this veteran, solid, stable, quarterback. And as I said last night and the presser, this is just the start of it and they plan on winning a lot more, but they have a lot of work to do. To watch. But air Dickerson made some waves this week by threatening a hall of fame boy on erica's here. Earlier this week, a group of pro football hall of famers threatened to boycott next year ceremonies, unless they are given an annual salary health insurance and share of league revenue our own Eric Dickerson led the charge by sending a letter to Roger Goodell the players association and the hall. Now, since some of hall of famers have come out and said, they're not on board, no sense. Then some of come out and said, they're not on board with the move. So we have Eric with them. How concerned are you a some of the backlash that you're getting? What I'm not concerned. I'll say this much. You know, people ask me about the letter, the letter to me, the letter job is like if I wanted shot in the sky, you go, look, you're gonna. Look shot, come from. And so with the NFL that's what you have to do. You can't say, hey, you know, you're gonna do right, and people's healthcare gives us a pension. No, that won't work for me. I've always said when we first audit this as a hall of famers was the hall of famous folks as a group. The guys say, we wanna stop the hall. I won't healthcare and a proper pension, but every player that's our mission, we want to start with the whole all of a sudden now it's all about hall of fame and I wanted to know what it said in the letter, but I want to make this perfectly clear to everyone that this is for every player that's ever played. We deserve this. This is what we deserve deserve it. I mean, I think it's a great movement. All of a sudden, I'm this villain on this bad guy. You know. I'm, I'm selfish, you know, I'm money hungry. I mean, it's not about me. I don't care who does this. You know, we talked when I asked him, I said, look, do you want to go back into? We talked about this for two years. You want to go back to the start this he said, do it? I said, okay, now be on board. Don't leave me by myself. One thing, my mother would always say to me, Eric, you got one bad quality that loyalty. She say, you're too loyal. People are not as loyal as you. I told the guys, I'm willing to put everything on the line for this call, and I believe that and I think it's a good call. You don't see the baseball player sitting up talking about their pension. You don't see the basketball players talking about. We don't have health insurance. It's just the football plan, and I think it's the right thing to do now. You might not agree with how we went about it right? The, you know, you might not agree with that, but you know what, like I said before, when you have a game plan, you might not go like that game planning work, but you know what you're. Do it had you make halftime adjustments? So that's what we're doing. We make an adjustment only one, but I think the big thing is, is that letter got everyone talking. I'll say this once more time, this is what every player I want every play the human every player that ever played the national football pre pre ninety three guys. I mean, because you know a lot of these guys, people don't realize these guys are hurting yesterday. We had a conference call, one guy. I won't say his name seventy four years old. He says, only reason I'm still working so I can have health care always now work. He say, I, if I had healthcare, I wouldn't even work anymore. So you know, like I say before, you might not like it. But I think that I know for fact that we're doing what has to be done file fellow brothers. I don't have the problem that that I have that I felt we jumped the gun with the letter. I believe that instead of just automatically assuming I believe you could've asked the NFL the pro football hall of fame and the players association to come to the table, and you try to get them to the table and you try to explain to them this what we need guys. I understand. And for me also, I don't wanna get into a situation where you go pre ninety three. What happened before free agency and pose ninety three. When I say we won't health care for all that vested. Now, how do we get to that best players, three years? I think I want all guys forget pre and post. We're not going to divide it up like that because we're already starting out with the hall of famers. They're only a hundred and eighty living members in the pro football hall of fame skip. That's a small number, but we're huge in stature. Yep. So we're, we can get a seat at the table with these with these brands with these entities quicker than someone else. That's not a goal jacket member. Yeah. So that's what saying, idiot, saying, look, let. If you run a race, somebody has to start the race saw, right? So you have a someone started and he has an off and then he ended up and then somebody brings it home. I get that the the problem is that with the letter because I don't. I don't want the goodwill that we've been working and a lot of people are still working behind the scenes. You know that this or working behind the scenes, I don't want the goodwill that's being built up working behind the scenes. I'm a firm believer skip even when I played. I didn't want the my contract negotiations in the public. I didn't want the team tell the public what they offering me. Let's keep this behind closed doors and then we come to a revolution. We walk together hand in hand. I'm still a Bronco on raven high with the case may be, I believe that they'll do the right thing. They know this is the right thing. We we talk. I don't wanna cut you off Shannon, but now you know, the NFL never does the right thing. They don't. You feel former player? Yes. Any player that played the National Football League? No, that the press never wants to give up his oppression. That's how the National Football League is. We've been talking about this for years. All of a sudden say, you know what guys y'all, right? You know, we're going to give you health care and we all know and we're gonna give you a proper pension. Not a power to pension. I was digging Jones told me this air. He asked me say what's your pension? I said what? I'm forty. Two I said, I think it's about twenty five hundred right now if I took it he said, you know, my pension is I said, what two hundred fifty dollars? What am I don't do two hundred and fifty dollars. Pigeon him. I mean it's it's laughable man. I mean, so the point is is that these these are the guys who built this game. They deserve