7/7/21 - Boomer & Gio How - Hour 3 (8am-9am)


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I have not seen him in over a year and they came back mussa maggots moose and kim jones this week but they came back last week when i was on vacation and yesterday mark was here. Yesterday was the first day. I had been back since the baby and everything else and moose not once that he make an effort to come in and say hello yesterday at all one. I've seen moose lately. I well i have not. I just told you have not seen mossley. Once he sits down. It's tough for him to get up so You know the other thing too is. I think you're becoming way too emotional that you've had your second child now and you're you have these expectations of your friends like you know monday. Come to me well. Look you know you got up. I want into their student essay instead. A load of kim jones. Because i haven't seen her in a while you know. And i'd seen mark last week because you weren't here i was i'd seen everybody made the and i knew they had to start their show so i actually just went in there to say hello when ceelo was doing his update. Okay like you know. Put it on your cell. No no no. You're willing to understand. He is like one thick some bitch and he sits down. It's jammed jim. That as he's not getting up until he needs to get up if it were last week and i was here under normal circumstances. You're right. I'd put it on myself to go see him but because i had been off he had been back. The whole situation y was gone. We've been friends for a long time. I think he's got come to me. I can't initiate that. You gotta get up. You have to initiate do everything man. I can't do it sometimes. I need people to step up your becoming white to emotional. It's not. I don't think i think you're gotta take a step back and realize that you know he's not thinking the way that you're thinking and i just i won't throw a life changing event last week and i was expecting moves to care about. That's all all right. That's all i'm asking for. He wants moose i do. I do want to care about or moves does care about it. I mean he sent me a generic text. You know is a congrats. All right thanks moose. Appreciate it but i mean i've known him for a long time but now you're mad at him. You're going to fight with them. No no no no. i'm not. it's not come to blows thing it's more like a disappointment. It's really like a deep down disappointment. Like i take stock in who reaches out during certain situations the see how i reciprocate to then. It's i take picture on you. The gold standard okay. So i'm old. Stay see not only do you reach out in the beginning you do follow up check ins. Which is the gold standard okay. You're not just the. Hey i'm just going to appease him by the one text message you check in like a couple of days later. You're the gold standard of making sure things are okay. So that's what i'm trying to see. I thought you'd appreciate. I do appreciate but i don't like i just think you're over emotional and you got a lot going on in his life to now. Does it really take that much to come in here. Like dove did it. A bunch of people see came out yesterday. People went out of their way use. Craig hughes mitch hamster brian. Rooney rick rubin sean argument. All of these guys came in to say something to me. Yesterday i made it was one spike asking us even know him. Let's go to the hotline. Okay as one mark melissa's known as the moose hard time. Getting out of his seat is on the line. So most what's happened man. You hear Your boy geos disappointed at you. I know kim destroy th. I'm i'm just i'm driving down the west side and geos destroy me. Well i got in yesterday right. I was rude. I should have come right to the studio. However when i walked in you guys were interviewing spike and then i got caught up with some other stuff and i saw olivero in the newsroom and was talking to often and kim walked in. And i kinda. Just got sidetracked. And you're right. Gio i was. I was terribly rude. i did. I did not send you a generic generic it was not a generic title was absolutely dotted. I were happy for you guys happy. Everyone's okay that is not a generic. It was pretty. I mean that's something you send to an acquaintance. I think we've been on a vacation together. Wants most you do realize that many years ago but yes we're in vegas. Yeah expected a little more. Maybe a phone call. Maybe and then. I thought i was like wow moose has been very generic with his tax when i see him when i go back to work. That's when i'll get the mousse. I got a hug from people oughta yesterday like a coming hug. Grab sway like roger. Goodell the draft dog and i got totally blown off by you. Let's fair fair criticism. All right you see boomer. What do you ever a every right to be critical. I can't i was rude. i'll come in. I'll give you a big bear hug today. That's what i'm looking for. I mean this is. You know what you're right you're right you're not man i was. I was