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Kerri McLean Knew Kitty Despard's True Story Couldn't Be Ignored


I'm Jay Sekulow in. You're listening to masterpiece studio Ross's wartime buddy. Ned disbarred hasn't been the most welcome addition to Cornwall this season. His rebellious quick to anger attitude has left nearly everyone in his path on edge or endanger. Hansen's in Truro. I can't know if he had a hand in Benetton's I do know. His presence here is unlikely to be for the good of his health. He won advised to avoid me. And you him in fact you'd be one advised before the confrontation of any kind. So as you go to ground literally below gross neds elegant wife. Kitty is a different kind of surprise. For Cornwall The dawn of the nineteenth century. A black woman freed from slavery by her husband in the new world and now an active member. Or if the growing abolitionist movement kitty is a force to be reckoned with my husband before he freed me bought me from a man. Named who Hara off your overseer. My mother begged him to send me because she would not have you talk me was twelve. Kitty is an anomaly in high and low society studying the elite and the poor alike by her very presence since everyone's violence folks. That's because they think I'm you'll made that's scripted. Sense of otherness helped actor Cary McLean find your way. A on the set of drama in its fifth and final season and give back a voice to the real life Catherine disbarred. I mean it's a disgrace really that she's been raised from the history books. I think I think she's been raised for as much of full being black. As for being women McLean joined us to talk. Cornwall the Real Life Kitty. And whether Caroline and SS lingering jealousy has any basis in fact mm-hmm and this week we are joined by pulled our star Kerry McLean welcome at. Aj's kitty. disbarred is of course based on real life life historical figure Katherine disbarred and she slowly revealed to be a woman of intense metal. What did you make of the character initially? Well when I first uh-huh founder about Catherine. I was quite surprised that she was actually knocking about in London. At towards the end of the eighteenth century I couldn't quite believe it and I was quite surprised. I'd never heard of her as well but as I did a little more more research on her and read the scripts as became in. Just wow what a woman and I just got more and more into the character. She's she's just such of the medieval force. She's determined she's strategic. She knows how to play the long game and she's got a rainy meany so a strong good positive moral compass as well. I mean what is truly mad to me is that as a writer and a campaigner Catherine desperate it has all been erased from the history books. In what do you make of her erasure. And what does it mean to you that you can give her back her voice and tell her story now while and may means a lot and it felt like quite a responsibility. I mean it's a disgrace. Really that she's been raised from the history books I think I think she's been raised for as has much of for being black as for being women that period of time to be highly educated and having letters published having words words right are In parliament as a woman as a black woman particularly was unheard of. So it's a disgrace really that she's been arise from the history books and it's a shame because we don't really know what happened to her. It's very difficult to know what happened to Katherine afterwards so for me as a performer. Mr I felt like I had been given an opportunity to play the character from history. Who was pretty much? Unheard Voice I felt really a real honor to have the opportunity to play her so I felt I had to do really good job. You came into pulled arc in its final season. What was is it like to come in as the new kid as it were enjoying the show in its final year? Well I kind of quite lucky in a way in. That didn't really know the show that never really watched I didn't really we know anything about it so I didn't know it was such a hugely popular shy when I didn't know what huge following heart so I kind of had the usual usual nerves that everyone has when they start a new job and and obviously I didn't know it was an existing show and I was coming into series five so I was aware that I I was a bit of a New People on my first day. At the read three I met quite a few new characters. Were few new people who play new characters and they were new to so that kind of softened blow a little bit but I didn't feel too much pressure in that regard just because I was a little bit ignorant and I didn't know the show I didn't know the sort of audience the huge audience the show hat and pulled arc has always been a show that has traffic in marriages convenience. It's or marriage for the sake of financial gain but there's a real sense here that kitchen ned much like Ross and demelza married for love. What do you make of their marriage? And their dynamic mic their marriage. Sonny's love and I think that was one of the things that I really wanted to bring across in the performance just. They didn't marry for convenience they it didn't marry for well they didn't marry to join T. families together and for power they took the hardest option for those two to be in