Caught Offside: Staring into the abyss


Caught offside with andrew. Gummy and jj davani. Oh yes off-side york city apartment in brooklyn is only. Jj what's up. Hello andrew spring his growing. It's a beautiful day going to get up to sixty today. I believe you're listening to weather. Chaff on caught off site. No but this is big sixty. Yeah i maybe not today but across across the week i think we're gonna we're gonna hit sixty at some point which we haven't seen in a while. Now that's fantastic. That's that's the kind of news i love to hear. I'll listen to this weather chat podcast anytime more. News like that What a podcast soccer podcast that we have forty coming up here today. There's a lot to get to on this one Obviously a lot happened in the primarily over the weekend and into monday. We'll discuss all of that. We have i've taken out multiple. Worry amador's For christian pulisic and bail back honors for. Just how back gareth bale is. It will measure up on those things and see where where we rate Let's see the manchester darby. Of course we'll get to that. Liverpool is is in the moment right now. Jj that. I think you'll want to address or not address. I guess we'll see mailbag red cards meta the matches. The big one is a huge one. I i i just get so excited about these podcasts. Now dave being absolutely massive during this pandemic and i look forward to this every week andrew. I i can't wait to get back into the studio nanda. Jostle you a jostle me like my older brother. Noel like steve. Bruce matt ritchie. Which we'll get to later was jostling last week. We just missed it for our podcast. There was there was some training ground. Ructions andrew and i wanna talk about them but you are right. Though that i mean i i wanna say it feels the pandemic. It's i'm so over it. And had i mean obviously we all have been basically. We're coming up on one year right. I essentially view. This thursday is march eleventh. And for me. I kind of view that as like everything before march eleventh twenty twenty normal and everything after march eleventh twenty twenty was not one year this thursday. I'm about to reach my one year anniversary. Where i well at this point. Now if i'm tracking correctly tracking and tracing my mind i had covid was was was incubating inside of me last year. Which is a lovely thought for this time. Yeah yeah so. I had it about roughly because other people at the at the event where i believe i got it got it got it badly so i feel very very lucky right but it. Yeah it's around about a year. And i lost my sense of taste and smell. Some people would say never had that sense of taste. Is it back by the way i haven't asked. Yeah it's fully back but it took away. That was the middle of summer before everything was hundred percent back last the middle of last summer and Yeah it was around this time saint patrick's day last year. I stopped being able to taste. Things zubeir tweeted out anybody else like a covert can't taste or smell things and i went. Oh it's funny. Because he re rudy gobert the jazz. Like i feel like he's treated as though he's patient zero because it's kind of his positive tests that just it's funny how i can't tell if that incident in that basketball game i view that as the delineation point of when the virus really took off do i just view it that way because i'm so sports centric but so you don't think march eleventh like the. Is it just a coincidence. That most people view march eleventh as like d day in corona viruses impact in the united states. And that was the night that that basketball incident occurred. I don't know maybe it's all just a concoction in my own head. I don't know. I go by the time december the day before patchy stay where i was gonna have a canned guinness on. Couldn't taste it so it was all just so surreal. What people are thinking how scared people were how long people thought they'd be working out of their house. I remember people saying know month two months and then yeah okay. Andrew are stuff. We've moved studio. Santo are stuffing box. We saw by. Actually yeah i boxed it all up and It's been moved into the new caught. Offside towers which i must say are not really as good as the old caught side out. So i'm not gonna lie. I'm not gonna lie but one day just to see just to be in there again and and do a show with you. Live in person it. It will be nice. But let's get into this show right now. My friend and let's start in manchester with manchester derby over the weekend and only once again getting one over pep and once again like seemingly this the only coaster ride continues as you know. Manchester never had these these down moments and then they just come back with reckless abandon and that is the case once again is It is only piercing peps armor as he has been known to do over the last couple of years. Can i begin with a meaty staff a staff. That's going to sustain you throughout this week. Andrew one among the sixty seven managers pep guardiola has faced more than three times across all competitions as top-flight boss. Only going to stall shower is the only one to have beaten the spaniard. The spine your four more often than he has lost to guardiola three. So he's beat like guardiola in all his match-ups is ahead except against ole gunnar solitaire studs. Pretty pretty amazing. It's amazing and it's just more proof of how only continues to do just enough to always keep his head above water. Yeah like he has just enough of those kinds of statistics that make you think okay. Well let's let's keep going with this guy but this was incredible but this one has significance beyond manchester united it. It has significance for manchester city because they've manchester city. It'd be receiving something of a car nation over the last few weeks i know entering the most important phase of the season on the domestic front and the european front only is the one that has told the europe in how booming voice. This team has a glass jaw. This team you can get them. Yeah i i suppose i mean maybe it sends that message or maybe it was just one bad day for manchester city. They they weren't gonna win every game the rest of the season right. I mean we started to think that maybe that was possible. But that's probably unfair expectation. It's just go ahead. i know. I think it's worth. It's worth noting that the game started in a fashion united got on the front foot saw early and the game started in a way that you wonder if gabriel his zeus. Doesn't do what he does. Maybe i mean maybe this game pans out different is no maybe about. It would pan out differently for sure. Gabrielle jesus was he can. He tackled anthony marcial. He shouldn't even have been in zone. Andrew there were four defenders between marcial and the goal was moving across there was there was no reason for gabriel j zoos to embody one of the great pop culture characters over time. And let's have a listen to what that moment sounded like as gabrielle. Jesus interjected in the game on for better than we usually do And we got it just right in so yeah gabrielle jesuits went full leroy jianghuai. Did he do it. I've no idea he's the wrong side. There's just no danger. I think. I think he if i'm if i'm correct in the lead up to the golden lose a throw in or did he did. He was he what was it was like forty seconds into the game maybe quickly dispossessed and and you know that russia blow to the head i gotta get the ball back at gutter redeem this minor minor and that changed the whole complexion because like all they're gonna soldier and his pre-game comments said how he's going to counterattack. Because you're not gonna see that much a ball against manchester city. And he did exactly that. But what city did. Zeus laid out was was perfect for united. Listen guys you're gonna to get a goal so early that it means. You don't have to do the things you're not good at. And what are the things united aren't good at. They're not good at pretty much. Anyone taking control of the game and going after the opposition like being the one that's on the front foot so city put them on the front foot they give them this start and united. The game plan was perfect to exit executed excellently. They added a second goal should of third when they did win the ball back. Marceca was brilliant. Upfront you know. It's not just that city. Were handed them this. This amazing opportunity to take the game in the direction they wanted to. You know you were good too. Yeah although i will say this you say. Take the game in the direction. They wanted to when united scored that early and now hindsight is what it is we saw at city. We're just off on the day And some credit to the united of course as well when city go down a goal so early. There was part of me that kind of thought. Oh like okay this. They've been poked now in this game in a way that they haven't been in a while and i was excited to see how they would respond as a neutral. I thought that game would open up. You know we've had concerns about manchester united's defending points throughout the course of the season and city are in this great yarmouth themselves and i kinda thought. Okay that's an early goal. City are going to be forced to plan the front foot. Now this could we could be in for a three to four to kinda game and that for manchester city it just for whatever reason never materialized. I want to just stop you there for a second. When are we concerned