rude. i should have come in. You're right about that. You've we've vacationed together. You were my wedding. Yeah you're right about that. That was a terrible job. I was actually. I was driving home. I said to myself. I was like moose in the building and he didn't even come say hello walls. I can't believe i'm listening to. I mean it was. Just i mean you guys. I mean if he can't play a talk to you you should. You should be happy. That i care about. Your reaction is not a lot of people out there and care about their reaction. I care about yours. Do you're right just i just got off the phone. My dad i. I was listening guys before i get on your all i hear is. I'm really disappointed in a move. So i'm like and i'm listening for ten seconds. I call. I'm like what am i getting. Turn lifted out because that's a great question. What you want me air Very good mark. Well listen. i'll take your apology. I will accept it and we'll see how you react today. I wanna see you come in here. What time are you going to be in about twenty minutes or so passing twenty four straight right now so we'll be there and i have our all right. Let's see how you react with the big lip. Lock when you get here. Man you guys are what do you mean. You don't think i apologize rude. I should have come in. I should have given them a little. I haven't seen him in a year and a half. that's right and his wife just had i mean it's been a long. You're right you're right you. I and i know that that. I'm right mark and i appreciate you. Validating my feelings even if boomer is on the other side of this thing all right we'll see in a little bit all right. Mark davis yeah. He's he's He's validating my down and out now. Yep validating feelings. Validating my feelings was gone around here. Hey we like it. It's been like a narping overtaking going on really what's happened over the last year and a half there are certain moments that come along odd that you just expect certain things out of people and this was one of those things you know. Yes they happened to be a very busy day around here. Okay right and and by the way you know. I did make the attempt to go in and say hello yesterday. I mean you could have followed me in there but no you're outside getting hugged by everybody else. That's right exactly. And you. Waiting for the marc malusis martyr had a show to do. He was here an hour and a half before he show and did not come into say. Let's go to joe in dix hills. Joe when he got. Joe i gotta tell you guy with the camcorder i want this geo moose hug on digital digital from rocky three music own rocky down as you could make. I wanted onto joe. We're going to try and get that up there for. i know. Sometimes we do things for radio. But i really feel like you are serious. Hurt about dead serious cottam. May brian and long island. what's happening. Gee what happened over there you guys get bit by the millennial bug patchy. Hey brian let me tell you something have you. Have you never been let down by a friend in your life brian. I get over it. I'm a man. I don't care but i just happened yesterday and i hadn't addressed it yet. I'll get over it. I'm not dwelling on it. But it happened yesterday onto me brian. You see what. I gotta deal with over here boom. I feel sorry for you bro. Yeah no it's it's tough you don't realize is just. There's a lot of feelings around here. it's really it's great wanted. The emotional like top comes off his voice. Well that's right we'll start getting into each other's faces it's almost. Espn like oh god. These sort of like the exact opposite now. You know a couple of years ago is he is very useful was here. I mean that was. That was a lot of sniping going on around how it was pretty ugly and i still think that there's sniping from outside. That goes on you think science night. There's always a outside snipe here there. Yeah of course would give me a give. Gimme a name. I want to know the outside. Sniping can go after that person. You don't need to go after anybody. I mean look you're sitting. you're sitting. What i thought was a power chair. But now you've oh it is the power kind of emotional like you've got to cherish the absolute wrong take on the the openly complaining about a of a friend of yours didn't come give you a bear hug. That's a little much. No no it's not. It's exactly what i would expect for a friend from a very long time. So you're telling me how about all the people have reached out to you with the news of garnering darcy. All those people didn't mean something to you all get so. He said he sent you a text. Putin action saying it wasn't a wasn't enough of an emotional reach out. What does he want an emotional reach around. What do you want no. I'm not looking for an emotional reach around boomer. it's not what i'm looking for. But for example. I put martin loose and sal licata in the same frontier from okay. So you've got friends in tears now. i do. Have frontiers boxes. You know that yeah right. You've