a mixed marriage. at the beginning of eighteen hundred that was so unheard of those times and they didn't take the easy rate so so that was something we really tried to with Vincent Regan whose onscreen husband. It was really about trying to keep about them. Just keep the real love that those two halfway Humphry each other. So I'm hoping we've got back chemistry on screen that was really going for and that's really interesting. Mirroring between Katy Pity and Ned and Demelza Ross. In terms of of power allows with their relationship had they came to be with one another. How I kind of demand in the relationship quite headstrong quite often end up going with that emotion and getting into trouble and it's the women human impact the relationships that are quite strategic and know how to play the game and a bit more so that? There's I relied that mirroring in this series with the teacup polls I mean I love the scene where demelza learns that. Kitty was nets kitchen maid before she became his wife and she laughs which leads to become. I'm terribly offended. So your husband. He node mine in America. When yours came on my went onto fights on the Spanish man was much decorated? Then governor. How how did you come to be his wife? I was his kitchen made. No no no I to to cap hold our does that that similarity in their past create an instant kinship between these two women. What I think I think that saying the way that we played it with? I think he's a bit unsure at first when she first. I hear I think she's been like oh rainy. You were you were get your made But think it certainly brings them together and nothing. They've got a lovely relationship and I think she trusts. Costs are quite quickly acres. She's happy for her husband to go. Go Away with Kitty to London to go and health net pretty much straightway. Say Yeah Yeah. There's definitely an understanding between the two of them. Kitty speech in episode one gave me chills. Auctions what is it that corrupts the milk of human kindness turns. The Justin tend to hot. They didn't avaiable rapacious. It is the single minded indeed pursuit of profit. How long can this continue? Do not ask senses senses crowds full limits. How challenging of a moment was this to perform warm and what went through your head? During this impassioned speech I think I was really lucky. Because the writing so loveliness speech. I think it's just such such lovely language and it's so waited and it's got so much meaning to it and I think for a woman who was an ex slave to be talking to this community in England and at that time I loved it. I really love playing that saying from my favorite scenes. Yeah I really enjoyed it and it was just. It was really about connect with the audience in a way that not too gross them out but to bring those real hard facts home that this is where she's coming from. This is what has happened. Not High on just highlight the inequalities of that and how we can you know people cannot be treated as objects I mean. It's is one of those moments over the course of the series that proves that Kitty is a force to be reckoned with me. Did you relish those moments throughout the season where the viewer gets to see kitties innate strength and determination oh set damning. I think it's also just with Katherine disbarred. That like when you read about her historically eric she must have had a huge pair of balls so I loved. I loved those moments. I loved playing roles. I love the campaigning. The fact that she was an and activists that up the fact that she was going for reforming the U K. I think she's a formidable woman. She was on I. I loved playing those parts and having the opportunity the two places such a strong woman particularly a black woman in era and yeah I loved it totally evident. Well I mean it is still still rare to see people of Color in historical period dramas and kitties races essential. She's a former slave. Who Want her freedom? She became an abolitionist campaigner campaigner. Do you feel that her presence here is itself unnecessary and Progressive Act to bring more diversity to period dramas. Yeah I think it's fantastic. I think For me I mean I've been I've been acting for years and I've not really been called in for that many period dramas Cypher me. When this came in and I got the audition I was thrilled and Just the opportunity to get to play in this era in English drama was just fantastic and the thing is I think I think it was sort of colorblind casting which which I think is a positive thing. But it's a very different thing from casting peop- casting characters that have a story to tell the is an unheard story array and I think that's really what this Katie's role is is that she is one of those unheard voices from history that we get to his I. I think it's it's a really positive thing. I think it's a great strategic move by mammoth and by Debbie Horsfield to write kitty into this. I think it's great. I think I I think it's all positive. I think it is because they were people around of color at that time. We know that was. It's just that they they're not really written in Japanese. I think it's really important when we start to see. See those faces hear those stories that come from Nice Times. Kitty has some huge emotional. Beats throughout this