this and all of a sudden I'm this villain. Like, I'm, I'm. Opportunistic man. Look, I'm fighting for every guy and I'll say it again. I am loyal loyal. I'm like, like my mother boy, you like dog. I'm loyal to the calls. That's how much I want to fight. But every player that played in the National Football League. Get. This is tough on me. I think you are the greatest running back over played and beyond that I just like you. So it's the movie objective about this from my side of this table. I'm a hardcore longtime National Football League fan and that hall that you guys are in. It's the most hallowed hall of all the halls all the sports in. It's an honor, the greatest honor in sports to me for you to to reside forever in that hall. And I think you both would agree with that that you appreciate the magnitude of that. When you fire that warning shot and you could be right, maybe it requires that kind of gravity that that sort of ambition where you you actually shoot that gun up in the air because you fired it, but you gotta have your ducks in a row and you gotta make sure everybody's on board. And then also night here. Kurt Warner says, wait a second. I didn't really know about this. Jerry Rice. I don't know about this. Maybe they did or maybe they did maybe maybe adrift go here. Okay, some miscommunication, but you better have it all lined up. He didn't really know enough about it. He knew the the gist of it, the premise of it, but he wasn't sure. And so he was a little blindsided the morning that the story broke via our ironically are rob Parker on the shadow league and something that he had written. And then you go so far in the afternoon and say, we want three hundred thousand dollars, and I can just tell you address those are like what you want. Three hundred thousand a year, and then you start going down the line of. Does Brett farve he need three hundred thousand is John Elway does Dan the great quarterbacks OJ Simpson deserved three hundred thousand dollars a year because he's in there too. We could just go on and on. So you're asking for about one hundred million dollars a year and pensions for all many is it. Eighty, and obviously that will that number will continue to rise ear. The NFL obviously mints money every year. So this you could argue, this is a drop in that bucket. But in the big picture it, I think it hit people the wrong way to start with, but maybe you needed to hit the people in power the wrong way too. But the whole, the prospect of YouTube guys boycotting, one of the more hallowed nights in sports is the induction ceremony. Well, I just sit back in my living room. I'm just in thrall with it because it is special man. And for you guys, I picture that stage would nobody up there accepting inducting. Once again, if I cut you off the three hundred thousand, you know, that was just and I'm not saying that that was not even a number that that was a misquote, but I'll say this much if Roger Dale can make forty million dollars a year. And Dhamar Smith can make four million dollars a year plus eight million dollar annuity plan. What is Jim Brown worked? What was deacon Jones work? I it could be. The number could be fifty thousand seventy thousand. It's something you know. I'm just saying it's a number. It's all it is. I was people don't get caught up on the small things a little thing. That's just we're not negotiating table. They're not coming out there asking for three hundred thousand dollars right now and they're demanding it. That's that's not what we're doing. You know, we're just trying to get people to understand how bad I'll pension the boycott the boycott once again. So warning shot is now what are we doing right now? Everybody's talking about you might not like it. You might not be popular with, you know, with the truth is not always, but you know what is true? You might not like it hold up. My thing is, I said, again, is that I want to help the play, you know, to killing part is all of a sudden I get all these attacks on my character. Look. Skip, you're not perfect. You're not perfect. Now you're not perfect, and I'm not perfect. But when I see paying that, I know that are not true. When I see they said that I cross the picket line. At eighty seven cross the picket lily. Never that is not played my last game for the Los Angeles. Tober twenty six nineteen eighty-seven. The reason I lost a rushing tile because Charlie white played in all played the game. I didn't play. I play one game when everybody came back. Where did that come from? We know one thing there were a lot of people today across didn't, but I. I got. I got my guys the tweeted out these. These are the guys that support us in in that EPA put the hall of fame, but I never crossed the picket line. And the thing when I see stuff like that, I might I'd across no picking up. I know I, I know why was that? Right, but sure. And then all of a sudden I see this guy wants to write in Jim Trotter making all these accusation, Michael, David Smith, you know, I'm selfish. I'm trying to make all this money. Man. I'm not trying to. I'm trying to help the guys. That is my mission. You tell them kind of passionate about. I want to help. That is all I want to. I don't care who to skip if you if you took the rain, hey, I'm good with. I'll sit back. Let's do it though. Let's let's do this thing that rob people lot rubbed a lot of people the wrong way is that a lot of the hall of fame members came out being critical of -til for boycotting his own induction. So how can we, how can we be upset at te'o for boycotting the induction? And then we turn around and talk about boycott I get what you're saying. But for me, I just prefer to keep. Everything behind behind the handle it like that. You know, I know what went on and I know some of the player that all of a sudden when their name get out there on this. Now I say that they're lying in quick dot, Jerry Rice, Kurt Warner and eat case. I'll say this much Kurt Warner. That was a miscommunication. I support it. I had seven drafts I'm going to. I'm trying to read all the draft. I didn't go to the bottom every everyone, of course, as courtesy support it. He's not a board member. He supported Jerry Rice. Now that one is perplexing to me go there. I'm not. I'm not gonna go. Here's the thing. I want to say one more thing, John, Randall, John. But John Randall was said, man, I was on, but I'm not down with the letter. I say, John, it's not a bottle letter. It's about what we're trying to compass. I said, only golf course that day, what did we say? I say we wanna get wanna start with the