got boxes. I've got frontiers and the tier in which they are in sal sending me a nice text. I'll accept because he's doing his shows from home moose on the other hand is now back to work and the fact that he's back to work was in the same building as in he agrees he knows he screwed up. I wish you had my back in this situation. Here's somebody here's somebody knows. May freddie and hackensack freddie what's happening boomer yes surprisingly euros football guy and you sound like a jealous little girl all my got a little man. Love is not a bad thing in the morning Boomer gio gives you all the time. Don't get jealous. It's enough to go around deal. The big guy he got he has a lot of love little man. Love is not a bad thing. My friends i have a great day. Frank yes man love. Yeah well i'm not. I'm not jealous. I'm just so over the top ridiculous but what's wrong with a little platonic man love. There's there's nothing wrong with it. But i mean the fact that you're complaining about it on the air there is it's not. It's your use your viewing this through the lens of a complaint. It's just. I'm expressing how i feel and that to me is not a complaint. You know they can complain. Complain complain to me is like Man i planted. He did not come in nice and hug. No it's not. It's it's it's really not a complaint. It's just i need. I feel like. I've got these emotions that i needed to express did soda mark. Mullen tom and fishkill. Tom what's happening. Hey good morning blower geo that. They hear the discussion. I got a little adjustment for your caller that wanted it on video. I think you can play the song the theme song to chariots of fire. When you move sir hugging their go. That'd be perfect do it. Don't be crying around here Brian and danbury what's happening. Brian guys Just i'm just a little concern here. This is like the worst defying of men. All your feelings are getting hurt. I don't wanna go. i'm just boomer. Does that fan have a hurt. Feeling report you can still offer geo. Hr about ryan's. Actually i was thinking about Reporting hr for really letting me down it did. It did cross my mind. I had already started an email tomorrow. Marion and said the subject was marc malusis. But then i stopped and i said i don't want to take it this far. I mean even though what. I experienced a lot of pain right. Didn't wanna take it that it's like a lot of people are in on this mike and blue point mike. What's happening got motive. Like i have to side with boomer on this thing. This is a little bit too weird. It's almost as if geo wants so much love for moose that he gets breakfast. S that's i don't i don't want to have sex with marc malusis. Mike i just want and acknowledgement of. That's that's all. I just wanted any knowledge. I just wanted him to come into the studio. After nazi i hadn't seen him in a year and a half and we just had the baby and he just totally was not on his radar. It was not on his radar. Johnny in rocklin johnny. What's happening. Hey good morning. Guys i gotta take. Go side on this deal not only sheet a committed. Settle open not seen you for a year. You just had a baby. And he should've came with a gift. Oh yeah wow. you're taking it to another level. John c. I don't need the the actual physical gift. I just need to see the appreciation. that's all. I'm looking for an appreciation of what the appreciation of me as a friendship. That's all being there. You're looking for appreciation on there for him. Boy how does he know that you're there for him because you haven't seen him for a year and a half and eating out of your way to say. Hey moose great the a yesterday i did. Not because why is it was on my way to go. Say hi to kim. Okay but for him to come to say hi to me. I feel that way it's different. It's totally different. First of all you and came don't have a long friendship like moose. And i have and and the whole thing about the baby is a big deal. It's totally different. In between you and carlin when carl now no no no. You guys had a friendship. He got mad at you because you were yelling about him or making fun of him. Yeah as one. you know. Stomach stomach at an hudson's twelve. I'm trying to make sure that it doesn't happen again. i'm trying to. There's been a lot of harmony around here boomer. And i don't want to see that happen again. Harm has been great harmonies been also. I feel like we've all been connected. Everything's great so this this was. I saw a brewing schism. And i have addressed it and you ve addressed it openly and you on the air. That's right so i just and i thought you'd appreciate that. Maybe stephen male pac has a pretty good idea. Stevie what's happening. what's up fellas. Listen i gotta suggestion for you jail. Listen i want you to piece things. Up with lisa wilson. She's going to help you get through this. You're gonna kick on block on instagram. And you're going to be great steve. That is a great suggestion. Thank you see. You know what i didn't realize that's