From the Bleachers #33: What's Your Pre-Game Ritual?


Hey there podcast pals I'm John Stolnis the host of the Phillies pod hidden season. One of the shows that make up the good fight podcast family from espy nation. Look the baseball season is one hundred and sixty two games long and there's no way you can watch all those games. So make sure to check out my podcast twice a week for all the fills goodness. You could ever want and make sure to check out our other podcasts including the award winning dirty inning with Justin clue and Trevor strunk and continued success with Justin and Laze rozier sprout apple podcasts or your favorite. PODCAST APP. Just Bush. Does this strange Welcome to from the bleachers on your host as always shameless clancy coming to you from the wonderful win agree nation radio podcast network. Now, I am back to you all for the second time this week he thought you were getting one podcast you're getting to earlier talked about how nervous about the eagles offense line specifically about how they're going to match up against Ryan Kerrigan and share shown this weekend down in Maryland. I guess you could say landover, Maryland, that's not Washington there. They do not play in Washington even there were there called that all the Washington football TV. So get into this week getting amped up for Sunday I. Am in total football mode have been since the end of last week. Quick plugging a couple of things we are going to be on twitch this year during Eagles Games will be live streaming. My reactions to the Games gives us a follow on our twitter channel at BGN underscore radio digitally I. Want to quickly plug my Patriot newsletter if my podcast if you love my news, if you love my twitter, want you subscribe to my newsletter? Patriot. Dot, com backslash underscore clancy a lot. Of Great content on there for unbelievable value but to get US ready for the weekend obviously in my, you know my mid week podcast typical had you every week kind of talking about my worries about the Eagles when I'm looking forward to and those things but I didn't do a special one because we're getting ready for week while we're getting ready for the first year, we're getting ready for the first game of the Super Bowl run. I had to do an extra pop and I wanNA talk a little bit about pre game rituals. Obviously. I've taught about this. You know almost every podcast I'm a prolific tailgater. I'm an eagles season ticket holder my pre game rituals centered around going to the jets at seven o'clock in the morning. When I wake up walking into the Lincoln that magical feeling as you're setting in a sea of your fellow eagles fans swarmed in midnight and Kelly Green and you hear that e. Drug out as perfectly in as long as possible and the I e in the Julius Chan. You know exactly what I'm saying I've missed that in that's my pre game ritual obviously half the games I'm watching from home and you know usually means with my dad hang out with Ashley my boy Mike Stuff like that but it's just not the same social distancing there's core. There's no fans in the stadium I can't wrap my head around that. They're going to be eight games at Lincoln financial field. This year not only will I not be able to go to any of them? will be it's just it's insane and I think that was the hold for me for you surely hitting football shameless mood and getting. So into the season as I am because it just seems unfeasible that there'd be without fans without there could be a home eagles game without me there the pre game rituals, the change maybe yourself who always watches the game from home in your. Routine doesn't change but I'd like to hear all of you who listen to this tweet me at underscore clancy I wanna know what you guys gals identify yourself I want to know what your pre game rituals are because I'm I'm trying to start a new one this year because I want to be home all sixteen games this year hopefully home all nineteen games all nineteen wins. New thing this year. So either Friday or Saturday to go out to acne this is what I'm planning on doing right now, going to buy really cheap bottle of Champagne Andrei, people were drinking parties in college. You think I know anything about champagne now. By some champagne, some orange juice grapefruit juice gotta go for both of them just don't get don't get just aren shoes get a little splash orange a little splash of great food for feeling adventurous those cranberry in there instead of one of those two. Splash of all three but get mostly champagne. Obviously. Gear. Soft going with that and this week I'm attending a cup for the first time. Now I WANNA talk about cooking real quick formerly as a single white guy I never never ever ever I lived at home than I eventually moved in with my girlfriend actually about two years ago, cooking a lot more and for the first time ever armament try to