hall of fame guy when try to get all the guys didn't we say that yes, but I say forget the letter. It's not about letter if not, you know what it is. If that their names on the letter, it became public. If you all those name it, we're sitting around the table in Roger Goodell, David Baker whose president of hall of fame and these meal. You pass out these letters and you say, these are some of the guy that's in the pro football hall of fame support this. So I just want you to know this is not Eric Dickerson thing. This is us that been fine. Skipped a lot of things that they're trying to keep affidavit, and they try to people that's gonna testify. They try to keep it private to the very last minute. I ain't got no problem testify, but I just don't know. I agree. So if one name says, I don't know anything about disqualifies one of our Flynn. That's powerful list right there. This gotta greatness. I got. I got a list of like, I'll say it again. I won't every guy I keep saying understanding when I say this just, you know, yeah, every guy that plays the healthcare they deserve it. We shouldn't have this power to stricken pension. It's ridiculous and we had the most lucrative sport putting much in the world. Everybody wants to national football. They really do the most Smith terrible job. David Baker, everybody loves. They love me. Great. He's done done on great safety. I disagree with this. We can say we got, and then I go to Roger. Goodell look, Roger has health insurance doesn't his family has health insurance. He makes I don't care, makes them. That's fine with me giving me about, but you know what? Take care of these guys over take care of us. That's that's. That's my art. I got no problem with that. And that's the most important thing for me is the healthcare that look if they wanna give a stipend, the guy that's on Medicaid or Medicare, let those get the stipends the most important thing to us. Let's start with, let's start with the health. Okay. If you want to start with the outlawed habit, give me give it to a guy that's not a hall of Famer lease it. I'm good. That's exactly what you said to. And that's a lot of guys say, say, like, you know what? I don't even need it. Just put it back in the pot and that we want also to help the wives. You know exactly struggling with the husband. The husband I know there in the world. It's just it's just hair break into why. Just it just breaks my heart to see it, but I'm a bad guy that perfect person. This charge. Thank you. We'll go there. Antonio Brown, causing problems in the Steelers locker room. Now, Antonio Brown has had quite a drama fill the week. He argued on the sideline with the team's offensive coordinator and Sunday's loss. Then he responded to a former Steelers PR guy on Twitter, saying, quote, trade me, then he skipped meetings on Monday and was disciplined by Mike Tomlin yesterday, fired up AB talk to the media. Take a listen. You guys make us ocean. The Bama motioning does no me at all guys, right? What you think get his between me and everyone in luck. No, what I stand for? No, what I'm about committed to this programs Oganization fully here. I go to work every day about my business and I don't take it for granted. You know, my Bennis is win here. I come to win and a win win downright on pissed off. But as a competitor, Matic. Not of just a gain of me and cash and checks money don't matter. I look at my assignments performance. I mean a lot to me not go home away in on that. My family weigh in on that. So to me in Gaza just they just do respect me. You know. It's not order. Shannon is passionate. Do you like those comments? Not hail. Skill bales is not how you handle success is how you deal with adversity. That tells us more about who you are the not. So let me let me I wanna make sure I'm here. He says, we're losing you lost one game in the in you. You're talking about the reporters say, but James Karna touchdown tied the game. Oh, we were losing. Now you go back and look at and Tonio Brown. Look at the last three to four years and look at the game. They've lost it. We need had a monster game against the Jags in the playoff loss. Several buck thirty two and two touchdowns. Did he act like this when he had they lost the Jacksonville, the regular regularly here fifteen four buck eighty seven. Did he act like this? You see what we're seeing here. He wonders why they're the feeding frenzy when he keeps dumping chum in the water. I give you another example. He wanted to ball games, Bayless and Kansas City. How do you act out to the game? He put the. Hang on Facebook live, and then he talked about, we make assumptions. We you. You give us reasons to make assumption with your behavior. Okay. He didn't report and he didn't show up for work. Now he said yesterday, coach knew about about this, and so we good. Okay. If he coach knew about this, why would he discipline you? I've never heard of a coach discipline a player when the player tells the coach beforehand. I got a personal matter I got with now if you go deal with the personal matter and you don't tell you, he said that understand you should've told me, I'm gonna have to find you a level some type of discipline against you, but Antonio Brown need to meet with this. You want to say a trade you. Nobody made that up and beyond me that his teammates give him this kind of courtesy. And this kind of. Car blocks service to be able to act like he does. And when lady on trying to get his money, they come out an attack him on all fronts. Everybody ABS passion. Okay. Nobody likes to lose get because guess what? I'll put in all this time. All this practice time all this meeting time. All the hard work put enough and we lose. Yes, I'm upset. But if everybody acted like Antonio Brown every time they lost, what the hell are we ever gonna comp. So Antonio Brown. You're not the first player to ever lose a ballgame, but your behavior, this is not about you losing Antonio Brown with that. He's not getting him catch it. That's what in Tonio Brown's upset about. Let the truth be told that he can go a, we losing. No, you lost may game. Go back and look over the last three to four years when they lose a game, any puts up monster numbers and see if he doesn't show up the next day. Yeah. So that was powerfully stated Antonio by a pro football hall of Famer, and I think Antonio should listen, but he won't listen to that. And I think you should have listened to yourself because you said after the Facebook live after that playoff win up in Kansas City ahead of the AFC championship game at New England, you said I'm