about. United's defending really. We're we're concerned about united defending when they're lindelof. Maguire like twenty five yards from goal are wamba. Soccer is twenty yards from goal. Not when they're you know sat in on the eighteen compaq tight to banks like the nbc coverage was very good at halftime where they showed bruno fernandez best first-half moments and what were they they were screening sitting right in and screening it. Wasn't you know great play. Our great inventiveness do that in the second half. We felt it was more sitting screen. Defend the last place. I want hari. Mcguire reports are are victim to lava. Or whoever you any united defender you put in there. In the center center by position is far from the goal is up the field so when they get to sit in. Now what do you do. You still have to defend and they defended but more than that for me andrew. They took their opportunities. They got two left. Like luke shaw dominated down that left hand side in a way. I don't think pep guardiola was ready for. And he found on the second goal to soft center. The manchester city midfield. So you got to give credit united for what they did. I the best thing i can say about united was when they did get the ball back off city and they countered they look dangerous and that is that is great credit to them. Because you know this is manchester city. And you're not gonna have the the ball very much at all and when you do have it you have to make account and really good game marcie. Out hot. he should admit it three yes. You're absolutely right. Only star became the first manager of manchester united history to win each of the first three road. Manchester darby's all competitions The club itself has won three straight road manchester darby's and all competitions for the first time since a streak of four between ninety three and two thousand. Oli that kind of leads to this question that i wanted to ask you about this kind of weird year that it's been for manchester united and i know where they sit on the table. It's it's a nice spot to be in of course not necessarily manchester united. Want to be but second in the table behind a really good city side for most teams is ideal. And i guess the one question is with regards to the united. Should they be better than they are. Everybody knows phen- on this and the answer is yes. They should be better than they are. But i'm gonna. I'm gonna take a backseat on this one. So many is basically on the same mindset as me on the same page as and i'm going to let their words speak for me because this is i white field. I was reading matthew stafford on football three six five. This is it manchester. United have shown they can take four point zero to six games ago. Excuse me four points. Four points out of six against the best team in the land this season but their title challenge was undone by the lack of a coherent plan to break down deeper defenses despite every single fan identifying that as an issue dot is the issue as one of the reasons pep. Guardiola will be absolutely annoyed about what happened the weekend. Look at the run of games came in on you know. United weren't firing on all of a sudden draw points to west brom sheffield united. No with palace right before this. Yeah they had been pretty poor. Yeah they'd be they'd been really poor and and for me and i think it's what matthews alluding to it's not a boat united being able to beat a city or put in a performance that can beat a top site. Because we know they can do that. It's a boat beating the other side's it's about being on the front foot and when you're told to go and play. Can they be inventive creative enough to do that. And that's the hard part i think i. I think if anything this season the showing us defending deepen a little block. Is the easier part of organizing football team attacking the harder part. Yeah you know. It's funny because so much is made. Jj of manchester united struggles against the other big six now granted. They've had success against manchester city. Oddly enough but against the other one's not only do they not win but they don't score goals. Then they'll know what chelsea the thrashing they got at home against tottenham so much made those because those are the glamour fixtures. But let's be honest if they had just if they had done that if all of those performances against other big six sides had remained the same and they had just taken care of business against the teams that they should be beating. They'd might be right in this race with city. Maybe not in. I but at least we'd have reason to be interested That'd be i i believe. I think it was in the same piece that matthew wrote. Debbie appoint off the just a point off if they'd if they'd done their business against the d. smaller sites. Louis van hal popped into my head remember last season. He took issue account. Remember how it came about what he took shots at soldier for something that was sade and i don't know if he took shots but he said essentially social is a defensive manager and that he wants to play on the counter-attack all the time and i think that is not as one of the problems as well for united. Because what do you do against you know. Look at west brom. What do you do against the site. That's not going to have the bowl. You've got to be creative. And that's the big issue for me. What only gonna share and it always has been is can he do the tactical work the patterns of play all the things in the final third. That jurgen klopp was able to do the thus that thomas is able to do that. All the top managers nato's men are able to do. Is that within them. Kenny create that manchester united attack. Because it's not good enough to say what he's been saying all along. We're going to get back to first principles. We're going to do what's her. Alex ferguson's teams did counterattacking side. That was you know. Quick down the wings. Quick through the center. I mean that is true. But alex ferguson's teams also dominated the ball past the ball on we're able to create in a number of different ways and and that's the challenge for solitaire now otherwise andrew. We will be looking at because he's not going anywhere. Next season will be exactly the same as this season if he can't figure that part of the game out. Well we'll see. I mean look from last season to this season they are. They are twelve points ahead of where they were a year ago at this time which is something remember. They were top of the table in january. Which it's amazing that we're just kind of roughly two months on from that and they're out of the title race. Yeah so it. It happened quickly and like we said it happened because they weren't able to perform against the lower sides in the table and last bit for me on on manchester united. They do have good names in attack. But you are right in that. It doesn't seem that they're able to get the most out of them now. I personally i still don't know. Is that also shire. Is that some just like these guys not performing up to the level that they should be mark ogden points out marcial. Radford mason greenwood and the edison kabbani have just thirty six goals between the season. he he goes on to say. If erling haaland harry qena robert levin dossier was in the squad. Many of those draws and defeats could have been turned into victories. Yeah true. I see that i see that point. I take that point but look at united second goal andrew. It's a piece of individualism. I on henderson's part to a good throw out which allows luke short step into the ball and suddenly get in behind united's defence. Our city's defense. That's that's not. That's not like some intricate pattern of play where someone drops deep gets on the ball and sets things in motion. That was a brilliant piece of individualism from luke. Shaw and so what i guess. What united really need is a more coherent attacking plan. And i'll keep saying that last bit on this game related but it was just the most to know. Jj is to know what you were gonna get in this poll. I saw you put up a poll before the game about the The greatest manchester bands of all time. Yes and you had new order. The smiths the stone roses and happy mondays. Yeah i was a little puzzled. I thought doesn't feel like we're seeing feels like one is missing yup for sure And then i look at some of the comments. Jay wolfe commented on twitter. Wow not even putting on the list at natron. Nineteen eighty-one wrote on asked. If you were trying to start a fight with gallagher. I mean it was and then like after i saw those comments i was like. Yeah this is this is. Jj if they're even if there's a hint of mainstream quality he's gonna disregard them. No that's where we have here. This is mainstream famous. This is the guy who in the before times went to see both gallaher brothers individually under solo tours in new york. So you can't say that. What i'm saying is all those bands that came before oasis. Like you talk about noel. Gallagher's influences you know noel gallagher's main guitar influence was johnny marr of the smiths so all these bands came before a waste is and that means that there does that mean that they're greater than oasis. Like well i only if you're not a for never passed them. If you're asking me which is a better bond marcy in the smits our wastes than i mean. Then we we should first of all. I'm not necessarily saying they had to win the poll. I was surprised that they