season. I WANNA talk about a couple of them. she confronts Ralph Hanson. Her would be rapist. My husband if we freed me what me from a man named O'Hara your over seeing. My mother begged him to send me because he would not have you. Watch me twist. It's a horrific moment that speaks to just how evil Hanson John Is. What did you make of this? Rather enormous reveal is absolutely. It's it's his age and eight changed quite likely that scene gene was actually many separate scenes and we ended up actually turn into one huge long sandwich to the end of is where I come face to face with with Ralph. It's actually quite sure in terms of what we say with the weight of. It is just horrendous absolutely horrendous It's an awful moment. It's it's so say thing is really brave Deputy of put in a you go back to the days of slavery when Kitty was a slave or satiny the Dole Travis Labor that time and probably about a guy all be sold as an adult into slavery or customers not all times. So I think it's really it's a it's it's a very positive I think it's a really positive but definitely completely in your face and quite brave I think for it to have been written that way ned is ultimately found guilty and sentenced to not only execution by hanging but the most gruesome death. I've ever heard of involving in being drawn and quartered and his bowels thrown into a fire. it's more than Kitty can bear. What did you make of the verdict? When you first read the scripts for the season and in how things would play out for Kiddie Ned? We didn't have episodes six to quite a few quite way into foaming so I kind but I I obviously in history. A new kind of knew what was going to happen and I didn't think they were going to shy away from that. It wasn't a surprise when I read the script because I kind of when we finally got it. I need kind of that that with the way it was going to go. Because that's what it was like in the history books but I mean I it's adjust or for I mean it. It's not even that long ago that they were quartering. People I mean net doesn't actually get quoted in the end. Is it just. It's so hideous is is astonishing thing. That kind of stuff was done even then Yeah will the scene between Kitty and Ned in the cell is beautiful. They're they're bathed in the soft glow of the light from the barred window at I I e you arrived at the big news. I asked commanders. And Nafta me that you could do for me return and you laughed and said Mid World I fear that's great you task but you for so many hd no. I must quit the world wishing leave you. Let her legacy be the best. How difficult of a sequence was this to get right and what went into the filming of this is actually beautifully written sane? said that really helped. We didn't shoot him thought many times. Actually we only show a few times each way With cameras on different sides of the table us. It's quite small space so It was really about Vincent I just fading failing it in the Mayan Comedy scribe any not because it's it's such an emotional scene it's to say goodbye and deliver that information Russian site powerful but it was one of those things like we just saw have had to be one hundred percent in the Mayan else. It never would've wet for the audience. 'cause they would just night. We went down the line where kitty talks about mending the world and her first meeting with ned is at such odds with the darkness about with. What's about to come? Is this a true testament to the love that they shared a first meeting that involved. Nothing more than a loose button. I think it is testament but I think it's also that thing of that subtext of it's so awful. What's about to happen? And they both my my way and I think it's them kind of making six light of it in a way. Not Light of it but keeping a lightness to it because the alternative is just call your eyes out and Blah Blah Blah Blah. But then they know they know they're not gonNA they're not GonNa hold each other again. They neither not gonNA spend a night together again. I think that's how w written. I think that was a feeling for it was to solve. Its that coping mechanism. Almost you've if we talk about this in the lightness of this and she's picking fluff off his jacket and making sure that he knew small to go and do this thing. She wants to to go in a dignified way and if you sort of collapsing floods of tears. You sort of dropped the ball and the dignity is gone and I think not. I think these two people for our dignified couple so I think that's what I think for me. That's what an amount that was a baron before this next question. A brief word from our sponsors Czars Viking taking Vikings New Ocean fleet is designed with all Verandah state rooms for nine hundred thirty like-minded guests by river and by see more her at Viking cruises dot com the real life. Catherine disbarred had a hand in writing Edward disbarred speech that he gives before his execution acution photo citizens. I come here having served my country faithfully for thirty years to suffer death for a crime I did not commit these ministers know. I am innocent yet. They choose to destroy man because he's been a friend to truth. Liberty and justice justice. Ah I hope it. Falsehood greed tyranny will be anquished this nation which I have loved will one day be a