out, I'm done, right. I believe you are exactly right ahead of the curve. I head of your time. I don't think Pittsburgh should have resigned him and giving him his money because once you do and he does have monster games, you recreate that little monster in your locker room. You're gonna have a hard time handling him because you're right. He didn't miss that day for a personal reason. Yeah, it was personal to him because he took it personally the way he got treated by the media and everybody else on his team. Right. So do I think he's all about the w I do not. He's not about winning. He's about starring. He's about. Performance as in stats all he really cares about in the end, and he is now declared war on the media and. I've been doing this for a long time. You're gonna lose. He will alternately lose that fight. You did not fight that fight. In fact, you went the other way you were the go-to guy in your locker room for quotes. You're the teen spokesman right bay you well, you were, you were. I know John was too, but still, if you really needed the quote that would summit up, you go to this guy because he's going to give it to a straight as possible as unvarnished as poss- politically correct as possible. And he's going to entertain you while he's doing it. So that work because that's what we want our job, we want that quote, and that will carry our story or piece on. So he is now trying to kill the messengers who are just, they're just reacting. They see what happens. They see been score a touchdown. I think it was the time down or we think, well, been the one that been ran in. Okay. Yeah. Remember he ran one in the end zone. The team goes to celebrate around Ben and little Antonio. He just walks quietly by himself back to the bench. He's angry and he fought with the coordinator every wide receiver who's ever played is fought with the coordinator at some point. So I don't take that all that seriously, but, but if the media just reports what you're doing, if you miss a day of work in the National Football League, big news. Really no sick day than NFL sick days there have been doing. I've been sick and you know, they tell me, come on one of these table. You'll probably feel better. You wanna stay in home. I told you when we first heard about this on whenever it was Monday or Tuesday, I forget, but but I told you there certain lines, you can't cross covered a bunch of NFL teams. You can get away with lots of misbehavior as long as you're there, right? Correct. But if you just miss a day, a work unannounced because you professional athlete, you work every day. You can't do how you how. I wonder if I gotta go to work today on, I wonder if a holiday on, no, you don't get holidays off in Vail not know how to do it in basketball baseball skill, but I know giving what we got practiced on Christmas. We practice now where if unless it falls on Tuesday, if I was on the Tuesday, there's no work. Oh to, yeah, but did not show what Antonio need to stop this. This stop this. I don't know who he trying to either, but he's food a lot of people on social media because he got a big following. He is created a monster on social media. The s to continue to try to live up to will maybe problem or on image. Right. The great player. He is a great player, but to sit here and say, I'm acting like this because we're losing when we've seen you lose games before and you have moss today and you're not even close to this, you being disingenuous. You are to make a long story short, you lying. And you know, just something just a little aside that I caught he referred to as quarterback in passing as Rothlisberger. It kind of surprised me being no or just been or something that would you call Elway Elway. I don't. I don't think he would just it's it's almost disrespectful just to the quarterback who's thrown you thousand balls you've helped. I know the x. PR guys said that basically been toy. That's not true. But the point is. He's done some good things for you've got a good combination there report, right? You just dismiss him as rothlisburger and he's the skip. He's still has the most targets in all the football though is not like that. Ten targets. They're trying to get you the football, but also the other team knows they're trying to get you the football. That's why do you have a bunch of cats a bunch of yards? Yeah, does what have I always said back to the days of Terrel Owens, they play a such a dependent position in the wide receivers, the closest things we have in the NFL to NBA stars. They carry themselves like NBA stars because they can take over game. They can make highlights that are dunk highlight right where we just see it over and over. Great Maceio del keeling, coal, you just see it over and over. So they have the opportunity that, but they can't initiate the play basketball. You dribble the ball up Ruskin dribble the ball up and say, you know what? I'm gonna take this shot whether you like it or not. But Terrel Owens or Antonio Brown, they can't dribble the ball up, right? They can't decide, and it's going to be the quarterback decision every time, even if you're number has been called and you're. Primary, it's still a lot of things can go wrong. You can get doubled what whatever the quarterback can get rushed hurried. He's got a scramble. He can't see you and it drives you crazy because you can't control your fate, right. And most receivers give they only see their value catches yards touch. That's it. And so if we win the game and I didn't have Tampa a book fifty, two touchdowns I did nothing, but that's not how you should see you run your route and you clear out and juju giftable Jesse James or you throw a key block for James Caan. I'm yeah, I agree that success also, I know. But what I loved about the final years of your career, you accepted your role as big, play shea in in Baltimore, that man literally one Ken. And it was gonna be a game changer because you only needed seven point. Right, right. Yes. Okay. So you have to accept your your your fate, that's that's what you have to do for your football team and guess what you wanna Super Bowl and guess what you're in the pro football thing. These guys is just a different time now, social media driving fourth and likes, and in mentioned and all that stuff. It can get you attention. The media doesn't affect his game. But how many games will the Browns win with Baker will discuss that with the Endo home. Baker Mayfield made his regular season debut last night and helpfully the Browns to their first win in six hundred thirty five days. But next up for the Browns