cook scrapple and that sounds like a massive undertaking, I'm sure it. Really isn't, but he's never done that I don't know how to cook anything just dumb idiot? Guy but I will I bought some scrapple this week I don't know what the brand was said Philadelphia on it. It wasn't generic like Dietz and Watson Hatfield Brandon whatever is said Philadelphia on so I immediately grabbed that great branding on their part. So wake up in the morning for myself Mimosa, cut up some scrap. Like thin slices and cook it really really crispy. I. Like my scrabble crispy. Sometimes, you might order scrap like she's from somewhere in the scrabble's a little soft. That's not me I got really into scrabble. Heads from Brian, always comes to our telephones always brings a grown and cooks and he makes his scrap on the morning low plateau Woodson. Sausage and everything it's unbelievable gets me high for the game I want to channel that feeling that's part of my traditional pre game ritual I to bring some home and thin get nice and crispy GonNa get some parole. She's hopefully sharp privilege. I don't know what the store is going to have, but preferably prevalence for Americans being that's fine him. But throws in privilege she's in go buy some eggs making Nice Fried Egg. May Be over easy egg I don't really know how to cook on Cook my eggs in they're going to be either of those things on not sure which way they're in come out but whatever way it comes out I'm eaten at. My EG Chidi scrapple pick up some whole wheat everything bagels from red vaguely on Shafie that couple locations throughout the city like bagels. Some of the best bagels out there pick up a couple of BAGELS for myself. Bring that home son Cogan that put it on the whole wheat everything Bagel. That's nice. Toasted in the Toaster Oven throw some Sarah share on their some bread and butter pickles on to go to town. While I'm probably going to play in the background either have a tailgate playlists I. Go Miss Amy Ball listen to an album obviously found talk about rock music, email, music, punk, rock all the time. Maybe celebration rock by Japan's Juries or get wet by Andrew. W K but I think. Throw my classic. Tailgate plays the first one I like to play at every tailgate is take it easy by the eagles understandably. There called the eagles to. Phenomenal Song Phenomena Saunder, just sit back relax have an iced drink eat some scrapple to I'm so. I'm so excited. I. Wish it was Sunday. If you follow the bleeding relation instagram if if you aren't I don't know what you're doing. If you're not follow me on Instagram I don't know what you're doing but everyday I'm running down to. Lincoln Financial Field at the Sports Complex personal instagram taking a picture of the state insane five days away and running back home, and then I love I love closest date on psycho running across the entire city here. I want people to know about Michelle Phyllida and that four days tonight at four days three days and then. On the instagram at bleeding green instant if you're on their follow me on Instagram at shameless underscored clancy doing these posts were today post picture jake. Elliott getting carried off the field after that magical sixty one yard field goal against the giants in week three, two, thousand, seventeen. Said four days of the Game Jake number four and doing stuff like that. The rest of the week just to give you. So amp for I. don't even know where I was. Yeah. I'm so excited. I'm thinking about the music and listen to anything Benham when eating in that kind of brings that tailgate atmosphere that charge so much to my home watching the game alone ashes at a bridal shower just me in the twitch stream end. Excited I got that food going I actually bought. Sunday ticket this year, it never made sense for me to buy Sunday ticket in the past as someone who spends half the Games at the stadium at the Lincoln then come back late. You miss some of the four o'clock game I'll point is we watch games at once all day. So, if the Eagles plan one o'clock already have my schedule of what I'm thinking look through I. Think I'm GonNa do four Sunday ticket. This week one o'clock eagles plight. So that'll be the game on the main TV on Fox Eagles Washington football. Team. The other two other TV, at my second TV in their get Sunday ticket through Roku have little cheap broke like forty bucks on Amazon been using dual tv all throughout the NHL NBA Austin watching the phillies games you know seamless purchase something I am so happy I did have that brought the bedroom TV. Deliverance Kurt. So one o'clock Eagles da we're watching the eagles most important thing means ev I'm sure I'll be only really paying attention to their TV during commercials, but I need to have something on there at the same time just at at my own anal necessities other Games WanNa watch another TV is either