couldn't even make the list. That's all okay. You know what maybe there was other binds that missed out. James missed out. You know you could put james. James of probably had more commercial success in the united states than a waste his hat. I mean james you go to a bar you. You're likely to hear song by james. What is i'm opening myself up here. There'd be vulnerable. What is a song by james. I'm not familiar. This room isn't by and you'll hear that in every single buyer in america across america. So you know there we go. It's maybe maybe i was being a bit unfair hipster. It's okay it's who you are. And it's why i love you. I'm a hipster. Because i liked this mets unbelievable. Pretty much all right. Let's move on now and let's get sad hipster on the line so liverpool. Jj just. i don't know you talk about beating a dead horse. this is now just like an ongoing theme. This is not just kinda like it doesn't feel like some little bad patch at. They're going to snap out of. I just keep wondering how has this deteriorated so quickly rarely if ever have we seen titled challenges or title teams from a year ago perform this way in their following season. It's this is. This is bizarre. All andrew liverpool are breaking all records absolutely breaking all records but in the wrong way I read this this morning on. espn afc. it's the first time ever put up last six matches in a premier league season. Not good but never mind that. It's the first time they've succumbed to six home defeats in any campaign since nineteen fifty three fifty four when they were relegated after finishing rock bottom of the old first division andrew. I am no longer staring into the abyss right now. Things have changed. There's in the update. I have entered the abyss. I've bought a house in the abyss. I'm getting my post forwarded to the abyss dark thanks to peepshow for that one. I mean the whole form has crumble sense. Big fat sam rolled into town under summer. Twenty-seventh liverpool's six consecutive defeats of come in the space of forty six days. Starting with two one loss against bernie but really the dip in home form started with that woman. Draw west bromwich being And then you see some of the names on the list brighton and fulham nor disrespect but everton preview the previously gone four years and sixty eight home league matches unbeaten before the surprise result against the clarence saw the rot set in and what was once an impenetrable fortress. It's it's unbelievable. This team just looks. I don't know when we'll win. Again is a better question. You name any team right now. And i'd fancy we lose to them. We mainly scored one. What are we scored one goal in twenty seventeen art in two thousand seventeen in two thousand twenty one at anfield. It's hard to fathom And i think it's the strangest part of this because you know we we. We always talk about injuries. And whether or not they're an excuse or reason you know like virtual van dyke all the injuries that they've had to that that single position is huge and had dented their hopes of repeating as champions the season. I think we would have understood that especially with manchester city being in the form that they're in but i do think at a certain point. Injuries are now becoming an excuse. If you're gonna lean on them for liverpool looking this bad. I think we i think liverpool could have under normal circumstances. I guess withstood those injuries and still been a top fourteen. This is something different. This is either fatigue for players had just a frenetic pace over the past few seasons under klopp. this is bad form for players. Like trent alexander. Arnold is an. are you seeing anything. Most solid today. Their stories about maybe. Psg being interested in him. This summer he spoke earlier in the season about Potentially showing interest in moving on and as agent went when he was hooked against chelsea last thursday. His agent tweeted just a full stop. Which was i thought. It was strange that he was chasing the game. That you're klopp. Took them off but okay. Yes has been turned. It just feels like to be to be in the state that they're in right now. It's got to be more than just the injuries. The injuries are a reason for a drop off but not a total collapse and especially against some of the lesser sides in the league and you can talk about injuries. fatigue. I think the total of three to four years of just pure relentlessness under jurgen klopp. And they're all factors. But yeah. I actually think andrew like talk about where we are right now. Okay where we are at this moment and things have a momentum of their own injuries have been the catalyst and the moment that brought us to this point but now there's something new at play like. This team looks to dysfunctional. The system isn't working and the question was whether you're gonna klopp high solutions as he says himself well. He made seven changes to the lineup. I put it made no difference. We saw the same patterns of play. San things were happening to the ball going a white cross going to no one slow build up play. I mean it's just just the wheels of come off and if you look at some of the players look they look not just like physically fatigued but they just mentally exhausted. It's club said last week after chelsea. There's no comparison between the dortmund and fourteen fifteen collapse and liverpool's current situation. I've pushed against that. But are we at a point. Now where this is the end of a uruguayan club cycle. And if you look at minds if you look at dortmund and those examples that this is a manager that hasn't been able to find his way out of this or is it because because right now it feels as if liverpool are just. Let's get to the summer. let's get to the summer. let's get a break. The manager is i won't say resigned. but you know he just. He doesn't seem like he has any answers at the moment. Yeah i would be. I mean. I'm sure there's some of that the idea of. Let's just get to the summer. Part of me. Feels like that might be papering over cracks though and looking pass some some real problems that could be forming with this group of players. Well i know i think. I think it's only a few weeks ago that i did. The jamie caraher list of of minutes played since the seventeen eighteen champions league final. You can't tell me. That's not a factor. That's got to be factor. But how do you address it. No how do you address it in a football club. That has ownership that you nor from boston and i know from liverpool. Don't like spending well certain players will have to go. they'll have to. They'll have to send money out to be willing to spend. So how do you do that in a pandemic where we're there is no. There's very there reduced. Well you yourself have said that. Psg are pandemic. What's peo- if they want to come in and spend a boatload from asala maybe it's i it'll suck to see him go liverpool fans love him. He's been a part of so much success in all time. Great for them but maybe it's time he's talked about leaving if they're gonna spend then maybe it's for the best. It's not even just there. I mean you you are shakira jerry off the top of my head Possibly one of the When album i mean this is This will be an accelerated rebuild. A point at which. We didn't think we were at with the team. Maybe we are at no the The seven changes the klopp made to the side. You know you looked at the lineup and It was just it was almost unrecognizable from what we've known they're consistent. Starting eleven to be. Is that a nod in your mind to going all in on the champions league. I think it might be part of it. But i think it was more freshen. It up minutes gibson became coming back in. I mean keta needs minutes. He needs to play I think it was more to do with trying to find a solution to this. I mean diego's your coming in. She was in for a while Most notably at west ham aware. Then he was out again for a little bit now. He's back in. I think this is more a manager trying to find a way to kickstart a team rather than well. We must save x. or y. for the champions league. I'm sure that's part of it too. Have you I forget which game it was after when you was at southampton you just kind of went for a walk you sorta kinda down you try is that is that what you're doing now like every weekend kind of these games end and you just go for like a walkabout through brooklyn yes so much walking and You know my dad's a huge liverpool fan. So i called him before the games the games happen they feel like they feel like nine inch nails song. Every day is his dissent is exactly the same. Every game is exactly the same and i call my dad after the games because i have nothing to say. What can we say we were just seeing this an all again. It's a great time for people who've hated the last three years of this podcast liverpool being successful. It's it's a great day for them. It really is lots of walking andrew. Walking walking can help. I get my again my ten thousand steps in very easily. That's important bit of breaking news from this morning. Klopp related This is ronin murphy who is goals. German football experts at klopp on replacing yogi lou. Who is on his way. He and it's been announced that he's going to be leaving germany after the euro's yes so of course. The rumor mill went into overdrive and that justifiable. I would say So yogi said No i will not be available. As a potential coach of the german national team in