is a road game against the raiders and last night Baker had an interesting take on Cleveland schedule. Take a listen. People are looking for way bigger wins. In one way, bigger celebrations and all of that depends on you buddy. Can you handle that pressure. Hi, it's okay. We talk about we divide the season into four quarters yet. And so right now we just played game three of the first quarter. We can come out next week into Oakland and we can come out to one and win quarter. Yeah. And if you focus on win in those first four games and take that at a time, you can come out and you can have a home playoff game. All right. We are joined by FSN NFL analyst, Dangelo hall, but we're actually going to go to skip. I how many Gainesville Browns win. By the way what he said last night on NFL network will resonate in that locker room. That's why I love that young man because he said it matter of factly he did not predict we're going to make the playoffs. We do it a step at a time and he said it so convincingly that I'm thinking. Yeah, because I think he really believes they could win each quarter of the football season. I don't know if you guys ever thought that way DACA playing NBA, but the bottom line. Couldn't dismissing this said before the year started, I told you if Baker Mayfield starts from the start, this team will go nine and seven. And obviously, Greg Williams defense played well enough to put him in position to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, but they needed a lightning rod playmaker to close that deal. And they did not have one starting at quarterback that day. I believe they could have beaten drew Brees in New Orleans because the Greg Williams defense as you point out, he used to be the coordinator in New Orleans, put them in position to close that deal. Last night Baker Mayfield by accident. And I'm sorry, tyrod got hurt, close that deal. I think their schedule sets up right now for them to go on a little and maybe a lot of a run. What did you Jackson say in the final the final episode? One of the episodes of hard knocks, he told Bryant we can pull off the greatest turnaround in NFL history. Now, again, he was trying to do that with tire. Todd, he could do that with Baker Mayfield. So I'm going to say they can go on a little run here at Oakland Baltimore, maybe even chargers, Tampa Bay, even the Steelers at home. I'm gonna give him a shot in those games. I'm gonna say they get to eight wins not nine because they, they blew the first two, but eight, seven and one will it make the playoffs? It will not make the playoffs, but eight, seven and one for Baker mayfield's Cleveland Browns. Skip. Think I had the beginning of the season. I told you, I believe they could win. So between six or seven. And you said you said pick one they want the. Yeah, because you can't win between six and seven. You win six or looking scheduled over the I. Let me taking this week. He may maybe the clear where you look at this Gadul. Okay. The rate is I give you that they should win that game, but then you got Baltimore the target me Baltimore at home. Give him five, five. I give them five more games and pushing. That's all. Really thinking my right mind right now, the I look, it's hard to put a number you guys say, when you look at this schedule, the raiders is the only game that I can really see them winning. Yes, still is they have a chance, but big bands not going to turn the ball over six times like he did to keep a close and that game. You still only tied the jets was the one. I mean I digest. I'm sorry, the saints was the one. You probably should have one that you could've helped you help to your overall tally. But I mean, when I, you know, like like Shannon, say, when I hear about the bucks the way they're playing still aren't gonna, do what they did change the Texans pants on those. They play in one of the toughest divisions historically, then they play the NFC south wanted to toughen visions over the last couple of years. They could have won seven, eight games this season. If they did not have to contend with the NFC south. But because they have to do that, I don't see how they get to even five guy. Quick reminder, what are we talking about? Three vs topic. The Pittsburgh Steelers at troubled all team with a defense you, you have less than zero detail. I right. So you don't think Baker Mayfield might make a few plays against that defense. One more time, the Cleveland Browns defense is led Julia in my Gary stun does, and that show Bert kid at linebacker, say, can dunk between his leg over his head and everywhere you want to dunk. It all of a sudden he looks like a player. Greg Williams loves become kind of Sean Lee, if you will, in the middle of that defense and Gebriel peppers and Denzel ward. They got players and they got a guy who can scheme. I was a little surprised. They didn't go after Sam darnold more or last night when they picked their spots. They can. Blitz crazy. So I'm just going to say they're going to keep them in games. They just need somebody to make some place. You know what? Those. I don't know what team we're gonna get because if you saw this Cleveland team, the first half tyrod idea, they looked completely on interested in late in Blackley body. They weren't. Couldn't run the ball, and I'm sitting there thinking like, gosh, Sam darnold looks like veteran Emma boy, tat looks like here he gets he gets a concussion. He's out. Baker comes in and the team just looks different. They're running around their locks. Locks. That's running. The jets and what he's gonna face moving forward. All these other quarterbacks veterans with exception of a home and home really good and the talent that he has around him. But you look at Matt Ryan, Andy, don't the longtime started camp. The big time to get him fine is been Rothlisberger veteran is drew Brees of that train. How did that defense make those two guys? Here's the thing had on hard time. Yeah. But when you look at their optical kids, not like Cleveland's offense of the juggernaut so the defense is going to have to play well every single game to keep them in these guy. Love Jarvis Landry. He led the NFL and catches. Last year little Calloway. I don't love him off the field, but he is a bullet man. He just flies by people. Right. So you say they're gonna win that game. I gotta make game me and d hall got him at like five, five of the stretch for me. Listen call tied when he gets cranked eye and he's not gonna bullets pickup. I didn't say he's going. I'll tell you what. What he did last night to banker run that put helmet in