Minnesota in Green Bay were Atlanta and Seattle. Seattle is poised for another great year. Russell. Wilson is my pick for MVP this year and you would know that if grabbed my Patriot newsletter. So then four o'clock the big gain, the big game, the big game I can't wait for Tom Brady's I gained not as a Patriot Tampa Bay New Orleans I. Hope they get absolutely smoked I can't wait for them to disappoint the half that two thousand Eleven Eagles Dream Team vibe to them on fading them on every bet I bet them to not make the playoffs And the other game while we watched darn is four o'clock aims at one o'clock TV. The other TV on throw on Arizona's San Fran. Kind of cliff Kingsbury is maybe trying to be the next Kyle Shanahan and column better quarterback than Jimmy. Garoppolo. Thing we'd be in for night showdown NFC West don't maybe the best division in the NFC this year I don't think the rams are GonNa make the playoffs I think they'll finish in fourth sean mcvay stops but I think they will get at least two teams playoffs with Seattle in San Francisco I think Arizona will possibly contend for that seven spot. So Awesome Games right off the BAT. And then at night, forget this at night just one TV able have a basketball game on TV or something but Dallas cowboys at the Los Angeles Rams hammering the rams plus one point five home dog's gotTa Love Home Dogs except Washington this week as they are a six and a half point underdogs against our beloved. But GonNa have that phenomenal scrapple Bagel Sandwich in the morning have Lassen elicit born to run by Bruce Springs twelve, fifty five. You know probably cry a little bit probably just like go outside on my deck deck it's when call my fire escape top step just big scream weapon style and get ready for this emotional mental undertaking that is Philadelphia Eagles football on I can't believe we are just hours in days in hours away from the thing we truly truly love most in this world besides are no family and significant others. Baseball. Truly it is awful. I'm phillies writer Justin Clue. 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Building off that week one excitement today recording this on Wednesday night Jalen regular practice today. was in drills everything in Pats, and he's been doing these tweets this week they have since been deleted. So that's how you know he's onto something and that he's probably going to play because he tweeted that smirk Emoji, you know exactly what I'm talking about and the soon Emoji with the our with it and you know the team is I hey man you can tweet that he'd we're gonNA freak out if he don't play. Which means he's probably playing. He's feeling good I don't WanNa. Rush back. Obviously, his health is paramount to the eagles successes are do not want him to rush back but if he is healthy and able to go in week one if he's playing soon if he's got that smirk on his face when he's taken the field for his first pro snap. Baby, we need the same last year Ri- wanted the first play of the season to be this play action or shotgun bomb to Sean I want that with Jalen regular this year I want Jalen to be the new figure that terrorizes the Washington football team and their fan base. I want to put the NFC East on notice that we have the new great speed Fred and the Division that will be torching and turning your quarterback into burn holy everything bagels for the next seven to ten years. That's what I want. Regular place. Thing. Was I bought a I think talked about some. TCU Jalen Reiger Jersey right after they drafted him and I. I made a bet with myself. Hey, not really bad but said to myself you know Jan regulars first name I gotTa wear that Jersey now assumed he wasn't going to play on Sunday in week one. So I to be later in the year that I wear that Jersey for the first time. So I already had like an outfit my head picked out for Sunday and you guys are probably superstitious out there with what's closure where eagles if you're soubra on crazy in just mentally unraveling about the eagles like I do sorry. Had My Jersey and everything in mind for Sunday now that I'm GonNa have to change it for Jalen? Regular Throw me through some gymnastics right now getting rare very anxious, just thinking about but just want Jalen regular go out there if he plays. Oh man he scored a touchdown, his first NFL game I want him to be. Now they're not the most similar tackle players, but I want him to be like that two thousand eight Sean Jackson Rookie Sean Jackson. Where he just cut the League on notice gave that gave the eagles that threat of verticality they've been sorely missing at the eagles need so badly and Sean healthy. Hey, that's a healthy to sean game. You have to maximize the show on the fuel decking is you know not only not playing a full season he might not play ten eleven, twelve games. Honestly. If I was handling the Schon when