the summer are not yogi. Didn't say this jirga this uragan. Excuse me i will not be available. As a potential coach of the german national team in the summer are after the summer. I have three years left at liverpool. It is simple situation. You sign a contract and you try to stick to that. He couldn't help but not but include the word try. Their try is try. Might be carrying a lot of weight right there. We know how contracts work yes and also north of the border. Something stirring a new king has been given his crown. It look. i mean we're all this we'll get to that we're saying all this with a smile and tug and cheek but like all of these things are happening in the exact like timing that it would need to align to make it all occur. The prophecy has been fulfilled like liverpool struggling under klopp yogi announcing that. He's going to step away from germany while stephen girard has just one title with rangers. It's all happened simultaneously. Like eddie it has. These are facts. Why are you fighting it. I don't know if they're good facts. I don't i don't like just. I think you're worried that you're worried. About what just happened with frank at chelsea and you feel like it's gonna be ha- happen with gerard liverpool no. I'm worried about a rangers manager coming into liverpool an ex liverpool player and destroying a system. That's already been put in place allah graham soon as in nineteen ninety two when i first started supporting this club. I've seen this story before my friend. I don't like how it ends anyway. We should we're way ahead of ourselves here in your cells. All right Let's see we continue now. Jj so i had mentioned topless show that i have two meters that sorta kinda gauge temperature. Where things are at the first one is my pulisic. Worry honor okay. How worried we are with young christian I would say a nine. I'm i already registered concern on on on our twitter yesterday. As is my won't and what you say you have a worry ometer. I have concern counter and the concern counter is opposite worry. Ometer decreasing scale. Zero is full panic. A one is very close to that. And i am at one right now andrew. Can i read you a quote from thomas toco. Of course nizara kestler tweeted this out the chelsea journalist to kill on pulic. It is a bit unfair. But i know what an impact he can. He can have in the last twenty to thirty minutes from the bench. He was unlucky in the last game. It is not a lack of quality or trust. We have another guy like him in emerson who does not play but trans at the highest level. Now he also did. Mention abraham to as another one in that group ooh i. I don't think that's a group you want to be in. I mean what was it. Six months ago he's being handed the number ten jersey and now he's now he's being viewed as he's a tube uses a super sub essentially. I'd forgotten up until maybe a few months ago. That emerson was still at chelsea. You know. I'm not saying that they don't play the same position or whatever but is -peutic no the guy who trans hired grip prior to the squad might give them a few minutes at the end to impact a team. This is not. This is not where you want to be. This is not where he was joined last summer. No he's he's in a place now word feels like it's going to take unfortunately else getting hurt for him to get another chance. And that's that's risky may not happen. It might mean that he doesn't get another chance. And here's the real problem. That i think american fans have to cope with is that we focused so much on the pulitzer angle of chelsea. But like for thomas to go. That's not really that it's not about that. His job isn't to appease the american families. It's the win and they're doing that so there's no there's no real reason. Why does he hit our nation. It's it's a podcast for another day. But like i mean so i looked it up average. Two point three three points per game under two compared to one point five. Three hundred land part. Their unbeaten eleven games since two took over like we can criticize and say this isn't right great player. He should be playing but to a certain extent. The proof is in the pudding. Maybe all those things are true. Pulisic is doesn't change the fact of what we think of him as a player but as long as chelsea continue to win and now i have has finally awoken then. He's not going to get another chance. Unless like i said one of these other guys gets hurt and look at look at the stock of of the teacher's pet mason mount just blossoming and continuing to to put in some really good performances and and his usual high-energy workrate for thomas. Toco so mesa mount off for me. I mean mount was never picture with with old frankie Because they'd established such bond bond of brothers at derby county but now pulic has been kind of left in the shadows and it is bad news. that harvard's is beginning to hit a little bit of form. And yeah the concern. They con- considering counter. Is that one. And the worry honors at nine. And you know the funny thing to you. Know we all kind of misread. The two-goal politic dynamic from their time of borussia dortmund. Because he says in another quote. Maybe kristen's problem is i know from dortmund. How strong he is from the bench. I think he started only in the cup. Game an indiana. That's my responsibility in my fault. So he kind of has this like you know how we all have relatives like. I have a cousin who he's out of college. Now he's a grownup and his aides. The full adult. But he's a cousin that i don't see very often and i saw him a lot when we were little kids. And i was looking back and philadelphia so in my head. He's nine not like whenever my mom says. Oh your cousin. I heard from his mom today. He's doing good. Like i picture a nine year old boy. He's twenty eight. Like i feel like that's where to and are still. Has this image of christian pulisic is like a sixteen year old. And he can't he can't shake that. Yeah and also the worrisome crow called that i read Last week about how. He loved how he was injury as a youngster. When you're absolutely supposed to be injury free and now you can imagine that like we said he's a man in a rush like he could achieve a lot in a short time at chelsea if you think about it right now. They're roaring up the primarily league They are in a very strong position and put themselves in a strong position in the champions league and two has no time for the concerns of some rominger podcast hosts on the east coast of the united states are indeed or indeed for christian pulisic right now this is all about winning and winning quickly challenge. Next week is is going to have to. I think to talk about chelsea without mentioning that. I've got other americans. I'm gonna mention later on in this moment. We go from that meter to my bales back. Auditor which also is at nine. Jj six goals in his last six games. But it's not just that he's finding the back net he's setting up chances like you saw the channel created early against crystal palace where he dribbled through two defenders played in a perfect ball to sun sunshine scored. Let's be honest a free header from about four yards out but it was right at the keeper bail. He's i don't know if it's temporary i. I'm just going to ride this wave because he's he is back. The only reason. I can't go full. Ten is because i kind of want to see him do it against i guess what i deem to be elevated competition. I guess you know depending on who you ask. I would say this sunday in the north london. Darby's you'll get that chance assuming he's gonna play. How could he not right now. So he's back baby and also taking a lot of the credit for him being back. Babies manager is his manager. Who has talked about how waiting and getting him physically. Right was the correct thing to do. Yeah the way. You won't even concede the possibility that that is actually true. Oh no i can. But i will. I would put it down. Even i would put down the former bail. And the form of tottenham general to removing the handbrake. That was on this team. Look at that front four bail. Lucas on can i mean would hoiberg behind it with reggae on the on the left hand side. Even matt dr ds playing. Well yeah you know. He aid he was there. You didn't think he was that good fine. I don't know he was like if i listed my top five standout performer. I would have included him. But whatever that's besides the point. I did want to mention cain because so much well hang on. Hang on before i mentioned. Can you need to acknowledge that. My daughter gets an assist for the cancun. You're sick a wanted to mention. Cain because so much of the attention is on bail right now. Because i think people are just like so by his his resurgence but like cane now fifty five goal contributions to him for him in his fifty one games under marino. And like. I don't know if i if i say this enough about came. Because like the tottenham old heads will have their take and like the cutting edge. Jj hipsters who different. They'll have their take for me. It's simple this. This is the best player that i have seen play for this team in my life on. I don't know that he's the best ever. I mean obviously like you. Jimmy greaves contingent. Maybe there are people who will say glenn hoddle saying that me personally what i have seen like. I don't care about like some of these other guys going quite frankly no like this for me. I'm watching it now and this is this is the guy and i