his back. No, you're not getting back on the field. Okay. Do that. But baker's got one ability that tyrod doesn't have tyrod can run down the field much faster than Baker, but Baker is slippery in the pocket. I don't know how he does it, but he's got that quickness in a confined space that I in the back of his head sort of thing. He gets free. He gets loose. I've watched him for three straight years every snap at the university of Oklahoma, and I'd say, how do you get on that? He gets out of it. He escapes and he extends these different. These are different guys. I've seen God's escape in college too, and they get in the pros and Todd Haley. Their home, Todd Haley would call it from bull job for Haiti offense line. I've been a part of that where we've had our Jeanne in office looks completely different. They were gonna get hurt in and it's like, why didn't we? What were we in the game? And so I've seen it first hand and so to sit back at home and watch it on TV and just see how different it was tie. What are you doing? Is it possible? Because you went to Virginia Tech and start at Virginia Tech. And so did your man tie which is always possible that you now rooting against Baker Mayfield not tyrod if it took off with not at all. I even admitted to group of my buddies in a group chat. We get that man. Baker actually looks really good. He he's, he has command of the huddle. He knew where he wanted to go. And I was always looking kind of flustered out there and some of it was he didn't have. If you sit there and watch it was three step drops where the pocket was collapsing attack, couldn't step up or couldn't even make throw where Baker was having that time. And you know, can I use your words get a little light last night, Todd, Haley with sabotage really. I, I'm not saying, you know. The Taj. So you're saying he didn't want. That what you told me about the Super Bowl. Well, then why was the head coach being sabotage against mater Mayfield? Why didn't the head coach play him from the star? What is your eyes tell you last night? Why wouldn't he play at hair just aren't very good football team. I think they're decent on decent. They're not. They're on the lower end of the NFL spectrum when it comes to town, they look pretty good fourteen to nothing didn't they did they look great, but it was more so how bad they Cleveland's offense do what happened more so than in order for the Browns to get back into the game, they still needed some help and Sam darnold, right on cue games. What he did in college, which was turned the football over and had on the l'armee. Right. And Baker Mayfield does not turn the football over last year at the Oklahoma, forty, three touchdowns two, six interceptions. There's a lot of. There are not a lot of guys. That guys that had numbers similar to that then what they do when they come to the league. I mean, there's a lot of guys in that big twelve, put a big number interception favorite. You'd be our knowledge football last two years. He led the nation and told QBR it's a fishy, its lack of turnover one. Okay. What do I have? I always told you about him because I watched him. He is a careful gambler. I know those two words don't go together, but somehow he'll try something where you say, well, what would he twenty doing? And all of a sudden he fits it into a place where only his receiver can catch. If you got lucky, he's a former. Informative. All. The second one, you get a few. It was the first time in his life. He got thrown in as a relief pitcher. He's not a relief pitcher. It's a new mindset is hard to get thrown in cold into a fire that is raging against your team that was picked to win a game that is getting kicked in variety. Let me tell you for a guy de hall because he hadn't prepared for the backup quarterback. He'd been prepared and reading keys of the starter. All of a sudden the backup comes in there and he's throwing the ball, right? Like that's all sudden Bali's, traveling, idiot is Zine easy. It's got some mustard on tape only. They might only have a half. Footballs move, hey, over man, who is one of the better defensive teams in the nation. They got destroyed it Oklahoma, and they got a second crack at him in the big twelve championship game. Go, look it up. That coach is a good coach. They scheme well on defense. So they got to figure out Baker and they got torched again calamari two are very high and QBR. We'll see what they're gonna do. They probably should be number one overall draft pick. Column in to that. Column or is go play baseball. He's already got money, no money. Not smart move for Joan. Person Wentz look rusty in his return on Sunday that neck. Carson Wentz. We'll be back as eagles starter Sunday against the colts. He's been out over nine months after tearing his ACL and Elsie how whence end the one and one eagles are hosting the one on one coats. Doug Peterson said earlier this week that he won't coach scared even though Wentz is coming off an injury, Janet, what do you expect from Carson? He'll be rusty. He hadn't played a football game in nine months. Nothing gets you prepared to play an NFL football game, like playing an NFL football game. So I believe the ball were probably sail on him a little bit. I do believe they'll win, but he's walking to walk it out. Really Clinton, walk it out, really irked down. Oh, you got? Yeah, you got it. You know that I know that I don't know that. So he will be rusty skill mainly because he hasn't played in fire in the very long time and nothing gets you read. I mean, you could go through all those grids. I watching more. I'm up in Cleveland, watched him warm up the other day. I think they were in Tampa. That's that's fine and good, but that fire going becoming. And so now we got to see him at actually get not between the actual live competition. Yeah, we didn't see him in the preseason. So his first live action is going to be any meaningful game that Adar's count. So I expect him Steeler. I'll tell you what he will. Do I tell you what he won't do. He won't throw for less than two hundred hours. I feel very comfortable you to do that. No, I didn't think so. 