beacon of Democracy Freedom Justice and humanity is this speech the culmination of everything they believed in democracy freedom justice spend humanity. I think it is yeah. I certainly think he is and I think if you look at Kathryn and what she then goes on to do. After her husband has been pretty much monitored by the state she then goes on to have an enormous hunting prison reform in the UK. I think that those actions show that that is definitely. It's not something she lives by So I think yeah I think it I think it definitely is a apart. She stands for and she seen it. You know I think that's the thing with those. They've they've been in Honduras they've ned has. As its position of governor of hunters he has managed manage to deviate land and create fairly equal fast society. Between you know imagined overseas blacks slaves ex slaves. CBS and he's divvied up the land and they've seen how equality can work. They've seen how people can live home. Nate and I think having seen that and then coming up to the UK and seeing inequalities over here that is not just a case of covering lives politics. She seen evidence of how it can work. And I think what's your thoughts. I think what drives her forward and allows you to keep moving as an activist and to keep fighting because she wants justice. This week's episode shows does Katie and full campaigner mode trying to quote bring a monster to justice. How does nets death spur her towards action towards correcting institutionalized to analyze barbarism as it applies to the treatment of prisoners? I think this things going on. I think it's spas on in Because she's seen it firsthand can't she's been documenting it for nearly two years I think by that point. She has been documented in the conditions. She has seen torture. She has seen inmates being literally injected with smallpox. She's seen in Mainz Leslie sleeping with rats running over them and she knows that's not right so I think I think his death so drives her to bring mass onto account but I think also what's going on certainly I mean I can't speak for the cavernous bowed to configure. 'cause I I just don't I but I think certainly seen in the world of pulled out from me as an actor and trying to make sense of this character's journey I think there is also that thing of rather than really grieving which I don't think think Hafren does in in in in after at nets death. She isn't grieving properly on instead of grieving. She's challenging all of the emotion. She's channeling into activism. I've seen that life has been quite a few times. I think I think it happens quite a long. It's kind of a way of diverting away from having to deal with that I mean how how dangerous a position is this for kitty to go so publicly against mercer on and cold bath fields prison than at hand out leaflets calling for an investigation I mean she and she knows that she definitely knows that. I think she feels like she's got nothing. Today's yes In a way she wants to bring master onto account and she knows that the restaurants of hand in a nets death as well as she's kind of got that incentive to do that and she very. She's very aware of how she's kind of walking the line with this you she could easily. They've they've done net over any. They could set things to take her down as well but she goes anyway. She's roll the bold that she this The tension between Kitty Carolina. Dwight comes to a head this week. You can feel the heat coming off Carolina in that breakfast scene in particular. Please excuse me not slept so many letters there at some tea. Thank you as your physician. Let miuccia resist the temptation to overexert. And this your friend. Let me ask you to consider your future. Make each when your child is born. How live where will you live? I know I speak for Carolina when I say soon as you wish how aware is kitty about her effect on the Ennis's marriage. Have you considered that. It is you who is getting too close. Carolina asked wait Which Kitty over here's She seems to realize maybe in that in that moment that her presence is doing more harm than good is it that moment when she decides to return to Jamaica or is it horaces poisoning killer Warren. What spurs her to leave Britain? I think when he's brought to our attention in that she he's he's getting in the way that she may have even if maybe subconsciously every step to mark I think certainly for kitty. That is the on the last thing she ever I wanted to do. And it was never something. She was consciously trying today. So I think for Haaretz. It's part of the reason. Why she she wants slave? But I think there's there's other forces at work as well I think once she knows that she's done as much as she can't bring the mess on down I think for Haaretz. She doesn't want to stay in the U. K.. Because I think for her she feels like he case. It's she has taken a husband and I and I don't think she wants to stay in the UK. Okay because you know has has gone. He's in France at that time. I didn't think she's got a reason to stay. I think she wants to go home so I think you know the the the sort of triangle with Carolina and Y is as a part of it but I think in the end is much bigger factors. Cheater are are are is important that make that drive the decision to guy. What did you make of