what i needed. But that's what i need. I do need zach. Wilson's mom to pull me out of this emotional quagmire that i'm in because of marc malusis. Yes that's what i need. I do have a well. There are several. I've got a personal instagram account. And the wfan instagram account. So maybe i'll go. I still get to her account for my personal instagram account. She doesn't know that once she didn't blocked that one. So i'm gonna go there now and see if there's a recipe or two that is gonna make me feel better about my life each the morning show with boomer esiason and greg boomer and geo you heard this discussion about sluice in jio not coming up and hugging heard a little bit of it. Yep and ngos been bearing his field yes for all of us and we're all kind of seeing this in a different light of you've been around here a long time. You know the the actors involved in this This case so you think joe's right you think should apologize. I'm surprised that moves did not see gio out you know. He's back in the building. They haven't seen each other in a while g outlined for us on the air and on cbs sports network last week. Everything the ordeal that he and his wife went through. I know moose's a dedicated listener. A friend so i i would have thought that you know. They're separated by a couple of feet here. They could've had an exchange at some point. Didn't take the opportunity to do that. Yeah and you felt like it was moussa's should've been moved that reached out like for example. Like when i. When g came on the air and put the news out quickly texted him a congrats. And you know best wishes an all that you know. You're you're awesome. No but it's not about it's just like what is he going to say. Hey moose did you hear. I had a kid like you know. Where's my congratulate boosted cinematheques. We did but it was very generic. He's saying that was enough. But when i saw you yesterday i said okay fine. But he t made an effort i did. I asked him about everything. I don't think it was gone before. He got on the person on my side. By the way. I think in dallas has a recipe and a For your ill here for your good morning. What's happening joy. Hey long time viewer but you know down here in texas we just shoot straight from the hip. Tell us what's going on then. It's obvious to us down here. Geno just tend to getting any to get work. That he won't have any of the motion of joint. What are you doing later. You're right joy hit on something here. It's pretty obvious what he said. We all feel his way. Who are you watching the show right now. My dog. that's great joy. Listen i appreciate you looking out for me. I will not comment on your Your opinion on this situation. But i'm very happy for y'all thank you joy that i appreciate it. More happy for me than marc malusis. Mike in westchester mike. What's happening. Hey guys loved the show just a little quick perspective. Geo yeah i'm gonna assume that moussa's wrong and you're right but man it's a slippery slope. I doubt and i don't know you that you've been perfect route your entire life and you haven't clipped of course not of course you got to keep your expectations lower and look at this as you have. No idea what's going on. What moose right now. Maybe he had a big issue yesterday and was on his mind. If you guys are that close yeah. This is water under the bridge. You keep moving forward get over it and go get him the big bear hug and and be done with it because it's a slippery slope if we hope. Everybody has such high expectations. None of us live that way. I've made same mistakes like like most. It happens out shoot. Call that person somebody died or somebody was born You gotta move forward funniest. The lady from texas. Gotta you gotta stick step back a little bit. Yeah big picture. That i think my kid on some some good stuff there. The bigger man. Well here's another. Mike in oceanside mike in oceanside mike. What's happening. well mike. Hey how you doing guys. What's up. So i'm driving football camp with my twelve year old son and two eleven year old. Yeah and they're very curious as to who's the check that's working with man. Listen i will not be emotionally shamed in this situation. I feel the way i felt and i wanted. Marc malusis to come in and say something to me. And i think i'm sure mike at some point in your life you've got a friend that's lets you dan. You've been disappointed. i think. I probably think that's probably apetit but my son wanted to know if your name was. Go or jia through the whole woman thing go. Now that i'm forgetting about maybe moves has something else going on. There has been a lot of craziness in that. House of the last couple of weeks is internet's been down. He's had to go to his dad's to work the at bat loose in their house that he had to take that that is true. East price spread a little thin. He's felonies doing another filling in for somebody after the moose and maggie show here. He's staying in the studio working ladies and