'cause I know somebody that's been playing for a long time, Alex, like the last year in games, eight of those games, they've been on the two hundred yards that is coming back at nine months and he won't give me a bet that you're going to for more than two hundred yards. I wonder why who has the best two year QBR between Prescott and Carson wins best two year QBR cumulative across the board NFL QBR who has the best. It's not even close. It's Dak Prescott who you got to move to us what happened wins? Rookie year disaster. He was deer in. What about that year? He was really good. He had the fourth best QBR an all pro football. What about do and went nine and seven off? You've been a lot of a lot of his money. My reservoir, see somebody has to change the subject when somebody doesn't have enough ammo to fight this fire about, come across the table down. I'm gonna say it again. I feel sorry for your kid limpet to them wins because to not think about what he's about to experience what talk about it thrown into a fire on the sideline. Now, looking over his shoulder pads is one Super Bowl in the Nick foles. This is never happened in the history of the National Football League that you are replacing Super Bowl in the who played not just the Super Bowl, but back to back NFC championship game and Super Bowl, the two best combined playoff games I've ever witnessed a quarterback play back to back Nick foles torched the number one defense in the league and Minnesota's at. At home in the championship game, and then torch Bill bell checks defense to the tune of forty one points in the. So you just put him on the side and you're playing in. I think the toughest media town in the country with the toughest fans, the ones who booed Santa Claus. You don't think it'd be quick to boot the first or second interception rank package is like and think about what he's up against. He has no alshon Jeffery. It was his number one receiver who helped make him and help make Nick foles last year still out who is as deep threat last year toward Smith, he's gone. Who's his new deep threat, Mike walls, he's gone really, oh, you got a high degree and a high degree of wait a second. He was supported by the third best running game in pro football last year, and guess he's not layer anymore. Luxair blood is not an eagle, right, right. Boy, that's no good incomes, Andrew lucked team, and they're not very good second. They just went to Washington, which was the hot team after week, one witnessed. Stung cardinals out near Zona, right. That was impressive and cardinal Adrian. Well, I'm just saying, didn't they went again Indy. Went to Washington one twenty one to nine, twenty one to nine. What happens if walking running game? I don't know. Adrian Peterson, see still there as did he die? He's still gonna play. Another three. Oh, that guy. Okay. But whatever anyone in there just clean about them. Yeah. So they're six and a half point underdogs and they get to go to another NFC east in Philadelphia. And of course Carson Winston supposed to throw for three hundred maybe or about somewhere between two hundred and three hundred. You'll have to touchdown touchdown. So we'll say three hundred and two times said, would you two fifty two larger extra to fifty chance. Okay. And he's up against Andrew luck who seems to be on the mend. He seems to game stretch for somebody. I know really, I call them. You only know who I'm talking about. Well, and all of a sudden that Philly defense, I don't know what happened, but fits magic. Just torched it, maybe four hundred yards. That's that's embarrassing. It's what are we just read from Fletcher Cox yesterday where we were saying, I don't get any respect nationally. I've been disrespected. So last year, what was it about on the defense? Last year, we don't get any respect is a defense. They're wearing underdog mass. Thanks, Elaine Johnson, right. And all of a sudden that is turned into the Super Bowl chance starting to splinter into. I don't get enough respect Fletcher Cox and he's great player. He doesn't get enough Donal. He doesn't get enough recognition. He thinks he is. I don't get. What do you think sting? Oh, so the defense is teetering the running games teetering. You don't have a go to wide receiver. You got aga- Lor is that it walk it to him. You sure that I don't know. This is a tough spot for this kid and by the way, have you checked out that dairies lynyrd for the colts that that kid from South Carolina state is leading the NFL and tackles. He had nineteen tackles at Washington nine in the ova against Cincinnati. That's what we do. It should. So you live that you got that right. And he is playing. He looks like a early front runner for defensive rookie of the year. A walk. Itunes, got a look. To keep the fight alive because Conor McGregor is back and. Press conference yesterday necks. Conor McGregor will be in the octave gone for the first time in almost two years when he faces Habib in two weeks at UFC two twenty nine. Now the last time these two were at a UFC event. Connor was arrested for attacking a bus that Habib was in yesterday. They faced off in what Dana white called the quote darkest, press conference. He's ever been a part of take a listen. I'm here again. He may. Smashed me, say, send send location here. Highly more tank. The Lord Jill. And more. Taught me, I always think is zero. You're grappling is. That's okay. Let's let's. October. On. Pay Kunar will back up his talk. This defied this toughest opponent. This guy can really no. Condo the striker. He doesn't wanna get into a wrastling met you like really around. Yeah. Yeah. He doesn't wanna take this to the man Carter's. Gonna wanna stay up about distance because kinda got great would've hands. He went ten rounds with arguably the best to ever live employed may so we know e- can straighten. Yeah, got power. Especially with those four hours gloves. He got down to in both hands. So I believe he will win this fight, but I believe this will be toughest fight even tougher than the ads because this guy, this guy, explosive scale. But hey, if the thing he just signed a new six fight deal. You can't get start six fight deal with a loss. He needs to win this because remember scale, what started dimming the light Ronda Rousey is that she lost. She lost in dramatic fan and Kana is rusty. He hadn't fought in this type of arena genre and almost two year almost two years since. Time. And if you look at it all the guys that he fought specially in the light win, I think it's the lightweight flyweight division divide. Yeah, Khanna's bigger than they Habib is bigger than him. Labib is the bigger man. So for the first time in a long time, he because kinda was the bigger he was bigger than may weather for the first time in a long time, kind of going to be the smaller man when they enter the re the octagon on fight night. This is gonna be very interested. I'm gonna watch. I'm gonna watch y. Who called me. Bit. Okay. So Connor was in rare form yesterday, and you know what? He's a gifted insult comic