don't really care what anyone else says. And who comes and goes this. This is the guy that i will talk about. When i and an old head and i'm boring. The youths with the days. That i was watching spurs so the goal that he scored his first tottenham third. Wasn't i mean he's he's doing things out there. That other guys who are also of great quality won't try and he doesn't to perfection. He's we're tottenham fans are lucky to have been watching the sky over these last several years but by the way if your objective in the future is to bore people. I think you've made a good start on it with that little moment. I mean right. Yeah andrew he's them. He's brilliant and keep because of the summer ahead of the european championship. Whatever whatever form that's going to take you look at england lund's attack and him spearheading on the players. That are around the english midfield and the english attack. You know you're jaden santros Given your miss and moments just you look at the team in general England are in good shape. Say what are you. What are you driving at here. They were worries me. It worries me here. we go. it's it's the media enthusiasm building behind england once again. It's coming home for a while. It looked like the tournament was coming home. Boris johnson last week said we welcome. We're ready to go. We're going to have if you need. Extra games in england plays come to england. Come and we're also going to bid for the world cup to really just. They're they're in their feelings right now because they really are. There had yeah. They're having a moment right now. Very big cultural moment. Did you watch meghan markle. And i sure did kind of i had the nba all star game on my ipad. My headphones on that but the tv was on the interview. So i was kinda like. I paid just enough attention to know. Exactly what was going on. I thought oprah was excellent. Oh yeah she's great old. You think when we we eventually a sever ties with espn or they get rid of us. We'll sit down with oprah mean you holding hands talking to oprah about how the institution mistreated us. The institution is treated as just fine all right. Let's see what one thing. Outside of england that i wanted to mention that is spain because it looks like we now have a title race after all and tomorrow is going to be a big one except let madrid who have kind of been leaning on these games at hand like they have four games at hand and felt like earlier in the season that finally we'll get wiped away tomorrow when they play bill bell. So this is that this is it andrew. I'm not saying this is the league. But this is the biggest game of the season right now for for at letty with two wins and five so i mean they're not a bad side but they're in the copay final against lonzo. This is so big. it's it's enormous and especially with with barcelona getting a little bit of wind under their sales more than a. I'd say more than a little An a messy like it's it's the other than obviously the the. I can't call what happened in the champions league. A blip on the radar barcelona. I think you know they pride themselves on what they do in europe so that's more than a blip that was that was truly damaging to how the season will be judge but in terms of the league. It's like i almost have to wonder who you. Who is the favourite to win this league now. I wish i had like the actual betting odds in front of me. Well i can tell you right now. That well let's go to five thirty eight. The number bods So right now. They have barcelona with an sba of ninety. One point two points to win laliga five percent athleti are in second with forty one persona so barcelona is now viewed by many as the favourite. That's amazing marginally so but still for where they were. i mean this was a runaway for athletico madrid. Not so long ago. Here's what i feel about it. If at letty don't win tomorrow. Barcelona will go on and win this thing. That's how i feel. And i mean we shouldn't overlook the fact that real madrid are now back in it after getting a draw over the weekend against athletico madrid in a game. Where they they thought. They should've won on a controversial handball. That was called and then overturned. I think if you recession the former the three sides though andrew and out of the no says the form of barcelona versus rail in madrid from why would for me right now. Barcelona or form of the three. I think so. And now they've elected a new president enjoying laporta who was the former president. Now he's back and he'll have an interesting rain ahead of him because barcelona he enters a time where obviously they have enormous debt which we'd spoken about and they have to figure out a way to clear that up and they have this messy situation where laporta was basically running on a on. A platform of vote for me is of for bessie And so like now. He's one and he'll have to fulfill that promise. So does he like in a time when barcelona have all the debt that they had does he have to still open up the checkbook and give messy whatever he wants to remain to fulfill that promise or if essy's to leave can say look we tried. We were willing to give him whatever he wanted but he's decided to try something different night. There's nothing i can do about that. It's what he wants so it'll be interesting to see what happens but the way messy is playing right now i i could see why they'd want him back. And why laporta chose that as as a platform to run on a grim hunter as audi financial problems for laporta that. He's facing the portuguese now. The man charged with steering barcelona away from their calamitous. One point three billion dollar global debt paying or delaying the short term debts of some seven hundred and fifty million euros. Eight hundred ninety million dollars on doing it. While simultaneously renewing the expensive contracts of umbrella On also buying clutch four or five top talents including his dream ticket of earning holland and also bowl convincing and paying messy to stay I mean at a certain point. How can you do all these things. Yeah well what graham says. Everyone should read the piece because he goes into some great detail. He says that the porta impossible isn't a word in his his vocabulary and Dot he cares people to call them that he's going to go basically into kind of financial refinancing situation as regards the debt. And he's probably graham said he'd be shocked if he hasn't begun that process already by the way in that in that piece. Graham also lays out some amazing stories that kind of paint a picture of the guy that laporta is. Did you read through those. I didn't get to those yet. I'm in the middle of he tells a story. I laporta was was serving his time in the military for in spain and near the near the end of his time his mandatory time serving he went awol to take a a woman. I think to egypt. But i guess he was so beloved by other members of his In in the military that when like when they have to line up in the mornings and everybody would have to say if they were present other guys would just shout present in different voices for when reports. His name was mentioned when he came back from his trip awol he was expecting to be reprimanded and all this trouble and they didn't even know he was gone so he just slid back in that search and other stories about that that show. What interesting guy He is it's see and he was the guy that promoted pep guardiola so he has an aura amongst the barcelona. Socio about kind of having a feel for what the club needs. We'll just his initial tenure. From three. to twenty ten is sort of like that was barcelona's rise back to prominence on on a global stage with ronaldinho and like you said messy and pet guardiola emerging. So i think it ended in an ugly fashion for him but here is back again. Back again indeed Can i just say a couple of things before we go to the break. Well we gotta mailbox back next what we do indeed yes. Can i just talk about So i sat down and watched dormant. Don't under the deter. Oh say they did. It did it. I actually watched leipzig in freiburg and not to alarm myself. But i did alarm myself. Light stig removing the ball it was very snappy it was one torch the third goal by force berg was brilliant and now i am deeply deeply concerned about liverpool's game this week against against leipzig in the champions league. I feel that is an over and the away but technically at home so away goals count in budapest again for this game so they've gone back to budapest for this one Also to notes from. Us players jar sergeants header for vertebrae man. What a what. An excellent goal was and more difficult header than it actually looked a it was a pinpoint cross and darryl de que. Jj he's we're talking about guys who are having moments right now. He's having one. We'll absolute belter for barnsley to continue their Their really good form in the championship. I tweeted out when i saw the goal Tweeted at the barnsley account belt. Her from decay into roof of technet. Because that's the way they speak speaking york share and of course barnsley liked the tweet. There you go. there's affirmation that you need. I need that all the time. That i am on top of my culture. Net andrew googling now also. I think tyler boyd scored over the weekend. A lot of americans playing well. So striker position andrew. I'm not worried about not worried. You wonder if it might just be the kind of thing where like