at night a lot of things to keep track of from loses. All right and i accepted his apology. New boss in the building yesterday. Maybe be a little nervous about that of a lot going on here. I don't know if he's nervous about that plus yesterday. When we left a studio there was a ton of people out there in the bullpen and there are a lot of things going on sure. Everyone wanted to meet spike. And i'll make sure that. They put their name out there wanting to talk to me and congratulate me. Marc malusis not being one of them. I most people were trying to congratulate you. He was getting ready for his own. Show okay some time. Though that he could have done that. And by the way moose accepted fault this is not just me complaining as you say about it. Said he did a badge our last one. Let me say. Brian stanford avenue guy so jail. You're putting an emotional level on mussa's congratulations and he reached out to you but also boomer back when breeze through brady threw breezes kid a pass. You know you've cried over it. Yeah i was very emotional over. Yes you know you get to your sensitive side. Yeah but that's different. I mean because you know we're ex. We're all quarterbacks. We're all guys and that kind of thing yeah. I don't know rogers making so much money. If he wants to be in. I know and then i feel bad about that and read this story about chris sims and phil simms and their relationship. And i i just got all teary eyed over the quarterback bond yes greater in your mind. Then the longtime friendship bond. Is that what you're saying. Well i i see how the quarterback bond like it all ends. We all know that it ends at one point time in the fact that we all knew that drew brees is career was coming to an end and he in tom brady was throwing passes to drew. Brees kids that's just unbelievably emotional. Okay all right sure. I mean you can't really pick and choose. I didn't make funnier for that. Even though i disagreed with that being emotional moment. I thought it was very cheesy and i actually thought like the tom brady was showing up. Drew brees because his dad couldn't throw that for look. You quit or leather jacket on. No i mean. I understand mike why you wouldn't think that that was emotional. Yeah well it wasn't really bright to me but to me when you have a a friendship for a very long time and it's someone let you down that that to me. I think you're allowed to cover those guys for a long time. Yeah i get it. But now i apologize if this was touched on. Did you have an exchange of any sort with chester. no none gone. What would have been worse like if you actually spoke to him and he just never addressed it. The most important person in Jails life dan and quarter. what's happening. Hey there they are america's father and proud father for the second time. Well thanks dan. How are you. Congratulations good I did tech shoe the other day when you called into the show to make the announcement On your vacation. I get back to you. Dan you you text me back. It wasn't basic techs. Congratulations my man. But i knew. I would talk to you on the air and i knew what the boat party i would get a big mannheim and hold on to say. You're not going to the party. you're not you don't have a ticket or anything. You bought the wrong tickets. You inaccurate shot taking. I heard you after the in belleville earlier this for you take an inaccurate shops at me again. Saying i'm scary for people that don't know me you are. You're intimidatingly odd. But i would say how did you. How do you think you're going to get into the boat party How do i think i'm getting it. I don't think it'd be making he's gonna be making moves to get in. You don't have a ticket and you don't have a bogo getting they're making moves on boomers. Good side oh let me ask you something what what cheer my in with you. And what box in with boomer. I'd like to know that what level of friendship there for to. I'd so for me. You're definitely not in the organ donation box. I can tell you that okay. That's fair all right. You're in the tier of friends. That i don't really want to talk to but if i needed someone to clean up a mess of mine i'd call you outer ring. Yeah outer ring shore uttering but like if something horrible happened in like. I knew you would help me clean up a mess and stay tight lipped about it. I don't wanna see on a holiday. I don't want to have a phone conversation with you. And i don't want to know anything about your just around for you to use them pretty much. It's a one wish. So one way lewis is he better friend than marc malusis interesting seems to be more loyal than marla marin the friendship longer with moose of history there but i will say in this very moment dan carter rat is a better friend to me then. Most while he's he's he's indeed more loyal. Yeah and there's a low blow to moose. There were saying based on the things you just said now. Now the one. That's a little you know upset here like you're upset with moose not You