because he makes me laugh. He was doing a number on Floyd I know over the edge half the time, but whatever. So. Two years almost since he's been in the octagon. What happened in the interim. He boxed Floyd Mayweather junior and he made reportedly one hundred million dollars one hundred million. His grand total of UFC earnings up to that point was nine point, five million. Then he goes to one hundred million. Dana white. Tell us one day sitting right here or maybe it was in Las Vegas that he said after you make one hundred million dollars. Yeah, it's hard to wake up in the morning and say, I want to go get hit in the face in the octagon because came to pay off a bit right off the bat. Okay. Well, he's right about that. It's not that easy to get the fates, right? I mean flawed with the bigger gloves, you can duck and dive dance and run and run in. It's not that taxing. It's not that dangerous. This is dangerous. So I'm skeptical of it man because he really going to be all in is your heart going to be in this train hard Ford? You got a hundred million dollars in Connor kind of enjoys. Life where he's been enjoying his life is easy to fight when you own welfare because you're fighting to get out of your fighting to get somewhere. You make one hundred million dollars. Now you own yachts, and now you're buying million dollar Richard meal watch that's a whole different ballgame again, but that's what you have to love. So much about may. Weather may whether it's making thirty forty fifty, one hundred million dollars and he still had the desire to go into Jim and train just as hard. I believe Connor were train just as hard because he doesn't wanna get embarrassed. When you talk as much, he talks you, you better be on your best behavior at all time. He can out talk you. That's why I had to be on my best behavior. 'cause I know these guys will come there and what I said. I know they were coming to embarrass me so Karmanos Habib if coming to embarrass, they've been going back and forth and say, look, I showed up to where you were last by. I put my hands up show your head, no weapons. I was trying to see you, but you have behind women. He's there. You call what happened have bus because you wouldn't get. Be like a main what he said now this, right? Here's killed all that. You do all that told you won't too. But when they locked behind you the over there or you jump over the top, that all the way you coming pot. Yeah. And as I carefully watched Numa gum medoff, you're in this press conference. He took a lot of it and he side through a lot of it, but I could just see his face. I don't think he was intimidated. No, no, no. And he might have been a little more enraged by some of it because Connor as usual cross some lines, he got called college. What is trained to handle care if. Then he insulted his faith and any insulted his homeland, and what did he do to Floyd got racist. That's what he does. He's going smashing, you say, go smashing, they, why don't you smash me brought a, yeah, may mind mocking. Maybe call them make. He's I came. I showed up had no weapons. I can't wait for this either, but I'm skeptical that we're going to see the Connor of old the Nate Diaz that you've out. Oh, and not an old Connor because this do for real. You see them, cauliflower, ears mean he real about the wrath lycee wrestling. Yeah, in Connor has turned thirty years of age. Not that that's all, but it's older and that rust that lay off of the long time. Skip Neil. Like I said, I can assure you when he's posting all the Instagram pitch on that yacht. Here you got no octagon on that. Not training on that yacht. Gonna be an epic fight and fun that one, but are we seeing new and improved loans? It's time for our final topic of a day. Lonzo ball has been working on his shooting form this summer, and apparently it caught the attention of his boss. Magic Johnson said yesterday that Lonzo shot looks beautiful, and he added that Lonzo is ready to have a break out season Shannon. Are you buying this. There's no pressure. It's the hardest thing that I found to do to take what I doing done in training to take what I've done in practice in equate it to the game when the rubber needed to meet the role. Yeah, because my muscles and my memory had been doing something for so long when fight or flight needed to kick in, I tend to to revert back to what I done and what I'd been trying to get away from in. That's the question. When laws all starts over four over five from the three point line and it's late in the ballgame, skip, does he revert back or does he stay on the path that he's been training? What he's been practicing that I have no doubt that the shot looks better in practice, no doubt whatsoever. But again, we're talking about practice, not the gain practice. It's not even practice. They're not even like practicing, right? I will believe it when I see it in action next year. But I will say this Magic Johnson went out of his way yesterday to say not just not even predicted. He just declared Lonzo ball will have a breakout season. Now that's a mouthful that man, right. And the best news to me was that he also said Lonzo has come in every day to the facility in that he is often requested film critique sessions with not only magic and Pelinka, but with Rondo. So Rondos been critiquing the guy. He's gonna compete for minutes with, right? Yes. Would Rondo go along with? I don't know. I don't know. But do you think lonzo's learned from that? I believe he's learned from that. And rob Pelinka was a pretty good shooter when he was in college. He both. He and magic said the shot is working because he's changed the release point of it's more to the right. Side of his head and Pelinka made the point that, hey, on those breaks that Lonzo can start with those long up court passes maybe till LeBron then maybe he could finish them by trail and in spotting up at three in shooting a wide open. Three. Okay. Sounds good in practice. We got to see it in a game and definitely remember everybody say, oh, when Tibo was doing what he's doing throwing with the coaches, if you didn't know he what it will look perfect Tom house. But when he got in the game and the fight or flight kick Dan, he would always revert back. So this is what I want to see. Lonzo you miss a couple of fans would and odd. Can you stay now? Thank you for listening to the speed podcast. I'm Jenny Taft. Keep an eye out for the weekend. Addition of the podcast tomorrow morning featuring this week's best segments have a great week on everyone.

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