okay. Like england right now. We talk about hurricane. They kind of just generally know when euros roll around. Kane will be striker when it's world cup it'll be a we're just going to be one of those countries where it'll just be depending on form like we can't necessarily say a blanket statement of who are striker is just like whoever's in that good form at any given moment would just ride that hot hand and we have just kind of have to live like that we've potentially potentially because he declared for us so i won't speak too much about. We've potentially the top scorer in switzerland. Two young boys berne and we need that particular player needs to declare for us now fleas. But yeah. I don't think we're gonna be stuck is what i'm saying. Good stuff i'm gonna remember. You said that there will inevitably be another moment when we say god. I wish we just had a competent striker. Not i'm going to remember that you said that all right here we go mail back. Jj the mailbag andrew. Coffee pot That's the snail. Mail caught off site. Espn on instagram. And at your soccer on twitter First one is just after baio go to mention last week. In last week's podcast our listeners alerted us to this trailer that dropping for baggio the divine ponytail what an age twenty six on net flicks a dramatization of life. It appears to be from the trailer and the in game. How shall i put this. The in game footage the recreated in game footage looks really good. It looks really good like digitally. I don't know yet because the trailer but but the shops like they shall not grow old type stuff. I'd be that would be on believable. But i'm really excited about this. I have one quibble. It appears from the trailer that the nets representing the d. goal nets usa and ninety four. Which were the most Pillowy and What's the word bella. We goal nets. they were enormous. The ball never wants the ball went in stayed in. You'll remember was it a. It's like the nets mirrored the style of clothing in the united states in that time just very baggy and loose. Yeah it's like. I often notice when you buy a shirt over here. It they're much they're much less fitted than they are in europe are much more like a parachute really and the nets murdered style in ninety four. The nets aren't like this for the baio documentary. Which is i look forward to it for money reasons but also i really hope they show italy's first game loss in that world cup to the republic of ireland where badger spent most of his time inside the pocket of paul mcgrath. But that's may twenty may twenty six on net flicks tobias netflix. Come through again men. Palay doc the anelka dot before that gio. I mean they're giving caught off site so much content to talk about Tobias can we talk about newcastle. Are we heading for relegation number. Three under mike ashley. So i've looked at this from a mathematic standpoint. Oh i do know. I do know that is how fans like to consume their soccer. I was ask. i was gonna go for tabloid standpoint. But i'll let you go with your matt's i so basically looking at it as so. They're one point up on fulham. A game in hand newcastle tied with brian. Right now but ahead on goal difference. Oh they got twenty seven points. So are we still operating under the assumption. That forty is the magic number. That's kind of like it's a golden rule us that just use it for so. Here's they play villa brighton. Spurs burnley west ham liverpool arsenal. Lester man city chef ignited and fulham ending the season by the way against fulham. How big might that be so in looking at that i would say they need somewhere in the neighborhood of five to seven points from the next four matches because after those four the gauntlet hits like listen to those again after the after the four west ham liverpool arsenal lester and nancy in that order. So they're going to need to have a little bit of money in the bank going into that stretch so then that leads into the final two games of the year so if they get five points from these next four that gets them to thirty two. Then let's say maybe they can get three total from that gauntlet of five games. That gets them. To thirty five and then two wins to end the season against sheffield united and fulham would get them across the line of forty one. So it's and that's by the way me saying five points from the next four underestimating what they would hope to get. But i figured. I would go on the low end so even if that happens you know it's it's still feels possible but just the fact that they've been dragged into this it's this is i mean the tobias recognise really go down a third time under this ownership. Yes is the answer just go on and more simplistic basis. Fulham are playing way better than them just playing like. I just fancy fulham to do more. Although fulham should have had more from their last three games than just the three points against liverpool i would i would contend Certainly should have picked up three points against crystal palace At least andrew things behind the scenes are good at newcastle. Except that they're not last week like we kind of missed out on this a little bit with our recording times but craig whole covers. The club for the daily mail ran. This exclusive matt ritchie. Call steve bruce a coward during training ground showdown as nfc boss badges into player. Who tells bruce you've done. F all for me ritchie and others. Furious bruce's blame for the wolves goal. That will of course where they surrendered the one nine lead at home to wolves last week and then another backpage headline from the daily mail last week it's treason and they're not talking about meghan markle for this amazing for the daily mash. Reuss hunts tune mole as he admits are bust up story. That's by craig hope. So basically steve bruce's said admitted that the story about richie was true but said that the bad part of it is was that there is a mole in the camp. Not that this boss happened this argument but that it was treason. His word steve bruce's words. It was treason to Let this league Yeah not good so death by hanging to whomever they find the guilty party. Yeah treason yeah by the way you can i. I tried to find a what exact it was from last week. I think it was march fifth. And it's amazing if you google daily mail and treason. How many different articles come up. They are. they're they're big on treason. Just remember before the season started like think of where newcastle we had we had. We did in the club with newcastle. Didn't we about the proposed takeover. Everything's about to change. They're going to come the next man city pacino's getting rid of the communist manager like it was all written and and done it. Felt like a now. They may be going down for yet another time. Incredible cameron with a with a gritty email. Hey guys got into the pod back in high school. When i found my love for soccer listened all the way through college and know what my desk at work. Hope that doesn't make you feel too old kinda. That's a lot of life changes to happen. I guess if you were in your senior year in high school when you started listening to us you went off to college. You know you're working i. It makes sense. It's look have two kids since the show started. I know i've done. Nothing helped to grow my love of the game. And i always look forward to listening every week when you rip on my blues writing this before the game against everton and after the game at anfield or forget that minnesota united exists. How dare they say that He pointed at me made well actually his next line kidding. Of course lew the praise molina's goal against sql is. That was my goal of the year. Right yeah it was one thing. I've been curious to get your thoughts on. Not sure if you guys have paid attention to this year. Is the women. Super league in england with games occasionally being broadcast in the us on the nbc app. I found myself now watching more women's soccer than ever before now that i can watch. Women's team occasionally online bolt on nbc and in the chelsea app. I've been really enjoying it. I think the quality of that league and money of the european women's league rivals dot of nws l. here in the states more us women's national team players playing in the ws l. Lavelle moons morgan. I think that it has the potential to attract you a soccer fans to watch more women's stop soccer and get to know more than just the. Us women's national team players. What are your thoughts on this league and its potential to grow. I would echo all that. I would say that i have not watched much of it. I'm not gonna lie. I haven't watched television. I saw that. Jonathan pearce was commentating on one of the games the weekend. Which is you know that that's a big name to have come Commentating on the women's game and rightly so. I haven't watched that much. But you're i mean you're definitely right. The eyes of of There's going to be a battle between the ws l. and the nwa sell over over viewership. And i think right now with with. Us players being based in england. It's i think the point you made his absolutely right. Attention is going to switch there. It's good league as well. The few clips and bits of games. I have watched have been very good. I say you know. Last season. I watched most of the The championship the tournament dot. nws iran. i thought that was really really good. Because of the pandemic there were forced to do it right. I enjoy data lot