know coming in and giving you the proper congratulations now. You just made all those comments you make me feel like i'm just like some shop liver person. No no i care about you now. You may get ramped up. maybe not. No i care about you more than that dan. I'm just messing around. You know that. I love of course. I love watching. No all your twitter and the steaks and all that stuff. I mean it's great in the bourbon and the beer and here he is. Here's on dan. Okay poker my god. Wow apologize at the olive branch here. Generic text. I'll go back and read it if you want me to kiss. Now what would you smells. Really good big guy. Big guys smells great man. Can i ask you a question. What is what is it with jerry. Row yellow shirt. He's ready for tv later. You've got to put the summertime. you go yellow with our coloring. no no i. don't donna donna. By the way look how easy he gives it. Yeah you're right. you're right. I made fighting. With maggie's got nothing left come away yeah all right. Thanks most happy. I love you too. Thank you guys. The shorts to all your shorts. Go below your knees mind. No those aren't no no no no. We don't have a dress code around here. no not anymore. Not in at least temporarily louisa. Yeah well. I mean they just run over the substitute teacher. Times are changing. Your there is no south substitute. That's it that's over that little interim periods over all right so dan. Yeah ok though. I guess we're gonna hang up on them dan. You're okay. i'm. I'm okay when all right sneak into when i sneak into the boat party as a deckhand or a waiter. I'm going to surprise way. Better bear hug than what mark just gave them. So you'd be prepared geo i'm gonna get ya all right. Dan very planning a navy seals operations to get into this. Gold party has looked into dropping in from the sky right. He's actually looked into parachuting in. I got a call from a base jump. I got a call from long island skydiving and so but said. There's this dan campbell. Who says he knows you. When say the deal i said i. I don't i really don't know him. I just sever this whole thing right now. Oh boy. I'll get a quick update share by dell technologies. Rukh netto door putting the capper on a huge night for the yankee offense out in seattle. Here's the three one swung on on the air to deep right at his as far has gone. That's a three run home. Run deep right right inside the poll by rogie door. The second yankee three run home run of the night. Dr john sterling here on the fan book end three run homer in the eighth first-inning missile from giancarlo stanton all part of a season high eighteen. Hit attack the yanks pound of the mariners. Twelve to one luke. Void played a big role. Five for six double in three. Rbi's for aaron boone. He's huge for us Just adding the length the tough at bats he brings. You know did a good job using the field tonight. You know he's he hasn't used right field. Allot here in the last week or so such issue in this one. J. lemay you three hits over the first three innings. And here's stanton hoping this week can Jump start the entire team of push for us of this week out. Well and Definitely hit the reset button The break and but we got work to do to that. So we know we know jamie's and town turned in his longest and probably best adding at the season seven innings of one. Run ball nine strikeouts this evening. You've got to mingle hormone opposed by ucla. Kukuchi with our pregame coverage underway at nine thirty. Mets and brewers were rained out at city field split doubleheader on the way today corporate burns and jacob degrom in the opener to ten brett anderson in the nightcap from walkie seven ten mets are yet to name a starter for that one. Nba finals last night. The sun's drawing first blood at home against the boxes. They win one. Eighteen one zero five behind thirty two points from chris. Paul who added nine assists jaanus instead of kubo did return from his knee injury and played twenty points seventeen rebounds across thirty five minutes. They'll play game two of that series tomorrow night. Stanley cup final game five this evening from tampa lightning go for the clothes out of montreal and they will try to hoist the cup on their home. Ice all right. Thank you ceelo. Each the morning show with boomer esiason and greg boomer and geo flee over these house and all the potatoes. He took like seventeen thousand potatoes back. He's like hey there's a lot of these so he let us know like there's more because he took all of them says a lot of these potatoes in there like all rightfully so tonight. There's going to be a new voice on radio station as wfan is bringing back odds on sports now remember john jastremski remember him. Yeah i do yeah he was. He's a witness protected so he he used to do this. Show odds on sports fans faneuil present it and we love sports book and then he left to go somewhere and then they wanted to keep the show going of course so they found a great person to dude. He's