it comes to his management with the eagles or his health, his playing time I'm serious I would only play him in Division Games in playoff games. That's all I would play him in specially to douse games the two giants games onto Washington Games those six games if he's just healthy for those games the. Five and one of those games in the division rescuer games get healthy stay safe. Put himself in. A bubble, the bubble bully on Seinfeld because if you're planning the Division Games are going to go five one and they're gonNA make the playoffs and in Save Them for the playoffs I think that's with the Sean Jackson but he will be playing this week you have to utilize. He is playing against his old team a team. He scored two touchdowns against in week one last year in Philadelphia that was a magical day. For me where I thought, that was the untapped potential of Carson wentz right there finally having transcended threat may be the best deep threat in NFL history out there and it's such a shame that the Sean season didn't work out the way we all dreamed and hoped it would. But obviously, that's that comes with the territory when dealing with player who has an injury history injury prone player like the Sean Jackson, but if You have if those two guys on that field the same time you have to fastest receivers, Eagles of had forever out through the same time you've run to go twelve personnel with those two guys out wide dowse Gutter Zakar it's in the middle of the field and mile standards with Carson wentz right there in the shotgun. Who's being US baby because it aimed at the Washington football team is anyone a little worried for something I'm not word and I'm sure I could eat crow about this but I'm feeling a big win a statement when no slow starts no oh, my God they're down thirteen to ten halftime they come back in you know fall backwards ensue covering in the fourth quarter now they're gonNA win this outright they're gonNa be good. They're gonNa be good the whole darn game. I want this to be like. In, twenty seventeen that either broncos game were went through so many touchdowns they have to take him out early, put the backup in what I'm hoping for this game as. We see the new Eagles Human Victory Cigar Jalen hurts I want jalen hurts to get his first NFL action this weekend, not because of an injury to Carson Wentz or nate subtlety because the eagles ordering so much very of hurts some NFL action to get under his maybe he runs for a touchdown increase that I wanNA put a crooked number up on Washington The Washington football team. You really decided on that name you should have changed. Your name decades and decades ago. But at the same time for all these decades in years, you could have planned to have a new name. You chose that you deserve lose you deserve to lose by a lot. I'm hoping for a lopsided landslide victory from our beloved Philadelphia's Ron. Rivera does bring some stability to that organization. Something they lacked to say the least during the entirety of the Janus Snyder error in Washington, but at the same time. Washington had the twenty seventh. Ranked twenty seven past Defense De Vito? A last year per football outsiders they're starting Ronald Darby on the outside geometric jalen regular Ronald Darby. That's over. That's why I wanna see I wanna see either the Sean regenerator go Darby. Burnham deep seven nothing I drive. Washington gets the ball. dwayne housing gets head of the throws Darius slay pick six. You know your five plays into the game, the Eagles route fourteen, maybe fifteen nothing we go for. The second touchdown stubbed revenue knows in it get back into twenty seventeen vibes that's looking for want to see the Eagles win by double digits out Doug Oh to for the first time that I want Jen Rigor to scored touch on his first NFL game, and maybe maybe we see the Human Victory Cigar Jalen hurts I'm predicting a big eagles. Win We needed. A one Jalen, this four one Jalen hurts to get on the field I. Want this win I want a super bowl run. I'm ready for Sunday and I hope you are after Miss. That's it for me. I'm shameless clancy follow me on twitter at shameless underscore clancy and as always go birds baby. Hey there, podcast pals, I'm John Stolnis. The host of the Phillies pod hitting season. One of the shows that make up the good fight podcast family from espy nation. Look the baseball season is one, hundred, sixty, two games long, and there's no way you can watch all those games. So make sure to check out my podcast twice a week for all the fills goodness you could ever want and make sure to check out our other podcasts including the award winning the dirty inning with just inclu and Trevor strunk and continued success with Justin and Laze rozier subscribe apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP.

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