but i. i definitely haven't watched that much of the game in england. Yeah i haven't either. I guess we always. I don't know the thing that i want. The nwa sell to be the dominant domestic league. Now ultimately it's great for women's sports and for women's soccer in particular that it grow all over the world not just in the united states so it is still a good thing but selfishly. I want the nwa sell to be the preeminent league you know and you know big name. Players rose lavelle outs morgan. Both newel sisters like they've all they've gone over there and bull. I wonder if that will continue to occur and like how the distribution of talent will go between the domestic league and playing abroad yip okay. Let's see renee jar. Don actually maybe just renting jaren. I've gone too far with that actually on. I don't know i'm gonna give it a bit of fancy flare. choose day. why not. What are your thoughts on arson. Vendors offside rule being tested by fifa and on the rule itself So according to his rule for off side player would be judged off-side only if any part of the body with which he can score. A goal is passed the last defender yet. So first off. I would say. I'm all for experimenting with any change really to what the current offsite situation is. I kind of like what they're doing in the dutch art. Vc right now where the lines. By which var adjudicates. An offside is just thicker so. There's a greater margin for error. I think it's like the line is five centimeters. For the offside line and then like the line of where the last defender is five centimeters. So it's like a ten centimetre margin for error so it's not nearly as molecular and there'll still be close calls on that but you'll feel much much less aggrieved by the decision like it. It'll just be much more obvious than what we see now with the molecular so i would go. I like the dutch. Feels a little simpler to me but you know if they want to try vendors on. I'm all for that too. I think anything is a step in the right direction than what the status quo is. Currently michael cox echoes mike concerns. A players would be able to stand yard behind the defender and then we'll be ruled on site by dangling their foot behind them. I've never heard fan think of this as onsite i. I also think that's fair. And i also i would worry about defenses. No saying look we're just gonna sit back further and you'd have more compact Low block defenses. They wouldn't fancy this. They'd be afraid for defenders to be caught out by. It think players will do that though. We're though like is that natural to stand in a way where you're keeping one foot dangling behind you like you know. I think what's going to happen. Andrew is that never mind the dangling for a second players will make later runs. That would usually be offsite. And they'll be adjudicated onsite because it's worth the risk. There's a better chance of you being on site and defenses and look at that and go out not doing it in the fall right back and we'll have a game. That's a little less adventurous. I would. I would worry about that. Now lucas. What are andy's engages. Goto drinks at the pub invited questions that were not soccer related. I see that is probably is sock. Related. let's be fair I would say right now. I've been enjoying in the winter and spring months pints of guinness. I haven't been appalled in a year. Yeah i know but like when we do go to the pub the winter drink is guinness. And i know where to get the best in brooklyn if anyone wants the. Dm mia can tell you. It's it's amazing absolutely amazing. It's like back home the place. I know unbelievable unbelievable and in the wind in the spring and the summer i suppose i like coney island mermaid that's That's my toes nurturing. Always enjoy good. I know not. Everyone loves them. But i i'm a huge fan little whiskey on the rocks always good. If it's summer i'll any kind of like a summer ale or you know. I'm not above corona orland shark. Jj blanche eric. Yeah i could do that. Yeah all right. That was the mail back. Oh all right there. You go Let's see let's bring it down the stretch now. Jj red card. I'm gonna go first. That's okay with you. And i'm gonna go with inter miami not a good sign when i logged on. Espn afc on saturday morning and saw not one but two inter miami headlines the first one reading inter miami inter milan in settlement talks over trademark dispute and the second one reading. Mls investigates david. Beckham's inter miami over tweedy transfer. Not a good weekend. Let's start with the second thereabouts tweeting. You may remember that. Some eyebrows were raised when tweety signed for them with tam jayjay targeted allocation money and not as a designated player This is from jeff carlisle. He said according to mls roster rules for twenty twenty. This meant the tweet salary was at least six hundred twelve thousand but no more than one point six million a source with knowledge of the situation indicated that the league is investigating whether much weedy was paid additional money with the knowledge of inter miami in addition to what is specified in the players contract that is that is not legal quote. There's some concerns that may tweety received additional balance. The source said so that is not great and then the other business with the whole inter trademark thing in two thousand fourteen. Jj inter milan actually filed a us patent on their name. But that did not stop inter miami from filing their own patent in twenty eighteen and a year later they fought an opposition to milan's trademark claims in the mls finally it stated that inter milan's applications should be refused because the term inter is descriptive. It also argued that allowing milan's use the term would result in a likelihood of confusion in the marketplace Like likelihood of confusion doesn't see if that is their argument like if another soccer podcast came along. Jj also named caught offside and they demanded that we change our name. Don't you think the first thing we do is kind of look and see who hit established at first. yup absolutely what are they. What are they hoping to. Why would this go in their favor. I think they've already been ruled down twice on that argument so i wonder if is going to end with inter miami just simply having to change their name which by the way i don't think would be the worst thing in the world. It was suck for them in terms of their branding and all that and they've just gotten off the ground. I'm sure you know two years and you don't have to do something like that and start it from scratch. But like i'll be on all the fcc's and the united states and even like ray al salt lake okay with it even though it feels a little bit forced to me sometimes but i'm okay with it because i those are are terms. That are kind of a part of soccer vocabulary. Dc fc dallas. Even we call it soccer. They wanna be. Fc whatever but like inter isn't really soccer vocabulary to me. It's pretty much a club so to me. I felt like that's a little bit of a bridge too far. And i would be okay if they if they ended with them changing their name. Yeah i agree with i. Also just the the whole back and forth on blazed more tweedy. It was interesting to read the athletic soccer reporters who say look. Mls is usually kind of not loose with the rules but you can bend the rules if benefits the league to get a good player or a high profile player into the club. Like what most inter- have done to annoy the league to this extent a. We're not having this right. you know. my ricard is a club social media accounts. They think they're part of the game. Athletico madrid of taken an apparent swipe at rivals rail madrid on social media over complaints about the referee sunday's derby they even criticized correct decisions. The club tweeted on monday afternoon. Adding that some people are used to always having the wind behind them. The tweet tha just tell. Jj that like it's just a bitter fan who's running. These accounts at the time on the tweet comes after madrid's criticism of referee alejandro hernandez hernandez for failing to award them. A penalty for handball during the one one draw which saw athletico maintain their lead at the top of the league. That's an enough about that. I don't wanna talk about it anymore. I was struggling for red card. And it's always easy fodder to look at those who were on clubs social media accounts. Well there you go. You're very honest. Let's see my man of the match. Jay der classic over the i german soccer match ever televised live on. Abc and it did not disappoint two goals in the first nine minutes. Both from one of the game's brightest rising stars and erling haaland with his first. He reached one hundred senior level goals for club and country in only one hundred and forty six appearances so for context that took cristiano renaldo three hundred and one games to reach that mark took lionel messi two hundred ten to colin one forty six believable truly unbelievable but then the german champions showed why they are in fact. The defending champions four unanswered goals as it seemed like everyone on twitter. Predicted would happen. Like i was kind of like on social media while watching. That game was and a ten minute and like people were like. Yep for to byron. I tweeted i said straightaway i this is. This is the worrying time we're department funds. Fear it's going to end up for two four unanswered hatrick from robert