a friend of mine is going to be on tonight at seven o'clock with his first odds on sports. And that's andrew phillip pony andrew. Good morning would you have left. Wfan for a podcast network. Bill simmons or in if my sister could co host talk about yankees players that she liked baby. Oh you what do you make of that. You don't have a sister right. I have a half sister. that's powder is a full sister. I round up. Okay you you round up okay. So you've got the half sister the jakartans a full sister. If she went to mets or yankees game saying that she wanted to have the players. Sit on her face and then post that on social media. How would you feel about that intervention time you would. You would do something right. Okay right at the point of the jj number of reasons. You've touched on the biggest one to start this conversation. Boomer how are you. I'm doing good android. Congratulations on the new show. You could be great at it. I'm sure. Thank you. And i want to congratulate an authentic congratulations to greg and gina. For the birth of their child. I know melissa dropped the ball there. I just wanted to make sure that by Congratulatory message was a heartfelt authentic. One grandma it absolutely was and we talked and we didn't have phone and tax and everything else in person. But i can't. I don't understand though all of a sudden now. We are grading the text messages. Yes we get in regards to the birth of your daughter. Yeah you what you've become now. I've become that i've always been that. I mean whether it was this or marriage or engagement or getting the job. I take stock in how people react. Because what's that line you give what you get or the love you make is equal to the love you take or whatever that is so i take stock in those things and if people do a lot for me i try to do a lot even your buddy andrew phillip pony comes on here and basically has to say to you in public that you know he sent you a very heartfelt idex. Yeah he did and then you have to confirm it. it's true yeah okay now. We know that andrews agree. Did what's going on behind the scenes. Set an alarm on my phone. So remind me to text greg just to check in on them because i knew he was keeping score the entire time and i didn't want him to think that i dropped. The ball knows me. Well i had idea that you keep score like without a damn. Yeah need this out for the first time you know what's great about you is. You didn't know. I keep score and you always win. You're always the guy at the top of the list. You're always checking in multiple times the best gifts everything. You really do a tremendous job and you didn't even know i was keeping scores. That shows you what type of guy you are all right. Well good i like that. That's good all right so so this show. They just told you this yesterday. Not too long ago. I talked to an engineer. The sporting just trying to get me off the ground. I don't know what the hell's going with you guys. What's going on in new york. But he said how are you tonight. But i'm okay he goes. I had a spike through my leg last week. What who went went engineer was this. Yes stephen engineering really cool guy apnea data yet. A spike go through you know about this. Do not. but i'm sure the next time i see he was going to credit tremendous multi-taskers in new york. I wouldn't expect anything less from. Wfan but yeah. He got me off the ground. And i'm good to go at seven o'clock tonight garage on sports. Wow okay so steve apparatus and what did he tell you why spike went through his leg. No it was it was it was like in the middle of a long convoluted instruction that he was given to try to get my connection to work drop cash. Follow up on it. Just let it sit there. Talk to our new program director. Yesterday he did. He's got all kinds of plans for you guys. Like what exactly speaking of spikes plans. Does he have for us. So i think i'm i think i wanted to guinea pigs. I think he's gonna take with that little half hour. That tiny little piece of the pie. That i have and he might manipulate bit and steer me in a certain direction and if you don't reflects well in the ratings i wouldn't be surprised if he tried to take some of those practices and apply them to some your show and maggie first. But maybe will trickle down you guys please. So you telling me now. I'm going to listen to the anyway. But now i have to listen to you to see what spike eskin doing with your show is the guinea pig. He was gonna do. I got big zoo tonight. Permit own do you wow. He smelled so bad yesterday. Andrew was terrible. He came in here shower. And you know he's a big guy and he walked in here. Wait a minute what do you mean. He didn't. he didn't shower in the morning and he was like he was blaming the fact that he's going to fifteen in the morning. I'm always complaining about something but just be happy. You're in pittsburgh he'll be here exactly because he smelled terrible boomer. I think he's right. I think we're off