the fact that Kitty leaves England not out alone but with Cecil the daughter of Ralph Hanson her enemy? Is there a message of hope. That's embedded in. The image of these. Two is travelling companions. Yeah I think I think there is you know I think there is not thing as while of the both for the time that both quite independent women because both of them are going alone which within itself that period of time for women to performing on the name is quite usual incessantly also kind of. You've stripped herself away from her father and so yeah. I think it's completely waited in. Hope I think is about new futures and I think it's about women carving out what their future can be and make making future that they decide. I think it's you know that was quite strong. Message are along those lines. Katie says I shall not be alone. How significant is it? That kitty is pregnant and that a new generation might change things for the better might achieve. What nedden could not I think? He's really poignant completely. Say why Debbie Deputy. I can see why she writes it in there. I think it's it's off. Learning is is that it's the new generation. It's that new hope. It's that sense of Ned living on and ned legacy living on and he's ideas living on as well. So Yeah I. It's a reading waiting lovely. I think it's a lovely thing that we know that she's going with Charles in an auto kind of against the odds as well because we think she you know. She's had so many miscarriages bridge as they scenes where she doesn't want to tell Nancy and she talks to Dwight gooden and Rebecca and she doesn't she doesn't want to let gays hopes up so we kind of think she's probably going to lose the baby but she has an and I think it's a really lovely it's lovely goodbye for the audience to kind of Since her going and know that she's she's GonNa be ok now. Feels like a justice there. I think I think as an audience. It must feel quite in quite warming tonight that she's not thinking she's going to go and she might leave the baby and we don't know where she's GonNa live. It feels like there's some closure there for her and that she's got a future. It might be a happy ending nines. Her husband is dead but it does feel as though there is hope for the future not that she won't be as you say she. The elway Kitties good-bye with Dwight is uncharacteristically tender. As he kisses her hands Muslim. Kennel touching. We have only heavens. We need to bring him down for my sake and finance we will. What did you make the way that Dwight and Kitty parted? It's a tender and I think they. They had quite meeting of minds. I never think I never thought when I was playing I never thought to it. It was never physical in like a sexual chemistry sort of way. I think they admired one another. I think respected one another and I think yeah it was. It was their minds. It was it was it was a meeting of minds. That's what attracted him to want to one another and maybe that when there was a there's a there's a line that was crossed by both of them You know which Carolina really picked up on and I think I think it was. I think it's it was really. It felt right. When we did on the Bo- we performed a kind of it out and it? It didn't feel like it was. It was too much watch and it was. It didn't feel like it would be that would be awful and disrespectful to count nine it kind of it kind of found it felt right but you know there tasteless between them and I think he was quite good by them both come not sure if they maybe they will want to chat about anything to see each other again. I think it is interesting because I think that meeting of the minds is what makes it so threatening to Caroline This isn't a sexual relationship. This isn't an emotional fair. It's almost I and intellectual affair that they have And that is why I think Carolina's is so thrown by her presence What what is unsaid in that silent nod between Kitty and DEMELZA? I think it's an understanding nominates. Also a huge thank you not. They've got such connection of such. You know very different different Chinese and very different places but the difficult so much in common said I think he is a funky. Because you know things could have been different if she'd have in one when Ross asks her it. Is it okay for us to go to London and try and pursue this. You know things could have been very different if she to put the foot down and said not on. I think I think not nowadays all these you know. I think it's understanding between them. These two women they they understand one another they recognize one another. I think they both recognize one. Another uh-huh in each other so I think I think it's it's fine but connection. They've got love for each other as well. As thing Kerry McLean. Thank you so very much. Thank thank you for talking to me. After five incredible seasons finally here last episode of Paul All dark and I look in your face I see a stranger. I will be a strange if you choose to desert him again. The man you once were a man no longer brooks's will date Ross. DEMELZA and company could buy a special interview with pulled our creator. Debbie Horsfield following the November seventeenth broadcast at the series finale masterpiece studio is hosted by me. 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