lennon dusty leavened asking now has twenty two goals in twenty three meetings against borussia dortmund since joining barham unit. He extended his lead as the all time score in classical history with twenty seven goals. In thirty seven appearances. Remember he was on bruce dorton before buying munich. Byron's number nine also extended his wide margin his top score among europe's top five players in all competitions this season thirty seven goals in thirty three games. He's only nine goals away from bundesliga record for most goals in a single season. That was set by byron. Legend mueller with forty back in seventy one. Seventy two so. The wind put byron back atop the table after rb. Leipzig in one also meant the buyer. Now's won five consecutive meetings against dortmund in all competitions for the first time in fifty years which was just knowing how dominant biron aben for over a decade thought. A little bit surprising to me but really fun game for the neutrals and really cool. It happened to be on national. Tv you got to see the best of holland you got the best of lebanon goals. It was it was fun. Man that was that was an enjoyable surprise turning on abc. Over the weekend. I was lovely to watch spent saturday morning. Just watching bundesliga and it was a nice pilot. Cleanser andrew. I had grown large and weary from just devouring barclays every week so it was good to have some german schnitzel. I feel like that could be the w- could be the name of our podcast. Devouring barclays okay. Man of the match will get me in trouble with lots of people but Those people some of my hope family and friends aren't listening glasgow. Rangers and stephen girard renders of won the scottish premiership for the first time in ten years following celtics failure failure being the general theme of something season to beat dundee united on sunday. The success is a first as a manager for former liverpool and england. Captain stephen girard who took charge at ibrox and twenty. Eighteen title means that rangers have now extended their world record tally to fifty five one. More than northern ireland's linfield. Celtic are unable to become the first club in scotland to win the league for a tenth time in a row. Rangers remain on beaten in the league with six matches remaining the season and picked up a three. No victory against saint moore on saturday to maintain their one hundred percent. Home record and set up. Sunday's clinch and celtic rangers will meet on march twenty first and I think that game is that game at ibrox are. Is it at celtic park. I'm not sure but rangers will be champions unbelievable journey for the club over the past decade from when they went into administration dropped to the third tier or the fourth tier of scottish football. Can't remember which one it was It's amazing what happened on their fans have been out celebrating There was some really work. Yeah nicholas sturgeon. The the first minister in scotland congratulated rangers on the tight win and recognize. What a moment. it is. Fans booed tweeted gathering gathering crowds. Now just risks lives and could delay exit from lockdown for everyone else if those gathering care at all about the safety of others on the country they will go home and then she had to tweet rangers again to say. Please ask the fans to go home. Incredible scenes and Stephen girard. I didn't think taking on as big club as rangers was going to end well for him. Boss i'm not saying it's ending now But this is This is gerard to the future on saturday so this was prior to clinching. But they were pretty much a one hundred percent ninety nine point nine percent over the line. This is jarrett's comments to rangers tv. And as you say you hope can be the start. There's still plenty for even just s these of course in the short medium and long term for me the the priority is a really let that sink in get it. Officially done realized the monumental achievement his book. That's gotta that's gotta make more home reasonable for me. I'm already thinking about what's next hour bowl did. That's the dot. That's my drive every single day. When i concern since i was a young artist want success. I wanna win. One on football matches one enough moments like andries already thinking to the future. Where do you think that future lies. I mean i. I have planted my flag firmly in that. That future lies at anfield. But it's not. Do you think he does another season at rangers does he do. Does he go to another club. Would you go to like france or germany. maybe not france Does he go to germany and take a job. Like is there a step in between. Let me ask you a question if so if klopp leaves let's say let's just pretend he does. I know klopp said he's got a contract. He's going to try to fulfill it. Let's just suspend reality and pretended he leads. Who would you. Jj van want liverpool's next manager to be that that realistically could be the next manager. Nato's man okay so many of that oak. That's fair that's a totally legitimate answer. You probably might be in the majority. I hit to like. I think it's a great achievement. What stephen jared has done but it is scottish achievement. You you have to look at that and you have to look at the way celtic. Like you're talking about implosion like liberals implosion right. Now is bad but celtics is being unbelievable considering the status. How far ahead. They were arranges for the last two years. I just think i. I think i think jared has gone about things the right way. The way set things up the staff. He's taken on i. It's it's it's a huge step. It's a massive step on. I don't think I don't think it should be something that the event a top left. That should be offered to him without him going somewhere else in a more competitive scenario. I wonder if there's another primarily club that he would go to before liverpool a little more of a mid table side. It'd have to be someone that would be utterly inoffensive so we're talking about talking about your brightens are a knowledge okay. Inoffensive to what to liverpool assuming norwich komo up enough. Yeah he's he so wedded to dot club that it would. It would have to be a club of that stature. That would have you i. I don't see it i. I'm so curious as to what he does. No i really am. His stock has never been hired us about jer the last three years because you know there were times when we reported on what he was doing out. Rangers we talked. I remember one report. We did was at last season overseas. And before where we said. This isn't going well. He's attacking the players. You kinda did Frank lampard on it where he said well you have to ask the players about that But now it's it's turned around and he's a god in glasgow. He is now assumed god-like status because he stopped ten in a row. Yeah so this. Is the very very interesting times for stephen girard. Boy you look so paint over this. Yeah i mean i'm happy. I tweeted out. I was happy for him. Despite the fact that some of my celtic supporting friends from back home. Contacted me to say that i would be removed from certain groups and some friendships would be terminated because of the really well. Yeah yeah it's not sectarian at all that's mature well there you go. That's that's that's very big of you then to have done this. I didn't realize the ramifications of you. Doing that could could ruin everything. You may not alone back home. No it's not it's not. It's not that deep with the people. I know but i know other people for whom it is extremely deep and may even making glasgow rangers and stephen jared monitor. The match would not be accepted or tolerated. Well well you know what maybe those people that it was time to prune the tree anyway. You know. I love good prune. Go my friend That is your show for this week. There's some champions league action of course coming up over the next couple of days. Second legs so Some some ties will be decided. Name are not gonna play in the second leg for Psg against barcelona. I'm sure that kills him. He would love to play against barcelona but with that. Four one lead. It's probably in their best interest to hope that they can hang on and keep him healthy for later rounds imagined buyers to get an early goal of boy boy could get interesting is real and i'm nervous enough about our home game in. Budapest also enjoyed that one. Also join us on friday for the friday. Instagram live chats. Which people have just been enjoying and hopefully someday. I'm going to start inviting guests on. I'm gonna i'm gonna invite you on at some point in mean if you'd like to you know again. You have helped support her. Tj place this at a time when you literally. No i have no. I can't even if i i'd have to take off work. No we'll do a weekend one. We'll do weekend when down. Okay you give me the password to what our instagram account is. No we do a split screen. You're going to start your own instagram account. Just for this and you join the conversation. Oh my god what a boomer. We're talking about pruning. I'm trying to prune social media not add. Yeah that's true at any rate. Hey enjoy champions of games. We'll be back of course next week or should something bonkers happen over the something here. Maybe there's a chance we'll hear from us again Before the week is out. But hey to you. I say check later. Formed boy zia tehran. Listening to caught. Offside soccer podcast. 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