the burgers. You oh god. No i don't i don't think he's done so i know geos bend for some reason. It's not bad. it's just that we. I kind of do like ben but i just don't think that he should have come back this year. That's all he was in the middle of a great year last year until week. Eleven and then all of a sudden the whole season got upset and then he kind of took over the offense and threw the ball way too much and they got away from who they are. So i think the comeback this year They stable running backs now drafted that nashi harris kid chase claypool is gonna be a great wide receiver for them. Back is in completely nuts. Like you gotta on defense. You know that they've had a bunch of lunatics hosted like a cat suicide on. Well that just means he's getting ready for the season holding. You gotta look at it. Take so andrew people are thinking. We don't know who you are. You did one show on. Wfan you've been on the network but you're a new yorker. You grew up in new york upstate. But you're a giants fan. You're a mets fan. The greatest moments in sports or when. The giants won super bowls and the massive. Come close. so go ahead. we're both forty two I still i remind my wife and she still has the divorce papers in a folder. Somewhere in our office. I tell her all the time that super bowl forty two greatest moment of my life. Not that will come close a couple of roommates in college at syracuse that patriots fans and when the ball got caught up tires helmet one of them. Put a hole through our wall. Just punched right through. The drywall and i was a great moment for me. Probably still be tax moment for me as a sports fan. We went to game as a game. Three of the world series. Together and greg we did. Yes mets royals. We with that was great. That was the only game they won and that world series. But yeah those are my Passion projects the mets and the and the giants and betting on sports. I also like that. I'm not great at it but remember we stole we. Mad dogs over unders. Two thousand ten padres. Yes we did. We won some money on that all the way back eleven years ago at this point i can confirm so i was. I had visited andrew and his wife a couple months ago and he's got this beautiful basement in his brand new house that they have. It must be paying them more than i got paid when i was there and this beautiful house and on the wall she goes. We gotta get this picture off the wall injure and she's insisting on it and it's a picture of the two thousand and him but it was the it was the two thousand and seven giants and he goes. I love that team like they're not it's not coming off. The wall has to be on the wall. So that is that is gerard so very good. Seven o'clock tonight. You're going to be on. The yankees are have a day game or off at least in the during the summer. But then you do. Some more of these shows wants the fall comes. I would imagine and you're going to be talking about the lines and everything else and having a good time right for a half hour. Yeah but not not like. Jj did it. How are you going to be different from him. I just you know. I went to college with the guy and i i mean i guess the best way possible but even when he was eighteen. You you'd hang out with. He's like all right. We got four hours together. Three more to play with conversation. I'm talking on the radio. Yeah i know it's a little bunch. It definitely is all right. Very good andrew. It's great talking to you. Good luck tonight. We'll be listening. Seven o'clock odds on sports andrew. Phillip pony you can follow him on twitter at the pony express go party and it's we'll get you here. Are you going to be away for that. You're gonna be around you. Because i know you've got a trip with that. I'll put everything including my marriage. Okay very good play. we'll see august thirteenth. Alright take care. That's andrew fillipponi gone. It's very cool moment for him especially growing up on. Wfan and being a huge fan of the radio station. I had no idea that they were bringing that back. But i guess it was popular well very popular and faneuil sportsbook and wfan. Of course it's a it's a match made in heaven and a great partnership so they wanted to bring it back and it'll be back starting tonight to be good. He already took a shot of his at his buddy ads right. Exactly you know that andrew is gonna be great feats the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti boomer and geo dealing with adversity and finding ways to unify and overcome. It will always be part of our future the new season of hope through history documentary podcast presentation from c thirteen originals in association with the history channel written and narrated by me jon meacham features moments in our nation's pass when we faced challenges as a country and as a world listen and follows season two of hope through history available. Now wherever you get your podcasts for the ones who knows. 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